Who You Gonna Call? Us! - Episode 21

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Mike, Anton and Al are back to discuss this week's biggest Nintendo Switch news including that surprising but welcome announcement that we are getting a remastered version of Ghostbusters!

We've got news of new releases, rumours, Labo VR, Pokemon predictions and much, much more.  Plus, the quiz is back and Anton is once again taking on the role of quizmaster! Can Al pick up a point or two?

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Mike Macdermid 0:13

Hello, and thank you for downloading Episode Number 21 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. This is our very special 21st birthday because it's a 24 steps so not 21 years we haven't been doing it for 21 years. Although the way the switches going wouldn't even surprise me if we're still talking about the switch in 21 years that will be mightily brilliant if we were there. Just a reminder that you can get us online. We have a website which was done by our very own Anton it's ns Uk p.co. UK, you can email us at what's the email address L is podcast at ns Uk p.co. UK, which kind of makes sense. You can also get us on iTunes, you can subscribe there. We're on Spotify, we're on Stitcher, and we're on Twitter, and we're fairly active on Twitter. And just a quick shout out. And thanks to everyone who does messages on Twitter, we do try and reply. And the other thing we try and do is remember to put in brackets who's actually talking because it gets really confusing because sometimes Anton will reply and be like, Oh, yeah, I played that. And then I'll reply and go, I've never played that. And it looks like we're just mad because it's two different people.

Al Struthers 1:10

But personality disorder.

Mike Macdermid 1:12

That's exactly but it's not it is the two of us usually are you don't do Twitter, but we're I don't do what's that exactly. what's what's up. That's another thing. So we're, we're gonna, we're going to try and keep it as interactive as possible, we do really appreciate it. So thank you very much to everyone who does interact.

Al Struthers 1:28

And we would love it. If you could leave us a review on whichever podcast your podcast catcher you use, particularly iTunes, because I think the last one we got was in March and it was lovely. They're all lovely. But yeah, we'd love to have some more. So please leave us a review on iTunes.

Mike Macdermid 1:43

So I think we should start with this week's news.

Now, first of all, we've got lots to talk about, because there is going to be a direct this week, specifically for Pokemon. And we're going to talk about that I promise you because there has been some quite a lot of us actually Pokemon related. But before we do that, purely because I want to talk about this first and I don't care what you say.

This is where you suck.

We're getting Tim and char Exactly. We're getting Ghostbusters, the video game the 2009 game is coming to the switch later this year. Yes,

Anton Winters 2:17

yeah, maybe this one was weird. I came out of nowhere because I remember the game coming out and I didn't remember it blowing up and then I'll tweet about it on Twitter and then everybody's like, Oh my god, I'm like, is this a really credible game? need to be playing or What was this? You've played it out, haven't you? I have I played it. I completed it. I it was such a good game. But I have I have massive Ghostbusters love and nostalgia and it is when they made it. The guys behind it worked with all the original crew and they basically made the next Ghostbusters movie. It is a movie that you plays a game that is true too old make Ghostbusters. Great. And

Mike Macdermid 2:52

we're talking about the original cast from the movies from the 80s Yeah,

Al Struthers 2:56

the old one. Brilliant, just ancient fantastic piece of art that was Ghostbusters wanting to

Mike Macdermid 3:03

and here's the weird thing because there are two dwellers three different versions of this game that came out so there was the version that you'd have played on the PlayStation three Yeah, on the We Are The Wii U i don't remember I think it might be the way you but they did a slut no must have been the we did it a slightly different version of it, which was more animated. So it's the same game. But instead of the kind of real sort of real life kind of animation to do. It looks much more like the Real Ghostbusters the cartoon instead. Wow, I did not Yeah, it's a slightly different version. It's the same game essentially same story, all the rest of it but the and the look of it is very, very different. So have a look if you get a chance. And then on the 3ds there's a kind of top down version, which wasn't quite as good as the others but the they're actually both really good experiences in their own right is what I found out this week. I haven't played either of them properly. But I will be buying it on Yeah,

Al Struthers 3:50

I urge everybody go out and buy that game because the story was so much fun than Stella factor was just right through the roof. It was just a blast. And I let's

Mike Macdermid 3:58

face it the switches the perfect place to play Anton

Anton Winters 4:02

Yeah, you know, again, it's I really think like the Nintendo Switch is just the perfect console for getting all these free 60 ps3 games. I've never heard too much about this game. But Nova is on the handheld, I can play it anywhere I want. I'm working to give it another goal rather than just picking up dust the name PEX box very sexy title, so you see more games coming.

Mike Macdermid 4:24

And speaking of nostalgia this week, I've been playing Assassin's Creed three, which we talked about last week. I've also started my Phoenix right as Attorney journey again for the seventh time. But I'm going to play through it so that I completed the other other games in the CDs that because I only ever really finished as Attorney so I started an Ace Attorney. And it's perfect for the switch. By the way, it is so perfect because it's the first game where have actually started using the touchscreen regularly even though you don't need to. And it's just because you can skip the text. So it does that thing in text games, which you probably remember if you played it where it's screen rolls along and it goes ding anything anything getting any like that old school school, but if you press the button, it will get to the end of the sentence much quicker. And so if you're like me, sometimes you just just get through this a bit quicker. So you press the button. If you're impatient, if you're impatient, you press the text the the screen and it does it just as quick as pressing the button if you're lying in bed and let's say for example, there's someone else that sleeping it's perfect because you don't have to make any noise because you can press the screen and there's a lot quieter than pressing the button. So from that point of view is great, but also it just fits really well as great on handheld I haven't played on the big screen so I don't really feel a need to so I'm kind of alternating between the two of those scenes through the third there's another one I will start soon but again it's that that kind of generation of game that there's all getting a new lease of life on a on a different platform that makes it so much more accessible Anton Have you had a chance to play any switch this week? Or is it all be mine?

Anton Winters 5:54

I've been offline I haven't had a chance to play it but I think that interesting how you're talking about just at night trying not to wake up Nintendo Switch the vibration Moore's in that thing here that I know it's played quietly in your switches like the HD rumble they should just have a silent mode that lets the future right there.

