Take-over on Me - Episode 26

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Mike, Anton and Al are chatting all things Nintendo Switch! This week, we've got news about what Nintendo are gonna do if someone tries a hostile takeover (Yep, we know it sounds weird!), a new Mario Tennis Aces character, a remake of a classic Harvest Moon title, Tetris 99, CupHead DLC and we reserve judgment on Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night.

Plus, we've got loads more news and rumours and of course our quiz, with quizmaster Anton!

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Mike Macdermid 0:13

Hello and thank you for downloading Episode Number 26 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. It is a pleasure to be here once again I am Mike ml. I'm Anton and we are back for another weekly look at what's been happening in the world of the Nintendo Switch. Now before we get started, just a reminder we are on all the usual places that you can get your podcast goodness from somewhere on the likes of Spotify. We're on Apple podcasts, iTunes, we're on Stitcher, we're on our own website

Al Struthers 0:42

as well and our own website Yeah, you can go to www.if you want to use that but ns UK p coda UK

Mike Macdermid 0:49

and Anton you you've kind of stuck a couple of little hidden bits in that website which I wonder if anyone I wonder if we could like see if someone manages to find an Easter egg on our website and then tweets it if they can figure out what it is

Anton Winters 1:04

yeah you know if you can find it at which means scoring for every single page of their website we will give you a virtual High Five virtual High Five

Mike Macdermid 1:16

will give you a shout out as well and congratulations we would say a prize but we we haven't we haven't figured out what we're

Al Struthers 1:23

gonna have our admiration no surprise that

Mike Macdermid 1:24

is a prize so there is there's an Easter egg on the website see if we can figure out Can we give

Anton Winters 1:30

any clues Anton just to give you a better direction think a good thing to know is it's not on any of the like individual XRP so you don't have to look for every single episode to try and find that it's a it's on a fairly obvious page but it's not such an obvious link. So I wish you the best of luck and let us know if you find that

Mike Macdermid 1:49

yet first person to find it wins something Alright. So anyway, it has been it's been a fairly busy week for all of us But have we had time to play any switch Anton Have you played anything this week? Yes,

Anton Winters 2:00

I finally picked up Super Mario Maker to which has been a lot of fun I wish I picked up week one just so I could be all on top of the news but I've picked up now typed in it says been quite enjoyable I recommend that if he's looking for another switch game in the storey mode is very well written and labels designs end of storey mode or really good you could basically have rip that out and made like New Super Mario Bros Nintendo Switch light switch up or something it's not good could be split up and then just getting to play well the camp crazy stuff the community's been making like there's a net somebody managed to make Pong in Super Mario. Oh, wow. That's so cool. And the label critters been actually very intuitive. Very easy, quite fun. It's a nice pick up and play like just put down maybe do like a teensy bit of a label you're working on. And then tonnes of Yeah, it's just been quite fun. So I highly recommend it if you're up for that kind of stuff. And if you just like a normal Mio game, like if you like New Super Mario Bros, you just pick up the storey unfolds. Fantastic.

Mike Macdermid 3:02

Excellent lovely. I've heard so many good things about it and it's funny because I kind of have written off but I don't know what maybe at some point I will dive in I've got an awful lot of games to play.

Al Struthers 3:12

You go way too many to play stop buying stuff just stop it for a while

Unknown Speaker 3:15

or It looks so lovely in the case of

Al Struthers 3:18

hibernate for a while just don't leave the house play only then you can get going.

Mike Macdermid 3:22

What have you been playing this week?

Al Struthers 3:23

I have been playing well nothing new. I've been introducing new people to Super blood hockey and I have been thoroughly enjoying it with you I didn't I didn't really get to shoot off after this but next week we can we can copiously spray the ice with was a red pixels

Mike Macdermid 3:38

yeah if you haven't played it it's like an homage to the old NAS hockey on the net but it's slightly newer obviously in terms of the the Luke it's still kind of a 16 bit kind of vibe lots of blood really really good fun. We played a very fun played it quite a few times now and I'm yet to be bored of playing it I usually just want one more game one more Yeah, we do it I have been playing Phoenix right so I've got through a couple of the chapters in the first one No, so I was away this week in London to switch with me to get an awful lot of time to play usually from we're trying to sneak off slightly early and play a bit of switch so I played a bit of that I also am I'm going to go back into oxen free which is a really good storey based game with some really decent voice acting in it I think you can pick up in the car sometimes for you know less than a fiver but I'm not sure if it's on sale at the moment but certainly it's one to to check out and I also picked up a physical copy you'll like this Anton of stains gate

