Turok And Roll - Episode 11

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Join Mike, Anton, Alastair and special guest host Emily for the 11th episode of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast.

We're talking about the Turok HD remake that is heading to the Switch, alongside plans for Turok 2.  We've got more Zelda rumours, discussion about Game Pass, Square Enix making the move into mobile gaming, more physical titles heading to Switch, a new JRPG, and possible Devil May Cry 5!  

As well as all this, Mike tells us what classic style point and click adventure he's been playing, Alastair tells us how long we can expect the Switch to stick around and we have the weekly quiz!

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Thank you for downloading Episode Number 11 of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. We are back once again and we have Alistair back. Hello Alice there. Hello. Hello. Hello. Howdy back is a little bit of a surprise because we didn't actually expect balance there was going to be back this week. But he's he's managed to. He's managed to speak to a few people about a few dogs and he's lovely people look after a very small person, and I am here so Alister is with us, but we also have a guest presenter. Hello, Emily. Nice to meet you. Thank you for having me. I'm glad I wasn't replaced. Well, you weren't replaced. We had this kind of analysis. It was available. We're like, does that mean one of us sit so or does that mean what do we do? But we thought, you know what? Let's just have everybody on the podcast. very cramped, isn't it? It's based on who I'm at. James was with us last week. I should mention thanks again.


Our guest presenter last week, James, he was absolutely fantastic. And if you missed that it's episode number 10. You can go and download it now on iTunes. I just say that was a very weird experience of it. By the way, I was listening back to the absolute last week. James sounds exactly like me. He does. He does. I mean, he's better looking and funnier than you. But he goes, I'm just kidding. I'm joking. I've known for a long time. That's fine. He can take that. So one thing I do want to mention about iTunes, just before we get started, is that we had a really interesting week we actually climbed the charts and we got to, okay, so it's specifically the games and hobbies, charts that we climbed, and in within 18, so they have categories and we got at one point on the real time chart, we got up to number 15, and we were right behind the Nintendo Switch America podcast. So there's a few other quite notable podcasts in there, which I thought was fantastic. And Anton who haven't even mentioned is actually here, by the way, because he's always Hello, I'm I'm breaking the free balance of the podcast.

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To try first is to try it. I'm so sorry. That's what confused me. That's why I never mentioned because I've been through three people. So Antonio was really exciting, wasn't it? We were checking. I was away and holding. I was in Disneyland Paris and still checking every day. I'm just I'm so proud of you guys. Well done. Well done every big pat on the back high five. I mean, it was also you as well. I mean, let's face it, you know, are you are part of the podcast. I am actually not to be honest. It's just thank you to everyone else who's listening and downloading the podcast because that's why we claim to charge so last weekend tonight. As you will know, I was in Disneyland Paris for the week and I spent half of my time checking the iTunes charts in the queues


I like I need to get on I need to get on crushes coaster one more time. But I can do it because I can check to see how much we're climbing on the charts. But it was really exciting wasn't until Oh definitely. I think the front of your check like every couple minutes early in the group. Chat always went up one please. two places this is as high as we're going so thank you so much for


Support. It's been like overwhelming. And we we didn't actually believe that we thought it was like oh, we did did actually. And we weren't quite long queues To be fair, Disneyland Paris. So that was half of the reason that I had time to do it. But no thanks again. And remember, you can get us on Twitter. We're ns UK podcast on Twitter. And as well as that. If you haven't subscribed to us on iTunes, get subscribed on iTunes, please, if you are a fan of the switch, and this is your first lesson, you can subscribe and get all the episodes you get them you get told as soon as they appear. And if you have a friend or friends that are also switch players or users, then get them to check us out and download as well. And thank you once again. By the way, just before we move on to the podcast, there was a really, really cool Mario Kart two player arcade in my hotel. Wow. And it was so cool because you could actually play Mario Kart with a friend on a big screen with a wheel and the law and there was also the Wheaties mansion.


as well. I. Luigi is magic Archangel who have you. Have you ever seen or heard the likes? Anton I've heard of the Mario Kart one. But I've never heard about the Luigi one. That's completely bizarre because we've been able to play like a fair amount of the Mario Kart one. Like, whenever we see when it's just like, okay, who? Who's going to reign supreme? You know, I will beat you. But yeah,

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but a little bit healthy competitiveness is fine. You know, that's, that's a good thing, right? I mean, you know, we want to know in the healthy obsession Yeah. Okay, let's, let's be, let's be fair. I mean, when I was there, and I play any sort of game, it starts off as a friendly Oh, let's have a game of this. And then it's like


violence. Hello.


All right. Let's Let's move on. And look at this week's news because we've got loads and loads of it and because this is your first stint as guest presenter, Emily, we're going to get you involved in lots of this too, because because people are hearing our voices


Let's be honest so first of all we've got this game pass stuff which we talked about a little bit on the podcast there's been these rumors of game pass on that Nintendo Switch This is the one Anton where they allowed you to play well the idea was that you could play Xbox games on the switch it was that the idea indeed yes so via ex club game streaming which is I think it's in like a closed beta and is estimated


via that you would have access to Xbox game pass on third party experts devices such as mobile PC laptops whatever you want to play your Xbox games on and you'd be able to stream them to these consoles and and thankfully with game pass you have access to 100 games so the rumor is that these lists app service would become into Nintendo Switch and it was just a rumor and a gold backed up a couple times however, and Phil Spencer is came out and said that they're interested


Bringing game pass to as many platforms as possible including ps4 and there's only one way to do that and if they're happy to bring it to ps4 I'm sure they're happy to bring it to a lot more stuff yeah i mean this is the thing isn't it bringing it to a lot more stuff they want to make it accessible on as many different formats and platforms as possible and as you said if they're going to do ps4

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the switch is definitely going to be contender Emily is it something that you would be interested in if game pass came to the switch


it would be an interesting thing to do I think as an industry it would be kind of groundbreaking to do but other than that I don't know if I would ever actually use it I think I'm I'm a very like


