Mini Meltdown - Episode 16

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Mike, Al and James discuss this week's latest Switch news, despite a technical error robbing everyone of James defeating Al in this week's quiz and deleting the final 10 minutes of the episode.  

We are talking about those unverified Nintendo Mini images that have been doing the rounds, Labo VR And James' experience playing it, loads of new releases and rumours and much, much more!

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Hey, it's Mike from the Nintendo Switch UK podcast here. So this week's episodes was done in a different studio and we encountered one heck of a technical difficulty which basically means the last 12 minutes that we recorded has gone missing. Now all you missed was the quiz in which James beat Alister by two to one and that definitely can be verified it happened you can ask James if you ask Alistair he'll probably tell you it was a draw but it was definitely 212 teams and that's about it really. So without further ado, here is the rest 39 minutes of what would have been 53 minutes of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast


Hello and thank you for downloading Episode Number 16 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast I Mike


IMO. And I'm James


and you might realize that there is one distinct voice that is not here this week. And that is Anton so no Anton i think is this the first week that Anton hasn't been on the podcast


is the first week he's ever let us know why you guys don't you let us know you weren't here last week. Yeah, but we didn't do a podcast we didn't do a book. So technically, this is the first podcast ever let us like I've never technically because I just made you


know fair, fair play to Anton he does have other engagements tonight. Any is allowed after we do this for free. So it is allowed. So no, no hate mail, please. But if you do want to download our podcasts and you do want to listen to us and leave us a nice review. We're on iTunes, we're on Stitcher, we're on other places as well. We're also on Twitter as well unless you keep p on Twitter as UK podcast. You're right. It is as you keep podcast shows you that Antonia does that bit and you can get us an email


earlier, we have email or email us podcast at NSA


Excellent. Now lots to talk about this week. And we're going to be talking as well a little bit later. But James,




James, I


don't know if anyone else would be would be as interested.


Well, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, what we were actually going to talk about was your experience with that level VR because you have had some but we'll come on to that little bit later on a hierarchy to hold for the moment. Before that. Let's start with some rumors.


know we first of all, in the rumor section of this week's podcast is a few and we're gonna get into news as well. So don't worry, we're getting new. First of all, there was apparently a new leak from a Foxconn factory have a new Nintendo Switch many now this is the one that's been doing the rounds on Twitter. I think we might have shared the image or Anton shared the image


we did I saw that it came up my Facebook right so


let's get this 100% right. Is this a real thing or not?


And so I will probably get on to what the rest of the internet said but as soon as I saw it, I went that's not real. Because if you look at it, there's a little note to the top there's clearly a case


to case right? It's always the case.


But yeah, the rest of the internet had much much more in depth reason as to why it wasn't real and I'm sure James probably knows much more about it than I do something to do with the serial numbers already existing or something new product at be something else. I mean, it could have been a test thing that someone's 3d printed and yeah never know. Yeah, I mean it doesn't look like it's legit. But yeah, who knows?


Yeah, I think it's probably not given the you know, what you said about the case given the serial number issue given the fact that everybody else on Twitter has been debunking it I think it probably isn't but we are getting a switch many that is that is pretty much confirmed Another pro we're not thinking that's going to be necessarily this year because the rumors that are still working on that and that's something they're going to kind of bring in later but the Mini is happening and I heard as well this week somebody I think if there's an official line and officer saying that it will be visible as well the mini because that was one of the things that we talked about how the mini wouldn't be double it would just be handheld Can you really cover this switch? If you can switch where you're playing it with? Yeah, I was your point. Alastair. You said the same thing.


I'm just I'm just burying your head in the sand read the whole thing I just it doesn't work don't do a pro. Got to do a mini just not switch I'm not gonna I'm not gonna


run Renton. I presume it would be like what the two DS was to the 3ds Yes, and I can understand it but I feel like or at least whenever I think about it, it takes away from it being like a switch Yeah, it's almost like something else that would play the same game second next level Game Boy yes this one Yeah, exactly.


Oh, by the way Happy Anniversary to The Game Boys 30 years or so. And there's there are some amazing games in the Game Boy and you never know one day we might get the game by store on the switch into that would be


nice few games or games have already committed in store.


