To Minecraft And Beyond! - Episode 25

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Anton, Mike and Al are back with this week's news, rumours, gossip and quiz in another episode of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast!

We've got news on the new Toy Story pack available in Minecraft, new releases including a new Arcade Archives release, Puyo Puyo, What Remains Of Edith Finch and many, many more. We also have news from the recent Nintendo share holder meeting and more of those persistent Switch Mini rumours!

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Transcription [BETA]

Mike Macdermid 0:13

Hello and welcome to episode number 25 of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast I Mike IMO. I am Anton and we are back once again for another episode of this week's news, gossip, rumours and the quiz Of course, and lots to talk about. But before we do that, we're going to remind everyone how they can get in touch with the show. First of all, thanks to everyone who's messaged us on twitter this week. We are on Twitter. It's ns UK podcast on Twitter. And we've got the website Elster as well what's now you

Al Struthers 0:44

do which is an S UK p coda UK, and you can email us on podcast at ns. UK P. Dakota, UK.

Mike Macdermid 0:50

Yeah. And Anton Where can you download us and listen to

Anton Winters 0:53

us? You can get us on Apple podcast Stitcher, Google and we're not on Google yet. And tonnes of other people RSS feeds. You can find out all the places you can download the podcast and the website in su ke fabulous,

Mike Macdermid 1:08

fabulous. Fabulous now before we start Anton Have you had a chance to play the old switcheroo this week? Oh,

Anton Winters 1:14

a little little I played all I can remember it's a passport a star or is

Mike Macdermid 1:21

it Yes, yes. That looks quite interesting. What's it like?

Anton Winters 1:24

It? Yeah, it was kind of interesting. It was a friend of mines who was like have you tried to switch game you've played all of them I'm like I haven't who would believe and that's really interesting. So just like you You draw with an analogue set which is awful. So you can't have to be a little bit creative with how you draw things and you make lovely paintings you make give them titles and then you like have like essentially a garish sales storefront like it's literally just tables on a cart garbage and then you place the paintings people buy them and you just try and have to make a living as an artist and not only played a little bit from what I gather depending on what came before you do depends on what kind of field in the art world to kind of proceed through in a campaign almost so I'm doing more grunge stuff you might go and like literally art out like underground galleries or if you kept to high art you'd go in that direction it's quite interesting what direction to go if you draw statement at all there I think you just go straight to Deviant Art like well you heard it you just skip all the whole art scene

Unknown Speaker 2:24

yourself house or will he be playing I have

Al Struthers 2:26

played well I was in holding this week so I took my switch with me to play a while basically while I was laying in bed and my son was asleep. And I played a lot of golf storey good storey I recommended by Mike I thoroughly approve of recommendation It is a great game as lovely albeit a bit weird.

Mike Macdermid 2:41

It's very weird but I kind of find with golf storey almost gets better the further and you are that you kind of almost get more into it but it does get really weird I'm doing

Al Struthers 2:48

I'm enjoying the randomness there's a lot of animal based oddity going

Unknown Speaker 2:51

on. Yes,

Mike Macdermid 2:52

yes, yes, there's one that you might want to just kind of forget any preconceptions about what a golf game is about because there's not like a golf game.

Al Struthers 3:01

Yeah, well I picked it up in the Easter seal and I think it's probably still on sale so yeah, we can recommend to get again yeah go my golf store it's good.

Mike Macdermid 3:08

Yes, it's very good. I have played a lot of Rocket League this week because I have a quite a busy week so I haven't sat down and thought I'll have a no or no to play something as it's turned out, I probably could off because I've probably spent more than that each night on Rocket League but it's just very addictive. So I've been really enjoying that actually been playing quite a lot online and just just a bit just having a bit of fun with it really in not overthinking it I'm a way to London in the middle of the week this week. So I'm going to take my switch I'm going to play through the Assassin's Creed three and revelations and actually revelations is a really good game have played a fleets but three or four hours of that was the veto one wasn't it is it revelations left liberation liberation revelation that title their liberation is great, it's three or four hours in it's not as polished as the bigger Assassin's Creed titles but it's more polished than I gave it credit far as well. I didn't expect it to be quite as and it's quite a good I think it's quite a good entry point if you haven't played an Assassin's Creed game in a while because it's quite easy to kind of follow what you're supposed to do in it and it's quite guided and also it runs really well on the switch compared to the veto version from what I've heard as well so so definitely check that out if you've got Assassin's Creed three and you haven't thought about playing that that game then then look at that

Al Struthers 4:24

sounds good close button at this point. Yeah, if anybody's even weird noise in the background because I can hear them as we're recording I can use the children screaming and we are currently sitting in what is quite a high temperature outside and in our recording studio. It's an even higher temperature. Yes, so it has a windows open

Mike Macdermid 4:39

yes so you may hear the odd screen because I live next to a park so they're happy screams they're not bad screen door it's good screens but there it's it's eight o'clock at night and and I know that people will be still at the park because it's still bright and sunny at the moment so So there we are. So just in case you wonder

Anton Winters 4:57

and similarly if you hear sniffing on the this side of the country and I just have a cold there's no screaming children here and any scream should do here then that's it entirely troubling for me as well. I have no idea what they are to say. We can relish in the fear of what's actually your your little

Mike Macdermid 5:14

Yes, and they're there hay fever an illness related sniffs are not crying Anton is not crying Yeah. He won't lose it because he's the whole

Al Struthers 5:27

very good boy.

Mike Macdermid 5:28

All right, let's let's move on then. And so No, no, no, no, come

Al Struthers 5:32

on quiz. I feel I feel cheated by Come on. Imagine I listened to your episode last week. I wasn't on it. Mike did the quiz by himself and proclaimed the one

Anton Winters 5:41

but I

Al Struthers 5:42

had a few answers and would have got there first because I knew there's no way I got the first to go do I need to go do them but sometimes you go Wave Race because I've been waiting to do Wave Race when I was going to host the quiz by wouldn't have got Resident Evil so lies all Mr. Good one

Mike Macdermid 5:59

and with that giant let's look at this week's news. So this week, lots of sort of bits and pieces I also you were saying to me earlier i thought was quite quite weekend and actually when we had a look at some of the stuff that was happening actually it's quite there's been a fair bit Yes, yeah. So starting with Ty storey because my storey for that in the cinemas and it's all very exciting. I'm excited to go and see it and if you're a fan but you also play Minecraft and you can do the toy storey mashup pack it's now available in Minecraft Anton I know you play a bit of Minecraft Will you be indulging?

