Storm In A Tea Cuphead - Episode 13

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Anton, Mike and Al are back with all the latest Nintendo Switch news, including that HUGE Cuphead announcement in midweek, what it could mean for the Microsoft/Nintendo relationship and where it might lead us.

We've also got news about Persona 5, loads of retro releases including Castlevania, Virtual Racing, James Pond and Contra, Professor Layton getting his first Switch outing and a huge rumour of something massive happening for Nintendo in 2019.

All this, plus of course, the weekly quiz!   

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Hello and thank you for downloading Episode Number 13 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast I Mike and I'm here with both Alister Howdy. And also Anton

Hello. It's great to be back saying so

it's funny because it feels like only Wednesday we were last chatting Anton Alastair feels like ages that it

does it feels like a very long time ago and I was listening to you guys jealously.

Yeah so on Wednesday if you missed it we did our reaction to the Indies direct and then Nintendo sort of in the thing that they did on Wednesday which was on it I think the the actual

the actual Nintendo Nintendo Direct was on at four o'clock in the afternoon and we did our reaction at about I think it was about eight o'clock and evening so fairly fresh after the day's announcements and know was a lot of fun. Yeah, and

you know, I was kind of surprising. There's a lot of big announcements. quail overall quite please. Elsa, Elsa you've never killed got your folks out there. How did you find didn't undies? I can sum it up in savings in a timely basis starting with who? Uh huh

huh huh huh

that was pretty much it

sounds pretty much like the podcast To be fair, it wasn't far off that we we were kind of going along the same line.

Yeah, first couple games came out and I thought fantastic these days are some absolute cracker Cockers in here and then he got a little bit more prosaic a little bit more dough and then out came Stranger Things and it was excited as I think yeah


yeahs rights management and

although we wouldn't talk with the games and massive depth right now because you know we've done it and yeah go back it wasn't going to download it now and it's still relevant. The last podcast that is not the games because there are some of them are not here yet. But the strangest things three I have actually played them I mentioned that on Wednesday that I played the Stranger Things mobile game which is available I think it looks kind of similar just looks a bit more developed for the third one. This one could be a mobile one as well. I don't know but it was good. It was actually a decent

time the trailer looks really interesting. I want to go and play that game. Yeah, really, really do and then Zelda. Where did that come from? Very very, very cool. I

mean, yeah, you guys are right. It was hinted at but I don't think anybody would have guessed that that was coming.

So yeah, interesting. Really interesting little Mondays and then have to see what we've got coming up for the next one's see how to play the what's the base on crypto the necromancer by any chance cause and know I've only ever seen trailers and but that looks really interesting. Yeah, cuz that's kind of most funds because I feel like everybody's like Oh, crap to the neck for dancers as a game apparently I should be caring about close that sale that really

yeah, it is one there's really well reviewed them and I haven't seen much under an eight or a nine out of 10 whenever I've seen a review of crypto the necromancer

funnily enough though it's a game that nobody I know has actually played

there was somebody who was it will that had gone to download it this week? Was that you aren't on that said or yeah I

was kind of waiting me out because ages ago they had it on sale for like three pounds first day and no looking in there it's like up 18 pounds and like such a good sale I missed out on what was I doing but attitude

you'll know when it comes around again

I'm wondering if they will ever drop it that law game know that it's called the account Nintendo seal of approval like you're right what

what franchises get like license warriors and that's about it Really? But did you did you guys actually pick anything up from the sale this week? Because my biggest disappointment was that the UK sale was slightly different to the US one and the one game that wasn't there that I was desperate to get was firewall


yeah, I was feeling that I really wanted to put it back up and thankfully I did get some good tools this time around the lab picked up say scaling for to lose 20 pounds and cluster truck if any of us are we are lacking

yeah I've heard good things but I've never played it What about you Elsa?

I just this afternoon I picked up Jordan I forget was constantly as guard or nor Gold's or version and it was I've played the first hour and a half two distinct Enjoy your but alluding to Ricky really pissing me off really slow very slow

well you can always just have a cup of tea ready or have something that you can watch this is something that kind of annoyed me but the switch in general sorry I'm going to go to go down a rabbit hole here going to rent mocha Gordon Ramsay go we're using

we're using cartridges we've got fairly small games why you do we still have such ridiculous a long waiting times on the switch I mean Zelda massive game barely any little bit I mean it was a bit at the beginning he didn't really notice it that much. But a lot of these smaller games they just take for

well to lose

one of the games that does something really clever with a loading time is star link because what they do is they incorporate a loading time into you making the journey to wherever you're going so really what the game is actually doing is just making it so that you're moving forward and it's I kind of space effect but what is actually doing is loading the data so that when you get to the next planet it's there

that's pretty clever but get it in the background and playing any other game in a smaller version I'm pretty sure it's not recording not don't want to be dissing any developers but come on

huh? So count overall what would you say was your account highlight of the event? Like one game you walk away from a night that's my game? I love it.

Oh, I'm gonna have to stay Stranger Things I don't want to say that because it seems like it's a really nice answer but that's the one and what's expected of

this is interesting because I feel like everybody said Cancun for the candidates have Tyrell and cup heads so that's an interesting choice

during actually my number one I'm most excited about definitely cup had this frustration Yeah,

yeah, given

that we don't even have to say that because we all are excited about cup head I think but that might number ones actually Neil cab

I was the first one I switched off I was like, no interest at all.