Yeah, well, we're seeing some running them re releases and this is one that we're going to come on to this been announced our game by game but there is a random release in our list today on during the news. So we'll talk about that a bit later on. But yeah, we're basically saying we don't think that's real. It doesn't look like it's real. It's a big know from us and from Alster is definitely a no no for any other iteration of the switch right at this moment to just stop it. All right, we'll move on there. Okay, we have a leak from an enemy magazine, Neil, which has said that the Japanese exclusive Gameboy a sports is coming to the west on the seventh of me with a slightly different title of polio. polio champions. Now I like polio, polio. I don't know what polio polio sports is because it was Japanese exclusive. James, do


you know anything about it something? I don't know, the ins and outs, but it's some sort of Esports version. Okay. All right. Yeah. So I guess ultra competitive Tetris. 99


isn't it? Well, I mean, essentially, it could be and if you've got polio, polio versus Tetris, then there's the competitive online of that as well. So so I'm guessing this takes it to the next level of competitiveness, I guess,


or will it be the same with when Tetris 99 came out and people are speaking about hard drops and T spins and all these things I have no idea about right I'm guessing it's all these sorts of things where it's like high level players are are really interested so and


what I was really hoping for because I can see now that the title in Japan is actually for your for your eSports and not play sports. I was really hoping that it was for your for your character is playing football and tennis and things like that. I'm guessing that's not what this is. It's all


I think you might be wishing for


Never mind Oh, well look out for that seventh of May. It is a possibility we'll keep an eye on it. It's already out in in Japan it's exclusive there maybe not for much longer now. This is an interesting 110 80


degrees snowboards do we see we see degrees in the title of this one? Yeah 1080 degrees snowboarding. snowboarding game. I To be honest, I would love one wouldn't be very good at it but I would probably be into this but we are hearing that there might be a spiritual successor to that game. In the pipeline. There's a rumor about this. Do you ever play the original know I had Atlanta used


for I always great. I'm not I don't normally play that many sports games. Now. I love 10 at sports or snowboarding. It was just something about it was just really good fun. It was accessible. You couldn't really button mash be didn't need to be an expert. It was just great. I like the sound of that I could beat my sister. Oh. Well, that's


an incident.


James, have you ever had any? I've played at once, but I preferred snowboard kids.


Oh, I don't know that one.


No. Never heard of that one. No, no. But then we are a luxury frankly,


what was amazing was that it was like a cartoon snowboard racing game. I mean on the 64 It was amazing. There was only like six courses but at the time I didn't really notice. I would spend hours and hours and hours.


Well the thing is if if the gameplay is good enough in a sports game, it doesn't really matter how many modes there are especially exactly the multiplayer option as well. One of the games I'm just checking the title because I know it's coming at super blood hockey. Remember we spoke about this very briefly. Look brilliant is a 16 bit hockey game. I think it's in about a week's time it's coming out on the switch. Have you seen this gym? No, I haven't and it's brutal. So basically


you can kill your opponents and they get in the middle of an ice hockey match and it's really like a lot of red pixels in the game.


But it looks great. It looks really really good and it's well worth checking out in about a week's time. I'm probably gonna buy this day one if I can afford to because it's it looks great. Yeah I'm on as well definitely buying that day one will have a game of that another game that I have to play with you guys at the moment which I played a lot of his mutant Football League or football Mutant League which we learned it by be hearing great things I played a bit of the the one player my own even if you're not an American football fan is brutal because you can kill people.


Absolutely. But anyway, so that those games you know does show you that you don't necessarily need to have 1000 modes for it to work interested to see if we do get this spiritual successor I would check that out.




would you check it out if the store was can't kill each other? Now


I'd be I


don't remember that being a motor the first one but you never know might have been rated


death snowboarding on the switch. Right next up we have some news on the physical release of wolf Einstein Youngblood know, I am quite excited about this, because this is the one that's coming out on the same day as the ps4 and the exponent, I think. Yes, yes, it is. So.


So there's a bit of rumor here that we're not going to get a cartridge, we're going to get a download code.


which kind of makes sense, depending on the size of the game, I guess. But I'm a little bit gutted about that.


Yeah, I think it's um, well, I mean, I know you're one especially for liking to have a giant physical collection of games. Yeah, I just imported Phoenix right from Japan had to pay import tax on it as well, because I didn't want it they loaded.


So you Yes, I am. But I'd almost be okay with the box, at least but I would prefer to have the cartridge


definitely for environmental point of view settings on the plastic box is one of the worst things anybody could ever do these days. Yeah, I really do that I mean, cartridge again, cartridge you can take it with you. You've got physical thing. From my cheapskate one vehicle flooded on our big I get it while you're thinking to sell you an empty box with a bit of paper that code in it.