Anton Winters 6:30

Oh, it's an interesting one. I really enjoyed the most recent toy storey movie I do like Minecraft but I think that the price pack prices of the packs are just a little bit too much for me at all those are usually like oh five pounds for like a bunch of character like skins and then they give you like a massive map that's like based on whatever franchise that you want. So in the case of this one that's like a massive like replica of like our these room and like a bunch of the locations from all of the different films that you can go in and explore.

Mike Macdermid 7:06

So do either of you remember a toy storey game on the ps3?

Anton Winters 7:11

Oh yeah, toy storey free like I remember the marking a looks at it for like ps4 ps3 PSP. Like they were

Mike Macdermid 7:17

best right? Yeah, yeah. It was really good. I played the I played it Co Op, local Co Op and it was a really good title I that's one that would work really well on the switch actually,

Al Struthers 7:27

what kind of game was it platform?

Mike Macdermid 7:28

Yeah. And it was like an open world kind of thing. And you could use different missions by going to different parts of the world and you interacted with all the characters and but you could go off and do your own thing and then you it was really good.

Al Struthers 7:38

I think at that point. I probably thought I was too cool for a place for toy storey. No, no, no, no, no one's ever too cool. For toy storey is amazing. It was a great film.

Anton Winters 7:45

Yeah, similarly to that they had like an awful ps1 game when it was like 16 but are they just whenever they did a franchise getting they're like, yeah, let's just make a platformer and saw some assets on it. And then they just didn't like the 3d ones. They just had these monstrosities that kind of look like the camera they're trying to represent. The Times get that get all the awful ps1 games on the swim. No,

Mike Macdermid 8:05

just the ps3. Okay, 3d platformer ice age at Scott's nutty adventure scrambles will be coming to switch this fall excitingly enough, as well if you're a fan of that you're going to be getting a physical release as well is this is the setting to do with the movies Ice Age. It's weird there's not

Anton Winters 8:25

another age movie on the cards like it's there's nothing planned which it kind of makes it seem like it's came out of nowhere. Yeah, but it's kind of weird. So if you have a look at some of the images have just done like some this is alpha fooC count test images almost. It looks kind of impressive for tying game but we're saying similar stuff about the Jumanji game I think we're just like at this point where good looking games are just

Al Struthers 8:50

easier to me. Yeah. easy to make. No, it's Yeah, the whole game franchises have just they've all stepped up a game. It's pretty simple to do something. It looks quite, quite good. They're all there.

Anton Winters 9:00

Yeah, well, but this reminds me of called a it's like setting the record straight. Remember that episode? I wasn't on? Yes, that sponge ball game that we're talking about? That's actually a really good game and you would love it, Alistair. Yes, I came out in the PS and teach you at the time we're doing tonnes of these licence time games so nobody expected it to be anything has a real cult following because it's basically a PlayStation two Game Cube Xbox era magical Sui con.

Al Struthers 9:34

It's really good. We've definitely piqued my attention now. Yeah, okay, now Sponge Bob Penn square is on my radar.

Anton Winters 9:42

Yeah, they've tried to replicate it with the future spawn 12 games but they were just like tying rubbish but the the pile for bikini bomb. I hear only great things about it and actually looks like a solid game is not bad at level but for having something a little bit newer that you can so Klay on the switch what you can't do with budget because we all say Smash. It's actually a decent experience. I think you should check it out if you get a chance. Well, there we go. There's your job.

Al Struthers 10:07

Well, when it comes to a store sale, maybe.

Mike Macdermid 10:10

Awesome. All right. Next game on the list of news items this week is terrarium. I think that's how you pronounce it. I've seen this game loads and never have I played it Have either of you played it? yet? personally have you Elster? No no no so it's yeah it's coming out in the switch he shot the 27th of June we get a physical release at a later date tell us about the game Anton yes

Anton Winters 10:34

quite interesting originally came out and it was really very much this is Minecraft but to the but over time it's kind of built up its own identity where it's more of an extreme dungeon crawler where unlike Minecraft where there's a top bomb it is about maintaining this one is the deeper you go the more the harder enemies you get, but the better rewards you get and similarly the farther left you go or the further right you go the more extreme the game gets and close obviously graphics are a lot more simple. The labels often sent he gets the further you go out is insane but it does have such a high difficulty car so I it's a hard one to recommend. Okay, okay,

Mike Macdermid 11:17

well it's not one it's on my radar but I know that there will be a lot of people really keen that we're getting not just the short version but also the the physical release as well which is which is kind of cool. So that's the 27th of June you're going to see on the switch shop next up to to land is coming to arcade archives, I think did I see it maybe I saw it on the pre orders but I certainly did see it in the store. And yeah, but we're retro hit if you want to play

Anton Winters 11:42

it either. Have you played it before? I've never actually played at all it's one that's called pass me by Alice or this seems like something to be closer to your territory in terms of nays cap arcade games are not so familiar with it.

Al Struthers 12:00

I mean, you gotta love a good old fashioned game but really it's I just was passed me by as well you have Do you know much better Mike Not

Mike Macdermid 12:05

really I got confused when we discussed this last time with the one on the similar named one on the Dreamcast. What was that again?

Anton Winters 12:13

Oh choo, choo.

Mike Macdermid 12:14

Choo Choo rocket Yeah, which is which I know is a very popular game and I got all excited then realise it's a totally different game. Era game, isn't it?

Al Struthers 12:23

Well, I really went down the rabbit hole there. Weirdly when you Google to to learn game only comes up as videos of the kids videos of trains. The garden centre there is no gameplay. It's funny.

Mike Macdermid 12:35

Well, there we are. It is coming to the arcade archive. So if you played it the first time around or maybe you want to go and revisit it then the archive I will say but the arcade archives games. They are really well done.

Unknown Speaker 12:47

Is it choo choo?

