Sword/Shield: A Pokemon Story - Episode 10

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We're into double figures! Joining Mike and Anton this week in Alastair's absence, is guest presenter James.  

We take a deep look at Deltarune Chapter 1 which was released last week for free.  We've got Pokemon news, after that surprise midweek direct last week.  We also talk Devil May Cry 5 rumours, Persona 5S, Phoenix Wright, Resident Evil, Enter The Gungeon and more.

As well as all that, we discuss a recent job listing by Nintendo of Japan which hints at a new 3D RPG, news about a new Limited Run physical version of a beloved Switch title and of course, we have the weekly quiz, in which James makes his debut.

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Thank you for downloading Episode Number 10 of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast we're into double figures Hello I'm Mike I'm Anton and this week we have a very special guest presenter on the podcast he's fake Alistair, his name is James Hello James Hello when


we are going to we're going to be talking to James over the kind of things he plays on the switch and we're going to find out a little bit more about the kind of stuff and one of the ways I thought we could do that is to find out what we've been playing this week so James What are you including this week I have been playing a lot of delta rune yes I was very excited by and detail and


I didn't didn't even know it was a thing until it came up in the Nintendo Direct or what the follow up Yeah, yeah i was i was completely unaware. So that was a nice surprise. Well, we're going to be talking more in depth.


Delta room because I have also played Delta in this week and thoroughly enjoyed it but we'll talk about that a little bit later on there's a couple of things I want to mention and we'll get your thoughts as well James and as well as that this week I've been revisiting South Park The Fractured But Whole and that's been great and I also played something else as well but it'll come back to me but anyway what about you and


I had a little we have like many gaming session with the whole school have on next week where we sat down we tend to micro party with the New Super Mario Bros you were yet being a quote game somehow we managed to turn that into a very very competitive experience for everyone from people into every pet and then just betraying everybody to get the get the flagpole but that was really fun and trails rising which has been really interesting if any of you oh yeah not Is this the open beta and I'm actually fulfil games out now was quite the beat was really close to the actual release that kind of caught me off guard I was like playing to be almost like oh it's out now.


So effectively oh I don't know how to feel about it.


Oh really? Okay well what's what's good about it was bought by See, the thing is, I love the game. It's a really fun game. I've always loved the trails game similar colors. A little bit Effie, however is like such a bad switch port graphically it just, it looks like a mobile game compared to the Xbox One and ps4 one. And obviously, we we commonly expect a little bit of graphical downgrades but it's a little bit more than I'm expecting some very eyes on it. I think that's the problem is when you have a port and it gets supported across I'd rather than just didn't bother like we were happy with games that are ported well we can deal with, as you said, running at a lower frame rate or whatever, that's fine. But when it looks terrible, it's not great. Well, I forgot to mention I had to go to as well given that it's already out. It's more just like a very early demo than anything else. But the one thing I missed was that the main switch controller doesn't have analog triggers.


kind of important for trials game I didn't even think of that yeah it nice Caterpillar you're losing where that person yeah I was just like plugging along more your main them but that is actually kind of mentioned your mind yeah you'll hate the game even more you'll hit the port even more you want to get the game but it's an interesting one because Sam my partner that's been playing the game a lot she's never seen the Xbox One and ps4 versions of it and she just thinks it's fantastic and not knowing what the graphics are like. So maybe I'm just being fussy. Here


you see, I'm normally okay with a bit of downgrading graphics graphics. To be honest, at the end of the day, a game is mostly about the gameplay it has to look well but as we know with keep a look up we as we know with games like Delta rune and you know eight bit games that you don't have to have brilliant graphics have a great deal. I think the problem for me is when you expect a certain standard from our title and then one version of that title the switch is so off the mark compared to the other ones that you notice it so as you said, you know your partner just


Notice it because, you know, they've not played the, the other version of it. But, you know, it's just something that you think, you know, come on,


maybe a bit more time could be spent on it. We've had some pretty good games on the switch that look good, you know?


Yeah. It's, um, it's a weird one. Because seeing the comparisons between some of the other versions is we're just how much downgrading there's there's been and when you look at other ports we look at things like Doom yes there are changes but not to this extent will do looks great on the switch. And it doesn't look the same as a ps4 version of doing but it's not far off. And, you know, I just think, you know, if you can do with them, you can do it with this. Yeah, because at the end of the day we're paying a little bit extra so


the way for me it's things Yeah, absolutely. It's all it's it's there's a lot of choice at the moment on this switch. So be I think the developers that are putting might just have to make sure that if they are porting it's it's done well better, downgrading fine but make sure overall it's


It's good. Just before we move on to talk about the news this week, I just want to mention and remind people, we are on Twitter. We've been very active this week. Well, and so it's been very active. You've you've taken over this week, which has been great, because it's been a weird week as well. Come on to us. It's not been as busy as other weeks. But there has been things happening, but we are on Twitter and it's ns. UK podcast and the water and if you've got any news story, she would like us to talk about your on the podcast or just on the Twitter account, feel free to get in contact and we'll take a look at them and even just gave suggestions. Some of us have been suggesting some really interesting titles. Oh, yeah. Round to them. But the interest is there any that you've been suggested on the Twitter that you think oh, that's off the top of the head. The main one I'm just really needing to get to is the binding of isaac and I apologize for forgetting your username but I was having having a lovely chat in there and definitely may try that one out because I'm always looking for some more and the rule can like goodness, awesome. Alright, well, we will be taking all your suggestions and


