Pokemon Direct June 2019 Special

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From the Wild Area, Dynamaxing to the new legendary Pokemon Anton and Emily tells us everything we need to know about the Pokemon Direct and give us their thoughts on the news that every Pokemon fan has been talking about.

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Anton Winters 0:13

Hello Friends of the internet and welcome back to the Nintendo Switch UK podcast as you can tell we do not have Mike or Alex or whoever you have myself Anton and also it's me Emily I've replaced everybody I'm taking over this podcast and Emily shows away and say getting there we're getting there but another show has just concluded and doesn't fully just everything's a full swing hype is all over the place and we have a second Pokemon sword and shield direct which I didn't expect to see once or soon but here we

Emily Frood 0:48

are, how did you find it? I loved it as it was great. I didn't catch it live side I looked on YouTube for the live stream and it was 47 minutes long and I was like oh my if we got 15 minutes of content and then I realized that it was like 20 minutes of like the load for the stream and then like 15 minutes of

Anton Winters 1:09

just have a force writer like this is exactly what it was a little sharper,


sharper than that had like a big flashy and true to go into budget and failed like a lot of like a lot of features are returning at it looks awesome like graphically I'm just really impressed. Can't just explain our sense on it. Emily resident Pokemon fan played all of them. I am a skeptic I haven't played why I want to because like for me it's like the switch has been like going and try and franchise as I haven't like breaks the wild and just seeing like so many franchises getting reinvented and this is what I'm seeing from swords and shields and I think save especially from that montage.

Emily Frood 1:50

Oh definitely. It was just so gorgeous and there's so many things to talk about. But first should we introduce our website and our Twitter and how people

Anton Winters 1:58

can get in touch yeah the whole for yes you can get if you want to find out any information about us you can go to educate.co.uk and on there there's also some new updates the episode page has been redone. You can know sort by horse, tons of new features. And there's tons of fun and you can also find us on Twitter.

Emily Frood 2:16

Yes at ns UK podcast and you can follow us there and get in touch reach us do all this fun things on Twitter.

Anton Winters 2:25

hot topics are welcome. Oh absolutely. So where do you like to begin? There's so much to go

Emily Frood 2:30

Yeah, well I mean, should we start with the intro so we've come in with the terrible with names but its name head of Pokemon Company. He introduced us and said here's this video to look at and it was a whole massive montage of the main character just like walking through different areas and towns and like you saw like two different Pokemon loads of different options and like things that were like Oh, what's this that got talked about later that will mention later on? And there was so much to start with? So we got to look at what was it 12345 new Pokemon along with the starters Yeah. Which looked really great. I saw the names afterwards and oh my god everybody loves Lulu.

Anton Winters 3:19

I do the sheep the sheep It's so good. Well so so I'm so sad we didn't get to see of his evolution because we can't see the evolution for cloth Fleur. Yeah, gotcha. It's like yeah, flower a spoken mom and I was like I want to see a big sheep

Emily Frood 3:32

but they literally big shape that's what we want. But no, it's it looks good. We also saw dread nor a water rock type total Pokemon and coordinate still flying which is nice to see a not normal Pokemon like right off the bat. That year so Carbonite is actually the mentioned part of a taxi service where you can take you can use the service to travel back to towns and cities that you've already been to in the region. So that brings into question whether Hey champs are done for Are we going to have no more like, hm, Pokemon that you use constantly just use like fly and strength again? Which would be nice. Kind of like what they did in let's go where they just had the special moves that he could do. Yeah. Which looked quite cute, but yeah,

Anton Winters 4:28

should look good. I'm definitely happy to see that taxi thing because when I was walking around like this looks like all Kronos times just like massive, sprawling wasteland. Which one second? It's far lower. Yeah. But I'm just kind of curious because I was expecting to see more new Pokemon. And I think curious, I think they're, they're changing up the rest because I know with the previous like, I think Sun and Moon, they were just like, Here's 100 new pokemon go for this is everything you need to know. Yeah,

