Ooh La Labo! - Episode 15

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Anton, Al and Mike chat about the incredible news that we could be getting VR Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey! We talk about the possibility  of Halo on Switch, Hellblade's imminent release and leaks suggesting releases of Metroid Trilogy, Persona 5, and Legend of Zelda.... Link to the Past?

We Have new releases in the store and Punchout!, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels and Star Soldier are added to Nintendo Online. We also analyse the importance of the new cross platform handing off abilities for Civilization VI.

Oh and we have the quiz too!

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Hello, and thank you for downloading Episode Number 15 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. We are back for another episode of this week's news, rumors and general chitchat and gossip about the Nintendo Switch and everything around it. My name is Mike. I'm on Amazon. And we are also on the likes of Twitter. So if you're on Twitter, you can say hello to us. Let us know what you think we've had lovely feedback this week. We'll get somebody listening in Bolivia I believe so hello to the person that message this week. I'm sorry I meant to write his name down. But he messaged us he was saying that our podcast was keeping keeping him company while I was traveling through Bolivia, which I think is marvelous. That is amazing. We're able to do absolutely we're hitting all ends of the world ever taking. So there Anton for Twitter, where can people find


Yeah if you had to finish UK podcast at Twitter and we're also on Facebook and you can chat to us messages we share some news and some just general interest and stuff. And as well as that for any more information you can get in contact and find out find out about us at an issue key p.co.uk which has all the funds It is indeed or you can also email us or fashion style you can you can email us on podcast at en su Kp code at UK be nice to get some emails in there that aren't from our hosting services or from our internet hosting services or from our email hosting services. Yeah, yeah, send us an email, let me know send us an email why not and also, if you're on iTunes, subscribe download, you can get us on Spotify as well, I think stitcher and a couple of other places too. But if you're on iTunes, we can leave a nice five star review that would be fabulous. As we do mentioned, we do this because we love the Nintendo Switch no other reason. So thank you very much in advance now, not a hugely busy week this week, but we still have plenty to talk about. So we're going to start off


With this week's news


now First off, we have some interesting level news this week because we were kind of talking about level. Last week we mentioned it the week before, we've talked about the point of view of level from education and from children and from all that kind of stuff. But an interesting development this weekend on definitely know. Previously, the movie arcades only worked with its exclusive to our software. And that's the forsaken rumors have came true. We've caught official support for heart first party, Nintendo and titles including Legend of Zelda Breath, the wild and Super Mario Odyssey, which is exciting. Obviously, you've only got custom labels, about three of them in three different kingdoms, and then break the world. You can play the whole thing in VR, which is absolutely incredible. And do any of yourself see see? Does this make VR more exciting for yourselves? I'm currently squealing so high pitched only cats and dogs can hear us


I'm super excited about this. I, I want to go back and I want to buy back my copy of Legend of Zelda. Oh,


yeah, I saw that while ago. And I'm going to go and buy level again and I'm going to play the whole game. Yeah, I gotta say that I saw this news this week and to my shame I didn't look any more deep into it than I would normally any other switch story just because it was a love story and frankly, I'm not that bothered about it.


Well, now that you saying this, and now that you've kind of made me realize my foolish ways and think about what I've been doing with my life for the last week, actually, I'm very excited about this. I'm just concerned as to how good it's going to be. How good is level VR going to be for breath as well? That's my question. So I'm very curious. This is why I want to go and get it. It might be rubbish, but I very much doubt it will be Nintendo don't do. Rubbish is not what their business model is. So it's gonna be it's gonna be amazing. The thing I find especially interesting choice of titles for implementing a VR experience.


Even within of the big reveal our platform steam VR, Oculus and PlayStation VR. Choosing the first person games for VR experiences is not something typically done and as somebody who owns and plays we are they're not the case of spirit sees I typically gravitate to so I'm very curious to see obviously Nintendo I don't feel like we would go out of their way to implement VR if they didn't think we could make it work in first person so I think that's gonna be the camp really interesting experience. I've actually tried any third person VR before and I have I've tried Lucky's tale what just have a bird person platformer and that's going to be played that as it plays to know is going to be similar to home very odd cs go into play where much as a static camera and then you can move around the world which just saying I think this YouTube Captain told with VR because that would work really well where you're almost like a gold looking over into the world. And over I've never played one with a moving camera and


That's where the Breath of the Wild will be interesting. Yeah, well, I'm a bit like you the only third person VR experience I've ever had was on the PlayStation. It was a clean Tony in the game was a friend's house. And they weren't fighting, I was very conscious of the fact that I was wandering around the room and trying to look about it felt a bit weird. If you could sit down and do it, it would probably be fun. I'm actually next weekend, next Saturday night, I'm staying at a friend's house who is an Oculus Rift dealer. So what his job is to actually is that you more than a demonstrator so even so this week, he was demonstrating games to Premiership footballers in England. So what he has done is he's promised me that he will take the whole kit back with him, so that on the Saturday night after we've, you know, been working and all the rest of x, we're doing some songwriting, he's going to set it all up for me, and let me have a goal of a few of the kind of latest things. So I'm quite keen, because that's kind of like where the kind of top end of VR is that level. It'll be really interesting to see how much of what those kind of people are doing the Sony's and the Oculus Rift and all that kind of stuff. How


Much as that they can do with level. And then how do we get it into the likes of Breath of the Wild, for example. So next week, I'm going to get my first proper experience of it, which I'm excited about. And yeah,


it's going to be really, really interesting to see how it does develop, you can come back and report to us. I went Yeah, absolutely, absolutely carefully on this topic, where obviously, as I was mentioning, these are accountable titles to jump in with where what titles if you had to see this program can go further. Would you want to see get the count FIAR treatment? So So say, Mario Kart, yes, that'd be great fun.