We're also at ns. uk p.co.uk and you can email us what's the email address on all its content at ns UK pea pod.co.uk yeah Alice to the normally does the email address you see but he's he's not here tonight and and James I could have asked you have no revised and oh yeah


all right well let's move on to the news


so then the news this week and so on and James there's been a few things happening and we're going to go through them as best we can we are going to be looking at Delta and we will have the quiz a little bit later on but first of all now there's been a job listing by Nintendo of Japan Tell us a bit more about this this is a really bizarre one so it's on the official intend to website which said they did something that I know where I wasn't aware that can do is where they will less other companies job listings and bizarrely and listings came up for 3d RPG for Nintendo Switch However, we do not know anything about it. They didn't shoot to the tempo like a scale like we don't know if it's like


Small like double a tail or Tripoli and the only thing that gave was a location and to a city and in that city nobody knows of any studios nearby which really bizarre so we fought a mystery 3d RPG coming this way I mean that's good and then the more RPG is the better the switch is the home for RPG it does seem like it's um. You can probably hear all the cogs working in my brain trying to work on this might be i don't know i mean it so it's in Tokyo yes where it's right like we listed lately exact district and there's nothing as people are aware of in that area so right it could literally be anything and however it's really interesting to see Nintendo Kindle playing alongside the anonymous and aspect of it yeah I feel rise the fact that it's maybe


Calif being kept secretive as maybe a new studio and what yeah tradable people behind it so yeah kind of like a cookie my situation where they might be wanting to


Keep the projects under wraps and be like oh surprise new studio with new game more it's a studio that's only meet each one like a single franchise and right


well I guess watch this space because we don't really know but we know it's going to happen and they'll be another 3d RPG come to the switch I mean there's certainly plenty of them around so i mean you know one more for the collection find more money from us speaking of more money there's good news this week as well because Deep Silver have a nice that scenes roll the third the full package will come out and may the 10th and I will be buying it because I'm in the game MoMA voices in the game actually I didn't write the song on on that's insane store by seeing it I'm the singer on the song was one of the songs featured yeah so so it's my voice my dulcet tones very effective and very there's a lot of stuff on there to make it not sound like me. But it is me and it's in the car. I think it's in the car or what do they call it? We have not played scenes for the third I'm going to be buying it for that reason. Any interest from you guys? Not. You don't have to say yes.


Because my songs in the game I ate a few years ago, I'm sure it was either server, PlayStation and Xbox One of these three games of the month and I didn't give it a go. And then I think I got sidetracked by something else. And maybe I heard your song. I don't know. That's the only time I've played it is when it was on PS Plus I think it was the monthly free game on the PlayStation three a few years ago. Right? Think so. Yes. And I I played it from and I enjoyed it. But I wish there was so many games at the time. I just didn't, you know, I just didn't continue with it. But it was nothing that I didn't enjoy. When you say you played it. Were you playing it? Or you just sitting in the car going through the radio station trying to find myself? Yes, you can really well, I'm done here.


My job. No, No, I wasn't. I was actually playing the game if I didn't even hear my song in the game. So that will be my job this time is I'm going to get it more to have it because it's quite a nice keepsake to say. I'm in you know it's


really just me being slightly what's the word narcissistic.


Think about it. Yeah. Jim, you'll get cut out to your face and put my characters on the box. I will Yes, I'll do the whole lot. Yes absolutely. So anyway it is I was the exact same case with yourself Mike pet top one PS Plus However, I'm like, wasn't a fan I've tried so hard with central because I love obviously gt open world games. I think I've like played two, three and four didn't like any of them. It's I mean, it's a mad game. It's it's very lamb and I just remember falling a lot from a very high distance. That's all I recall from the game was I was up high, and I kept going back and remember, so I'll get it and I'm going to grow back. I'm going to grow to love it may The 10th is when it comes out. So so that's cool. It's another good port and as long as it's a good port, and it's a good port. Next up we've got Resident Evil 01 HD remaster and for all coming to the switch. Now there's been a bit of a furor a this week


so surprisingly, they're charging eight pounds per tale here.