Emily Frood 4:58

basically. I mean, it's will be interesting to see how many Pokemon they actually bring into this region. Because some of the other older regions had a lot less Pokemon than we thought we had like kind of before that so we'll see what happens there. Because we've only got 123 starters. And then the other one is it 457 so far, there's only about 10 and the legendary as well, but like, who knows we could have 5060 or we should have like

Anton Winters 5:36

100 I'm really hoping they just don't want them feel any of them because I think there really are pushing this as abetted Big Adventure like I was getting brief the whale today from Absolutely. And I would love that to just be wandering around and be like, what is that? What is that and you're like approaching it hesitantly because you don't know what's powers or you don't know if it's a high level creature you don't know if it's low level. And obviously it seems like know what the world map it's like you actually have to interact with them can become like question mark things themselves to start battles. Little bit less random. Yes. Yeah.

Emily Frood 6:05

And I mean, that's one of the one of the things as soon as let's go came out. We were like, Oh my God, this pokemon in the field, you can see exactly what you're going to catch what you're going to battle and they've moved that into sword and shield as well. So that's going to look amazing. They all look so good. So it should be nice to have that kind of adventure. What's that Pokemon I've never seen that before. Even for new players as well, if if you're not familiar with a lot of the Pokemon success, so many going into it kind of totally fresh faced. And it's going to be really exciting.

Anton Winters 6:41

And I think that leads us perfectly and to one of the main pushing points of this event was the wild area which is like just essentially grassland nature, sand areas, all different compounds almost that fell in between the set us which means there's multiple of them, this game just looks huge, which is crazy, think that we've went from a game that was smaller. And then we've made it so much more graphically intensive, they've made the world bigger, they've added more Pokemon, it's just the economy of like the scale of it is insane. Definitely.

Emily Frood 7:11

And it was one of the things that was a real downgrade for me when I played Sun and Moon was that it was seriously pushing the 3ds and as a console and I was like I just couldn't get back into it. So I'm glad that it's on switching out too much more powerful console handles so much more that like Breath of the Wild we can just kind of dive right in. I hope there's going to be no more of those route connected buildings where you have to like go in load sit in there for ages walk through and then go out again. So to be just completely open you just go into your city straight from your your wild areas.

Which is going to be so amazing. Yeah.

Anton Winters 7:56

Like especially if it's just like a case of you just caught some reagents and the Pokemon are too strong and it sounds like I think that makes us the frills it's kind of like we're seeing with like mystery Pokemon it's like ads for me like I don't know if I'm meant to be here am I which is almost like real life you just wander down an alley and you just see some people you're like I don't think I'm

Emily Frood 8:14

grabbing a staff. No. too violent for Pokemon. But yeah, it's there's so much to talk about with this wild area because you've got sprites in the wild. And they mentioned that the weather is going to change daily. Yeah, which is super exciting. Things like rain, it looked like they had some sandstorms and some snow and fingers crossed they bring back time as a function because they've not had that since Gen five I'm pretty sure on the DS so fingers crossed that comes back

Anton Winters 8:48

so I thought that was really good and I'm just hoping like what the weather I think it would be such a game changer if that affects you to help certain Pokemon work so if you've got a war type Pokemon the work bear in the rain similarly with sun and maybe even with night you get your dad everyone's coming to your he Yeah,

Emily Frood 9:05

cuz it looked like it. Because they had it was like a deuce goal and a goal. Like they had a couple of other goals type one out, like creeping in the darkness. So fingers crossed that stays

camera control. Yeah,

Anton Winters 9:19

that's the thing I'm excited for. Oh boy, because it feels like a modern game though. Yeah, it feels like a 50 pound adventure game which I am sold for as like a skeptic

because I feel like

the 3ds ones the dead push the hardware, but I did just feel like they just slap some 3d models on our yes game. So this is because I mean pop popcorn Pokemon is always been a top down kind of game on I mean, it's like, fairly top down. So like there's not much that you can do to like, look around and see things behind buildings, whatever it would be like oh, there's a secret hidden item that I couldn't see before. So I hope that there's a lot more mystery involved in that they really pushed the use of the camera controls and similarly I'm curious how you can interact what's the environment like? I think it'd be a shame if it was just like wander and then tap like a question mark get your Pokemon the end goal yes such as big sprawling world It almost seems like you'll need to have almost like you need to creep up to the Pokemon water crouch to get close to them yeah stuff like that because

