Going For Gold - Episode 14

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This week, Anton, Al and Mike chat about the rumoured new versions of the Nintendo Switch, after the Wall Street Journal leaked some info that has everyone talking.

As well as that, there's loads of new game announcements, including a new Mario & Sonic at the Olympics title, Bulletstorm, Sega Ages classics and more Panic Button ports!  

We've got so much to talk about this week that it's one of our longest episodes yet, but we still found time for the quiz too!

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Hello and thank you for downloading Episode Number 14 of the Nintendo Switch to UK podcast we are back once again It feels like ages since we've been here because we didn't have a special during the week. It just means will be even more to talk about this week I Mike my mouth and tongue and we are back for all the latest switch news rumors and of course we've got the quiz. Now before we get started, just a quick refresh for those that are new to the podcast. First of all, thank you for joining us. There are a whole bunch of other episodes and a couple of specials in there. Which if you want to go back and have a listen to there's still a lot of relevant stuff in their particular the ninnies direct was just as we did a special on last week and you can get us on Twitter as well. Anton remind the people where we can we are at ns UK


podcasts at on Twitter. We're also on Facebook, and we've got a lovely website at an educated p.co.uk Yeah, and if you want to get hold of us by good old fashioned email, you can email podcast at and educate p.co.uk or send a self addressed stamped envelope. They come to us with some mail if you want any pictures that you draw us return worst case scenario, tie it up pigeon.


pigeon, that's probably a better idea. Or if you want to sign picture of our then, you know, tweet us and we can we can make that happen. It's not not too much of a problem. So, as well as that don't forget, we're on iTunes and where we grow Spotify. We're on Stitcher, but if you're on iTunes, if you can, if you do subscribe to us on iTunes, then if you can leave us a review that would be great. We we've mentioned this before, but we do this because we love the switch. We don't make any money from this. We do it because we just genuinely enjoy talking about the Nintendo Switch. And we do. And with that we have loads to talk about this week and we're going to do things a little bit Topsy


Recording to the Stranger Things upside down realm of the podcast.


On that I was watching a video of all the 80s references on Stranger Things, but we're talking about another podcast.


And we're going to flip this around and we're going to start this week with rumors so I


definitely so the big rumor of the week, The Wall Street Journal, which historically are really good with leaks and they're like appropriate journalism, I guess. So. You don't want to lie to us too much on our eyes will stop trusting them. So am Are any of his familiar if the Wall Street Journal leaks, I've just came out. And yet so basically what I figured out this week, and this is something that I've seen a lot of people speculating about on Twitter on the Nintendo Switch Facebook group, there's a big group or lots of people just talk nonsense. And one of the big things people have been talking about this week and I think this is what you're talking about, is this idea that we're going to see two new different types or iterations of the Nintendo Switch. So three different


cancels essentially the one we've got right now and to others is that what you're talking about Alistair? Yeah I mean we've been talking about this for ages and I You and I both been saying we don't want it we don't want it but we're going to get proved wrong early it's gonna come until What do you think yep so the situation as as Calif Wall Street Journal of course in age from supply chain and like developers to cross reference of what the count rumors are for these new console and so we've got to cancels we've got a 3ds slash to DS replacement apparently the idea behind the switch going forward it's they're mimicking the 3ds line up when it counts split off now the budget to DS and then they had like the practically 200 pumped new to 3ds XL. So we'll have a budget system to kill coincide with the two DS which will be kind of childproof drop pressure people for a window in itself sit together potential, my windows just


I'll test once we get when we win the lottery between now and that coming over there.


It was it was paid machine Yeah exactly. I was expensive one then and yeah so expensive one will just essentially be same camp as our cart switches touchable joy, Colin's adult, blah blah, blah blah blah.


And it will be apparently enhance like will have enhanced feature for pro video game players. And it's weird because we've had a euro gamer came along to verify these links and they're saying it's more like a free ds 3ds to new 3ds upgrades. Whereas I think the Wall Street Journal are saying it would be more similar to pro PlayStation four to a PlayStation proof sale upgrade, which is really interesting to see. Finally, enhance nonetheless. Well, so I've got a couple of things that I want to talk about here. First of all, I completely understand the idea of the budget version of the switch, the more robust it's portable only the looking at fees and at the 3ds to me, I completely agree that we are going to see that soon. I think that's going to happen. The Pro No. I don't know if either


You saw this but there was a leak this week from so not only a listing from our game store I think in possibly Australia I'm not sure and they listed Red Dead Redemption to with the switch logo in the corner. Now we know that Red Dead Redemption to is not coming to the switch as it is right now but what the speculation was was that this was going to be a launch title for the switch pro and up until that point I'd said to myself No I don't want anything to do with a switch pro I love my switch I want to keep it the same as it is for because I genuinely do love the switch and don't know if i do want this but if someone said by the way launch titles Red Dead Redemption to you can play all the games you've got currently without any problem you buy the new one you sell your old What am I pretended? You know what, as much as I've been banging on about how much I don't want one. And I've near I think nearly finished Red Dead Redemption finally on the PlayStation and that's not why I would get pro but weirdly, I was watching as a trailer of the what's called them


Final Fantasy seven a job. All Zodiac a zodiac, that's the one and they had side by side switch version and the PlayStation four version and the PlayStation four version just looked at so my little bit better and I thought if I could just switch a little bit better and yeah, I could not can now be possibly sweet get approved meaning maybe I think what might happen is if this does happen what I think will happen is it will persuade a lot of those people who have still held on to their PlayStation four xbox one because of those big titles to get rid and to be a Nintendo on the gamer so I can see it from that point of view it makes a lot of sense for Nintendo they're not in a position where it matters particularly to them. If one of the consoles doesn't sell as well as the other they're all right with that they're in a good situation generally, so I can understand why this might be a thing It surprises me somewhat. If they go for the pro I still see the budget one definitely happening. It seems I I have character for me for Nintendo to go for this pro version.