That's interesting because I am a really big fan of those type of sort of narration type games. And as I'm also a fan of the kind of management type sim of okay what you're going to do in your route or you're going to be a policeman like this is the police or beat cops there's another new one where you kind of it's like a management Cem type thing so for me not knowing exactly what this is the images really appealed interesting

yeah, that's just not personal say so I don't know why those kind of games

I can ever get into the I think that's my problem can get into the BBQ Anton see and I'm again cup heads I feel like everybody's just in love with it Really? Similarly with new cap that was kind of have a lot of these games I'm like yeah that that'll be fun. Some people will pay open it'll be fun but new cabin like I want to see more there's a lot here and I could go in so many different directions there's a change here here and then really crappy

Alice Starbuck

Yeah, no, I guess that's how it is and that's

that's kind of the beauty of this type of events and

nice mix isn't it? Yeah, so everything so in different ways from it

I have to say that you're right on the new cap could go both ways. I have this feeling that if it's not done well and it's not executed well it's going to be one that we all go over all remember New York and we're excited about it. But I have had a have quite high hopes for it. I mean, an Uber driver of the future bring it on my love games that I love games that are set in some weird future alter reality so maybe not that old depending on where we end up in a few years time but and Stranger Things three as well and and what's great is that we're all talking about three or four games in that list at least

yeah, that's pretty good chance is not bad. And as you guys are seeing in the podcast at the mid we won't go back and listen to everyone it's great than intended devote to this time to the Indies to come out and showcase their games that are squatting them don't do five minutes and that's it done.

Yeah, absolutely. Right. Well, let's move on to this week's topics because it's not been as busiest which week if you don't talk about the Indies on Wednesday so let's talk about everything else and let's start with some news.

So first up we have after months of speculation about this persona five our thing because we've had this persona five hours and was it persona five s was that another thing or am

yeah that was another lead the liquor okay long story so a guy came out maybe about four months ago and and say there's gonna be a persona four five are getting else we got an announcement for persona five are and we knew nothing about what as precise we're going to hear more information in March and then a couple of months later he came out and say it's yep there's going to be a persona five as after persona five are and we finally got pulling the persona five are and for county entirety of the scale persona five hours been floating around Yeah, people were adamant that this was going to be the account persona five on switch remastered maybe for a little bit accented content. Yeah. But sadly and that doesn't look to be the case. And yeah, and appears it's going to be just a female lead virginal persona so camp same say same game engine or persona five over with ups count from a female angle and close it's like a skill drama. And there's like gendered skills that can capture the entire our site of the persona storing but cause it's going to not be getting a sweatshirt on persona.

Well my question is there so you you are saying on the persona five are is the first announcement and there's still this mysterious persona five s that we don't know about? Is that what you're saying? Theoretically

there's only been one leak all persona five s however the leaker who that that leak was the same person at leat personified our persona five the Royals so he does have some credibility because obviously persona five are is definitely a thing that's happening and both going holder fingers cross and

well the question is is it persona five switch that's all I want to know switch?

Because like I would be happy to give them my money if they would just let me know if it's happening or not. I just want answers.

Well I actually take persona for this precise moment our personas three or daddy persona up please because this is the platform to play on but I still have high hopes for this you know, because as you mentioned to us they've not actually said this is a PlayStation exclusive so there is still that slight Pope that maybe this will be a switch thing as well. But if it's not, is it the Yes. What do you think?

I think you're just gonna just bask in the slight ray of hope this can come to the straws I've never played these games I've never played persona. I have heard you raving about them and I really want to give them

so I've only played 20 hours of persona is it persona for this the Golden One? Indeed Yes. Yeah. So I played on the visa I played about 20 hours of it was absolutely into it. And then it was around about the time where I got my switch so I kind of moved on to other stuff and and I just felt at the time that if this game chemo on this persona for golden came out in the switch I would be absolutely into it then persona five came along so it's kind of just been a continuation of wanting to finish it and play one of them properly.

I'm already thinking they were on the beta

epicenter for golden was on the beta so

they can do mobile are portable portable the soon soon as killed off the data doesn't exist anymore

now right saying that you know, so those guys not on the veto don't know,

but it's it's got a bit of pedigree of being on portable gaming devices in the past is good. Why would they not put on Nintendo?

Yeah, I tend to agree. I think it's I think this is sort of Blakely with the Joker

and what Come on

Well, I think for me it's it almost feels a bit like every there's been so much hype about it. It's not like they're not going to know that there's hype about a switch version. I think this is kind of like okay, well we'll give them this right now let's give them this but let's give them something else down the line this is the way I'm looking at it and I think there will be a switch version of something

and I'm just teasing us because if I have the Joker appeared in Smash Brothers we know is going to come to Nintendo and actually I think you've hit the nail on the head persona five s isn't it first one if I switch we're gonna

we're gonna look back at this in a few months ago know that persona five super edition which the S stands for has nothing to do with this switch but you never know I that's what

I think anyway on to see the one thing that scares me about the idea of persona five as being the switch version is the release schedule doesn't make sense my head because I feel like we would have released personifies switch like just a normal one not way they can sell persona five the Royal on switch outlet and make double the money rather than just releasing will at the table seemed like in the future if they just do the normal five version on switch alone but what if it seems like a half baked products and number one it says yeah,

but what is it what does he do a Pokemon and do both versions at the same time and people have an optional

for a bundle? Or a bundle? Yeah, because I'm trying to think I don't think personas like your Phil 50 Pong game so maybe this is a way that can bump up the ties

it all together and suddenly it's 50 quid you know. Exactly. I mean, can you imagine the collector's edition that they could do on the switch as well? How nice would that be?