would be greatly to them. Like a poor of the arcade machine, the VR arcade machine. There's only two of them in the world. So it would make a really great opportunity to reuse that software and get a get a bigger audience. Yeah, yeah, I think for me something like Mario Kart would be perfect. I would love to see the Star Trek VR game coming to the switch or a version of that where you can use online


Co Op work with people everyone has a role on the starship even if it's not Star Trek licensed even if it's something similar you know you could do with a Mass Effect VR or something I guess but I just wanted to try and bring that to the Batman game over because it just looked cool. I haven't played it it just cool. I want to be Batman. This is one of the ones I think I'm going to get a chance to have a golf next week in your suitcase because I want to complete to hear what you have to try and you know if you can get down there, you're welcome along. But yeah, very interesting is gonna be interesting to see how that does develop because obviously it's it's another way for them to sell level to a bigger audience as well. And I think that's very interesting. from a business point of view on Breath of the world. It's just thinking if they are bringing this out to level what's the chance to the latest patch it and bring in a first person mode because you can technically could play breath the world in first person is it wouldn't be impossible for him to just bring that you've already got the room cameras there. You can use the framing of various bits and the game. I imagine that difficult for them to do. And yeah, you know, I would absolutely


Love that. So remember when they added it Grand Theft Auto for the first time, I was like, Oh, this is a whole new way to play it. And I'm going for the whole game again. And you know if there's any way to add value, and there's just having a mode that just says, Yeah, you're going to play the whole game again. It's a good way to go. Look down and see Mr. Holding the Master Sword.


I just want to look down and see myself losing get another weapon within five minutes because I've been beaten up by something. Yeah, very interesting. We will keep an eye on that. And I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about the the level VR and implications and what it means for games. And certainly, it's interesting to see that we are getting Breath of the Wild in that form. And what was the other one again, we said, Mary, what does he say? Yeah. All right. A new game is going to be coming out very, very soon. In fact, it's kind of in four days, hell blades coming to the switch, Anton. Yeah.


It was quite interesting how this all came about saw at PAX, the short off the games are like letting people play it and everybody's friends.


reporting back and apparently it was running splendidly. What for such an intensive game is amazing to hear. Yeah. And there during the whole event or like, yeah, we have nothing to confirm. We don't know when it's coming out. And then, like after the final day, they're like, yep, it's coming out. And like next week, basically, yeah, it's just incredible days and it's 2499. So it's a reasonable price. Again, that is the kind of price point that I think we said this last week. We're literally talked about price points of, of games being ported to the switch. 2499 is a good price. I have never played hell it is not one that was ever on my list. But know that I've seen the little bit of that I've seen this week since it was announced. I've got to say I'm quite interested if it wasn't for the fact that have so many games to play. I think that would be one that I'd be keen on and me will still be be interesting to see how it does run. Yeah, it does look incredibly intensive. I don't want to be skeptical, but the switch hasn't got that much horsepower behind it. I'm hoping can pull it off. Yeah,


but I think we are no slowly starting to see people on the


unlocking the potential of the switch more and more, because they're beginning to optimize it, and I mean, that was always going to happen. It's inevitable. That's us. Yeah. It's still incredibly intense of game. It is. Yeah, it is actually particularly intensive. So yeah, well, we'll see how it goes from what do you think? Don't you think? Yeah, and I think I,


similarly when they first announced, so I'm just coming from city skylines, and trails, trails rising, I was like, I don't think this game is going to run it just doesn't seem possible. However. I think the fact that the went packs, and then they're talking about like, we have no idea when it's coming out, and then all those raving reviews, seeing the performance for great came out. And then they're like, okay, it's safe to announce. I think that they've had that almost public tests and pre beta testing almost as give me a little bit of faith. But obviously, it's a digital game, so it doesn't hurt to wait a couple hours for the reviews. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, it's one that you won't have to wait very long to, to play for the first thanks as I don't know you probably 11th so it will be this week, which is very exciting.


Another game that's coming out later this week, which is the complete opposite the polar opposite of intensity when it comes to the power of the switch. And I'm pretty sure that the switch will run this if it doesn't, we've got real problem. Circle entertainment, I just announced a dark room for the switch. And this is a classic text based adventure game and I had a look at this and it really is it harks back to those games of the 80s on Apple and on IBM computers where it was, you're in a dark room. What do you want to do turn on light I do not understand turn on like, what the heck is you got to use specific wording and it's great text adventures are something that I grew up playing, albeit not the first time they were out a little bit later on on the spectrum and things of that. Interesting, I think this is going to be a real nostalgia hit for a lot of people. And if they do it well and they've got the commands nice and clear for you. Then it could be a winner. What do you think Elsa? I like the interface as you generally look so it's coming from one of those ears as well. They've literally made a really old game


I'm kind of curious I have to say I didn't really play them many of them as a kid. I was aware of them I think had one maybe in the past Yeah, I played a few on the spectrum that was my first first ever gaming device that I had BBC Micro so not terribly December Yeah, we there was there was definitely I mean, I can remember playing grannies Garden Inn and school on the


BBC Micro and that was a text based adventure. A very tricky one actually, I knew I was I was killed a lot of literally I think it said you are dead more times and it said anything else. But I'm quite keen to try this out whether or not going to go by and day one again. The problem I have at the moment is this. So much stuff out there. Is it going to make that list but certainly nostalgia wise, I think it's going to be up there Anton, what about you? Yeah, you know, personally, me, I have to confess never played a text based adventure game. But you know, I'm excited to see this come to switch. It's kind of obviously this is not a game we've seen very often even on the other bigger console. So having on the console and as well as that