I very much like my games to be separate you know like I like to keep my Xbox games on that side they more of a ps4 person but that's fine and but I keep my switch games on that side my other games there and I don't know so I don't know if I would ever do it. Yeah, I'm kind of I'm kind of with you in that Alistair


I think it's a great idea I really like the idea what I was actually just googling see what games you get with the with the past because I had a funny feeling behold of blood and junk but actually some really good good let's crack down three Forza Horizon for see if thieves i would i would do that I have the best part of game past in my opinion as the fact that and you get on Microsoft exclusives on day one yeah so for myself I don't even have like my Xbox isn't even hooked up however close game passes on PC I'll buy game pass and then for instance when force I came out I paid eight pounds and got to play it for a month and then now that was me done I drove around and run a circle a bunch and then I was happy so I think potentially for switch users just being able to step in and try some of like the new Halo game just go in there play list of 10 or a campaign for like eight pounds a month it'll be really good and yeah I it's interesting and I think that is something that does give more gaming and more options to switch


users or ps4 users or wherever it might show up so I think that in itself is a good thing for me I have a slight I'm kind of with Emily and I tend to try and keep things slightly separate I feel a bit like I'm kind of I'm kind of cheating when I'm you know if I'm playing another console or you know remotely almost because I guess that's kind of how game passwords I'm gonna hide the PS know was at PS know it's called


the yeah I had that streaming yeah the streaming service and is this is this streaming on game

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past as well as how it works is deeds on the actual experts console so you can download the games and the cloud component would be introducing streaming to the mix and potentially Microsoft would be an ideal position to do this compared to previous attempts to close they also do Microsoft servers and Microsoft


and however bandwidth to sell lemonade so well that's exactly what was going to work unless you're sitting on sort of fiber to the premise is connection was ridiculously fast upload speed. They're not going to be a bit lonely. I've never tried this


I'm fascinated have never tried streaming again I have on police station now as it was and I'm trying to remember if it downloaded as a game on to the console then you played I think that's kind of how it worked my other worried but it is here if you're streaming game or PC for example right if a lot of time you are decent game you have a hardware connection you can have a fast speed is you've got a switch the only way you can connect to the internet is the Wi Fi not everyone's Wi Fi is particularly great particularly fast. reliable. I have a funny feeling might be a bit glitchy. But I would love to prove them wrong because I really want to play some Xbox games on my switch Xbox Xbox 360. Yeah, me neither. Well, I did on one briefly, but I didn't. I didn't love it. So I am I sold it. But yeah, I think overall it's a good good thing. I'm on the fence as to whether or whatever use it but we will see how that does develop. And I think again, it's a sign that the switch is here to stay and it's something that we're going to come on to a little


But later on the podcast as well now the news this week cast your mind back to 1997 what was happening that year? Well if you were a game or you're probably probably playing the end 64 or if you weren't you probably wish you had one because it was pretty much top of the range of the time and one of those games that came out and then 64 I'm talking about me and also you guys are way too young but Alistair you were playing against 64 I was playing the end 64 and the game that was on there which I didn't have but lots of people didn't listen to rock yeah folk fest is I did have to rock to rock was great. You won't vote in the fog because they couldn't actually generate things properly is that was


that was one of the feelings of that console. But you wonder it involves looking for dinosaurs which got progressively more and more determined to kill you. And actually I love that game.

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Well good news because to rock is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 18th of March and there are also planning to take to rock to the switch at a later date. So this is a bit of a new style quite interested in this because it is spoken over.


as being a bit of a classic and 64 title, it's a chance to go and revisit it. If you're Alistair, for me as a chance to play it for the first time, have you guys have you ever played it? Have you ever had any


any sort of experience with it? Or is it something that he just wouldn't be interested in? know, I've actually never heard of these games. That sounds quite bad.


I mean,


being being born in 1998. I feel quite bad making us sound quite old there.


But no, I think I definitely be interested. I always love looking at the older games. Is it


like HD remake? Or is it well, it's like a Yeah, that's a good question, because it's something that if I asked is going to double check for us just now, but I'm assuming so I'm assuming that there are at least going to modernize it slightly because no offense to the end 64 is a great console but if you were to take something directly off of their know it ain't going to feel it's not going to play the way that perhaps


You might want it to I mean you or minus one at that point Emily so it's

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well yeah I can confirm it is an HD remake. So I'm actually looking at some of this little trailers on here it looks like we've pushed some of the fog back,


you've got distance you can see stuff you can see something that was the intention. I think this could be quite interesting. I think there's a lot of titles around about that time which were potentially great games but limited by what the console could do.


Definitely. And I think personally for myself I'm just excited to see and six four games coming on the switch so we can use a proper controller closest, something that never grew up with the and 64 that just the three prongs


of them were broken


kinda Alison's got that love for that controller, though. Don't you love for the whole system. It was the best decision ever made. And I don't say that lightly because I love the switch. I have to admit I'm tempted to agree I used to play with Star Wars. pod racing is my


Absolute jam love that game and it was like we don't talk about the film's still was put racing with brilliant Pokemon Stadium as well absolutely oh yes but no I do love and 64 games and I think it'll be a nice change to see the move to switch because they've done it with the Zelda games the 3d remakes for 3ds and they were great I think HD ready console like like this which would do much better


and interesting there is a payment we had the phase where like we're remaking ends I guess we did a couple in 64 games on the 3ds but even then we report them there was compromises made to control so it'd be nice to see like nice big proper ports of and six four games coming to sweat

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well I'm actually I'm sitting here and Google while you guys are speaking and apparently to rock was actually already remastered released on PC and 2015 and Xbox One and 2018 oh they're just putting that that game over to switch. Okay. So essentially it's out there and we can probably Google find out whether was


Good yeah well maybe you can jump on and see what the remake looks sounds like and is reviewed like because I suspect that's the one we're get hopefully it's all right if they're going to be bringing across will do that for next week yeah will check that all right we have some Kid Icarus and start tropics news and so on yes so if you have a Nintendo Switch online service you can no download can address and star tropics if you're located and they waste and fantastic games you should definitely have a goal I think they don't have motivated just single player experiences however if you're in Japan you can download Fire Emblem but thankfully and you can as long as you have a Japanese Nintendo account you don't have to have a Japanese at Nintendo online subscription you can download the family calm online app and sign in using your normal Nintendo account what you have for power regions or Western like us region and get Fire Emblem ago and Japanese if you can read it.