Emily Frood 10:22

there was a there was a point in the montage at the beginning whether the the main character whistles and I saw does this mean we're going to like have some way of like blurring kind of like we had the dancing machine where you like kind of creep up on them but also like try and get them out of the grass to make it easier to capture or something so who knows there

was the other thing I was going to talk

there's some there's so much that it's all just left my brain Oh yeah. Berries those a bit with the Motown so that's really exciting the berries have come back more comes to us. Will we see the honey return because honey was a big part of Gen four where you slather it on a tree and then like Pokemon would come by Do you think that with the tree shaking to get the berries will there be some Pokemon hiding in there?

Anton Winters 11:16

I'm interested because it's it's interesting because I'm curious to see almost how much of the things are going to draw from that's interesting are they going to have like posts that have like a lieu of different ports are you gonna be able to place a lawyer in the middle of like the field with having them all come around but at Camp shifting gears a little the mechanics check the stadium's Dana maxing there's so we've got a lot of new stuff yeah let's start with the gyms are completely different now they're not they're not even gyms really

Emily Frood 11:48

the almost I mean at least at least they're back as gyms yeah because Cena moon scrapped gyms and that was probably one of the reasons I hated it. It was it was all like this trial stuff we're talking slog through his this almost like puzzle thing and there was one Jim Jim trial that had like basically Pokemon Snap okay show I'm done. I'm done I just want to get back to my Jim's battle Jim leaders and then fight the champion. So it's nice to see that there is some kind of gym and they still call them gyms which is good but yeah, they've put in this new dynamics in feature which is all over the place I'm still confused tiny bit about what it is

Anton Winters 12:33

yeah, I'm on the fence of it because the forest that looks awesome especially with the stadium Yeah, it looks like almost like watching like a huge anime cafe oh my god just exaggerating that too. But it looks cool but I'm like Mega Evolutions are so man was like you can do this once per like battle. Yeah,

Emily Frood 12:54

exactly. So like from what I gather dynamics and it's like this thing where you you make one of your broke one per batch or like super big and your attacks become really strong they become like max attacks or whatever. And it's only for three turns. So it's like a parish song. And yeah, so like in the gym battles you're the gym leader also has the ability to dynamics Pokemon and then that becomes like a cool new enemy bit. But then it also like impacts the raids as well Yeah. Which is really interesting. So like raids was a big feature of Pokemon Go in that you would have like a whole bunch of people come in and and train defeat this one giant Pokemon you defeat it would get small and then you could catch it. So in sword and shield, it looks like they brought this into the game where you can have either local one Ellis or online multiplayer. also noted I checked the website because I was like, What if you're lonely and sad and have no friends? They add support trainers as well. Yeah, so you can play this on your own? If you are like really lonely and have no friends or no internet connection, which is really cute. Yeah, so the dynamics rates you going like you defeat this book one. It all looks really slick. Yeah, it looks brainless, yeah. And then for someone's the Pokemon appear in these raids, they can only be caught once you defeat them, like in that raid. So they'll come up into the wild. Which is really exciting for a lot of rare Pokemon. never really seen be able to be caught in the wild before things like my logic was one of the main ones that everybody was getting at in the comments section. It's like, because it was so hard to catch, even in Gen four because feedback was impossible to find. So that's that's going to be a really good that because they'll keep it fresh. Yes, as well.

Anton Winters 15:10

And it seems like almost something that could do is like he like I hate to use this term but like seasons like almost like a normal nine year or so. Yeah, exactly. It's like let me tell you we've got like, a different like different colors of YouTube, which you can call it Yeah, something like that.