Simply because we've not seen them try to compete with that type of gaming title but the switch has shown that there's a hunger for those kind of games on a Nintendo console. So I'm kind of in two minds at the moment I don't want to use my switch for the next five years without changing it but if someone came along said we're getting a pro you can you can change it you know you can buy the new and get your as long as we can still play everything I've got currently, I think it almost be tempted until What do you think see account holder. The leaks of Caribbean pitch as we're going to be getting to new cancels more expensive on a cheaper one. At personally me, I think it's slice off case we're going to get a switch pro rata we're just going to have a new model of our current switch almost like a DS Lite some more and the pro features will be more and just making it a better console. So maybe a bigger screen that goes right up to the edges with federal Basil's and figure by halves maybe runs games natively on 10 eP 10 eight


On that tablet version, I think it's going to be less about having to software a breeze and just count polishing up the main hardware because I know there's leaks the Caliph don't leak, say, exploit said Volvo, the switch hardware, which could be changed with the hardware revision. So I think it'll be more suitable replacement to the current switch than a kind of split calve having three different models. And that's kind of where I'm at layer with that. Well, that's something I hadn't quite figured out from the room. Is this, is it three different models? Or do we think we've discontinued the current one and go to 200?


Because I haven't really managed to figure out from what I've read, I just don't think there's no I don't think we I think this is the thing a lot of people have said exactly what Anton said that this is going to be more about the actual physical form of the Pro, and the 10 ATP thing and all that. Some other people have speculated the know, we think they're going to do it. They're going to go for a different model of the switch where you can still play a previous stuff, but it's going to have you know, more space and more power to


To play PlayStation four type games are the top end of the PlayStation four again


well we already know the consoles more powerful than it is currently use it was somebody recently had hacked or switch and replaying it was Doom on it and the dimensional ramp up the power of the machine and it looks abs and graphically looks stunning here's the drain the battery quickly but the capabilities there so Nintendo made the thing but bigger they can be shot the battery do pretty easy fix, I think it could improve the frame rate on certain, you know games, they give them a bit more space to work with the three weeks that's one thing I do not with notice and some of the ports is sometimes the frame rates a bit dropping sort of you know, if it's running 30 for example, it doesn't have the same impact as it would on on a ps4. But I don't generally worry about these things and I don't I didn't even think about them until we heard this rumor. So this is this double edged sword of actually I was quite happy and know someone's gotten thrown up sort of you know something into the mix to say are you really happy? Are you content with what you have with us


Which or would you like an upgrade? Well it depends are they going to charge you 500 points will appear in which case know shove it


I'll probably still buy it. That's a problem. It is interesting and I think certainly the budget one for me makes a lot of sense. I think that is going to happen Did you see these actually happening in 2019 I won't lie it the budget version definitely the 3ds I think just recently had this eight year on the Ferris rate is getting a little bit longer to Harvard so sales but yeah, it doesn't make sense for Nintendo will keep on making 3ds games I don't think so. I think having a child pro switch just to invest in the ecosystem as a whole will be really beneficial and I think the way the rumors are shaping up because I remember they were initially form from this switch many and it will just be a smaller version. But kind of having the idea of a via sales handheld. seems quite appealing actually even just not for children, like I was thinking about was like having like a switch. I could actually like that in my pocket. because quite often, if I'm not carrying a bag, I'm like, I'll just leave


The switch today and I'll let take my Game Boy maker or something. Well, if they're going to do that, what I would like them to do is to make sure that you can transfer game saves easily. So like clone saving or something like that, because I think if you if they could do that, and this switch many was affordable, I could almost see a benefit in that as well where you know, if you're traveling a lot, for example, you don't want to take the main switch, because you know it is a is for both functions, the portable one bit more robust. I can kind of see where that makes sense. Yeah, weirdly, actually, I have more of a problem with the switch mini basic what class where you want to call it a moral problem with that one that he was approved Do you live when it comes back to what we've talked about in the past where a large part of the switches detachment icons, and it's just a core part of how that console functions, and if you got a little one was all going to keep if you can't deliver the joke hands off. That's killing off a hold of the games, you just physically can't play them. I've got a big issue with it. I mean, you'd have to think about the name, I mean, calling it a switch


where it doesn't have to switch from


is a bit weird but I know you mean I don't know though I think I can see though how it would make sense to streamline everything they've always done that Nintendo have always gone down that route streamline if you think back to the game by the biggest change the game by was the first one was the advanced because you were suddenly getting this new


new way of playing game by game needs to be slightly different didn't play the original game like put them in advance was the one in between as well. That was the color the color is the color first one Gameboy Game Boy Color Gameboy. So yeah, so the biggest one was the advanced because there were different games with the game by color obviously then there were games that were you know, specifically for the game by color. And I think some of them were like, you know, you can play them in both but it wasn't in color and the first one is that right I think there were any to cross it for the


other played the original. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


And there's a few like the black cartridge Jews were cross platform between both the yeah the Game Boy Color helper, and there was no cross platform between the Espinoza gameplay tolerant lease, so they've always kind of gone.


down this route, so it doesn't make sense they're going to do this one way or another, but it's whether they're doing the 3ds to DS thing, or whether they're doing the game by game boy advance Game Boy Color type thing where it is a slightly different, you know, you need to have a new type of cartridge for it. So the leaks given us an idea when we get to find this out or him 2019 we will be seeing both consoles. And I think an interesting thing to consider what the money is the fact that in Japan, you can base what she's with all docs, and like the joy Kong grip, like there's more seen as a handheld console, which is quite interesting. So and I think kind of over here, we can really value having a dedicated console. So who knows, it might just be a case this is maybe not really intended for our audience because I know with the 3ds after a while, they stopped doing monitors l versions in the West and even Europe. And because we kind of just more casually like, pick up on the culture and play it rather than taking it and putting on the train. So


Yeah maybe it's just more product intended for us which would be quite quite ashamed when we find only three


Well the thing is it's out there now this is the problem know that it's out there. I think if they weren't intending on talking about it and they were going to hold it back for a direct or something, then they might bring it forward to the three but there are rumors that we are going to be getting a direct in April I saw some more of these surfacing today on Twitter are quite a few people actively kind of seeing where we're getting an announcement very soon I mean we have we have rumors of


all the time it wouldn't surprise me him and that was what we thought the last year it was all for you on an April and they have been fairly frequent we haven't we've had three know this year or two and indeed yeah and then these in a Pokemon and and then the main ones so I wouldn't be surprised we do get another one in April. And they could even an end to their you know, they could you say you know what, before we go any further big news, you know, or do their thing at the end they normally do right by oh actually one more




Yeah, I think in terms of at least in many, I think it would make complete sense at least to maybe capitalized animals and coming up and Pokemon, because it's mainly lose two games where I could see them having a child version of this switch. That would be the games they would want it for. So I think maybe a summer release custom thing. Most Nintendo handles launcher, where's the pro? Maybe? seems more like a Christmas release? Like?


