Who's The Daddy? - Episode 22

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It's Mike and Al this week with all your pre-E3 news, including a whole host of new Switch releases that have just been announced!

No Anton, which means we take a break from the quiz, but don't worry because we have loads of thoughts on what E3 is going to bring, plus a bunch of rumours that you'll love.

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Mike Macdermid 0:13

Hello and welcome to episode number 22 of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast I'm Mike I'm out hi Anton Anton Oh, he's gone he's left Where's he gone? Oh he's not he's not here this week. That's right he's not here no Anton this week. We're very sorry about that. But it is just myself and I'll looking after things. And we'll come on to everything that we need to talk about because, as always, there are a few things to go through plus will reflect on the Pokemon direct as well briefly, because that's been done in full and if you are a Pokemon fan, you can head to our iTunes or Spotify feed or wherever you listen to us Normally,

Al Struthers 0:49

you can indeed and pick up Anton's midweek special edition with Emily.

Mike Macdermid 0:53

Yes. And so the the kind of recap on everything that was the Pokemon direct, but we'll touch on that briefly know In the meantime, don't forget we are on ns UK p call it UK. You can email us it's podcast.

Al Struthers 1:07

It is podcast at ns. uk.

Mike Macdermid 1:10

Yeah, we're on Twitter as well. It's ns UK podcast on Twitter. We do try and interact on there. Thank you very much when a review this week, which I shared around the group with a review on iTunes, which was a brilliant review of shared on our Twitter page. So if you head to our Twitter, you can have a look there. But thank you so much to the person who

Al Struthers 1:27

Yeah, to Dave underscore WSH. We do appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Mike Macdermid 1:30

Yeah, really nice review. And he gave us five stars, which is fantastic. So I think we've got like 17 five star reviews and iTunes, which I think is lovely. But it would be great if we could get those up a little bit. Although having said it this week. iTunes is like last year's news. No. So Apple podcasts.

Al Struthers 1:46

Yeah, the podcast, I guess the podcast store the podcast. I don't know what it's

Mike Macdermid 1:48

gonna be. Technically being podcast the whole time. I just say iTunes, I'm used to seeing iTunes, but technically, I guess it's fine. Spotify, all that stuff Stitcher, you can get us all on there if you get lost or head to end Uk p.co. UK, all the details from there, or Twitter or Facebook or just ask your home assistant?

Al Struthers 2:06

Exactly. I don't mean your Butler. I mean, you could ask him Butler, your Butler might

Mike Macdermid 2:08

Oh, I don't have Google or surgery or anything. I was gonna say

Al Struthers 2:13

we don't upset that. He says,

Mike Macdermid 2:14

Don't ask jeeves. That's a website, or I don't know, is it

Unknown Speaker 2:18

website anymore? I don't know. I'm gonna

Mike Macdermid 2:20

look right, zoom, it doesn't exist will fact check that. And in the meantime, let's get started with this week's news. So first of all, before we get started, and all the stuff that we want to talk about very quickly on the Pokemon direct, we're not going to go into this in great detail because as we said, it's up on our feet. Anyway Anton and Emily did a brilliant job of recapping everything but after you watch that

Al Struthers 2:42

I did I didn't need there was the direct keynote on I think it was Wednesday night, and also a deep dive but basically, they showed us a lot more about Pokemon sword and shield they showed us some of the Pokemon you can be able to find in the world. They showed us the legendary sword and shield ones which presumably form some pivotal part of the story and most excitingly for me, you can shake trees

Mike Macdermid 3:01

right so what's that about? Is that to like shake Pokemon out of trees

Al Struthers 3:04

Yeah, well maybe you're shaking Pokemon I presume it's shaking berries or two trees I don't have you haven't played any of the Pokemon for a long time. But berries used to play a critical part and how you powered up and evolved your Pokemon Okay, that means berries are back berries are back is very

Mike Macdermid 3:17

exciting not varies

Al Struthers 3:19

not varies, but yeah, I mean, the game has evolved a lot the you've got movable camera you can control your camera for the first time in Pokemon. They've always been top down. Now it's more like a Zelda style. Okay, when you're in the normal world, yes, it looks very very beautiful actually.

Mike Macdermid 3:32

Yeah, well, I've seen some of the the nighttime city shots of it and it looks really good. I must admit from that screenshot alone hours I'm quite might be quite interested in this. Although I have so many games to play that I don't even know how I can get to it. What have

Al Struthers 3:44

you been playing this week? By the way? I'm still being Well, to be honest, I'm not played much. I have been repaired to bathroom and building a bathroom. Have you switch or unreal. I know in real life with my two bare hands. Plenty of cuts. I've sworn a lot and quite dirty. So the only game we played is a little bit of that violet game, which is also getting quite annoyed because I'm not very good. So you stuck on it. At the moment you were saying I may have pawn like switch off don't to your wife at Leicester to solve the puzzles while we're recording. I like that. That's sneaky.

Mike Macdermid 4:10

not cheating on Google. I'm just not doing it was there are some games that sometimes I just have to quit. You know what, I just need to go and check and see what to do here cuz I'm getting so frustrated. Having said that this week hasn't been one of those weeks, I've playing Assassin's Creed three. I've played a little bit of a Sony again. And I've played a couple of kind of short games as a free one on the store right now. It's 295 normally you download it for free. To be honest. It's a it's a mobile game, essentially. But it's all right. It's a it runs hard to find the name of it now but it runs automatically and you press the button to jump and you collect socks. Right? And it is one of those you don't know about games like Angry Birds, etc. Where you have the level and then once you complete it, it takes it and then you got the next box.

