The One About E3 - Episode 23

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Yes, we are back once again and this time we are discussing everything E3! Mike, Anton, Al and Emily share their thoughts on the best and worst Nintendo Switch related moments from E3, as well as look at some of the more interesting announcements.

Plus, we have the weekly quiz, with our new quizmaster, Anton.

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Mike Macdermid 0:13

Hello, and welcome to episode number 23, which is our very special e three thoughts provoking chat. Well, at least we're hoping it's a thought provoking chat. I, Mike,

Anton Winters 0:24

I'm out. I'm Anton. And I'm Emily. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 0:27

we have four of us here, which is very exciting. And before we do get started, just a reminder, you can get us on Twitter. We do tweets now and then you can get us on. What else can you all iTunes slash Apple podcasts. You can get us on Spotify and Stitcher and we've got a website all

Al Struthers 0:46

we do, which is ns, UK, uk.

Mike Macdermid 0:49

And you can email us at podcast at ns, UK p coda UK. So we are going to be talking predominantly about the three announcements which happened this week, which I know everyone's been talking about with had a couple of tweets from people saying, Why are you making us wait till Sunday? This is so unfair. And the truth is that it's partly because my computer decided to update a whole bunch when we did think about doing it in the middle of the week. But also we thought, you know what, let's get us all together and have a bit of a more deep dive into once we had a couple of days to get a bit more info and stuff. So that's kind of what we're doing. Really. Yeah,

Al Struthers 1:21

but we should probably get well soon to James, because James is going to join us as well. But he's a bit brilliant.

Mike Macdermid 1:25

Yes. So get well soon, James. All right, then let's start then with the EU's. So Anton, I think what we'll do is we'll go through the kind of the main conferences that we had starting with the Nintendo one and then we'll go through some of the developers and some of the other stuff and we'll chat about each will each get a chance to just kind of air our thoughts because I think by now most people probably know what the the main announcements were. So we don't really need to recap them as such. So let's kind of have more of a general discussion. So I'll start with Anton just because I said his name and then spoke a bunch. Anton What did you think? What was your what were your thoughts on the Nintendo Wii three announcements

Anton Winters 2:05

see it's interesting because it has a sequel to one of my biggest like favorite games ever that I never felt will have which I'm not take that to the deep dive in x. I'm probably not the most appropriate person for however, I think it was kind of a weak conference. Overall. I think a lot of people are giving them a lot of credit because they had brief the world to and what a banjo kazoo. I think overall, it was kind of a weaker conference. I enjoyed that. But I wasn't ecstatic about it. There's a wall feller fail em. How about yourself house are

Al Struthers 2:41

similar kinds of thoughts. I thought there were there was a bit of let it run too long. I feel old. Like we haven't had as many leaks as we hadn't run up to it. If they just suddenly announced Witcher three for example, out of nowhere or Luigi imagination nowhere it would have been a much bigger much more exciting conference than it was but we didn't know quite a lot more folks can be in there. Family What do you think?

Emily Frood 3:01

No, I have to agree. And I think I would have definitely liked the a lot of the Pokemon content that would have cut out whole episode for us but I think putting the Pokemon content into a specific direct probably made it a little less

Anton Winters 3:15

exciting near it's weird even I can't feel like some of their priorities were a little bit questionable. Like I feel like having almost the Alien Isolation big fourth party first person shooter was reserved to let me snippet and I'm one trust and then you had some ugly contra game that looks like it was designed by like a first time nd Dave and they gave it the spotlight it's it just seemed a bit questionable some of the tales they've mentioned and showcase at one of their most prestigious events almost. How about yourself make How are you feeling about?

Mike Macdermid 3:49

Oh, yeah, again, I cannot hugely different to what you will feel from it. But there were a few moments where I thought yeah, that's that's a good idea. Definitely. I think it got stronger near the end. Well, I think the breath of the wild thing that I've got a double thing with that because the video was brilliant. And you know that that announcement was huge. It was I will mention this now I did. I did kind of call that

Unknown Speaker 4:11

will give you a

Emily Frood 4:13

Cold War in life.

Al Struthers 4:16

So we definitely give you that big props good shape.

Mike Macdermid 4:18

Well, but the thing about it was that it was as I had actually predicted in that they didn't actually tell us anything. All they said was Yeah, we're doing to and actually I think that's the thing was their biggest announcement was something that they haven't told us anything about really apart from since then we've had some info that we think it's going to be a bit light Red Dead in terms of the direction they're going to go and not not necessarily like the game, but they're going to try and use that as an influence. And that's great for Red Dead Redemption to please do that. That's That's a great idea. But I just felt that we we like you said, I think there was a lot of filler. There's a lot of stuff we knew, like we heard about Stranger Things three, you know, I was I'm quite excited about that. And it's going to be cool, but we already knew that we heard a bit more about it ladies mansion. Well, yeah, cool, but we know that it's happening. And I think that was the thing I think for Animal Crossing fans. It was good to get a bit more kind of wings to what's happening in Animal Crossing. And that's that's given a lot of excitement to that fan base.

Al Struthers 5:14

What will should we talk about Animal Crossing? Is that something I quite like talk about? Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 5:17

okay, Emily, what were your thoughts on the the Animal Crossing announcement?

Emily Frood 5:21

I was blown away, because I never expected them to give so much time to it. Nothing to have a lot of treehouse lifetime gameplay as well. worked really well. I like to kind of shake up of the series. I really appreciate the kind of pocket camp had kind of hinted at what they were going to do with this with new horizon. And I was I was blown away with it. Yeah,

Anton Winters 5:50

it's quite exciting. I've never felt like Animal Crossing was always a front runner always kind of felt like their small side project. Almost like a like Mario vs. Dude, rabbits are like there. It's like a first party title but wasn't like I mean fiery. But this just felt like another steak and then yeah, no game and I'm surprised almost how much budget a skulks it does look really polish. He said you had some things you're wanting to say about Alex or were you lying was this game?

Al Struthers 6:17

Well, I gotta say I've never played one it looked a look really really interesting. But what I found most impressive was the fact that deleted which is what most of the communities actually have an arms about. I mean they've pushed the game backwards it's been six months since March March next year yeah so that's it that's why we don't when they originally planning releasing it as well they said

Mike Macdermid 6:33

2019 initially but i think i don't think that that in itself I mean I'm on a couple of the Animal Crossing fan pages and the see most people have said to be honest I know how weird that I'm on that page. I was

Al Struthers 6:44

looking at you doesn't translate it was a funny look

Mike Macdermid 6:47

is only because I was interested to see what the reaction was and actually most people on the groups have kind of said you know I don't mind because we saw so much all this done is just hyped it you know massive home for me and you know, I think that's that's not about so they kind of have well if you're going to do a delay and give people something to be excited about during that delay and I think they did that really well. We should mention as well the tree house that you mentioned out Emily that was the post II three Nintendo announcement stuff where they kind of went over some stuff and talk to some developers in a bit more depth and that's where we got to see more of Animal Crossing but no i think i think that was really did really well and didn't do tend to do well the big ones you know the Breath of the Wild to video was fantastic you know you really kind of a lot of hype tonight sure is absolutely nothing but it's still give us that hype feeling and they've they've done managed to do hype really well this time I think

Emily Frood 7:36

although I have to admit just while we're talking about delays though I'm really disappointed that there was no Metroid Prime for content they didn't even say that did they mention the title? Yeah,