Unknown Speaker 4:36


Mike Macdermid 4:38

so that's the yes stains gate is the is the anime, which also a TV show in Japan. But the interesting thing about this anime is that it's a classic game, but they've redone it with proper animation. So it's a combination of the proper animated show and the game was a classic anime game, but with the actual sort of anime footage, and there's something like, I can't remember like 313 thousand lines of dialogue or something in there. And it's all like moving and you know, actually well animated. And plus the switch version comes with another storey, which is an eight bit storey, which is the reason I hadn't picked up till now because it was on the PSP, I think are the visa. And is because of the price. So the price has been really quite high. It's like 4550 pounds off. There's no way that's going to come down. Well, I picked up on Amazon this week, a copy for 2023 pounds or 24 pounds was around about that. And at that point, price point. I thought I can't say no, because it's one that I don't think we'll see until an awful lot. Ooh, check

Al Struthers 5:40

you you bargain Hunter, you back well done.

Mike Macdermid 5:43

Absolutely. So if you if you get a chance to have a look, you'll see what I mean. It's one of those it's great to have on the switch is another one that just shows that the switches know becoming the new Vietor for visual novels and

Al Struthers 5:55

so out of curiosity, you're travelling around you're on aeroplanes this week, presumably you're playing switch on the play

Mike Macdermid 6:00

a bit a bit. I'm not great flyer so I tend to get a bit if it's a short flight, I tend to get a little bit kind of old there's turbulence and with a lot of turbulence on the

Al Struthers 6:08

news I'm often wondering how people react to other people playing the switch things I certainly played switch quite a lot yeah, most people don't bother looking at you kids usually just desperate to find what you're looking at. Yeah, every so often you get a member of the public who just sit in a seat you can see their eyes. Oh, noes. Yeah, Nebraska barely

Mike Macdermid 6:25

know, but funnily enough, I was on a flight recently, I was playing something and it was an eight bit I think it was under tail which is a brilliant game, but visually if you're watching it, you're not going to see anything particularly impressive and there was like it was like a problem at 10 years older than me and he was sitting across from me and he was playing sky rim and I felt sorry for the kids sitting next to me because they've got like an eight bit game they're like okay, yeah there's a lot much to look at brilliant game by the way under do but the next day was getting Skype Room so you know a slight different individuals but but no, I it's, I don't the same as you I guess some people will glance over kids will always want to look, but generally just kind of do their own thing. I think the people in the seats behind probably look more than you realise because they're peeking through their plan.

Anton Winters 7:10

Yeah, quite probably see, the true question here is not as other people looking but when you see something with a switch, or do you find yourself just like carrying over mean like, what was it you're playing? games? Hundred percent? Yeah. I feel like such a weirdo for doing it been like oh, you know, it's beneficial for me as somebody who is on a switch podcasts and know what is popular, and not just what people are playing.

Mike Macdermid 7:36

I want to go and give them give them like a high five and say welcome to the club. Because

Al Struthers 7:39

one of these days are going to do they're going to see someone playing we're gonna go Hi, I present a Nintendo Switch podcast. Hi, me.

Unknown Speaker 7:44

Tell me what you're doing.

Mike Macdermid 7:46

Yeah, I mean, just just the fact that you know, when you see them out in a boat, it's just so great. I love it. And I always get slightly self conscious doing anything like you know, even in public if I'm playing the switch. I do get a little self conscious. just stupid. Right? Yeah.

Al Struthers 7:57

Well consider you perform for living in front of people. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 8:00

Yeah, I know. It is ridiculous. But no, it's it's just great to see people playing it.

Anton Winters 8:05

Yeah, I find it funny. It reminds me of a time when I got an AMP a bunch of Amazon parcels like I think had five or six common in this day. And I was tearing through them one by one and then I called to the bottom one, and I opened up and I was like a Nintendo Switch. I'm like, well, sister in here. Check the package deals for my next door neighbour just been handed and I was like, Okay, this is fine. Hand over to for the entire time. Every time I see him on the hallway. I'm like, it's a weird if I asked for a friend cool. It's like I know he has a switch. But I've never actually you know, did you get it? Sorry. Did he give you I've been too scared to ask so I don't know if it's weird. But the thing is, I do know the owner switch. But we need to get this is your mission. Your mission next week is to go and befriend this man and get us

Mike Macdermid 8:48

an idea an idea get him a really early Christmas card and say Merry Christmas I didn't give you a Christmas card last year because I forgot it by the way here's some switch code me

Al Struthers 8:57

know you need to go find some way goods guys code would be cool.