Would love to see a lot more of these Count 19, early 1980s and count home computer games because there were so many of them. And they would all run so easily. So I'm just kind of hoping we can get a Oh, it's the calm was our collection, it's gold collection or spectrum or something like that. Yeah, same stuff. Definitely. Well, the interesting thing about the way they've done this one, as you said, is that they've gone for the old school 80s kind of look to the actual game. I think there are quite a lot of text based adventure is on the switch, but they're more point and click slash tech space. So you know, it'll have text on the screen. Yeah, there's a visual element to it. Yes, exactly. You'll click on an option, whereas here is the proper old school. And I'm assuming the way they'll do it, because on the switch, you're using controllers that you know, you think about the spectrum or an IBM or a BBC Micro, you've got a keyboard, so you would type the command in, but I think the way they'll do is they'll have the commands, and you click on them with the most. So it's kind of a similar idea, but you've got a list which should make a touch easier than some of those old school games because the problem with


Those where if you didn't have the commands to hand, and you didn't know exactly what you couldn't, couldn't see or how to how to phrase it, sometimes that was, you know, turn left might have just simply being left or go left rather than turn left. And that might be enough to throw off. So it was very frustrating year like it was a really frustrating and and actually, weirdly, that's why I want to be more excited about this than I am. Yeah, but I don't have fond memories of that I did. I remember the existing button.


I'm sure something like seven pounds or sixth time for this game. And I just don't want to spend that on something that I think if somebody comes back to me with a review and says it's a brilliant storyline, and you're really going to be engaged in it because I'm there are a lot of the early text adventures where they weren't great stories there were about the problem was, I sort of feel that as much as I love nostalgia. I'm a big fan. I think some things are better left in the past simply because the world has moved on and has got better. Yeah, well, we will see it it's certainly going to be one that a lot of people will feel like you maybe me I don't know. It's been a long time since since I played one so someone's gonna be


Negative major will be me.


Definitely seems like a game that will have maybe a couple thousand people that will absolutely love it. And it's the thing they've been waiting for for 20 years and they're going to throw them their money not even regardless of the price and then a lot of people will just forget about it. Just you wait till I started a Facebook group about it. And I'm like, the leader of it. love it so much. Yeah, it can be a modern classic.


Yeah, I don't know. I'm not sure that will happen. But we will see an insight on the 12th. So not long at all, to to wait,


if you do want to check that out. Maybe again, it's one to wait and see what people say first wait for the reviews. Another blast from the past. Now this is a really weird one because I can't say that anybody I know has ever gone. Oh my goodness. We really need Bob's the back. But we're getting Bob's the pause on fire on the Nintendo Switch on May the 16th. And there's going to be a physical release for this as well now, Bob seeing I have vague memories of being a character of the early 90s Mega Drive for snares I can never use on ball


Wasn't he was also on the free to if you remember that says Panasonic box yes the hundred pound box of rubbish and CDs at home. Yeah, I do I vaguely remember Bob z but it's not one that I thought or you know but then to jammin arrows recently made a comeback so you know why no Alastair, what about you? You know honestly i'd completely forgotten Bob's existed somewhere so that when you you wrote down earlier in the show notes I thought Bob see what on earth is that? I literally googled it while we're sitting here when I had that game. Yeah, it wasn't very good. I from my memory, I didn't complete it. I think I gave up on it. I don't know I can't really remember an awful lot about Bob See, and I think I must have had on an as maybe as soon as it was long, long time ago. Well, I think, again, it's one of Bob's these one of these characters that had a following and had people who will go out like you said, Anton, and on day one, be very excited about this. But I was surprised that there's enough people that wanted it to make it actually happen. I don't know who's making it happen, but


It is coming out and may the 16th and you never know it could be one of these forgotten classics revisited he will be if there's anywhere else like me the city are there if you think back Bob's he was awesome to see some bobcats. Bobcat yeah with a white t shirt with a big red exclamation mark and it was a platform game. Yeah, that if that doesn't jog your memory then you probably haven't played it. Yeah, yeah, well, the camp interesting story behind Bob SES SES Calvin made a cold come back as a wash video game character ever. Now my nerves to go with it and then come online there is a lot of just he's a horrible video game from the 90s and they had there was free games. Over to add an extra layer to this. They did a remake to Bob see in 2018 or 17. Like run the boat there. Oh, this is a sequel to the remake. The remake was absolutely awful. It was like for old 10 game and they're doing a sequel but


if you have a chance to look at the


trailer and stuff. And never mind the count horrible one liners the graphic seem quite good. So they've definitely put some time in there. So I don't want to say it's one to watch but it's a game of exists at least


be the most on enthusiastic review in history. It's a game that exists.


Well, yeah, well we'll keep an eye on it anyway. And again, may the 16th so not that long. If you are a bob see fan know, Atlas have announced that persona five S is basically we don't know anything. So they have a nice day window. persona five S is a thing, but we are definitely going to be hearing more info soon. So we know we're going to find out soon, but so far, they haven't given anything away. Yes. And it was quite interesting because a couple months ago, we call a rumor that we were getting our persona five s and obviously after we had a persona five


Are and then a persona five D were like well what is the speed of the time we don't even know what persona for five hours and it just seemed like we're phone letters on it and hoping for the best but you know they asked us stand for something and let's hope it sweat yeah i mean what labor on the point too much because we do talk about it a lot but you know we basically it's it's exciting that we're going to know soon there's a lot of rumors swirling around the Twitter sphere and read it and all these places but certainly


I still think the ass could be switch I still I'm still only put my money on it but absolutely coming to fruition so sensor secret, maybe maybe, maybe. Well, we will will know fairly soon. But I'm going to say it's which you're saying secret Anton What is it? Well, I'm going to see it smart because where there's smoke there's fire and we've been hearing about this game for absolute ever. And timeline to that. Like my segue and paste by internal systems have leaked a couple of months.