Mike Macdermid 6:12

Yeah, I think I mean a lot of games there is the and I know this from experience there's a way to turn off rumble in a lot of games but not every game and I don't think Phoenix right has a lot going on in the HTC rumble tomorrow. So that's great, really good game. Assassin's Creed is a nightmare and you know why that is it's not even the rumble it's the loading screens in between is a bright white flash on the light side of the whole room and probably the neighbor's house and I'm playing portable so that's a nightmare to play at night so that's why I thought have to have a couple games on the go at the moment I'll start you finished Red Dead we know that what of what have you had a chance to play this week if anything

Al Struthers 6:46

I'm wondering like I've been playing some link but because I keep just turning the switch on I never see the name of the game and it is driving me crazy I've been looking I just I'm trying to get my knees in the one you downloaded

Mike Macdermid 6:55

last week yes oh

Al Struthers 6:57

Juliet or something like that but it wasn't Juliet No, it's the one

Mike Macdermid 7:00

that I would violence at 9pm piano store and now she's really good is it really joy you thought about that?

Al Struthers 7:07

Busy appointing click?

Yeah, okay never gonna point and click and is good one yeah,

Mike Macdermid 7:11

that's my story. That's that's Yeah, that's what you want from a pointing click really it's all about the story but so that's that's kind of where I'm at with it this week as interesting you've been playing that might check that out there's quite a big sale on at the moment as well if you if you do actually want to find something new check out the sale there are few games there that I kind of wish I didn't have a huge backlog of games because I'm like I want to get that I can't get that Anton Have you spotted any Yeah,

Anton Winters 7:36

yeah, they've got tons of developer digital stuff and I'm Kevin the same boys yourself I'm just like on really white play like like we've got that bro force game I'm like Oh, that looks like tons of fun male slug but I just so many games have any of us played brute force because it's one

Mike Macdermid 7:51

we both have I played in four player mode and five

Al Struthers 7:54

guys there Yeah, it was that was so much fun. It's a great

Mike Macdermid 7:57

game and again that's one that I looked at i thought you know what perfect but I need to have a games night coming up to justify it it's a bit like the chat box games to have something in mind to justify it because it's still what's equal or something which is which is fine. I'm happy to pay that for brute force because it's a really good fun game. But it's just making sure that you know it's not going to sit there and alive you're like half my other games do and do nothing You know, so yeah,

Al Struthers 8:21

but we can recommend bro force it is a little laugh My only problem is I couldn't keep track of who I wasn't the screen.

Mike Macdermid 8:27

Yeah, yeah. Don't play in handheld

unboxing the one game for me that if it does come on sale. I will. I'll just have to bite is firewall. I think a fire watch is on sale at any point because it was on the American silver not the UK one a few months ago. If that goes on sale. I've got no hope I just got added to the collection. I'm afraid

Al Struthers 8:46

Yeah, do it. No one's gonna judge you for it. Greg.

Mike Macdermid 8:49

Yeah, I'm definitely into that. All right then. So there we are. Then we are getting the Ghostbusters game very similar to have a date yet do we?

Anton Winters 8:57

Later this year, I believe. Okay, hormonal name price.

Mike Macdermid 9:02

The price is going to be the interesting thing as well, isn't it? I mean, I wonder how much they're gonna go

Al Struthers 9:05

along. Pretty much sure it's gonna come out at 49 it's no I

Mike Macdermid 9:08

think it'd be 29 I think like Assassin's Creed three was 2999 so I think about 2999 which is still a bit expensive, but I'll probably still buy it eventually. Anyway, let's move on to Pokemon because on Wednesday at 2pm we have a Pokemon direct and we were talking about this Anton that none of us are that up to date with the Pokemon franchise other than I play pokemon go You are a kind of a fan of the classics Alistair Anton you sit somewhere in between all that I've put

Anton Winters 9:36

I've watched the movie and I guess played Pokemon goals or very casual but it's just pop culture at this point and we had our let we believe it was like investor summit or something like that where they just came out and showed off a bunch of not Pokemon shield stuff but camp other stuff that's going on and they do keep themselves busy if any of us heritable all these new announcements they'd be making

Mike Macdermid 9:58

yes so what we're planning to do just briefly as the Emily who is on the podcast semi regularly is a big Pokemon fan and knows a lot more about Pokemon than we all know combined probably and we're going to see if we can maybe do something after the the directs on Wednesday so keep an eye out for that if we can if we can get that together that could be quite interesting because I'm quite I'm genuinely interested to know more because I am have got a bit of an interest and what they do next because it's a game that I've always wanted to go back to since the original ones and I think you're kind of in the same boat

Al Struthers 10:29

very much so I'm really looking forward to sword and shield because I think I played Emerald briefly. I didn't really get into probably, but the last one I really played in any great depth was that red, which is generation one. Yeah, so I loved it. And I did Pokemon GO as well you but I'm I'm really excited about one on the switch. So yeah, I'm trying to see what I'm looking.

Mike Macdermid 10:47

Well let me run smart. Yeah, absolutely. We should maybe give us a bit of a background on what everything is what it's all about, especially post direct. What I'll do is Anton I'll go through the news and then we can kind of break it down. So Pokemon. Pokemon home is coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile Pokemon Masters created by DNA, that Dina yet Dina they may run into OK, OK, so the mobile guys will feature trainers featured in past the main line guides coming late 2019 Pokemon sleep is a game in which sleep will impact gameplay. This works in conjunction with a new Pokemon GO plus plus can be 20. To add to that you develop a stutter. That is what it's called.

