The Anti-Rise of Reggie - Episode 9

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Episode 9 of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast with Anton & Mike. We're missing Al for this episode but he'll be back!  

In this episode we accidentally ended up with a third party special. We talk game rumours including Witcher 3, Persona 5 and the possible appearance of a Joker themed stage in Smash, Atlus studio ports, an official confirmation that we're getting a western release of Ace Attorney! And much, much more.

We also discuss the news that Reggie Fils-Aime is stepping down in April and his most amazingly named sucessor!

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So hello and welcome to episode number nine of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. Thank you very, very much for downloading.


I'm Mike. I'm Anton and unfortunately l couldn't make it this week.


Oh no. I know. I know. Well the thing is that this is partly my fault. Over the next couple of weeks we aren't going to have a listers dulcet tones, but it's because the next two weeks, I've got to move the time that we record to the Monday. So you'll still get the switch podcast, it might be a touch later than it is normally, maybe by 24 hours or so. But you will still get it. Alister can't make it those nights. So that means the plan is we might be introducing you to one or two new people as well. But don't worry, Alistair will be back and we'll be back to getting beaten on the quiz by you. I'm talking few weeks. Oh,


how am I may get a lead. If he's not here. This is this is a scam. I say,


well, we could have just done the quiz. You know. And then he he's if he's not quick enough to answer, then that's not it's not. Yeah, that's,


that's not my fault. We wouldn't do that too. We can do that, too. So


as always, as we find at this point in the week, there's so much to talk about. And there really is a lot to talk about in terms of rumors. So we're going to be coming on to that we're going to start with some news. But before that, just a couple of bits of feedback at some more feedback to you on Twitter. Thank you very much to everyone else. Everyone who's been tweeting us and talking to us on Twitter. We do try and stay quite active as much as we can, until I find myself kind of share the duties so you never know who's replying. Wahaha


mystery Scooby Doo then turn it it really


ready although maybe not quite as exciting as the Scooby Doo episode but so thank you very much to everyone who has tweeted is also we had a tweet from Simon Meredith he says just finished listening to the entirety of the ns Yuki podcast, or awesome chill and informative podcasts. Plus, gotta love the quiz. Well, you're absolutely right, because we love the quiz


or do we have a sad story for you to the you


know, the sad story being that we ain't doing the quiz today. So sorry about that, Simon. But thank you very much for the feedback and keep it coming. And also, if you are on iTunes, or you can leave us a review on iTunes. That would be fantastic. If you're subscribed on there gives a ideally a five star review would be would be perfect, really. But.


And if you ever have one of those moments when you're listening along, screaming like I know something that I want to contribute here, send us an all capitalized tweet of your thoughts and opinions. Yes,


that's fine. as angry as you like, that's no problem work. We can we can handle that. We you should have talked about this. So you need to talk that's fine. We'll record and it's UK podcast on Twitter is what you need. And you can also head to ns. uk UK, which is the website and we're on Facebook as well. Anton.


Yeah, just en su Kp pop ns UK podcast on Facebook. And whether you're on Facebook and Twitter, you'll still get the Philips Hue of content. And definitely feel free to engage like we do some news on there. So if you're wanting just like your constant stream of switches, it's a good place to go. Fingers crossed.


Yeah, we try and keep you up to date as much as we can. And with that, well, it's been a busy week. And we're starting with some big, big new. Oh,


well, a lot of people will know this. But let's talk about it. Anyway. I'm done.


Yeah. So if you are not aware, Reggie, female president of Nintendo of America has suddenly left after 15 years working there. Which is insane. That was like God that would have been during the Game Cube era. And


while he was there for the launch of the way and the way you and he was there, and for the 3ds, and what do you been there for that the other DS as well in


ds was Oh, four. So yeah, cuz he was layered. Like I remember. I think the first game he showed off was talking princess on the Game Cube. And we at the tables, the revolution, which was so bizarre, but yeah, he's, he's retiring and ain't pro and just get replaced by No, no more than Mr. Bowser. President Bowser.