I know it would never happen but the art sale for persona five is so gorgeous, limited edition console, just for all

I'd almost be tempted to sell the one I haven't been getting the limited edition.

Anyway so that's one that sadly the moment no switch version has been announced but persona five are is happening and that's great. Fingers crossed that it does come to the switch now next bit of news then I'm cool have just made it an announcement about the contract anniversary collection. There's a lot of these collections appealing but this one looks really really good.

Yeah, so now I'm cool with chemo and they're doing free anniversary collect collections and the first of which is the arcade classic ones and that's going to be coming out oh that's quite soon I think oh person a couple months and we're getting haunted castle which is the preset sir to Castlevania. He jack radius radius to salamander which is an awesome game if you've never played it for under cross a scramble and twin be that's in the arcade collection? And our interviews familiar boots games have saved like maybe great Yes. Probably the

greatest still doing the readings? Well, me.

Yeah, there's there's the old bit here and there that are familiar to me. And But again, it's something that I would have a look at, and certainly wouldn't rule out, adding to the collection. It depends on the price point again. But I do like the idea of collections in general, because I think it's a good value way of having an experience of an older generation of something. And a lot of times you don't have the space to have a big retro collection. I have a reasonable retro collection. Antonio know, we know that you've got an excellent retro collection. I would like to add to mine, but at the moment, it's not a priority. So this kind of thing does give you that option.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I'm still waiting to go and buy the megaman x collection when it comes down in price because I love those games.

Yes. Interesting.

So collections, they absolutely work for me. I think they're a great way of getting a big bundle of games, which you'll probably never get a chance to play. But

yeah, but there. There you go. Yeah, so that collection will be costing 20 pounds and should be coming out in the next couple months. But I think the other two collections are little bit more interesting. And we've got count Castlevania collection coming and summer. And it will have eight games, but we've only announced the first four and that includes Castlevania one, number free number two and Castlevania for which Castlevania for is incredible. And we've also got contract coming along and now includes eight games as well. And currently, it's only conformed to have contrast contrast supersede which I didn't realize the culture game and culture free and also cost 20 pounds. So tons of exciting stuff coming along. And what do you think of the price point because I've seen some people being very critical because you look at the Mega Drive collection, it's like 25 pounds and includes 50 Mega Drive games, and some of these are just any s and in case of Castlevania to it's a Gameboy version there, including so

I'm not I don't think it's that terrible a price point. In all honesty, I think that again, if you're talking about going out and getting those as retro games, I know it's not the same thing. But I think that's that's okay. And I think if you could if you could see those at 20 pounds as the starting point with the potential that they're going to come down in price to 1510. In the future, perhaps that for me, that's not ridiculous.

When you said it sounded reasonable. And then you made the point about the Sega collection and that's an unreasonable I

think the secret collection is a kind of one off I think, technically good price point for that collection.

I think that's pretty much the price point for most questions. I'm pretty sure the Megaman question is about that price. And not fair. I'm going to come to a new sale but let's just sit tight. Yeah, well, that's it we have to we have to pick and choose. exactly exactly. No seems reasonable. I haven't done this. You

know, I think the switch tax I think it'd be much more than that. I would have probably passed on it completely. But the fact it's at that price, I'll probably take a look at the mall and decide if this one of them in there that I'm particularly interested in I might find the go back and play Castlevania. I owned it on the Nez I goes too young to play it and couldn't figure out what to do and I don't think ever go past the very first like 10 minutes of it. I remember filling up on the original Game Boy.

And thinking it was incredible. At the time it was it was one of the one of the best looking Gameboy games at the time as well. But no, I haven't really visited it much since then. But it's certainly something I would be the

keynote and if you really want to break break care like controller and just for your switch to the Linda castle and the arcade collection as nightmare fuels basically Castlevania one but made like coin stealing just just for the arcades made extra hard to close that game wasn't hard enough as brutal like if somebody told me it was literally impossible I would believe on it's insane I used to spend spend all my money on

Double Dragon the the arcades when I was a kid it was crazy. Spend a lot of 10 piece playing that or 20 piece I'm pretty sure I had a game

listeners was battle towards versus Double Dragon that was so much better yet

brutally hard to see the thing I'm just hoping for this collection you know the game on sweat yes well that game you can turn the switch it vertically right yeah rational aspect ratio so I'm just holding my fingers crossed that they give you give us like genuine craziness and like fair to call molds cuz I don't know there's a gimmick by love playing games

article it's a it's a gimmick but it's one of the coolest things about the switch that you can do that didn't


you could do that my mind is really going to show you some stuff some videos and if people playing there's a few games now that you can play vertically.

