A Puzzling Mini Dream - Episode 24

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It's Mike and Anton this week who are discussing all the latest Nintendo Switch news, including the persistent Mini rumours, several new releases, what they've been playing and much, much more.

Also, in a first for the podcast, Mike is the single contestant in this week's quiz, but will he score at least 1 point to win?

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Transcription [BETA]

Mike Macdermid 0:13

So it's Episode Number 24 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. Hello and welcome. I'm Mike and I'm here with Anton.

Anton Winters 0:21

Hello, we're back

Unknown Speaker 0:22

for ya

Anton Winters 0:24

Episode 24 is crazy how quickly it's going. It's just It's weird. You never think you'll get tapes or 24. But then it happens how crazy.

Mike Macdermid 0:33

I know. And what's weird is that we started the podcast back at the end of 2018. So it's pretty much been the whole of 2019, we pretty much can see. And we're coming up to midway through the year. And funnily enough, we're about midway point of how many weeks there isn't a year. And I think that's a kind of good indication that we've been fairly consistent. I know we've missed a couple of weeks here and there. But isn't it incredible that, you know, we've actually got to the point where we are doing this weekly, people are listening, people are getting back getting in touch with us. They're sending us feedback. They're telling us what they like what they don't like. And it's just great. Yeah, definitely. And it's

Anton Winters 1:07

kept getting scary. No, because it's like, oh, one year anniversary is no actually looking that far away. We should probably do something cool. Maybe Hint, Hint, if you want have ideas, please let us know.

Mike Macdermid 1:19

Absolutely. One year anniversary. So when it gets to later in the year, what should we do? I think something like Personally, I think getting everyone together in the same room, and maybe having a Mario Kart competition. Live.

Anton Winters 1:31

Microphone. Mario Kart is like the designer of a gamer, like the World Cup.

Mike Macdermid 1:37

Personally personal. Absolutely. And then then we might not have a podcast afterwards because everyone will follow and it'll be a nightmare. So you know, that would never happen never on this podcast. So before we move on, just a quick reminder that you can get us at the website. It's ns, UK, P. Dakota, UK. You can email us at podcast at ns Uk p.co. uk. We're on Twitter as well, Anton.

Anton Winters 2:00

Yes, at ns UK podcasts. And it's been solidly quiet this week. I promise try and get back into it. But you guys have been lovely in sending us tons of lovely tweets which make has been so gracious to keep up unlike myself so I

Mike Macdermid 2:16

will forgive you. I just a couple of tweets we got in we had the claret and blue pixels, who got in touch to say great pod podcast, though I disagree with the notion of Nintendo is showing being lackluster. But then again, that's just me plenty of personal highlights and that direct In my opinion, especially astral chain, that game looks incredible. Definitely one by for me, I've got to agree with Astro chain is one that we didn't mention that much of last week. But it does look great. I just don't know enough about it yet to decide if it's going to be a D one purchase for me. But it does. I have to say if they can pull off what it looks like its potential to be a definitive switch title. Yeah,

Anton Winters 2:54

it's weird. It's one I can look at. And I was like, maybe maybe in a sequel or soul time, but I'm definitely open to the idea that it could be like a sleeper hit because I think a lot of people have been addressing it. And it seems like Nintendo has a lot of faith in it. So and platinum, I believe is actually developing it. So I'm curious to see what happens there. Definitely.

Mike Macdermid 3:16

That one of the ones that you mentioned briefly last week, and I forgot that I really liked the direct and I don't know why that mentioned last week is empire of sin. So what it's called

Anton Winters 3:24

Yeah, the top down black and white

Mike Macdermid 3:27

exhibit like x commie kind of vibe to it.

Anton Winters 3:31

Yeah, like x calm had a baby with mafia, which was Yes. never see that combination, like,

Mike Macdermid 3:36

but um, though, it's a weird one. It's a weird one. And I think what caught me about it was that had that theme tune at the star as well. I really liked the fact that it had that kind of its own theme tune was which is very much of the time that kind of big band feel. And I love that era I'm kind of into I mean, I loved mafia, mafia, tues probably one of my favorite games. Funnily enough, I was extremely excited for mafia three, and then when when it came out properly disappointed with the final result, but mafia two was was an absolute winner for me. So I'm kind of interested in that. That's definitely one to keep an eye on. So I think I can see exactly where clarity and blue pixels is coming from. Because, you know, there were a lot of good stuff in there. And when I went back, I actually felt listening back to the podcast, I felt like we were maybe I was personally maybe a little bit harsh on Nintendo's showing up, because I think it's just that we knew we knew so much of it. And that was my only thing that really was negative for me. We didn't know any of that it would have been probably the best ever.

Anton Winters 4:32

Yeah, that hate train always does hit Nintendo quite hard. I think that the thing is tough with Nintendo is just there's they've got so many franchises that we all want to hear about. And sometimes some of these health be titles which are so fantastic, like a piece. That's like a good pass and universal a BA sell some of these beat titles, they can't just fall under the radar. And you're like, Well, why didn't they talk about Metroid Prime for at Yeah, and we just need to have keep ourselves say grounded in the fact that we do have the RX quite often. And I think as gamers compared to just having a Microsoft conference a year, having as many good races we have is absolutely fantastic.

Mike Macdermid 5:19

We're very lucky. I think Nintendo gamers are very very lucky in that sense. And possibly we we maybe at times take it a bit for granted because it does happen so often but but yeah, I can completely see where you know where people are coming from if they did think it was a great direct and a lot of people did a lot of people did think that the three was was one of the best Noah another tweet we had actually today from MC on Twitter. And I reply to this Have you seen a nice UK watch for Luke's never played the CDs before. But here's hoping we get a European store release of the game I my other half played the last one on the 3ds. And I know that this is a little bit different. This one I think it's really going all out to try and make it accessible to more accessible to the west as well. But I have to say I've seen some of the screenshots I've seen some of the kind of the visuals we've seen so far. And it does look fantastic. If it plays as well as it looks then I could be into this.

Anton Winters 6:16

Yeah, definitely. It is weird cut and comparing your tie watch for to Pokemon swords and shields can be sadly, I think I prefer you. Okay, I agree.

Mike Macdermid 6:27

I hate to say it. I agree.