Yeah, I kind of feel the pro I will be quite happy with the Pro. If they do it in a year or two. I would too many games to play for a start before I start thinking of adding more to the collection that I've already pre ordered more. So let's not let's not do more. Otherwise, you know, we're going to have a switching Chand? Well, yeah, I mean, I'm glad to ask. I'm bad enough playing one game on the switch, let alone two. All right, one more rumor then that this is very interesting. Obviously we're going to get more and more about this as we go and we'll be talking about this loads but give us your thoughts anyone to anyway on Twitter or if you want to message us with what you think and whether you agree with


Our thoughts on it well we'll wait and see one of the other rumors this week is that model it's softer Xena blade fame national fairly high praise straight away they're hiring new technical artists programmers planners is basically hiring loads of people for what do we reckon? Yeah So apparently leave just chemo flower and say they're hiring for sales which has one quite curious and this is lead people into to chain the fall and I'm quite interested to see where you guys line up on this the first one as they're given assistance with the new meanings Zelda game and then secondary mainly close Nintendo has been very happy to give all their IPS especially the cell to one with to third parties Zelda games which is quite crazy that we're getting a counselors you know blades style Zelda game from monolith account. original title, were about to use field Do you think this is just given assistance, they've given a lot of assistance in the past with Animal Crossing and Skyward Sword and a bunch of alternatives.


Games however, everybody wants more games so


I personally think it probably is assistance to the next Zelda title. That's my instinct. I would love it if they're going to do Xena blade style Zelda type crossover type you know not necessarily a crossover in the style of Xena blade but with sell the elements I think that will be really cool. I don't see that oh, I think it's probably more of an assistance thing they're building for the next big Zelda title and they're just a small part of the of the operation I think my gut feeling is is a mini Zelda titles are enormous amount of time person time that goes into making these is just eye watering. I still can't get my head around the fact that they fit that Breath of the Wild the whole game on the Wii U without a problem. I mean, I know James, he was on the podcast completed it on the Wii U incidentally. Yeah, before he played the switch version and


and he said yet to be honest apart from a couple of slow downs, a couple of slides here and there and a couple of the loading see


We're a little slower and small things but nothing that you were really bothered about a run brilliantly so yeah the huge games so that's I'm with you I think that's what they're doing what do you think? Yeah I think if somebody assistance and the thing with the last breath while to sit really like we're expecting it to like sell a lot being a Zelda game hover really blew up expectations I think a normal Zelda games sex between like five to 7 million usually whereas this one sold block like 10 million in the first couple years somewhere around there so I think the scale of this next two games will be much larger and apparently I believe from interviews is going into Breath of the Wild stale so it's just going to be huge no matter what so and they're probably just couldn't anyone that can get to bring this next table game to switch I hope so the more the better the bigger the game the bats are so bring it on. Yeah, we love Zelda breakouts another one we do one other very quick rumor just regarding II three. So Nintendo have launched their new e 320.


19 website. We don't have dates yet, but there are rumors about when we think it's going to be. Yeah. So they count on their site. They can't give a vague estimation, we kind of had a, they're like, here's our teams line. And then we had the level of our team and then they just had a couple self Dolly then mainly like the tournament's and stuff. But yeah, it looks like that. So time frame, we're going for usual stuff, and it should be fun, at least Fingers crossed, will get some some hardware and it's gonna be fungus. This will be our first he free as a podcast. I know. We will bring on June and can't wait. I know we'll just have to not sleep for three days. Maybe there's anyone, if anyone wants to sponsor us to go over there and do it life. That would be that would be fabulous. You know where we are. Thank you very much. To give you an extra mention, you can come with us if you like in PR manager. All right then. So that's pretty much it for rumors. And I'm going to move on to this week's news. Hello.


So first of all, we have some new


A few fairly impressive releases. And I'm going to talk about Mario and Sonic because Anton, I want to bring this up because last week, or the week before, you said, I really want Mario and Sonic in the same game and I think you might have been referring to smash. You said, but I just don't want it to be that another Olympic game know that. We get an announcement this week. Oh, yeah. We've got to Marion Sonic the took he took 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, were you to say? Yeah, and we're also getting an arcade machine, which I don't get the idea of doing an arcade machine for this game. Seems kind of like putting an expiration date on their machines, which quite weird. Well, they have one for the last Olympics and they still have it because I saw one in Euro Disney. Last month. There's loads of arcade machines there and they still have one in one of the the arcade places. So I think certainly for other places in the world where people are still playing arcade machines. Yeah, if you have a family friendly places, it doesn't matter what so to date,


People will still played Yeah, exactly. I'm gonna go back and play virtue of racing or whatever from mid 90s if it was there so i think i think it's I can see it I can see it happening. And yeah the other final announcement as we've got just some PR side Sonic on his own on mobile, we've got Sonic how the 20 Olympic Games Just let


me say a licensing issue there then yeah board. But yeah, we've gone switch and I've never really been the biggest fan of these games by I like the idea of Nintendo and Sega playing nice because one day I do want my like Sonic can Mario going like an actual adventure and action platformer whatever. One day I can dream just when they're not trying to win gold medals for a change. Yeah, I'll stick them beat each other up a specialist for more fun for now. Yeah, well, I'll keep an eye on it because I do quite like traditionally Olympic type games so of old so I'm not having been in a long, long time. Maybe this is the so as some other gaming news and gaming releases interesting announcement this week.


We're getting blue storm and it's the the Duke of switch edition which I love bullet storm. It's a first person shooter. I've seen bits and pieces I think I might have at one point toyed with the idea of getting it when it was first released about five or six years ago.


And it's a bit of a polity though, right? Indeed. Yeah, it's like insane. You have webs weapons that can just like you follow the billet you can have a has like a little bit of extra account like Mortal Kombat. A sound very eccentric, clean mop. Sure, you can.