Mike Macdermid 12:49

choo choo rocket was the

Unknown Speaker 12:51

Dreamcast was if they were linked. No, no. Okay.

Anton Winters 12:56

Yeah, the thing this is more of a puzzle bubble. Find a star game game, if that makes any sense. But I'm not too familiar. But if you're liking the arcade archive games, there's another one coming soon. So I recommend getting a weekend or if that should kind of jam.

Mike Macdermid 13:10

Excellent. Excellent. Right next up then Florida is coming to the shop on the 30th of July. Is this one of the games that we saw at the indie direct? Yes.

Anton Winters 13:18

And yeah, I think it was one that was just like glance across some other montage and we were just like, Oh, what's that game? I was like, I know what else but I've actually done some research it looks like an interesting game of use imagine combining star to Valley and the binding of isaac, you've got yourself a game you'll love so awesome. That's if that's I believe Yes. So far ensure that is true life area. It looks quite charming in the way of is a murderous rampage. He we don't caves and getting materials for your farm. And next week.

Mike Macdermid 13:54

Thanks so much for coming on the 13th of July that he shot now just to go back to to to land. The reason that I was I couldn't find it. And the reason I accidentally said cuckoo land is that it's called cuckoo land. Yes. Yeah.

Al Struthers 14:07

Yeah, I didn't tell you CLU. It's not the other spelling before and we get upset co You see?

Mike Macdermid 14:12

Yeah, that's why we're getting confused with choo choo rocket but in the notes, so I'm blaming you Anton more than

Al Struthers 14:19

smooth slick guys. Well done. Good job, everybody.

Mike Macdermid 14:21

I say, by mistake. Don't Don't go down that rabbit hole. And I was right.

Al Struthers 14:26

You were right. You were right. All right. Okay. So should we move on? But yeah, it's time that never happens. Everybody ignore what we just said. Plus,

Mike Macdermid 14:31

obviously none of us played it. No. All right, next up on the Fourth of July, we are getting what remains of Edith Finch. Now I've got one eye on this because the thing is kind of like a point and click kind of slightly scary type of mystery thing, isn't it?

Anton Winters 14:46

Yeah, it seems to be like if you took a mess sell game then added an actual game to it. This is what you're getting here. It looks like from the trailers at least. And I've heard fantastic things about when it came out on ps4 back. Oh my god, that must be like 24 14 or something?

Mike Macdermid 15:01

Yeah, so

Anton Winters 15:03

I'm curious about this one seems a little bit slow pace for me. But if you're up for point and click adventure, you know, each their own.

Mike Macdermid 15:10

I've got to get through a few the other point and clicks that I've got already except picked up a few and problem I have with them is that I'm not a clever. So when I try and gets you know, I find I mean to be fair, I think one of the one of the ones symbol we park is, is difficult, and it is a proper nod back to the originals. And they've got this really cool system in the game in thimble we'd Park whereas if you want to get hint, you can dial for a hint when any phone you find in the game, you can dial no give you a hint as to where you are and you can, which is I think quite a cool way of doing it. But even with that I'm still struggling a little bit. So I think for me it will be on the list of at some point I will get to that unless the reviews come out as you know 10 at 10 everywhere. But um, what about you Alex? Because you quite like a point.

Al Struthers 15:51

I do like a point to click but I don't buy many of them. I'm quite a mocking Sam discerning which games I buy. Yeah, but I tend to but there's other games I'd rather play. Yeah, most of the time. So it's gonna be a really good point clip before we go on. But yeah, having

Anton Winters 16:03

us plead the first title shot by any chance.

Mike Macdermid 16:07

I'm back on. Yeah, I mean, I played I think I played the first half of the game and finish it. But the bio shock the first game was stunning when it came out. Yeah.

Anton Winters 16:16

That's kind of what this game reminded me of like a camp for making bets in bio short when your word like doing combat or anything but worked out more narrative Lee focused like the opening, for instance. Like you're at points, it's like free go around, trying to figure out and then points where it can funnels you into more account, direct path, as it tells a storey and I think this there's a little bit more to this than your average play click, especially considering its first person, but if any of us have played this, and definitely let us know. Because I'm curious to see what you guys think of it because it's one. I'm excited for our First Person. Sure. Well, it's not sure it's just a first person walking simulator. You don't.

Mike Macdermid 17:00

So it's a bit more of a walking simulator with point and click elements. Is that kind of how it is. I have a different thing in my head altogether. I'm old school point and click adventure in this. So that's interesting. But it's not that long till we need to we're going to find out at the end of the week. So that's exciting. But yeah, that sounds good. Because that's the opening to buy a shocks. So really stuck with me. It's been in a stunning cinematic opening of a game. So yeah, I'm quite intrigued by that because fire watch is a bit of a walking simulator and it's it's one that I've got on my list as a definite will play. So maybe if it's got if it's got elements of that kind of vibe, then maybe I will jump in a bit earlier. You're just checking out some of the screen just finished screenshots looks pretty

Unknown Speaker 17:42

good for switch game.

Mike Macdermid 17:44

Yes, it does look good. To me after Look at

Al Struthers 17:47

this. I've been kicking around the steam for a while so you'll be able to reviews on there. That's what we'll do.

Mike Macdermid 17:51

All right then. So next up Tetris Royale has been announced. It's 100 player, Battle Royale Tetris game for mobile. So this is basically Tetris. 99. But with 100 people.

Anton Winters 18:03

So this is really interesting. I'm curious to see what Nintendo I would love to know what Nintendo was thinking of this because this is the Tetris company, licencing Tetris company to just make a quarter of Nintendo a game that Nintendo created 100% implementing their ideas into so it's, it's interesting to see the Tetris company almost cannibalise one of their own products in this way.

Mike Macdermid 18:26

Well, it's money, isn't it? I mean, at the end of the day, if they can licence it out, but I think it's interesting because you've got Tetris. 99. Already, and 1099 has been really successful. It's been great. Obviously, this is mobile. So are we going to see this on the switch as well or not really?