Anton Winters 6:30

Like I think Pokemon has its Breath of the Wild elements that are kind of blurring it to me. But it feels a little bit more empty than UK like it feels your kind of feels a little bit more of a fuller title. Yeah, I'm not familiar with the mechanics I'm, I'm curious to see how this one does. Because the dead rapid fire for the past three games like the UK came out in the later half of the 3ds life and then they got free sequels out of them. So I think the leap between game to game was quite small. But I'm excited. See where the goal with this one and what are not going to make a big splash this time? Very Yeah. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 7:06

I think it might I think it has real potential. And again, it is about the marketing. And we know that if they get that right, then it could really be one to challenge Pokemon, especially at the moment when we're still on that hype train as well. So before we do move on to the news, I was going to ask you as well, have you had a chance to play your switch this week? Or has life got in the way?

Anton Winters 7:27

Oh, I think I've dabbled a little and I see I'm recently picked up like one of those tablet stands for that, that you clip onto your bed. So I found the most luxurious way to play the switch is to just lie down with a joke on and each time just

Mike Macdermid 7:44

you just nailed it. That's the way to do it. That's what's

Anton Winters 7:47

hanging over your head like it's it's so luxurious. It's like a nice way to just like fall asleep half on this the switch. And I only tried it with one or two games I think I gave hope

Unknown Speaker 8:01

ago and Oh yeah, it looks great. The game by

Anton Winters 8:04

panic button is an interesting one. I just played the demo, which is I highly recommend just given a goal because I'm feel really for people just try and find new games that they might enjoy.

Unknown Speaker 8:16

I feel like

Anton Winters 8:17

the end the trailers and then the count preview of the this is what the rest of the games like we showed off a lot of mechanics which weren't present, present, and the demo. And the mechanics seem goods However, what we put in the demo was like the gameplay very stripped back, you don't have much abilities. And with that, I was like, This is nothing I haven't seen before hover. It's a gorgeous game. I like Whoa, it's got very natural level design your whole breath wild count teaches you how to play while you play. has a lot of that going on. And yeah, I think there's a lot potential I think as a demo, they just have showed off a really bland chunk of the game button. I don't it doesn't feel comparable to what I've seen in gameplay and trailers. And yeah, yeah, it's a weird one hope hope yourself, Mike well if you've been playing

Mike Macdermid 9:08

and so I Well, I've played quite a lot of Rocket League this week, because they've got an 80s theme at the moment, which I'm loving. And I've just been trying to pick up some points I've got. I've got 80 wheels, which has at moving and going past the moon on his bike on the wheels of the car, which I think is fantastic and it moves while you move. And I've picked up some other bits and pieces from there at steam that they've gone at the moment which I'm laughing so hard about that I've also picked up crushing racing and had a game I had a couple of games that today I've got to say early impressions I really really like it it's reminds me of the rid of the original, which is what you'd expect because it is it's a remaster so read on one but but it still has that real fast frantic fuel that the original had from memory, but it's really smooth and it's running really well on the switch it Sam there's a problem with it line I believe I haven't tried playing online but I think people have said they've had a problem online there was a patch that I had to install immediately. So it might well be that that's fixed now or certainly will be coming in the next patch. But But yeah, no really good really enjoyed what I played of it so far. So that was cool. I've also picked up a couple of other cheap games I'm trying to think what it was I was playing one of them was saboteur, which is the spectrum game because there's a version of it on the switch and you can you can actually choose to play it in spectrum mode or Commodore 64 mode and they had it on sale for like a pound. Yeah, and it's it's it's very much like I remember it. I mean, by today's standards, it's not particularly fantastic. But in the you know, back in the spectrum days, it was a real kind of, you know, 90% type game so picked out for a bit nostalgic, they've added a couple of cool things the sound is not your eight bit spectrum sound. Thankfully, it's a little bit more than that. So that's cool. And yeah, I've just kind of been dabbling a bit this week because had quite a busy week. And I've just that's why Rocket League is one of those Oh am right realm royal realm. What's that one again? Oh,

Anton Winters 11:04

yeah, real real while they count, like, count? Sure.

Mike Macdermid 11:10

Yeah, it's like fortnite meets politicians is the best way it feels almost identical in terms of the interface to politicians. But when you get into the game, it has that same you jump off a blimp type thing to decide where you want to land and start your game it's got the fog closing in on you like fortnite does that kind of equivalent of the fortnight and then you have to get to the center of the map and you have to basically be the last surviving so it's that kind of vibe and it's free to download now which is great so if you haven't played it it is no free you can download the free version you can obviously pay to get premium and whatever but that just became free in the last couple of days and first impressions of it it's good tough because I haven't played it and of course when I jumped into a game you know you're playing against people that have played a lot of it they've got little weird thing where you when you if you don't if anyone's played this but if you die you become a chicken and yeah and basically you have to hide while you're a chicken and if someone kills you while you're a chicken that's you out of the game so you can respond if you can get your chicken away from the situation and hide your chicken and then of course you respond wherever you've moved to so if you're tactical about it and you sneak with your chicken up behind someone when you respond you can respond right behind someone which is quite cool so interesting element no building in it which I love No offense to fight night I know it's just that I'm not skilled enough that's the only reason I you know, I'm all for that but I'm just not very good at building stuff on fighting. Really do one thing with that both and no just generally I think if you've got it if you have a spare bit of time download it and if you like games like fortnite you'll probably quite enjoy this. I have to say I spent a lot of time wondering about not seeing anyone and I don't know if it's just because I landed in the wrong places only had a couple of games I don't know where to land strategically yet so so uh but definitely check it out and it is free to download so

Anton Winters 13:04

that's what I've been playing on ah see I'm It's a shame I really want to find a battle royale game that I liked the game player because no offense the fortnight but the gameplay think wrapped me pumped. It seems like something I could maybe get into. But I'm curious to give the genre goal there's just not been a title yet but I'll give Rams round for our goal to see if that

Mike Macdermid 13:28

i think i think if you haven't, have you played Paladin,

Anton Winters 13:32

I had played Palin's Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 13:34

you know get on with it.

Anton Winters 13:36

See, the whole time I played it. I was just like, Oh, I'm playing budget Overwatch, which Yeah, I think it's popular but I just can't play it I'm like I'll just go play Overwatch my PC. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 13:49

give it another go in the switch give give polygons and other go because you can play the free version anyway and go with there's a can't remember his name. He's a warrior Scottish guy. Oh, anyway, you'll know which one when you cycle through them you go with him. He's quite easy to handle. He's a kind of frontline fighter so you're right in the thick of it which kind of takes away that worry about being too having to be too skilled because I think when you're up against people who are playing all the time, and you're like me in a new and it's quite hard to kind of compete so you can compete much more easily and yes, you probably die a lot more than you would normally but I have to say that I really like politics and the fact that it's free and it's on the switch it runs brilliantly on the switch so I would say if you have if you have an idea and you want to have a go at something along these lines I'd say try politics first and then if that doesn't work for you try bro Royale because his forte and it more fortnightly than politics anyway.