Mike Macdermid 9:00

Yeah, yeah. Ask him for some like you know, salt or something. So you've run out of salvation.

Al Struthers 9:04

So you seem the porter you say, Hey, I know you've got a switch you you should listen, this podcast is really good.

Mike Macdermid 9:11


Anton Winters 9:12

yes, I do. Know that. We've we've all had the switch for a while like that slowly growing frameless. It's nice seeing what everybody's playing. And just like, it's quite also, it's nice if you have like five friends by playing one game or like, Oh, I guess I have to buy this game to see what it's all about.

Mike Macdermid 9:28

Yeah, yeah, the high jump jump on the hype train. Speaking of the hype train, let's get going with this week's news. So then, few things to talk about. But it has been a kind of weird week. I mean, it's been one of those weeks where there's been a lot of stuff. But like nothing huge, major kind of news apart from one button us which I saw today. And I think you'll find this quite interesting, Anton. But this is to do with the online service. So the switch online service has no surpassed to 10 million subscribers.

Anton Winters 10:02

That sounds like a lot of people.

Mike Macdermid 10:04

I think it is I mean, I'm trying to get in my head what that compares with with other systems. But it seems to me for us for an online service that people kind of have moaned about since day one. It seems like that's a lot, Anton 10 million. That's quite that's quite a fair

Anton Winters 10:18

number, isn't it? Oh, see, I kind of had a different fault. Because comparing like, and like even just remembering back to the earlier years of the owner to console so it doesn't seem too crazy of a number. But I guess with the heat for the surface is impressive in that regard. But I don't know, like hosted or given away with twitch or given away with a Super Mario Maker to them. I'm not too sure what to make of it entirely. How do you feel out sir?

Al Struthers 10:48

Well, I've got a bit of context for it. So PlayStation Plus, so P that Sony is equivalent service. As of December 18, they had 36 million subscribers, which is obviously a lot more than switch. But back in 2014, they only had 8 million. So it depends how you compare it if you're doing apples to apples as to their age and life cycle is probably doing escp it certainly way behind Sony just now. Yeah, you'd expect that though. But then it's really got smaller base because as soon as PlayStation has been kicking around diverse generations for what

Mike Macdermid 11:22

was PS three years now, pretty much.

Al Struthers 11:24

That's a lot of time to build up. Subscribe.

Mike Macdermid 11:26

And the PS, the PS Plus system certainly used to be very, very good at least have a lot of value in that because you get a lot of games that were you know, pretty much.

Al Struthers 11:35

Yes. PlayStation three, you Yes,

Mike Macdermid 11:37

yeah. And then when it switched to the four that that dropped a bit. I've seen it picking up a bit recently. But I think I think 10 million is pretty healthy for a system that isn't all about online as well. You've got to remember that as well as switch. It isn't all about online. It's part of it. And yes, we

Al Struthers 11:52

could sit down with your mates in a room play it.

Mike Macdermid 11:55

Exactly. So I think it's pretty healthy. But it is an interesting stat to find out that 10 million people are online on intense and no wonder that friends list

Anton Winters 12:04

is growing Anton are definitely you know, I guess with low sort of numbers because the ps3 and the ps4 Sorry, sorry, is setting about well, 60 million sales. So that's been out for almost a decade or so. Coming up? Not a decade, but significantly longer. So yeah, I guess I Oh,

Mike Macdermid 12:25

yeah. I mean, we were online in the Xbox, like 1314 years ago. So I mean, that's, you know, it's no wonder that that's so high. But

Al Struthers 12:33

I think it's a respectable number. I'm not gonna knock them in the slightest is now in the same league as the other two, but it probably shouldn't be. Yeah, well, it's just a different console different ethos. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 12:41

And depending on where they go next, of course, as well, that's the other thing as well, what they do next with the services that they're offering as extras so it's certainly one to keep an eye on but 10 million users now on Nintendo Switch online, which is pretty cool. Next up, then, if you're Mario Tennis aces player, there's a new character we're getting it is dry Bowser, I'm kind of surprised by Bowser wasn't already in there.

Anton Winters 13:05

Yeah, I think that as well. sighs surprising how long Nintendo's been supporting this game it? It's kind of remarkable, because I sent like a flagship series for them is quite impressive to any of yourself. Because your cells say you sleep the beta tests thing for

Mike Macdermid 13:23

us. You've played more than me?