Can you guess? I know, it's quite a lot. So, what's was that make the switch tax, like a tenner. Oh that's like even worse because on the ps4, they have a bundle where you can get zero in the HD remaster for like 423 pounds combined. Right, which is just showing some real intense switch tax. Not even like a percentage, just insane. So 30 pounds and there has been talk on Twitter people this week, sort of morning about this switch tax thing. I mean, I guess we come to expect from Nintendo that we are going to pay a premium I don't mind in some cases 30 pounds to me seems quite high. I would have thought a 1999, 20


pounds for a package that this would have been great. You can get the Resident Evil games at the moment there on the switch on the seal often for about nine pounds 10 pounds. I don't know what do you think James? I would really like to know how they can justify such a steep price for games that are Yes, they've been remastered from the end of the day. They're still there.


games you would expect you know maybe if it's a lower price point people might be more likely to jump in as well i mean i've everyone speaks by Resident Evil four I've never played it if it wasn't 30 quid consider it but not at this price I played five which I think was on the 360 because for was the we you wasn't it or was it the week yeah and Resident Evil five was on the Xbox 360 and then the other one was on the wing Game Cube and now they've poured it later on that's right well I played five and I actually really enjoyed five It was one of my favorite Resident Evil games in the series and actually the ones that are already on the switch it's Resident Evil as it to two or revelation one and twos revelations wanting to so revelations to I'm about halfway through the moment on court and I'm enjoying that is great for me again, I'm the same as you I think for is one that's always talks about and I've always thought about


Want to play that because it gets great reviews but 30 pounds is not one that's going to get me Do 120 pounds possibly 15 yeah probably would have 30 there are other games there's so many games you know i don't know it's not what about you until yeah I'm like came to the same link for fairy pounds considering the prices on the other cons because I think on the other consoles you can get zero and one for 23 pounds and then you get for for like 16 pounds 40 pounds it's like maybe a sale on those consoles to get them for fairy like right like as a bundle so paying 50 pounds each but I would love to try Resident Evil four maybe if it's on sale for let's say 17 pounds or something maybe but not others price especially when it's digital only. I couldn't imagine what they would want to charge if they're doing it physically. Well if you want to get the Resident Evil games 01 HD remastered for 90 pounds please do you've got the


right next on the list today a limited run games which is the company that's coming


them do it but limited run is one of them that release switch games the haven't had a physical release and they do their own physical release I've bought from them before they're great nice little packages and they're going to be doing The Escapist now I have the Escape is to which did get physical release I've got the physical version of escape is to haven't played it yet I played the start of it but haven't played properly and the Escape is the first one didn't get a physical release but it is now from limited run so but a good news either you guys played the game Oh I know I know nothing about them. Really. You don't know anything? I've seen it advertised and thought oh I should have a look at that and then I'll just get distracted and forget about it same as James like I personally love Prison Architect and I see this I'm like Oh this looks like a similar sort of thing like it's I don't know if there's even similar just count remains me all that so I'm like oh that'd be interesting but I've never got around to it and even after they take the walking dead one and the sequel I someone called router is something we should be looking out for Mike Yeah, yeah. When is really well reviewed.


The premise of the game is to escape from prison by whatever means necessary. And the cool thing about this is that are lots of ways to do that. So you have a bit of free choice and how you escaped from prison. And there's a tutorial that talks you through kind of how to do it the first time around and some people see that it's it's quite tough because there are different ways to do it. Other people say you know that they just you know, they love it and they continue on through all the the extra DLC that you can get as well because there's loads of different packages and it's like resident that Resident Evil and The Escapist in winter and escapism you know, lots of different titles that don't and it's from what I've played, which is only about an hour's worth of it. It's a game that I think I will get addicted to fairly quickly because it's got that element of management in it and and kind of like tactical thinking about how you how you're going to find your way out of the situation. And I love prison type games anyway, so he would just tell me they're just I love prison prison, so


You know on that basis it's it's a it's a game at home from home so no it's it's definitely want to keep an eye on if you're a fan of I think the Escape is to is the better game of the two I think it takes the formula and expands it I wish you expect the sequel to do but often sequels aren't better but I think it is better right so but the Escape is certainly wanted to check out especially considering it's


it's going to be done by limited run games because you know you'll be one of only a few people that will have it exactly yeah to be honest if you're ever wants to try again just picking up those limited run games so you'll make more profit salient if you don't like it it's and this is only like after a couple months I imagine a couple of years people like looking for fiscal quarter of slice will be wanting to like p like Armin Lim to get that so yeah, good tonight. Well, it's those games I think the switches turning into one of those consoles where there are a lot of games that don't have a huge run and people are kind of looking to add to their collection.


And I know I love having the physical collection that's a question we should ask you as a guest presenter or a physical collection or downloaded downloadable digital


honestly it depends when I buy it if I think is this something I'm going to want to keep or could I traded in a bit down the line are you trading I am a week but not always some games are keeping keeping keep but other ones I think if I'm not going to play it again because you know some games you play at once you think well that was that you know I was exactly like that on every console have had in the last 10 years 15 years other than the switch the switches the first one where I want to keep all the physical games they have. I don't know why I just really love the cartridges. I love this. I love the fact they're small I don't know why. But anyway, interesting that you you know that because we're going to talk about Ace Attorney trilogy which is coming out I will mention that just in a few minutes time and there's a point that I want to make about that release which which relates