Anton Winters 18:42

Add there's no word on switch. I think they would be very silly to put on the same console as Tetris. 99 I don't know why it was painful with letting them but it's a real shame. I feel sorry for Nintendo because obviously this has been like a system seller for Nintendo online. Like there's people going off and buying Nintendo and for this am Tetris 99. And I'm curious to see if this makes it dead for Nintendo. It's really interesting in itself sad to see at the Tetris company do this because if we look at the Pokemon Company, we will never see them hand away like Pokemon to another company, make Pokemon walk around in a field for a bit. That would never happen. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 19:22

yeah. I mean, I still think to just 99 will will pull through just because it is a good title. They've done a really good job with it. We know that there's these deals they're doing in Japan right now where you get the your get your subscription for the online on the switch plus the game for a decent price. So hopefully, if they do something if I might even push them to do that over here as well, so which would be great because it worked at a really good deal because you pretty much centre getting the game for

Al Struthers 19:47

me. I suspect it's probably exactly the same game. My gut feeling on matters, Nintendo had no exclusivity period on it. That's probably why I'd point out which is probably why they've now released all the DLC to expand the game and make it still more bit more interesting. Yeah, existing Nintendo users, but it's probably the same game the same code. It's just the exclusivity

Mike Macdermid 20:04

Yeah, I think touches 99 will still find an audience though. Yeah. Next up, rise. Race. The future coming to switch late July. Is this was this one in the indie direct as well?

Al Struthers 20:16

No, no, it's just another arcade racer.

Mike Macdermid 20:18

Is it right? Okay. Okay. I'm sure it's fine. Right. So you're not going to think about it.

Al Struthers 20:24

Like a good racing game. arcade racers are just to penny.

Anton Winters 20:27

Right? Okay. Yeah. There's so many like, I love racing games, but it just feels like we've got so many c b tier racing games from Andy Davis and I'm just waiting for a really good bar needs it needs as far as I need to the Gran Turismo, we need a proper racing game on the switch. We've not got one

Mike Macdermid 20:47

I'd like burnout take down.

Al Struthers 20:49

Now. That'd be fun. That would

Mike Macdermid 20:50

be fun. Take a whole bunch of cars and vehicles with

Al Struthers 20:53

those games. We could really match them up as much as

Mike Macdermid 20:55

Absolutely. Okay, well, it's coming out late July so if it is something that floats your boat, then you can drive your car. Was it

Al Struthers 21:03

fast booster and blurry lines and on you?

Mike Macdermid 21:06

Yes. Okay, point eSports is getting a physical release it in Japan which is probably quite good news. I can see that doing well. And ploy is a nightmare of a game of your colour blind as mean Elster will no. tough game anyway. I like point a point oh, but it's tough. It's very slight. There's like a difficulty curve is that you can play it, you can do all right, then it's something like okay, no, I can't do that. That's like next level. But eSports it's just going to be a bunch of people who are very, very good at playing that.

Al Struthers 21:34

Yeah, I'm not gonna go anywhere near that

Mike Macdermid 21:36

ever. Probably not. But it's getting a physical release in Japan. What we see this over here, do you think?

Anton Winters 21:42

I think there's a slim chance because po po eSports has been on Japan for like six months or something. But we've only recently got it as like, I believe it's champions called over here. So there's a slim chance. But that game has never really had the best appeal. Western markets. So yeah, sadly, I wouldn't hold your your hats on it. But it's cool to see Sega doing more physical releases. So I hope this encourages them to get some of their other titles over

Mike Macdermid 22:12

the Tetris game is really good. The one I've got that one. And it's a really good game where you complete both and combine them and whatever. And it's a lot of fun as a co op game as well. So for me, the problem is that eSports soon as I hear the word eSports, that means you've got to be you got to be good to play it. Which is where I fall down, basically. So

Al Struthers 22:33

yeah, we're very much in that not even the B or C league. We're like the sadly,

Mike Macdermid 22:36

yes, there is not a letter in the alphabet that covers what legal you're in. Right, let's move on to this week's gossip.

Al Struthers 22:43


Mike Macdermid 22:45

So rumours and gossip this week include something to do with Super Mario Battle Royale. So tell us about this, Anton because it's received a takedown notice from Nintendo.

Anton Winters 22:56

Yes. So essentially, just a fine line came out of nowhere and decided to make supermodel borrow game is based on the original any SL game. It's for web browser. So you could just play in Chrome, there was 100 players and you thank you say sorry, to the Skype sorry for my label, spread out cold, whatever power ups you could find. And then bouts of the death of last one standing is the winner, you can jump on people's heads which can't normally kill people via and people love to. And there's also they were making any money from it. But as Nintendo does, DMS games, DMCA takedown and the game is going forever.

Mike Macdermid 23:34

Alright, so if you've played it, you've played it for the final time. Unfortunately, you're not going to get to play again. I can kind of understand it from Nintendo's point of view at the end of the day, but it's a shame. And I always wonder with these things, if something is successful, and people are enjoying it, can we not? Can they not find a way to do a deal and say, Look, you know, we really like this. So,

Al Struthers 23:52

you know, I think Nintendo have always been incredibly appreciative of all of the IP.

Mike Macdermid 23:56

Yeah, yeah. And that's probably why they're multimillionaires. And I'm not so

Al Struthers 23:59

when it comes back to when we've said this multiple times. Just go and hire the guy and go make again.

Mike Macdermid 24:03

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Anton Winters 24:05

Yeah, it's such a shame because we see it so many times for our developers like Vegas went and took fans to make Sonic Mania. Team Fortress Counter Strike. Oh, yeah. valves biggest games ended up being fan mods of other games that they make. Yeah, and I'm trying to think even other stuff a lot of like, for Professor staff are like eggs, buffet style monitors. It's, there's something to be gained there. And it's such a shame to see this continue to be the way

Mike Macdermid 24:31

Yeah, I kind of agree. I think that is something that Nintendo could improve on and just trying to embrace it a bit more and because unfortunately, is it's happened since people were able to do it and it's going to continue to happen so rather than fight against it, why not kind of you know, make it more of a thing where actually we can turn this to our advantage and

Al Struthers 24:51

get people involved it's me it's been a week of Nintendo taking things to another youtuber got his feed pooled or at least suspended because Nintendo complained he was doing modding videos of total to switch alright physically model switching got a couple so they've been cleared the lawyer should be no no drive this week. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 25:06

yeah. Okay. Nintendo have finally opened a second official retail store in Tel Aviv in Israel. It's not where I would have guessed would have been the second official retail store.