Games. And I'm curious to see your thoughts on these rumors. And this is not public internal system. And we've gotten links for persona five. Mm hmm. We always get personal one week every couple days as Metroid Prime trilogy. And here's the old one Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past.


Yeah, I read a little bit about this this week about this rumor I saw the Link to the Past was being talked about a lot in my gaming feed on Twitter was trending. And I thought I'm curious wise Link to the Past being talked about. And I could completely see that being one that they would port to the switch. I think it makes sense. It's, again, it's one that not everyone played so


I could see it. Definitely being a real listing. I you know, I'm not sure whether the whole listing is real as a general kind of article, but certainly I think that if any of them might have those Metroid Prime trilogy, yes, I think that's probably likely. And I I'm not sure what persona


Five but Link to the Past Why not? Yeah It makes me interesting was the first Zelda I ever played a treatise just you just literally put it straight game as it was or just give it the switch nickel recruitment the way they've done with links awakening see I'm kind of have their fat The idea is that I don't think it would make sense to just put a straight wrong on a cartridge because this is a physical copy that's been linked so I'm count maybe thinking maybe he free we have a one more thing moment where they're like the links awakening is actually the links links collection and it has the first two games maybe even the first game The Link Between Worlds. But yeah, I don't think it's just gonna be straight Rama doesn't quite make sense. All right, then. We also have some new games on the Nintendo online update. So you get some Nunez games or some really interesting ones this week. So we have punch out first of all I love punch out Yeah, was terrible and great. At the same time. I don't know how that's possible. Actually.


Yeah, yeah, I mean it's a terribly great terrible game So did you ever play Anton? Yeah personally I haven't really played the original punches so much bye have given the the we want to go and I just remember waggling a bunch and I was just like we sports but with actual personality so that's my non authentic opinion or punch out the original punch it was so much fun yeah it was I think it was on the Nez I had a new literally just it was a button basher there was a few those little bicycle today there's a lot of button bashing and it was really funny the characters and it worked great Yeah absolutely. The other games that are on the update this week of quite interesting to so we've got the last level Super Mario Bros lot the last levels This is quite as


exciting. I don't know. Obviously it's the whole story behind that it was the Japanese version of the game and then we didn't get the Japanese version. So I don't know how many people have planner and also the most obscure thing of either of yourself skate Lily. Most levels ago. No, I've never played them so I will give them a ghost and me


So well I yeah, absolutely. We also have star soldier as well as the other game which I've never played. I don't know no follow up by Alister. I'm glad you said that because I'd never heard of it. really know. Maybe everyone the rest of the world knows but I'd never crossed my radar as a kid.


I've seen falls off and it looks very America just girl.


top down shooter.


Oh, not too sure. I've just seen the artwork which looks fairly epic, shall we say? But I don't know much else early 90s our artwork so good artwork was fantastic. And interestingly Ross also going to be getting a new arcade archive game this week on the switch. We're going to be getting Donkey Kong three know this is kind of cool. Yeah,


I like they're great. Yeah, the proper proper original Donkey Kong or not the original original because number three, but you get what I mean? Yeah, close enough. I'm on board with that one. Yeah, amazing thing was these arcade classics. It's just reminding people that Oh, and then


Handle actually means arcade machines for a bit closer not really the name of that you think of when you think arcade machines like you think of as arcade machines you think of here like non kosher cap calm and all that kind of stuff but Nintendo's if they've called pads great and


I'm happy to play some Donkey Kong don't know if I'll pee How much are they charging for these arcades classics high six pounds or 599 or something like that? I think getting a sale yeah they'll be don't come around as much as some of the other titles but I would if it was half price two three quid I'd probably buy at that point yeah from like you know, that's like a drink so that's okay. Or you know, yeah, I am most the most interesting one that whole resource punch out and there's a reason so now presume a lot of people who are listening to this is probably seems in rumors are same use it Yeah. I was I was gonna go on to this but let's talk about it now. Anyway. Mike Tyson has been been talking about punch out because he's been tweeting and he's getting a bit annoyed because he's he's basically was tweet said her Nintendo was doing the new punch out without even contacted me. It


won't be the same my knockouts meet the game. That's whack now I've got a theory


My theory is this my theory is that there's not a new punch out game that he sees that the the the nurse, the nurse versions coming out and he's gone Oh nobody's asked me about this not realizing it's not a new game it's the original that might be hilarious so that was actually the case.


Yeah cuz I don't think Mike Tyson has that many video game connections. I don't see that as I think that's existing. However I had a very interesting pulps that reaction. Yeah, I completely agree with you. Were when I heard this rumor. I'm like, oh, that would be an excellent way to repackage all the copies of arms. Nope. April.


Arms. Yeah,


that's a good point. I might work you know, people might be into that. And if it sells, you know, you never know. Yeah, I mean, no offense. Mike Tyson. I forgotten he was in the original game. I couldn't have told you that. To be fair at that age. I think Mike Tyson was so


Well, either way, we are getting punched out as an as game as in the original but we don't know for getting a new one or no, it depends how much influence and how well up with gaming us mike tyson as I guess so we will see. Now we're getting a new update to civilization on the switch. And it's quite interesting cuz it's going to add cross saves, which is the kind of cloud base based saving as well between switch and steam. Now this is something that I said recently should be something we would like to see more of not that I'm using cloud saving or I'm not on Steam either. But I think it's a good start to start to see this kind of save this kind of cross platforming happening from two points of view one, it means you can potentially go and play what you were playing before with the same save. I don't know if you count with this, but it's certainly that would be the implication of it. And the second for me would be that it would allow you potentially if we do get new switch versions like the switch Pro, or another switch, baby style,