Right. So tell us a bit about President buyers or


Oh, well beyond just having the the most ironic name ever. He's been working there for a while. Thank you. Sorry, back in 2015. And he's like head of Finance. So I don't know how much credibility has as a


mayor Bowser he's gonna be great I mean yeah he must have changed his name


I think like that was like his like to get in the door is like hey you've got and some talking points and but yeah, like i think i think he's the investors seem to have a lot of open up because I think after this deal went for the stocks for Nintendo went right up. So that Yeah, yeah, promising stuff there. But it's so sad to see Reggie go. Like he's had so many iconic moments working at Nintendo.


Well, I thought was really interesting. Reading the future back. And the reaction to that announcement earlier in the week, is that there's a bit of a mixed feeling about Reggie. I mean, some people absolutely love and many people grew up with them, as well as being the person that's revealed everything about, you know, Nintendo over the last 15 years. And certainly, I think that directs have been a bit of a revolution, the fact that the directors have kind of taken over from the likes of he three has been where we get on Nintendo news. So he's done a lot of good in that sense. But a lot of people kind of see him as a bit of a mouthpiece. They don't really feel that he does anything other than just kind of give us the, the sugar coating that maybe we don't always want. But it's a It has been a mixed bag of reaction to his time is 15 years.


Yeah, because it's a weird one. Because obviously, a lot of people love Nintendo, and he's helping the the figurehead and, like, face of Nintendo for the western side. But the same time, a lot of the time he works in Nintendo, it's like Jordan. We era and for the way you arrows, the majority of the time, their souls, whether or not and for a lot of people that isn't what we see is the golden arrows of Nintendo. So yeah, it's true. There's Kevin Mex perception there.


Well, good luck to him. Whatever he does. We look forward to Doug Bowsers rain and I think it's April so I'm kind of hoping we get one more Reggie direct


before that was that would be lovely. Just even close. Like the variable alone that he opened. The Twitter account was very heartfelt and laid back which he he has always kind of felt like the suit of Nintendo even in the goofy videos with Calvin I see only done and it's very humbled to calcium retiring so ya know before that he was like the head of finance at Pepsi or something.


Well, that's a beta big track record and I think that's where some people have a problem in the the see him very much as a businessman through and through and this was just the next part of his personal business plan. But then, you know, does that really matter? I mean, can't you join something and then grow to absolutely love it like I think he genuinely does


and I just think the fact that it is it's kind of just nice to see somebody retired like I think when I first saw the headlights like Reggie's relieving the intangibles like oh no, he's going to go off and work for another company. But the fact that he's just literally retiring to spend time with his family it's just


it's very nice to see it is you'll have plenty of time to play a switch just before we do move on to rumors have you been playing anything this weekend


or just Tetris name it's been throwing my life I've gone to number two now and it's like try and get that little we flew over to make it into the get that bio Royale it's not happened yet how about yourself make


just briefly on that James who we are hoping will join us next week he made it to number one and had great leisure in sending me screenshots


to be fair I don't blame him and he had them often is Snapchat and everything because big achievement I've I've been playing Tetris 99 badly but I've been playing it and what else have you been playing oh so I've I've played something which I've wanted to pick up for a while finally picks up this week had a bit of money left over on my each store account you shop account and picked up road redemption which is the


the kind of Warcraft sale one


yes the 2019 version of road dress so having my initial play of it for about an hour or so really fun really a lot of fun to play very very similar to Road Rash and kind of execution a bit more brutal it is a bit more of an adult version of rotors other Road Rash to be fair at times could be quite brutal on its own way. The one thing I didn't like it's the single player campaign they've they've gone for this kind of


what do you call it when you the generate the level procedurally says it doesn't. It's different every time. What's that called again? Yeah.


Yeah. Just procedurally generated levels


anyway, something simple. Yeah.


So anyway, so what it does is basically, if you die in the race, you have to start over again and right from the star, and anything or anything that you've collected doesn't get kind of carried across, you lose all there are certain things that kind of redeem that slightly where you can keep going with it, you'll let you keep it even if you start over but kind of put me off a bit and I did a bit more research into it but we're reading of it and sure enough, I'm not the only person that's complained about this seems to be that a few people have said you know what, the campaign or the just kind of fell short but the course is a great It looks good, it's solid. It's a lot of fun to play. There's nothing more satisfying than getting somebody with a weapon as you're in second place about to cross the line and you managed to get them with a weapon and end up at first it's, it's great so a lot of fun it's on sale right now. That's why I picked up is about nine pounds or something in the store. So maybe slightly more than that, but not much so well worth checking it


interesting. Is it like a modern racers are killed more like a rising chase game where it's handled classic gameplay with modern ascetics?