Yeah, kind of with your can't really argue against it. Because, again, we know that plastic isn't is certainly not particularly good for the environment. So doing that on that basis without having a physical cartridge. And it seems a bit weird in 2019. But


actually, that's a good segue. But back in the 64 days and Super Nintendo days, everything came in cardboard boxes, right?


Yeah, why not come back to cardboard boxes. I mean, mine got very bashed up quite quickly.


That's a good thing. Because it means that people go out and buy more.


And the value is high of the ones that are in pristine. Exactly.


Maybe maybe foldable level style boxes.


Yeah. Well, we're going to talk about level in a moment. In fact, we've got lots and lots of news to get through today. So let's move on to the new section.


So I think we should start with level because we talked about this in our last episode, which is a couple of weeks ago, but we've got a kind of an advantage here. Because since we last spoke, I was in London and had the opportunity to play the Oculus Rift. Now we know that that is kind of the big daddy of the VR world. Right? So that's the one where it's got the the kind of top technology at the moment, and I have to see, it was amazing. It was genuinely good. And if I could afford to have a have what have an Oculus Rift alongside my switch for gaming, I will be set for life and you probably would never see me again. Very, very happy. But we are getting some VR. In fact, we've already got some with level and we know we've had this talk about Zelda and Mario Odyssey, but you've been playing lava VR. Tell us a little bit about it, James? Yes.


I went into the shop to get it because it was the same prices online. And I thought I might as well. Well suppose young. Yeah, I couldn't believe it. But I'm and they were like, Oh, yeah, we haven't actually put them on the shelves. Yeah, it's just out by got the starter kit. So you've got the camera. And you've got the blaster, and then a couple of other fun things that you can build. And yeah, as you say, it's not going to be anywhere near the top level of of VR, but it's good fun. Yeah, yeah, it's quite basic. I suppose it's aimed at young kids. But


no, it's just good fun. And how was it on because one of my problems is VR as motion sickness. So with the Oculus Rift, I didn't experience that because I think it's something to do with the points that they have to be able to recreate the room or something and they have two


sensors and things yeah,


so they have like the maximum amount going on your first draft as much as you can kind of do in VR so so with level obviously that's not going to be the case.


No, it's not but the way it says what did you


I just kicked something I should just say by the way that we're in a slightly different studio to normal because with Anton not being here as everybody knows that listens Anton is in Edinburgh, we're in Aberdeen, but Anton is over Skype so so because he's not here we've had to come into a different location that has three microphones,


things under the desk


well it's just because I'm not used to it and only stretch my legs




sorry, we were saying I'm very rudely interrupt here with a kick


Yes, there are I was finding myself getting motion sick but because you've got to hold the voc your head there's no head strap you just put away and everything's fine again. Like oh yeah, I'm still sitting on the sofa I'm not really in a spaceship shooting green alien things or whatever.


Or so let's say that would be great if you could do that for real but VR Yes, I mean it sounds sounds really good. And what was the what's the price point how much did you pay


on the starter pack which has the the camera the camera that VR goggles and the blaster was about 35 pounds. Okay then the whole kit which has everything which was like the bird and the wind pedal and the other things I can remember our I think it's about 70 pounds but I'm if you buy the starter kit, you can buy the other ones separately and it all works and at the same price.


Nice. Okay, and the other question I wanted to ask before I was to ask his questions I'm sure you might have some


Do I go


go go go? was when do we get shot?


meant to take it with me and forgot it?


Next time you know I might be an extra week before you're back on the podcast for that but we'll see


what I wanted was a Have you tried Zelda Mario yet? Not yet? I don't. So it's not out yet. No, I don't think so. They're not doing it in I want us to the 26th which would be right


yeah, Do you need anything else other than a copy of Zelda and love of VR to play it when it comes out? Or do we need like a special Zelda VR kit?


Not to my knowledge I think they just punching it straight in right Um, so yeah, I actually have sailed on the way you so it's not much use for this. But I've got obviously so I will be checking it out. Cool. And there's a


mountain across a desk room Yes. Who does of Zelda you can steal from a good point I was just about to say the same thing but you're still it?