To this alright so we'll come on to that in a few minutes but before we do


the game to the moon which was originally it was an RPG Maker game I didn't know that like a fan made lonely thing that I don't think even the career expected to be a big deal but and boom yeah came on a couple years ago I'm traveling back maybe like the account early points of the 10s and got picked up and played by a whole bunch of youtubers they seem to love it and here we go. It's like finally coming switch and the rebuilding it from ground up and you don't know how big of a rebuild it will be. And yeah, from the sounds of it. I think they're just pulling it over because I don't think RPG game run on switch much as ironic because they had an RPG Maker actually own switches. Yes. So so just just to go back estate a stage for those that don't know. So RPG Maker is the game that just came out recently on the switch which are was announced recently on this way. Yeah. Oh, I think we've just announced so far. Yes. So so the idea behind that


That you can create your own RPG titles using elements in the game. But nobody expected such an amazing creation is to the moon to actually become a retail type game. Is that how this has worked? Yes. Very much true. And they've been doing RPG Maker games since like the early 2000s and there's been a lot of really big games of came out of it and I think this is helpful off the headline ones for especially not one just being a popular RPG game that just people download on let's say steam but being one that's managed to be broken out rebuilt from the ground up and up brand new engine and besides physically, yeah, actually. Sorry. I don't think it's physically but like as if social totally souls. Yes. Yeah. Well, play to them then. I mean, RPG way I've never I mean, I knew there was the RPG Maker titles and that you could do it but I mean, it's it takes a certain type of competing genius to do it in my opinion, James, is that something you've done? your spare time made an RPG or two? It is no No, no, I'm I'm trying to think if there's anything even remotely


comparable but no I don't think so don't I can think of is that we robots. You go to school we direction it goes and that's about as far as it's gone for me well I'm older than the one the one comparison I can make a sports is chalkboards and sleeps. Yes. No, it's it's the spectrum.


There's edX spectrum because you used to be able to program games and basic and there's still a big homebrew market for spectrum games. In fact, I have four of them right down there, which are short basically there's a guy in Scotland making you games for the spectrum because we're getting a new spectrum coming out what's actually out but we're getting the physical new spectrum coming out in a few months time and I've ordered one is actually the follow up to what the spectrum would have been in the in the late 80s. Anyway, I'm digressing slightly. But the point being that that's what this reminds me of is those people that used to sit the bedroom and walk away with basic and code and do it but RPG makers it's not quite the same because it's not you know, it's not down to that kind of bare bones. But you know, it's still great to see creative


in video games get used to be a big thing in the in the kind of 80s and it's nice to see that people are still doing similar things yeah account reminds me that and and the nice is that a concept called the net police station next year I believe that's it that's not how it's pronounced mislead us however it was like a madman PlayStation and it was all about like making your own games and end the police station itself it would give you like a stack of software like this tall I think the retail for like thousand pounds and it was all about you can make your own games and play them on your own system then burn them on your PlayStation then give them to friends and really reminds me of that but if you are interested, generally check out because I at least know from like the older like XP version of RPG Maker as a surprisingly easy to play game, like almost mario maker is easy


you mentioning merrymakers I was gonna say between that and things like lab Oh, there's the switcher sort of a growing market for these sorts of things where people can create their own things that


Especially encouraging kids to kind of give it a go and get into this industry. I mentioned the educational games that are out on the switch recently. There's the adding and subtracting and all that kind of stuff. And there's a lot of word games and there's chats and things and that's what the switch has done for me it's reminded me of the excitement as a kid getting a computer like a spectrum spectrum is obviously weren't seniors consoles although they were very much gaming machines. It's the same excitement know with the switch gears back then. Okay, it's different because we've had a lot of generation since then. But you're right. It's great to see ways that people can be creative and teaching people about how to to make games and the video game producers and makers of the future are working on Nintendo switches today. I think that's really exciting that it's accessible and it's you know, because even PC it's accessible to a point but it's only accessible if you have the right stuff and if you if you really do a lot of research for the switch, the more the better because it's really a case of you gotta switch you get


The software you can go and do stuff in it and you can do on the goal as well exactly yeah to do it you know so really interesting we'll we'll see what else comes with it when RPG Maker on the switch comes out because I think it's gonna there's gonna be a lot of people that are going to spend a lot of hours in there I think making games but to the moon it's Sam it's coming out I did see that this week it looks interesting I'll keep an eye on that moving on the Devil May Cry five are we getting that on this switch on partially I don't think we would be getting number five because I think that's like experts exclusive however the career of Devil May Cry and I highly


at the IP at it, sir.


It's you know, we all know that. Oh,


he's came out and said we would personally love to play Devil Devil May Cry game on switch. I am one of those guys that always loves everything on switch. I'm always asking for ports so


We have it's very interesting that he's, we've got this engagement from him and I'm prepared from interviews. He has, like a really good working relationship with common belief is like he's basically he's allowed to do whatever he wants saying, I was watching an interview about how we decided what game you want to work on. It literally just sounds on he just decides what he wants thing gets give me like to do it and that's a good job. So yeah, potentially maybe on our table, we cravings would be a good fit like some ports.


Have any of us played the previous titles


trying to think of a have an only briefly but not in any great detail. I mean, I would love to see on the switch again because it's a it's a series that I haven't really got into yet. So what about yourself? You know, I'm the same but I suppose you have when you have things like the bayonet games and then they came out with hydro warriors fire in the Mario Yes, it's it would seem like a good fit. I think so. I mean hydro warriors is great at the port on the switch.