With lots of things to stop it breaking then we can have receives on both devices so we can play them across I actually think it's probably slightly more interesting and I think that it is a good step towards beating or not beating but fending off Apple and Google because really I mean this is probably been in the works for quite a long time. I think all the big tech companies are going this way anyway so I'm not going to say this the reaction to him because it won't be no but it's it's a really good first step to Steven Moffat start to integrate some of these platforms like switch like steam Yeah, yeah good move. What do you think Anton M A c i never follow that that deeply I just kind of follow his like says just account game they're usually carry your one progression throughout and have almost councils but and we have it or four to North I'm not too sure about and I mean, I take that civilization is is perfect game for because you can spend literally 12 hours on a single game. So you can be sitting your desktop, click clicking away doing whatever you're doing, and go I'm going to go


Pick up your switch and take off in the carry on the trade it makes so much sense yeah yeah definitely just kind of talking about what you're saying there about like what's the difference which iterations the current state and like closed saves that they do have with the account Nintendo Switch via Nintendo online plus would cover what your account saying about taking your saves from your pool to your like from your normal one then when you upgrade to a pool so yeah covers there thank god so is that is that among you know how many games are we talking all the games in your library you could do that and I believe there's a small selection of games you can do that with but as the vast majority of the games support cloud saves which right really nice there's a small says I think all modern games support and then there's a handful of games that came up for the update like Nintendo and link update haven't supported it yet. So when was this update because I'm kind of feel like I've kind of alt not missed it but I'm up because I have it wasn't paying attention.


I wasn't looking for it, but know that we're talking about pros and things. I'm knowing my head going what happens if I get a pro? And I haven't? No. So there was an update which basically meant that if you save your game you can save it in the kind of the cloud and then you could access it on another switch. Indeed Yes. And if you just press on Nintendo Switch if you just go into your options menu I think we've done one of those menus there's an option and it automatically if it the game support clothes, clothes safe it will automatically us


and the update was bundled in with the Nintendo online when that first launch so that might have white flew under the radar. Also because I don't have two switches. That's the other reason I haven't ever really thought about it. And it's only because now I'm thinking about the implications. It's something that I have for it for whatever reason didn't realize that Nintendo had done with the switch. I think I knew they did it. I couldn't have told you specifically when it came out. I just remember being a thing. I think all that's helpful. That's useful, because I missed the fact that wasn't there. More than five different vibration break my switch. I'm stuck. Yeah, it's all great, but I can tell you


want to give a quick Google just make up in September of last year, but I'm not gonna lie on that. That's interesting. Well, it's good anyway, because I won't be this the only person that's either forgotten about that or not realized what the implication of that was, and know that we are talking about having other switch models potentially, or as you say, if you lose your switch or stolen, hopefully never. But if it ever happened, that would mean that you could access because that, you know, for a lot of people, for certain games, it doesn't matter so much. But when you play in the likes of civilization, or manager or any game that's got tactical element in it, and he could put I I must have poured, I don't know, 20,000 hours into football manager in my life. Probably you are older than I thought you were. I don't know. How many hours is that? I have no idea. Well, Matt, no, I won't check if someone's going to tell is going to tweet us how many years of my life 20,000 arrows and how far off ridiculous is that? I might check that. In fact, you can move to that. I also do you thank you appreciate that. But yeah, I mean, I've spent a lot of hours playing games like football manager not on the switch on previous things. So if I knew that that was a you know, a safe


feature, I guess, I mean, not all losing that, then it's an extra thing, which is good. So it's good to know it's there for most games, and yeah, again, maybe this is this is again looking forward to that kind of, you know, when there's new switches coming out and also just giving people the option of playing games on on two different systems as well. Stephen switch. That's cool. But yeah, there's of your life. Three years. Yeah. Oh, it's way more than that literally every single day, 24 hours a day for three years. Now. I I know, one of my games was about 700 hours so easily, easily. So anyway, that's, that's a discussion for me, my therapist.


In terms of the online suffer, my partner owns a Nintendo Switch as well. So I'm curious actually investigate that because I don't know if you need to download your sales or anything like that. So next week, I'll try and report back if I have the chance to try it out. Because none of you have to download them or pair or if I just like, forget to charge my switch. Could I just pinch layers and just start playing breath oils with my car.


Yeah, yeah, exactly. Well that's what I wanted to find out Really? Yeah. But no seriously is a big deal cross platform handoff that is huge. Yeah, yeah, absolutely huge. Well, it is going to be happening anyways a new update for civilization. So that's a little bit of good news there if you are someone who plays it. Also couple of bits of news to finish off with them. There's a couple of bits of rumors then we're going to move on to the quiz. next bit of news is that the giving magazine from it soo have awarded the game of the year to smile Super Smash Bros ultimate, which is interesting. And does that reflect over here do you think Anton Ah, see, I think the pedigree of Super Smash Bros i think is consistent I think it's a fairly ubiquitous in terms of reasonableness. Paris me I I'm Smash Bros is good. But I don't know if I see as a game of the year. How do you feel about the game of the year claim being attached to that game star we talked are talking about 2018 right as the game of the year or a indeed Yes.


2018 and embracing it is Nintendo specific, isn't it? Yes. So what was your Mario Odyssey? Was that 17? Or 18? Or 17? I think was your digital? Yeah, she only one I can think of that would actually kind of qualify. Yeah, I'm honestly was 17 close it was like October I believe I'm right you're wrong. What's the big game for 28? Well there was Pokemon octopus traveler Super Mario Party Celeste. We had Mario Tennis aces with several indies obviously we had star link we had so quite a few titles, but actually, you know, look at those titles as a lot of great titles and know that I love but in terms of scope, size, and just sheer following of people certainly smash seems like it probably was justifiably noise. Yeah. Pokemon, perhaps but then it's not the new Pokemon. Pokemon did as well as they were expecting it to. It's not one that really people talk about the demo the other day for the first time. Finally


already doing it. Yeah.