Yeah. And makes usually like I'll let you borrow once I finish it and he's got a draft finished games


now I nicked is south Park's ticket wasn't stupid truth. It was a fractured bundle structure but




yes. I bought every just an opinion stealing your memory party or not told you this yet. But


I see. Actually, James is planning on stealing my South Park Fractured But Whole as well. But I told him you could have it when I'm finished. And I've been sitting in the last the last boss for the last three weeks and I've been playing something that's not deliberate. It's just that I there's so many last boss then he would you just need to play it. Anyway, we would need to play in 2020. So level VR and generally pretty good reviews people saying that. The really like a lot of people said it's the best level kit yet as well. Which is really really cool. Yeah,


yeah. I mean, yeah, it's it's nothing extraordinary. If you've played with Google Cardboard, it's probably slightly more advanced than that. It's entry level, but it's good fun for what it is. You're competing


with PlayStation VR, you can be disappointed. But yes, yeah, if you're not competing with that you see as a standalone thing. Pretty cool.


Looking for 35 pounds, you can't expect the 400 pound Oculus Rift, you know, and then a gaming PC on top of that, or whatever they run it. So you know, that's, that's realistic. So I'm looking forward to it. There's a couple of low other bits of info around the lab of VR. So apparently, there's an Easter egg in the video section where you can watch 3d gameplay of a Virtual Boy and Mario Golf. That sounds cool. I'm looking for so that's how I don't know. Yeah, well, it's there, apparently. So that's the level video section. On top of the mission


to have the editor open a bit that makes you feel sick.


Or on Virtual Boy.


Yeah, it was literally just great video, I don't want to watch that.


On top of the customer missions being added to Super Mario Odyssey. They'll also be adding a theater mode to allow you to you allow users to view cut scenes in VR as well. So you'll be able to look at some of the cut scenes in Oh, that's interesting 3d way which will be cool.


See, I wonder how that would work. I wonder if it's the whole thing you're watching it or whether it almost be like singing a cinema watching it on the screen in 3d cinema screen. Yeah, I wonder if the movie go that route? Because of the limitations of it? Perhaps I think so. But just if you're standing in the cut scene, it might be slightly odd. I don't know.


Right? We'll find out and we're going to try this before the next podcast, James, whether you like it or not,


one way or another. I


just very briefly, there was one other rumor that I should have pointed out which we can cut its kind of news because it's pretty much confirmed. But you know how we're getting this? Or Disney or launching this Netflix competitor called Disney plus? Yeah, basically, it's all the Disney stuff ever. And you subscribe to it. While the rumor is and it's a pretty strong reminded read some stuff about this, that it's coming to the switch shortly after lunch, which is cool, but just give me some Netflix, please. Yeah,


I agree. I hadn't realized it was just a rumor. I thought that was news I thought you'd actually noticed well could be wrong. It's just my impression of it.


There is a possibility that since that because these are some notes from Anton as well. So it could be that between us putting the notes together


and and I was like middle of the week, so I'm probably wrong. I just pretty sure it was




You know what I mean? It's cool. It's nice right? You can spray stuff coming Yeah, that comes and works Netflix might go Yeah, come on, because you know, they want to check their software on to every single device that they could possibly


I know I know a lot of people don't want the likes of Netflix and video streaming on the switch but I've got to say that YouTube is great on the switch and really well is really really good the screens great, it feels good. I know it's not as good as some phones that you get in terms of screen but it's it is a it's a good screen interface is really nice on the switch as well. It's easy to navigate. And also the other thing is what what I've been trying I've been doing a lot of traveling on planes and trains and automobiles and all the rest of it. And actually the switch is the one device I've always got So to be honest sometimes I just want to watch some Netflix and I copy watch got my forks it drains the battery really quickly and I need the phone because I've got an old success iPhone or something the battery goes number three seconds I don't you know I need it for people to follow me on so we really cool if we could just get some Netflix where do you guys stand on it?


I think it's a good idea I know that in the US they've got Hulu as well where do you live streaming but fans? That's it and i i don't really understand why there isn't more I mean we have Netflix on the week yeah yeah exactly. So I don't know I i can understand people saying we want it just for games but if you can download it do Yeah, exactly.


That's exactly it that's my opinion. I think it would be nice to have it there if you want it you can have it and I'm actually with him like if you're traveling and you're using your phone as your boarding pass and your wallet for itself and you're using phone constantly you don't want to risk draining it now having your switch as an extra extra back you can dream is actually required handy compelling thing to have Yeah, when you're out and about so yeah, both on there


and also the other thing as well as if you're traveling and if you're on a long train journey or long plane it's the opportunity to flick really quickly between one option the other you know you just come on your street in the menu one second you close it and you're into the other one is instead of having no baguette before and it's on it's on flight mode all that kind of stuff you know So


Eric Xu curiosity it's again it's attention when you're traveling when you switch Did you get any funding looks?