Anton Winters 14:49

Yeah Julie Noida I'm excited it's been a while since I've played a shirt and it's it's the one thing it's helping disappoint me a little the switches I like I love playing you know your Sarah Zelda is your materials and all that kind of stuff. But for instance, if you want like a more serious Uncharted sell experience or some form of sure experience it's a little bit lacking those departments. So yeah, I'm curious if they're these games, and these columns yell at them just one day hopefully blizzards will kill us overall. But yeah, Holden's ago.

Mike Macdermid 15:23

Yeah, I think give it a go and try to just disconnect it slightly from Overwatch because I mean, both games were, you know, there's there's arguments about which came first? It's like chicken and egg, I guess. But, but. But you know, it's, you know, we'll give it a go. Give it a go and show. Yeah, you probably hate it. But we'll see. Right. Let's move on to this week's news. So, first of all, we're going to start with some Animal Crossing news. So New Horizons, we know that it's coming March 20 2020, isn't it? Yeah, yeah.

Anton Winters 15:57

Next year. I yeah. next March spawn small.

Mike Macdermid 16:02

Island, remember, because it's an easy date to remember. It's like, it's like you're going to have a date and it's in the future make a really easy to remember in 20 2020 is this is perfect.

Anton Winters 16:11

Yeah, definitely. And the news as as it will support people but just not surprising because they made so many people's for this game. sad that people figures out the people cards and everything that came from my people festival. However, we're not getting cross saves a well not cross safe, cold saves my mind and handle.

Mike Macdermid 16:34

That's really odd. I mean, especially considering everything is going towards that. And the fact that they're talking about bringing in new models of the switch. It just seems unusual that they wouldn't have closed Save as an option.

Anton Winters 16:48

Yeah, and especially considering like Animal Crossing small game that has like a 12 hour campaign and then you're done. This is a game you put like 2300 hours into your life into you know, like, this is the kind of game you you definitely want copies of it. Because there isn't a game you restart five times because you enjoy it. It's one game you just play for six years and perfect your tone. So it's really disappointing news and let's just hope we get an update. And Nintendo has been good at listening to feedback recently because I remember

Unknown Speaker 17:20


Mike Macdermid 17:22

Well, I was gonna say that I surely the feedback from Animal Crossing enthusiasts, and there are many of them is going to be Hey, Nintendo, listen up, you need to add code save.

Anton Winters 17:33

Because they recently was there was that news that Super Mario Maker to wasn't going to allow you to play with friends? and Nintendo was like, yeah, you know, it's about keeping it family friendly. Then people kept up enough nonsense that they were like, okay, yeah, we'll up first up to do all that will actually make it how you want it to be. And so I trust Nintendo now to actually turn that around to him. So we are on like, this is this is how it is. But Nintendo 2019 is really good at listening. So I'm, I have a fear of feeling that this might be something that's changed, especially if the goal potential switch many on the horizon.

Mike Macdermid 18:12

Yeah, yeah. I mean, it doesn't make any sense. Other than I don't know. I don't know why they wouldn't do support closed. See, but hey, listen, we'll see in six months time, will be a little closer to the release, and maybe by then enough fuss will be kicked up that will have cloud saved because it just makes sense.

Anton Winters 18:30

Definitely. And I think yeah, it's Animal Crossing is just such there. They've been waiting so long, and the fans are quite irritated by the delay. I think Nintendo's definitely want to stay in everybody's good graces. And yeah, I trust that they will.

Mike Macdermid 18:50

I'm sure they'll sorts of Nintendo come on you or the fans a favor. You've delayed it. Come on, give them the cloud saves. Next up Tetris 99, which is a cracking title. If you want to just download some Tetris for free and have a bit of competitive Tetris. It's a great spin on a classic game. And that's not an easy thing to do to re do a game and actually do it so well when it's been done at least 7000 times and different consoles and computers over the years. After Tetris 99 is good at 23 pounds physical edition in Japan, including a 99 DLC and 12 months on lines, which is valued at 1899. So actually, what it really seems to me here is if you pay a little bit more than your 1899 for your 12 months online will give you a physical Tetris will give you some DLC is that good deal? I think that's a good deal.

Anton Winters 19:39

I would say that's a good deal like I would To be honest, he could have just put Tetris name on a card and I'll be like yeah, I love it you know get for the collection. But no, honestly when you break the mass down is not that bad. Like I would more than half the play that they brought over here. If I needed some more in line. I'm yet to buy the DLC. No hearing this news. I'm like, I might just hold on a little and see see how it goes. If it sells well I'm sure they'll sell it to anybody that has a wallet.

Mike Macdermid 20:08

Yeah, I mean, the thing is we if you play anything online I mean even look like so Rocket League, I need an online 12 months online is something that I would be buying anyway. I don't think I think mine is the moment I've got till about October 2020 on mine, because I got that free twitch deal at the time. And I already had some time already. But I would still I don't think that by 2021 I'm not going to be playing my switch. So for me another 12 months on top of that if this happens, then I think I would probably spend the extra five pounds or whatever the to get the physical Tetris 99 pickup or 12 ones online. It makes complete sense. What what is in the DLC.

Anton Winters 20:46

And yeah, the big block DLC includes a marathon mode, which is just your classic Tetris offline. And then it has another mode, which I believe Sam rapid fire modes Oh, I can't remember the other one. But the main selling point is you can just play Xbox and or Tetris, which I don't know why they're charging nine pounds for that, but I guess they need to make all the other investment on their free game.

Mike Macdermid 21:13

Yeah, well, they Yeah, it's free to play if you want to play the basic one, but then you can add more with with the DLC. And I think is there a mod as well where you can play like the retro with the retro style as well so you can do competitive with retro I think

Anton Winters 21:28

that was just for like a weekend tournament if you compete. Like oh, you get like the eight bit challenge or something similar to that.

Mike Macdermid 21:37


Anton Winters 21:38

but the branding for the big block DLC as in that Rachel sale so I don't know if you maybe just get all the sales if you're buying the DLC and nine pounds for basically Tetris. So I would hope that they would just give you that but

Mike Macdermid 21:51

I'm not 100% in there sadly. Well if they sell the physical edition at 23 pounds but include 12 months online and the DLC then yeah, I probably go for that. No slight diversion in terms of news in terms of is not strictly switch but Dr. Mario World, which is going to be the mobile Dr. Mario World game has gameplay now. Now I was reading a lot about this and I meant to watch the gameplay have another chance but tell us what is it like?