Al Struthers 7:49

no, no they didn't I don't think they even got a single look at now I'm not really surprised because the only been in the beginning this year defender last year so they probably really haven't gotten into show yet if they're if they've literally scored right back to the beginning and starting from scratch. That's not enough time to pull an idea that's like really worth sure that's true. Yeah,

Anton Winters 8:06

I think even with the thing that really surprised me from us conferences we saw no we UMass remasters or any remasters, or any Menzel even like Metroid Prime trilogy, because apparently we try to pull this up much earlier on in the podcast ideas that may have been like finished and just waiting there and they're going to wait for it to come out and you're praying for it's counting on there's been a lot of things he didn't chapel this conference, but I find a lot more interesting and what some of the stuff they did chapel like that, that snakes games and stuff like that. It's been

Mike Macdermid 8:39

quiet. There's been there's an interesting kind of industry theory that actually three No, for Nintendo isn't actually that big a deal anymore. It's only a big deal. because traditionally, we see three as being the big moment, but because we've got these directs regularly now, actually, for Nintendo, it might well be that they're still focusing on their next independent Nintendo Direct that gonna happen soon, that's outside of v3. And this was kind of that whole got to put something together. And I 43 will give away a bit of what we're going to see in the next one, but will also give, you know, these, this bunch of titles that, you know, that are coming out an announcement as well. And I just kind of did feel a bit like they had a couple of things that they were really going to go on. And the rest was a bit late. Okay, well, this is coming out. And that's happening and that it was like it was almost like they hadn't really, because if you look at previous directs, there's a lot more there was less, there will there were less games, but there was more about those games. And I think, for me, that was a lot of kind of, here's another one, here's another one, you know,

Al Struthers 9:35

well, there's a couple of things you could, you could always you could cut that. So either the one is to show the community there that there are a lot of games coming to the switch, whether that's to the gaming community, or to the developer community, you could argue that, but I said you could be saying, Yeah, that's where it is, we're going to flood the whole thing with all the games are coming. And then we will go into depth of each of these games in independent director, you can have a look at them as we get closer to them. Or the other way they might have been thinking about it was you've got all these streaming games and streaming platforms being launched by all the other developers and they want to make sure that people still see them as relevant. So I'm not a big I'm not I don't have a problem with the way they did it. I like the fact they focused on a few big games. And when went by the way, there's always coming. Yeah,

Emily Frood 10:17

I understood that. Yeah, that's

Mike Macdermid 10:19

fair. I just wonder though, not I have a problem with the way that we're taught. I think that's fine. My theory is that they have a bunch of other stuff in detail. Like the Metroid Prime stuff for me be like I mentioned before my car DLC or a new Mario Kart, but was not mentioned it forgot to bring that game alone

Al Struthers 10:35

like your motor car. bottle was last but

Mike Macdermid 10:37

but yeah, but I'm just wondering if they're holding that back for the next one. And and actually three is just another Nintendo Direct to them. It's not there.

Al Struthers 10:45

I don't think it is coming. What every quarter, you get some kind of direct or another. Yeah. And I don't think it is as big a deal as it was. Yeah. Yeah,

Anton Winters 10:52

it just kind of feels like they're, it's less about announcing games. The free is more cases. I'm just showcasing a white spread of games being like, hey, we've got Resident Evil. Yeah, we've caught that Dragon Quest we've called whatever game you want. Do you want Empire sin was like what? You're free? We've got all

Emily Frood 11:12

Yeah, I mean, I've always found that treehouse life content more interesting than the directs that Nintendo to do it three. Because I think that's a big part of a three is the, like showing off gameplay and showing off, like, demos within that kind of arena works a lot better. And I think as well, ether is kind of going downhill as a whole. Sony wasn't there this year. That's quite a big deal. And the fact that that happened alongside for the one of a better word lackluster direct from Nintendo ice three kind of becoming less significant, especially from from a gamer perspective. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 12:00

I think you're probably right, actually. I think that's the way that I feel even from last year. I think this year, certainly it feels it seems to kind of be going that way. There were quite a few interesting announcements, though. One in the one we heard about with with links awakening, which I think does look really really good. I love the limited edition links awakening with the game by theme steel book and art. Yeah. Anyone else have their eye on that?

Al Struthers 12:25

I didn't know I liked best about the links awakening. Think what the soundtrack don't really do either. Did the music on that was beautiful. It sounded exactly like Gameboy but it was properly orchestral. It was just soon it was ingenious. Yeah, yeah.

Mike Macdermid 12:38

So that was a really exciting announcement and there were a couple like that but I think the other one is, well if you're a fan of the likes of Resident Evil or Final Fantasy, then you're pretty much sorted forever. I mean, Resident Evil game Are there any Resident Evils left the switch doesn't have now apart from the news? Well, I think

Anton Winters 12:54

I think it's only got three missing I don't think it has never nice which was a shame. It's a good one. Bye. Bye funny when I was watching the actual stream and it came up with Resident Evil five I was like, Oh, well done. they've completed the worst Resident Evil and I was like, actually, nevermind. Resident Evil six it's the worst one than Resident Evil six is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. I'm like, Oh, do you know

Mike Macdermid 13:16

it's just really funny. The first Resident Evil game I ever completed was five really

Al Struthers 13:19

not I've still never played one to this day.

Mike Macdermid 13:22

I really liked five four I know four is the one that gets a lot of credit for being you know kind of real classic but I really enjoyed five when it came out so I was I was kind of Yeah, that's cool. I probably won't play it again it's not I didn't enjoy it that much but I enjoyed it you know it was it was decent but it's cool i mean you know if you're going to get these games and you're a fan then you know the switches to place to play them we're getting plenty of them

Al Struthers 13:44

yo to the Drake then Mike if I ask everyone but Mike first What game are you most excited about? What are you least etc.

Mike Macdermid 13:50

Witcher three very excited about that coming to the switch because it's one that I had on my ps4 and never got into playing and so that I think have more chance to do that in the switch any other console ever? So that was exciting. I was also excited about Louise mansion. I think it's looking good. I'm keen to see how that plays out. spiral as well as the

Al Struthers 14:11

best and the worst Give me one weakness.

Mike Macdermid 14:13

Well, I can't have one

Al Struthers 14:15

again right okay, well you're done along the lines you like was released for you. What did you think?

Mike Macdermid 14:22

I think actually controversially because I don't play smash Banda z and smash. And the reason is I just wanted them to announce banjo kazoo I don't care about smash I just want them to notice banjo kazoo

Al Struthers 14:37

well don't you just lost most of the audience? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:39

that's right. Emily

Mike Macdermid 14:43

Emily you know you got understand. I want to play banjo kazoo not totally. I know. Not my problem.

Emily Frood 14:50

But I think for me as well. Also like I never I never played Patrick Tsui. So I was like, Okay, great. It's like it's basically Family Service. Unless they bring out a bedroom because we switch but it was also like I would have run with so many other characters in Smash. Happy you're

Al Struthers 15:10

getting you're getting stuck on guy. I mean, come on. Duck on dog duck. Duck. Yeah,

Emily Frood 15:13

exactly. And I see I think as well the fact that at the beginning of the direct there they announced the main character from Dragon Quest. And they thought nobody's gonna like this especially nobody outside your parent is going to like this. So I guess we have to do the western fan service his banjo? Yeah,

Anton Winters 15:30

see I'm It's weird. Like I'm not a smash player. But I was that I was kind of really impressed by it because obviously he is like icon Oh the N 64 a Microsoft exclusive the idea of getting that at all on smash feels like and for all to see that count even happening that's like say that five years ago and it was like I would have never imagined seeing a Microsoft and Smash Bros.