Al Struthers 4:50

Yeah, it's one of those and it has it just Nick Maria Rhonda just changed the coins for socks

Mike Macdermid 4:55

so that we don't know because basically what happens in this is if you if you fail with your jump, you don't take it well then it takes you back a little bit and you go back you know, frustrated, right? But nobody, it's not as bad as the likes of Flappy Bird, for example, doesn't go back to the start. Just like whatever the last little bit that you've got to it. So it's actually all right, and it's free. So go and check it out. It's a high up on the store is the only one that's free. I can't remember the name of it, but you'll find it. So there's that and I've played a bit of Turkey Tori, a little bit of the puzzler that one and a couple of other the sauce cheaper games I've had in my library just when I've been kind of had 10 minutes to burn really even give me a lot. Well it's late at night and at weird times because I've had a quite a busy week with work and actually I find the more busier and with work the more I want to pick up the switch and it's more of a kind of counterbalance to working on like a hunger watch an hour of a TV show or 15 minutes literally the switch or I'll play in bed till the fall asleep which is a bad habit. But let's move on to the news then. So coming to Nintendo Switch this November. Jumanji the video game now I saw I saw this. Cool. I mean cool. It's got it's got split screen core. And that's always something I look for because I do love a good split screen core. I don't think we have enough of them. But we're seeing a bit of a resurgence at the moment of a few of them. Have you ever is this is like a remaster or is it

Al Struthers 6:16

a new game based on the films and coincidentally, it's going to come out at the same time as Jumanji two in the cinema. Is it Yeah, but I think based on what I've seen it's been really original movie but you get to watch the original movie the remake of the movie. Yes, you get to play the rock. Okay, that's kind of cool. You get to play the rock I've never

Mike Macdermid 6:32

played the rock of you know I fought once in a restaurant I know that you know again great it's a game that I think will appeal to people that play as a family so if you play with someone else in your household maybe a kid or maybe your other half or whatever because it's got the court that's always quite important for me

Al Struthers 6:52

yeah we have no idea what the quality of the game is going to be you know Time will tell I mean some movie tie and it's I'm not gonna hold my breath but it's it looks promising it looks like it might be fun actually they've done it quite well I presume the footage is shown is not from the switch though I'm guessing the the Xbox One X Oh

Mike Macdermid 7:06

yeah. Are they are they going to release it on all the consoles at the same time that it is coming all the consoles at the same time on a going to see the 14th of November I didn't look as a very long December some point and it's online Corp as well so if you have a friend that also gets a copy then you can kind of both jump in right we'll move on then we've got another actually to be fair this week is mostly news but we're gonna have a little look in the rumor section because he three is this week right is it this week yet is it is this week is really scary how fast so he three this week, so we're going to have a little prediction on the three but nothing too serious. But that'll be a little bit later on. So some more news we're getting another free Reese racing game by game loss. Now we did talk about this before this is this asphalt nine legends it's kinda Nintendo Switch during the summer. No, we had a bit of a debate about this because it's a game. Was this the one that was originally no game Loftus a different game. So

Unknown Speaker 8:00

you're thinking of

Mike Macdermid 8:02

the one that was a game? That's right. Yeah.

Al Struthers 8:06

Well, this is this is also exists. It's on iOS. It's on Android. It's on Windows 10. Okay, it's it's an arcade racy razor game. Yes. Very, very popular arcade racer gaming gets about four and a half stars out of five. So it's well reviewed. It looks like it's probably quite good fun. Yeah. How is it going to bring it to switch I and monetize it? I don't know.

Mike Macdermid 8:21

I mean, game loft for mobile games. If you're a mobile gamer, and you've played game loft games, generally the standard is decent. I mean, you know, there are not every title. But the ones that I've played, I've always thought yeah, that's all right. For a mobile game. I've got a couple of concerns because although it's free, so I suppose I shouldn't really bother having any concern. Except that play if it's rubbish don't

Unknown Speaker 8:41

put great

Mike Macdermid 8:43

flit. Alright, fair enough, about nine Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch during the summer at some point, which for us will be that five minutes on August the ninth between 3pm and three or five because we live in Scotland. And that's our five minutes of summer.

Al Struthers 8:56

That's a very generous summer you can make

Mike Macdermid 8:58

it is it really is. Right there. So moving on to this week's Nintendo Switch online update. We're getting some new NES games after

Al Struthers 9:07

we are the landing on the 12th which I think off the top my head is when they Yes it is. Yeah. So they're coming Wednesday, three mass classics. Again, we've got city connection. We've got volleyball, which coincidentally does exactly what it says in the 10

Mike Macdermid 9:20

you ever play it? No. But I've watched the screenshots I watched the video of

Al Struthers 9:26

it basically is just as valuable but actually looks really

Mike Macdermid 9:29

well it's funny because it reminds me of the hockey game, not the one the new one the blood hockey or not super Battaglia the original NES game we just feel that that's kind of based on know it's just nice hockey. You go into the online news online, you can play it Okay, um, I think either way, it reminds me of that, and it's but it's volleyball as you said, and it literally just is like

Al Struthers 9:52

that's it looks like it's so much fun. And then the third game commit is double dragon two, which was it was Double Dragon to revenge

Mike Macdermid 9:59

why completed Double Dragon one in the spectrum back in the day, they were good, fun game. I liked Double Dragon to I had on the spectrum as well. And the next version is better than the spectrum versions. So

Al Struthers 10:09

I mean, there were button busters and they were good, fun button matches. I mean, you and I, that's our you know, we like that kind of thing.

Mike Macdermid 10:13

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think I would say with the NES games, I went online, and I play a game and I haven't a night where I think this is I'm going to play some classics today and a plate from at 10 minutes ago. That was fun. I'm going to play something a bit more modern. And I think sometimes I know rose tinted spectacles play a part and when we look back, I don't generally feel it that with a lot of retro games, but I think want to get back to the NES era for a lot of the games it is a little bit like that when I go back and play them now. I think Wow. You know, things really have come out a lot

Al Struthers 10:44

yeah, I think if you go back to Superman is that is getting slightly closer. But NAS was very very basic.

Mike Macdermid 10:51

And I didn't see a lot of people complaining this week about that saying you know what, we're still not getting value for money from the switch online. I have a problem with that because i think i think we are I think you know the fact we can you look at the charge for and we got a free and that was where the problem is to give us a free for too long. I think I beg to differ that

Al Struthers 11:09

I think that was a great way of just showing me what you got and then they wouldn't they started charging me when I know we're charging you know, but to soften that blow. Here's a hold of free games. You

Mike Macdermid 11:17

know, I agree. But what I'm trying to say is I think that's why people complain now is because they're all we got a free before and you know, they just need to get off their horses. Do you think so?