Yeah, maybe no and I think there were a lot of great releases last year but a lot of them weren't your typical big name intend to ones that you would expect. I think we will see a lot more 2019 but the end of this year, and 2020 as well. So, yeah, fair enough. I don't have a problem with that as a decision and certainly, you know, who are we to question from it so when it comes to We are the Nintendo Switch UK podcast Mike, I'm sure. I'm sure they're listening and going. Oh, okay. Next we better change our decision. Okay, we ever seen game of the year we're giving it to Bengal as official you got a lot on the D sharp it's about a couple of


my goodness Bingo. Don't tempt me cuz it's kind of rubbish I'd buy. Right. Okay, next button. us then this is interesting. I will combine the net the last bit of news, two different bits of news because they're kind of the opposites of each other in some way. Nintendo have been rated the ninth most reputable company in the US However, in the UK, Nintendo, amongst others are being investigated by the CMA


So tell us a bit more about this. You OK, so the whole CMA investigation the CMA stands for the competition markets authority which is a bit that belongs to the UK government business leaders without business e stuff from me. And they have written to Nintendo Sony and Microsoft, not necessarily accusing them of anything, but seeing we're investigating your practices for how you sell your online subscriptions specifically your auto renews How easy is to cancel and how easy is to get a refund and they just think there's something a bit fishy in a bit untoward about it and they're afraid to ask in the public to write terms what what do you guys think about it so if you're submitting to feel free to write to the government I'm not gonna bother Is it because you've got the otter and your thing in place otter and you a simple guy in northern New and I mean I I counted a PlayStation Plus in the past that was easy, the otter and you when you sign up and they tell you about it it's the right Yun it's it's I don't think there's an issue there personally. No, I don't you guys feel differently but I just don't think it's an issue. My my personal thoughts are similar. I don't think it's a big problem.


I mean first of all the subscription on switches so much cheaper than the other consoles anyway so the straight off that's not an issue and if you buy a switch on what I had an Xbox 360 and I was online all the time, I just generally didn't think about it I just you know, and unless there's a deal like we've got the deal at the moment or the deal last week that we were talking about to get extra subscription TIME FOR FREE when you signed up to Amazon which I think it was


Yes, sure. But I don't think it's a problem it's quite clear and it's easy to get out of it because I've had to had a look to see if I didn't want to alter renewal kind of do that and it's it's a click of a button. I guess the only reason I think about when I got an email through today from my insurance companies my car saying your insurances Jeter and you and whatever date here's your new premium you can cancel it and I guess with Nintendo because it's the same figure all the time. I don't think there's a trigger an email because there's no change in subscription. But I just don't think he would you think I don't see I find it really interesting because they're thinking back always remember like it was some sites is really easy like Amazon as I real


culprit of having horrible like deceptive designed to try and point you in the direction of not deleting your Amazon account if you look up videos on how to do it it's absolute nightmare rabbit hole and I'm surprised as I mean something sorry it's in terms of the constants I know with PlayStation is really easy to cancel your subscription then Nintendo Switch well as as super easy and you can do anything on their Xbox. I remember struggling to actually delete my at like cancel my subscription for that. But that's more just a comment on how awful the Xbox user interfaces. Not really. I don't think there were disabled late doing it. So tell us I think there's an element of where do you consider them trying to force people into this subscription service that they can't escape and where do you see them? Just maybe not having the best design or some things don't place how obvious it's a subjective thing almost. Yeah, I think if the Ask the public every very surprised if this is a big issue because


I just don't actually think it is I think if you were talking about 100 pounds plus subscription to something that is yearly, and there was no email to remind you of that hundred pounds coming out of your account. Yeah, I can see that that being a problem. But that might be the only implication, they might be asked to add a reminder email on your 11th months, in one month, you're on your renewal right now. You're going to be renewed at 1799 or whatever. Yeah, that's pretty much I think, if there is an outcome of this, if they do decide to take any sort of action is going to be simple as that just tell remind people that this description is coming and give them an opportunity to cancel. That's an email and remember that it's all good anyway, because Nintendo have also been rated ninth most reputable company in the US and let's face it, there are a lot of companies in America, so to come ninth, pretty darn good. So we will. We'll wait and see if there is anything that comes from that in CMA discussion investigation. Sincerely, though, they'll be an awful lot other than that reminder email. Right. We are going to go into the quiz in a moment before that. Just a couple of rumors


Hello, I'm not normally


So first of all, Halo on the switch. Yay, Anton. Yeah, definitely. So essentially Twitter gaming that unofficial tweet saying who would you like to see come and smash and the official export export Say hello to Eric don't came out and was like, we would like our main protagonists guy to be in the game. What? I think this really shows kind of the changing culture and kind of opinions of Microsoft course we've been seeing so much support there. And I don't personally think Master Chief would make its way into Halo but I could see boundary or some other Microsoft IPS coming hobo yourselves to use make much of this rumor. My The biggest thing I make of it is the fact that the even replied and got involved because I think that just shows where their heads out there thinking, you know what, people quite like the switch. You know, we could actually we could do something here and we know this collaboration, rumors and we're going to be getting more and more discussions about that. I think