Okay, that's quite cool. Maybe we should put together a we guide to on Twitter or something. And or maybe I see we are more like Antonio,


but if any of you said please. cantankerous or star tropics Yeah. I I played a key to Chris. I'm pretty sure it was a bonus gaming up pricing, because I know I've definitely played it before somewhere. But I can't remember where but I, I love it. I think it's a great game. Well, I haven't played either, in all honesty, but I've heard good things for sure. Certainly. But kidding. Kidding, Chris, I don't know much about Star tropics,


to be honest. But But Kid Icarus. I've heard good things. So I think again, it's one of those that is going to appeal to to an audience and it's one that is again, this is the thing about the switches and it's going to introduce people to something new again, and especially if you can go on there and so the online so be what you said is what you're saying, Anton that you can actually go on and get

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These now is that they actually Yeah, they're available knows they're part of the Marshall just free if you have your Nintendo Switch online service and it's just an update when you build that, and you'll have the two new games. I did see these actually. And I think, again, the more classic titles that we can get that people can revisit, the more that people you know, maybe haven't played it the first time around, or the first generation of it, it's a chance to go on and get them again. And that's great. I would like it if the kind of moved on a generation of games. I love that. I love that generation. But it would be great if we started looking at 16 bit you know, surely. Yeah, that'd be nice. I like a few snares keeps cropping they're all in good time. I'm sure it'll come actually talking about old games and giving them a new life. One of those are suddenly I know he's got a little girl who's expect and 11 years old, she played Zelda Yes, Breath of the Wild loved it. And then she started barking on Zelda one and two and the nurse and she has loved him that makes me unbelievably happy. There's young people out there who didn't exist at the tournament.


Who are playing these old games and loving them? Well I think the thing is again that we talked about before I actually mentioned this last week that at the end of the day a good game is about gameplay and storyline I think of the storyline and the gameplay is good or not always but both but if one of those is good and two in the case of a good


storylines you still need good gameplay and that's what those games have but they're still good games today and see past the graphics because let's face it they look very data but they're not carrying with that they can see fast the difficulty which they were brutal back then and they've stood the test of time playing good old movie for me we had anyone on the podcast that was younger than us that could confirm that older games are so good


no absolutely i mean i'm it's older like super fan I love just about every title we don't really talk about the Nintendo DS wants to he


no I absolutely love I think breath the world was exactly what the franchise

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what Pokemon GO could have done for Pokemon to bring new fans in on a great console to to the older titles.


So absolutely. I always love going back to them. Well, we know we know it worked on Anton, because for you Antonia definitely work because you weren't even really a massive Zelda fine before Breath of the Wild or certainly not a game fun or you know, you didn't play the previous titles particular. Yeah, I think I've given a little bit of a goal of the original on the GPA close. I go up for free and it never quite grasp because this is quite a hard game. You kind of have to puzzle your way through of our breath. While I think I picked up close. There was no other switch games that launch and then I go absolutely in love with it. And I'm still playing it like today. I've just recently picked up the expansion pass. I'm like saying the hundred and 20 hour mark and it's really good. And on the topic of Zelda. We've got some more Zelda news for 2019. Have any of us heard about this?


I might have heard about this Can I guess? Yeah, there is. I want to guess, because I might have mentioned this about 17 times. But back in an early 2019 episode, I said, we're getting us out of this year. And well, we know we're getting new old Zelda so that that for me counts, right? So no debate about that.


I'm joking, it probably doesn't really good. But I think this is if I remember, I just scanned through this story. But I think this is that we might be getting some more to the Zelda definitely use your own topia stuff. So where the rumor mill is pointing and leakers came out and save that will be getting more than links awakening in 2019 and apparently will have a smaller to the short title coming this year. So not quite the full remain plus something which Where do you think we could go and choose frankly, this is kind of a plausible prediction


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for me. Yeah, 100% because


we talked about the


duality of the switch the fact that it's got the handheld thing, the fact that the 3ds is now becoming a last gen has been seen as a last gen console by Nintendo. And we just look at last direct. We didn't really we didn't have any 3ds news in the last big direct that we had earlier and in February. So I think absolutely, we're going to see more and more titles that are meant to be played in handheld mode, but you can play them on the big screen as well. Well, I'm going to ask you to read dumb question here. What is to de Silva? Are we talking literally, 2d platformer style? Are we talking pretend 3d in 2d like they used to do because to me has always been a 3d game just yeah, it's just obviously they couldn't do 3d graphics. Yeah, I agree. I'm worried that


I mean, it would be nice to see a brand new title like completely new story. I am worried that it's going to be


something like A Link Between Worlds. I didn't I didn't even touch it.