Anton Winters 22:18

Yeah, so it's, you know, like, unlike Mario Kart and all that kind of stuff, where like, we're just like, Oh, I want to play Porter or the Pokemon GO thing. We all kind of knew what we're getting into with Dr. Mario World. And to be honest, it looks alright, it looks like your basic health Dr. Mario, and I think it's free to play and similarly to Michael Carter. Some worries have been killed race with how it's being monetized. You can only play it for so long at so if you play it for like a couple games then you're like Oh, your things ran out. And you need to wait. And it has I think it's got three cards this so there are some worries about monetize so I think we're just gonna have to wait and see how much we trust and intend to and whole Calif came Nintendo are historically are very nice. But as a base Dr. Mario game, it looks good. And to be honest, I'm just like, pill and switch. I think even if it's free to play on sweat, you would be nice to actually be able to play it with like a deeper demo at like buttons. But yes,

one hand to gameplay at us. You just drag your little we encounter pills to where they need to be done some slight revisions where you can like break off the Pelham that can carry on.

Mike Macdermid 23:37

We got the we've got the NES version and we have Dr. Mario

Anton Winters 23:40

on the on the online indeed Yeah, and I guess in all fairness there's there's not really much you can do on it like I was playing Dr. Mario on like my Gameboy Color recently. I'm like his cell just equally as playable sticker on a new console. So I guess yeah, just putting on the nasal lanes a good way to go. You Well,

Mike Macdermid 24:00

I agree with you. I think there's no reason why they couldn't bring this to the switch as a free to play title and maybe have DLC like, like they did with Tetris. 99. You could you could see it being a thing, but that's great that so far, the early impression is that it looks pretty reasonable. Next up Puzzle and Dragons gold have announced gung ho tell us about this.

Anton Winters 24:20

Yeah, sorry. Just slight. Before we shuffle along. Could you imagine if the doctor married or 99 like I could see right now? Anything columns? 99

Mike Macdermid 24:32

columns. My goodness. So that brings me right back to the game of your days. Even crew up to

Anton Winters 24:37

that one? That was Yeah, I can just see money pouring out. But,

Mike Macdermid 24:43

boy, the problem with that game is that it's so hard. It's so tricky to be good at it.

Anton Winters 24:49

Yes. Like always remember of the the count mean beam machine on the main drive, which is the same game? Yeah. branded as I saw the hedgehog sell bear, you would go into it. It's like the first one. It's like, yeah, this is easy. Yes. cruising through the second one. You're like, Oh, this is hard. Then you get to the third guy. And it's just like, you're just like on your knees begging for mercy. Because it just like ramps up in difficulty. So quick. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 25:13

Yeah, it is I played there's another game that's got a similar vibe to it called sold them on the switch. So well dm and I have a physical copy of it, which I picked up for 899 which is a rarity to find any physical game on the switch under 10 pounds, but I bought it and you can play it in English. And it's very similar to the sort of a ploy type game and I started off playing and I thought yeah, I can do this. And I got to slightly more difficult it was easy than medium. And I got to meet you and I was like No, this is this is so hard. But I think if I was to watch some tutorials and things I would get it but it's like it's like trying to learn chess.

Anton Winters 25:51

Yeah, if you're obviously this isn't the greatest thing to see on a podcast however if you're looking at yc something really cool I highly recommend looking at the limited passion for luminous which is a really great puzzle game at stop by let me run games and the box literally lights up as LED and the box.

Unknown Speaker 26:09

Oh does it make amazing

Anton Winters 26:10

it's so overkill but you know as limited run games, so I think he paid for what you get for but

Mike Macdermid 26:16

I actually forgot completely forgot that that game was even on the switch.

Anton Winters 26:20

Yeah, it's weird because it used to be a Sony exclusive.

Mike Macdermid 26:23

Yeah, and it was a really great game on the PSP.

Anton Winters 26:26

Yeah, cuz I think they'd had a hand one or two games on the PSP and then they did the Wii online I think Sony's like

Unknown Speaker 26:31


Anton Winters 26:33

You know, puzzle games on home console not really not really our jam and then handed over to Nintendo which I respect them for doing that and I think other companies should do that with their account. There were characters hint hint. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 26:47

yeah, absolutely. All right, let's move on then. So they're a little bit side Mario Kart us no it's not DLC like I keep begging them to give us is not my car nine. But we are getting and if I was nine years old right now, I would be losing my mind right now. There are no doing Mario Kart Hot Wheels tracks and cars. It's

Anton Winters 27:09

I wish I was kid What? The goal is so good. They got iPads and hot Mario Kart Hot Wheels. How am I meant to compete with that? Oh, I know. It's we just didn't have that luck, I'm afraid. But yeah, and we almost got distracted there at Puzzle and Dragons. It's just been announced.

Mike Macdermid 27:27

Oh, yeah, I didn't even mention that. We just you went back one and then I just moved on. So tell us about that. First. Let's do the two of them. So what's what's it wasn't dragons.

Anton Winters 27:36

So if you don't remember the game, the original game came out. Well, the there was original then there was the main game that a true north it was that game. It came out in 2015 for the 3ds, where it was a puzzle game. And then it was like plus Mario Super Mario edition. So what happens is you play like a candle fat Bejeweled sale puzzle game on the bottom screen. And then on the top screen, it's like an RPG R and a super mario level. And by playing the puzzle, you do better in the actual level.

Mike Macdermid 28:08

Right? Okay, so I don't know this game. It's all you see.

Anton Winters 28:11

Yeah, see, it's a it's quite interesting. And I'm, it's weird because it was originally RPG that you're playing on the top screen, and you could do two sessions. At the puzzle elements, I think were a bit a bit dull. And like it just felt like the job I found the concept of playing an RPG at the same time and engaging aspects. And I found that interesting whole, they're essentially just remaking the original one because I feel like a collaboration here between this and the Legend of Zelda would have been really interesting to see. Oh, yeah, essentially, that's a super mario one. And but it's a really interesting game. I don't know how they're going to do the show screen aspects on the switch. And if they're adding multiplayer this time around, which I think is good to have, but I don't think it's and the main interest of the game when you've got gameplay and like RPG gameplay and account action going on at the same time, but I'm excited to see this. And this game come back that came like original and came out Calvin a low a lower point and account Nintendo's history when 2015 I just felt like Nintendo wasn't putting in much effort. So I don't think people really care at the time. They're like, you're just you've just gave us Animal Crossing Amoeba festival? No, you're wondering to play a puzzle game. Well, and yeah, but I

Mike Macdermid 29:33

can understand. I mean, I, I it's a cool concept. It's interesting. For me, it's just for my, my lack of skill. I think I would struggle to sort of multitask but, but I think it's a cool concept. So we'll keep an eye out for that one. And the gung ho aspect. What do we know much about that side? Oh,

Anton Winters 29:52

that's that's just the company that's making it. All

Mike Macdermid 29:54

right. Okay. It's not like the DLC. No gung ho DLC. Okay.