Al Struthers 11:26

Yeah, Michigan, Xbox, PlayStation, you're paying a lot more just to play online games.

Mike Macdermid 11:29

Well, the NES games online as I said a lot of people saw a lot of people moaning about this this week, but the fact we're getting them anyway. It's not costing us anything we're not losing out on anything. Yes, we've got our subscription there's a there was an offer from twitch to get a years free which I think a lot of people have taken up so actually bring on mourners games fine, be great if we could move on and get some snares games in there too. But you know, time will tell him that So anyway, they're all coming this week, which is good. Did you ever place it in connection?

Unknown Speaker 11:58

No, neither did I never heard of it.

Al Struthers 12:01

Look up. It sounds like a terrible

Mike Macdermid 12:03

Yeah, what is the one with the lines and you can a flop down? You gotta

Al Struthers 12:06

you gotta pick a road while trying to think if you got a printer or find a husband. Or a woman driver in the car. You gotta paint the road avoid the police and find a husband.

Mike Macdermid 12:16

Ah, yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:19

What was going on? says it was alive and well.

Al Struthers 12:23

I'm half expectancy and you're snorting cocaine at same time. Well,

Mike Macdermid 12:26

that would be a little you know a little bit too edgy. I think I think to be honest, it was like you know, you want a game where you're you play a woman Well, you got to find a husband. I mean really, you know anyway, theory me I might give that Miss but certainly Double Dragon to I will have a look at and volleyball for sure it looks alright, so moving on then. boulders gate one and two will be going to the switch on September the 24th 2019 Oh, these are games that have a big cult following. And very popular titles that I remember many times thinking about playing them and never actually get grown to it. Have you ever experienced either of those? I've not

Al Struthers 13:03

I've looked at them or thought about a few times ago and actually I can't really be bothered getting into it.

Mike Macdermid 13:07

Yeah, I think there's a lot of depth in them and I think that people that do play them will be delighted that they're coming to the switch because the switches the place to play most things I think and I saw the because we've got the never winter nights which we're going to I think we might have mentioned that at some point. We do get an early order yeah so never went to nights has also come to switch and it's got a similar because that's the from the same developers I maybe

Al Struthers 13:30

I don't have the same developers but they're very similar games.

Mike Macdermid 13:32

Yeah, so I saw the artwork for them it's what I'm trying to say and I don't know if these are coming physically or not or if this was just a mock up but certainly it looked amazing and I think if you can get them physically then group to add to your collection. I've mentioned this every time however the physical games you do you do I go

Al Struthers 13:46

We will go down that route again. Look, everyone knows where we stand on this. Yeah, absolutely.

Mike Macdermid 13:50

So anyway, boulders gate one and two will be going to the switch on September the 24th this year. So exciting news if you're a fan right there next up Sponge Bob news. Oh yeah, Bob pants Chris bunch. Yes, I got one. Battle for Bikini Bottom rehydrated. Nintendo Switch is a great name for a Summa remaster of a game i don't know i'm assuming as remaster as well actually if it came up with previously I've completely missed I should leave is rehydrated

Unknown Speaker 14:20

it sounds like

Mike Macdermid 14:21

it's not a game that I've ever played shot right up to your must get lyst is no Ghostbusters is still up there at the moment. I think it's one again that if I'm going to play it it's going to be on the switch so let's see depends on the price to

Al Struthers 14:36

know how much Bob pants squares bunch of ever seen. I saw the movie with David Hasselhoff that's really I To be

Mike Macdermid 14:41

fair, I haven't watched that much either. It was kind of just not in our Yeah, I think we were big old

Al Struthers 14:46

thing for people slightly younger than us. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 14:48

it's kind of in between Anton's Asian our age I think I'm sure Anton

Al Struthers 14:51

be very excited by this

Mike Macdermid 14:52

Well yeah, we'd ask him but he decided not to turn up the square pounds bottle for Bikini Bottom rehydration coming Nintendo Switch now we mentioned never went to nights that is coming to the switch. And also we know that the games grand do one and two will be going to the switch to now again these are games I haven't played again I know that they're very much loved by certain fans of grand DS so one and two you're getting them both to come to the switch the price points going to be the thing again it's

Al Struthers 15:21

yeah they were places in classics or they were they were beloved everybody played them thought they were fantastic games. It will be interesting to see what level to come in at low

Mike Macdermid 15:30

Yeah, very interesting. All right, then platonic have said that we're getting ukulele and the impossible layer I watched the trailer for this and ukulele is a game that the one that's already on the switch that I really wanted to get before it came out. I was exactly the same limit Have you said no. Well, the reviews the reviews I think as well there were a few issues that needed to be patched and I think

Al Struthers 15:52

we for those that don't know ukulele is basically a banjo kazoo Yes, it's a spiritual successor to banjo kazoo and that game and it passes it was lovely beloved by all again classic game yeah ranks right up there in this are best games of all time kind of charts ukulele I think this field to deliver basically

Mike Macdermid 16:10

Yeah, I mean it as I say it was mixed it was very mixed reviews and I thought well you know what, it's not a must buy because the price wasn't that low and I thought well if there's other games on the list that I want to buy but this is great that there's another one coming I don't know much about ukulele and the impossible layer but it's great we're getting another switch title. Another ukulele title again so if you are a fan of the the one that's on the switch, then you'll definitely want to check this out. I know the trailers. I already I didn't have a look.

Al Struthers 16:36

I think I might go get it. Yeah, I was such a big bundle because we found I'm very very tempted to get this and play through it.

Mike Macdermid 16:41

Yeah, it's got cooperate. Yeah. So yeah, so right next up, then Nino Cooney will be making the leap to Nintendo Switch and their new remaster another game that has a huge cult following, but I've never played we need Anton right now. I don't know if Anton would have played this either. I'm not sure

Al Struthers 16:59

probably no. I mean, it's it's really nice mood. I mean, certainly. I'd never even heard of it. Go look it up.