Link Between Worlds. So I'm not sure how I'm going to feel. I just, I really worried about them ruining my friend chase Well, I think if they're going to do both, and they're still going to focus on those big titles, but the 2d ones for those that want them, as long as there have a quality or a standard, which I think we will get, would that be enough? If they said, Look, you know, we're gonna, we're going to release this is the, to these elder or what they refer to as 2d, but we're also working on the next Breath of the Wild, and that's going to be in 2021 or whatever. Would that be enough to sort of satisfy your zelda? Absolutely, I mean, Link links awakening is as got me hoped enough, so I yeah, I will, like definitely appreciate whatever work they do. So I think I can, I can only have the highest of hopeless father. Well, I'll be interest. Anton, your thoughts? See, I'm very curious, cuz I'm know Nintendo, if they're willing to charge 50 pounds for links awakening remaster I'm kinda

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sitting here like what would they do is to the initial tale because they wouldn't do a remake can have like the Bechtel coming out this year I'm yeah this sounds crazy I'm almost kind of curious to see if it's more experimental to kind of like Tetris 99 where it's kind of wild card play on the franchise at cuz I couldn't see them doing such a big experience because even like they're small games like try Force Heroes which was saying at the title that came alongside Breath of the Wild sell like a 50 pound title so I'm kind of wondering what a small cell the game would be like so are you thinking this will be the Pokemon Snap of The Legend of Zelda series yeah just like he off brands like they had Pokemon rumble and we're just like oh I forgot to experiment but you don't want when I want it to be


was that I want it to be the Zelda from the Philip CDI Does anyone remember that my goal




do their father so bad I'm else are you familiar of the CDI I very, very vague memories of the review console came out right at the same time. That was that was one of them. Yeah. So tell us what's what's Yes. Actually, the story is the Nintendo wanted to make a CD add on for the Super Nintendo is compared with the Sega Mega CD and the originally partnered up with Sony and then that fail fruit and then Sony went off to make the police station and then they partnered up with Philips. And then the generation was up and then they're starting work on the end 64 so they can the project however, Philips to the technology and made a concept called the CPI which was countless multimedia player. However, during the contracts, they own the rights to sell make Nintendo games and cause that they had no capital and the quality of these titles were awful. So we got free Zelda games and a hotel Mario, which is Oh, that's an


The two games on the CDI where the wonder of gamble on and the Faces of Evil which I think would both be fantastic I'll be more than happy I mean they're both terrible gangs are you want to get slapped right now you just showed me the pictures what they look like they look like really really bad late 80s cartoon yes interact with this

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Zelda Zelda special


a special I don't know this is just reminded me we had the awful Zelda cartoon at the exact yeah bring that back up leave in the past


with you guys seem to be really to one against me on this I'm all for it the more the more Zelda terrible terrible titles from the late 80s early 90s the better bring them all I'm kind of tongue in cheek I'm not hundred percent just bringing down the average


awakening just everybody be cool Moving on we have some octopus traveler news which is really interesting because I'm not


sure whether I love this news I hate this to us but when we look like we're getting an octave path traveler game for mobile yeah so it's really bizarre because they came out and they did not set up to craft travelers sold like 1.4 million units on switch alone so it's actually surprisingly well also there were chatting about it for years and yeah we're gonna new game on mobile I believe it's called traveler of the champions champions of the continent as Japan only so far and at sell a single player RPG and it has like eight characters and you're lonely team that you can work with. And I think there's different stories depending on who's you choose. It's going to be interesting or sounds


ambitious game for swearing. It sounds like a passion project so I'm curious to see where the take the franchise have any of us give it a go so they had demos and stuff I downloaded the demo I have not picked it up like I I haven't opened the software like at all, I think RPG select.


I've really struggled getting into like, I haven't played any Fire Emblem game ever. So I don't know

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if I'll ever enjoy that kind of format. I played, see what happens. I played the demo as well. I've actually played the demo and I found it. Well, one of my complaints was that it was really hard to navigate around where I was actually trying to go. And actually, that was a general complaint of the demo. I don't think that's an issue so much in the in the final game, but it was charming, but I didn't I didn't grab me in the way that a lot of people felt that it did. So I never invested in the in the full game just because I didn't feel I would, it would be time well spent for me. Well, I'm kind of intrigued by this because I think it makes a lot of sense. Apparently, the game on mobile has made Nintendo the most money by a very, very low margin as Fire Emblem Heroes which basically an RPG on mobile so it makes a lot of sense to release octopus traveler as an RPG on mobile and I suspect is going to be really successful I want to give it a go because I've not played octopus traveler yet every race but and I really want to give


shot so that might be my way and it's it's one that I think will get people interested because it is a big titles and it's a huge audience for it and it's one that I still want to go back I still want to play it on the switch I just I need to find a time when I don't have a million other things to play and goodness knows maybe 2025 when it's last gen


actually before we move on it just occurred to me there's something we don't think we've got on our list of any words talk about but did you guys see Nintendo came out with a statement about they don't want to make a little money for mobile gaming know so i i don't i don't know the context of it was I remember reading an article on this and Nintendo been talking about their business model is they want to try to stick mostly to consoles the release a few games they'll probably charge for games I remember when they released Mario rotten It was 10 pounds wherever and people thought that was really expensive but they would rather charged up front for a game and have no or minimal micro transactions rather than the business model that every other developer out there takes of give you a game away for free and engage people with micro


Transactions good on Nintendo. I know it's it's honorable. It's really honorable I think. I mean they've not done it with any of their other games. Pokemon GO was free Super Mario Run was free and then it was a favor to get past like well too so it'd be nice for them to actually do that but


I wouldn't be bothered if I never saw another Nintendo mobile game again I really appreciate that

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games just being on console Mario Kart on mobile


No please no I yeah i'm i'm not convinced because I don't want my mobile phone to me a gaming device anymore. I went through a period of loving playing games on my mobile phone I was really into kind of mobile gaming in that sense, but my switch has taken that all away I don't I want to play games on the switch. I want to invest my time playing a really good switch title and if it's a choice between a pretty good mobile game and I switched title for me it's going to be the switch title every time Yeah, and I agree with you that that does make