Mike Macdermid 15:58

That was my problem was I wasn't thrown and I love the video and I loved watching the fight that we were seeing you know the characters in in Smash but I was waiting and I was waiting for the end for them to go and also banjo kazoo is coming and I think it's just because they didn't do that for me I was like oh well I don't care now you know you've let me down you had your chance

Al Struthers 16:17

well explained I can get behind the logic yeah yeah right Emily best game of the movie threes unintended right?

Emily Frood 16:22

I mean, corn everybody knows its breath the world to the way that I could not talk about this game. Oh my god. But

Al Struthers 16:37

yeah, you're always a defect to answer yes. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 16:40

Because it is such a big thing but let's talk about it for a minute Emily obviously Breath of the Wild has been a phenomenon and I said the big the big thing of a Zelda Mario Kart is that we don't have an exclusive on the switch we haven't got an exclusive title know now we do we're getting one

Emily Frood 16:56

yeah and it's it's really exciting because it we can leave the EU behind completely and really focus on making this game look a lot more pristine they using the same engine which is great because it took so long to make

Mike Macdermid 17:12

but and it works

Emily Frood 17:14

yeah and it looks incredible I'm really excited to see what happens with the story everything I'd like I've watched so many theory videos already I should probably make one myself You should Oh my Gods is

Anton Winters 17:30

yeah I have some theories I was listening a few of his people would like a special just talking about Zelda series I would be dumb for that but yeah just found just found me I

Mike Macdermid 17:41

will put out on Twitter will ask the question will ask the question if people want it you can deliver

Al Struthers 17:46

absolutely definitely This is very very exciting to look like I don't know if I'm wrong but the late Zelda herself was playable or was probably like

Anton Winters 17:53


Emily Frood 17:54

there was a lot of people thinking or issue that we were getting to there was it was there was so much interaction or like having a lot of screen time for both of them was quite a big deal. I think they it looks like they get separated. which suggests either he's like obviously going to find her or the more exciting thing would be like a split narrative You play as one you place the other switch between or I don't know

Anton Winters 18:24

I'm getting I'm getting goosebumps just even hearing all these feelings I'm so all right. Well, I gotta

Mike Macdermid 18:31

I gotta say for me, I think the will go down that route. I really do. And I think it will be a playable link or Zelda. And it's going to be the first big twist in the series where they're they're on a joint quest, but they're in different places. To me that makes absolute sense. And it is the perfect way to to bring the game into what's going to be a new decade. Yes,

Al Struthers 18:49

absolutely. Looks like Gannon is back yet again. Yes, good. Dorf is all good. All good. All right, okay. Yeah,

Anton Winters 18:56

I know. I'm not.

Unknown Speaker 19:00

I hit it right out. Yeah.

Emily Frood 19:01

How's it just need to appreciate how much darker This game looks it. It's turning into a Majoris mask and I am living for it.

Anton Winters 19:10

I'll see the thing I'm just excited for is when you buy a Zelda game, you know, it's gonna be like, Oh, you're going to fight God and save the kingdom? This is a sequel. This could do anything. Yes. Seek like link to the path between worlds like the sequels are the ones that do like the old stories and do they don't follow like that the fable of a Zelda game so I'm excited. See what direction and taken that Yeah, you could lose who knows that the possibilities are endless is exciting. But worst thing Sorry, I've just Oh, yeah. Hi. Yeah.

Al Struthers 19:37

All right. So that you basket Emily. worst game? What are you looking forward to?

Emily Frood 19:43

Oh, God, I you know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna say it tomorrow and Sonic? Olympic Games? Yeah, I'm done. I'm done.

Al Struthers 19:54

Have you played played too many of them in the past?

Emily Frood 19:56

One. And that was enough. I said, I don't know. I think thing I just, it's it's cute. But like it. It's just again, it's a bit much at this point. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 20:07

if they can nail the couch caught on it. If they can make it a party game, you make it like Mario Party for the Olympics, then maybe that might might be the way that they get people. But otherwise, it does feel like a title in the month after the Olympics, no one's going to want to play anymore. And I think that's the problem when you when you tie it to big events like that. It's great in the run up to it. But as soon as that events over, it's it's I think they want to play that in

Emily Frood 20:32

the fact that they title them as, like,

the specific Olympics that are happening. Like they kind of shot themselves in the foot when they named the first one at like, Beijing 2008 because it kind of gave them the opportunity that they have to keep going with every other Olympic Games. But it would be nice to just have like, one standard just like Myron Sonic at the Olympics, and it's just like set in Mario Land and they just have fun at a makeshift Olympics.

Al Struthers 21:06

I don't know then they don't get to sell the same game over and over again and I know

Mike Macdermid 21:10


Al Struthers 21:12

Oh that's what I'm here for. All right, Anton same questions Do you guys know

Anton Winters 21:17

well obviously breath the wild as a highlight I'm trying to think back what else was really exciting Link Between Worlds we just mentioned did look good depth but again, so breath the wild as a highlight at Animal Crossing was New Horizon was a surprising one. I'd like calls maxing out the formula at worst game at Contra Hard carbs. For a game from like cat calm, like appropriate company, not like an indie developer just looks hideous. And it breaks resumes just because you don't get any love for the original I think I mean, I didn't play the original either. But I suspect if you were a contract player, that might look kind of cool. I don't see it like the point for me sight scrolling shut them up became a top dome Catholic sport to thing it's and yeah, I don't know. I think I'm very skeptical of that one. And I'm also slightly worried for the what chart and because it's been reported to be running it 540 P which I think it helps

Al Struthers 22:15

Yeah, yeah. And then 720 Doc, doesn't it? Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 22:18

I don't think that's going to be an issue if if if they get it right in every other element. I don't think that's going to be a problem because I think a lot of games at 540 handheld still looks okay. I don't I don't think that's gonna be but I know you mean it's such a big game. It's such a big one to take on. And when you consider that we're talking about what can we overclock for the switch for certain things and we're not at that stage where we have a pro and yeah, I know what you mean I've got a little worried about that as well

Anton Winters 22:45

as I think it's the thing that really worried me it's I think the tools the worship to show in the trailer because he showed that tree is the first shot and it looked like a game that had like you know when you play a game in the graphics having quite low D than yet at the like the low res textures like when you're playing like pub God something when it hasn't quite well. I'm excited for that. But I'm gonna have to wait for reviews because I think how many corners we've had to cop. I'm a little bit worried that it might be running per frame rate.

Al Struthers 23:11

Second, it'll look better in the Pro. Better and

Mike Macdermid 23:16

I actually thought Anton you might mention hold the night, silk song and Minecraft dungeon

Anton Winters 23:22

holiday does look good. And I was actually surprised by Minecraft dungeons that looks almost similar to that octopus traveler game graphically. Surprisingly, and Minecraft I was expecting it to be more just like the stereotypical Minecraft like that Minecraft story mode, but they're taking a little career of liberty there. So I think there's a lot of potential there and again, a Microsoft exclusive game on Nintendo. It's and it's normalization. So yeah, it shows that relationship there. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 23:51

it's is quite a lot of interesting titles. But again, as you say, it's one of those events that one of those announcements that a lot of people did come away from feeling slightly underwhelmed before we move on to some of the other developers Alster, what about you what your best and worst moments

Al Struthers 24:05

or Finally I don't pick the ones you guys haven't picked at all genuinely. I mean, I

Mike Macdermid 24:08

know we're gonna say for your best

Al Struthers 24:10

Well, I know you were probably actually I was gonna say Louis just mentioned because I am actually really excited. just mentioned Yeah, it looks it looks amazing. But yeah, quite excited about content

Mike Macdermid 24:18

I knew I

Unknown Speaker 24:20

knew is one

Al Struthers 24:20

of the ones that glossed over right to the very end of just a very quick thing but so

Mike Macdermid 24:24

Cortana is on the switch right? I think there is a version of Cortana on there though I'm sure there is as well

Al Struthers 24:28

that's what the news would just

Mike Macdermid 24:30

be I don't know if it's within I have to check that I maybe got that wrong. I had up my iPad previously so

Al Struthers 24:36

for anybody who doesn't know this board game I they're called settlers of content and this basically this is a digital version of it. Now I'm excited about at the same time I'm really nervous about it because I love the game but I love

Mike Macdermid 24:47

like the really been faithful to the board game.