Emily Frood 15:24

It's the it's it's what they've done with a lot of the more recent switch games what they've done with smash and what they did was split turns Yeah, like it's your splat fests and your spirit like kind of festivals almost. So yeah, that would be really interesting to see to keep it fresh to kind of keep people interested. And

Anton Winters 15:47

also kind of curious to see how they're going to structure this because I'm curious to see if they're just going to do it is like and the game is random random Balkan Wars you never know where you get or is it gonna be like equal for like campaign almost it's like yeah, you can 12 different ones they get gradually harder you need to assemble a team for almost like destiny almost. Yeah, yeah, you're right team. But

Emily Frood 16:09

I hope it's a lot more random because I think that would that would be much more interesting to for the experience and I think for things like trading which is kind of a core mo element of Pokemon to kind of keep it fresh keep people coming into the like I've got a slog through this to try and find this max raid.

Fingers crossed for fat Yeah, but

Anton Winters 16:32

kind of concluding on the count Dana maxing I'm almost cured I'm very curious about because I feel my fear is is it just going to come a little bit like generic like if you're only have one giant Pokemon pair Bell and I think in my head I'm worried that it's the reason that's been implemented is more so to make the stadium big stadiums look normal because sitting some massive for like time Max. Max rate battles. Yeah, so I'm curious to see how that works out and actual gameplay. Hmm. But shifting on a little. We've got we've got the big champion, which there they were really given us like, generic anime charm. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I like I saw the trailer. I'm like, Oh, this is the one we're may be attracted to. Yeah,

Emily Frood 17:19

I mean, Sun and Moon. It was the professor now it has to be the champion. You know, they've got to keep it fresh. But yeah, champion Leon. He's supposed to be like, he's like the undefeated Pokemon trainer in the region. He's supposed to be like, super friendly. And I mean, as soon as they say that, you're like, wow, this guy sounds tiny bit evil. I think he's probably going to be like the villain or part of the evil team. No heard anything about an evil team in this region? It's has he got some like, super evil plan that he's gonna like, try and destroy the world or do something with the legendary something

Anton Winters 17:58

Who knows? But the thing I have something funny so he's got a little brother which is the rival and I don't know how Pokemon people keep some magic do this but have like a cute animal a boy be so like, just look at me. Like my game. Definitely. Just hope

Emily Frood 18:18

the younger brother of champion Leon. Yeah,

I know what you mean. Because so many of the rivals in these games have been just like, so annoying. Yeah. And they changed it in in Let's go. They wanted to make the rival friendly. And they had it in a couple of other generations as well. But like I really miss evil, like grumpy rival that was like, I'm going to get you and your little dog to kind of thing. And

Anton Winters 18:47

we've also got the kill Professor Magnolia and assistant, Sonia. But yeah,

Emily Frood 18:51

this is the first time you've had a female professor in a Baltimore game. It's the second section because we had it was. Jen says, No, Gen six. Which was that cold. Say, no.

That's bad.

That was a ski. No. It was generation five. Yeah, it was unico we had I can't remember name, but it was a film. So they're, they're going along the trend though, because I've noticed I've seen this on on the internet somewhere that all the male professors are named after trees. And all the female professors are named after flowers.

It's really strange. And it's like some kind of generous thing, but it's like it's a weird,

Anton Winters 19:41

final force. They're all just shuffle. Yeah. Before we go into sexism or pokey, I want a system Sonia's here I think we've got here sales so and if you want to like give me like money to go get a haircut, started Kickstarter

Emily Frood 19:59

and all the fanciest Nintendo Switch UK podcast Anton a haircut

Anton Winters 20:03

and I think comes a little less the last count game detail is legendary Pokemon we fought too long we've got the CN the sword Pokemon and zombies he doesn't shield Yeah, what do you how do you feel about

Emily Frood 20:18

a day it was it's really fresh. I like that. It's

new. I don't know if I really liked their designs though. I was trying to be as nice as I could with this, but

Anton Winters 20:29

like fairly positive. Yeah, I think it's fine to have some criticism. I hadn't seen where annoys me that was the thing name Sam. Is he? He is literally a shield and then was as he just has a sword in his mouth. Yeah, I'm like, yeah,

Emily Frood 20:45

you could have done

Anton Winters 20:48

that the fact that he owns a sword that's like saying, I'm a video game human.