Yeah, I think especially this like vertical scrolling sugars they've really embraced hip other as a couple game pinball one I think as well I'm sure there's a panel Yes. Oh yeah, I'm just really curious it's really benefit shows like The benefit of switch Yes, fantastic. Yeah,

well again, these collections are ones that if you are a retro collector but maybe don't want to go and spend the money or have the space to add to your collections then keep an eye on those ones. We've got some rumors a bit later on. We'll come back to the rumors but we are as part of our news we are getting Castle Crashers on the switch now. I don't know an awful lot about Castle Crashers and I've seen a lot of people talking about Anton What is it?

So let's count one of those iconic like first NBA games like really went and these were coming up with like Super Meat Boy and bashing and all that counts sale games. And as a four player count, I believe it's like quote, Darcy cell game and it was very popular in the Xbox 360 and you can't have to get through levels together and and that's basically where my knowledge knows goals but I remember it being really iconic Wayne, and these really kicked off Are you familiar with it by any chance house or I

watched a few videos of people playing it so I've got a pretty good idea of what it looks like and you described it you've got the four of you running around frantically destroying everything on the screen. It's good it looks like we really good fun if you got three minutes sitting on the couch and you're playing game It looks fantastic it looks like it would be rubbish to put on your own

there's a few games like that there's a brute force is another one

that's on the switch is sharp as well we need to add that to our recommended list yes definitely I think it but only recommended if you have two or three of you playing it because that's how you play bro force

ideally beer but only if you're legally allowed to drink

yes yes oh very teams only but real force is not over eight teams but the the beer is so yeah so brute force the level of I guess it's a bit like that where it's a much better experience with friends couch couch Co Op type experience I assume on

Yeah, and then same thing with Castle Crashers the new switch version, we're getting online and remastered graphics for the first time and which will be I don't know it's not really a game I would play online as you're saying it's a cool cool game. You want to be able to elbow your friends in the shoulder when we like throw you into like a pool of acid or whatever. Yeah,

yeah, that sounds exactly how I would play it

does look pretty I've seen the videos it does look pretty for the new switch word

good. Well, that's coming very soon as getting we're getting a full remaster as well, which is very exciting news. And speaking the games coming to the switch we know from Wednesday, that cup head is coming to the Nintendo Switch in April. And we're getting Xbox Live support now we touched on this briefly in Wednesday special edition of the podcast but just briefly and Tom What does that mean?

Yes, so you'll begin achievement support and which will be synced across all your version. So if you have it on PC, Xbox or sweats, you can count jump across and theoretically I believe your saves might be going across and your friend lists so if you've got a friend on Xbox you'll be able to play them on switch which is fantastic and it's kind of reaffirming all these camp talks we've been hearing yeah and Microsoft which is really exciting. Yeah, yeah. Overall cup head has been making the rounds this week. I know

as that brilliant trailer as well. I mean, I know I know we've seen a lot of cup had before from when it was an Microsoft exclusive but the fact that's coming to the switch the fact that it's so beautifully designed gorgeous I mean if you have any memories of being a kid and watching really old all time

Jerry and all like it's the very

early Mickey Mouse stuff and a lot kind of early Disney stuff oh it's absolutely amazing and it reminds me of all that and how how that is like as a game they did that i mean you know it really is something to check out so that's really exciting. And especially if you have got an Xbox Xbox Live account as well then that's that's even better, I guess.

Yeah. But yeah, the account studio me nd which are have been going around chance to everybody because we recently had GTC and and apparently they're very keen on getting copied and Monkman and Smash Bros. What I saw


Yeah, how do you feel about that? Do you think that's something that could happen? We've got Shovel Knight Yeah, bring it says trophy so I agree.

I think I think absolutely the more the better. I mean, we mentioned this a few episodes back but one of the cool things that the Nintendo have been doing is adding more content to games are split tuned to you're still getting splat fests happening you're still getting extra content Mario Tennis you're still getting one of the games actually this week I saw a few people say this because they were talking about it in one of the games I think I've been a bit disappointed that we haven't had more and we actually the first update of this week is Mario Party we had a we had an update for Mario Party this week. But it was just to fix something a

rose online rankings that's all it takes just

yeah that was it and in the problem with that is that there's so good Nintendo adding content to stuff to keep it alive. It's a real shame they haven't done more because Mario Party on I love it as a as a part time. We love it. It's great. It's great, Sean Yeah, really good fun. But to add, you know, if they were to add new characters, or give us some more unlockable stuff for our new board, or maybe a new mode or an online mode, we can play for you something I'm surprised that they haven't because they have done it with a lot of other games. Well,

the interesting the Smash Brothers, smash bros, not brothers Smash Bros, it's become

almost like a

like a keystone game for Nintendo I never would have thought about it, but it's the genius marketing strategy or just anything that they want to tease any new IP they want to bring in. It just seems to be getting important to smash bros and that's the way they've announced it when it's been so now you've got this the Sonics and there's just tons of characters appearing these games and it's great where they can start and drop little hints has become a surprise

yeah portal form and it was be really symbolic of Microsoft count becoming friends with Nintendo almost to have like a Microsoft IP. Yeah, I think most likely sad like yeah, it's kind of a meme. Minecraft Steve will probably be in there

at some point if we're going to have a Microsoft character so if your master chief would not really be a good fit

gun he'd be fine he'd fit in both some

I would look really

weird Kirby or something fighting against his Caribbean there I Kirby's


there man yeah

I don't

work absolutely work bring them on.