Al Struthers 24:49

It was a digital board game and you look there in the board. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 24:52

my it looked good. It looked like very, very good at well. Very, very cool. So

Al Struthers 24:56

yeah, I'm really excited about that. But I'm also a bit nervous because book games on translate well into consoles generally not. What about your worst? My worst is actually Well, it's one that nobody has mentioned and we should probably ever mention again tremor is called Death Panzer

Unknown Speaker 25:08

dragon concert Dragoon

Al Struthers 25:11

Panzer Division eight I it was maybe just the worst shot the choice to show the game but it was a dragon. I think flying around that look really, really good.

Unknown Speaker 25:19

Look like avatar? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:21

Look like avatar. Look at that. Just a doll. Don't think it's

Mike Macdermid 25:25

only a patch. I think it's I think it's a remake, isn't it? Yeah,

Anton Winters 25:27

it's a remake of one of the best siren games of all time. I've never played it. But that's right. Yeah. siren game and it costs like 500 to 600 pounds. I don't think it was a right fit for this conference. I think we kind of shot this game in the foot by unveiling it next to so many good games.

Al Struthers 25:48

But well, I came away from it having not known anything about it. I came away going rubbish. It looked at five year old gaming it

Emily Frood 25:55

It looked like a mix of Avatar and Star Fox. And I'd like because it looks like stuff gameplay. And I was just like

Unknown Speaker 26:01

folks a beautiful yet and it will Yeah.

Emily Frood 26:03

Okay, fair dues.

Anton Winters 26:07

Because, yeah, it just, yeah, I think it doesn't help that is stuck in a genre that hasn't survived the look like there's a couple genres of late the ps1 era, the app just not survived. And I think it's one of them, like unreal shares. Like I think we had a couple in the Game Cube after that. Outside of like Don week games, the Unreal sure has struggled to survive. So I'm excited from it. For it for trying to attempt to revive count, count rare genre almost. With a good IP. It's just whether or not modern audiences are going to be true accepting of that. So I remember when they released killer seven even on the Game Cube. Fantastic. Unreal. Sure. But all the revered for like, all this date? Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 26:54

Well, there we are. That's our thoughts on what I think everybody's been talking about all week, really. So that's the first conference but there were lots of other developers there too. So we're going to run through some of the key announcements and we'll we'll go through them in order. And we'll kind of pick our moments from these. First of all, he did announce FIFA 20 I'm hugely disappointed because they're basically doing a here's a budget switch version because we can't be bothered keeping the switch up to date because that's too much work with the other ones maybe there's an argument that they can't power on the switch but you know, there's a way to I'm sure they can and also there's no the journey as far as I know, which is their story mode. So that's going to be a no for me which is a bit annoying anyone else bothered about FIFA? No

Anton Winters 27:36

as a shame I feel like he has been incredibly short site eat at not supporting the switch and considerably supported the we you for a long time. It seems like they're, they're not tapped like, I feel like they're just looking at the numbers and not being tactical. And their account support of systems. Yeah,

Emily Frood 27:56

that's that's quite No, I agree. I'm disappointed but not surprised. I mean, I've never played FIFA because sports games aren't really my thing. See Mario and Sonic. But I think also like, I'm not surprised that Nintendo and the switch have been treated like that. Yeah, I know. We've had a lot especially in the DS era. It was his all these great big console games. Here's a DS ocean. Just kind of a bit rubbish. So yeah, I'm not surprised.

Unknown Speaker 28:25

What a

Mike Macdermid 28:26

little bit little bit disappointing as well, to be honest, just the fact that you know, they had an opportunity and I think people were asking for that and FIFA 19 to have the journey which I definitely could have been done on the switch. I have no doubt in my head that that would have been possible, but they just I guess it's just not a priority for them. And until that changes, we're not going to get a decent FIFA so maybe if Konami can bring back Pro Evolution for the switch? I'd be happy with that because

Al Struthers 28:50

memories here.

Mike Macdermid 28:53

Microsoft's while they mentioned as well as Minecraft dungeons, which you mentioned other ones that are switched related lego star wars the Skywalker side, I've got to say, kind of excited about. We do I love the

Al Struthers 29:02

Star Wars LEGO games. Yeah.

Emily Frood 29:04

What about what about YouTube? I'm so excited. And I think the best thing about it is that they've announced, I'm, like, 90% sure, they announced you could turn off voices, because voices were going to be a big thing and that they changed and everybody hates but you can change them to just have grunts

Unknown Speaker 29:21

and that's all I want in that game.

Emily Frood 29:22

Only one of my LEGO games is I want Lego comedy but without any of the boring dialogue that Yeah, they have from the films you know, like that's the best thing about Lego. Yeah,

Anton Winters 29:34

it said I've never played a star. Like I've never seen Star Wars or grew up with Lego but I was like, I know how much people care about the lego star wars and apparently like there's some of the base of the LEGO games so they are great at

Unknown Speaker 29:50

doing this mega saga fleet saga was amazing. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 29:54

there were just great court games and this is what I'm talking about the switch the court thing is such important part of the switch you know, they talk about it in the adverts. I mean they make obvious that that's a selling point and I think it's a game that you can just have so much fun with and you don't have to be that great either you can play with you could play with a kid you could play with you know your partner you can play with anyone because it is a game that is inclusive to everyone because really it's been a couple of puzzles and just hit things great

Al Struthers 30:20

you can avoid your screen doing nothing a little and does all the work and it's still fine you can still progress it's super except for the original Star Wars LEGO games called the very first the very first ones where if you wander off the screen you died that was no sorry

Emily Frood 30:34

that's all I had it the it was the plan was like a game where the split screen when all dynamic and that it would like rather than just doing like a split it would split but move around as well. Oh yeah I'm so annoying. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 30:51

there's a there's somewhere in between. Get it right you know, but very exciting. Also Microsoft the notes spirit Federer causing management gamer but dying. I don't know anything about this is anyone say that it's a really set count.

Anton Winters 31:04

What's weird, it's almost like half Animal Crossing, like you're on a boat. And you're like building kill rooms and near count going around and you have a dog. It looks really Ascetic. I could really see this game taken off a lot better on switch, then it well on the Xbox. So it looks interesting. It was probably my end of the show. It looks really good. And the only showed off the Microsoft conference, there was a Xbox One title. But if you go to the account directly to the source or like yeah, it's coming to switch as well. So really good. They're

Mike Macdermid 31:38

cool. Cool. Oh, that's another one to look out for them. But so just very quickly on them. They announced the Elder Scrolls blade, which is a free title. And cross saves as well. With that as well. Yeah,

Anton Winters 31:49

that'll be at their new mobile game as Elder Scrolls first person. Sure. It's coming to the Nintendo Switch now. And you can use motion controls. And it's almost like the Elder Scrolls but you're infinitely going for dungeons and collecting loot and they'll probably be making transactions but the first are actually quite good with their micro transactions if you've played full show or they're not too aggressive. So I think there's a lot of fun to be had here. Yeah, I've not played the blades itself. I would say it's worth a look at least and graphically impressive normally is a mobile game buzz a switch game as well.