Al Struthers 13:25

Well, yes. And no, I didn't actually I missed the beta men's to go and play it and forgot to download it. But I have played it at people's houses before. And I mean, it's good fun. There's plenty of characters. I don't I don't want to knock the fight to adding an extra character. It's good. Probably isn't needed. No, I don't think it's never going to add anything to the game. It's just a nice little here. How about we have

Mike Macdermid 13:44

I must admit, I mean, one of the things that I really liked about crashing racing along got hugely into it is the amount of unlockable characters there seems to be updating stuff on local tracks and lockable skins and all that and I think it does add a bit of incentive to playing especially if you're playing like a I challenge motor single player campaign and I think it is good when they when they add extra bits to these types of games where it's similar game every time you play depends

Al Struthers 14:09

what it is is doing though, if it's just giving you literally different skin the character what's the point is giving you a different character that changes the game by giving you a new way of playing it. Totally get

Mike Macdermid 14:19

to know that because Mario Kart I mean, I've unlocked everything on Mario Kart because I had to and it was like a couple of laps and I thought I'm not going to stop until I unlock the last couple of it.

Al Struthers 14:27

But then presumably this one isn't unlockable. It's a you know, it's a

Mike Macdermid 14:29

DLC but so it's it's like hey, go have one on us.

Al Struthers 14:33

But either way, I'm not gonna give you a free stuff always good. I'm, I'm happy for I'm assuming it's free. I'm assuming it's free as well. Do you know Anton?

Anton Winters 14:39

Yeah, free update. I think they're just trying to keep that online. Kev almost been like, hey, come back completely online some more money into this. But you know, it's interesting. I'm really hoping that game drops down and say I'm curious to give it a go. Because I don't think I got 40 pound title but maybe 20 pounds, I'd be interested together go.

Al Struthers 15:00

Yeah, I'd bite it that kind of level 2020 of acquits me.

Mike Macdermid 15:02

Yeah, absolutely. Next up, then blood stained ritual of the night. That's the one that's a bit Castlevania esque. And we've seen quite a lot about there's been a lot of hype around this. Actually. It's actually I don't know, the game is good, apparently. But unfortunately for Nintendo Switch players. It's not the best port. But we are getting a fix at some point, Anton.

Anton Winters 15:22

Yeah, it's him. Reviews are absolutely incredible. People are loving it. It's not quite up to symphony of the light labels, but it's like a really good faithful match. However, the switch port is a complete disaster. Sadly, it's a it's not even just like pure, bad frame rates, which were used to. It's like, it's the bell, a glitch cheese. It's a bit of a mess. But apparently they're fixing it. But I have a feeling if it was such an easy fix to do a month later, they would have done it already at smoke. Where's the quality control? Why is it Game Over there? It just shouldn't be?

Mike Macdermid 15:56

Yeah, I'd rather wait two months and get it right. And also, it's not the kind of game I would have associated with there being lots of problems. I mean, graphically, it's not the most intense it's not, you know, I don't understand why that's been allowed to be on the switch. If it's not ready. And then they're talking about fixed mid July. You know, week two weeks away, so just wait and release it and the month nobody's gonna know. I know.

Al Struthers 16:19

Yeah, annoys me. It's just the way the games the games industry is you get you set a deadline and less as a unless you're a really good firm, most of them are the best, I'm guessing probably banks, and they have to release regardless of where they want to or not in order to keep the funding. Yeah. But it's just stupid and bad. And it's going to hurt their business in the long run. If they released a good game, people will buy it. Yeah, if it really begins flawed, people will probably hold off buying it and then they'll forget because New York Yankees is bad business.

Anton Winters 16:45

So it's a real shame. The thing that really caught me off guard is this was originally planned with we you and we of course in mind, and I felt struggling on switch. It's just kind of remarkable that they they fought this game will run on most platforms. Just unless we're just a glitchy port.

Al Struthers 17:03

I mean, the game would run finally things it literally was badly boarded.