It's just insane. It's very much parity, it's got technical minute so you can get the tone they're going for. To me back to camp. I personally found it quite fun back on that 360 days. And over, it's a game you can find really cheap and every other platform, so I'm curious to see the sales of it. And that worries me. Because I think and this leads us into our next room or I think this is going to be the test bed or other two key properties.


Yeah, I think the price point is important in a very important again here so you can get


They get it for a similar kind of price point to Dragon's Dogma and black kind of release where it's kind of early to mid 20 pound kind of Mark 20 to 25 pounds. I think it'll do relatively well, because it's a kind of fun kind of title. And it's a first person shooter, which we lack. Yes. Which I'm intrigued to see him I don't know if you guys saw, but this week, Final Fantasy seven keynote, and it's priced amazingly reasonably. Yeah. Totally 1299 or something like that. Yeah, it's ridiculous realistic? Well, it's funny because I wasn't going to get it because although it's a classic game that everyone says you should play at once, because I had envisage the price being 25 pounds ish. Oh, yeah, I thought I heard another 3040. And I know it's a game that is on every system at some point, you know, it's quite well, quite easy to get hold of and other systems. The fact is on the switch the factors on the goal of the fact that you can, it's the version where you can speed that up the battles. That's one of the criticisms of the original game. The battles can be quite slow and the random so you never know what's going to happen. You can speed that


Got times three options so once you're into it I'm probably going to get it and and try and please play through it but just because everyone says you should do it once yeah Likewise I think I started at three times maybe four times in the past and never got telephone books we get distracted by I'm going to buy it in the switch and I'm excited to hear us report back because I won't lie I see the size of that game I'm just like I don't know if it's worth tackling so I'm excited to kind of hear your non the soldier IQ reviews all that


well, yeah, cuz I want to have that nostalgic for it because I haven't played it. I know, like the art style of the police station one. I think it's, they've done a good job of it. You know, it doesn't look that differently. And I know that some people complained to cut scenes they felt could have been cleaned up a bit more. But it's a bit it's authentic to the original. They've cleaned up the sprites of actual characters. Great, you know, and 12 odd pounds for hours and hours arguing and great, you know,


I was going to move on to some panic button news, but you mentioned this to key release, just


Remind me what that is Anton. Yeah, so it's very sadly yet our account rumors and speculation and our hopes and dreams, gearboxes and built a brand new version of Borderlands Borderlands two Borderlands pre sequel Yeah, and announced Borderlands free but sadly none of them have been announced for switch yet.


And yet


so conserves very we've got built storm by same developer slightly smaller IP. Do you think it's going to be the test bed? Or do you think just Borderlands is just gonna make a pass?


I think if there's going to be an April direct, I think that's when you find it. He, I mean, he did that was that was Assassin's Creed. Yes. But I think also, we could compare it to kind of the persona. rumors were we had these rumors and then they announced a new persona title or a new version of a persona title, no mention of the switch. So I just don't know I'm not I don't share your confidence, although I understand why.


You feel that that might happen. And I'm still holding out for the persona announcement at some point, but maybe you're right on. So maybe this is them putting up you know, dipping a toe in the water and seeing if it's going to sell well, because we haven't got that many games have you know any, we don't have any many first person shooters for a start. So it's quite a quite a big deal for a lot of switch users to have something that they can go to,


like bullet storms, so that'll be interesting.


I don't know. What's your thoughts on? Yeah, and I think was the fact there's so much Borderlands content like borderline to have like a bajillion DLC. We've got free borderline refreshed for Borderlands games there. They may want to choose a game franchise that only has one entry so they don't have to commit to like putting all of that content over at this normal a sale well, but as a real shame cause Borderlands two which makes such a great film. Yeah, it really would agree with you on that.


Let's move on to some panic button use panic button are the fantastic company who have done such a brilliant job and porting games to the switch already, like Skype Room they did Doom they also did more frame. And they're just really really good at putting games to the switch. They seem to have mastered it and good news. We're getting Wolfenstein Youngblood it's coming to the switch on the same day as the other consoles on July the 26. And that's quite big news. Yeah. And then it looks absolutely gorgeous, like, war frame and stuff. look great Doom lose game, but this was like an even higher level. So they're going to get into the level where they're mastering your craft. And it looks excellent. Do you see yourself picking this up at all? And possibly, yeah, I mean, it depends on my, the sort of getting through some of the other games. But yeah, it's a title that I would generally be interested in.


And I think it's an interesting point. Now that we're coming to what we're just over two years of the switch cycle and developers are starting to figure out how to


things work on the switch more so than they ever have a much much like you saw if you look at games in the cycle and most console's the games later on are generally you know, technically better. So we are getting to that stage says it is interesting that they're doing this one and on the same day is great news for switch users because it stops that question. Oh, where do I go and get the other version and then see if I really love it. I'll get on the switch. You're just going to go for the switch first day as long as there's not a huge difference if you're a switch player and that's great. Yeah, absolutely. I'm more or less bring more of these games over to to switch because I mean, isn't It's nice. feels like we're catching up a bit. Yeah, let's start already been an Xbox. And PlayStation for a while that was told was 2017 Yeah, so it feels like we're sort of playing a bit of catch up but it's nice to know we're now getting there and we are getting simultaneous releases. Yeah. So speaking of hope this is the other port that panic button are going to be working on and they're going to bring this the switch as well on Yeah, hope it's a quaint interest schemas on


Hello of the other games kind of been happy importing and it's kind of a more of a platform our adventure game matching can Ratchet and Clank meets relational CELTA it's gorgeous overs know your full realistic stuff that we're kind of still in panic button for finally bringing to switch so this one's got seemingly got some max opinion but I think it's a good game all around it's just not Warley what we're we're hoping from panic button what just happened shame well it's it's another one to add to it gets well reviewed so that's good news as well so we shall see now I'm going to run through a few of the other bits of releases and news and and sort of associated news to switch stuff this week just fairly briefly so get quick comment on each of them just so that we can fit in as much because there's a lot to get through. So first of all, Sega ages we're getting more classic Sega ages games on the switch that includes fancies on has a Glock hair battle Herzog's via can never pronounce that and I remember from the first time, puzzle and action


are actually


adobe of course


okay fair enough and wonder boy and once a month so basically we're getting a ton of other games from sega ages now these guys have done a really good job of recreating sonic for example and other titles on to the switch through the sega ages method which is the kind of independent game rather than buying the collection that you can get on the genesis collection for example they got a really good reputation and interestingly as well at the same time


we're getting a sega plug and play mega drive mini with 40 classic games and it's being handled by the cia agents team as well so i'll kind of sit sit together i know that slightly off from the switch but the fact that they are the switch sega team that do the individual games it's really interesting to see that they're getting very heavily invested in in these ports and it's going to be quite curious as when the unknown zynga entries they did promise we would do more than just mega drive master systems so it's gonna be obviously we've got this arcade version of


Virtual racing come along so let's just keep our fingers crossed and hopefully see Dreamcast games rolling around.