A lot of sense but you don't always have your switch with you You always have before well i don't know i mean i do try i mean i'm just back from


everywhere to always have it with me yeah why would you be playing games on your phone when you could be on the issue key people


are checking the the updates on the real time iTunes charts to see if we can spot place or not not that I was doing that last week and now we're going to move on because we have a bit of us to get through and I do want to review a game that I played this week very briefly and tell you guys about it because I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to and it would feel it would just feel disastrous of I didn't at least mention it so we'll move on to the next bit of news and this is about Devil May Cry five know we did have rumors we talked about this briefly last week. Basically, it could be ported to the Nintendo Switch if Dragon's Dogma dark arising does well when it comes out and I for one will be getting Dragon's Dogma when it comes out. What about you guys? Emily, what about you? I am actually completely unfamiliar with the




series like I've, I know of the games, but I've never really

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gotten into it. I mean, could you tell me a bit more about it? And I'll see. Give me give me an elevator pitch and then I'll see if I'll buy Anton over to you


go to for an anime email boyband universe is like an


over the top so let's explosions and they're just like, you've got


a trailer. Yeah. And but yeah, how do you feel? Because this is a really interesting contention because they're using the sales of a port of a ps3 game to dictate whether or not it's worth putting. That was my round new ps4. Yeah, that was my instinct of this was that I think Dragon's Dogma could do quite well because I think it's a good home for it. But it's a lot of pressure on parole. Dragon's Dogma, isn't it? Oh, wait, no.


Autism marketing pitch there we're going to bring Devil May Cry because I'll make a whole lot of money if it do Devil May Cry in the switch it's a no brainer this way people go and buy drugs document as well and they get more sales it's just always all right salesman Alistair has set the world to rights and has explained what was going on behind their thoughts do you agree or disagree with me that is too much pressure on pool portal DD yeah I think there's too much pressure because I remember during the way you era like Catholic hitless EA they stopped making we you games because like I think it was Need for Speed Most one eat you didn't sell well and that was like a court that came out like 12 months late and they're like yeah and then sell wellness like No wonder why you pour it a 12 months late so I'm hoping that they have realistic sales expectations and our from interviews with the producer of the game he seems really passionate about bringing a switch and I think it's just the corporate sites and bringing him down after me I think Nintendo usually very special


With their their marketing, I think they know what they're doing. So I'm going to trust them and think that they're playing into people's hands.

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And I guess we'll see what happens. Yeah, I think you might be onto something that this is part of a bigger marketing campaign that Alistair alluded to. And the will manage to kind of figure out what they do and don't want to do with it. And let's face it, if it's going to make money, they're going to do it. If it doesn't make money, they ain't gonna do it. And that is that is what it's going to come down to the end of the day as much as as much as I can. And I feel there's a lot of pressure on Dragon's Dogma, you're probably both right.


Well, yeah, we do. Moving on we're going to move forward to some physical switch news or physical games. That is because if you are a fan of physical Nintendo Switch games, but we've got some good news because limited run games have announced that they're going to be hosting a press conference at the next


Three in June I think this is a sign of just how successful the market for having a physical version of a game has been on the Nintendo Switch


yeah and there's going to be a weird press conference because obviously they didn't make these games that are legitimately won't go and be like yeah we're bringing puzzle bobbled to cartridge You're welcome


so careful on that campaign obviously they're only going to announce any games and what can end the games one choice What game do you want on physically on switch that isn't already physical Emily You go first Oh you know what I really loved I don't know if it's on the switch he shop mutant months.


Oh, I love that. Meeting months was great. I think it's out there. I think there's a if it's not limited run. It might be super rare that didn't meet in months. I'm going to check that don't quote me on that. But I have a feeling that it's

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Been it might have been done physically but will check that a great show mutant mods is a great little game if you haven't played it then definitely definitely check that out Alister I my knowledge of indie games is really bad I know a big titles when it comes to indie stuff I haven't got a clue you do you're not I mean the thing is you it's they're all titles that you know you just you say


ever bought was like it was a Western ruling


that was limited run just did that recently I think it was limited run that did it again rather than super rare because so many people have talked about that a West I definitely want to play a brilliant game if you haven't played west of low thing is hilariously funny brilliantly written if you like turn based RPG in a kind of fun kind of style you really really like this but also it's got a bit of that delta rune under tail type humor in it at times as well with stick man artwork was great I've either you guys played west of losing know Yeah, I've missed the girl of the loop. Right? Well it's not


would actually create change my answer though? I would I know I realized I've been raving about this game constantly and I think everybody should play it


burly men at sea by brain and brain is the most beautiful game ever created.


It's a


kind of choose your own adventure storyline based on I believe Nordic mythology where you can your three brothers or with great beards It looks like a picture book it's so gorgeous sound design is amazing

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and you just like it's a choose your own adventure you just get to do what you like and you go through different runs for us they have a


it was kind of a promotional thing but each run through has a code and you can order picture book version of your place through on their website. Oh, that's a simulator If you really love to one of the runs for is that you did you can


Put in the code they have a kind of meta version of it in the game with it like it tells you the website and it says you can put it in


but yeah you can get a physical picture book version of your of your gameplay so i'd love that does look really good actually I just googled it and those burly men it sees beers are quite impressive are good yeah they're there they've announced a new title I can't remember what it's called wouldn't nickel


they announced it at the end of February with just a 42nd trailer


it's going to be a kind of Western looks like to be the same kind of art style and sound design. So fingers crossed that comes back to switch to really good show and just on barely made it See I've seen and I've had it on my kind of watch list for a while and never delved into playing it. So that's one it definitely will know and on your mutant mods collection. Emily. The good news is that it is a physical version by soon


Career games super rare games did it The downside is that far as I can see it sold out currently, but there will be there'll be a few copies of it kicking around on eBay, etc. probably for about 404 million. Yes absolutely. Let's say good shape is a really good show did we get everyone's that? I