I get people watching me play that what watching me play the switch? Yeah, a couple of funny looks but not nothing like not


been amazed have not met certain place like London City Airport where you're filled with you know, business been being business people do business people do. And there's me sitting playing with switch know was back in Ireland,


the proper just wonder where my mom, my mom is in


both fields up, Mike is probably more vocal than you when he's playing games.


That may be why people are watching what he's doing. They're probably trying to avoid me.


I was actually playing on the on the plane at Glasgow airport the other week, flying to London, just at the weekend. And I went to Starbucks for once in my life, it was early for a flight which never happened. And I thought I guess Starbucks and I sat down and started playing it. And there was there was a couple of businessmen sitting next to me and I could see them kind of going, you know, swallow, you know, the exchange rate at the moment and sort of glancing over to see what


you've got a switch or you've got something that you you know what I'm talking about. And, and the other day when I was at the post office, I got a game important. In fact, it was Phoenix, right. And I had to come pay the the duty on it. And the guy really started looking post office guy and he was like, right, that'll be 12 quid or wherever it was. And he goes to me, by the way, what game is it? I'm really, really want to know, you're gonna have to put me at my misery.


That's great. So, you know, it's much more widespread than we thought. Absolutely. It's Yeah. And it's it's such an escapism when you're traveling. Last thing you want to do is think about traveling, you know,


exactly. Anyway, sorry. Back on the tangent back.


Where we


Okay, yeah, well, here to this is some big news. So Nintendo have released OS version eight. Now, there's a couple of big updates in this, which I think are quite cool. One of them we actually talked about, and I wasn't sure whether we were this was a thing yet or not. And Anton said it wasn't. Anyway, transfer your save data between consoles, that is now an official thing with the new OS on switch. And and I didn't think there was something obvious to do that. And sure enough, it looks like this is now an obvious thing. And I've seen it come up on the switch now. So that's great.


Yeah, it's really good. I mean, I think it is, it's sort of existed before but not really like a closing. been saved on the console. So that's that that


Yeah, so that's really cool. We've got a new zoom feature new icons, prevent working for D docking, which sounds like a good thing. I don't really know.


Basically, when you take your switch out the dark, the screen comes on. Yeah. You can just turn that off if you want.


All right, last quite good. Because sometimes you end up nudging buttons, because it's a touch screen. Yes. Again, it's a touch screen.


You ever don't have you ever actually, you know the adverts when they first sold switch? People were playing games and pretend approval to pick up the switch from the dark and walk we carry on playing it. Have you ever done that? even once? Yes, I


have you because there was something wanted to watch on TV. I see watch more have on in the background while I kept playing whatever I was playing. Yeah. So once I've never had a party with my switch on a balcony like they also


going to train a couple weeks ago starting to think about the road and I saw so wanted to pull my switch out and see who come play with me.


I didn't have the balls to do it. Nice thought that


we should maybe have on the show maybe be an app, which is switch friend finder when you're out and about where you can search for other switch users. I'd say what have you got and have a little chat icon and then


just reintroduce St. Pat's history?


Yes, yes. Yeah.


Yeah, absolutely.


Anyway, that's another 100 was a bit of a tangent VR, parental settings as well, sorting software options, and you regions, one of the software options that you can start, kind of because you bought you, you know, if you've got your games, once you've got 12 games, you can see view more. And you click on that, and it shows all your games is like a grid. Now you can start your games in that grid. So you can, you can sort it by most played our most are spent on it. That's cool. The problem is you can't see how many hours unless you go back out of it again, which is really annoying.


I still don't understand why there isn't a proper folders. Well, not folders, but just sort of activity log, I think is what they call it, the you know, the 3ds had it the way the way you had it, I probably spend more time than you would think just looking through it. I'll go, Oh, I played this game the most and things like that I do that I did enjoy looking through and just seeing how much time was spent.


And the problem is if you haven't played the game in a while, or if you played like 10 games since you played Zelda. And you go back to the how many hours you spent on Zelda, it doesn't show up. Exactly. It's only a certain amount of games. They'll go back in your backlog. And then if you put it in again, it'll pop, pop pop pop up again. But yeah, there's a couple of weird things on the switch that I think Come on where they're not using that. There must be reasons for


it. That makes perfect sense. Yeah, to a developer. But I just didn't tend to if someone said it to me like, Oh, it's because of this, but of course. Yeah, at the moment, baffled.