Anton Winters 25:16

Yeah, I would have one of like four places be big switch cameras, I would have expected the Middle East to be especially in Israel because it's such a rich and like slice of the world I would have expected to have big gaming PCs that are worth more than our cars or something. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 25:34

I mean, there's definitely politics behind that and it's that's a whole series of podcasts and themselves and way too serious for for this podcast, but it definitely is an interesting development that a retail store is opened in Tel Aviv specifically and I know a lot of people will have very strong opinions about that so you know we won't go into to that too much but certainly is something I would like to see more of the retail store Where's elsewhere? I mean, I would like to see I don't know we don't have one in London doing

Anton Winters 26:03

that's exactly what I was thinking I would have loved one in England even if it was just Nintendo Europe or someone somewhere in Europe. I would love to happen Nintendo Sark. Just even just look around. It's it's like any museum if you've ever seen any videos of the US one.

Mike Macdermid 26:18

Yeah, it's a New York American Wednesday. Yeah. Yeah, it looks amazing. Absolutely. course it is.

Anton Winters 26:26

The one time I went to America as on Fifth Avenue, but I was just a couple blocks too far away to get to see like the show our Lord and Saviour Nintendo likewise.

Al Struthers 26:35

Yeah, I've been in New York. I didn't get to either. No, I was

Mike Macdermid 26:38

I was there too, and also did not get

Al Struthers 26:40

while we are failures, we really are failures,

Mike Macdermid 26:42

although kind of cool. We've all been to New York, you know, that's? Well, yes, absolutely. Okay, next up. This is really sad this week. I'm sure that lots of Nintendo fans will have seen this and an awful lot of people were talking about this but really sad news this week about popular Nintendo influencer. That's possible the way tells about this, Anton Yeah, it's a real sad storey there. So Erica, popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He's helping going for a rough time he got his twitch taken away. His YouTube taken away what job say, as an as somebody who's worked like, almost like five, six years to have your career taken away. Just by and like, overnight is quite terrifying. So yeah, I believe six, seven days ago, and his bath, his belongings were filmed by a Brooklyn Bridge. And he's like, was reported missing. And then six days later, his body was found. Yeah, I read a bit. I mean, I'd seen in the news about his his being missing. And then, you know, obviously they've defined a body. And then it was confirmed that it was him, which was really sad news. And it's just a reminder, I guess that that as much as we all love gaming, that there are real people behind every facet of every industry. And I think sometimes it's a good reminder, especially on Twitter and places that are quite easy to say things behind the defence of a keyboard, it's important to remember that, that people are going through all sorts of things no matter what they're doing. And it's just that I think it's just a big reminder that in any community, Nintendo communities included that, you know, we just have to be aware of that and remind yourself to be nice to people as often as we can, I guess, which is really sad news this week, though. So yeah, really? Not nice at all. I see a lot of people talking about but I'm actually and I never really seen him as a you. I never I've never really kind of watched any of his stuff. I don't know. Had you seen any of this stuff?

Anton Winters 28:36

Yeah, I was familiar from all them for a decent while. And there was back in 2017 Calif, keeping it in the account switch side of stuff. Yeah, there was a YouTuber who sat outside the Nintendo store for 30 days. And you've loved his entire experience for that. And with that, it was like, right there with him like front of the light. Like, he wasn't frontline second the but so he was very evident in there. And that was help where I was first aware of that and ever for that. Oh, that like he was the person that made the meme of the joy con boys. So he's been a part of the kill switch following and the Nintendo fan base for such a long time. So definitely condolences go out to account friends and family.

Mike Macdermid 29:20

It's very sad. Absolutely. Very sad. Okay, so we're going to talk about the switch mini a little bit now because I know we've mentioned this a few times. A couple of things caught our attention this week, first of all, at game have listed the switch Mini, which is interesting. I know you picked up on that, Alistair?

Al Struthers 29:36

Yeah, they listed it and then I think we pulled it again. But it was definitely a listing for them tend to switch media on games website.

Mike Macdermid 29:41

And then when the Nintendo CEO was questioned about a switch mini at a recent shareholder meeting, he the statement that was given was we acknowledge that there have been reports about this, answering to rumours and speculation would end up stealing surprises from our customers and also be unprofitable to all of our shareholders. So we have no answer to that, as a general theory, we are always performing development of new hardware. I mean, he's literally saying nothing.

Al Struthers 30:04

Quite a while he's literally saying something. But he's saying something that says nothing.

Mike Macdermid 30:07

Yes, yes, it's quite well worded. But basically, what I think we can take from that is it's on the way, but we ain't telling you yet. That's what I get from that. It's on the way we're not confirming.

Anton Winters 30:15

Yes, well, then what do you think? Yeah, definitely. Nintendo always has their way. Like when it comes to like new hardware, rumours are like nope, Jeff, we're not doing anything, even if they are. So I think them doing this or like, it's come in invest in us. That said, Yeah, yeah, as well. But

Mike Macdermid 30:32

there were also questioned about a couple of other things. So first of all, but a snares game on the switch. And the state with the give this time was at this place, we cannot tell you information about future classic, future classic, future classic hardware among others. But we are thinking about providing an extension of the online service, which is currently providing from a calm NAS software as well as other methods of providing them we also recognise that there are opinions wanting to play past titles their opinions of people wants to

Al Struthers 31:00

put Yes, I mean, you guys can see me I'm dancing right now.

Mike Macdermid 31:02

Well, I would really like it if they like the snares back. And, and the 64

Al Struthers 31:09

back catalogue. I'm happy with snares for now. Yeah, we're in the future, I guess now now in a very bad,

Anton Winters 31:14

hopefully, I think sleep the clear takeaway from that is, oh, we might be getting super nintendo games. But the thing I find interesting there is the idea of maybe new ways all providing loving, what could they do is like liquid mobile collections. Where does your mind think of when we count far out think of new ways to provide nice games, my brain is probably somewhat slightly more mundane is often for sale in the shop.