Mike Macdermid 32:24

Excellent. All right, then. Ubisoft bit of Adventure Time announcements. If you're an adventure time fan, you'll be very happy if you play ball hollow which is like the the budget smash Sorry, I didn't say that. But it kind of is. But it gets great reviews. So that's all right. But Jake, the dog friendly human and Princess bubble gum are all in bra. Hello. Now also Ubisoft announced Just Dance 2020 which if you're adjusting

Al Struthers 32:47

to the game in the show, isn't it? Yeah.

Emily Frood 32:51

All the headlines. Yeah. It's for all the folks that still have a we to be honest. Yeah,

Anton Winters 32:54

I think it caught me was headlines because it's coming.

Unknown Speaker 32:57

It's coming out on weight.

Anton Winters 32:58

Skipping all the way up. It's weird. Good. Are they

Mike Macdermid 33:02

releasing on the week? Yeah,

Emily Frood 33:03

it's because a lot of like elderly care homes and things like that use the we as like, part of therapy, because it's like, because of the motion controls in that so like it it's really popular because I think Nintendo has a much better interface. That's a lot more accessible than than something like PlayStation Move. So I think Yeah, a lot of places see the way it's a lot more family family friendly. So yeah, so just as 2020 catch it on we

Mike Macdermid 33:36

that's great. I kind of like that. I think that's a it's a nice move from them to make it available in that way as well.

Al Struthers 33:42

It is there's a nice little

Mike Macdermid 33:44

roller champions I quite like the look of this is kind of like roller derby kind of competitive type thing, I think. I don't know. It looks cool. Yeah,

Anton Winters 33:52

it was giving me like a mixed feeling Rocket League and arms which wasn't a combination. I fought I won't eat but I was like nah, that that looks better than arm sundown.

Al Struthers 34:03

It looks like one of these random games that comes along every so often that shouldn't be fun. Really is Do you guys remember there was a rare So no, it was all the guys make mad Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar. Remember they do a table tennis game he like yes

Unknown Speaker 34:17

amazing fun.

Al Struthers 34:19

It was one of the best games I've ever

Mike Macdermid 34:20

played. I think it was like pretty much one of the first games of the 360 wasn't it? Yeah,

Al Struthers 34:24

and it looks like it might be one of them just a random game that's really good fun. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 34:27


Anton Winters 34:28

am I don't think like I saw some gameplay after the show. And I didn't think the feature to end the short enough for new IP. I think there's not only just potential to be a good game. I think there's some eSports potential here. And yeah, it looks quite good. I'm curious to see more of it. Definitely.

Mike Macdermid 34:42

Well, it's know four years since Rocket League came out and we're still playing it you know regularly in fact that was on tonight and they've got an 80s kind of summer thing going on right now. And it's got it's got

Unknown Speaker 34:53

the boys by

Mike Macdermid 34:57

Kenny Loggins which is just fantastic. And it's just it's proper at collect cassettes of the moment

Al Struthers 35:03

it's brilliant. I mean, I was very happy

Mike Macdermid 35:04

anyway, the point being that you know, that's four years on we're still playing Rocket League and that's exciting. So it shows you the potential roller champions bringing on you know, the kind of funny three showcase Sorry,

Anton Winters 35:15

I was gonna say if you haven't got Rocket League, it's on sale. Nintendo has done any special sale on a show a lot of good games on narrow to tight like dealers the day or week or however long as crypt of the necromancer 18 bounced reports 50 absolute bargain and hollow nights on the IR lots of good deals than hell.

Al Struthers 35:35

And ghost story is discounted. I got notification I've been waiting for it to come down. Yeah, I've completed that one. I know you told me to come by I'm waiting for juicing gumbo. Koster is a great, great, I think

Anton Winters 35:45

we should we move on? Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 35:46

so kind of funny. Three, showcase Anton, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the kind of weird stuff this is the ones that are a bit little bit different. Yeah,

Anton Winters 35:52

quirky. These are YouTube channel that count that their own many short counts, almost like, like, if you have a game to show off, come along, and we put on a show for you. So let's say a lot of MDS and there and

Mike Macdermid 36:04

let me let me go through the titles and then I'll come to you and get your thoughts on which ones to look out for. And that's probably the quickest way because there's a few titles here but they've got great names and I feel like I want to let people know these names so I'll run through them so got blood roots hamster jam, two hands disaster one night stand. Which is

Anton Winters 36:26

this correct.

Mike Macdermid 36:26

Literally is literally is what it says and it's in the inner child. I ground refactor pig eat ball. That's coming summer 2019 stand by it's coming August the first trigger which is 2020 after party ether barn it's coming out in July rename sneak ninja fling to the finish police stories which I'm kind of interested in it's coming out in September and a salon tears of the earth treachery in beat them city council storm and waterborne that there's some crazy titles in there people being creative. Yeah,

Anton Winters 37:04

it said there was a lot in there it's I'm not too sure there was none of them stuck in my head like this is going to be the next big empty game but it looks like a lot of like seven old 10 games. And I think one day stand was the one that really caught my attention it's essentially like one of those games where you just point and click for some dialogue trees and you just wake up and you have to figure out what happens oh my god and just put you in a bunch of different scenarios like that. And there wasn't another game which I forgot the name of but yeah there wasn't any in there that was like all this looks like rubbish the old looked fairly solid game so if you're for some indie games that's like a fairly solid less accountable for it and self checkout. I

Mike Macdermid 37:48

thought police stories looked alright as well it had that kind of reminded me a bit of this is the police in the sense of kind of slightly management tea and kind of you know, although I didn't really give away an awful lot, Emily, was there anything in there that caught your attention?

Emily Frood 38:01

Not in that list, but they've got a lot of the kind of funny has a Twitter account so you can look at all the videos that they put up from a three brain and brains. Next game would an echo looks amazing. I played sorry, talk about oh my god, I forgotten the title. That's really bad. Barely minute. See. Spray. Talk about barely minute see for five minutes. Talk about how beautiful it is a great Graham. Yes. So they've come out with another game that's coming to switch with Nicole. It's set in wild west kind of like colonial America. It looks like a lot of good fun. Yeah, yeah,

Mike Macdermid 38:43

absolutely. Now let's do you just had a quick look at Amsterdam. Did you

Al Struthers 38:48

get Hampson? Damn. I mean, it looks good. It's described as a classic arcade brawler, with mechanics tap and swipe martial arts combo and the power of hamster food. Wow, once again. Excellent, excellent.

Mike Macdermid 39:01

Right let's move on to Square Enix. Then we had Final Fantasy stuff with some other kind of retro games making an appearance. One of them's already which is the last remnant remastered which is a game from 2008 I think. That's right, and it's got a lot of really nice visuals but most of it it's quite battle heavy as far as in the last remnant. But was there anything in there, Emily that you saw from Square Enix that you're going to go out and and think about buying? Yeah,

Emily Frood 39:27

I'm I might finally get into Final Fantasy. I've never played a Final Fantasy game. Not even their chibi switch version of 15.