Al Struthers 11:29

Last name ever and

Mike Macdermid 11:30

Pokemon shirts program will be coming to the UFC or the US and Europe that's a lot of Pokemon news Anton

Anton Winters 11:37

Oh, definitely. And I guess I mean, one for us on Nintendo Switch podcast is Pokemon home, which will be really exciting because it will be a central hub for having all your Pokemon and transform them from shield to golds, the 3ds games, and vice versa. So that's having an app on the switch and on mobile. And I guess Pokemon sleep is more so on the Pokemon GO sites, I don't know how much that rest of your spot and essentially, the more you sleep and you get rewarded Pokemon, which is kind of interesting. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 12:08

Well, is it is it that problem with Pokemon GO that if you remain inactive for a while, and then you come back to the game, you're a little bit out of touch with it. And I think that was the thing with Pokemon GO the star everyone was all in. And then people faded away and other people kept going. And then to get back into is a bit of a curve. And I wonder if this is more an incentive of saying you know what, if you drop out for six months, don't worry, there's a way back in

Al Struthers 12:31

maybe it's maybe a very clever way to get people back in again, as young as you might be. Right? That just the whole concept of being rewarded to effectively not be doing anything. It's just weird. I don't get it. I

Mike Macdermid 12:42

like it. I like that. That sounds good to me. What's Pokemon shirts?

Anton Winters 12:47

Oh, that's a really unique thing. It's essentially a really a whole line of I think 152 different shirts, like all for the original Pokemon. And they've all got really subtle designs, like just tiny molds to Pokemon so it's kind of if you wanted to Pokemon marriage, which wasn't in your face about and it got one for every single Pokemon they currently had to in Japan, and they look really nice. Like you wouldn't expect it to be Pokemon from afar, but you get up close and see like the patterns and textures. It's like, Oh, that's like

Al Struthers 13:19

to wait. Mr. Mike,

Mike Macdermid 13:21

did you can you? Did they have like human size shirts? Or is it just for your characters within Pokemon?

Anton Winters 13:27

Oh, no, it's a it's real life human.

Mike Macdermid 13:30

Right? Hey, I'm trying to figure out my head like so. So basically all the characters within the game you can get a shirt that that relates to the cat are the characters that they have. And you can get a shirt that relates to it, but this the designs are kind of cool and a bit subtle. That sounds cool. That's

Anton Winters 13:45

Pokemon. What were you gonna say?

Al Struthers 13:47

I think they can imagine gonna have a huge stash of shirts have a lot of the Pokemon that no one's gonna buy me some that everyone will buy? And there's some real obscure rubbish ones like audition or something. Nobody's gonna buy a really random Pokemon shirt. Well, I wouldn't

Mike Macdermid 14:00

I would say I'm far too cool to buy a Pokemon shirt. I am sitting here with a Mario t shirt on while we do the podcast so

Al Struthers 14:06

I bet you bet you play off you of course I can't really talk about it.

Mike Macdermid 14:10

Yeah, I'm quite interested in what they do. What is the prediction for Wednesday because

they're not just told us everything

Anton Winters 14:17

I think is just sword and shield they've left and I think this was just like clear of all the other news the belt up in a bog down the camp director. But yeah, it was going to be exciting for it because camp and symbol is yourself so I'm really excited to see what they do is sort of sealed the switch just like a great console if you've kept not been keeping up with Nintendo to jump in and try new franchisee so I'm excited to give it a go. Excellent.

Mike Macdermid 14:40

Well, you're more that will be one to keep an eye on and we will look to to chat about that after Wednesday's direct remember, it's 2pm on Wednesday, UK time that is the fifth of June. So perhaps by the time you listen to this in may have already happened. But we'll try and follow up with a with a kind of mini review of that afterwards. And let's move on to some other news if you our fan of Capcom action. We've got some good news Anton

Anton Winters 15:04

Yes, we've got the concept contract collection and following up on the Castlevania collection. And it looks good. We've got a contrast super contrast contrasts. Super see which is surprisingly a different game from Super contrast. Contrast free alien wars contra hardcourts, which That one's a really good I believe that was on the Megatron if you've never played that one. Okay, we've got protectors and super protectors and alien rebels. Boom. So we've got tons of contras. And if you've never played it, they're really fun. Really hard. It will destroy your soul. Yeah, yeah, this looks like a good way again, because I believe the Castlevania collections, not too badly praise, like 18 pounds or something. Yeah, it's about that. And yeah, and the reviews for that one. That's been good. It doesn't seem like there's any reporting issues. So more games of error?

Mike Macdermid 15:51

Absolutely. I'm not, I've not got a huge experience of playing content other than the occasional time And much like you Anton for me personally, they're fun difficult. But as just because I'm not patient enough, I'll

Al Struthers 16:02

know I've heard of them. And remember them being the rest of the time, I have never seen or played a contract. But if it's that difficult, I will be throwing a controller through a window, so I'm not going to pick them up.

Mike Macdermid 16:11

I'm not sure it's so much that difficult as more just you need to actually spend some time learning how to play the game. And that's where I fall down with things I get too frustrated,

Al Struthers 16:21

I wish I was mature enough to do that. I would just tell the door to the window and walk away.

Anton Winters 16:26

Well, they do have corpse or their fingers crossed, you can just find somebody really good to just like, carry you through the game

Mike Macdermid 16:34

designs like me on every Co Op game now. Interesting VR title that we're getting. And this is what's described as a PC caliber VR title, which is kind of what we needed for going to be doing VR the switch. Was this all about Anton

Anton Winters 16:49

Yeah, so it's kind of follow up act council set the stage here. Earlier in the week, we recently found out that the union game engine, which apparently runs about 50% of the Tyndall switch Games has added level VR support. And now we can get third party VR games on Nintendo Switch. And the first one of those is to do I forgot name.

Mike Macdermid 17:11

Well, I don't have the name here. But what I can tell you from what we've we've taken notes on is that it's it's not actively focused, which is cool. And it's about traveling March and to meet a woman that can turn into a wolf No, I already like the sound of that. But there was a we have I think someone on Twitter correctly because we had a story about this and Twitter Didn't we Anton and someone corrected us and said it was the other way around. So is this the right way around? This is the woman that can turn into a wolf not a wolf that can turn into a woman.