Mike Macdermid 17:06

Yeah, I'm wondering if it's more like that as well, because I just don't see that would have an issue in theory and running on a Wii U or, you know, a visa, for example. But it is it's a shame. It's a real shame, because there was quite a lot of hype around this. And I know that people who love the likes of Castlevania have been quite excited about this. I was going to look at it. I wasn't necessarily going to pick it up at the moment, you know, until they fix that there's probably no point really, right now, if you're a switch user,

Anton Winters 17:34

yeah, it's it's kind of interesting, because we've had a handful of bad bad ports, where it has just been the frame rate, like maybe graphic sales, toned down a little. But this is the full package, which is a real shame. So they're promising effects. But even then, if they got rid of the glitches, or even like the poor family, they've downgraded the graphics significantly, and it didn't seem like a game that couldn't run and switch as you say. It's quite a shame, but more water. Basically, what we're saying is we don't recommend people go out and buy it. Not at this stage. I would wait and see what happens with that fix. Give it a few weeks, at least. By the way, have any of you been watching Stranger Things?

Al Struthers 18:14

No. Yes, no. binge watching the first season again, to get up to speed with everything's happened. You've seen it, though. Haven't you seen the first time the second? But yeah, we're going through the whole thing too. Okay. Ready?

Mike Macdermid 18:24

So I've just watched the first episode of the season, but what I was gonna say was the strangest things three game is I don't know. Well, I will say is, don't buy it until you've watched season three. Yeah, they're smiling. They're so so it's just a little tip. If you are thinking about picking it up, which it was on my radar, then wait until you've watched the season. If you're like most of my family, I think my dad's my brother, and one of my sisters have all watched the whole season already. Wow, that's impressive.

Al Struthers 18:50

Yeah. So to be fair, we were six episodes the first season last night, right. So quite quickly. Wow.

Mike Macdermid 18:57

All right, then let's move on to some other news. And if you're a Tetris 99 player. Then we have the fifth Maximus cup splat fest edition. So basically, it's going to be a split tune theme on Tetris 99 which is going to be next weekend. I think this is interesting.

Anton Winters 19:15

Yeah, it's quite fun. Have any of us tried out any of the Maximus cups? Nope, nope. Yeah, it's quite believe how it works as you try to win as many games as possible. It's like the union is bustling because everybody's playing it all at once to get in there. And I believe the top 99 players get like 99 coins and like to use only for actual game purchase the spot it was lovely getting this platoon female a scam fair and they will manage this platoon know that their kill splat fests are ending for the main game so we can have one final spot face here.

Mike Macdermid 19:52

I know it was funny because I just I was just checking for updates on my switch and all the games and annoying Alastair particularly just by doing it, it was I literally was going through him again I need an update. And one of the games that has an update is for two and two but I don't know how new that is because I haven't actually tried to play it for four months so but actually, I kind of wish it had more time to jump in with this splat fest on iTunes so if you are a tune to fan or a sports fan then this might be a nice little way to to keep that going a little longer until we get the next button which I'm sure will

Anton Winters 20:24

happen awesome point Don't worry about this flat face make so set I don't think you would be your cup of tea is that all the pro players come out and then you just get bullied?

Mike Macdermid 20:35

I mean that would happen with me in a casual game anyway plus the fact that I'm colour blind doesn't help but you actually split into I must say is one of the better games of your colour black to play even though it's about colours because they are vastly different colours are pretty good that Yeah, you

Al Struthers 20:48

and I can play it as a music.

Mike Macdermid 20:49

Yes, very, very good fun. Okay, next up, we have Project DIVA Mega 39 A notes for switch just had Suni meek who tells about that I don't know much about this is the game or

Anton Winters 21:01

Yeah, this is a very long running a franchise believe they're up to like their Tam personal game, it's our adult and the PSP. And obviously features all of that sort of because music it's hard to read them game. And the kill rhythm game plays fairly simple, you essentially just have like, and well usually on normal platform. The PlayStation platforms are a Square Triangle Circle, and then the shapes the actual symbols just come in from all different directions and you kind of have to predict when they're going to be in your radius so you can collect them and you know, it's good to see it's gone It's a very simple game but you know, it's interesting to see make the switch over to the switch because it's previously and historically a PSP ps4 and PSP title excluding some chibi Count 3ds spin off so i think it's it's as we all say, it's the vo buzz the new via switch.

Mike Macdermid 21:57

It really is. And I think that we're seeing a lot more all of the titles that you would traditionally see on a veto coming to the switch which is can only be a good thing and I think that adds more weight again to the portability thing, and then the switch mini which is a big talking point as well. I saw some rumours this week as well just on the kind of the the hardware side of it about the pro we'll talk more in rumours about other other rumours but just briefly the pro coming out with Breath of the Wild to that was a rumour that it would be a launch title for breath of the world to get that make sense make a lot of sense. But it does. It's great to see more titles that would have been on the veto coming to the switch and actually I think it took longer than I expected because I thought from kind of the first couple of months surely that's where the switch will go But no, no it has gone down that route and that's that's really great.