Yeah it's a little bit of both I mean they've got police in there for example there's police vehicles on the courses I played anyway and it gives it a little bit of a different kind of feel that you know yeah I don't know what happens if you get caught by the police I assume that it's game over but it's kind of in between it's a research but there's but there's certainly got that kind of as I mean if you've played Road Rash expect that basically but done done in a more kind of 2019 kind of weight as a few extras in there. But no, it's good. It's really good. I haven't tried online yet. I've only played a couple of the courses as I say only about an hour in but certainly it's something that if I was wanting to to kill a couple of hours just playing something without thinking too much. I'll definitely go back to it. So I asked me again and five hours not even bored of it


yet interesting. It's kind of what I'm always had my eye on. But the game police came off as loot fun, but it's kind of like could fall short. So I'm going to be interested so you can have your report back to


ya. Fer ya. I've had a few people say that the really loved it first, but found it quite repetitive after a while, so we'll see if that's that's the case. And I want to try it out on multiplayer as well. One have a Gorgon somebody and see if that changes the feel of it. Anyway, that is this week and this week's news because that's really the big bit of news but there are loads and loads of rumors normally


we are starting with the Witcher three Is it coming to the switch


Oh Fingers crossed but there is no evidence is just so everybody get their fingers crossed. So CD project right the creator of all free what true Games has done a couple job listings for some software engineering and like a head software engineer as well and looking to make a game send the Gog universe and Galaxy which is a universal both the what your franchise is an Gwent what your base card game is based in and they're looking for somebody to work know those in that universe and to make a game for ps4 pc exports and Nintendo Switch so that together please don't be just coin come into the switch what your card game would be the the ultimate tease of the century


yeah it is something that is possible and I'm quite happy if that comes as long as we get the Witcher three years well because yeah


be a good pairing like imagine it would be a nice way to kill Stella as a faculty Pong game it's like oh it's a collection of games it's a game of the year edition and going which might be a path to go


Well the thing is that the Witcher three such a huge game but we know that the switch has been more than capable of playing games that are huge we know that we have the likes of cider and we know that even like the likes of Breath of the Wild it can be done we've got Assassin's Creed three coming which is a huge huge game so no I'm I'm kind of hopeful and I'm kind of we're going to come on to something else a little bit later in the chat as well which suggests that we might be seeing a few more really good ports on the way but the Witcher three certainly I think that's a bit of a favorite amongst switch fans for something that would just be right at home on the switch we've mentioned it before we don't need to kind of labor the point too much but it is certainly a good potential home


yeah I won't lie I've kind of always sound the Kindle fans of oh I don't think it's it's a really hard game to seed companies which is really graphically intense but I think the fact that we're bringing Hellboy it adds to switch and that game is so graphically intense and at scale and the same for realistic sound like you know if they can get help blade running on here I don't find it like impossible to believe that could get what you're free even if they had to downgrade the graphics I would be happy just playing list within six for graphics. I just want to give what Jeffrey a goal on the goal it doesn't matter wall looks like can make it picks large out I'll find a way


which are 64. There you go. That's an idea. No, I'm with you. I think that after seeing hell blade on the way that there's every chance there's every chance that this could be real. I think I think this which is surprised a lot of people actually I think including developers in that and they've gone Hmm, hang on a minute Skype really well, let's try something. And you know, if we get the same guys that did the ports of Skype Room and doom involved or ones have that kind of caliber then who knows the sky could be the limit when it comes to to some of the ports


Yeah, because they've been quiet for welcoming the last game lead that was war frame. Yeah, it was a team and that was a splendid port but they've been quiet for that close the last couple ports before then we'll come back to back and then they've just been quiet for about so well hopefully there's some exciting stuff in the pipeline


where we have the rumors as we mentioned last week of March being a month of some big port announcements so watch this space I would not be surprised one day if we get a few big announcements in my alright then moving on to some super smash bros ultimate data mining which suggests some stuff about Joker from persona fire


so obviously we know we're getting the Joker but recently I mean suggests that we're going to be getting a stage to go along with on which is exciting and killed us leaning off that and kind of leaning back into our conversation about the movie plants I have a conspiracy theory for you might go and then also obviously we've had the rumors of third party games coming to switch and then a couple months ago we had that mystery persona five our trailer what which apparently there was any information but said we're going to be seeing more in March coincidence I don't think so.