Obviously was we used before and that that's that's gone really well and it's a similar kind of feel so yeah i mean


maybe but we certainly sounds like he would be out for it it's just whether he can persuade them to let them do it really yeah I guess it would be it would be a smart choice because I'll say I think the last day when we cry was like lunch table for the free 60 minus the reboot which they're just ignoring and pretending never happens and so would be a nice interesting we'll bring people back into the franchise and camp what you're saying about being out it would work really nicely like at least comparing it to be an adult yeah well we're gonna move on to some more news because there is a few more there are there are a few more items to get through even though we said it wasn't as busy as last week it seems like there are lots of things to talk about so I'm going to mention the the the direct that we had during the week we did I said last week we're going to have loads of directs this year we got one we've got a Pokemon one yeah nowhere just boom notes. Here you go ahead and


Put him on. Have any of you seen the direct so far? Yeah I watched it on repeat I didn't watch it live because I was coming off of a flight I know Allaster extended his lunch break at work to watch it James I had a well timed day off so uh yeah so on my phone and file I'll give it a watch yeah I'm interested by this and and I quite liked the the the images that we saw that are the brief bit of gameplay that we did get to see I like the scenery I like the the setting it felt like there was a lot going on I really liked it What about you and yeah you know it's it's UK inspired. Which Wow, Who would have ever saw you keep Pokemon game? Yes. not officially the UK and we've got a free form camera which was the thing that really grabbed me because it looks like an actual leap forward and I was kind of just expecting them to count port the council at school sale of game and just maybe add some new Pokemon really glad they didn't do that. I think those games are bad. They're not


is just that I wouldn't have brought me into it by extending what they were already doing the have really changed up a bit here I think yeah and so it's really exciting cause they would have been working on this game for quite a while I would imagine because the last Pokemon was like ultra Sun and Moon which count felt like a half step game and then we had like school so it looks to be a really big game and the fact that their reflection the format a little and doing stuff difference kind of gives me the impression that hopefully their account changing stuff to maybe for the better together and to give reasons to get that franchise cycle yeah well potential Game of the Year 2019 material if they get it right because I think it will be certainly quite popular I would think right we're gonna move on because let's talk about Phoenix right as Attorney trilogy I've been talking about this the last few weeks it is finally coming to the switch on April the ninth which is really exciting but but digital only


that's such a shame because hasn't like their individual titles.


could have easily just package them up in a trilogy. And they've done so many of them. And they've also fairly well on on our councils. I think my problem with it, I probably will get it because I like the titles and I want to play them properly all the way through. But I just feel that it would have been the ideal collection. It's a collection and what better way to have a collection to actually be able to have it in your collection. And I think that's where my problem is. Yeah, no, I understand. I've got visions of you just making your own box right now. And well, guess how many pencils I would say that but I saw I saw somebody doing a very similar thing where they've actually managed to get


into cases and make their own artwork which looks very official but they don't already cartridges and then obviously but they just put them on the shelf so they've got us attorney or whatever on the shelf. It's really cool idea. I'm not going to go that far. Because it's not you know, I'm not artistic in that sense in any way whatsoever. But I think it's a cool idea, but I'm kind of disappointed. They have not gone for physical release. I am still excited.


about it because it is coming out soon I'm going to get it. And I do urge anyone that likes


anyone that likes visual novels, but with a lot of interaction where you actually do get to do something


and a good storyline. The storylines are great in it as well. I urge you to go and check it out if you haven't played any of the originals. Yeah. And kind of leaning into that and talking about the physical copies if that's something you're interested in, if you go to etsy.com thousands of people will have different covers and box arts for older different games so you don't have to worry about printing it to the right sizes family and friends are very bad so if you're somebody like know that once your physical store to Valley you may actually have a chance kind of seen that I knew this and I said this like going to tell you something guys that you don't know. And then Angela. Yay. Good to see. You can get


all the details. Good stuff. I'm going to be checking out at sea or after the podcast right. Next up then persona five. I get to talk about it again because well, it looks like it is fun.


Coming to Nintendo Switch we think we're getting persona five are and as well as that there there is the rumor that Atlas are thinking about remaking persona three they haven't said a reference the switch but surely persona three persona for golden persona five persona six persona 27 whatever just bring them all to the switch yeah it's gonna be interesting because at the liquor who did this and has came out and said we're going to be finding out more information did before me and the thing that's interesting about him he also leaked persona five are and he suggests this version is persona five days on Nintendo Switch which means we have no idea what persona five RS butts right it just means we're getting more persona in our life if there is an ass and and our version which I'm sure won't confuse anyone in this as well is confused me so we're getting persona five s which makes sense as for switch I assume maybe who knows who knows at this point it could probably be anything okay are you have you played persona I've know about


But it seems like a bit of a no brainer to deploy these games over especially with Joker and Smash Brothers well for golden I was the one I played on the beta which was again a really good fit for for for the the console but for me definitely it's got to be on the switch so that's good news it looks like it's coming anyway in one form or another we'll we'll see what format is and moving on then enter the Gunjan is getting a physical release on the switches sold a million copies on this which a lot that's a lot else and while he only sold 2 million copies half run sweat and I think it's like on all of them at least like is on PC and I think it's on ps4 so that's again endings on switch the cell crazy yeah that's great Have you played into the dungeon I haven't i've i've not it's another one of those games where you see it coming up when you scroll through the store and you think oh I need to go back to that and then you forget about the next time you see it and they go oh I need to go back to that and then it just happens all over again. Yeah, you're like me.