All right, some of the news then virtual racing is coming to Nintendo Switch and spring and will support eight player split screen can imagine playing eight players split screen on portable switch. Antonio clarify this virtual racing are we talking about the classic virtual reason Yeah,

it's even bearers than I was expecting a solar cells part of the Sega ages I'm like oh, we're getting maybe the mega drivers the standard version? That's where I was thinking of the arcade very Oh, cuz I always think arcade Wow,

I always think Saturn version whenever I think the virtual racing

Yeah, so we're getting the arcade that isn't yet oh and eight player split screen so technically, you could have eight people playing in the same room? Yep. On the switch.


I imagine they'll let you do on this which

is going to be harmful because like I've tried for player split screen on handheld mode. Just I'll be in like cash or you can join us and we can try for a bird player on to this Mario Kart game.

Know however,

I've done it okay, I mean it's difficult but you can do it and it's just so good fun. You got a small screen

it is good fun bar I mean maybe for us because we grew up with 14 inch Kodak 14 inch barely color TVs that played all our

old i don't know i mean compared to know what to be fair when I grew up there was a black and white TV in the house the same he wasn't the main one.

But you know, I think this is cool and virtual racing was unusual. I didn't even know this until you shed light on this today because I don't know how I missed it was is it quiet must be a really new announcement I'm guessing

Yeah. I feel like a lobster Sega ag scout news announcements of campaign falling under the radar because we had Alex can just nobody was talking about I feel like

thrown into the same benefits that counts as in K ones this camp desensitize people

but one of the other games that came out this week, which again I came out of nowhere was James pond. Robo card. Yes. And it's the it's the one that I would have played in the mega dry. Yeah, the first one. The first one. It's out on the switch. It came out and it looks good. It's It looks very much like the Mega Drive game. nice and clear looking go. It doesn't look like it doesn't game, which is what I had.

And I have to go and buy that Henry has to come out to the radar.

Yeah, just came out. I think two days ago. So we are seeing some unusual releases speaking of unusual releases on. So Professor Layton in the curious villages coming to the switch now. This is great, because I love Professor Layton. We've had about 7523 Professor Layton games, but this is this is the first one right? Indeed, yeah. And I got

leaked. And cause there's a localization company, a particular eastern side of the world, maybe New Zealand or something like that. And yeah, on a localization website we just listed it looks like the release date and like a big release day, I believe it's like summer ash. And just the console and just artwork, the whole shebang. It was really professional and we've done a lot of other stuff I believe we did the last couple Professor late in games on the 3ds So pretty much as official confirmation you could ever want have any of us played professionally and

yeah, I have. I think I finished that one actually.

And it's great if you like a puzzle game and it's really good fun. It's the kind of game that you can play. Your mom could play and your kid could play as well it's one of those games were really it's it's kind of anyone can have a goal and it's just puzzles it's it's you know the things about hundred puzzles or something as you make your way through the game. I can't remember the first ones the one with I think it's got voice voice acting in it. I remember I can remember the voices I can actually hear Professor Layton his voice in my head no but I think that was the first one had it and now it was really it's a nice game it's it's at the time on the DS It was one of the best titles so now going back I'm not sure how it's going to stand up but if it looks good i'm sure certainly as a game it's a nice title to add to your collection depending on price

see the thing I find in curious if you don't mind me asking obviously my I'm never played Professor living in but from my recollection It was like a game that was really Silas heavy so I'll do you think do you think that's going to court well to

sweat is a good Good point. I never even thought about that it was stylists heavy It was very much a case of click on something find out what's behind it does that link to something

but on switch got finger


whoa host presented have to be

because that'd be really fun point in stylist is now

Yeah, that's right.

Unless you're really chubby fingers but you really chubby fingers

I don't know I really don't know i'm not sure i think it's certainly something that now you've mentioned it I have a slight a slight in the back of my head a slight concern about because the stylist was very precise and it was perfect for this type of game that's that was one of the great things about the DS was that he could play these kinds of games very easily.

Bala she doesn't seem to be tried using a stylus on a switch. Oh,

what if it's bundled with a stylus

digital stuffy Yeah, good point have

to be like one of those ones you have for like the iPhone world like yeah, essentially a male stick with a tube like a lot. We sponge it

would work just fine. Apple Pencil.

Yeah, maybe maybe we'll we'll keep an eye on it. Anyway. Now, we're going to very briefly talk about some rumors.

Know, Kings l who is very much known as a leaker that people respect has now I said something which is quite interesting. We should expect something huge for Nintendo in 2019. on.

Yes. So as you mentioned respect to leak or he leaked the last two, right? Absolutely perfectly so trusted guy. And apparently were meant to be expecting something big happening at Nintendo. Something that would have never happened before. And he compares it to be unknown. The scale of the idea of a Nintendo game appearing on tend to console. And what's the x box rumors we've been chatting for every single week. Everybody thinks that's the export game streaming come text box and then just end the news. Generally what stadia come along. People have been killed. Microsoft rumors have been building up with x cloud saw seems more and more likely that we're getting as close games on switch.