So okay then what what's your prediction here are you saying are you saying that you think that we're going to get the we're going to get the the stage in Smash Brothers or are we going to get persona five


think we're going to get a new version of persona five in March not I'm not putting money on it but I'm putting like maybe like the change of life don't like an pocket somewhere that's on it


interesting just before we lost their eggs I was kind of looking around Twitter to see what people were seeing and the big thing was a lot of people were saying oh it's been leaked persona five is leaked we know it's coming now and then of course it didn't happen at the direct so that would add more weight to it that maybe someone somewhere has said by the way you're getting you're going to get this but it hasn't happened yet so yeah I guess watch this space is the story of the day but certainly quite a strong rumor as well especially if you couple in the the Smash Brothers stuff as well you know it would make a lot of sense


yeah and Kayla fan leaning on to the account they blend Atlas and count persona rumors at the camp craters old persona five Atlas have recently done a new survey and talking to fans kind of gauging interest and a man of their key franchisees account will give you a franchise and be like, do you want DLC for list? Do you want this for this? Do you want a nintendo switch port? And they're asking fans whether or not they would be interested and Nintendo switch ports coming for persona Catherine dragons front and she can see tenancy which would be Varick saying all


across the board. What Catherine has a game that is so weird, and I've played a bit of cash and I haven't played to do it. But I would love to again say this a lot. But a lot of these titles are ones that I would play more on the switch than any other console I've ever had before. So yeah, that would be great. And we'll we'll watch again to see what does happen but that certainly does indicate that there certainly considering it I mean, I don't think that's I think you can almost call that news they're considering it because it's more than a rumor isn't it? I mean, they're asking people


do you want to give us your money? Yes, exactly. But Catherine would be a really good contender, which is what we're talking about because they've recently done the Catherine football on ps4 and PlayStation VR which is just came out recently so they're clearly interested in health respecting our potential and they're clearly in the middle pouring it so Come on, give it to sweat you'll be such a good fit


Yes, please. Now we know we're definitely getting the Phoenix right Ace Attorney trilogy and we also know that it's actually I think it's already on the Japan he store did see a review of it up there that we can own the Japan one if you were to go there and download it you actually get the English language version as well the rumor is we're getting a release date next week I think it's going to be a quick turnaround


yeah it doesn't seem like a game you a pop for 12 months especially with it being a poor have some DS games and if you were that hardcore fan you can easily set up like a credit card and just buy it from the Japanese he's shop so I yeah I think quick turnaround for this one. I don't mention us waiting too long like maybe a month or two even


as long as they give us a physical version that's the one that's the one for me because if I can get get it on the shelf rather than just on a digital format then it'll be it'll be a definite purchase for me I mean it probably will be anyway because I love the games and I want to play through them properly having not done it for a long time in fact I think I've only ever played through the first one and fool so there's a lot of content in there as well I'm in the games are about 20 hours long each so potentially you've got 5060 hours worth of gaming


yeah just fingers cross they don't don't break off and just give you the first two games on car and expect to to download the rest


no no don't do that don't do that don't mention it no absolutely i mean the thing is that they're great games they're very timeless as well and I think with the updated art they're going to be great so we'll keep an eye on that but certainly it looks like we will know probably by this time next week there's a good chance we'll know so we will keep an eye on that now one of the biggest rumors of the week by far What's this Xbox rumor what's going on


okay this is that this takes some listener story so there's a leaker known by direct feed games he has a great reputation for leaking primarily rocks are really it really releases and which is quite interesting and why he's came into the fold but he's got a good track record tougher and he's made out came out and claim that Microsoft are working for it on the Xbox app for Nintendo Switch that the Xbox outwards council include all the stuff you would have in let's say an iPhone x box out with your friends the Xbox store we can go by myself but most interestingly it would include Project X cloud which is a team streaming service kind of similar to PlayStation know it's currently in closed beta however is expected to release in