Anton Winters 29:59

Sadly, cross a Red Dead Redemption.

Mike Macdermid 30:02

Kill. Do we know what other stuff going? Who would have done or what what do they do?

Anton Winters 30:07

I'm not too sure off the top my head sadly, something else I'd have to look into.

Mike Macdermid 30:11

Yeah, that's right. And then I mentioned it already, because I jumped ahead. But the Mario Kart Hot Wheels tracks and cars are coming. And that is for every seven to nine year old I think. Exactly would have been for me. Very exciting news. And to be honest, they're probably going to be super collectible.

Anton Winters 30:27

I could see that. And, you know, I just like Nintendo toys like they're usually quite high quality. And you know, it would be nice to have some like nice Mario Kart twice. It would be I'm surprised they haven't done Mario Kart people's. That's what I yeah, like even if it was like, like, we wouldn't don't need to put like the cars on there anything even if they were just like an elite racing outfit or something like that. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 30:52

but I think even the car is it could totally work. I mean, what a great money. I mean, you know, it is a bit of a money spinner for them, but I surprised that they haven't done that. But then again, that's because they're busy working on Mario Kart nine Anton

Anton Winters 31:04

Yeah, I guess Mario Kart eight dead Come on the DLC was pre Amoeba. So yeah, to drum up sales for the next game somehow, Linda? Like they could even just do is like counter gimmick where you could have like, one Mio car car and then you select another and people into our they could go miles without? Yeah, there you go. Nintendo. And another free commission we were just giving

Mike Macdermid 31:28

away. Absolutely. Now, this is a this next game is a game that I said I'm going to play and it's actually arriving on mobiles as well. But it's coming to the switch shop on the second of July. And it's a dream, daddy. No dream daddy is a dad dating simulator. We did mention this a couple of weeks ago, and you get the chance to date other dads date dads on the goal, from the second of July, it's going to be well it's in dollars, it's 1499. So I'm assuming I'll be similar and pilots going to take up 2.7 gig of space. And it's been it's been an interesting reaction to this one because I think this is I quite like sort of visual novel or games where you can kind of, you know, pick things or date people or whatever. So for me, I'm kind of like, yeah, I'm gonna give this a go. This looks all right. And it's only you know, it doesn't seem too expensive. Obviously, I'll wait and see what the reviews are. Because I tend to anyway, but it's not long to wait if you want to be a dream daddy and the other dream daddy's Anton.

Unknown Speaker 32:29


Anton Winters 32:30

See, I don't want to be negative about this. But it's, it's a game I'm a little bit skeptical of. And so yeah, so from the position I'm in. So I am pan. So I do the guys and women. So at the count, for me, it feels like in their marketing and hold the games portrayed. They can portray it as a joke game, I see a law. And it's marketing that that hover with me of the game itself, it please account for romance and all that kind of stuff very straight, straight As I like a nail like we don't it's like not a joke with end of the game itself. So I don't know, I feel a little bit uncomfortable by the game. And the fact that it just feels like the joke is that they're queer. So I look,

Mike Macdermid 33:24

that's interesting, because I haven't seen a huge amount of the advertising. But I'm looking at some of it now. Because you've mentioned that and the reason that I like the idea is that I think dating simulator games are just great fun. And I think you know, for me, that was the reason but no, we said it with the jockey, the jockey side of it. I'm having to look at it now. And just looking at just looking at the first advert that I can see from dream daddy game on Twitter. It does say Are you ready? Hi, ready, I'm, I'm dead. I'm dead, which is, as you say the tone is kind of set as I kind of a jokey title rather than just our dating simulator in its own right. Yeah.

Anton Winters 34:06

And then account In a similar vein, I did some like looking into it. And like their situations, end of the game, where it's like, oh, aren't like straight white males, the worse and get the account. Both of the developers on the game are straight white male. So for me, it just feels like to handle pandering and condescending. So I'm a little bit skeptical. But however it doesn't like they don't seem like they're wanting to be doing anything hostile or anything like that. But I'm a little bit skeptical of the game itself. Well, negative hour.

Mike Macdermid 34:49

No, that's fine. I'll be interested to do then is to wait and see what the reaction is when it comes out. Because obviously we don't know what the reaction is going to be to the actual content, taking the marketing aside and whether the marketing has been completely missed, missed the point or misled people into thinking it's one thing when it's another. It'll be interesting to see what people see when they play the game because I suspect review copies are out about know. So I suspect that people are no playing this game on the switch. And it'll be interesting to see what what people actually see and whether they feel as uncomfortable as you suggest they might do. Having seen the advertising.

Anton Winters 35:33

Yeah. And like I know, like I've said this before the PC release. There's a lot of people love it. And I'm not criticizing those who do find enjoyment in it. I just have my reservations. I I'm curious to kind of maybe learn more, especially if you're considering picking up yourself Mike where how you perceive the game and but yeah, there you go. Coming up July 2. Think I'll push you you're interested.

Mike Macdermid 35:59

Yeah, it's kind July 2, I'm going to wait for the reviews because I I'm just not sure I'm just not sure you've you've given it a different spin. So it's quite interesting to to get a different perspective on it. So yeah, we'll wait and see what the reviews are like in the next week or so. I know there's the PC version is already out. As far as I know, isn't it?

Anton Winters 36:18

Yeah. And the that's been pretty spin out for a Goodwill's done in collaboration with Game Grumps, very popular lights, players, and it's our first game. So I give them kudos for all the success are having.

Mike Macdermid 36:33

Okay, let's wait and see what that's like, then we'll come back to that. And let's move on to this week's rumors. So first of all, Breath of the Wild. I don't know if anyone's mentioned, but there's going to be a sequel.

Anton Winters 36:47

Yeah, it's weird. You would have never have dreamed you'd have this day. But it's finally happening. How exciting. Ah. So yeah, so it turns out a new account head guy of all the Zelda games, say discount game came out just basically of DLC, they when they're planning all the DLC they wanted to do for the end, they just had so many ideas. And that decided to turn it into a full game, which I'm so happy for, like, what do you think the show been DLC? Or are you just happy to get a full game out of this?