Yeah, me too. By the way, just very briefly on Reggie filler, me who's left Nintendo now. He has opened a Twitter account. So if you want to follow Him and find out what he's doing in his retirement, it's at Reggie. How did he get at Reggie? Reggie? Oh, that's what it says. One must have had Reggie. Can somebody verify that because somebody may be just gone or just tweet at Reggie and say, Hey, is this your account? I look Have a look for us out right while you're doing that. And I was


tweeting the words My body is ready


to open up a whole can of worms but I'll let you do that. And not me. Okay, so on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo has announced new costume DLC so 75 cents, which is probably gonna be the same and pants basic. Each including characters from Sonic and persona know the this this is the persona images that we've been seeing of Joker for a month right? Is this the same one? Or is this just cost you in packs for these up? are different stream packs for the me fighters? Okay, so I don't play smash as you can tell.


I don't know anything really about persona, but there's a cat looking one and Oh, yeah. The one that is round and has big eyes. Yeah, yeah. And then there's also knuckles. Really? Yes. Oh, ok.


That's a blast from the past. Yeah. Also Smash Bros. Is that an update? version three point O is out now. So if you've not played in a while, you might want to go and download that and check it out. Okay. Did anyone find out if it is ready Twitter? It is it is that Reggie? Yes.


Wow. Was it had that for a while? That could have been you?


Either that or they've paid someone called Reggie a lot of money. I mean,


if if Reggie was actually called Mike, and he came over to you, it was like, Can I have your Twitter handle? I'd say sure.


Exactly. My fee is this. You know,


I imagine the original Reggie must have been a big Nintendo fan and was


I'm a big Nintendo fan. But I still asked for


know, some more news for your free demo. Everybody loves some free stuff. And we have a free demo of box by and box girl. It's out now in the shop. Has any of you have either of you even played it yet?


Yes. I gave it a look. It's only a handful of levels is good fun. It's good introduction to what seems like it's going to be a very complicated and frustrating but also great puzzler in the end corner. Yeah.


My planning going home and downloading it because it didn't know that was there. But the video was made the game look brilliant. I want to go play it.


Yeah, I'm going to check it out as well. It's it's one that I noticed just after getting back and having a chance yet to do it. But I will definitely don't know that as well, especially since you've said it's


not bad. It kind of reminds me of, I guess pick cross in the sense that it's a very simple mechanic. But it can take you quite a bit of brainpower. Okay. And it's, it's challenging. It's so frustrating is probably not the right word. It's good fun.


Well, it's a good challenge. You've brilliantly segue that into my next topic. I think cross s3 has been announced for the switch. And it's coming out in four days time. So April the 25th. So we're recording on Sunday. So by the middle of the week, you'll be able to get that if you're up across fan. One interesting thing I always say you always think about across as being a kind of a throwaway title, but actually across and intend to have quite a big history cuz I was reading about some of the games back on the Gameboy. Some I think there was a Mario was Yeah, yeah, so. So actually, actually, it's a title that is kind of synonymous in terms of those kinds of sort of puzzle brain type games. It's one that we've seen for lots of years on Nintendo devices. So


yeah, I'm also slightly confused because I've always called it pick cross, or as you're calling it, the cross. I think I've been doing this wrong. My whole life


pit cross sounds like it's more likely than the cross. But if I've given it a new name that I apologize, and I also would like to trademark that pronunciation of just in case is one that no one's thought of, which I'm sure they have and debunked. Benny, we are your pie crust