Episode 11.mp3 Page 19 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai

think so. I think yours Yes, dark side detectives to which is coming out. And I mentioned that because I'm going to give you my thoughts and dark side detectives. One in a few minutes. We're going to look at some reviews this week and find out what we've all been playing. And I'm going to talk about that but yeah, dark side to take those two which is on the way and one actually have them all a big collection that would be really cool. So very, very briefly, then, before we do move on to reviews. And then the quiz we have 16 bit inspired Jr. PG chained echoes now it's on Kickstarter and it smashed its goal which is really good news and they've got a stretch goal there another stretch goals where it gets interesting because the stretch goal is to port it to the switch. So that will be


And there's a physical stretch goal as well. I believe Anton indeed yep and good news at has both those stretch goals it looks absolutely gorgeous they say it's a 16 bit RPG but it kind of reminds me of the kind of what they consider the vibe looking RPG of the ferry to bed earlier era where they were just really gorgeous pixel art graphics and it looks really stunning it's called like some anime entrails and it just looks like the 16 but our PG you always want it and it's like what you remember playing like criminal trigger was like however done to the expectations you have yeah I've sold I've sell recommend going on I've seen the Kickstarter page for this and it does look stunning It looks great it's actually reached a switch stretch goal was don't know


I think I did you not just say that yeah


spine we cannot confirm from two sources that is definitely reached a stretch goal. So thank you all.


does not like checking everything God says Emily What about you What's your thoughts on this one I I'm excited to see what happens I always love when games come from humble beginnings so I I'm excited to see the potential I always love games that come to switch so should be good. Yeah, absolutely. Well very briefly before we move on to reviews we've got some news from 3d realms are the people behind Duke Nukem 3d pray and Max Payne and they've announced wrath Ayaan of Ruin Am I saying that right indeed and is a really interesting game it's kind of imagine kills the eccentric NUS of doom but in a pixel count Fredy early 90s first person shooter he said tech however if a lot more going on because they just have the processing power loot really

Episode 11.mp3 Page 20 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai

gorgeous and looks just kind of insane. bonkers. Like a Hotline Miami Miami


eccentric as you've seen the trailer yeah yeah we were just watching it before we started I I do love first person shooters I'm terrible at them but I think it'd be good to see I think that's just like me by the way Emily you say that I love first person shooters but I'm absolutely terrible either by love them which is something about them there's one came out this week as well on the switch I don't know if you've seen it but it's called Rico know if you guys have seen that


hearing stuff that's like a multi player like quote thing is it isn't it is and it's quite an interesting art style and it looks really good it's quite well reviewed the reviews so far. It's been really cool and I think it's on the shop now I need to double check that but certainly I've kind of had half an eye on that as one that I might be interested in picking up because we are slowly know starting to get more and more first person shooters on the switch which I think is a welcome thing Allaster Yeah, and I think I can take you can go wrong with first person shooter.


There's a lot of people out there that like a good first person shooter I'm just rubbish out them yeah me too yeah yeah they're great I like dying alone he have basically two okay well yeah I think it's good goes for all of us in this case we should have a multiplayer ourselves that will be interesting to see


everyone just wandering around so yeah special episode just three hours of wandering in circles


right then we're gonna move on to reviews before you move off of a very very quick chat about how long we think this which is gonna last one I'll go on then I'll start before we move on to reviews what's happening with this news because there's been a talk about the switch last thing for 100 years that has made well not quite 100 years but we we some of our suspicions have been confirmed not by Nintendo but by market analyst so as a company there called media creates an a very clever person cold I'm going to try and pronounce this at sushi whoa so Calla perfect so right yeah close enough they had an interview with Bloomberg this week and they

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have suggested that the switches likely have a seven year console cycle which is about what we would expect so what we said in the past taking us up to about 2025 so we've got lots of switch goodness to come I'm happy with that Emily thoughts it's at least one majors older title after link to it fine for me. Maybe Maybe we'll get Metroid Prime for who knows what I would. Let's not push it. Let's not let's not be too greedy and done. Yeah, I've counted in a similar vein for something and the only other Nintendo generation that last that long was that we are on the call to Marios. We got Tuesday elders we call in Metro is enough to One and a Half Men boys. We got a remake of the trilogy and metroid prime free and that's going to be pretty hard to switch situation again one Metroid per console side of life, but yeah, it's gonna be fun. Well, I think the only thing that might discover that is the PlayStation and Xbox next console because if they go down the same route, if they think actually that's worked in the start to go down.


portable for direction we should do they will if the new Nintendo might have enforced and they might have to speed up as we say goodnight. Yeah I don't know I'm not sure that that's going to happen personally anytime soon I think it's too much of a risk for the likes of the audience that they command I think for Nintendo they can afford to do something like they did with the switch because the audience tend to be a little bit more wide wide ranging and I think that your heart course Xbox and PlayStation


users probably wouldn't be as enthusiastic about that as Nintendo fans would be. What do you what do you think, Emily? I think if we look really closely at what Microsoft do in the next couple of years, especially with the relationship they're kind of forming with Nintendo, especially with the next characters that are DLC for smash if we get confirmed Microsoft air quotes Microsoft characters like banjo because he was


Minecraft Steve God forbid


I think

Episode 11.mp3 Page 22 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai


I have a feeling that what Microsoft do or may have an impression on what Nintendo decided to do with the next console


interesting See I think in terms of the kind of to our main platforms kind of going into the handheld business I feel raised in terms of Sony moving forward they're going to have close the next one so space on the same architecture there's can be a lot of cross platform titles and we would maybe see if they tend to handled it would be more like a portable ps4 where a PS fives wherever the main thing is but what the same architecture campaign the same games and Microsoft definitely I don't see them going in the heart where business with their focus on becoming a service and just making their apps available and stuff like the switch would probably be their best route and maybe even like having Xbox controllers that work with your iPhone would maybe be