Mike Macdermid 31:40

I wonder if you know the Mega Drive collection, the Genesis collection, which is a physical cartridge, and you can download it and it's, it's really well done. And there's like 52 titles, so many on the one cartridge Plus, it's got a really nice kind of interface where you're playing an early 90s bedroom if you want to, and it's really cool. I wonder as well, they could do that way, you know, they could actually just make it a release. And given that we're getting bigger cartridge sizes now anyway, you could probably fit half the back catalogue of the snares on there anyway. So it might be that they do that, you know,

Al Struthers 32:11

just so long as I'm not thinking about making them all and mobile. Just don't do that.

Mike Macdermid 32:13

No, no, no, we don't want to move. I want to be able to control things properly. Yeah.

Al Struthers 32:16

Nice controller.

Mike Macdermid 32:18

Yes. What about you, Anton?

Anton Winters 32:21

I wasn't thinking this originally quite seamless. But what we use for chatting to us remember that and all I can remember was cold nays remix on the weird. It was like, fake like the dead one. And two of them. They did a 3ds one as well. And essentially, it was they had like 50 games built into it. But it was all challenges from individual games. So it'd be like a complete the first level Super Mario Bros in 60 seconds or get like, but the items and characteristics or like get to this part in the Lego cells will map as quickly as you can with like pop in random parts of random games with like, isolate, challenge those games quite popular because he did two of them and for any game to get a sequel, and we use quite impressive. So I mean, there's a future for maybe something like that. But I don't know if that's exactly what they would make would be Norling towards.

Mike Macdermid 33:11

If they do that. I'm all for that as long as they give us the games in their normal form as well, if, you know, I think that we have to have that. But yeah, I think that adding new ways to play all the games, then absolutely. Because you're then introducing it to a younger audience and your audience because kids are so used to having to complete things in a certain way or a certain time or certain amount of things just by mobile gaming alone. And for that era, that eight and 16 bit era, I think we need those challenges. So to entice anyone under the age of 30 to play them essentially. So So I think it's worth definitely looking at that and I wouldn't be surprised at the Do you might be onto something that's about show

Al Struthers 33:50

true. A slight deviation nobody mentioned where you can just show a bit of love really Will you let go and then Nintendo just released an update for this week.

Mike Macdermid 33:57

For stairs I don't know the Anton got but every game on the wii u how many you got to go

Anton Winters 34:02

Oh, I think I've got about 60 to go I've gone for one day one day.

Mike Macdermid 34:06

How many have you got then so what's the

Anton Winters 34:09

hundred and 10 there's like wow, oh no, I'm about 100 Exactly. Because there's 164 power games and I'm going for the full power set. And then there's about fair a Japanese only games and animal paint 20 American only games so

Mike Macdermid 34:26

what's the what's the most expensive one that you haven't got? most expensive

Anton Winters 34:28

one I haven't got it set Project Zero made in a black wall or that one goes for about 90 and then tied for that one as Zumba Fitness two, which also goes for 90 pounds and it was a title for the console. I just figured nobody bought it and now it's making it hard for me to buy it a lot of money

Al Struthers 34:53

I love to finally released that is nice apparently is supposed to be bug fixes and stability but the general consensus of the entire web seems to be it says bottle homebrew which is a bit sad. Okay. Well,

Mike Macdermid 35:04

if I see Zumba Fitness on the Wii U, I will pick out for you for my car boot sale. And that's what it that'll sell it to you for 75 pounds. No, I'm kidding. Okay, also in that same conference, the CEOs question but the quality of life programme, shareholder meetings result this shareholder meeting and the statement this time because almost a statement. Although it's a very long time ago, as a challenge towards a new business, we announced that we were developing products to improve quality of life. Even right now, the development is indeed still continuing. Still, we have not made a product that we can probably announce as a Nintendo product. Pokemon sleep is owned by the Pokemon Company. So it's unrelated in the development in Nintendo's QA,

Al Struthers 35:48

quality of life, business quality of life. So we're talking about

Mike Macdermid 35:50

Amazon, Spain leaks a hat and time towards a physical release. That's a different item altogether. So let's take the two together. First of all, talking about the CO meeting there. So quality of life, I guess he talking about stuff that's actually going to improve people's lifestyles.

Al Struthers 36:06

Nintendo set up a whole department, it was called the quality of life department, which I had no idea how many people were in it, but it was dedicated to just coming up with cool things that will make people's lives better, right. And as they said, they never actually used a physical product. I suspect they probably had influences in some of the games that Nintendo made. They've had influences in the way the switch was designed. But they've never come out with a specific product from that department. And so they've decided to wrap up the department but carry on the work it was doing. Okay. Department doesn't exist anymore. Right. Right. Right. Still going to focus on quality of life.

Mike Macdermid 36:33

Yeah, well, I suppose that's probably part of the most big 2019 businesses know to have an element of that anyway. So said no

Al Struthers 36:39

to no way to

Mike Macdermid 36:39

go. Okay, well, interesting. But it doesn't look like we're going to be getting a Nintendo Switch lifestyle game anytime soon to help, you know, like things. Anton, what's your thoughts? Yeah,

Anton Winters 36:52

because yeah, it's interesting was this was a programme that was announced when the annex was announced. So I think this was a leader are off, we don't know how well the switch is going. So we'll get our backup plan. And I think they've kind of brushed under the rug. And I think this is their way of saying we didn't waste tonnes of money on a project, we're not continuing. And just young people forget about it. I don't think anything's really going to materialise from it. And if it has, it's not going to be on the scale of where the project may have originally started.