just be pie


cross, let's go for a bike ride. So that's coming out in a few few days time. interesting news about the Nintendo Switch. It's been released now in China. And I see it's interesting because China, it, it tends in China, things tend to have that they tend to have their own version of things. So far the Nintendo Switch to be out there is, is first of all, it's a big deal. It takes a lot longer there because of you know, various difficulties that they have and getting stuff out in China. So that's really good. And a huge, huge audience as well. Who will now be listen to this podcast? Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, we could link into the into the music that I do. But that's a story for another day. But yes, I do have a little bit of experience out there. And whilst I would love that they would all be listening to our podcast, it would, it would put our numbers up by about 10,000,000,000% because there's so many people and it really good though, it's a great to see that the switch again, is, is being rolled out in in places I've actually got a friend from South Korea. And one of the funniest moments when I'm when we met actually in Beijing believer in our was that we were we added each other on Instagram, or any had a story up and as Instagram. And I thought Have a look. He was only sitting about a meter away from me. And I looked at the story and it was him in the hotel room that we're both were both sitting in the same hotel, he was in the different floor. And it was in his hotel room playing the switch. And I was like No way. This is probably six months after the switch came out or something and and we were both just we just got this huge conversation about what we were playing and what we were loving and what we weren't. And yeah, so it's it's universal, you know, awesome. Yeah, really like we like so the switch is now in China. So that's good news. What else have we got then? Oh, interesting. We were talking about weird rereleases. There's a game called 13 which is as a Ubisoft first person shooter you'll you'll recognize if you don't recognize the name, you'd recognize the artwork I think because it was first person shooter was on the ps3 Xbox. And it says your ps3 Xbox and ps3 better than that's right and it's now getting a remake on the Nintendo Switch.


Yeah, I was with your name do not ring a bell as soon as I brought up the artwork was like I remember that game. Yeah, really good fun. Yeah. highly stylized, and very good cartoony, you can have graphics look good fun. And we will check that out.


Yeah, I probably check out as well. It's an odd one to choose to re release and to remaster it up.


Yeah, I think so.


I suppose with with graphics like that, it'll be quite easy to to upgrade them I guess with a sale shaded. Look, it's not like they've gone. These human people we drew in the early 2000s don't look like people anymore because technology has moved on. Yes.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Well, there's another game that was on the I think it was the Game Cube cell damage HD. Which was like a kind of research type game and just noticed I didn't even know but it's being rereleased on the switch as well. And that's so gamer 15 years ago, kind of cel shaded type graphics and it looks great, you know, but it looked great then it's just that the style works you know does Yeah. So interesting. So that's another one that's that's coming I think that I see the day I think it did say that he will go with sad because I don't have so another few releases that we have from super rare games. Now I've mentioned them before because they are one of the brilliant companies that make their own sort of releases of switch games that you might not be able to get physically so they've announced their next batch of physical games. Let me know if you get any interest in these ones. I'll tell you which ones I am interested in to. We have Rive Is that how you pronounce it RV Ultimate Edition we've got Tokyo Tori Tori Tori Tori Tori Tori Tori in Tokyo


Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo


I can't remember so what were the games like


the dark side detective Earth lock and Wolverine blade now James any of those interest you physically?


I have heard of the Tokyo games Yes. I think I played one of them back in the days of we were when they


Yellow Bird. The really disturbing part is at the end of that game and I've got to I've got this game as well it's not spoiling anything but there's a bit of the we're talking Tory who's a bird is celebrating with a massive frying pan and lots of eggs frying and I'm thinking isn't that just like mass genocide


I like the darkness it's


very dark anyway, I picked up it was on sale the first game was on sale for a couple of quid just the other week but Tokyo Tori to the good actually quite like the game it's a it's a quite a tricky puzzler to be honest it's quite tricky. I think it gets more and more difficult as you go on but it's quite nice I think And finally for a couple of quid I don't regret that don't know but to I think it's different and to think so


I'm can remember I played it or not for I was going to play it and didn't but it might be different


so are there any of those games in that super rare games list that you are going to go over my tempted by that?


I haven't really I don't really know anything about the other


the dark side detect that was when I was gonna say that's what I'm going to go and get that look really interesting


is great. So I've completed that and it's if you like point and click games and you like really well written funny dialogue and that it's sort of it you play detective but it's it's it's an hour long chapters and there's six of them so roughly between an hour and two hours depending but it's really well paced it's really you know it's a it's a good fun game to play it's not too overly convoluted like some point and click games are and it's very very funny and actually the dark side detective tools on the way very soon as well right Yeah, that'd be want to check


out we told her dog say detectives a few weeks ago we


did Yeah, well I I just finished it maybe a month ago so that's the one I would say our slack i think is pointing click as well for remember overplayed I don't know much about but certainly will bleed is another one that's that people


say good things about it. So really cool name.


Yeah, I'm just thinking Marvel not gonna say which character




I know it's crazy. I close spider man that


is no phrase. I'm joking. Sniper Elite. version two remastered is coming to the switch. On May the 14th both East shop and physically for 2999. I've seen the videos and the trailers for this. I've never played it, but it looks quite cool. If you like sniping.