I'm list amount of switch games that I've never played like when you're hungry and open the fridge and you think oh I'm just staring at the fridge now and then you forget what you were there in the first place the Nintendo Wii fridge that's


okay let's move on then smash ultimate we have a little bit of smash ultimate news what's what's this about so I can necessarily saccharine has came out and chat a little bit of both his health during the development of the Smash ultimate thing is really crazy about this story is yet sack right trying to look after his health on this project. Unlike apparently he's not done with his other projects. And he was trying to look after his health fields leaving making sure to leave work by 10pm. Which considering his artwork and nine thank goodness is only 10pm. I mean, you know, you wouldn't want to work too late in the evening


and what it only gets crazier from there. Apparently he only took three days off which considering the last game came out in 2000.


14 as insane and apparently was free days were like right before Christmas so it was still even like much of a day no no and on the days where he was not feeling well because apparently he ran himself down to like the point where you would get food poisoning he would literally just go into work with a direct just tripping hand which is that's a dedication that Alistair in the podcast doesn't have he's not here you


know that's that's shockingly bad i mean if that's even half true


you know no nobody we all love video games but nobody needs them that much that somebody needs to run themselves into the business needs that person to be that Ill that's ridiculous if that's the case I know this part of a cultural thing there as well but you know come on and it's a bit much I mean it is it's I guess on the one hand it is nice that someone is so dedicated to putting out something so good Yeah, but the same time I'm sure everyone who's


Who bought the game would be like, we'd have been fine if it came out a couple of months later. And he was leaving the office before 10 o'clock at night? No. Oh, my goodness. Well, let's hope that that is a one off. And that was very much his decision and not something that's an industry issue. Because I know that we've heard stories about that in but not just the video game industry. I hear a lot in the music industry as well. And it is something that we don't you know, none of us none of us want to see no matter how much we want games to come out a bit quicker. So just take your time with Metroid if you're listening Metro team right, then moving on. Happy Birthday Nintendo Switch. Now I saw this this was all over Twitter this week at two years old. I can't believe that in two years old and I loved your little court there and so on. You can see it. Oh, yes. So it looks like it turned out to be more than a few hundred pounds sale to machine because I remember there it does kind of feel like I'm not okay with that. Well, yeah, exactly. I mean, when I remember it was our friend Sean that first told me about the switch. Cuz I remember there was this big announcement


And they announced the switch and he said you know what did you think what did you think? And I said to be honest I don't know I'm just not sure not sure if I'm going to like it don't go to enough rooftop parties that's what


that's right over that but I think what changed it for me was holding one and actually having a goal and going wait a minute wait a minute this is this is good at the trailers are great but they didn't really tell me that I was going to love this machine as much as I do and I love the switch What about you James Yeah No I


was on the fence with our guy would eventually and then it was the dean Mary Odyssey came out oh yeah I just have to do it yeah i was going about all over the place trying to find one I got a bundle because I couldn't get that's right again. Remember that? Yeah. And I'm very happy with the bundle and the red joke on but


no, it's it's been fantastic and I have just completely disregarded so many other things. Yes, other consoles


Netflix things like that. Yes. I'm just too


busy playing games again and I know and I know that because you know you finish games that I know or maybe 1520 hours long and I'll see you have to go over there and you'll see we're finished it


I just get really obsessed so what about you Anton was I was really optimistic because I love the way you yet and being a flood console so seeing a new Nintendo consoles like I love this like I love the way you think the thing that really turned it into oh so Nintendo console to this is going to be the next big thing is just getting it in my hand and feeling whole fun and light it was because of his the GamePad at felt like a chunky Fisher Fisher toy


toy. It was ridiculously bulky and ugly, and all that kind of stuff. And I kind of expected that from Nintendo for a bit. And so the fact that it feels so modern, almost like an actual tablet is incredible. Like, it doesn't feel flimsy. It doesn't feel like it's going to break and just obviously the games like Zelda was it turned out to be one of my favorite games of a generation. And what's really caught me off guard is somebody


Never played till the Zelda so just the system is in place me and then impressed me more well Joe what we're going to do because we are moving fast through the podcast has a lot to get through so I want to move on now to reviews


and this week we're going to talk about one game in particular because it kind of caught us by surprise I knew that this game was already available I think on PC maybe or so and I know it because I follow I follow on detail on Twitter so I knew when they made the announcement because in the way that the developer does for under tail it's all really weird and you're like I don't know if that's a game and I spent or if he's just like jumping up the words the letters and undertake in an undertaking to make something new which is what Delta rune is it's an anagram of under tail and then when it came out and when the announcement the the notes that the Was it the direct the announced that it was coming the