Let's Let's see. Let's bring this back in a second. So first of all, Google stadium is this new console that they've

announced console? console,

I don't know because I To be honest, it's a lot of it's just going over my head,

religious leanings service. So you can pick up where you can pick up PlayStation or you can pick up our sample. So you can pick up a tablet you can pick up on Google Chromebook, you basically stream a whole bunch of these games. You can play them as if you're playing on a non console explains why they added things like their places. You're switching tours to cook.

But isn't having the announced a console as well.



know who that is.

Yeah, it was Google. Yes. But they're the main big boxes more as a box for streaming the service. So this Google stadia is all about just streaming games, but it is really interesting. They are trying to beat Nintendo. But it doesn't work. Because you're not going to be in a boat mobile, you know, where you can go to do this on mobile data? Because they're all just aren't fast enough? Yeah. So you're basically stuck in the house be complete almost any game from almost any manufacturer or whatever it comes through to Google tablet. Right without having to have a hardware?

Well, this if I mean, that's what we thought might happen when we talked about it. And certainly Nintendo and Microsoft teaming up we know that that I think what we know is just happened because we've got cup head, we know we're getting Xbox Live support for cup head. That is that is a huge, huge rumor, starting type thing that's going to surely make, as you mentioned, and on people think that this is what this is. If that happens, I pretty much all for it. Because I think the more options people have on the switch, the longer life it's going to have as a console. I, whether or not we talked about this, whether or not I would buy into it depends a lot on what depends a lot on what it is they're doing and what they're not doing with it. If we're going to get some intense some Microsoft exclusive games on the switch. However that may be I'd be keen. But if we're going to get a whole bunch of games that you have to stream and there's no other way to do it. And

I'm already getting the equivalent on the on the switch, then I probably won't bother. But for certain titles that we can only get through Microsoft and bring it on. Yeah,

yeah. I mean, they're both really interesting concepts. And actually, when Google announced stadia, the same deal Nintendo and Microsoft share prices in a vertical was plummeted. This is all over the media their share price pumps, noses, the death of consoles, and Google's wait mode. But actually, I wouldn't in a very, very quickly if I send this to you guys in the chat just before we started this. Yeah, so actually intend to share price student just find it was it's it's about half of what it was about a year ago. But that's because switch just been launched. But its way up and where it was. And it's there's not the report at all. And the last week or two, it just where it was so impressive music.

Yes. Well, I mean, they will depending on what the buzzword of the week is in Google stadia definitely is at the moment. But I I'm I'm interested to see what does happen until What's your thoughts? What do you think's going to happen?

Yeah, I'm kinda feels a sense, I definitely think we're getting experts game shooting. And I don't think you're going to be able to pick and choose your games, I think it's just going to be you're going to buy your Xbox game pass, and then have the access to stream the whole catalog. And kind of similar to PlayStation now on PlayStation four, the now and what you will pass your as if, if you're aware, game pass has older steps and stuff like that, and terms of camp, and believe in the room. The person who leaked cup heads, and was the same person who's been kind of going on and really support in these excellent drummers. And I feel like the idea of switches such an out their idea to really stand behind the it makes me Can't believe the x cloud rehearsing that's helping something that's came back to back and then getting Kenzie all kind of hint in that that could be happening.

When I mean, it's gonna be really good. Yeah, I Well, I think it can only be a good thing for the switch. If that is the case, I think. When do we think the next directs going to be by the way? I mean, the full direct, not the end. When do we think our next directs going to be

the really been talking about it's probably only a month, maybe two months away?

I think April, I honestly think I think this time next month, we'll have a direct answer.

Yeah. And have a pro. Yeah. Couldn't agree more.


What? endless California streaming war, we've come got free parties. Who do you think it's going to be account the main player? Because Google does have a really good infrastructure? I think Microsoft com cross platform. Yeah.

I mean, Microsoft has the gaming history. So that that goes in their favor. The downside from Microsoft is that the Xbox One hasn't done what the 360 did in terms of getting people on board. And it's even probably, I mean, I don't know the fingers. My my instinct is that people that were 360 players have gone off, a lot of people have gone off and move to other consoles like the ps4, or the Nintendo Switch, or both an Xbox One all be at the most powerful of the consoles. People don't really care about that. But what they did care about was the Xbox 360 and infrastructure they had on that. And it was it was really well designed for the time. Google, though, I think, have a kind of opportunity here because they are a huge company, as we know, they have got a great infrastructure. And they can get into places I believe that Microsoft might find more difficult just because their Google so it's potentially is potentially a big thing for Google. But it could be one of these false flag on his face. Do you remember the time Google went into gaming? Ha ha ha moments? I don't know. What do you think oh,

well, I this is going to live and die on a couple of factors is going to depend on what games are available which platform what the pricing is, yeah, and the speed of the delivery. And basically the three things it's going to land on who gets there first and how fast can actually stream these games out because effectively Nintendo faster and Microsoft and Google are going head to head with exactly the same proposition streaming games to your handheld mobile device to switch you can basically play high end video games on the hardware it doesn't support it which would be a great idea I'm all on board definitely want these services to come. But I don't know which is going to win and it's going to be who is going to come into fine fine details and actually what you were talking about Microsoft doing makes after got a lot of goodwill to win back. So if you remember when they launched the Xbox One they pissed off a holder gamers myself included. I was going to buy an Xbox One until he decided they're going to lock everything down. It was all going to be just a hurry I remember

Yeah, certainly

can anyone you know here's console Do you want to open a PS exactly why would force us makes us we've got a lot of good to go to win back and I think that's why the Xbox hasn't been too well. It's just that historic thing the upset people and they haven't been forgiven yet. You

know what this reminds me of? reminds me of Betamax versus VHS and then after that it reminds me of it versus


remember them Xbox 360 Oh my god. Like probably pick them up off of ebay for a fiber narrative. What made you might have a 500 quid I don't know

what's gonna be really interesting watching this going forward because Sony you've got effectively intend to direct live so do this coming up. I saw Yes. Yeah. fascinating to see if they decide they're going to watch the same service. And then I guarantee you intend to never will.