A smart way for them Humble yourselves. Well, just just as I said, I just don't personally see it. Alistair, I very much doubt doing a muscle and I think that's Nintendo's a little niche and they do very well in it. I think Microsoft is quite happy with what they're doing. They've got their own hardware, they've got their streaming services coming. And Sony Well, they've done portable, they've done home console, they may match the two together, but I don't think we could have agreement on those. Good. All right. Well, let's move on then to reviews and I'm going to tell you about a game that I played and completed this week while I was on holiday because I had a lot of waiting around to do a lot of cues. And before we do that, just very briefly, Anton What have you been playing this last week? Oh, as I mentioned, I just picked up the breath world expansion pass it's tons of fun that got the trail the sword which is just like role like you start with nothing and you have to MacGyver your way to the top the temple


was like really tight situations is


Really fun at scale. Rapid Fire Zelda, very second RPG. Really fun. How? How about yourself? Oh, well, I've. I've been going back tomorrow. I'll just say I finished it all. As soon as I got my switch because I got the red owl would like getting downloaded. Maria what a scene. Cool. So I powered

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through it. So now I'm taking it slow. I'm back into it. Now I've got a new safe file. So it's nice to start fresh. Nice. Now I actually went back to my Odyssey as well after about six months of not playing it and it was nice it was it was good to go back into the into the universe and, and explore a bit again, why don't you ask or what have you been playing this week and don't ask me that little incriminate me. I've not turn the switch on this week


from now on. Okay, so this week I will be playing a few things but a South Park and trying to work my way through


That and enjoying it very much. By the way, it's on sale right now as well. In fact, you can get the stick of truth as well on the east shop. I think it's 50% off or something which is reasonable for online. Yeah, you're fine of RPG and farts. You gotta get again


even though I'm not the biggest South Park fan, but it is really well done a really fun anyway, that's not the game I want to talk about. The game I want to talk about is a game called the dark side. Detective. Any of you any knowledge of the dark side? Detective? Yes. Because you said something earlier on. I sent you some stuff through earlier on Yes. But that's about it. So really interesting backstory to this it's a little team to actually two people Paul Conway and Christopher Colston, they created a short demo for a gaming convention in Galway. It was made an under eight hours but got so much attention after it was put online that basically they decided, well, let's make a full game so they made this full game know if you're a fan of classic point and click adventures, then you'll love this if you like games.


That have a really funny narrative, then you'll like this as well, if you like the combination of the two, but you also like trying to solve a mystery within an hour, then you'll like this because there's six parts to this. And in each chapter you have to solve a case and you work your way through point and click style old school style and the characters are very funny you plays detective Francis McQueen and you're working for the dark side division who investigate evil occurrences in twin Lake City so there's a few influences in there there's a twin peaks thing obviously there's a bit of X Files it's so funny that his as his assistant has hapless assistant who is just an absolute, you know, he doesn't have a clue what he's doing. And he's he just seems to either URL to the mic. Yeah, pretty much on the mic. I think he sort of just sort of somehow gets his way through these

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scenarios. It's just really, really well done. You can get it on the east East Eastern


And it gets really good reviews of between kind of seven and eight out of 10 is an average definitely want to check out as if you love a classic point and click adventure in a manageable time because as the six six episodes the probably about an hour to complete each I would say the most some of them slightly less on the more really really good and the good news is they said at the end of the game if it sells well we'll make Darkside detective to and that is in the making right now so that's going to be coming to the switch as well that sounds amazing it's really really good I really want to go play this actually yeah point and click What are your cells are you pointing click fans


you you're a decent you were born early minute see a point and click can yeah yeah it is barely minutes he could talk about it again. Yeah it is a fairly point and click game.


You can use just one joy icon and like a minute or you can use the thumb sticks are perfect.


drumsticks to point and click but no I think definitely I do love just tapping absolutely every year yeah well I'm one of those p that's that's definitely the way to play this one The good thing about this one is that it's not massively difficult in there there are there are there are a couple of slightly convoluted solutions to a problem but the controls are good so you know with some point and clicks on the switch it can be a little bit kind of clumsy it's not a PC you don't have a most this and never felt like I was missing out I never felt like I should have had the most time and trig Did you try using the touchscreen or Geez You know I use the controls I can't remember if I did at any point and use the touch screen but I haven't other point and click games gone to the touch screen mode by use the controls because it's really intuitive. It's fine. It was absolutely fine. It didn't ever cause an issue. There's never there's never too much on the screen as well because when you've got a small screen sometimes you can get overloaded with point and clicks because you're trying to find fine margins to get bit none of that none of that was a problem.


Really good. And I thoroughly recommend that you check sold it to me good. All right time for the

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quiz is


no, we are going to play a slightly different way of playing the quiz tonight. And or today, I should say because we are going to have four of us on the quiz. And that's okay. Because there's three of you. There's one of me asking the questions and basically we're going to put the same way but if you get the game right, then you get the point. So it could end up 1111 that end up 000 it's gonna be it's gonna be fine. By the way, I'll start James drew with Anton last week so no pressure he did but you know what the only thing is I listened to them at home and I knew all the answers and they wouldn't want so you did we believe texting you guys as I was listening to go, I know the answer. Oh, no. Yeah, you were to be fair, Emily, have you heard the quiz so you know how this works? I have I have I always have seen Lee disappointed and I'm Todd for missing I


believe it would be


Max Payne window screaming you're both for yeah now the sonic one I thought I thought there's no way that Anton's not going to get this you mentioned good timing let's seals kind of thing it's like and May when we were doing it was like thinking appears to titles but like that's a game of war so associate with the free six era completely forgot it was on the ps3 which is say all right well as those Christian games well look you know what we'll do we'll move on to this week's quiz we were three games we're going to fire through this quickly and if you think you know the answer Showtime we will give one will accept one guest per clue as well. So the usual way we play so first game that first clue and this is the first clue I will accept either this version the one released before in 2006 or the sequel from 2008. So if you gave me the title of any of them all accepted the game was released in 2007 for the week DS, the gameboy advance the ps3 and the Xbox 360 and it was based on an animated TV series of the same name, you know.


Oh that's a lot of consoles and anime TV show and that Sponge Bob It's not that.