So it came out this week at chapter one of delta room for free, by the way, and it is a good two to three hours of content. James, you've played it. I'll give you my thoughts in a minute. What's your thoughts? I loved it. I completely loved it. And you played under tail, right? I have and it gave me the same feeling and that there aren't many games that would make me laugh out loud. And not nearly as much as this where they still feel like a game and I'm playing a game and I was really disappointed when it came to an end because I was really really enjoying it but I was also feeling slightly guilty that I had it for free because I was like I just want to give you money for this Yeah, similar feeling for me brilliantly designed hilarious and many many parts emotionally invested those well that's another thing about this game is you you actually become emotionally invested in the characters that you are you you're playing and you really feel like you just don't know what's going to happen next. The twist and


horns are brilliant. I had one complaint and interesting God, what a what happened. I got to very much near the end and you you end up going back where you started near the end, you'll know what I'm talking about the one yes, you're trying to be vague. I'm being vague deliberately. But you end up where you started, roughly. And I went into a room because I thought I'll still do a bit of exploring. I know I'm coming to the end here. But I'm going to do about exploring before I commit to ending this chapter one. And I went into a room and I got a screen that I've never seen before in the switch that flashed up and it was bright green and they said error code something or other and the problem with this game is I didn't know whether that was the Be


aware that I was getting a horrific error on the switch turned out it was the latter. It was a horrific error on the switch and my game crashed. I had to go back to before the final stage when you're not in the bit that you returned to you.


And being vague. Yes. The long bit at the end. Yep, it takes longer than other parts, which was kind of frustrating. But interestingly, in the process of starting the game again, I went to hit restart after two and a half hours of continuous playing. And it said, there's an update, you must update know, to play. So I think I played it so quickly after release that a bug was reported probably about the same time that that I was playing it and they fixed it. And that was the part of the older Yeah, so I think it's be fixed, but it was it was frustrating. I was like, I can't be bothered. No, going back was about 11 o'clock at night. But I did it anyway because I love the game anyway, just replayed it so anyway, but really good game is massively recommended. The start is a bit weird, but go with it. Because the rest of it isn't quite as I don't use the word scary but it's it's a bit not quite weird. But yes, it's Yes. It's like it's like it's slightly off with the rest of reality. That's a good way to look at it. It's like if you've got reality, you're slightly to the left of real


Alex that's where you are but really really good but play under tail first and I think it's on the sales in the store right now yes it is I think it's I think it's you know if you're looking to get a cool well that's an eight pounds is well worth a pilot is it's a game that there's it's a game that you can play in different ways and I didn't know that when I played under tail but I know that now that I'm playing Delta room so I'm doing it very differently and I'm assuming you're the same Yes No, I think I ended up playing it two or three times in a row just because I was loving it but I did notice that are quite heavy hint towards in delta, you should be playing a lot more guided as to how to play it but that's because if you play under to first you completely understand so the recommendation from his can get under tail play through it. Download the chapter one of delta room and just just forget everything else and play it you will love it. It's brilliantly done. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I'm just I'm really desperate for the rest of this game to come out.


Me to Anton you haven't played it the right and no I I've tried under tail and I didn't love it I really enjoyed that however talking about playing at the wrong way I debts and I killed somebody early on in the game and then only realize oh there's rewards for doing it 100% pacifist It was like one person when I didn't realize oh you can chat your way out of conversations about you've just revealed what I wasn't going to reveal but that's okay because that is pretty much told to you if you play the Delta room yes demo so I think we're okay so I'll be honest you did see this a couple of weeks ago as well on the past yeah right I was just thinking I'll just play along just in case okay yeah yeah you could do is pass cats out the bag


all right well I recommend Anton get on it are definitely but what was the sale it's like I'm debating whether or not I should pick up because I've gone PC the now but yeah I might pick it up and give it a go and actually completed this time around and then tell written definitely. Well, that's a review for this week. And we are going to move


On to the fun part of the night because Alister isn't here. And we're recording in the evening. Alice there isn't here because he's running scared of Anton. Anton keeps winning. It's time for the quiz


questions. So this week that we were playing is the same as every other week where I have a video game. I will give you some clues. And you each get a chance to guess after each clue. And the first person to get the game right wins the points. The best of three. James, you've heard it on the podcast is yes, I believe it is. Good luck. Thank you knows his stuff. He does.


And Tom, you've got a new challenger. One more challenge. You're ready. Alright, so we're gonna move on to the first I was a very it was very


glad you took James Are you ready? I don't. What do they always say? I just want to like throw my arms in the air like this.


We're talking about knowing I'm in the dark here. It's gladiators. It's


The Voice an answer from gladiators.


Anyway, we'll we'll move on. So first game. The first clue. Is this a third person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by gathering of developers.


Hmm, same. True. Nope. I got absolutely no idea and your facial expression as you read that out after writing it just before I came in the room looks confused. Yeah, you look like you can't remember. You


know, I have all here do not do not fear released on Microsoft Windows originally in July 2001, but later ported in that year to PS to Xbox, and Gameboy Advance. interesting gameplay. Hmm. slightly different version.