Please stay cool. That would be very cool. I mean, you know,


Dreamcast collection that will be nice if we could have some of the the big titles from there please that would be that would be lovely. The margin cascades the better. Yeah, you know being nice or there was some really cool new Sega and you say games new signal? Yeah, I mean, we're we're already nostalgia high here we all love nostalgia. All old games are great. But you know what new games? talking about?


Talking about new at Sega games. This one hasn't been announced for any console. It just sits in the ether somewhere and please on a magic console that we don't know. Right? He'll probably come to switch we've got tricks of reach for comments and come along. At looks really gorgeous. It's countable a cel shaded ourselves. When I first saw it was kind of like like can you mania this Sonic Mania sale. This by


looks quite nice. So if you are interested give a we look, there's some gameplay all that it seems very early access, but it seems like account game that would come along to switch. Yeah, I would say a switch seems like a good platform for that. And if it's not if they haven't thought about it and it's the first time they've ever thought about it hearing us talk about it then put on the switch. Yeah. Go do it right now. Great. I have a feeling they probably discuss that you never know. another bit of interesting news this week as well is about your Nintendo online. Now this is really into I've actually taken advantage of this. I don't know if you've seen it. But yeah, I've already taken advantage of it. And it works. You get, I think three months and then as long as you're still signed up, you get the other nine months with as you guys know, basically twitch prime if you're saying that you can claim up to 12 months of Nintendo online for free, and even stacks on top of your current subscription, which is what I've done. So I've added time already on to there. Great. Thank you for us, is that separate from Amazon Prime marks, I know Amazon owns twitch or if you're if you're


Completely with your amazon prime, if you have an Amazon Prime account, got it? Yeah, you basically sign up to this. And it doesn't cost you anything. As long as you've got prime, you'll get the extra Nintendo Switch subscription. You know what, that's the second time we've given a consumer advice on the show? Yeah, we should allow the consumer corner or something. Yeah, we need to consider record get somebody like a scientific kind of voice to do or you could do it. You could do that. I was trying to avoid, I guess, the most the most scientific of any of us, that's for sure. But yeah,


it's really good. And it's, it's a really good option to get some free time online. Use those names games, and, you know, play online games for free, basically. But I mean, you have to have amazon prime, go and check it out. Which prime is what you're doing. I can't remember the exact method of doing it because Google it, just Google it. Yeah. But as well with the In fact, will maybe see if we can tweak something about that as well at some point this week, just to help you out. But actually, you know what you bring it just because I feel like we could really bring it bring it? Yeah, I mean, I'll ask jeeves personally. Okay, so Nintendo and I selling


Nintendo level boxes to help you keep your toy icons in one place. Yeah, this is a weird one is just popped out of nowhere and are selling them at. There's so much level stuff I look at people who own it and they just have like a graveyard of level thing in their room somewhere. And that's worth a fortune one day, maybe Well, probably not because now it's all being slashed the prices coming down a level or the place. Yeah, all the big Amazon slashing the places I think Walmart Best Buy the most likely place or whatever. Yeah,


machine really at one dress. One interesting story I saw this week about level is that I saw that they're using level in classrooms, which I think is fantastic. And I'm we've talked about the educational side of the switch a few times on the show. And they're using it in classrooms as a kind of learning aids and they're doing really sort of, you know, engineering type things with young kids and it's partly working really, really well. Let's go you know, we need to go find a teacher to bring on the show here. Yes, yes. But yeah, we're talking with this up because of you know, any teachers out there who are doing this get in touch with us because we'd love to have him on the show. Yeah.


Absolutely interesting them. Okay so accessory maker hyper can they're releasing an N 64 inspired doc for the switch for 3999 I'm potentially in Yeah, I'm not buying a doctor for $2 and 64 I know I love the civil war but I've got a dog I don't need another one. Okay I'm not going to buy it for $40 but depends what it comes around in the UK but you know if you get it for 20 probably until I think this is kind of more so can future proofing for when we've got switch many that don't sell with Docs or


I want more dogs coming along I think if they did one that had like and what are they called the game to controller course built into them all in one solution. Maybe I think hey there's room for innovation there and I think we're only scratching the surface. The interesting it lights up that would be cool. I haven't read there's there's that hyper can dock the keynote and my writing is got charging only option. I can be


Remember I saw that in an article or any better and when one is that I think I guess once it's part of the account for us bc ports guests take taken up mainly for transferring all the data so I guess there's a ways to deliver more parts of the actual switch itself which makes me kind of think what's Nintendo doing there's there's common me I want all my English stealing some


Yeah, absolutely Well, we'll just have to wait and see if they do go down that route but it would you think it would make a lot of sense and it would certainly make money because people would definitely buy that there's no doubt about it. It would be beefed up your switch government Yeah. Now we've got a render of the Joker for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it's leaked at BestBuy Have you seen this? So this is now causing a lot of people to question whether or not we're going to be getting the Joe Carson Originally, we were expecting something round of all this time and we heard nothing and so do you. And as well as that the wording his camp change


The Nintendo site where I think before it was like the Joker's coming in a pro and those jokers coming adult adult, so some people are thinking, it's going to get delayed, some people are thinking we're going to be getting I'm real sin, or Kansas singing this count gray area. And do you think we'll be hearing more from the Smash team because we've got the big 3.0 update coming along. And


I've heard a lot of people chatting about potential the Smash direct start going over the characters and talking about the update and all that. I wonder if maybe the direct we're going to get in April will be targeted at two or three titles. Big title, so Animal Crossing, smash. Maybe that'll be it. I don't know, maybe one more, I don't know, maybe missing one, Pokemon or something. And maybe it'll be like that rather than a full directs. You know, maybe it's going to be more about these titles. Because I know we've been kind of waiting on stuff and there's been a few rumors.