how queens how how much of a coincidence and it would allow you to potentially stream your games to Nintendo Switch and right feed games suggests that what's this app you will be able to stream Xbox game past games to Nintendo Switch which I'm not sure you familiar with game past make am no I'm enough tried PlayStation now was that their version of it was no kind of so no was like feel streaming can get her night flex game game past was kind of like that but a little bit more designed for today if you know what I mean it was the same say and I think it's eight pounds a month and you get 100 exports games and Xbox One games just ready to go download as many as you want and playing them as much as you want. And as well as that the good thing of game pass if you get all Microsoft exclusives day one on release so you don't get like the hand me downs sales. It's a brand new triple A games. And overall the surface as quite good for giving you high quality triple A games, especially in the Moncler site. Because I think they just want players Yeah, other than the


self is that when you say you download it, and you play it, are you streaming it when you play? Are you do you download it and then play it. But then it disappears if you stop your game.


So the current version of game pass, you don't you can download your game. And as you can play as long as you have a game past subscription for as long as you want. And for as long as you have it downloaded. Right? And this new x cloud version would be essentially how it works is essentially a Microsoft data farm somewhere. They will have thousands of Xbox Ones. And then you literally connect directly to it. Individual Xbox One, and then you can play it remotely on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet laptop. And so what's this you obtain, say on your sweat be able to play any exports game you would want nuts on game pass, which would be very exciting. It's unusual,


isn't it? It's just such a weird idea and concept to get your head around Microsoft and Nintendo potentially doing something with such a crossover. And I just wonder about how Nintendo feel about it. I mean, obviously, you know, if it happens, and they must feel okay about it. But I mean, you know, it doesn't take away from the stuff that you you know, obviously, it's not the same because you are streaming. But what do you think?


Yeah, it's gonna be weird, like, from a Nintendo side of it. Because Take for instance, right now, on game past, you can go in there and get selects for free. Yes. So, or you can get a city skylines city skylines. It's like, a fairy name Pong game, yes. What? You know, yeah, but would you pay for an opponent's get an natively when you can pay eight pounds a month to stream it? Plus $100? Right. Xbox games, it's going to be really weird, and calve potentially fragment the Nintendo ecosystem.


Yeah, I'm not convinced about it. Yeah, I mean, I think is potentially a good idea. And certainly, it's a very forward thinking idea. Or, you know, whichever way you look at, it is definitely a kind of, you know, we have a lot of streaming of games on the switch as well, in in Japan, for example, you can play the new Assassin's Creed is an odyssey, I think he can play will, you know, streamed in us, that's a Nintendo thing. But obviously, their infrastructure is very different to hear. I'm interesting. I'm not sure. I just don't know. I'm not sure how I feel about it. yet. In some ways, I think it's great, you know, the more games the better. But in other ways, I don't know if I've, if I've spent money on games that are, you know, coffee important to the switch on my then as you say, my then going to go well, actually, I don't want to get that now. I'm going to just pay for this app and do this way.


I'm kind of wondering and to recall the recently steam the account online game. Yeah, yeah, PC people, they did a nap called steam link. similar idea. But rather than streaming from a data farm with a piece x console. You don't own you stream from your own machine to your own device. So you could have a PC in your office and then stream it to your iPhone. And when you're like, in a cafe hope and steam, we're all good with this. They had the app, right, a goal and then you launch it and then Apple were like, no, we're not gonna let you do that. So I'm wondering if a situation like that could occur where Microsoft gets the technology up and running the apps Ready to go? And then Nintendo's like, no, we're not gonna let you release it.


Yeah, I'm just not convinced that this will get to the stage where it where it happens. But who knows. I mean, it could be a kind of a version of what we're thinking it is, you know what I mean? It might be ones where we know that, okay, these are exclusives for the Xbox. So we're only going to give you exclusive is going to be a different price points will get the likes of cup head. We know that that's been rumored as well are already in the Blind Forest. That could be another one. The interesting thing about ordering the blame for us just briefly is that I know that one of the retailers had a listing for it, it was or it was it was spotted in a UK wholesale database, which suggests that it is more than just a rumor. But isn't that going to be more of a port rather than part of this? What do you think?