No, no, no, we will never put their games tend to do what everyone else don't. Yeah, 10 don't

Nintendo Nintendo and

All right, well, let's move on. Before we move on to the quiz. Anton, you've had a hands on experience with a brand new eight bit style controller and I'm intrigued to hear how you got on because I have one similar, same company different design, but tell us all about it.

Yes, so I've recently picked up the eight but to me very controller is a Mega Drive style controller for the Nintendo Switch. I believe it works with Windows Mac and Android. It's your six button Calvin classic Megatron, it's also got a set of bumpers and I was very skeptical close. Some of these rich controllers you see on Amazon especially as price point are really cheap and hover thankfully I'm very impressed and it's a very dark blue and controllers got a massive D pad which is fantastic for fighting games platforms you can roll the excellently at all the buttons are fantastic at school all your functions are screenshot Bonjour Home buttons a plus and minus and you get your feel like bumpers and like the second set to make the six buttons so you can all covered minus analogs as a really excellent controller and they like really foot all for like you know, upgrade the firmware on it. And you can like change it so for instance, if you went into game that needed to use the analog, the right analog every now and then you can literally go ahead and switch the D pad to be a right analog or left analog or D pad and which obviously is a D pad itself, which makes it very akin to excellent like you have full control to customize it and you can even switch out the buttons for instance and what sorry, what's the Megatron and as you know the account layout of the buttons is chaos flipped from then intend to lay out with that help yes and and say compared to the old site, you can literally flip that layout. So it's like that over fantastic controller both quality is excellent. And as somebody who grew up with the Mega Drive, it's even better than I could imagine in the account for find the shapes just be like a pair of it just don't burn yourself. Smooth there's no edges it's a fantastic controller retail Verbal 25 pounds on Amazon's I would highly recommend them and and they're just generally just really perfect for platforms especially that big D pads. Which on the switch even on the pro controller the deep hats quite small. So if you're looking for something for your attendees recommend that they also do like Super Nintendo controllers. However, I think I'll trade them you think

that's the one I might have? I have to check because I got it because I subscribed to retro gamer magazine. And I got a free a bit though controller, which works with the switch. That was actually one of the reasons is subscribe, because it was part of the deal. Good deal. Yeah, and then retro gamers a great magazine as well if you like retro games, but that sounds great. Especially given we've got the Mega Drive collection or the Genesis collection with those 51 games or whatever it is. We've got so many indies on the switch. You've inspired me to go and get mine connected up because how was the connecting of it was a straightforward

Yeah, and essentially what you do is you press like a button and then why and then I'll put into nintendo switch modes and let's say you go into the account controller but end to end the switch. LR l&r thing your end and rush really cool about these controllers. If you've got any of the classic consoles, they sell it not turret to literally plug it in like to connect to a wireless say to your original Mega Drive up your mic drop us for myself, it's really handy handy because I've got possibly the best six button Mega Drive controller have ever found. Plus account and the perfect control are so highly recommend that and that's the point where I'm just going to try and see about try and pick up some of the other ones because they do some really random kill stuff. But anyway, I'd recommend that out of curiosity, there you go, this amazing, great controller, how often isn't going to use that instead of picking up the pro controller.

I think he'll do it quite a bit. And because I remember the game that inspired me to pick up was Celeste and Celeste has, you can dash often two directions. And you really need to kind of go from diagonal to diagnose to don't right and it's hitting those diagnosis really struggling with however with the massive Mega Drive salle de Patrick and literally just go right into the app angles, which

is really a lot more kind of precise precision type control.

Especially with moral Kombat coming around having a six month sales can be lovely. So I'd recommend to get a game to work properly, you gotta go back 2025 years.

So cool, though I'll definitely get mine and give you a review maybe next week of what my a bit dull controller is like, but not really cool. Thank you very much that Anton. It's timeless. It's time now for the quiz.

So, the way

we play is we have three games I'm going to give you some clues about the game and you get guests per clue and if you get it right you win the point and it's the best of three at the moment. I think it's six to note and or six three times. I think we're at five three last week cuz you did explain there was a draw so you only have six is no further than not. I will say higher than that.

That's fine. We make up

73 Oh, let's see who wins this week. Alright, so first game. Now this was a 2002 Disney adventure video game developed by Capcom, published by Nintendo and distributed by Disney Interactive for the Game Cube

Kingdom March.



animate anime tix know, the game uses a simple point and click mechanic which involves using a cursor to guide Mickey Mouse to various locations.