Mike Macdermid 17:04

Yeah, I mean, I'd heard of it. But I've never

Al Struthers 17:06

I've never played this is turning to the worst podcast we've ever done. Mike. We're going

Mike Macdermid 17:10

we've not played this game. We've not played this game yet. But we're giving people the fact. That's what they want. And don't you worry, we will have plenty of opinion because there's a lot of there's been a lot of announcements this week. I find it really interesting that there's been so many announcements the week before e three, and I wonder how much of it is okay, we need this. We need to do this now. Because once you three comes it's all anyone's going to be talking about.

Al Struthers 17:29

Yeah, I think it's a very smart move on behalf of some of the smaller developers out there to get their news out get their attention before easy classified ease on people's main so a lot of people are looking for games news anyway. Yeah, it's very smart time to start releasing a bit of bit of info.

Mike Macdermid 17:43

Well, there are more to come. So let's roll through a few more of the release news this week. Next up we've got dark siders Genesis, which is a Diablo Diablo style action adventure game coming to the switch in 2019 I've seen dark ciders before I did have a look at the the trailer for this again, not one that I'll probably bother with better looks it looks decent. And again, if you are a fan of Diablo and you're looking for something else to play maybe this is the one

Al Struthers 18:08

in the dark side is game get well reviewed so well the dark side game gets well reviewed. So hopefully this one lives up to this preset.

Mike Macdermid 18:15

Next up is one that I'm definitely definitely going to buy.

Al Struthers 18:19

Please tell me you're not

Mike Macdermid 18:20

dream daddy is coming to the switch. So in this you play a dad and you look to date another dad is that how it works?

Al Struthers 18:27

I totally totally do dating daddy's exactly what is

Mike Macdermid 18:30

your dad and your, your your alongside the other dads? You know you can talk about the difficulties of being a dad it does get

Al Struthers 18:37

highly reviewed. It does go four to five, four and a half stars again or 10 no only five I'm

Mike Macdermid 18:44

still not getting it. I'm probably gonna get it just like something random. You know, dating simulator,

Al Struthers 18:50

I know it my friend you go for it makes you happy?

Mike Macdermid 18:53

Well, it will make me happy until everybody on my list sees that I'm playing it including you and starts messaging me and then goes is any good? because that'll be it

Al Struthers 19:01

well let's see if you get it in turns into a great game let all of us know all the listeners I'm you can go buy the game and we can join you in the glory of dream daddy

Mike Macdermid 19:10

where you can go and check out the trailer for yourself. It reminds me of my little sisters when I was a kid my younger sisters had this phone which was called the dream dial phone and used to phone up like like random boyfriends. Maybe like I don't know, what's in a McBride. And so you press one or 001 or whatever the number was, and it would ring. Hi there it's Brad How are you? Or do you want to go to the cinema later? And that's literally what it has

Al Struthers 19:41

a slightly creepy It was very creepy. This is getting way off topic from the Nintendo Switch.

Mike Macdermid 19:46

That's it. It's like dream daddy right? But like that was the old school version on the non hardware version of it.

Al Struthers 19:53

I think we should move on Mike.

Mike Macdermid 19:56

Interview then at Mobile con, which we never did know much about but I'm sure you can go Google it at Super 51 have pondered the possibility of creating I think this is Quentin Tarantino style

Al Struthers 20:11

it for that with the possibility

Mike Macdermid 20:13

of one day doing and No More Heroes killer seven crossover. It's funny because killer seven was a game that I always wanted to get and was always like, Oh, that looks really cool. And then didn't really love what I saw of it actually and and I think it was quite well reviewed. But yeah, general or anything like that. Anything Tarantino esque. Yeah.

Al Struthers 20:32

I'm up for Absolutely. Yeah, I'm turrentine was a genius. Maybe was a genius, his you as a whole discussion. But yeah, if they can do something as turn to ask as a game on the switch. I'll be a very happy chap. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 20:44

And I think killer seven what was good about it was it tried to do something different? And I love developers? Who decided you know what, we're going to throw the rulebook out here and do something that's just way off topic and that people don't expect and I think that will be really cool.

Al Struthers 20:59

But it'll be nice. We could do something with nowhere heroes franchise because honestly, the last one came out we weren't particularly happy with it. The world in general wasn't particularly happy with it wasn't bad. But we've been able to actually resurrect and do something really, really cool with it. But

Mike Macdermid 21:10

especially the got money behind it. I think they need the money behind it to pull off something like that. Yeah, so that'll be the the one we need to watch for. Now. Next up some news about a game that I know we both love. And I think we said this back on episode three or something. If you don't have it already, go and buy it right now. Astro beers. Now if you don't know what Astro beers is, it's a game where you can play with up to four players, and you go around a planet, like on the surface of the planet. And basically, you have a color streaming from your behind. I don't know exactly, technically had to say that

Al Struthers 21:41

excluding a colorful poo. That's no other way. Pretty good. So let's

Mike Macdermid 21:45

say that I was the Blue Bear, or No, they're not the colors of the bears. There's three or four characters be I had the blue stream, you have the red stream. And basically what you do is you have to avoid the other person,

Al Struthers 21:57

jump over or avoid the other person's streaming some very nice way, pretty much there's a couple

Mike Macdermid 22:01

of options. You can basically run faster if you want to. And you can have speed or speed away or you can jump it

Al Struthers 22:06

sounds rubbish. But Susan, go and get this kit. It doesn't even

Mike Macdermid 22:09

look that great, but until you play it, you'll know exactly what it's one of the best budget games on the switch.

Al Struthers 22:14

So but we're very excited because it's been relaunched. Because when we played it was called Astro bears party. Yes. In relaunched in the switches, Astro bears, I don't know if they're upping the price, I presume not, but they're adding an extra characters, they're adding an extra planets, the whole thing's gonna change up a little bit and get a good notch. But the really good news is people who already own it, getting the upgrade for free.

Mike Macdermid 22:32

Well, that was what I was going to ask you. So this is great news, because I was I would have bought it anyway, probably let me do because it's a great game. But the fact that we don't have to pay to have it upgraded is fantastic. And I think the thing about Astro beers is that it's such a great game for Co Op, if you've got friends, right? Especially if you've got a couple have never played it before. Because if you have three or four of you, it's so much and you can pick it up and anyone who wins straight off the bat.