Yeah, this is kind of the the second part of rights feeds claims and what he's saying is essentially tales that lend themselves well to switch for instance, or in the blame for us and copy it would be getting native ports to Nintendo Switch. And so he suggested or it would be up in the the main ones on copied and we could potentially see this with all or tails blame, such as rare games, Halo fours on the like any titles that Microsoft count feels would be beneficial and wouldn't really kind of clash with their ideologies. Which is interesting because we have seen this before because a lot of people forget during the DS era, like the Xbox 360 era, then Microsoft ported a few of their games to the DS close it wouldn't compete with Microsoft product yeah and and I think if they're wanting to put their streaming service on everything which if they're wanting to have their games trainable to an iPhone it doesn't lose them any more money to pour it to a Nintendo Switch like in terms of streaming so I think they're just kind of breaking away the idea of Xbox as a console to Xbox as one over service which is really fascinating to see but yeah as you're saying that there has been links have already coming to Nintendo Switch physically as well so we'll count this as kept adding flames to the fire so it's not just right food game stainless there's no evidence to suggest this and be on that shocks video another account online read em calc media outlet has came out in calc backed up the claims that were getting already caught paid and rare titles which would be exciting and a really good fit for switch so


with the rear titles, things like Halo Gears of War is that the kind of stuff we're talking about and where the layer stuff but like as well you mentioned those games as well as the rare stuff


Yeah, so potentially all like Microsoft Studios could be on switch what chair considering we've had hell blade which that's a Microsoft exclusive and it's the rumors on Lori's health note to impossible and obviously we've got Minecraft alrighty so I think make sauce health listening their strings but


well if you get the Rare Replay I'd be I'd be delighted


definitely be credit


card that would be interesting. And then just banged up on sweat.


Yeah, I mean, isn't it you know, that's the thing about a lot of rare titles and I guess some of those first party titles as well. The this the Microsoft stuff I mean, I don't know I'm it's intriguing. I'm not sure how much of I can see the rare stuff I could see a Rare Replay coming to the switch. I can see cup head or in the Blind Forest forest. I can see I'm not sure about the app. I just don't I've just got this feeling that might add that Nintendo Michael now Hang on a minute Hold up. But we will see it's one to one to keep an eye out for anyway.


Now I think it would come down to like, how much is in it for Nintendo home? Yeah, nice. And it for them because I know for instance, the reason the steam never called made available on an intent on iOS is because Apple want you to get cut of all the micro transactions made available. Yeah. However, what's the Microsoft app and Microsoft's kind of complying with that and it's going to give Apple a cut of all micro transactions FDA just anything salt and of the apps I'm wondering if by maybe having kind of a working relationship with Nintendo where they're both benefiting at could we see this weird bizarre move happening because it would also maybe add value to the switch by having more triple A games coming to the platform


yeah yeah no well we'll see what what does happen it so watch this space kind of thing but the rumors are quite strong so let's see what does happen one of the games that did come out on the switch earlier this year it's a funny one this one because I was really excited about travel strikes again and then I kind of lost a bit of interest in it I don't know if it just took too long for me and there was other things took away my interest from it but if you are playing it and loving it then there's some new DLC


yeah there have adding a new many games too because that sounds like a weird many pollution that game is all it's


yeah I was what was kind of attracted me to it but I don't know why I have lost the interested at that I had initially but I just there was just it just didn't click with me after the end of the first time I saw when it was kind of thought yeah, that's that's something I'm gonna be that's gonna be day one for me. And then I kind of almost forgot it was out to be honest.


Yeah, I think Nikki of the hard thing was as if my head I can't picture what the games think. Because obviously, it's so hard to engage somebody in one game. Nevermind having to try and sell them on 100 games. Like I can't picture the game in my head. yet. They've shown off so many times.