Mike Macdermid 37:22

No, I think it's fantastic. They were getting Breath of the Wild too. And I think that the fact that it started at DLC is probably a positive thing, because it means that they've started in that world. And they're not going to try and reinvent the wheel with Breath of the Wild too. And I think that's where the mistake could have been made had the said, you know what we've done Breath of the Wild, let's do something drastically different. But what they're actually going to do, as you mentioned, I think we talked about this last week that the develop the engine over five years, or whatever, so it makes sense to work in the same place. The other setting is fantastic, there's there are things that I would like to see different in the second one. So I think this could potentially really, really mean that we're going to get essentially the first game, but with a whole new story and all the stuff that we were a bit uncomfortable with done better. Like I would like it if we had weapons that didn't break, gonna say, that would be nice. I would like it if we could climb up things when it's not when it's raining by having something on us to help us or something, you know, things like that, that I would like the option of and the second one. So it'll be interesting to see what the feedback is and how they incorporate that. But if it's going to be a full game, which it obviously is, and not just DLC, I think it's really encouraging that they're thinking like that, to be honest.

Anton Winters 38:33

Yeah, my account, my only worry, is there some things that you won't reinvent, like, we're not going to get a whole new map or anything like that. But the entity I'm just happy about this because Sam, I think Nintendo especially. And obviously, this is not a norm for the industry. But they make all these new games and they can develop whole new engines and new graphics sales and new art cells, and then they make the game and the release, and then they just move on. Sometimes I just you know, it's nice to have more of a game you love. And I think it would be great to just start off I don't want to making five new Zelda games on the same engine but it's nice to revisit, you know, a game you love with just more content even bigger and just kind of iron out some of the problems.

Mike Macdermid 39:14

It's Yeah, to see Yeah. Well that's why I think there are I think that's where they're aiming and hopefully the do exactly that. I think everyone will be happy now. Next up we have a leak on the switch many there have been some accessories that have been leaked I saw some of these Anton it looked reasonably legitimate. What do you think?

Anton Winters 39:32

Yeah, I think so essentially, what happens is this count, accessories accessory make her Hong Kong one song calm. And I'll take your word for it. Yeah, they've essentially went heads in the lease a whole line of accessories, and has obviously all the colors. There's a lot of Casey's and screen protectors and they have like a 3d mock up of the hardware that would fit into them. Personally, me I think it as an actual retailer that is doing this not like just random person. They the caliber assumptions that they made seem so reasonable and soul and kind of grounded that I think this is generally quite close to what a switch many would be like.

Mike Macdermid 40:20

Yeah, I think so. I'm certainly what I've seen of the images. I don't think it's far off whether or not it is as you see more of an artist's impression or whether that is actually what we're getting will Time will tell. But I suspect there's a lot of truth in many accessories because of all the iterations of a switch. You can imagine accessories for the mini being something that that would be you know, but even things like the fact that the switch mini will be more targeted at younger players I think accessories will be a big part of that. So yeah, we'll wait and see a guess but certainly it does look like this which many is coming whatever happens.

Anton Winters 41:01

Yeah, and I think I think the thing that kept gives this rumor credence as it doesn't just look like a rescanned at via an all boys account. It looks like a switch that has the joy cones belt and and a one inch smaller screen, which seems really reasonable for Yeah, making games like breath, the wild sell half of the UI look decent on it. And it seems really quite grounded, which is good. Yeah, see?

Mike Macdermid 41:27

Yeah, absolutely. All right, then. Next up a game, which is, so it's the Spanish game. And I've been in the Spanish game a couple of them before and actually, you know, what's weird about the Spanish game is that I find some things in our country that some things are overpriced now and then in game and in the Spanish game, although you can pick up some cool retro bargains here and there. But in the Spanish game, there was always some really interesting random deals. And anyway, so this is about game Spain. And they started listing a full range of own brand game where accessories we're going to get those here as well and our game or is Yeah,

Anton Winters 42:03

so it's, it's the same as our game. And yeah, you've older accessories early. Yes. Between the bowl. Cool.

Mike Macdermid 42:10

Yeah. And yeah, I mean, I know that the game is but yeah, it's exactly the same store. But I was just I went out whenever I've been over there for whatever reason. They've just had such different deals and different like, I guess it's just to do with demographic more than anything with what they're playing, you know, what people in Spain are playing versus over here. But there was all sorts of games. I was like, Oh, I forgot that game existed and didn't even realize it was a physical version of that. And it's just interesting. But so this this list of gamer accessories, what kind of stuff is in there?

Anton Winters 42:39

Yeah. So which is kind of really interesting from their Calafat previous rumor as it's all switch many accessories and the lineup with similar it seems to line up vaguely similar to the the other one we don't have images from them. Right simple stuff like screen protector five inch seems reasonable. And I fact I think the interesting clothes and the whole Hong Kong company that's not how you're pronouncing I think

Mike Macdermid 43:09

it sounds great like that.

Anton Winters 43:11

We should trademark it. But yeah, so all their self there. They don't actually sell to consumers. At least sell to their wholesaler that will sell to other companies that put their logo on it and put in some packaging and then sell it and the game where success stories if you've ever bought any they are fairly generic like yeah, how much stuff it's like a silicon joy can't sleep what you can just buy that from and a person with a credit card on Amazon so it's all fairly generic stuff became worse off and I find it interesting that this wholesaler has starts doing all this switch many soft and then all of a sudden game where has bill page will switch many accessories.

Mike Macdermid 43:53

Yeah, it does sound suspicious. And

Anton Winters 43:57

kind of following on from like my own personal predictions office gamma switch mini before Animal Crossing. Yeah, at us. It seems so very plausible. And obviously game where well game themselves are fairly reputable, reputable say they're commonly leaked stuff. And no, no, no. So I'm very curious about this. How How do you feel about this news?

Mike Macdermid 44:22

I think that the the accessories are whether or not they are linked or not, I think we are getting a switch many I think the switch many accessories are real, I think it is going to be one of those that's going to be announced. And it won't be that long. I don't think it's going to be a huge waiting point from the point that it's announced, officially. So I suspect, you know, we might get an announcement at some point in 2012 and 2019. And I think it will either be in time for Christmas this year, which would make complete sense. Then following that maybe an animal crossing package for March 2020, that you can pre order this year. I think that's to me makes absolute sense. But I you know, I've been very wrong about these things many, many times. So I could be off the mark completely. But I just have this feeling that it's all kind of coming to a head around about the end of the year, and then in time for Animal Crossing. So yeah, we will wait and see what do you think? Yeah.