Yeah, I mean, some of the innovations are kind of cool. When you shoot for that goal, sort of an overview of the bullet and Google semi transparent you can see which organs like give hit. Yeah, I mean, it's kind of it's a big blue and gross. It kind of looks cool, but I probably won't pick it up




I've played one of them before and it's not my sort of game. But people say really good things about them. I guess if if people are into them, I imagine they'll be


picking this one. I think I'd probably wait for the sale. See if it can pick up for 10 or 2999. Seems like a lot. But I'm sure again, it's probably got a huge following of people who will say that we're absolutely wrong you to buy this day one. So


yeah, we're a bunch of morons.


Yeah, sure people agree. Okay, next up, we've got a new This is quite cool. And you horror game coming to the switch in 2019. We don't have a date yet from modest games, and they've announced a game called re mothered going porcelain. I love that title. That is


that is the title. That's creepy.


I've seen the trailer for that. I think I think if you go on to the new section on your switch, you know if you don't, don't to me, there's a trailer in there somewhere. Or I've certainly seen the trailer in the last week so I'm assuming it's there because that's usually where I see thing. And it looks good. loose, loose. Creepy don't know much about the game at all. But bring on the horrors.




I just what is this game about if you've seen the trailer?


I don't know. It just looks creepy.


Great, great consumer advisor. Yeah.


I haven't played it. It's not out yet on the switch. I haven't played it. I can tell you it looks creepy. It's probably going to come out in October 31 or something.


I need to go play Mario I'll just see. Nice makes me happy.


Okay, just me then. Okay, some news about Final Fantasy seven the switch ports.


Wait, wait, wait, we need to do a consumer device video or do you need to make jingle


Okay, okay. Hang on. Prem Sharma advantage, trick or advice?


That I think we should probably improve on that one final fantasy seven. switch port has a game breaking bug that was reported in the PC version nearly a year ago and nobody went and fixed


it can't believe they managed to bring over that bug. How did they manage to do that? Somebody needs a slap.


Somebody got too excited about releasing 17,000 Final Fantasies all the ones.


Oh, well. It's


if you're playing a game. It's not just you. Everybody else got the same bug too.


Yeah, well, and from what I hear, there's a lot of gaming in there anyway, so let's just hope it doesn't break your game when you're on our 78 or something. That would be horrible. Okay, the Castlevania Advent anniversary collection for the switch has a date. So this is good news is lot of good games in there. And it's May the 16th I'm kind of interested in this because I've never I remember that the Castlevania I always remembers the Gameboy one. The very first one on the Gameboy and at the time that I thought it was incredible because I've never seen a game quite like that on the Game Boys. So I would probably watch this one. See what the pricing is like either of you interested?


Yeah, I'm, I'm a big fan of games in this style. I don't know if I've ever actually played a Castlevania before though. I'm racking my brain and I don't think I have so um, yeah, I'm keen to see how it all started, I guess.


Yeah, certainly playing games in there for the money as well as a thing. I won't go through all the titles, but it's got several titles in there from the Castlevania collection. Alistair we be looking at that


I think I might do because I need to write the wrong from my childhood I had which one had one of the castle videos on the Nez and in my young days configured to get a pretty sure you pass the first level. I presume your levels and I got like 10 minutes of gameplay got stuck and never went back. So I need to go to right that wrong.


Right. That's one to check out then. And if you are in the mood for buying something new on the shop, there's a sale on right now. It's only a few days left. Actually it's been running since April the 11th. It's their blockbuster sale just give you a couple of highlights because there are actually some pretty real certainly in terms of online. These are reasonable prices couple of the wants to check out Skype rooms at 2499 Yes, I know it's Skype and you can pick up another consoles for Mario and rabbits Kingdom battle that that gets great reviewed is only such a good game 1499 right now and the amazing for that price. I think it's good value. And everything I've heard is that it's really, really good. So really,


I'm intrigued him Starling because down to 21 pounds in 2150 million that Yeah, I might go and gather know,


is it the standard? I might.


Yeah, just a standard one doesn't come with x wing type thing. It's not actually what's called a fox wing.


And this was the point where everything crashed on this week's episode of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. We didn't know we kept going. And I promise you that James did win the quiz to one I was also going to say keep an eye on the retail version of star link as well because you can pick up a really good deal on there too. And there were a couple of other bargains in this week sale that we mentioned. But that was about it. So until next week, apologies that we've missed the end of the quiz, but we'll be back on it and I promise we'll make sure that we record it next time. And until then, as Anton would say