Anton Winters 17:38

I'm about to share a Potato, potato potato or it could be you

Mike Macdermid 17:44

know, if you ask our friend on Twitter,

Anton Winters 17:46

well, I haven't watched this at space and Wolf er, and it's coming to Nintendo Switch. I believe it's also common to Oculus HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. So it's also coming up on the the big VR systems, and it's kind of fun, just send around, whatever switch to your face and watching the story happen around you. Which seems terrifying. Yeah. I think that's probably going to be the main where we're going to have to see VR games on cons, like on the switch if they're only two of them. Do you see any other ways of doing VR games on the switch? What's your thoughts on

Al Struthers 18:19

VR games a switch, I can't necessarily see a better way of doing it. I mean, I don't think it's powerful enough to do anything much more than that. But I have a much better idea for this game. Okay, I misread what you had written on our notes, right. And instead of being a traveling merchant, who meets a woman who turns to wolf throws a traveling merchant meets a woman who turns into a wall, a wall, a wall, I like that you can turn the wall

Mike Macdermid 18:39

just blocking people's direction. That

Al Struthers 18:41

sounds like a cool game. I still want to

Mike Macdermid 18:42

try that. I really like you. I'd like to get to know you all. Yes. Well, yeah, there's only one problem.

Anton Winters 18:49

You can't get past me. I'm playing that game. Yeah. Well,

Mike Macdermid 18:51

I mean, that would be weird. Wolf on Wall Street. Is that where you got that?

Al Struthers 18:55

Oh, my you went there.

Mike Macdermid 18:57

Yeah, well, that's why I'm assuming it was what you thought it was. But I wish

Alright, well, anyway, look out for that interesting. VR on the switches is coming because we're having some sort of some some developments, which are meaning that we are actually going to see some more narrative driven games, which is great. So yeah, and it's

Anton Winters 19:15

surprising because obviously a lot of the on unless it's been a level collections, only VR games we've really had on switch have been, we've added to VR mode. And this is purely dedicated account level VR game and it's quite saying, Do you think we'll do much more of these? Are you a one off gimmick?

Mike Macdermid 19:33

No, I think we might, I think we might add more, I think that it's the cheap version of going out and buying, you know, a vive or, or any other ones, you know, Oculus Rift or whatever. And I think I think it's Scott potential to do that, you know, because it's, it's not going to be the same it's not going to be as good and I think as long as people are willing to accept that for the price then we probably will see some more titles I think.

Al Struthers 19:55

Yeah, funny feeling it probably won't be great titles. No, I swear my worry. It's gonna be Google Cardboard type games. Can you run a smartphone? Yeah, that's my worry.

Mike Macdermid 20:05

Well, you know, let's see. You don't know I would hope that will get better quality than that. But you know, it's an extra it's not something that we need to go out and another something we need to worry too much about either. I think

Al Struthers 20:16

more interesting what happens when you tend to sort of bring it first party actual VR games proper, you know, dedicated VR games that will probably be the game shifter

Mike Macdermid 20:24

maybe when we get the pro I think

Al Struthers 20:25

we might be looking at it there might be a while before you might be reasonably to buy one Yeah, well,

Mike Macdermid 20:30

by the way, if you can hear you probably won't hear I'm not sure if you will in the background I've had this all day where we record which is in my very small studio in my house which is really the smallest bedroom which is turned into a studio outside we live next to a park not me you know we don't live together I'd love to but he said no. The park beside us there's a big event on today they're doing the kilt walk and the end the exit to the kill walks people are walking 26 miles for charity which is fantastic The only downside is live bands. They've had like you know Fair Grounds rise of people in the microphone all blooming day and it is loud

Al Struthers 21:08

it is very very loud and and then I couldn't get parked anywhere near near the highest

Mike Macdermid 21:12

to close the windows I started half an hour late because I also couldn't get part were cooking because I couldn't

open the window. So that's why if you hear sweat dripping from our foreheads then that's the reason because we are literally roasting in this we do apologize for the moisture. Right And speaking of level VR, we do have some more interesting VR news and that is that version 3.1 point of Super Smash Bros ultimate have just added support from level VR and I think this is quite interesting and and could could give you a whole new perspective on smash

Al Struthers 21:46

Yeah, this is quite compelling idea because smash is essentially a two D game yeah, so adding VR to it could could really change your perception of how the game change with please change the way it looks and feel how you interact with it.

Mike Macdermid 21:59

Yeah, will you be into that Anton Oh yeah,

Anton Winters 22:00

definitely even just like simple stuff like getting to see the environment and more detail and being able to see what is behind you and stuff like that and just even just see the effects and transitions because I know they have the stages that more so being able to see that in 3d which became the kill

Al Struthers 22:16

I'm done for now. She has a question for you. Because I have not seen any of the information on this. I was aware of it being out there. Is it when you see you can look see what's behind you? Are you actually first person in a Pokemon? Or put in a Pokemon and a fighter? Are you actually looking at it but just in a VR way from a distance?

Anton Winters 22:31

Oh, it's another one of these your magnificent gold looking in from afar? So you're basically playing the camera and all based on a say, Yeah, but you know, it's still nonetheless. And the count shows that the level VR games that we have gotten like Mario and Zelda, I've done all right, which is good to see. And yeah, we might get some more first part in Nintendo Elise. Absolutely. And it's as you said, it could just encourage them to do more with level VR, which would be lovely. Now I'm going to fire through the last couple of news items. And then we're going to move on to some rumors and then of course the quiz which we did definitely last week I'm still I'm still smiling up my Chucky egg

Al Struthers 23:11

you're buzzing

Mike Macdermid 23:13

this is gonna be a disaster this week anyway. Couple

more a couple more bits of news for you first of all Celeste chapter nine DLC is going to include more than 100 levels that is fantastic well done Celeste what great value for money Oh,

Al Struthers 23:25

it is it's fantastic keep please keep these kinds of things coming because that is great when you get that more support to a game that's been around for quite a while now.

Anton Winters 23:32

And considering it's like designed to be harder than anything else you've done in the last you know it's going to eat up like 100 hours of your life so excited to play and it's also got story so yeah, they are

Mike Macdermid 23:44

the stories the important part of that as well I think hundred levels is great but sometimes it's quality over quantity but with Celeste you know you're going to get both because it is just fantastically well done as we've been told many times by Anton who is very much a fan so I want to check that out. So Harvest Moon mad dash that's been announced for the switch is this like a kind of mobile type port thing?