Anton Winters 45:20

I'm the leaflet we've got of this hardware. I am Yeah, I would put money on it. I think this is pretty close to what we're getting. I don't think this is like an official image of it. But I think where everything is on the model. And like the little things, the sizing, I think this is what working. And yeah, be honest. I quite like it. How where do you lie in my corner? on the radar?

Mike Macdermid 45:50

And yeah, I think it's great. I think if you're going to have a mini, then what they haven't done is tampered with too much. It's not like a completely outlandish design. That is what it's going to be. It's not so far away from what the switches anyway. But they've just kind of it is quite ergonomic. It's quite, it looks quite easy to hold, which is one of the criticisms some people have off the switch. And especially if you're going to emit a younger audience, it makes sense for it to be a little bit more comfortable in the hands. So yeah, I think the switch mini I've come around to the idea exactly, we first spoke, I was like, no, it's got to be the switch only I don't want a mini or a pro. And now I've kind of changed my mind on it a bit and I'm a bit more open to the idea of a mini anyway, I think a mini is is potentially a good idea for a new audience. And I think they're coming anyway, so we might as well embrace it. So yeah, I think quite exciting times I think for for Nintendo and especially with Christmas coming up we have real quick we have a lot of people actually messaged us and say, I've got a young kid, I'm thinking about getting them to switch their six or seven, should I get one? And actually know that question is going to be easier, because when the switch mini comes out, that's the solution because it's that transition from a 3ds player potentially to a switch player or it's a young person who's picking up the first console you know that's where I see Yeah,

Anton Winters 47:13

yeah cuz I remember even just like setting in game and I just hair like haired like Calvin, Lady Calif trying to the sales assistant looking for a switch for their child. And they're like, oh, a console for their turn, like, Oh, I don't know if I should get the two DS or the switch. Like I don't want to get my console. It's just going to get discontinued but I don't know like, what the troll pet and then when it came down to the Council says it's like yeah, the the joy con seemed like something that could break if you dropped it. And I think again, was that point of failure. It seems like a good way to go Cause I won't lie myself I was like, I don't know about these joy cons like it's a lot of parts. And that's Yeah, kept making it all run into one but overall very much by Luke I think cat like on the back of the render, it shows like that on the back of the case as like the bits for it to go into adult and an all fairness I think if they did a switch that had the joy controls built in basically a similar size screen, I would happily just sell my switch to go for a mini close at the end of the day. Having a more portable console when you need it and then having something I can just connect with a pro controller on a TV that's kind of what I want from the switch mainly. I'm really curious about that and I think Yeah, no more portable switch even for some consumers it's quite good because I don't know I know a lot of people that don't take their switches out in a boat and I think this may encourage it just having it closer to via would be nice,

Mike Macdermid 48:48

huh? Yeah, you give me something to think about as well because I think if it's stackable then it is going to you are potentially going to open up to other people who maybe are a switch player but don't want one is bulky as it is not bulky but you know compared to us, which many will feel by all it's got to feel bulky, you know, because obviously the Mini is going to be that that bit more handheld I guess so. Yeah. Well, we'll watch this space. And you never know they might announce we were fooling you all along. There is no switch many and we just had you were just taking you for a bit of a ride, which I don't think we will but you just never know. Nothing's official until it's official. Speaking of official, this could be official and I think you would be very pleased. But I also suspect you are very very worried. So to Kashi Zika is a vice president. He's the Vice President of Product Development at Sega and he's confirmed that the next big year for Sonic is 2021 which is the 30 year anniversary for Sonic. We are now preparing is what you will Anton and I know that you are preparing because you're a huge Sonic fan. Yeah, you'll be pleased to know it my gig on Saturday night I was wearing a sonic t shirt. I don't know if you spotted that in any of my pictures.

Anton Winters 50:00

Know how many they'll send you a picture of that.

Mike Macdermid 50:02

Yeah, yeah, but anyway, how do you feel about this news?

Anton Winters 50:06

Oh, um, yeah, yeah, I'm excited. The thing I find interesting and I think this is where the sonic fan base differs from most fan bases as I think the sonic fan base has a really good eye for count making their own judgment like we won't buy a game just a little Calif I am religious to this franchise I think we burn enough to be a wait for game and then we'll help make her judgment be like nothing this one's going to be another song cool six and then walk away. And but I'm excited I have a feeling though. I think yet we're me get we'll get our new big Sonic game and that will be all fun and it will be super fast and over like the graphics will be too good for some good. I have a feeling we're going to get a new Sonic Mania.

Mike Macdermid 50:51

I'll be up for that.

Anton Winters 50:52

Yeah, cuz I think we'll get a new Sonic Mania, where they'll have a couple more playable characters, at least Amy will will be playable. And it will be all original labels, unlike Sonic Mania, where it's like half and half and they'll take a little bit more creative credence and they'll be little bit less all mushy and and then they'll probably have some mobile games but I'm excited I generally want a good solid game, or even some Porsche would be lovely some Emperor back in the ps3 we had like select champs collection and all that kind of stuff. And of course here on the sweatshirt would be great to help bring back some of these older franchisees like, even like the adventure sonic adventure games would be great and even if we caught some of the eight bit games like it would be nice to just have like Sonic one two and three on a cartridge that's all I would pay money for it all I need

Mike Macdermid 51:43

absolutely well I'd like a collection with Sonic Master System in there as well. Yeah some game because that

Anton Winters 51:51

yeah even actually did like they could just carbon copy port the sonic James collection from the PS to collect at PS to sound like Sonic 1123 free had spin ball I had CD had sunk the fire had all the Game Gear Master System games. And then I had like spawn and stuff like comics and what that's a PS two game seems like something that could easily be ported. And also the games themselves are just realms from the Mega Drive era and they felt the technology the other and obviously the take a Mega Drive collision like a classic relational stolen games. And especially with Konami going full force in it. I would love it. I'm just saying that you could release anything Sonic on the sweatshop probably.

Mike Macdermid 52:30

Yeah. Well, that is that. I know that I know that you are Sonic mods. But I know that the trans transformed is had a bit of a kind of mixed reaction. Not transformed. Team Racing. I think I wish it was transformed because transformed was so great. And Team Racing. I'm not sure yeah, I still haven't quite decided I haven't played enough of it yet. But it has had a mixed reaction. I think now with crashing racing coming out as well. I'm instantly withdrawn. Macy was like yeah, I'm get I'm more into this. And it's just a bit of a shame. So like, you know, we'll see. You've got the movie to go as well. Don't forget. So.