Yeah, it's interesting. Why new black dandy lion is the new DLC it's going to be released on the 28th and it's included in there. 899 Season Pass. So if you are playing it and loving it, then that might be something that you might want to check out. And a little bit of physical collectors news and some good news as well. It's about bloodstained.


Yes. So if any of us were intro seat. And this, something like Castlevania x. Yeah, tacklers. Let's say the Castlevania type game isn't it? Indeed. Yeah. The one they showed off the direct and but yeah, good news. We're going to be getting it physically, which we already knew about. But we're not going to get me getting cost the dreaded switch tech. So this game is going to cost the same as Xbox One and Playstation College of Arts and kind of leave also unveiled the official artwork for the game watch. It looks gorgeous. If I don't say so. Myself.


Yeah, it does look good. I mean, I must admit, if you are kind of Castlevania type fine. If you like that type of game, then I think this is pretty much a no brainer, because it looks good. People are saying it's great as well. I haven't other than just seeing people playing review copies I haven't seen I haven't played it or anything myself. I haven't had a goal. But


what's that? Is it? When's the release date for it. It's just a vague


has been deleted a few times now. So take that as you me, I'm capable of the point of view. I think it's like it looks fairly finished. Now.


That's the thing is anytime I've seen it, it looks like it's ready to go. It looks great. And, you know, just to kind of in game stuff that they have shown off and that we've seen on these kind of preview kind of videos that it looks good. And certainly the direct I thought as soon as it came on. I thought, you know, this is just Castlevania, basically.


Yeah, they've got a 2d version which I'm really curious to try it the reviews like really interesting for the not to do and but the the eight bit version they bought currently available and switch. So God that's gonna be interesting to see what happened themselves better that they canceled the we you port but I think it's, I'm at a small club there.


Yeah, I kind of forgot all about that. Until you you. I think you mentioned it before when we were talking about the movie, the direct special it was the you mentioned it but yeah, no, that's certainly want to keep an eye on again, if you especially if you are someone that likes to collect physical copies of games this week, I bought Mutant League Soccer, I can always return to the game, the game that was originally the other way around the title and on the the Mega Drive and the snares back in the day. And it's not the same title. But there's basically it's a very similar game, lot of fun. And the what the reason I'm seeing is because I've bought the physical copy, not the digital because it was 10 pounds less to buy the physical form.


Yeah, where did you get

33:35 was about 20 pounds. And I think when I looked online, it was like 25 or something, I need to check that so don't you know, don't quote me on that. But I thought for the price for a physical copy of a game, which is still pretty new kind of went under the radar for a few people, but well reviewed mutant Football League, that's what it's called, and used to be mutant football or the old 19 games. So it's one that I loved playing first time round or the other versus the other it's not the other version of the game that is based on and loved it you know, so it looks great have watched a lot but I haven't got it yet. So I'll tell you next week what I really think of it but certainly I'm excited about it. And that is one that again, getting the physical copy for me is is really important. Yeah, it's gonna be exciting and


say, let's hear your review because they're


on the shelf or if I go the hockey one


oh, maybe. Yeah, well, there was a hockey I'm really hoping to bring the hockey one as well or they make a hockey one because I mentioned this a few episodes ago that I really want a hockey and ice hockey game on the switch and we haven't really got you know, we haven't got like the two K Games ones or the NHL pa or but Mutant League hockey, ice hockey would be fantastic. I would love that


cause I'm so happy to see so many of these health classic Mega Drive and snakes air franchises come back. Like we recently had one jammers. I'm just like whoa yeah for like maybe a comics on our rice or something like just some good oh my goodness colleagues never going to have I would be great injury all probably not


you Well, you never know. You just never know. I mean, there's so much you know, going on at the moment. And it seems to be I mean, I don't know if you I don't know if you notice how many new releases the switches getting right now. And if we were to do an episode talking about all the new announcements, it would honestly be about double the length of our actual episode because I think this week alone there was something like 20 new announcements I mean some of them are obviously small, small indie titles but I mean there's some really good stuff out there and it's it's interesting trying to even keep tabs on what's coming out and what we're missing you know


yeah like I personally like I don't know if I mentioned this in the podcast by collate for the with you and I'm going for the complete collection they're helping both on the console very very dearly for the past couple