Mike Macdermid 37:24

Okay, next up, I mentioned this briefly, I know where you can say something

Al Struthers 37:27

was consistent. Related to that is one of our news items that you may be we're about to jump on to you, but it was Nintendo. It's sort of a quality of life thing. So Sony, I think makes us all the Sony specifically be in the news recently saying that they're going to censor certain materials, certain games, particularly sort of some of these fighting games where everything's overly sexualized. And Sony said, Nope, not we're going to build that we don't want that are our consoles, and Nintendo come I said, well, we're not gonna do any of that. But the same kind of thing. We're looking at that because it's a body they exist already. So the age rating verification board in Japan, they said, well, that's their job. So we'll just let me do everyone will say almost anything. And if they want to give an intuitive or they can do that, okay, yes, thing is almost exact opposite of taking quality of life into account. I don't know how I feel about it. It's I like the fact they're taking a stance of Well, that's their job. But equally, I kind of think Nintendo should maybe they're a company that prides themselves on being family company, they do a lot for family can parent parental controls, all that good stuff, it seems weird that these are basically seeing were open to everyone to disrupt their communication

Mike Macdermid 38:30

board. It's been a criticism of Nintendo for years that they haven't done that they've been to family friendly. And it's put a lot of people often I think, they've realised that the demographic is slightly different with the switch. It's a lot more wide ranging. And I think that in Japan, traditionally, there have been a lot of titles that we would look at over here and sort of be a bit confused by some of the content and there is part of that is, of course, is a cultural element to that there's no type of that. For me, personally, I kind of feel that if again, has an age rating on it. That is where the responsibility is. That's, that is the them saying, you know what, if you're under 18, this game is probably not suitable if you're under 15, or whatever. For me, censoring again, or Sony saying, well, we're not going to have that content, we're not gonna have that content. It just reminds me a bit of those games of years gone by where in certain countries like Germany were quite big on this, they would bond a game and actually, all it does is make it more popular, popular, more enticing more looting. And actually, for me, if someone is an adult, and it's not breaking the law with the content in the game, then it wouldn't have gotten a rating anyway, if it was breaking the law. So for me personally, I don't I think Nintendo stance and this is it's quite refreshing given the past, I wouldn't think we're going to see a huge influx, I think the biggest thing we're going to see is probably the Japanese type of anime type stuff, which were some of it's a bit, you know, it's just not our cultural thing at all. So I think that might be the biggest thing that we see. What do you think, Anton?

Anton Winters 39:57

Yeah, I'm, I'm kind of happy from a developer point of view. And mainly as I think having a developer account worry about having to be safe, like half and a half hour game get past like the Nintendo standards, Playstation standards, x boxes, standards, plus the actual game rating standards? Yeah, seems like too many bars for a single developer to have to deal with consciously because they might be all looking for different accounts, triggers of what they find unacceptable. So I think having one centralised body that killed managers was not as acceptable even if it's pair country seems like a lot more efficient way to do it.

Mike Macdermid 40:40

Yeah, I think that's my problem is that it is very difficult to decide what isn't isn't acceptable. And I know Nintendo have been very hard on in the past, and now they've kind of gone the other way in that sense. And it is a bit jarring, almost. But

Al Struthers 40:53

I mean, they are operating with body above them. Exactly. It's not like playing a YouTube or Facebook, where the most written content on there to an extent. But there is nobody regulating them. No, Nintendo does fall under. So sorry, somewhere that is regulated. So yeah, I can get their sons on it. And I can understand as a business them wanting to spend money on something that someone else is doing anyway.

Mike Macdermid 41:15

And it is weird, because we're so used to Nintendo having a hard line on anything that is in any way adult or inappropriate children or whatever.

Al Struthers 41:22

So I think it's, and actually the funny thing is, Sony came out this week and said, Yes, we seen an ex Microsoft is our biggest competitor for the PlayStation five. We don't really view Nintendo as a threat. Well, but that's probably well, there's probably thinking Nintendo of your Nintendo games or younger. But actually, if you look at switch demographics, I don't. So that's the case. And I

Mike Macdermid 41:40

don't think it is interesting how that's still the case where Nintendo are written off as being the extra thing that people kids play with.

Al Struthers 41:47

Sony bad move. Well,

Mike Macdermid 41:48

same with Microsoft. They made that mistake after the 360 I think you know, they missed the boat on the way they did push the Xbox One storey for another day. I did mention this briefly when I was reading the notes of the previous thing, and I accidentally added this into Amazon Spain have leaked a hot in time, which does suggest that there's a physical release on the way it's had pretty good reviews and a physical release yet. I would like to add it to my collection if I could afford it at the time and depends on the price. But that's one to keep an eye on if you are a hot in time. Fun.

Anton Winters 42:18

Yeah, definitely. It looks like a fun game. I really want to give it a goal and I've heard great things about it. But there's just so many games. Still haven't got super mario maker to which that just came out this week. Yes,

Mike Macdermid 42:28

yes. I've been hearing good things. I think I've seen a perfect 10 score several times this week for Mario Mario Maker, too. They're saying is the only 2d Mario game you'll ever need is what they're saying.

Anton Winters 42:41

And to be honest, coming from Super Mario Maker one where I fault? Yep, this is this is where it's at. The leak managed to find so many ways to improve that I'm super excited at Personally, I'm just holding out close. I'll be mainly wanting to play labels. I'm getting, you know, just giving people some time to make some labels for me know.

Mike Macdermid 43:01

Absolutely. Well, it won't be me because I'm not very good at designing anything. Next up is well, just finally we got released this week, which is on the switch store. I know you wanted to talk about this, Alistair because you're very, very excited. You

Al Struthers 43:14

Yes. We don't get sued for me saying that. Sure. someone joins us. Oh, yeah, Qatar, Qatar on the board game was out this week on switch. And it looks it looks good. I'm sure it probably doesn't play very well. But I really want to play

Anton Winters 43:25

well. I'm going to give them my money.

Mike Macdermid 43:26

I'm going to see what you think of it and what the reviews are like, because actually, I can play online. We'll find out because if you can play online and I can have a game of Cortana with you. I'm lying in my bed and you're lying in your bed. That

Unknown Speaker 43:37

sounds kind of fun. Those are kind of fun.

Al Struthers 43:40

Except the fight we need to go to bed for three or four hours or something like the real board game. That's a good point.

Mike Macdermid 43:45

All right, then. So that is this week's rumours, gossip and news and it's now time for the quiz. Right then Anton you're going to be our quiz host once again and yes, I'm excited because Alistair clean he would have beaten me last week and we all know that's absolute nonsense. So we're going to find out who's gonna win this week indeed. So if you're not aware of how the quiz works, I give a clue of the game that the two contenders do not know what it is. And us get a chance to get one gets pear clue and whoever wins gets a mystical prize that is lost somewhere and Her Majesty's Royal Mail Yes, it's funny is still never arrived for last week's win. But nevermind.