Any guesses or shall I move on?


I'm going to move on. Yeah. Did you play you play as a former NYPD detective attempting to solve the horrific murder of his wife and daughter.


Oh, really? Hmm.


I'm stumped know I've I have absolutely no. Got a clue gritty Neo noir style and uses graphic novel panels with voiceovers








I guess it's I have not got a clue receive positive reviews when a BAFTA Award and the seas of games the series of games has sold over 7.5 million copies over the bad now


focus you don't know yeah it's got a BAFTA sold millions of copies and I'm clueless


inspired to film of the same




no I'm trying to think what movies, have film games have films rereleases. A downloadable game on the Xbox originals for the Xbox 360 and then it was on the ps3 store is actually since then been released on I think it's on mobile as well actually if it definitely is.


Not in the switch, though, as far as I know, third person shooter or the former NYPD cup. Yeah. But with a graphic novel panel style with voiceover as gritty, Neo noir style originally released on Microsoft Windows PSTN, Xbox and GB the same year and it's film as well as a film and it's got sold seven and a half million copies. The CDs of games. Are we allowed to know who's in the film? I don't know


I do you got one last chance to to answer before I move on to get into driver. Let's do do do do do it. Genuinely naughty. Not a clue. Max Payne. Oh, that's a film really was. Yeah, it was it was a film crew member who was in it. But yeah, probably what's the Belgian actor that's in everything?


Obviously not very cute. The action hero guy no artist source so it's really not helping anybody. Also just for the listeners Mike was just doing


karate chops I was to your karate chops


doesn't I forget his name. Anyway, right next next game, so it's nil nil so at the moment teams is still very much in it at 2008 platform game released on the PS two we Xbox 360 and ps3.


Oh okay. No ninja bread man love the guests. Not right gameplay features two distinct styles with each being played either during daytime or nighttime




oh. Hmm. Interesting


so you know I've got ideas but the whole multi platform thing is completely throw me out where the platforms again if I may ask it was released in the PlayStation two we Xbox 360 and PlayStation three


everything cross generational


your that was 2008. So it's that time where there were still releases being made on the previous generation.


Okay, so three versions of the game were developed so different developers were on each of them. One was for the 360 the ps3 and one of the other ones was dealing with the Wii and the PS two and then there was one I think dealing with mobile versions of this as well or something similar


I don't know if that's 100% truth is that the the first two were one dealing with the previous genuine dealing with the current gen at the time


Bundy two games it's not crash Montacute know sold 2.45 million copies, reception was mixed and it was part of a huge series of games


character was part of a huge scheme by rule not spiral is it Final Fantasy spin off No.


Okay, final quick praise for the sense of that's gonna be a boring goalless draw today praise for the sense of speed in daylight stages and the graphics


Well that's what I thought when as we're going through the clues Damocles he's obsessed with Sonic he knows this you wrote these questions with with him in mind is that no no no


winning the soul time was one they'll to Anton but you have time now to score an equalizer in the last minute know


this game 2d artillery tactical video game originally released in 1995 Command and Conquer know


the 95 was throwing me off as well so I was gonna say advance for it it's not that no turn based game where a player controls a team against another team they aim is to use various weapons to kill the other team


got an idea on the forums


Oh I love it alright so the rest of it originally released on the Amiga, Gameboy and Mac but versions have been on just about every console cleaning the switch which we have a newer version of the game and it's very well reviewed actually the the worms game on the switch so there was also a soft


version as in the Sega Saturn. Remember that it was a hit. It was very well reviewed. And it was a commercial SAS in 1995 selling 250,000 copies, which was very much a commercial success time for the Amiga. So there we are. So one one I almost feel like I should have prepared a tiebreaker but we're going to stay there and give you both a point so in terms of the series it means that Anton against Anton versus James is is it one one and two and versus Alice there's about five three I think to you and Tom can remember it's about five three will go back and check so pretty good for showing jail good Thank you. You're welcome. That's about it for this week. We're we're we're again back on Twitter during the week so if you are on Twitter, it's ns. UK podcast on Twitter James, it's been a pleasure having you as a client you I've enjoyed being here as well. And Anton Is there anywhere else people can get in yeah and if you're looking for any information, the hub and better


Place a loop as ns.


UK and that will have information links to everything information there. You've got absolute their field transcripts if you're wanting to search for any particular topic. So if you're really interested in Pittman for the 3ds, you can search for maybe I don't know if you can, but you can search for things. In particular, if there's a particular title or topic you'd like to hear about James is read the transcripts, or at least not all of them in detail. But you've you've you've scanned them. Yes. When you said complete and accurate transcript,


I think it adds to the entertainment. Yes, put it that way.


It's a computer algorithm that picks up some things brilliantly and other things not so brilliantly. So if you want a bit of light entertainment ns UK code at UK, it's a great website they've done by our very own Anton it's very, very good. So thank you check it out. And that's about it for this week. So until next week, have a fantastic week. Thanks again, James. Thank you and we'll be back next week. Goodbye. Iraj. Bye.