you haven't mentioned that on the podcast I love that


Oh yeah. I'm going going for every game which which is fun it's going to fellowship so far I'm currently about 60% fruit which is wow it's a really good library on the Ouija as there's not really much filler but the thing is all the filter quite cheap if there is any but anyway and when I was phone that console just remember like whenever a game chemo I could keep on top of all of the games even killed really garbage ones like there's one called like Baylor something that's like a Spanish singing game and it's just like oh regardless I'm on top of all my we use off and I could do that for like years but now with the switches like I can't even keep on top of what I want to keep on top of it's insane


well the the ones I'm kind of feeling like I want to be a switch collected the problem is that physical and the switch this a lot of the vote there and it's some of them are quite hard to get hold of already but one of the ones that I am going to pick up is this is the police to because I've played the first title I loved it but not I wasn't very good at it. But I recommended it to James who were hoping I'll be on the podcast next week and he's played through a couple of breakthroughs since I recommended it and he'll he's been really into it and it's one of those games the strategy so you can play quite differently and do a lot better if you kind of know what you're doing in the second time he played he did a lot better but there's a sequel to it as well called This is the police to and it's retailing on Amazon for about 1699 for the physical which is which is really good and there's a lot of errors in there I don't know the second one has a lot of new features in there the first one doesn't the reviews are kind of mix but then the first one the reviews remix is a game that I think if you don't like that kind of gave you don't like a kind of management sim type scenario where managing a police station then you're probably not going to like it. But if it is you're kind of thing then you you're probably love it. And the cut scenes are really well done. The voice acting is excellent. There's the problem with the sound on the first one where sometimes it's just a really loud scene. If you're wearing headphones, it make you physically jump, but like, which is really frustrating. But apart from that, it's really really good. So this is the police I think it's on you get on the story that you can get the physical copy for about 20 pounds. But this is the police to 1699 assault for an Amazon


not bad. I'm just I'm still holding out for my star do physical physical version. It's such like a bank NDA happen. It's gonna happen. I know it just like I think we've got a physical version in Japan. Alrighty. So I'm just like, yeah, we're one sample the way there. Come on, bring it on. And make money.


Exactly your least get one person buying five, and you'll get a lot more than one. All right. Well, I think that's pretty much it. Because normally at this point that we would do the quiz. But because Allaster is not here, it will be very unfair to do a quiz with just you want to. So we're going to leave it and we'll bring it back next week with whoever may be on the podcast with us because Alister won't be back for a couple of weeks. But we will have somebody else on the podcast next week. So we'll, we'll try the quiz. Oh, and them and see what kind of knowledge they have. You never know until you might actually be in for a challenge. So


we're gonna have to reset her I know. Yeah. Oh, no. We


have to try. Yes, I know how to keep a note of what the scores and the doors are as well. That will be the the, the difficult bit you know, but But yeah, so in the meantime, of course, you can get hold of us and you can follow us and you can chat to us on Twitter.


Yeah. So we r en su ke podcast on Twitter. And similarly on Facebook. And if you wish to get in contact us via email contact at NSC, That's the one contacts is via email. And you can chop off that last bit and go to our website where we put all the episodes Bibles about ourselves, this transcripts of all the episodes. So if you want to search for a particular topic or thing we may have talked about, you can do that.


Yes, absolutely. And we will be on Twitter throughout the week as well. Anything that we sort of see that we think you might want to know about will be sharing it, Anton does a lot of that I tend to try and do more of the replies and the episode stuff by Also, I'm on there regularly. Keep an eye on stuff and chatting about the news and the exciting stuff that we're seeing pretty much every day at the moment. Every day. There's something new to talk about. So long. May that continue. So we will be back next week for episode I went to double figures next week. Yeah,


10 where we're almost old enough to like be in our teenage years.


Well, we've got a few more years left before we can buy cigarettes and alcohol. But, you know, we'll we'll we'll move on to Episode 10 and see how how we get on because we will have somebody on the podcast. It won't be our stories away for a couple of weeks. But myself and Anton will both be back I'm hoping.


Yeah, fingers crossed. Unless Unless anything goes horribly awry. We should


all be here. All right. We'll be back next week. Until then. Have a fabulous week. Goodbye.