This is more of just have a kind of four runner of Hey, by the way, we are watching this and we're going to get involved somehow whether that's a character and smash, whether that support whether that's streaming on your switch of your Xbox games or whatever it is. I think that's what it is. Yeah. Is he will actually in the Xbox game pass it to the bundles. And indeed, yes. So I reckon this is just pure hasn't been that guy again. This is just pure marketing. I just was that older day is hey, we're going to be bringing this clip pretty much said the game. Xbox one game passes coming to switch. They pretty much said that. Yeah. So I think that's all that is, but it's very cool. Very cool. And I can totally see Master Chief and being a character and they fit quite well. So sort of a


buddy player to some tetra Yeah, maybe. Yeah, yeah. I,


I think that I'm kind of sitting in between the two of you in that. I'm not sure if we if if you will be a character. I know that you're not so sure. Anton and you are quite sure I'll so I'm in the middle. But I do think I agree with you on this. I think it's a marketing thing. And I do think this is a kind of, Hey, we are here. We're going to do something. I think he said the reason


This as soon as possible as a story is just the interesting time we're out. We've got Microsoft exclusives coming to switch. Recently in terms of Halo at the break revelation there, we're finally getting all of the Halo games on pc for the first time escaping the clutches of the x box Eagle ecosystem. So I think it's just an interesting time. Could we get a Halo game on switch clothes that we are getting on our franchisees? That would be really interesting one if if Microsoft getting their first with a halo online game, whether that's a remaster an older Halo game, or they bring it something specific for the switch, which is online, it's you know, teams of four or whatever, that would be a winner because the switch doesn't, for me have the right one yet. There's a few good shooters on the switch. There's not that many yet. But if they could nail that, as I'm talking on links, and because we're getting the likes of Wolfenstein the summer, which is great, we've had doom and things of that. I'm talking about an online game that you play with your friends and you you know, like like Historically, the 360 would have


You know, that could be a winner for micro so they could actually find themselves with a whole new audience if they can get in there first and I think is going to be which one gets there first for that type of game. I know you're a big fan of pelicans were new. Politics is great. It's really good. But it's again, it's administered it's a different fields different kind of game, but it wasn't really good online. It's excellent. Yeah, it's really good as well worth checking out.


But again, I still think there is it's missing that big title that everybody starts talking about, hey, we're all going on. You know, we're going to come play that tonight. All that you know, everyone's playing that, you know, we don't have that yet with the switch for shooters online. Yeah, no, you're right. I agree. So as I can, yeah.


think the thing that would be really interesting about that coming over and the reasons counts, maybe support it and see only count Microsoft IPS outside of cockpit was Minecraft discount culturally significant count, open game and handle is at the account, at least what they tried to be in what they're aiming for halal infinite to achieve would be an Esports game.


So I think having eSports be is cross platform is possible would be really beneficial because that's where a little makes our money is by being the forefront of energy being at the forefront of the account eSports and have a nice multimillion dollar competition so yeah, that's I think that's maybe another account weave into the fabric if they're really yeah or eSports Yeah, that's an excellent point. Yeah. So I think that's why Rocket League is works so well on the switch as well because you know, is it's an Esports as well and it's just giving people more access it means people can play Rocket League on the goal and and i think that's we are missing that when it comes to a shooter and healer could be that you know, Microsoft could be the ones to do it so I'll be interesting to see but having said that, it could just be that Master Chief might come to smash and that's it and there's nothing else I don't know but we will see right final bit of rumor and then we'll do the quiz this week. And they This is F Zero know we have had some talk about possible FC zero game happening on the switch which I know a lot


People were very keen to see FC are on the switch a new new URL so yeah desperate have an SEO game I loved Su and back in the good old days but and I hope so so I've been dashed yeah it doesn't look like it's happening basically Criterion Games the founder has says then tend to have never asked us to do to make a new FC zero so we have one game on the switch which came out right at the start was all again on toy. Oh, fast em, or makes that's our mix


which I've heard is a little bit like FCO and style and gets well reviewed so that might be the one you need to play out. I'll stir zero it just isn't played it. No but actually feel to it. I will put it out on to the level in we you version of it might occur. Yeah, appeared. Yeah, I think we all got really excited and then our hopes are dashed and I'm


gonna go it won't smoke. I think it will happen anyway, just maybe not just yet. You know, again, just because Nintendo haven't asked them doesn't mean that they're not working on so


things so let's not worry too much Anton Do you think we'll see FC it on the switch you know I have a very count out there I'm credible theory so I'm going to throw out there I could generally see the people who made Fast Racing our max to work on a new punctual with Nintendo being really open to get all their IPS is maybe not want their biggest one so they may be more comfortable together and the shadow behind fast rate that's our max have made we you and switch games exclusively. And for a company to step by Nintendo during the review era. I think it would count make Nintendo really trust some also the only other tip Belper the dead that was your cup games. And we see how nicely Nintendo treat slams. So I could see a potential collaboration their closest true to themselves and I can I can see the word of my head. I don't know how to pronounce it. And they left on good stuff. And yeah,


sorry. they've not been doing that much. Sorry. I got distracted while they're being quiet for a bit. Yeah, well, we just I mean, yeah, yeah, it's it's a perfect game for the switch and faster. Make


has had to get reviews for sure. or certainly bucket list I don't know. No because it was one of the very first titles that came out on the switch. But yeah, no it's it's I wouldn't be surprised if we do see an FC zero in one form or another at some point. I'd be very happy if eventually the bring it to the super nice as the online virtual console and spit on there. Yeah, I'll be happy that that could happen that could have an hour of their time for the quiz.


Now I think we're about 73 to six to Anton but we'll get 74 to six is it is certainly Anton last week it was a whitewash antenna brilliant week last week in genuinely did really well in the in the quiz and add or that you see much chance at the very big black guy. Yes, absolutely. Okay, so three games I'll give you a clue for each each time first person to get the game title wins that point and it's the best of three and as well as that you get one guess after each clue that I give so the first one today This game is a sci fi survival horror video.


game and it was released on Microsoft Windows PlayStation three and Xbox 360 in 2008 hard rain. No, no, but it was a great game.


That space


it's one nil to answer.