Al Struthers 22:57

Yes. I mean, maybe a couple of games in and people figure out the doing and often go get it.

Mike Macdermid 23:01

And I think what I was really missing was that it is kind of limited. I mean, once you've played it, you might play for half an hour and go Wow, that's great. Let's play another time. But I think what this will do is it's just going to add, you know, life to it. And we say about a lot of games, but it does help.

Al Struthers 23:16

It does. Well, the thing I'm most intrigued is are they going to find a character that's better than Igor? Well, Igor is the man Igor is the man. Well, he's a panda but close enough

Mike Macdermid 23:25

panda. But if you haven't tried Astro beers, get Astro beers party anyway. But you might as well get it No, because if they're going to really relaunch new content, then just jump in. I

Al Struthers 23:35

don't know if they pulled it from the store before the relaunch it. I don't even know what date is coming out. But it's imminent go. excellent news,

Mike Macdermid 23:41

right. So some good news about the switch seals in me Tell us about this. Because this basically is backing up everything we've said from day one about the switch the switch is good.

Al Struthers 23:53

Yeah, it's been doing really, really, really well. They've been releasing more sales figures specifically for Japan. Japan is a really important market to them because it has affected the gaming central in the whole world. So happens in Japan largely happens everywhere else. It's big, big market. And yet again, for the 15th month in a row. The switches outsold the PlayStation and Xbox. Now, you could argue that the Xbox and PlayStation are in the way out, they're about to be replaced switches to climbing. So it's maybe not a fair comparison. But it has been doing exceptionally well. It's already on track, I think maybe as or it's just a boat to beat the combined sales of the 3ds. And the way you

Mike Macdermid 24:30

Well, that would be almost a bigger comparison in some ways. Because the way you when you look at the difference in the forget the combined because the 3ds did well they did really well. That's incredible, really, but the Wii U is really where the switch had to be better than but to combine the two of them do better than that. That's That's insane. But what really great what's going

Al Struthers 24:50

to be the really interesting metric is what happens next year when PlayStation five comes out with Xbox, wherever they're calling this Scarlet. There's some new Xbox everybody tonight, when it comes like that's when the real interesting demo number is getting right. Hi, well switch gears against it, particularly if there's a new version switch up against it. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 25:08

I it does sit in its own stratosphere at the moment the switch and I wonder what the other competitors will do to try and combat that because we know that PlayStation is had PlayStation play for a long time where you can and had the option where you can play it on your phone or another device, stream it stream it from your PlayStation in the same house. The same is the switch but it gives you the option. I'm wondering if one of those will add something which gives it you know more portability.

Al Struthers 25:36

Yeah, well, I think the biggest threat to it is probably all the streaming services from Google and Apple messaging. I think that's probably more of a threat to the switch than actually Xbox and PlayStation. Yeah, depending on what the deal will

Mike Macdermid 25:48

still it's great news. 15 straight months in Japan. The switch has been the top seller so that's great. Go

Al Struthers 25:53

Nintendo. Yeah, absolutely.

Mike Macdermid 25:55

My friend Pedro's you remember this from the gym member the other day, I was trying to remember last week, I was trying to remember what the specials were that were done. And I'd said oh, we did put them on and we did something else. The other one was the Indies. It was an Adidas special in India. And

Al Struthers 26:09

they showed us this game and it looked so much well actually. It looks so much fun, but also looked a bit repetitive.

Mike Macdermid 26:15

Yeah, well, that was the what people were worried about. But we don't have to wait long to find out if it is repetitive. In fact, it's out in about 10 days times out on the 20th of June. So may even be over the time you listen to this, but certainly it's coming up very soon. So that's a bit of good news. Yeah,

Al Struthers 26:30

scrolling slow shooter or not. We're still not really sure how the banana fits into it.

Mike Macdermid 26:34

Yeah, I mean, there's all these kind of remember was it was the game on the always on the police station. And it was like kind of went into a certain time.

Al Struthers 26:46

Time, bullet time. All that was for goodness sake.

Mike Macdermid 26:52

People are saying, well, there's my pain. But there's another game as well that I'm talking about. The same thing was saying things just got that but from a side scroller.

Al Struthers 27:00

You jump around, you put some credibly cool moves, and you shoot people and there's a lot of blood.

Mike Macdermid 27:03

Yeah, yeah. So that's coming soon. So good news.

Al Struthers 27:06

worth checking. It might look a bit but we don't know whether it's actually gonna be repetitive or not.

Mike Macdermid 27:10

Yeah, it feels like a long time since that ninja

Al Struthers 27:13

was a long time ago now. Yeah, no, but it wasn't

Mike Macdermid 27:14

even that long ago. There was it was only like March. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:17

Three months, I suppose I suppose a quarter of a year?

Unknown Speaker 27:20

Well, a lot of days. ether is coming soon. So you know, I suppose that all will feel even longer ago in a few days time now. Next up Zelda links awakening, which I think you're very interested in going back to but are you interested in the preorder sale price of $60? Well, I suspect that's probably a placeholder. I think it's been it's been announced, I think it's three or four shops in America, the the placeholder for is popped up at $60. But after the three direct I suspect or in whatever the actual prices, it's $60, then Nintendo needs a big slap. Do we have a date

Unknown Speaker 27:51

yet? No. But we'll probably get that at the three.

Mike Macdermid 27:54

So we've talked about predictions. Right. And and we'll we'll talk about that later. But could you see the saying and by the way, all the links awakening is on the sale is on on the store today? Because they do that? Yeah, probably actually, that's not about show. And that will be the one where we know it's pretty much ready to roll. Yeah. So maybe that will be one of the announcements. By the way. Don't get it now. Because I love it when they do that. I

Al Struthers 28:16

there's so much fun. Yeah, January is great. When did you learn anything?