Anton Winters 44:30

Yeah, so the first game is an arcade style me space game developed by Hudson self and released a regularly correct

Mike Macdermid 44:41

Oh, yes, I was we

Al Struthers 44:45

went up come on up. I'm not gonna say one up but I went up.

Anton Winters 44:47

Well done, Alice. Thank you, Mike. Alrighty. The second game as a realtime strategy and puzzle game developed by Nintendo and published for the Nintendo game in 2001. What was that pigment? Correct? Oh, come on.

Al Struthers 45:10

Oh, God been here last week. It doesn't care you don't care. You're coming. I'm legitimately winning. You are never asked

Anton Winters 45:17

me I was done to now. Thank you, Mike. That was excellent. What else are having two points we get to go for the wild card game. This is a game where I list off a field description. Everybody only has one choice one gas and whoever win and whoever gets the answer has an instant when

Unknown Speaker 45:36

are you though? He's tuned up?

Anton Winters 45:38

Yeah, the points MIMO it's all Wow.

Mike Macdermid 45:43

I love this round.

Unknown Speaker 45:44

Do I get the gas first?

Anton Winters 45:47

First to the buzzer. just scream your name? Where's the buzzer?

Al Struthers 45:51

maybe do a scream

Mike Macdermid 45:52

our name or do we scream the answer and you only got one guess I'll scream and we'll say our name if we think we know the answer will say why don't we just go buzz?

Unknown Speaker 45:58

Okay, because I

Al Struthers 45:58

might forget my name and he did the Okay good. I hope so. Here we go.

Anton Winters 46:02

Alrighty. A vertical designed by David Crane for the Atari 2600 and published by Activision in 1982. This is Mike Mike by the way.

Mike Macdermid 46:14

Yeah. All please be right please. Right. Is it at

Anton Winters 46:17

play? Sorry, you know? So does that mean everyone

Mike Macdermid 46:24

know you gotta get it right first.

Anton Winters 46:26

Two points. Doesn't matter now. All right. The player controls blank, Harry, and is tasked with collecting treasures and a jungle within a 20 minute time limit while avoiding obstacles and hazards. I know what it is now.

Al Struthers 46:41

Well, I don't know a bunk areas. There'll be something something Harry but I don't know. Tiny Harry because I like this. I know tiny Harry.

Unknown Speaker 46:48

Is that all the clues are more because we will give him a

Mike Macdermid 46:52

tiny, tiny how he is it?

Anton Winters 46:53


Al Struthers 46:54

But is of course it's not tiny Harry.

Anton Winters 46:56

What is it? pitfall is pitfall Ah,

Mike Macdermid 47:00

well done. I'll start he went to know

Al Struthers 47:02

thanks. Mike was very magnanimous. Oh, yes. He

Mike Macdermid 47:08

was nice. To get to know you won that fair and square you actually do you know what those two first guesses very quick. Thank you. The Hudson one I know is Bama man. But in my head, I had this thing that it was going to be gone. And then as soon as you went oh, I went on know what it is. And he said it. And then the second one Pittman very quick, very,

Al Struthers 47:26

very quick one was a bit of a guess an educated guess. But I guess it was still good, though.

Mike Macdermid 47:30

I'm annoyed about pitfall though because

Al Struthers 47:32

Dory next week, you will be back to winning. So good.

Mike Macdermid 47:35

Well done. Elsa. Fantastic. Lucky. Well done. Thanks, Anton. Yeah, good. Good question city Anton.

Anton Winters 47:40

I like those. I've been saving pitfall for like weeks and we've never had a wild card for a while now. So

Mike Macdermid 47:47

I'm so annoyed I rushed it because I wanted to get in there before I before I also felt the pressure because I thought I would have got it if I just waited a bit two seconds later and

Al Struthers 47:55

Tyrese was never an exotic person.

Anton Winters 47:57

Yeah, pitfall was it was a classic but petrol to was on everything because I think I played on the spectrum and I've seen it like for sale on everything. So if you ever want to give a gold pitfall to like surprise like holds up surprisingly well it's not like to maze like it's a pretty well

Mike Macdermid 48:15

i right. I might get it when my spectrum next arrives eventually when they find any fair t Well, it's this to a two and a half years since I paid for it. But yeah, it said the really good updates to be fair, and it is a big task. And these are the team behind a lot of the original games and you know, they're really it's great, but I'm just it'll be here soon. I'm keeping the faith one

Al Struthers 48:38

day one day this can be a real outdoor balanced meal person carrying nice box and you're getting very

Mike Macdermid 48:43

well they reckon it was the end of July it was coming this year and I've got an engraved version of paid for.

Al Struthers 48:49

I'm smiling at you.

Mike Macdermid 48:51

But we'll see. I don't think it's gonna be handed to like they had a couple of problems with one or two things.

Anton Winters 48:55

I'm just imagining mate just opening his junk email and seamless email about a new space Trump calling out and you just need to send like 20 grand to get delivered directly to him that he can even get an engraved in every

Mike Macdermid 49:08

you're not far off. I wasn't 20 grand but you know, certainly it's I'm excited it's gonna be like Christmas Day 1989 all over again. Oh, you remember it? Well, Anton when you were like minus 10 All right, then that is it for this week. We will be back next week. Until then though, just a reminder you can get us on Twitter

Anton Winters 49:27

Anton at ns UK podcast you can tweet those pills or hot takes all your hot ticks and if you played the either flinch game last night was Bert curious about that one? Definitely. Yeah.

Al Struthers 49:42

That's the one Alister you can email us on podcast at ns Uk uk or you can go on MSN Messenger if that still exists. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 49:51

I must just be a messenger Yeah, I'm not sure that that's gonna work. You can get your trial here. Well, internet this can give it a bash.

Anton Winters 50:00

Everywhere we go. dialogue.

Mike Macdermid 50:03

That's also the spectrum noise

Al Struthers 50:04

was uncanny. Yes.

Mike Macdermid 50:06

That was anywhere near uncanny. But anyways, right. We'll be back next week. Until then have a fabulous week and we will see you later as you are.