Anton Winters 53:10

It's a lot of sort of coming your way. We shall see. We should just get link to remember that awful like Street Fighter the movie The game? We need to ask for the sonic franchises. Yes.

Mike Macdermid 53:22

I think you might just get it the sonic movie game. Oh, my goodness. That could be interesting as well. depends where they go without horrible, horrible animation that they had. But anyway, that's a whole podcast in itself. Job we're going to do even though there's just me and you here and I was just going to hate me. But I'm definitely going to do this because I don't care. Because I want to annoy Alistair. And that is I think we should do

Anton Winters 53:44

the quiz. Any questions? Yes. So if you've never played the quiz before I give a bunch of descriptions and let we hence game. And you get one case pair hunt. And the winner gets a mythical trophy that is lost somewhere in the Royal Mail. Are you?

Mike Macdermid 54:05

I'm ready. I mean, I'm playing Alistair here, just in my head just because I feel like that's the fair thing to do. So as long as I get one right, then I win. So if I don't get any right then it's a draw. And Alistair despite not being here this week, we'll get a draw and a point. So I have to get at least one right. So yes, let's give this a go.

Anton Winters 54:23

Alrighty, that first game and your first hint, a first person shooter released in 1993. Developed by Ed software for MS DOS. Doom, boom.

Mike Macdermid 54:36

Oh, yes. Yeah, I had to I had the original Doom at that point. What? I had it on my dad's laptop, which was a PC in 1993, which was, I mean that they were not cheap back then. I mean, you were two and a half grand for something which was running like Windows. What was it before windows 95, Windows 3.1 or something free? Yeah,

Anton Winters 55:04

it was 3.1. And then there's windows. And then I think they just like Windows 2.0 was like, not like on the name it just happened then they get those free.

Unknown Speaker 55:15

And then before that was

Anton Winters 55:18

an inch, well, I have

Mike Macdermid 55:18

plenty of iron ore dos. And obviously, the way that you could run it was that you could boot up and dos rather than Windows. And then you could run DOS games and one of the other dos Kinsey's play was the original championship manager which became Football Manager. And also do I believe run on dos? I think.

Anton Winters 55:37

Yeah, indeed. Yeah, just a few notes compatibility or something?

Mike Macdermid 55:43

Yes, it has like a Doss runner thing that you could do there's like these old see cool on prompt stuff. Anyway. Yes. Good. Well, I when I was there, so ha, to you. But we'll keep going anyway. Let's see if I can.

Anton Winters 55:57

All right. Hey, I racing game developer by Nintendo ad and published by Nintendo and 1996

Mike Macdermid 56:06

I'm racing game and 10 Auto 96 Diddy Kong Racing?

Anton Winters 56:12

Sadly, no. No at the Games these players on Jaycees and jet skis and different weather conditions on a variety of courses.

Mike Macdermid 56:23

Jet Skis Uh oh. Wave Race.

Anton Winters 56:32

Indeed. Wave Race 64

Mike Macdermid 56:34

Yes. Oh, wow. That was a that was a random memory right there.

Anton Winters 56:40

Oh, very good. You're on a roll.

Mike Macdermid 56:44

Yeah, I'm on a roll when there's no one to play again. The Alistair Alistair when I got these and he's never gonna believe is that he'd be like, I'll you get Anton gave you the answers. So it's it's gonna be frustrating when he listens back but anyway, I'll give it a go. Let's see if I can do it. 343

Anton Winters 56:59

rs here. The first person shooter survival horror game, published by cap calm and due to do 2005

Mike Macdermid 57:09

third person horror survival game by Capcom and 2005. Resident Evil four.

Anton Winters 57:18

Boom, first cool. Yes.

Mike Macdermid 57:19

Oh, that is incredible. It's incredible. Because it's me. I normally don't get any right let alone three in a row.

Anton Winters 57:28

Yeah, you know, I probably wish you had Elster on this episode because that you can get these all the part right away.

Mike Macdermid 57:35

Well, I know and, well, the reason we talked about Resident Evil and I had a bit of flak on Twitter from someone slagging me off for saying that I thought Resident Evil five is the best Resident Evil came. But I genuinely enjoyed Resident Evil five. And I remember that four was the one that everybody talks about, and I never really played it. And it was out on the week, wasn't it?

Anton Winters 57:54

It was on game tube. And then later we, right, that was really good, really showcased that all motion controls are good for aiming for a game.

Mike Macdermid 58:06

Yeah, yeah. Well, that is interesting, because that's why because I remember that five wasn't hugely long after maybe 2007 or eight or something. And I thought, it's got to be before that. It's Resident Evil I know it is. So I'm going to I'm going to go with four. And there we are, I managed to fluke my way to a three nil win against non existent, Alistair.

Anton Winters 58:26

Look at you. And I'm just sitting here looking at my notes. Now. I've got this wild card sitting here. And it's been sitting here for a good couple of weeks. I'm excited to show that one off. I think I think you're all going to be excited for it. So make sure to tune into our future episodes, which you can find on our website. Can you make?

Mike Macdermid 58:46

Yes, so we can get on a su Kp Dakota, UK Anton has done a fantastic website that keeps you up to date with every single episode. But you can also get us on Spotify. And you can get us on Apple pod casts or iTunes. And you can get it on loads of other things like Stitcher. And basically, we're everywhere. We're also on Twitter, as well as UK podcast and make sure you follow us on there will tell you when there's a new episode to download. But Subscribe, leave us a review if you can remember we do this because we love the switch not for any other reason we don't make any money from this. But we do it because we really enjoy it. And hopefully you enjoy the episode. So if you can leave us a review, that would be fantastic. Because it really does help. And I think that's it for this week. It's been that we've actually talked for a lot longer on what has been quite a quiet week. But it's there's been talking points. And you know, it's great to kind of find out what we're thinking on things as well. And especially with the sonic stuff. Because I know that you have you've got Sonic on the brain, you know.

Anton Winters 59:48

We had some we had like a we're a small period there were like Sonic was kind of making a resurgence. We had colors that generation half of unleash was good. And then it just went back to normal. We can get back there or even if we just got some of those good games poured over like Sonic Colors was gorgeous. And we have all things so come on. Yeah, right. Yeah, let me down.

Mike Macdermid 1:00:10

No, absolutely no. Well with that we will be back next week for another episode. And until then, goodbye.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15

Our boss