Anton Winters 24:05

Am I think is a full on Harvest Moon farming game and one of them on switch are ready but

Mike Macdermid 24:12

yeah, that was not well received the

Anton Winters 24:14

first one though, was it? I don't think so. I think everybody just got in there like you need to raise the bar because harvest men was there and doing games for decades before star Valley but I think star two valleys just raised the bar. And I think this is going to be the first proper attempt to kind of recreate redeeming it's fallen as a candle farming games.

Al Struthers 24:37

With a title like mad dash, it doesn't feel your confidence does it? Sorry to be skeptical about that. But you know,

Mike Macdermid 24:42

well, I mean, you guys start to volley and we've also got What's it called? coming this year?

Al Struthers 24:49

What good simulator

Mike Macdermid 24:50

not good simulator big one that we're getting into the direct Animal Crossing there. Yes. I mean, to be honest, it's it's going to be tough for them. But um, you know, we'll wait and see I'm not writing off just yet. My dash

Anton Winters 25:04

could be kind of fun, huh?

Mike Macdermid 25:08

All right, then final bit of news. Just a reminder, really the ether, Tuesday, the 11th of June, the Nintendo stream will be and it will be at 5pm. UK time. So that's the date to remember, it's Tuesday, the 11th of June at 5pm for the UK. For a three we will be talking about that in great detail next week, we'll get our predictions at the way and then we will react to that right after that. And remember as well, we've got the Pokemon direct on Wednesday, this Wednesday, the fifth and that's at 2pm. So let's move on to some rumors. Now, first of all, I thrilled at the prospect of this and I think this is going to happen are we getting Anton The Witcher three wild hunter Game of the Year edition on the switch?

Anton Winters 25:50

Well, fingers crossed, as you all probably know, Have you listened to every single episode of the podcast? Which obviously you should be why wouldn't you? There has been rumors of this before, but they came back with a vengeance on the counter. Not Japanese, excuse me Chinese shopping website. Taobao, which is kind of like Amazon buck, have more focus on different sellers, tons of listings for what you're free, the Wild Hunt Game of the Year edition have came up. They've all got consistent artwork, and it's looking fairly legit that we're going to be getting this game, which will be fantastic. And I think the fact that all of these have came out, they all have consistent artwork. And as a lot of reputable sales are sellers on there. It seems pretty legit. And considering it's a free app, this looks like something we'll be getting.

Mike Macdermid 26:38

Yeah, I think this is going to be one of the three announcements from you know, by the way also we're getting this I'll

Al Struthers 26:45

my reaction to that is own know,

Anton Winters 26:47

why have you played it?

Al Struthers 26:47

Well, no. Because what's going to happen is it's going to be my new Red Dead. It's going to suck up all my gaming for the next six months or a year and I'm not going to get to play anything else. This is annoying.

Mike Macdermid 26:56

Yeah, this is the prop This is the issue. I have so many games like that Assassin's Creed with scenes ruled with sky room I still haven't actually gone into yet. And on the switch. I've got Dragon's Dogma

Al Struthers 27:06

and Witcher three is enormous. Yes.

Mike Macdermid 27:08

And brilliant as well. Yeah. From what from my brother is a massive fan of it. And he's not the only one and I've seen it and it looks great. And you're right. Yes maybe feel depressed about it. And I don't know why it

Anton Winters 27:19

Yeah, sorry. And one of the things I always hear about what church is apparently the DLC is basically just fill games on their own. So this is just me up like, why release our games. This is just going to happen all the time.

Al Struthers 27:33

I'm saying why don't we just pause the podcast for a year and pick up again wonderful. Yeah, exactly. Do a review in a year's time of The Witcher three

Anton Winters 27:40

just totally worker calendars now let's BC and after the Witcher three.

Mike Macdermid 27:46

Better good, right? Okay, the popular game engine unity. Nice sports level VR. This is actually more than a rumor that we talked about this earlier. And just very briefly so that you mentioned this actually Anton but this is kind of official news now that we may see more third part two VR games on the switch. which is which is really cool. And I guess the rumor part of that is what's it going to be and you know, could it could it tie in with games like the Witcher that kind of thing. Sky rim? Possibly as well. You know, we have Zelda so why not?

Anton Winters 28:14

Yeah, you know, I'm apparently I didn't actually notice that after hearing this news. I was like what you do in a game support, like on Nintendo Switch. And apparently it's 50% of the library of Nintendo Switch games are done in unity. So there's ton of potential here and f5 know anything about unis? Like one click Export? And a little bit more for VR titles if you're wanting to compare it into VR, but read the goal of VR game, one click Export to high level VR one.

Mike Macdermid 28:40

Okay. Well, that's good news. We talked about it earlier whether it would happen or not. So we won't go down that route again. But you know, certainly positive sounding

Al Struthers 28:49

doesn't need we can't really say anything negative about that can you know much as I want to, I can't find anything I know. I can't

Mike Macdermid 28:53

think of anything. But okay, this was one that caught my eye just over the last couple of days. So this is an internal Game Stop system. This is in the shop, they've just added 21 placeholders of Nintendo Switch games 21. Now the majority of them have a date on there, which says 31st to December 2019, which tends to be the date that they put when they don't know the release date yet, they always put the end of the year, the prices in dollars, or 4959 99, which is your standard switch new game price. However, there's one title priced at $10 less than that 3999 coming out. According to this leak on the 18th of October. The rumor for this is the spider collection. Yes, please. And also I spotted 14199. Now that is either going to be a very, very expensive Zelda additions Mario Kart Zelda combined or it's going to be the Nintendo Switch Mini.

Al Struthers 29:48

What do you reckon Alex is going to be? You might be on something there might be a bit disappointed if that's how the way it had been. Most properly leaked, if you know what I mean. It just suddenly appeared as a listing price.

Mike Macdermid 30:00

Well, there's nothing there to say that it is that but one lane lane.

Al Struthers 30:04

What else is going to be that you'd be disappointed? You think so?

Yeah, I'd rather Nintendo tours and Whoo.