Anton Winters 39:38

That was on switch. Yeah, pocket HD adventure. Yeah.

Emily Frood 39:43

So I might actually finally play Final Fantasy game. Who knows? Yeah,

Anton Winters 39:46

it does look good. But I think the underdog of that short is definitely circuit superstar. Imagine Micro Machines, like top down controlling it with analog sex can't wait. But it's a simulation racing games with like actual cars where you need to slow down and take the apex of the corner. I think it's just like,

Mike Macdermid 40:10

it's a knowledge there is he's considering literally just leaving the podcast right this minute to go and research this

Anton Winters 40:16

game. But yeah, I'm off. I'll see you guys.

Mike Macdermid 40:18

Amazing. Literally. That is like, the combination of his dreams. So he's currently googling circus superstar to find out more. Yeah, it looks for me. Yeah, no, I That sounds good. Oh, you're gonna check it out.

Unknown Speaker 40:33

You got it. We pit crew.

Al Struthers 40:37

video, I won that game. I want it right now.

Anton Winters 40:41

All the problems up like a micro machine. So game, because the problem is with Micro Machines game. It's almost like you're like a kid. That's em all of the sugar. And then it's running around the supermarket. Whereas this is actually looks playable. This is like, Kindle. Why one?

Mike Macdermid 40:55

is more skill involved that what you're saying? Yeah,

Anton Winters 40:56

of course. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 40:59

well, I think for me of those titles, definitely. I think like you, Emily. I'm the same. I've never played a Final Fantasy title. And I do want to I think a will on the split the switch the switch at some point. But so yeah, we've got so many to choose from know that it's probably just going to take a sale of the one that I think is the best price for me to start with maybe seven or eight is the way to go. But moving on to limited run games, I talk a lot about limited run games. I've bought a couple of their titles in the past. But these are the the team that make games fit make physical versions of games for different systems. And they've had a bunch of announcements, including a potentially huge star wars collection of games from the 64 to the Gameboy to the PC era. But we don't know if that's coming to the switch yet. I don't think but certainly, there were a bunch of titles, starting with Alistair pick one that you were really interested in from limited run games.

Al Struthers 41:48

Oh, I mean, there were a bunch of titles. I have to say I'm very, very interested in Star Wars collection. If it comes, yes, a lot of games from the NES and then 64 here and there, many of which have had in the past it would love to replay. But actually weirdly, I'm probably most excited about rockin today to both again games have had in the past, but I'd love to get them on the switch and get a physical version of it. Yeah, yeah,

Mike Macdermid 42:05

Emily. Yeah,

Emily Frood 42:07

I mean, who wouldn't be excited for a Star Wars collection with that many games? Especially like, stars pod racer. So yeah, so good, but I I'm excited for months. I think the Yeah,

Anton Winters 42:22

that's a good title is a two weeks like tricky. On the 3ds. Yeah.

Emily Frood 42:25

might finally crack out my 3ds again,

Anton Winters 42:30

I've got agree with I'll start to rock like on the switch off. So we go on like having and 64 games. It's a nice mix from the standard limited run games, just like 2d platformer spot. For me freedom planets and nights into the boots, freedom planets, almost Kappa, but sonically it's quite good. How about yourself making

Mike Macdermid 42:49

Night in the Woods is my suggestion for anyone that hasn't played it? Go out and get that game because it is such a brilliant story.

Al Struthers 42:57

Really? I thought you were gonna say Power Rangers battle for the grid. And

Mike Macdermid 42:59

some there mean to be fair, I love physical switch games. So if I win the lottery between now and then I'll just buy them all. But But no, honestly, if you haven't played Night in the Woods, and you like something that is, so it's written from a character who's an animal but a human. So it's like, you're basically you're 20 years old. And it's very well written. It's written in the way that someone who's 20 would think No, it doesn't come across as someone who's maybe older writing it from the perspective of being young because it's actually written like it's someone who's actually in that situation right now writing and it's really good. And there's a lot of real life stuff in there. It's a little bit insecurity and about growing up and all that kind of stuff. So if you haven't checked out Night in the Woods, I thoroughly recommend that one so that's going to check out

Anton Winters 43:45

and he played it on time. I haven't noticed one has been on my radar. The artwork looks gorgeous. And I'm really curious about goal. And of course, good news if you're wanting physical titles because we've also had limited run game doing a lot of stuff we've had some premier games doing a lot of rare and unique count physical principle we've got a new person getting game and we have first price games is no doing physical releases. And they've announced a couple new games a whole whole new world shadow book and Castle, castle heart and wish I've heard good things about that song, we will be getting more physical games, which is exactly what we want.

Mike Macdermid 44:25

Excellent, good, exciting stuff. Now there's a couple of other things to mention this week, which are kind of tying in some of the stuff with other other bits and pieces and I'll go through these first of all, Did anyone see the Horry slam controller? That was oh my god was advertised this week. I love

Anton Winters 44:41

it. It's so ridiculous. I want 12 of them is

Emily Frood 44:46

it's it's perfect. Like what more could I want? I can I can it's like I wish Reggie was back so he could say I'm going back to play Dragon Quest on switch with my slime controller. It's like it's so cheesy but it looks perfect like I would 100% buy it and they never use it not try it once and they hate but I'd still love it

Anton Winters 45:11

yeah I just love it we did it with like tons of different franchises like I would love up like a Kirby that is also a controller Oh great.

Mike Macdermid 45:21

be great for like you know, I don't know sucks in the batteries when you put a battery into it doesn't need batteries and you can just charge it but you know you get the idea. A couple of other bits of announcements so there was a rumor this week as I was in Germany I did a listing for banjo kazoo on the switch now there is a response to that saying that we don't have anything on Bungie because at the moment but just keep an eye on the website for a little bit now. We sit we talked about this right at the start of the podcast. Emily and I were talking about the fact that they haven't announced banjo kazoo on the switch. I think they probably will. I'm just annoyed they didn't do it at three when they did that huge big video about banjo coming to smash, but I think this will happen. It's just a case of when it's a bit of a spiral situation. It will happen Won't it always going to be crushed him racing? Well, that's we know that that's great. But now we're getting spiders. So will we get Banjul?

Al Struthers 46:09

Yes, Yes, we will. And I'm very excited. Yeah,

Anton Winters 46:11

I'm thinking because we've got to rock now. The release took on the Xbox One and the release bash on the Xbox One it seems seems seems like not impossible. Did they not announce

Emily Frood 46:22

spiral they didn't switch? Yes.

Mike Macdermid 46:24

Yes. Yeah, sorry. Yeah, sorry. I probably didn't explain that. Probably what I was trying to say was it was a bit of a spiral where Yeah, we were waiting and waiting and you know, it's only the console's you know you know,

Emily Frood 46:35

I think do you think that they've because they've read reignited spire reference and that kind of IP that will they reap remaster banjo because we are where they make a new title.

Anton Winters 46:51

I have a fear I think they would possibly pour it yeah Calvin the same way they've done with Tareq make it just look a little bit sharp maybe increasing Ranger distance little I think it would maybe be some ports and then a whole new game at the ports do well, how about how about yourself making Elsa

Mike Macdermid 47:11

I think probably similar to you, Anton. I think they'll they'll port one of the is it just one bunch of kazoo do we get a sequel?

Unknown Speaker 47:18

sequel? Yes a sequel? Yeah, there

Anton Winters 47:20

was cold but there was a sequel to there's Banshee. Yeah and then not some books in the free sexy which was notoriously awful.