I mean, bring that on to I'd like us to get a feel direct as well. Oh, yeah. I'd like to get another big direct just sick juicy in their fun. I'm pretty sure we'll get a big one. I think it'll be a full on direct


Little bit this time where they will probably say oh and by the way Joker's available nice know live cool yeah that may be interesting little keep an eye and I love I love the idea of this game is a game called graveyard to keep her coming to the switch which looks mad yeah are so essentially the idea behind it if you're familiar start to Valley and like Harvest Moon that tales yes it's essentially it wasn't a cat deals is the Forgot about Kathy cocktails is the game you play as a cat where it's a bit like Star do valley with your cat yeah I mean it's kind of a start up anyway sorry I'm sorry no no so yes we're getting triggered keeper which is basically rather and tending a garden you've attained your graveyard and you can't have to maintain things. I think they come up again and you have to like plant them and blah blah blah I'm not too sure in a dynamic but all I hear is like start doing badly on hard modes. And so


k star do Valley zombies is why would call it personally


sure there's some joke have fun in there I can't figure what is my yeah interesting I probably quite like that it's a game that I tough to


pick and choose when I bought it because it's the kind of game I think I once I got into it sink like I was in there was into management Cem style, so I probably won't get it straight away because I'm still not started started the valley or cocktails and so, so let's, let's get through those first. But yeah, it'd be interesting. Yeah,


I know a lot of people that have been playing it and on previous consoles and this really seem to love it the same people who have port, hundred thousand hours and two star do. So I think that's possibly where to start hover. It looks like a really solid game and the developers will put some, it seems like they put a lot of time into martial law. nuance in depth in there. Yeah, yeah, it looks really cool. Yacht Club games. They have been talking about this or there's been some rumors about this switch game they're going to have and it's cyber shadow. And I don't know much about this, but I think you quite like to look at this and so on. Yeah. So imagine so your cup


Claims they're your Shovel Knight guys they do the eight bit style just flawlessly and we've count their new game the second IP ever as a council ninja guide and sell game you can do some mad dashes for the label the account game mechanics seem really refined as it looks well worth a look and I think knowing not couple teams, they're going to support this game for years to come which for a single player game, especially for an indie as very excited to see so it's highly recommend checking out the trailer for cyber shuttle. Excellent good What's another one? Professor Layton in the Curious Village. We know that that is definitely happening now because is this G for F is this this company that have leaked it is the do a lot of kind of translation work to count the Asian markets. And they've count came out they leaked again they put the artwork on the website, they've got the icon for sweat. So pretty much a professional


You're a federal Professor loiter, you're letting yourself Yeah, yeah. The early ones I kind of lost interest as I went on. But I think as a puzzle game with a bit of a narrative in it, it's cool. Nice animations, particularly given the time that they were made on the DS and definitely worth it if it is kind of game that if you're sitting on a train, you don't want to kind of play anything this to action packed. And you want to use your brain a bit then it's it's a good title well worth a look.


I've ever played into the late in games. I'm intrigued by them. I think you'd like it because you kind of like, I could see us as a doc Sudoku kind of guy. I do enjoy good Sudoku. I do. Yeah. So they kind of appeal to me. I just I've never seen one. I'm aware of their existence. I know. They're supposed to be really good. Yeah, I have a funny feeling. If I played it, I will get suckered into it and you would never see me again. Yeah,


we mentioned this last week very briefly, but I do hope that they give us some sort of weird rubber ended stylists, so you can play the stylist


Can't get my head around not playing it was a finger to just do a sausage fingers you'd like finer than that anyway it doesn't matter. We'll talk about let's move on. Okay, Hyper Light Drifter we mentioned What a great title this is for a game a few weeks ago and it is a great title and I know that it gets reviewed as kiss really weird. It's getting an animated series. I'm all for that because we've got Castlevania definitely and the thing everybody talks about hyperlink drifter like one of the top things and everybody's things he likable is the art sales so just given me unadulterated animation of the Hyper Light Drifter our sale and it's called the producer of a hand Castlevania working on it what she's done like that was a well regarded series you have not seen it myself.


Sign me up. I don't even know what the games are built over. I just want to see that animation just on the big screen. It's can be lovely. Yeah, I think isn't great. How much of a crossover we're getting there with mainstream services like Netflix, for example, taking on video game titles. Really cool stuff as you've done it there and what they can do with animation another


The CGI type stuff these days. It's just it's so easy and it looks so amazing and


so easy for the people that are amazing. Yeah, that's basically what we're saying. Yeah, just by the way, just a recommendation for you have a budget title on the switch that you should check out which is it a beautiful art style. It was originally in the 3ds his gun man Clive Have either of you seen HD Collection. So it's about three pounds on the switch. And it's a platformer. And it's genuinely so well done. The art style is stunning and it has moments of almost like


oh, like panoramic kind of you change the view and you've got moments where you in a car like this is insane in Sonic to style where you're in the car and the caves. Always space audio is a moment where does your suddenly in space hot air. And then the rest of it, you're kind of this platforming kind of guy is it's really good. And it's a few quid ourselves really unusual but well worth playing. You get one and two together for as well as analyses. It's just a few


But we like the art style it looks like it just it's called government just basically looks like someone's drone it by hand and it looks mean it is. But it's like that when you play it is the controls are great. It's quite tricky I think. But then other people in line say Oh, it's far too easy unless you get to the hard mode I played it an easy you got through the first game and a couple of hours. But I want to play again and it's the kind of game I pick up the levels that about a minute long probably. So it's easy to play on the goal. And you can go to any level as well anytime so once you get by it's like a kind of the way to do in mobile gaming where you can go back a level to whatever you want to go It's a bit like that. And it came out on the 3ds I think the first one and you get the HD Collection. I think it's maybe 350 or three critical interest.