Mike Macdermid 30:07

Well, I think so. I think this is all ahead of the three. So I think they've, they've said look, well, these are the these are the kind of Rough Guides. This is the guide to retailers. But we can't tell you any more than that. But watch this space ether is coming soon Anton What's your thoughts? What do you think about this? Yeah,

Anton Winters 30:24

I'm not too sure. Except, I don't know if they would less game like games hardware, just mix and was software like that. And it seems weird to me about the 199 price tag seems really convincing because even the most expensive Kemp Nintendo Switch collector's editions, like the Zelda master session, don't even break the 120 region. So it would have to be some insane collector's edition to really ask for that much. Especially in 2019. Cuz they're not these ridiculous big box ones aren't as popular as they used to be. Yeah. On the fence. But here's another question if we did have a switch many 199 Yeah. Do you think that is a good price point for that kind of hardware skew?

Mike Macdermid 31:09

was it? Was it 190 $9? I think it was listed at what would be like 171. The names I think it would probably be very important all that. And

Al Struthers 31:20

I think that's too high. I probably

if you're going for if you're trying to tackle the people who bought things like 3ds, which is probably you're going for the cheap version.

That is way, way, way more expensive than you're trying to focus, you know.

Mike Macdermid 31:34

160 for 3ds.

Al Struthers 31:37

Yeah, when you go to the the once you got into the GDS thing. Yeah, sorry. That's what I meant. Yeah. What was your budget version to attract people that don't want to buy a full version? The console that 200 it's not,

Mike Macdermid 31:46

it's not a huge difference between buying a switch and buying a switch many at one night. Thanks. What's the switch and get them at like 232. And we were pitching room number 121 50 more, but let's just wait because water fits like the perfect Come on collection intend to switch Pokemon? And then it's got Pokemon with it, because Pokemon is going to retail at 50 quid, right? So then 150 pounds and 50 pounds, I think it's more likely that the money will in fact, did they not see we won't get an announcement of the three days. So what if we get the announcement on Wednesday? At the Pokemon?

Anton Winters 32:19

direct? Well, that could be that could actually be a good show. Mike. What do you think Anton Yeah, that would be interesting, because I feel if the that announce a budget switch money. The wouldn't want like quite often when they do these have separate skews like the 3ds, XL new 3ds. You just kind of drop them and they're just like, yep, there's a trailer in our YouTube channel. It's happening. So it would, it would be weird if they did spend like 30 minutes conference being like, here's where the SD card goes in. So maybe just dropping it off the wind like that. And as for price, I think if it was 180 pounds, which is not too far from where it's sitting at potentially, would work because I think that was the launch price of the 3ds x L. Okay, I think that would be the same count person that would buy a switch Mini,

Mike Macdermid 33:10

but I also think if they did it 199 with Pokemon, then that would still be within the realms of Yeah, okay, I'm gonna do I'm gonna go down that roof.

Anton Winters 33:19

Was that right? No, like all the game bundles for the sweat, Charlie, free fairy? Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 33:24

Yeah, I think I just have a feeling I might, I might be way off the mark. And we'll find out in a couple of days. But I just wonder,

Al Struthers 33:31

let's watch this space. I know the Pokemon director is gonna be 15 minutes long, because he said that. So it's not a huge movie, but

Mike Macdermid 33:37

it's longer than it is longer than the one we had for what was the other small one we had earlier in the year. The other small direct with a really major Animal Crossing? No.

Al Struthers 33:47

Well, there's one in Brooklyn as well as the

one they've already done a Pokemon. longer than that.

Right? Yeah, double the time. Yeah. Let's see what they squeeze into this. They probably won't give too much of the game away unless they spend the whole time on here's here's this book on here. This book was

Mike Macdermid 34:00

well, there's going to be a bit of that. But I would not be surprised if this is included on Wednesday. Because they're not going to do a three because they've said they want and I doubt they're going to go back on that. So yeah, well, let's see. Who knows. We'll find out soon. Future us. Yes. Ask us ask future our he'll tell you. Next up NBA to K 20. Legend edition has been leaked, probably ridiculously expensive. Remember, when n k and B 19. Came out 2019 came out and it was like, you can buy the Gold Edition for 99 pounds on the switch.

Al Struthers 34:31

years it will

Mike Macdermid 34:31

be worth 99 be so I saw two k team. The physical copies was being sold online for 650. Plus free delivery, it's sold out in about five minutes because you don't get switched games at that price. But you know what, if you're a fan of NBA, you're probably buy this, the Standard Edition is going to be 40 quid or whatever. And fair play because I can understand that. But I would think with a lot of the EA games at the moment. And I thought these are two key. Certainly EA games, my biggest problem with them has been that we're not getting the full versions on the switch. So for example, FIFA, I haven't bought that because we don't have certain modes. I think the two key to K Games have been feeling slightly better. But when you're competing with people who have who have a switch the second console, it might not be enough, unless the price is drastically better.

Anton Winters 35:17

Yeah, and it is a shame because looking at those, at least in the case of NBA to K can't really do the same for FIFA. The graphics and the count port job on it is actually really well done. And it's just such a shame that it's getting wasted on a game that will be like a Tanner next year. I know. But if you love it, have fun paying 50 pounds for it. I don't understand why but they've lasted a good time. So I think there's some fun in there somewhere to be had.

Mike Macdermid 35:45

I think that a lot of people will go for this and it's the same thing as FIFA is you want to be the person to play the recent version. And that's it and you don't want to have your friends come around and play last year's because there's a new one. I genuinely think that that's how these schemes work. Certainly for me with FIFA, that was work but no more not until they give us the journey on the switch. Thank you Now, next up a rumor that the cadence of Hyrule crypt of the necromancer is now coming out in June the 20th that was suggested by some HTML code found on the website. That would be good. everybody happy for that? 20th of June,

Anton Winters 36:16

not to me. Yep. It's been in the pipeline for a while. Apparently one thing we do know as a thanks to a Japanese exclusive Monday event. It's definitely coming in June. It's just when now and I think that's they're pushing it from late September.