Emily Frood 20:54

Okay, no, totally.

Oh my god. Yeah. I'm glad I'm glad we're agreeing on that. But I think they look quite cool though.

There. It's the nice to look at but in all honesty, I don't know how I feel about them. Yeah. We don't know anything about their typing.

I expect they're going to be still types is probably a given. But we'll see what happens after that can be seen we've got a Dark Steel type grouping so we'll see how back

Anton Winters 21:26

But yeah, I don't know I'm just on the fence was even just through their designs a very long strokes. I'm like that looks nice in motion and from certain angles, but I can totally see that looking weird from our angle. So Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm curious. I'm on the thing Slayer, but at least we're both on the fence. And then finally release dates coming out in November. November 5, November 15. Yes. 2019 glucose 60 pounds. Yeah, we've got that double pack, which is a new thing for

Emily Frood 21:56

ya never done that both games at

Anton Winters 21:59

which was really bizarre, because at first I was like, Oh, I guess for a discount. I could see people like, for instance, here in the UK for the maybe package some up for like 75 eight quid. I could see people buying both just been like almost like a collector's edition. Yeah. Yeah.

Emily Frood 22:12

Because they had kind of like a not final design box. And both of them. So I'm excited to see if that becomes like a bundle. There was a one point in the video when they talked about dynamics raids. They put on the bottom of the screen, it says additional accessory may be required. And so I'm thinking are they going to bring out another like, because they they've announced at the what was it the the other Pokemon business plan announcement video that they posted, that they brought out the Pokemon GO plus plus, which is a terrible name, and anyone who ever thought that that was a good idea is an idiot. But I have a feeling that the Pokemon GO plus plus is going to have to be used, or it's going to be beneficial in some way. And these dynamics rates which are really hate. So they might put that in a bundle with both games and trash be interesting to see.

Anton Winters 23:14

That would make sense. I know one of the criticisms as we've gotten a leaked American price for the bundle, which the normal game costs $60 the bundle costs $128 so there's no saving there so if that's the case, they've just wasted cardboard putting them in a box Exactly. Yeah, I'm hoping there is like a mantra and they're like if you buy both the bundle you maybe get like one and a triple give on like you're at like maybe like athlete that do like a season pass thing. Who knows how to micro transactions in my Pokemon game there's so much going on in the world last week we were

Unknown Speaker 23:55

my god no. But yeah,

Anton Winters 23:58

just count before we can show on to our opinions of that Pokemon direct June 2019 do you think they're going to integrate in because even though a lot of new apps recently we've got Pokemon sleep Pokemon one home watch I think that once that one is confirmed to be compatible that's account

Emily Frood 24:14

Oh yes. sharing it that's like their new bank system. Yeah, as literally as Really? Yeah.

Anton Winters 24:19

And then I think what else have we got? We've got Pokemon masters. I think it's one game but I think Pokemon sleep that's probably the only one I could see them integrated. But

Emily Frood 24:27

yeah, that seems I don't know. I basically slept through that other Pokemon update video. It was just like there's so much crap, you know, aloneness. But yeah, Pokemon home is going to be really good Fingers crossed. You don't have to pay extra to use it and that will be part of your switch online membership.

Anton Winters 24:48

Because theoretically in my head I see it as like still a paid service to transfer self and more so motivation to go from one game to the other entire your Pokemon phone. Yeah, yeah. Cuz like different just like as in like somebody like anybody who's older free sexy lots of free sexy games had it where your your cars came over from force a four to five or your character came from aspect to free and so it paid charging for I'm skeptical for but we add

Emily Frood 25:16

Yeah, I mean, I've always wanted to try and do

like four generation of like, transferring, catching a Pokemon in like red or blue, and then transferring it all the way up, because I've never done that before. And I'd be really excited to see how difficult it is. Because I mean, transferring from the Odyssey Can you do a transfer from Gameboy to like color or to GPA?