Yeah. Alright, moving on. Then couple of bits of news. Then we'll move on to the quiz. We're getting shanty five now i have i think it's the one the Pirates Curse. I think I have I got the limited edition box. And I've only played about five minutes of it and liked it. Just haven't


Right actually playing it nice animation style very kind of reminds me of like a Latin style in the 90s. Disney kind of drawn kind of idea. shanty five. Is that a new release?


Coming to Nintendo Switch? I don't know anything about it so I'm just throwing it over to you. Since you actually know Yeah.


Not Not a lot to be honest I bought it because there was a really good deal on it. It was a limited edition, switch release and I picked up for 20 or 15 quid or something.


And nice art style very well animated very well. Sort of, you know, it's not like the last game we're talking about gum line Clive is like hand drawn. This is more like computerized kind of high end almost like Disney esque type animation. It's cool. controls or I find it quite tough to be honest. But if there's a big following for the for the games in the series,


I think asters kind of do know we dig in just now on the fifth one perhaps I'm doing a bit of digging on the fifth one and actually last name, first name come across the senior Actually, it was


Who was originally intended to be an apple arcade subscription? And again, I'm guessing if they've opened up to the switch that's kind of cool. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I think the last one did reasonably well on the switches that release it and been on other systems before I didn't know a lot about it when I bought it. It's a weird one but it's one again to check out if you like automated platforms then then check it out. It's


it's definitely well reviewed it has a big following so it's one to have a look for awesome


alright state of play Did you any of you see the Sony state of play live streaming? actually give only watch and Wow, what a dry showing wasn't was no.


That's why I've heard from everybody that's reviewed. I didn't watch it. But people have said Wow, it makes the Nintendo Nintendo directs look like you know, the latest sort of exciting Hollywood blockbuster and comparison because it was just so dry. You can tell they're not committed to like you can tell that the account PSA access sell their account big deal. So it was just


Camp the leftovers it felt like it was not that base. The the biggest announcement was a an Iron Man VR, which was basically just a VR tech demo nothing too special and it was everybody was really hate to say falls in the in the Marvel SpiderMan series but yeah, not another great show and have you checked out our star? No, I haven't watched a PlayStation once in a while and I certainly haven't watched any of this. Is this the first day to end? This is the first time we've done this kind of thing. And it's a bit of a response to the Nintendo Direct right so, but they just they just didn't quite get an entertainment. Oh, yeah, but I mean tenders ones are cringing awful, horrible. But they're fun. Yes, but that they always are. But that doesn't actually matter. Because what they do is deliver what people want. Maybe not the games, but the style of it. The quick the fast paced game teams also bad with the PlayStation one. It was just a delivery was a mix of everything. Then obviously the main one was the games for just plants and a lot of stuff people


didn't really care about when a lot of detail like little details and stuff short shown that people just didn't really care about like they spent three minutes on crash plan to couldn't The only announcement was that they've got a ps1 skin and what just not really how you spend your time wow and then on top of that just the presentation was to put it like compare it to something It's like watching those corporate video shoot watch once you get a new job it was


any charm like know the reverse parking policy for Sony followed by the fire alarm procedure. You know, I actually wants voice one of those for no company.


You didn't know I did. Generally I think my voice is still used for the reverse parking policy company. I will we'll move on from that one. But the week just a quick bit of news that I spotted and meant to mention to you guys and you know, we're getting crushed. Yeah, we're getting levels from crash bash as well. In the game. Awesome. Yeah, so I spotted this this week.


They're integrating some of the stages from crash bash, as well as crushed him racing. So that's great news is more money more more content, more content for your money, and it's what we've kind of wanted Mario Kart disease more so


I'll be picking that one up on the sonic one because I love carton games and the great fun with friends. They are going to come right here and play it. Yeah, I thought you might say that. I'm really excited mainly for Sonic Personally, I think it'll be great. fanboys just know. And while we're kind of just throwing things out there and we chatted about this a lot. Assassin's Creed free plus liberation has a price on switch. Three pounds. I don't think that's that. Yeah, that's quite a reasonable deal. So if you're interested.


I've also pre ordered it physical for 30 pounds heavier. Yes. So you are getting fed up with Amazon as well. So I have also Oh, no. Again, oh, well, it's pre orders. I've also pre ordered Fiat


eBay because


is the easiest way to do it the Japanese version of the Ace Attorney Phoenix right so cool because it's they've got the English option in it so I wanted to visit I didn't want to buy it on Download only because I just prefer having the copies but the physical I think it was 20 pounds but then the the importance like nine pounds so it's still under 30 quid pretty good springs your wife doesn't here yeah


she knows this is amazing know it doesn't really really good


like setting and my watch battery because I saw it come up and I'm like that's a really good price for an important Yes, like Yeah, and that's that's the reason i thought you know what I know I like the games I wanted to play three, two and three. This is the way I'll do it. And there we are so cool. Yeah, I want to see it. And when you when you get it on camera into play, and if I'd like an invite to Yeah, it's a game. It's a game that you I won't put too much of in front of you because it is a kind of spoiler effect. If I do it, you need to play it, gentlemen.


mean it's like, All right, let's play the beginning. It's fine. All right. Okay, one more bit of news before the quiz. And this is Final Fantasy news we mentioned obviously everyone's talking about Final Fantasy seven this week, which has been fantastic. But we might be getting the MMO RPG is this high on Roman numerals I cannot remember is this


before you go any further, and then more PG, do you notice on score? Yes, it's multi. No, no, no, it was against massively multiplayer.


I know what I just can't remember the acronym. Yes. Oh, wow. Well done. button to back a long day for my guest. Has the culture and you dismiss this is a good point. Anyway, tell us until currently, they weren't considering doing multi platform versions. It's currently only available on ps4 and PC and it's cross platform between the both came out or good while ago now I think early ps3 life. But yeah, thanks the advent of online and there's no considering doing mobile


Clear motor Molly platform versions of the title including Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And producer of the game is apparently discussion, chatting with them with the two main platform console platforms to see if that's something they can do. Cause apparently for them having cross play, multiplayer is essential to having it. So be interesting. I've never I don't really see myself playing an animal on the switch about yourself. Do you think you would skip this ugly? give this a go?


Good definitely crossed my mind to play an MMO on the switch. And I'm thinking would I play it? Isn't there? Isn't there a free one that you can? There's probably a couple of them I'm guessing.