Late last month to

early this month, that wouldn't really make sense. So having account later in the month seems completely believable. Yeah, I'm kind of annoyed myself because

Al Struthers 36:43

I vaguely remember Nintendo sending me an email beginning the month which I thought suggested as committed me. Yeah, but evidently I was wrong. So I apologize to anybody who believes me.

Mike Macdermid 36:51

Yeah, we never believe you anyway, it's fine with me for not if we always wait for Anton to confirm it.

Al Struthers 36:57

Whether it's me or you take offense, it's probably quite the same with me.

Mike Macdermid 37:01

I'm like I don't you know, it's the switch mini on Wednesday.

Okay, john, I love this name v. v. v not Bernacchi like rocky the food. Not Rocky, former executive producer at gearbox publishing and of Disney Infinity has now joined Nintendo driving developer and publisher relations for North America and other words, Nintendo are spending a bit of money trying to up their PR in North America, which I think is welcome and a good thing. I mean, they certainly have not done badly so it'll be interesting to see what they actually do to improve that. Well,

Al Struthers 37:34

we know whether they're building a bus or they Yeah, you know seen this No. Oh, they're building bus and driving around America. Cool. Yeah. The Golden tender characters then said it was a bus it is a true it's a big truck, right. big truck driver in America. You open the big doors on people can pilot and play games. Right? It's a very cool idea. I love it. Just go on Google. It'll just looks cool.

Anton Winters 37:52

Okay. Oh, this this completely reminds me to us remember the Zika tours from like the early 1990s where they would drive a bus around with mega tribe games in them vaguely

Mike Macdermid 38:02

now that rings a bell? I mean, I wish I'd known about it more at the time because I'd have gone as a kid to be I love that would have been amazing.

Anton Winters 38:11

So you're gonna need to get get back on it. They're they're losing their market share. But

Mike Macdermid 38:15

I don't think we'll see any Mega Drive buses anytime soon. I'm afraid Anton as much as I think me and you would be first and why it's not happening. Let's face it. The switch boss, though. I'm up for that. That sounds Yeah.

Anton Winters 38:24

This, this is definitely some interesting news. Because you seem to have taken a different interpretation of how I've taken it. All right. Well, more so that he would be talking to developers, rather than sort of going off and being like, Hey, can we get him half? Like free and switch universe? Okay, okay. Yeah, be going off talking to the actual developers himself? And which I think would he, if that was the case, this is like the perfect guy for it. Because if you've ever seen him, he's done a lot of stuff with Disney Infinity. He was very charismatic. Okay. And being that he's worked at your gearbox. I think this could potentially be hinting at more mature titles count at least Western titles making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Al Struthers 39:10

Yeah, I say it's actually probably part of a larger charm offensive by Nintendo to everybody, the public, the developers, the media, I suspect it'll be going out to char and people to raise a profile to sell more games from enough.

Mike Macdermid 39:23

Yeah, yeah. And the third party is definitely a huge part of that. Because we know there are concerns from for some developers about the power of the switch and what it can and can't do and what what they'll lose out if they bring a game to the switch as a third party title. But I think the switch success is probably surprised even Nintendo in a lot of ways, and I think this is almost like I think one thing Nintendo aren't great at sometimes is, is almost predicting their own success. And they almost slightly fall behind a little bit because they didn't predict it would go so well. And I think this is maybe then preempting that things are going well.

Al Struthers 39:55

We're quite bold. I think we're just spreading the good word of the church Nintendo. capitalize on some they've done really well, which is, which is great. And you can get on the church bus while you're at it, as well as you show me a picture of it just subtly there. And it looks a single point of view of Angelica like they're like, Oh, so anyway.

Anton Winters 40:11

Not even paying us. Exactly.

Mike Macdermid 40:12

So let's face it, they're probably doing something right. Okay, let's move on then. And do the quiz

questions. So we're going to do this a little bit differently. Because last last week was the first time that Anton was quizmaster extraordinary and I had so much fun being on this end of it, that we decided that you're going to be the quizmaster again we're going to just twist this week. What's your idea Anton

Anton Winters 40:35

Yes. So if we get a tie to nail, but not tie lesson

happens to be two now we're interesting, a new mechanic will test it out and see if it works. It's gonna be awkward if we don't get to know this week, where we'll have a completely wild card game, this game will be harder to guess than the other games, and you get just one guest to get and if you get this wild card, you've won the game even if you're to kneel down so basically calling this is basically the ALS rule because I always always want to know that and so it's to give me a fighting chance that right. That's what

Unknown Speaker 41:11

that means.

Mike Macdermid 41:14

Well, I think that that is a great rule until I'll does that to me, and then I'll hate it. So let's try it and see what happens.

Al Struthers 41:22

Let's give it back. Yeah, sounds good.

Anton Winters 41:24

Alrighty, so first game was released a 1990s No, sorry. Sorry, over was released in 1977. For the Atari 20 601 knows what was was one of the first nine launch titles for the system. Space Invaders.

Al Struthers 41:45

No Klay wasn't Space Invaders.

Anton Winters 41:48

No pass can

Al Struthers 41:49

think about for about Pac Man.

Anton Winters 41:52

Okay, the game sees you taking control of many different vehicles to fight your opponent. These includes tanks by planes and jets. gala Gala. gala Kalika.

Sadly no cigar Sorry, I was speaking a different language I wasn't I

Al Struthers 42:14

was cool you know asteroids, which is what I was gonna guess I'm just gonna say asteroids and move on to the next one. Yeah.

Anton Winters 42:21

The game that have a sequel and in production and was announced in 1982 however due to the video game crash it was cancelled over it was later released on the Atari greatest hits collection for him to

Al Struthers 42:38

that's really tough. See, I never had an Atari so I feel like completely lost. You

Mike Macdermid 42:42

know, I did briefly. But I mean, this is this is early early days. I'm just trying to think of the titles in the early days that that we would have

Anton Winters 42:52

would have played

Al Struthers 42:55

records going to get something stupid like attack machines assault

Mike Macdermid 42:57


Anton Winters 43:00

Sadly, not the answer. Okay, any more clues? Yep, certainly, the game has the basic game mode has two times controlled by each player moving around the field and shooting the other player. Then you have to shoot the other player until the time runs out. The player of the highest score wins.