Mike Macdermid 28:20

Well, we'll we'll see. But certainly, it's been listed for preorder anyway. And I think we've actually rattled through most of the releases this week, and the new bits of news. I mean, there are more but these are the ones that we focused on. And I think it's time to move on to the rumors. So first of all, we have some news about spiral reignited the trilogy, when it comes to the switch wanted come to the switch, will it come to this which has been like that since like it was on the PlayStation four. We have some potential news, Alistair, we have we've had a leak here and I forgotten the guy's name, but it's been leaked, it is actually coming to switch and they've given us a date. So it's coming to a switch on the third of tember. Okay. I think this is one of the announcements for I think this will be

Al Struthers 29:05

and that's pretty much a given that this is going to be announced formulate at f3. Yeah, why wouldn't it be and actually linked to it? Apparently, spiral is highly Rubens to be if he's not ready to launch an additional character in crafting recent

Mike Macdermid 29:18

right. Oh, really? Okay. Well, crushing racing is coming very soon. I've got that

Unknown Speaker 29:21

a couple weeks, three weeks or Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 29:22

Looking forward to that. So that's good news. And I think it's one of the ones I probably go out and buy To be honest, just to relive a spider glory days.

Al Struthers 29:31

I have never played the spider game. I've got friends who played them. And I know someone who got the spider trilogy remastered and hated. Yeah, because it was a yellow on PlayStation four play server Pro. And he just could not do it. Yeah, went through the original but the way the controls are set up on it, it was so funny. He just got so annoyed.

Mike Macdermid 29:48

That's the problem. The lot of the PlayStation one era games now are that when they come back, it's it's weird, because it's a different time. played games there like that, you know, so. But I think it's a welcome addition to the switch. And maybe the switch will be the place to play it because you know, crush panic is great on the switch hard, very hard, and frustrating, but it's great. Now, it looks like we're getting a new smash fighter at three and also additional smash DLC characters are being announced at the direct as well. And this is great if you're a smash player because more DLC the better. Really?

Al Struthers 30:27

That's absolutely right. Yes. We don't know exactly who's gonna be known, but they've already released it was parental plant and then the Joker from persona five. So we know they're already in the wild. Proud of flightless freed early adopters, and they can pay for his DLC now. Yeah, that's right. And there's there's extra fighters are going to be noticed they've guaranteed This is going to be announced and the sort of tease a few of the things we want to watch out for. And he three relating to smash, so that could be it could be kind of interesting to see where they go with it. Well, yeah, he's a full Character Pack of here's old missing characters, or they just drip in one or two here there. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 30:59

Yeah. I mean, I think it's great. If you're smash Plex. This is the one that's going to be there for a long time. Yeah, I still

Al Struthers 31:06

really want to come get the game played it now is really good fun. He

Mike Macdermid 31:10

was saying that. And definitely. I think I need to play it. But I think you know, if I did my problem again, is I might get hooked. Don't want to go to another game of good too many. Right? You know what we're gonna do? We've got maybe just less than 10 minutes left on the podcast today, because we can't do the quiz because we could we could do the quiz

Al Struthers 31:29

and I can win, it would be lovely. Let me know. If you did the quiz. I'd be sitting here and still not guessing it. really embarrassing,

Mike Macdermid 31:36

really embarrassing, really boring to listen to. So what we'll do is we'll wait till till next week, and we'll get we'll get Anton to be our quiz host again, because that was the way we did it. And I've, I've exhausted my quiz host repertoire, I have nothing left to give. So we're going to wait for another week. But why thought we could do this week is just a quick chat about the three because there are a lot of rumors flying around. And I wanted to get more not not necessarily predictions, because, you know, we don't really know. And there are a couple of things in there that we think are going to happen. But let's combine more predictions alongside what your hopes are. So what do you want from me three? That's a really interesting question.

Al Struthers 32:13

Well, we already know we're not going to get hardware announcements, so that's fine. We can just put them off to the side put in one box, forget

Mike Macdermid 32:18

about the mini and yeah, we'll take me back here probably in July or August or next week.

Al Struthers 32:23

Next week, but yeah, I think we were probably getting a slew of third party games. Yeah, that's what I think's gonna happen.

Mike Macdermid 32:29

So the Witcher three The Witcher three is coming we know that I think spider was going to be in there. Huh? What about what about and this is a bold prediction, but I just have this feeling that Rockstar going to say something? I would love it if they did. I don't know. What could I mean bully? I'd be delighted with I'd be so happy if we got bully but I just wonder if we're going to see a GTA or or it's not necessarily five but maybe four or you know a remaster vice because they're all mobile anyway. I mean, that's

Al Struthers 32:59

Yeah, I mean, maybe tender. And who makes them again? Rock Star rocks. Nintendo Rockstar had a relationship in the past while

Mike Macdermid 33:05

China Town wars is great on the DS. And I think that's another one that we could have. We could have a few them to be honest.

Al Struthers 33:13

It would be great if they brought out their back catalogue. Yeah, I mean, that would be lovely. I'm not really holding my breath on it though. I think that's maybe it wishful thinking? Maybe not. I'd love to prove wrong on this, but I'm not fully expecting that to come. I think what could be interesting if they announced the new Borderlands three on switch. I don't think we've noticed that yet. heavily.

Mike Macdermid 33:30

No. Well, they said that are we getting too? Yeah, yeah, I think I heard that but three so yes, three is coming out on the other consoles at some point soon. And we haven't heard anything about it whether it's going to be in the switch. I'm not sure if we will get it i think it could be a bit like one of these persona five situations. It's gonna be it's gonna be is never coming. Yeah. Well, we know there was others talk this week that basically persona five isn't coming to this way. We knew that anyway. But he said no, it's not coming to the switch at the moment there's no plans. They didn't say persona for wasn't coming. And I wonder if maybe that again because we're having the the the other persona of fighter type game, hack and slash type title. Maybe we'll get a persona for that. That might not might be in there. still wouldn't be Episode Five.

Al Struthers 34:17

No. I mean, it could be being playing games, frankly. Well, yeah, it's gonna be very the next week was 1130 in the direct

Mike Macdermid 34:25

Yeah. So from now it's wet. It's two

Al Struthers 34:28

days time from now. Yeah, it's gonna be really interesting. But I think we, we might see some of our persona

Unknown Speaker 34:34

we will probably see

Al Struthers 34:38

will be an update on metrology tracking a noticeable third party, but I would like to see a real Metro but the fact they just I think we started.