Did you say it was on 3ds? It's no D. s so let's listen to the MCs TV a ps3 and Xbox 360 this particular version there were three versions this was the sequel The first one was 2006 and there

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was another sequel 2008 this was the one in the middle


all right gosh no I couldn't tell you all right let's move on that this game was known for its easy 100 gamer point achievement score on the Xbox 360


called you have a Chance of Meatballs know there was easier it was even easier than that game


last airbender thing Yes.


Oh, that is funny. We know that because


I remember the time buying the get this is pathetic.


I bought the game and then played it and sold it on eBay the next day because I knew that I would get as much money as I bought it for because it was basically just as as this cycle of people buying and selling on ebay


I should have remembered you say you so it was only it was on the way as well but the one that was selling was the 360 version because this you will be blown away by this by the way thousand gamer points you could unlock in under five minutes of starting with


how I mean literally it was like run to point a press be here's 500 points him there's 500 There you go. There's 1000 so I did this because I was pathetic and decided I needed another thousand

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gamer points to improve my score and then sold it about yeah absolutely ridiculous but they are we are we would you guys want to see gamer points on the switch?


I generally


I mean I'm too competitive. So maybe I would say


Yes secretly but i don't know i think i just like I just like playing my game yeah I'm saying no there's like games I just like playing games I play a game with enjoy the game when I first started playing this which I missed them and now I like the fact or not there


i don't know i'm just always looking for more content answering games like Sonic Mania I'm like I think of complete it like five times of all the characters have done the Council on car mode and it's like what's left? I need something more achievements we get another game


All right. Let's move on to game number two. Then this game well done. I was there by the way. Your one mil up this was a safari. Excuse me. This was a survival horror first person shooter developed by Renegade kid for the Nintendo DS.


Oh. Oh.


Let's rings a bell. Any Any guesses? Before I move on? Never had a DS. I have no clue. Only DS games on you were

Episode 11.mp3 Page 28 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai


I actually had this game loot.


No, don't cheat. Oh, it was


just that was originally this game was originally planned as a silent hill game for the DS, but cannot be turned down. Renegade kid for the idea. So they created an original game. instead. I actually had this on the DS. And I bought a DS because of this game, because I thought it was so technically well done. And IDs. I gotta get that that in China. town Wars was the other reason I bought the house. But anyway, so it's not trying to have more, but what do you think it is? Any guesses?


This is winding me up because I did a lights play on this. like years ago,


I could probably look at my shelf and see that's not cheating because it isn't the room so that's fair enough. You want to do that. I'll move on to the next clue. In September 2014, Renegade kid unknown some Twitter that they had the rights back and the release.


And enhanced, remastered version on the 3ds he shop and 2015 in North America and February 2016 and Europe still totally drawing a blank I haven't got a clue Yeah. To


determine distorts distortion can with a D Oh I'm always I always wanted


okay you take on the role of William Merman with amnesia who has to venture through hospitals room rooms in hallways in order to find the exit and escape the establishment

Episode 11.mp3 Page 29 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai


disturbed than men show yes it's dimension well done or dementia monkey really like yes well done oh yeah I know you knew it and this is the frustrating thing is that I know you know the game because the way you're talking you wouldn't know it you wouldn't have said that otherwise. So well done. Antonio give you the points. Yeah,


I usually get Alice. Alice had a definite pity point A few weeks ago so we'll make that your other clues were first


person view you resolve puzzles and defeat monsters. You start with only a nightstick to defend yourself but you find more weapons as you go on praise for its outstanding visuals and lighting effects particularly considering it was on the DS and it's sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide Now this could be the deciding one because the moment officers appoint Anton has a point Emily you don't have one yet but that's all right we have another game you can bounce the theoretical exactly let's see this was a first person shooter part of a CDs from Polish developer and publisher tech land and as well until 2018 French publisher up software involved to


Dead Island




the next clue is the biggest did we have a guest there


no no no it's a Western theme well well


Episode 11.mp3 Page 30 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai

sorry, call of Caerphilly know.


I can see the box art form. I can't remember the first release for windows in 2006. It was ported the Xbox 360 in 2007, and the PC version was one of the first to use Microsoft's Direct X 10. I know exactly what this game is, and the name will not come to mind.


I'm so bad at this. What was your previous guests on time


call of Caerphilly


Call Of course so


I'm not sure I thought maybe the last clue and and this one, I think somebody's going to get it. Other installments included, and the title came first. And then these boundaries and blood the cartel and gunslinger, I was gunslinger I was thinking of




Western themed


It's not a lot of Do we have a guest from either Emily or Anton army to that I'll just throw army have to it's not ever lady we have anything that you might think it might be know my only options we're going to be cool zone or something else but okay no as soon as you said Western I was like

Episode 11.mp3 Page 31 of 33 Transcribed by https://otter.ai

okay it's not though okay well listen Antoni we're very very close and I'm gutted for you the answer was called What is


this is two weeks in a row you've had a close call


it's not the answer I can give it to you which means that our joint winners this week or Anton on Alister with a point each well


alright well listen nice just to be Emily has been an absolute pleasure having you as our guest presenter on the podcast thank you so much for having me. You're just sitting there under your breath like I had a lot


and we will be back next week for another episode of The Nintendo


UK podcast in the meantime, Alastair if people want to get in touch, where can they get in? touch you? We are on email, which is podcast at ns.


UK and Anton what is the twitter twitter? Yep And if you have anything you'd like to travel any feedback or just want to get some daily gaming news if you go to ns UK podcast on Twitter you can find us there and we're also on Facebook and for just count general information and Catholic roadmap to everything and Su ke p.co.uk and you can get links to everything layer I will spam bro every single one of those key about how we look forward in this is


getting your daily spam for at least the next day or so. Thank you very much for listening. We are back next week. Until then, have a good week and we'll see you later. Goodbye.