I'm sure there's a frequency or something or is that yeah, that's that's weird. that's


a that's a few in the past on PC. I mean, I played things like Star Wars one that was it for that one and I played a little bit Warcraft and partner world. So I played a few of these animals and I don't know if I just go a bit bored. They got solar panel.


Of that, I think it's going to give up on them as a concept. And so I'm not that excited about coming to the switcher but I have never actually played Final Fantasy 14 it might be amazing and also if you are going to play one I would have thought the switches the way to get those hours in because wherever Yeah, WiFi connection well yeah but you have just thinking like you know lying in bed or whatever instead of reading a book and doing the sensible thing let's move about this loose to talk about goodness me this week. This is this has been a there's been an awful lot to cram in but we are so many thoughts are they actually switch pro? Dragon way stick in SIM card? No, I've never thought about


the field they had like two different models of the via when that came out. And I feel like that was like proof orientated console so it's I could see it and


make a lot of sense because it really adds a Nintendo on the go. Why wouldn't you do it? Yeah.


Nintendo's quite keen on the idea


you're pursuing everybody has a form so they might expect people to just tell her and


there's a lot of forms don't work and as far as a lot of networks Don't let me let you try Yeah, I couldn't get my switch tethering properly when I tried. I did another time managed to do it. But yeah, I don't know. Great show though. will give a nice very good very good prediction mystic Meg Dallas there. Okay, let's move on to the way is




I'm not even going to go through the rules because we only had to play if you don't know by now. You'll easily figure out by the time we start playing. So three games game number one. Are we ready? Let's do this. Okay, this was a game that was originally released in 2007 for the Xbox 360. yellow, yellow free. No, no, no. Okay. The games


takes place in the year 2183.


watchdogs years of war


No, I know


this was planned as the first chapter of a trilogy.


Oh, interesting


huh? I'm thinking like a man or something. Okay at the game received critical acclaim from video game publications, so more than one and a half million copies by January 2008. And critics praise the games interactive storytelling and cinematic design, but criticize it's unbalanced combat mechanics and poor AI. Mass Effect.


Well done it is. JACK Graham. Good cold. Yes. Excellent one nil to Anton. And by the way, good. That was that was well spotted. There was a tough one. All right, next up. This game was an action driving video game developed by a reflection


interactive and published by gt interactive software for the police station


called McCreery rally driver.


That's the quickest one you ever thought I was gonna go on to say it was released in 1999. I think I owned a driver. I did I think every one day they were really kind of cover. I was like the red is trying to move if you


know. Yeah, there's Yeah, that ran on a PlayStation one. Oh my god. It was insane. Right. They do some really cool stuff by then. Yeah, I mean, they really really did. There is. I mean, the reviews that time were all sorts of, you know, eight and a half nine at 10. That kind of thing. Just remember the very beginning of that game. We had to learn to drive in a car Garagiola. Nice. That's right.


So hard. It was difficult. Yeah, I really I was right on the cusp of things changing in video games. I think it was a big change, right. I think GTA


Three when we got gt three and the PS two that was the moment for me that I went or video games have changed everything that was the game I remember the change of that game having more impact on me than anything since Sonic one Mega Drive yeah that and there was one called ethical get


the whole of London Yes How was just phenomenal that was when things was like another turning point in the day. All right then the third game then. So it's two minutes ancestors and action role playing hack and slash video game developed by Capcom for the ps3 and Xbox 360 and 2012.




calm. I can tell you, I guess. Devil May Cry slaughterhouse


know there was a Japan exclusive massive multiplayer online role playing game


which is


titled the same title but then had online at the end of and that was released in 2015 interesting


Still still don't blame her. Yeah


nothing's coming to me okay? No Okay although the game doesn't feature direct multiplayer mode the develop developers have revealed the players can compete online with a synchronous encounters called events via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network souls.


It's not that know the concept was an initial concept was an RPG title.


And then the same people that worked on this worked in the likes of Devil May Cry to Devil May Cry for and this game is also going to be released on the switch this year.




here I just scan through 13 episodes will then test to see what other games we've chatted out.


Oh, I've got nothing.


Yeah, I feel like a real bark right now. Okay, I'm trying to think of another clue that can give you that doesn't actually give it away. Okay, um, we this


Okay, okay reception was was good generally, particularly from users of the game reviews we're still good to rustled seminary at 10 but users really really liked it. And a lot of people this year have said that they are very excited about this coming out and I have pre ordered it


Okay, Alex Are you can do this well Capcom games are coming to sweatshirt


I know I definitely want to pick up my phone and go on Google this but I'm not gonna do that. This is this is painful. People are screaming as


if I can give you a better clue to help this. Okay, let me see


you and give you a better one. All right, then it's set in the high fantasy world of grand sis. The player takes on the role of a human protagonist dub the arisen on a quest to defeat




I can't tell you what that is because we couldn't nothing that played because none of those names are familiar Is that something is a being set to Harold The World's End. The World's End?


Yeah, well the end of those. Yeah, I was just thinking of the game. No,


no, no, I guess No, no.


The gameplay focuses on the arisen a customizable avatar exploring grand says completing quests and fighting monsters in real time combat. We're not going to get


everybody out there


is a Dragon's Dogma.


People were screaming I'm sorry to anybody who's listening.




Come on, give us some concepts like Well, you know what, I'm gonna have to give that as a three nil whitewash. That was an absolute way. Well.


Very impressive.


All right, I'm gonna lick my wounds. Yes.


asleep I think once again, thank


you very much for listening as we will be back next week will no doubt they'll be some big breaking news again tomorrow that will have just missed but we'll focus on that next week for until then though, you can message us you can tweet us you can. You can send us a pigeon, pigeon


message attached to a business. If you want to tweet us we're on Twitter and it's ns UK p on Twitter podcast@t.co.uk. For an email here we've got a website at an issue keep p.co.uk Yes, and we're on iTunes and download and subscribe and sorry, it's been a long thing. We're not on a CB radio. We can't You can't get us in there. Kenya. I breaker breaker. I think if you turn into channel 99, you remember so anyway, listen, I know we'd be slightly longer this this week. But hopefully you agree there's been a lot to cram in and we will be back next week. Thank you very much for listening. And goodbye Cheerio bar, blah.