Mike Macdermid 34:47

I don't think we're ready. I don't think we're ready. I think I tell you what, my big prediction, and again, I'm not sure whether this is wildly bold. But I have a feeling we're going to hear something about Mario Kart.

Al Struthers 35:01

I knew you were gonna say that. Did you? Yeah. Why? Because you keep talking about it. And I disagree.

Mike Macdermid 35:07

Well, you know, it's been five years since Mario Kart eight came out.

Unknown Speaker 35:10

Yeah, but not since middle grade given the switch?

Mike Macdermid 35:13

Yes, but that is the same game right? It is the same game.

Al Struthers 35:16

Oh, yep. I think Nintendo view as it's a new game because there's a new audience because a lot of people didn't buy with you.

Mike Macdermid 35:22

I think five years ago I don't have to go back and check cycle of games but the set seven on the DS wasn't much before that or if even around the same time and then before that yes, it's like a generation I consulting but we don't have a Mario Kart switch exclusive game yet. And we don't have a Zelda switch exclusive game. Yet although remasters of things and we've got we've got like the cadence of Hyrule and all that stuff. So I have this feeling that if they're going to announce something for the future, not for 2019 but for 2020. They're going to say something No, he three years the platform to do it, because the director more about Shock Value getting something out that's coming soon. Where's they see, by the way, we're working on a new Mario Kart?

Al Struthers 36:07

I don't know what they've already said that they're easy presentation is gonna be largely focused on games committed this holiday season, largely focused on

Mike Macdermid 36:13

Yeah, yeah, that but that

Al Struthers 36:16

they may be entirely focused on but I'm paraphrasing. I agree. And I think the only thing that makes me think you you there's a hint of it is what your your thoughts are is the fact they bought it Mr. Carter, and they might want to tie it with surprise lunch, America. But I just don't think that's right.

Mike Macdermid 36:34

I just have a feeling I just think that you know, if I was if you were working in Nintendo, and you knew the success of Mario Kart eight, it's it's a phenomenon. And it was even on the Wii U for we use standards. It was it was still, you know, one of the top titles, if not the top title. And I think that there's no there's nothing negative about them releasing a new Mario Kart game. And if they say it's coming in 2020 August, nobody's going to care because that's going to be hype for a year and three months.

Unknown Speaker 37:02

True, but they're still using Mario Kart eight to sell the switch is still forward, half their adverts

Mike Macdermid 37:06

it is bought. Okay, so here's the other question, then what do you think would be more likely? What do you think would be more likely the Mario Kart nine? Or they say, you know what, we're going to give you all the courses that Mario Kart seven has as DLC for Mario Kart eight.

Al Struthers 37:21

I would dearly love them to do that. But they'll do it.

Unknown Speaker 37:25

How do we improve final car?

Al Struthers 37:26

Do they have to know they're still selling consoles and got copies of the games? Or do they really need to

Mike Macdermid 37:31

know they don't? But there's my question. This is what I'm trying to say that I don't know how they would improve Mario Mario Kart eight, other than maybe online have a few bugs to be bugbears with that. Was it bonkers bonkers.

Al Struthers 37:41

Yeah. Well, if you go great to the bug bears, yeah.

Mike Macdermid 37:43

Okay, I have a few grapes, like that. But for me, I don't know how to improve it. But if let's see, they decide you know what this is it. This is the pinnacle of Mario Kart on the switch, we're not going to improve on this game. This sensible thing would be to say, but what we're going to do is we're going gonna give you all the courses that are previously done on the older generation. So we're missing loads of my agree. And it's a new DLC pack. It's another 16 courses, and it's going to be out it's going to cost you 20 quid,

Al Struthers 38:11

but it would be a great, I think it'd be a great move. I don't expect him to do it. But I think it would make a lot of people very happy. And I've already put my 20 quid down tomorrow.

Mike Macdermid 38:18

Yeah. So would I absolutely. And I think that's the thing is, you know, you think about how many Mario Kart players there are, if they are using as a system sellers going down the line. That makes sense to me. So that's, that's one I would love them to do. I just have this feeling motocross going to be mentioned, I don't know,

Al Struthers 38:34

hey, prove me wrong. I'll be very happy. I think what we're probably more likely hear about is more Zelda remakes coming forward. Yeah, yeah, that's what I think when you get things like wooden maker maybe.

Mike Macdermid 38:43

Yeah, that will be nice like that. Skyward Sword. No, there was loads of rumors about that previously, about a year ago. We were talking about that. And I think that might happen. I think we might get Skyward Sword redone without the motion controls so that you can play you know, non non we style properly. Sorry, we and third party titles. I think you're absolutely right. I think that is going to make up 90% of what we're going to hear about. Was there any others that you think that jumped out at you as being? Yeah, we're probably going to see that and try it.

Al Struthers 39:13

Well, there's a couple of Oreos themselves. So we know we're going to see we just mentioned three Yo, yeah. About we just made you three. Yeah. The first one back on. We

Mike Macdermid 39:24

knew maybe

Al Struthers 39:26

the first one but didn't get very far. I can't remember why I didn't but it just didn't stick. But I'm quite excited about getting last night. Even a third party, though. That's first party here. And we'll probably see more Animal Crossing. I'm guessing.

Mike Macdermid 39:38

Surely it's about time. It's been a long time since you heard it.

Al Struthers 39:40

Yeah. In terms of third party. I don't really know what else to be. I'm kind of intrigued to see what they're going to bring forward to surprise us with. Yeah, because there's plenty of stuff that's been doing their own steam rumors people didn't know about various racing games and all kinds of stuff has come forward. But I want to know what none of us thinking about

Mike Macdermid 39:54

Red Dead Redemption to we're going to get on the switch. No,

Al Struthers 39:57

I don't think so. games too big too complicated clicks which can handle it. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 40:01

Not at the moment. Not unless we get a pro and things change. You know, but that's not going to be announced the 3ds. They said no hardware because it said to

Al Struthers 40:07

hardware. That's right.