Mike Macdermid 47:28

Yes, that's I remember that. I think I think you're probably right. I think they might well just remaster it and release it and then look at a new title down the line. I would love them to do a new title though. That would be cool. Yeah,

Al Struthers 47:38

if you could pull it off to the same quality as the first one. But whenever they've tried to do and subsequently they've never read the word

Mike Macdermid 47:44

I remember nuts and bolts being really fiddly and frustrating and just kind of like

Al Struthers 47:48

you know even the sequel wasn't as good as the first one the first one just had some kind of magic about it. I'd love them to update the graphics not just remastered but properly update them make it look like modern game but be golden but they're never going to do that.

Mike Macdermid 47:59

Jessica couple of other things just to mention very quickly then we're getting a Space Invaders invaders collection which I'm kind of I'm kind of into that that's that's cool. There's some decent titles in there. If you're a Space Invaders is a still fun if you get a decent version of it and it's got a bunch of Space Invaders game so that's that's cool.

Al Struthers 48:17

It's better as retro as it gets me home. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 48:20

exactly, exactly. But but you know great commandos to HD is coming to the switch also the messenger which is the game we're getting free tropical DLC on the 11th of July for the messenger which is cool which is supposed to be a pretty decent Title I haven't haven't played it yet on my list I mean actually literally have it and haven't played also horizon chase terrible which the game that I mentioned a lot and we've played before a few times Yeah, we're getting a physical special edition which is cool

Anton Winters 48:46

looks gorgeous. Looks great. Yeah, it really makes me want to buy the game though cuz I'm like I love that book so much. You should yeah the

Mike Macdermid 48:53

the the artwork in is fantastic is a great fun game to play. And surprise amazingly good. Also over cook to is getting some new DLC 799 so if you want to be incredibly frustrated with a game that is brilliant and I love it, but it's so frustrating, then you can frustrate yourself more for another eight pounds.

Anton Winters 49:15

And one thing I would love to share to people who haven't heard the news because it really fell on the radar this week and horror and seen people that are doing a slim controller hapa notes pro joy cons and imagine if you got a pro controller cut in half and then added joy con rails it looks really comfortable and slick they can patch it is the sort of the joy coins you use when you're laying on the couch you don't take them out on the boat but they're just so much better than just using normal joy cons so if you're interested in that look up the account app These are called split Pad Pro and they're only going to cost 50 pounds are actually gonna be cheaper than normal joy cones at quite excited for that product cuz I don't know if I'll use but I've had a fear few times when I've just been sitting around the house playing the switch and handheld more than you just get like a cramp especially if you're using the lock sex at this look we have that today.

Unknown Speaker 50:05

A Super Bowl and hokey yeah again

Mike Macdermid 50:06

Yeah, we were and you were complaining about the cramp and I did go I got the phone cramp. I'm just thinking about how much better a Mario Party I could be with pro controllers

Anton Winters 50:15


Mike Macdermid 50:16

yes. All those little mini games that mine although you know what just briefly a Mario Party why we know that any more DLC from Mario Party What's that all about? Yeah.

Anton Winters 50:24

Like all you need to do is do some bars isn't like they're designed whole new labels like if they did an odyssey DLC or something like that. But while we're on the topic for to say to you know that we're getting a break the whale to all the sea could get the same treatment clothes, they weren't released that far apart. Tripoli titles. We did get a galaxy two. Yeah, it's know that we've got Brad's a while to which I feel like was a lot less likely than getting old to say to

Emily Frood 50:53

I'd rather a galaxy remaster or gallica maybe a galaxy wanting to pack kind of port. I'd rather that I think that the biggest audit because obviously was so good.

Al Struthers 51:07

They tend to bring Mario Brothers games along in sequence. So they've sort of done Mario obviously now they're brought out or they've announced mario maker now they're doing Luigi mentioned I mentioned the way to which you mentioned before the release wherever they are known as Mario Kart.

Anton Winters 51:23

Who will be Mike it could well be DLC

Mike Macdermid 51:25

I still I still wonder if they'll just get I don't know it feels too long. next five years I still think of Mario Kart nine and I said it said it for a while now Mario Kart nine is coming and then when it does come I can see told you so even if that's in another five years time I

Anton Winters 51:38

told you I'm going to add a layer to that. My bet is as it's not going to be viral cars we know what it's gonna be like Mario Kart cross with smash I think with us having Animal Crossing and sales characters they're not just going to remove them from us and then take them away. I think the gimmick for the next one is are going to have everybody in it it's almost gonna be like cat go street a fuse. Remember that which was essentially like hybrid of all the Nintendo characters and Mario Party. I think this is going to be the next mayor party.

Emily Frood 52:05

When when you said that I thought you were thinking it's going to be Mario, like mario maker and home. Like you just make your own courses. They've got car customization.

Anton Winters 52:17

In all honesty, it's not a bad idea, to be honest, is not entirely impossible. Close little bit planet. Caren had graphics that are not far off from Mario Kart eight and how to fully customize miserable racers and even more nation racers. The PlayStation calculator did the same thing.

Mike Macdermid 52:33

Let's do it.

Anton Winters 52:34

Yes. All right, Nintendo. You know your ideas. Say see us next year. Yeah. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 52:40

I you know, I just I'll just be happy with nine if they can make the course the the tracks for me and I don't have to do that even better, because I'd be terrible at it. But you know, anything, just give us some more Mario Kart?

Al Struthers 52:52

Well, I mean, any any games come through the pipeline are good, because I know we are probably better hurry up and end this I suspect because we need to. Yeah, and the podcaster quiz. But there were some some very weird repercussions for Nintendo that came out of v3. Yep. So I don't know if it'd be particularly interested. But I'm interested on the back of the threes announcements, Nintendo share price dropped a whopping 3.5% which doesn't sound like a lot. But that translates to 1 billion payments. Why? So a combination of investors being nervous about Animal Crossing going back they didn't like that. The public liked it investors and, and the fact that Nintendo didn't mention in their history, anything about streaming, whereas all the other gaming companies out there have been talking about streaming. Apparently that's making nervous but on the back of it, Doug Bowser, and have you talked about By the way, his intro to the ether even come back? On the back where he has said we are looking at the technology, but the basic one, see how it matures first before they start doing anything. And all credit Nintendo they walk their own path. This is what they have always done. It certainly will always do. And I don't need to stream it from the whole point the switches portable. If it's not 3g connection, 4g connection, it's fast.

Mike Macdermid 53:54

Now, by the way that I just wouldn't mind if you get Netflix though.

Al Struthers 53:58

Yes, I flicks in every other device.

Mike Macdermid 54:00

But I dislike the screen on the switch. I like watching YouTube videos on there. I like playing games. I just like to have it on the same device. I know. I know. I don't normally think like that. But I just actually think it would be a good thing.

Emily Frood 54:10

It's true. I mean, if you don't have a tablet, it's your phones too small, hundred percent. And then like you want to if you don't have anything else, you want to put it on your TV. You like not everybody has a smart TV or another console. So I think it'd be that right.