I'm just gonna guess tanks.

Command commander tanks.

Al Struthers 43:28

This game is all going well, is it just gonna just defeat I know we don't. We don't have a

Anton Winters 43:34

combat. Oh, really?

Al Struthers 43:36

We could maybe eventually go there.

Mike Macdermid 43:39

Yeah, good game. Good. Good one because neither.

Al Struthers 43:43

Well, it doesn't mean we're not going to get to know

Mike Macdermid 43:46

well, we might end up doing it anyway.

Yeah, exactly. All right. Nice. and clear.

Yeah. Was there any switch link or was it just

Anton Winters 43:56

not just random? I'm just different Game Fair enough. Fair enough. Alrighty, next game little easier. is a 1994 platforming game developed by rare and published for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Donkey Kong Country Bob zoom, Alice or has the point. Oh, yeah.

Mike Macdermid 44:17

No back in my territory and all these things I didn't know rare developed that they did.

Al Struthers 44:21

And it was good. Generally that you can go back and play

Mike Macdermid 44:24

it. Well. You can get it on the switch. You got the new version?

Anton Winters 44:27

Yeah, the games are good. Freeze, isn't it? Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 44:31

Yeah, I played I played that. I played the original one is good. All right, then. One nil, so that means I gotta get this. Wow,

Al Struthers 44:36

that feels good. I can't remember last Mugu point does not always not genuine point. Anyway, I've heard a few pity points.

Mike Macdermid 44:42

All right. The third game

Anton Winters 44:46

first person survival horror game developed by up shop Ubisoft Montreal. And for the for the Wii U and 2012. Resident Evil for sadly not the answer. Okay. The game is set in London. The player is a survivor of a zombie apocalypse

Mike Macdermid 45:11

Oh on the way you

Anton Winters 45:15

indeed. a zombie you boom you've got the point.

Al Struthers 45:19

Yeah, I you know I actually I didn't play on the game. I didn't I bought my my we use second hand and whoever bought it had bought a zombie you box. It was a zombie you bundle. So I never played a game but my box literally had to own it. Right? anyone think about

Mike Macdermid 45:35

it? Nevermind. Sorry. So that's one one. Do you have that? Really difficult one. Can we try it?

Anton Winters 45:41

Yep, I've got I've got two. I know.

Al Struthers 45:44

We've just we've just ruined your format. We can't be any harder than this first one.

Anton Winters 45:48

All right. Let's do it. Let's do let's do them both. Let's just see. All right, take one guessing at this game as a 1989 scrolling platforming game released for the CPC system by cap calm

Mike Macdermid 46:05

CPC by cap calm 1989

Anton Winters 46:09

I'm just gonna get jump man. Because

Mike Macdermid 46:13

Is there any more information you can give us before we guess or is that everything you're going to

come on just so we get all right me okay. I don't like this.

Anton Winters 46:22

I can give you more we are our choice of the week. Okay, then go so good. fair game petition. All right. Do you know what

give us a little bit more but then we have to guess after the next bit of information you focus on as it gets to. The game was released on the Mega Drive and Master System and 1990 1991

respectively. And the game

follows a set in a dystopian future and the year 2048 and the world's controlled by the mysterious dictator. Mysterious dictator the Grand Master another world no sadly in 2014 for ps4, Xbox One and ps4 Hmm.

Mike Macdermid 47:07

I because I've guessed

Al Struthers 47:08

I haven't got a clue so I'm gonna see a lot more man.

Good filmmaker.

Anton Winters 47:15

straighter striker.

Mike Macdermid 47:18

That's annoying. All right, then one more final one give us all the info water and then we get one guess each and if we don't get it tough.

Anton Winters 47:24


One still

missed this game as a farming role playing video game. Originally released for Windows and 2016 it was later ported to Mac OS X, ps4. Xbox One Nintendo Switch PSP, iOS Android start you are indeed boom you won the game you know the

Mike Macdermid 47:52

funny doors really funny I was playing star Jubilee today

Al Struthers 47:55

to be very I wasn't a strange thing when did from Sydney to come out? It must be older than that. And that was where my brain go to buy time. You said storage Valley.

Mike Macdermid 48:02

Yeah, I mean, it was that are the only other one here very, very quickly. A quick quick story about one of the farming games. Remember Farmville?

Anton Winters 48:08

Yes. Oh, yes.

Mike Macdermid 48:09

So Farmville was huge. A friend of mine that I work with regularly kill me for telling you this, but he wouldn't name them. But he did the music for Farmville. And because he was a student, and he was hard up at the time he he did it and agreed for 500 pounds, not knowing what the game was going to be. And then of course, it became a huge hit

Unknown Speaker 48:27

everywhere. Star Wars story, isn't it? Yeah, it is. It is

Mike Macdermid 48:30

not the only one I've done. They've done very similar thing. That's absolutely normal. So there we are. So yeah, thank you. I thought that was quite like the one guests one at the end. That's kind of fun. Maybe we can tweak that slightly and do maybe to where we get a few guesses. And And the final one, we get one each if you give us lots of information all

Al Struthers 48:46

figured out. But basically what this boils down to is you may need to go do a lot more research. Yeah. I think

Mike Macdermid 48:51

I did. All right. Last week, maybe not so much this week. But

Al Struthers 48:53

we need we need work. Yeah, it's a very good point.

Mike Macdermid 48:56

All right. Well, with that, that's about it for this week. We'll be back next week. We'll be back before then. Or at least some of us may be back for we chat about the Pokemon direct. I think Emily's going to maybe give us an update on that. But we'll figure that out and let you know if that's happening on Twitter. So make sure you're following us on Twitter to find out that and everything else. It's at ns UK podcast on Twitter. We've got a website all

Al Struthers 49:18

we do, which is www.if you want to bother putting in and then it's ns. uk.

Mike Macdermid 49:23

Yeah, and you can also subscribe and download on iTunes and Stitcher on Spotify and all the rest and please do leave us a nice review and iTunes because all those really help with that will be back next week. Have a fantastic week.

Anton Winters 49:35

Goodbye. Cheerio.