Anton Winters 25:44

See, I know you can have heard of people doing from right to like, what was the name escapes on a minute of time, but that was be able to 3ds port of call so I don't know what's possible with new hardware. Like all the games boys, you can transfer together? Yeah,

Emily Frood 26:01

so I mean, the probably your best option is just Gameboy Advance. Yes, I like your DS and and 3ds and then I'll just switch and with that, man That's it. That's it for another day cost. Yeah.

Anton Winters 26:13

So most important thing this is how pre lyst Sure. Wash. What's the star are you feeling? Oh,

Emily Frood 26:22

I don't know if if score but he's going to be a firefighting type. You're gonna cry. I'm gonna never play this game. Really? I'm I'm over we've had this will be the fourth. Yeah, it'll be the fourth bloody firefighting type starter that we've had. And I I don't want to see it happen again. So if that happens, I mean, I'll still play the game but I definitely won't pick score but if not, I might. But it's a toss up. I've always struggled to pick starters. They so difficult because they're also you will see what the evolutions look like if they're really ugly. Yeah, I'm obviously gonna pick the one that looks the nicest.

Who knows what about you?

Anton Winters 27:08

Oh, I see. I think scorn bunny but as good Kamala generic twice. I like all cute syllable is

Emily Frood 27:15


Anton Winters 27:16

but I do love like, the cartoony bonus of scoring button is paid almost. And that like we like? Oh, definitely. I think there was almost too long. Yeah,

Emily Frood 27:25

there was a part in that the montage where the main trainer, fist bumps. Score wedding, which is so cute. That's seems like the bit where you pick your starter? They have this cute little interaction there. The start there? And we'll see. We'll see. Who knows? Yeah,

Anton Winters 27:44

I think so. Overall, final thoughts. What How do you feel about this event? Do you think we're going to get another one because ourselves quite a lot unknown? Yeah, we have had two directs, which I I can't believe that first one should have just been in most of this one. But it's Pokemon. So they get to do what? Yeah, True. True.

Emily Frood 28:02

I was so surprised at how much content they managed to put in 15 minutes. Very true. Really, really in depth in a lot of the areas and definitely check out the website as well because I found a couple of other tidbits that were in there the one in the direct

at least an eight out of 10 for me.

And I think we'll get one more before November. Yeah, because it is June that's like five months.

So I expect I'd expect to see when maybe

late September October and then and then they'll release it in November

Anton Winters 28:45

it's either that or they're gonna be like mention it like as a fit nor the end of every like direct over that time period because it's just weird like the fact that's wrong me office we don't have any limited edition hardware. I'm like there's going to be unlimited essence switch. Maybe one reason that because which many in the pipeline and they're wanting to package and

Emily Frood 29:05

do this to me, you check out nearly any any other episode that I'm in. You'll hear me talk about how much I hate the switch many. And you cannot do

Anton Winters 29:13

that. What's the new episode h p.co.uk website where you can sort by whole snow Can you believe it? And you can even go and read Emily's bio on the new host page technology. And you can also find us on our websites can't you?

Emily Frood 29:30

Yes, on the Twitters you can find this on ns UK podcast. That's right. Yeah, yes. You're right again. Fascinating. We also have an email once the

Anton Winters 29:43

yes at podcast at an issue Kate p.co.uk and I hope you enjoyed this episode. This has been a little bit different. I think it's been good. Let us know what you thought. Yeah,

Emily Frood 29:52

rate this episode a lot higher than all the other ones. So I can replace my co host. Or

Anton Winters 29:58

Yeah, you saw our civil war Janek a movie where nobody dies. Oh, yeah, of course. Everybody's friends. Yeah, and we need south for like the, like ensemble of all the politicians coming together. Anyway, that's a ramble for you. So hopefully, this hasn't been too rambling. It's been fun talking about this and let's hope we get some more capsules right. So it's kind of nice to just sit down and chat about one game.

Emily Frood 30:21


Anton Winters 30:22

Because obviously in the podcast, we cycle for things but probably thank you very much for watching. Bye bye.