Mickey Mickey is granted venture

Mecca in the Magic Kingdom. No, none of that I'm just making stuff up

the game you get many games such as having Mickey fly an airplane, or ski down a mountain that are available throughout the game. Special souvenirs may be uncovered as well which are displayed in Mickey's room at the end of the game such as Pluto's color or minis Bo.

Mickey takes a walk.

It's not that give you one more clear at certain points to players able to have Mickey performance special moves that generally involves of having him stomp on an on screen on screen enemy.

No, nothing. No, no, no.

All right, then. This chemo in 2002 it was on the game he was called Disney's magical mirror starring Mickey Mouse are if you're in Japan, it was Mickey Mouse nor Fushi in Calgary.

Well done. Well done.

No, neither if you get that one

tip of my tongue. Yeah.

Okay, we'll move on to the second favorite game.

game number two nil nil. This game is an adventure video game developed and published by Titus interactive for the Nintendo 64.

This is right up house or straight. I'm just gonna leave the room.

I'm still not going to get it but yeah, sure.

All right, next clue. It's based on an animated version of stories about somebody. And it was the first 3d game about this character.

Like could possibly be more vague. No, still no idea. All right. Toy Story. No. She was released in North America on May 31 1999

and in Europe on July the 23rd 1999.

But development of the game was largely hampered by constraints from DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

Batman you know, DC or no


sub brands? 64 it is Superman 60

Well, don't you remember that?

Yeah. Well, it's Horsley awful. Yeah,

well, that was good. Great. That was gonna be my next

point was that I was going to say that this game was heavily panned by critics holding an overall negative score 23%

Wow. That again, it wasn't Marvel you know, Marvel DC. It was one of those games back then. And they were all terrible.

My next clue is going to be fog. Because that is how you described Superman 64 it is

just for the record that before that's how you described any game and then 64 except GoldenEye Yeah, but but particularly

this one because I honestly have a YouTube

I will I will go look it up.

You'll definitely

want to buy it. Okay, next up then third game well done Anton. It's one nil to

when when we're going to get that posted to switch.

Connection Nintendo is it I'm afraid I'm afraid there's no other terrible terrible portas the connection was the worst port on the switch direction. Oh, it's the wrestling game. The wrestling?

WWE TV. Oh, yeah.

Have you seen yourself go trials? trials? Yeah, well, I looked at try that was it was a good deal and one of the trial I think Charles rising Is that the one you're talking about? Indeed. Yeah, there was a good deal on a physical copy for this week and I almost bit but then I remembered what you'd said. No, no, I'll just wait.

It's a fun game, man. See? It's really weird. I'm in a similar situation was safe. City skylines it's like well my favorite games like a put 40 hours on PC and they'll play that someone free sexy as well. Yeah. Pet dolphin switching it set in there. It's like some things that really talks down to 15 frames per second. I'm like I'm trying to love this game. And then you do this to me. This is not fair.

Well, if

if you will you the rest of the game. You gotta check that out because the frame rate in some points it did you stop moving, just like the wrestling and they're like I kept move. Ready for anyway. Moving on to the third game. This was a two D game. It was a party video game based on a TV show and was released in 1999.

2d party video game 1999

smash TV no news host part of the game.

Mr. Bobby

this game was released on the Nintendo 64 the Dreamcast the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, and it's hard gameplay involves playing mini games and the ability to play against other players in a challenge for the most points.

He wants to be a millionaire. No, definitely. I was gonna say exactly the same thing. Nope.

It also does involve trivia questions about the TV show and other topics.

Can you play what else was right here?


dealer know the only know

the game switches between questions and many games with a mini game proceeding every three questions

I'm trying to just rake for like 1990s TV and see what was popular My head's

Yeah, still drawn a blank This is not good.

There a UK actually. The only instance of this game taking advantage of the then modem hardware is the up to four player multiplayer game featured in the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast versions. The PlayStation version supported for players with an adopter and the PC version alone two players to play the keyboard and two more players to play with joysticks joysticks, wow,

no, I kind of think the only game I can think of it was big like that. And this is not my guess was buzz, which was really good fun.

All right. Well, can I give you a liquid? There are two games on the Nintendo Switch. Which feature the same TV show?

two games.

They're not the same games, but they feature the same TV show on the matrix animated TV show.

South Park

Yeah, but to give you the point

it was size part chefs Love Shack and then came in 1999 I had him on the place

you still go to can we know that we should we should on YouTube it because I forgot how how it was but yeah, she

was ps1 South Park games were awfully great. Yeah. So bad or good? Yeah,


Well, that's a second time we

we've had recently this


I'm actually I didn't really get one I got I got sure they get a game.

Well, it's close enough. I mean, at this point, let's face it, we could have been here for another hour just trying to find out what the game was. Actually the next clue was. The players get to choose to be one of four characters Eric Cartman

scheme, or Stan Marsh? Man Yeah, so well done. I'll start with one one this week. Now. That's it for this week's podcast. But before we go, thank you very much to everybody on Twitter. And everybody just messaged us this week. I know there's been a bit of interaction on on the old Twitter. So thank you to Anton for doing that have reply to a couple as well. Just a reminder if people want to email First of all, I'll say

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very happy on the five star but if it's five star I'll share on Twitter and say thank you very much because it's very nice of you. That's it for this week. It's been a pleasure as always have a fantastic week. We will be back with Episode Number 14 in a week's time. Goodbye. Cheerio.