Mike Macdermid 40:08

What about if they were to offer you what Netflix, here's another one Netflix? Are they going to give us Netflix? That's horrible. I have a feeling there's going to be a streaming service of some sort.

Al Struthers 40:21

Well, I think we're going to get maybe Netflix make them I think when you're talking about streaming, I think we're more likely announcement from Microsoft about the switch. Yeah, that's what I think we're going to get because Microsoft standard they got the devil you got Sony doing their things. Nintendo is there as the perfect opportunity for more to go by the way, cross platform guys. I think that's what we're more likes. The other big news is can come out of it.

Mike Macdermid 40:43

One other bit of news this week that I did see, and we might hear more about it three is FIFA. So FIFA 20 is coming out and all the other consoles is kinda on the switch. But it's the legacy edition. What's that mean? basically like the rubbish edition. So there, for every other console, they're updating everything. But for the switch. It's the same as FIFA 19 with a couple of extras, and they're not even updating stuff. They don't have the journey as far as I know. And just the storyline and so that kind of sucks. And I don't I'd rather they didn't release it. Like don't i don't want to have a substandard version of FIFA when you can get another console so that that is annoying one prediction I think just very quick prediction as well. I think we're going to see more Assassin's Creed titles being announced from Ubisoft

Al Struthers 41:29

wouldn't surprise me know they know that they work we can do them.

Mike Macdermid 41:32

Yeah. It's a bit glitchy Assassin's Creed three, but I can see them doing the yet to collection.

Al Struthers 41:38

Yeah, I can see that happening. I don't quite know why they're not patched. Three,

Mike Macdermid 41:42

just lazy. I think I have to say that. I think that that's something that is should be a simple fix. Because there's a few audio issues with it. And I love the game and I'm enjoying playing it but it bugs me

Al Struthers 41:52

generally when you launch Assassin's Creed games, everybody knows their glitch been bugging her horrible never buy them the first week.

Unknown Speaker 41:57

Yeah, but normally within the first week to two weeks of patches come out and fixed it. What can we announcement? The three

Al Struthers 42:03

third have to do to patch x and game it easy. There's something seriously wrong? very badly three?

Mike Macdermid 42:10

Yeah, I think it's going to be very, very interesting. We don't have to wait very long. We're going to be talking about this in the next episode, whether that be an episode in between this Sunday, and next Sunday, they will record. But certainly, I think this could be a real big moment for Nintendo, because I know there's gonna be a lot of announcements elsewhere.

Al Struthers 42:30

Yeah, every Tuesday at five o'clock on Tuesday, because that's where we're getting the right. I think I've heard rumors supposed to be about 40 minutes direct. Is it? Yeah. So that's quite a long time as a lot of information to pack in.

Mike Macdermid 42:40

Yeah. And don't forget as well to check out some of the developers announcements as well, because there's no saying that we might not see everything in that direct. But let's see when Ubisoft do theirs. For example. That's where we might see Oh, by the way, it's coming to the switch. So I think it's really important just to keep an eye out for lots of info will try and run through everything when we do our next podcast, of course. But I just I just hope that the Nintendo have thought about this because I do think Sony and Microsoft are going to come out with some big news this time around. Especially Sony because they've been a little bit kind of, you know, just getting along the way underdog. Yeah. So I think that we're going to hear big news elsewhere. So I think Nintendo have to

Al Struthers 43:18

step up this time. They really do well do the other right there on high. I think they're winning. They don't need to step it up. That's really nice. Going

Mike Macdermid 43:26

look at Microsoft, the 360 was winning. That's true. You know, that's true, but

Al Struthers 43:31

they've got a hold of the year winning until these new consoles come out. They've got time.

Mike Macdermid 43:35

Well, maybe you're right. Well, it's going to be interesting anyway, and it's 5pm on Tuesdays when the three stream will be so that's right if you're in the UK if you're in the UK if your lips were figured if you're listening elsewhere, yeah, do your own clock maths. Yeah, right. Well, that's it for this week Russa just a reminder that we are on Twitter at ns UK podcast if you've got any thoughts or comments then send us a message we do try and reply it's either me or it's Anton I do try and see what me just usually Anton but if it's me, I'll try and put in brackets

Al Struthers 44:03

and it's never me because I don't really understand what Twitter is

Mike Macdermid 44:05

no, no, you're not allowed on your band and ns UK p coda UK for the website

Al Struthers 44:11

yeah podcast at ns UK p coda UK for the email if you want to send a message in barrel around a dog's neck yeah do that to send it to us I'm sure your dog or find your dog won't be coming back because I'll be keeping them

Mike Macdermid 44:23

and you can listen to them the apple podcast app from the Chinese and you can

Al Struthers 44:27

an apple podcast app. You can find us on Stitcher you can find us on our website I should all episodes are there in fact on the website all the episodes there and some of the transcripts

Mike Macdermid 44:36

yeah also Anton update the website

Al Struthers 44:39

Yes, it's very nice.

Mike Macdermid 44:40

Yeah, I haven't looked at it yet. But I've seen the screenshot that I saw in our group chat or maybe on Twitter

Al Struthers 44:45

anyway yeah, he's updated it looks lovely it works wonderfully and you've now got political means yes, all of us excellent the three of the three core of work and we've now got Anton and Emily on there as means as well

Mike Macdermid 44:55

that James and Emily

Al Struthers 44:57

I said yeah yeah don't do Anton to it's late on a Sunday.

Mike Macdermid 45:02

It is Lee and with that that's about it for this week. Remember to leave us a review by the way Apple podcasts slash iTunes. Yes, every week fantastic. And we will be back possibly before next week but certainly will be back in a week's time and until then

Al Struthers 45:16

we're all know what which one was going through Anton one of us needs to do it. Can

Mike Macdermid 45:21

I say bye? You say bye. And then can I cry this time?

Unknown Speaker 45:23

Why don't we do what together

Mike Macdermid 45:24

okay then. Right. Well, we'll see you next week. Goodbye. Cheerio.