Al Struthers 54:26

It was actually another interesting thing came out came out after that wasn't Nintendo's moved their manufacturing business. Yeah, they shifted it to Southeast Asia from China. And as a result of that we now know that are definitely two consoles being manufactured there. Okay, so it's just more credence to the switch pro or switch mini or both? 3ds

Anton Winters 54:48

Yeah, can I put all my crazy theories now crazy conspiracy theory plays, I think many switch by the time Pokemon Sergeant shield releases. I think it's going to work with Deluxe. You're going to be able to use Bluetooth controllers, but there is no gonna have removable icons. And then I think we're going to have a pro version of the switch, which will be like a pro more like an Xbox One S where it just replaces our current switch. By the time breath the wild two comes out. That's my crazy theories.

Al Struthers 55:17

I think they don't sound that crazy. They sound like coming. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 55:21

you're onto something there, Anton. Because

Anton Winters 55:23

by the time precedential, tues come out, that's gonna be free for years. And I think people will, like Nintendo knows if they're going to sell new hardware. Zelda titles are going to be the way to do it. And I feel like if they're wanting to do a mini switch, Animal Crossing is going to be the system seller for that. And it I'm not entirely happy with these rumors, no speculations, but I feel like it's the most smartest time to do both of these things. Anyway, that's me getting sidetracked.

Mike Macdermid 55:53

Well, just very briefly, before we do move on to the quiz, what were your thoughts on on Doug Bowser, then start with Emily.

Emily Frood 55:58

I love it. It's amazing. I still my heart breaks for Reggie though. I miss him greatly. But oh my god, the reveal. So good. And I don't know. Did any of you see it was a Nintendo life article. They put out about how they introduced this gang to the Japanese audience. Because in Japan, he's called King Cooper not bouncer. They had all this screen text along in the direct that was like, here's this trivia fact. He's called bouncer everywhere else. So that's why the jokes funny. And I think it's hilarious. I loved it.

Mike Macdermid 56:35

I thought it was good. I like I think he's great. I really like him. I think he I think he's going to be a new kind of, you know, icon.

Al Struthers 56:42

He seems one anyone that's up for poking fun at their own name is already Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 56:45

and even just the star of the treehouse thing as well. And he was chatting away to forget just right right after that. I thought you know what he comes across really, really well. Yeah,

Anton Winters 56:53

he always seems quick on his feet like I felt. Yeah, I loved writing. Sometimes when you saw interviews with only a always sound like she's doing the reading of the pace released in his head. Bowser comes off a lot more naturally. At Yeah, he's not as much of a meme. Oh, no. But the thing I really found in there I was like seeing just like the slapstick with bows or where he saw like, he's not speaking characters. Like you know, I'm slowly turning around to the idea of the smile movie that illuminations making. At least just keep it mute. No voice acting, slapstick, maybe almost like Wallace and Gromit ask, I would be really happy with that. I'm slowly turning around to that idea, because it was a funny intro. They did good there.

Mike Macdermid 57:34

Well, there we are. That is pretty much everything we need to know about a three, we've have shoot the fat for the last hour, and we did see which keep it to 45 minutes, but we've gone over that. But that's all right. We don't mind because there's been an awful lot to talk about. So yeah, we'll wait and see how all of these announcements and rumors and potential extra bits and new since then all play out. But we're also going to find out how the quiz plays out because tonight, there are three of us and we have quiz master Anton it's time for the quiz.

Anton Winters 58:03

Question. Yes. So if you don't know how we run the quiz, I give free titles to our wonderful contestants. And they have to guess the game based on the clues. And then if we get a one one tie, we have a wild card title. Are you all ready for the first title to guest?

Mike Macdermid 58:24

No, but we'll just and just one one guest per clue right? Indeed.

Anton Winters 58:29

Let's do a vertical platform in game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Entertainment System today Chris band. No kidding. Don't kill. Nope. Sadly not.

Mike Macdermid 58:44

Is it mario bros? Know

Anton Winters 58:48

you play the characters of purple and Nina. As you venture up very to ice covered mountains ice climbers.

Mike Macdermid 58:59

Well done. Well done. Emily. What you can get is that that's on the collection, isn't it? It's

Anton Winters 59:05

on there. Yeah. On the store because they've I think they've even got a special edition which makes it a little bit more accessible. And obviously, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and there's your Nintendo connection. Boom. Done. us ready for your next title? Bring it on let's do it. A futuristic recent game and released on the Super Nintendo and 1990 00 I was trying to think of the name and first of the gun.

Emily Frood 59:37


Mike Macdermid 59:38

well, one more I got to redeem myself. Please tell me a synthetic spectrum game.

Anton Winters 59:43

Sadly No. No hope there. He he platforming video game developed by rare and originally on the and 64

Unknown Speaker 59:55

conquers about 30 countries. I

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02

know it's got nothing

Anton Winters 1:00:05

to do with

Mike Macdermid 1:00:07

our writing.

Anton Winters 1:00:08

It was originally developed as a Super Nintendo game by the name of dream.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14

I know this.

Mike Macdermid 1:00:15

I know this.

Al Struthers 1:00:17

I don't know.

Mike Macdermid 1:00:20

Dream. Oh, this is gonna so hard when I don't get this. Carry on.

Anton Winters 1:00:29

Each level is composed of a number of challenges that involve puzzles, jumping over obstacles, gathering objects and defeating opponents

Al Struthers 1:00:39

that's just disruptor of every platform.

Mike Macdermid 1:00:44

Oh, that's so frustrating because I know this. I know I had a different title and it was originally on the snares and it's gone out my head completely. banjo kazoo,

Al Struthers 1:00:55

boons mayor,

Mike Macdermid 1:00:56

you've got his banjo kazoo, I wondered it. You know, it's funny, because

Al Struthers 1:01:00

I was just picturing a side scrolling. Yeah, yeah,

Mike Macdermid 1:01:02

but I just had this feeling that I couldn't remember if it was bungee because you know, I'm gonna sound really stupid if it's not magic. That's what I was talking about. I was like,

Anton Winters 1:01:12

I hadn't even thought about 3d. See, this was actually I chose these games for the episode I wasn't on. So this was before we knew about boundary governance. So that was like, controversial. I just realized that was banjo like five seconds ago.

Mike Macdermid 1:01:29

Well, we're at 111, which means that we have a tie. Great question, Anton.

Anton Winters 1:01:32

Yes. Oh, saying who do you think is going to win? Now let's see. A 3d platforming game developed by Nintendo for the Game Cube released in 2008. into Mario Galaxy.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47

by Mario Sunshine. Boom. Emily is the winner.

Mike Macdermid 1:01:51

Oh, hey, hold on, Emily. I'll saying first, yeah, first of many. First time we've had such a tie. I know. I know. That was a tense moment. Well,

Anton Winters 1:02:07

you get all of the day. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 1:02:10

Just for people listening. We actually have a trophy. And what happens is we post it to the winner for that week. And then they have to post it to the winner of the week after so we haven't told you this yet. Emily. So expect to receive it in the postman who pays for post at

Anton Winters 1:02:25

Queen's royal service? horse? Yeah, Royal Mail. I mean, it's going

Mike Macdermid 1:02:29

it's a heck of a it's a heck of a lot of effort to go to for our weekly quiz. But there we are. We gotta we gotta keep up with tradition.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37


Mike Macdermid 1:02:38

Exactly. Absolutely. All right. Well, that's it for our special look back and quiz. And yeah, all very exciting. It's great time to have a Nintendo Switch. And here's to many, many more announcements and another direct. I want another one. No.

Al Struthers 1:02:54

Do I'm psyched. Yeah.

Anton Winters 1:02:57

That's like, Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 1:03:00

that's a good. That's a very, very good point. All right. With that, have a fantastic week. We'll be back next week. Goodbye.

Emily Frood 1:03:07

Bye bye.