To be fair, hundred wasn't exactly survival horror. No, it wasn't it was it it was like a detective game. It was a great game.


Great heart rate. I would love to see the switch but I've played it so I probably wouldn't go again. But anyway, well done. Yes, I was in control of an engineer named Isaac Clark who fights monsters reanimated human corpses aborted and just tell her mining ship. I was going to talk about their how well reviewed it was I saw it I saw me playing it I wouldn't hit by the couch. I had it and it was great. And the first one really, really good love games like that.


Did by two or three which came out a couple of years apart from that and it would be good one to see on the switch at some point as well. But well done entendre you play with dead space. I


Wasn't by remember just seeing all the trailers they had that really viral campaign where handle that? I don't know about they had a better viral viral campaigns at a time and you know, looking back at the free sexy era you could put so many of those games for relative to the development of a full game or not much money and on the switch see would really sound out so bring it out, bring dead space to switch and verse. Absolutely, absolutely. All right, this next game then.


It's a role playing video game. It was developed by by aware and published by Lucas Arts. Now the game was released on the Xbox in 2003 minutes later being ported to the Mac OS X, iOS and Android. And it's also playable on the 360 and Xbox One.


Lucas Arts


nights The Old Republic Yes.


Knights of the Old Republic well


Just sitting there quietly I'm gonna let that will get this one know.


Star Wars I'd like never seen any of them. So I'm just like, oh, look there are you just lost half the audience thinks it's alright, it's fine. Burn me. At this time I'm sitting in the middle somewhere where I've only seen about half of them. I need to go back and start from the beginning again. Skip the middle three. Okay, right. I know I've heard that but I'm going to have to do it now. We're going to do right. Anyway, Knights of the Old Republic is a game that should in theory be very simple to port to the switch given that we have on iOS I played on my iPad. Yeah, yeah,


it is. I shall, right. Okay, good company, but also gave us is now Yeah, yeah, what I say 2003. Yeah, that was ancient. Yeah, 15 years ago, so or 16 years ago. So yeah, that's one that I would like to see on the switch. For sure. I think that would be a simple one. You could really sit for a tenner tenner for on his lightsaber and switch. Sure. Yeah, I'm on.


It's just amazing how many games are available on iOS cramp. Don't that you could


really easily Billy yeah and it wouldn't be too hard because they run on a mobile phone yeah yeah i think that's you know when we're talking about mobile ports we don't want mobile ports by there are so few games on mobile that will be so much better to play with a switch because yeah, you have controls you can control it properly you know, anyway final game this is the


first time in a while Let's face a little pressure and I think this is if either of you get this going to buy you can of coke or something.


Wow, the stakes are high. Now. This is an action video game developed and published by kid for the PlayStation. It was released in Japan in March 1999


on never even heard of Kent, man.


Action Adventure Roxy heard a Kid Icarus No, no those actual event I an action


that I say action video game It doesn't say action adventure action video game. Okay.


Well, okay.


The older know puzzlers Miss thinks the curse money. Okay? In this game, you play a superhero mascot for a very big company. So there's a tie in with this and it focuses the player on avoiding obstacles by running dashing and jumping. You automatically run forward through each of the game stages.


Pepsi man Yes.


Wow, I didn't really try to drop the hint at the start to see I'll give you a can of coke if either of you want it because I couldn't see Pepsi because that was too obvious. My house I've never heard of it.




That is impressive.


Pepsi man and yeah, it's a game I've just like concert. I've watched a couple reviews on it because I think that's such a fascinating case. You run towards camera you're playing like baseless Pepsi. And it's just got tons of environments and story that's based around people being dehydrated like a plane crashes in the desert in the can't see people need to save


them by getting them hydrated and send them Pepsi mountain. It's ridiculous. Well, my favorite quote about Pepsi man is this and will leave you with this. A writer for a magazine included it on a list of company branded games that incorrectly commerce didn't suck, commenting that it's not a bad game as long as the player can tolerate the large amount of advertising in it. And also, according to the company, the game did not sell well.


That doesn't look that bad though.


Often the screen the moment it does look interesting. I wouldn't say it doesn't look bad. It looks pretty bad. That looks all right. I play it like that. See what I'm thinking of unfinished things about it and it's just crew. It's just kicking you when you're done. It's when you play that game. If you get hit by an obstacle, it froze the timing out for all of the other obstacles so the game gets procedurally harder the more you


guys you know what they could do it but I gave it now. They could tighten it online thing and be so many levels and free pets appears in your doorstep. Yeah, there's something that because


killed the drone bring into their pitch brands right? Okay now we are really getting into it she just stopped now I think well done Anton that was another well deserved victory the sweetest seriously impressed but very close. And if it wasn't for the fact that I had had no thought in my head that Anton would ever guess Pepsi man, but there we are. So well done. Very good. Right. In the meantime, we will be back next week. We're going to try and figure something out because I'm going to be awake but we'll, we'll have a chat. We'll put something online and let you know when the next episode is going to be will sort something out so do not fear. We will have Episode 16 shortly. In the meantime, you can get us on Twitter. Anton


remind us Yes, if you had to finish UK podcast at Twitter, Facebook and Oracle to finish your key p.co.uk. You can find us on all of the social platforms. You can also stream the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, we're not on Google podcast lot yet. That's a lie and you can listen to us on our little your little wheel lexical


What Yes, so yes, absolutely. And you can get in touch with us on email by podcast at SU Kp and if you live in Hogwarts, you can send us an old. Yes. Anything else. That's about as long as you leave a five star review and iTunes you can contact us any way you like how you can live interview like, but we'd like it was five star now he has to be.


Thank you very much for listening. Have a wonderful week we will be back very soon for episode number 16. Until then, goodbye Cheerio our law