Al Struthers 22:42

Dragon Sony will bring it another beater PSP tape equivalent.

Mike Macdermid 22:45

No, I don't think so. I think they're going to I just don't not at the moment, I just think they're going to focus on their PS five and really just try and make I don't think it's doesn't feel like the right time with the way the switches at the moment. I think they have to do something pretty special to take away from the switch. What do you think Anton? And

Anton Winters 23:02

I think the closest we could ever see to it is with the ps4 and the PS five being based on the same architecture as confirmed by AMD. And Mark Cerny, I think we're going to see a lot of my plans between them, especially in the nd level. And maybe down the line, we might see a mobile version of a ps4, like midway through the ps4 life span. But yeah, man, that's a hopeful pipe dream. And even as somebody who would potentially love that kind of a system

Al Struthers 23:36

by which I suspect the more likely to bring it's just a sort of streaming app for your AV Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 23:41

On the switch now you never know.

Al Struthers 23:42

Very cool. Very cool, I'd be happy to happen.

Mike Macdermid 23:45

All right then. So next up a game which has a bit of a history with Nintendo that's late presser late and we've got a new one is latencies mystery journey. Cat three L and the millionaires conspiracy, the deluxe edition will be coming to the switch on the eighth of November. So this is the one that came out in the 3ds. But it's got all the DLC. And it's got some modified puzzles as well. I'm assuming to make it more switch. relatable and friendly. But if you are a professor LinkedIn fun, then keep an eye out for that one. Anyone here play? Professor Layton? Sadly have

Anton Winters 24:14

missed them all. But I've got to see what a title.

Mike Macdermid 24:18

It's a long name.

Al Struthers 24:20

All right. I think the first little game came? I

Mike Macdermid 24:23

do. Yes. Yes.

Al Struthers 24:24

The first item switch now.

Anton Winters 24:28

I make that up.

Mike Macdermid 24:29

Check that I'm not sure. Because if it isn't, I'd have some interest.

Al Struthers 24:32

So I remember we talked we talked recently about them coming out?

Mike Macdermid 24:35

Yes. This is the first one coming. I'm pretty sure.

Anton Winters 24:39

There was a number first one a leak on a queen rain ports when we first chatted about it. Yeah, I think that's I remember Jim you guys, right. It's not like this is the first one

Mike Macdermid 24:50

coming. It's the I played the first one on the DS and the second one. And I really enjoyed them. I wasn't such a fan of the later titles at the latest. Later later. Bye. I will have a look wait and see what the reviews are like I haven't played the 3ds version of this particular title. It's not top of the list. But if you're like a puzzle game and you like a bit of a storey interwoven into it, then it might be one to check out. It's actually To be fair, it's quite a good game if you do travel a bit, I think because it is it's more of a puzzle. You know, it's like having Sudoku with you on a switch where a storey but the storey a bit more to it you know, there's lots of decent puzzles in there. So especially with all the DLC sounds like quite good value. Next up cup head, which is an amazing visual game, which I'm still to get but I'm not going to get it right now. But if you have cup head and you're waiting for that, next instalment is like the DLC i think is the DLC delicious last course which is the the one that people have been talking about. Unfortunately, it's been delayed till 2020 which is only six months away. So if you're not finished cup head yet and let's face it, you've got to die at least 7000 times to finish cup head, then you can try and finish up the end of the year and then get your delicious last course next year. Num num num num num. Anton Have you played covered I haven't

Anton Winters 26:06

I've been meaning to Sam. It gives me the taste I want from just having first Celeste and I think the interesting that they're still struggling to meet deadlines because I member head was delayed years and I was hoping with him then being acquired by Microsoft we wouldn't have quite so much so many weeks but you know it's better having a game game late or rather a DLC late than having a bad DLC and we know as shadow Mr. HR I believe they are able to play Catholic things

Mike Macdermid 26:39

excellent. Next up UK watch or UK watch for is officially getting a Western release. Now we were talking about this before and I thought it was already official that we were getting it in the West but apparently not it's snow and named Stanton.

Anton Winters 26:53

Yeah, I was a seminar one that was killed big news this weekend. I think it's mainly caused UK one tonight. We're always like a had the western market in mind. But I guess it makes sense. Because whenever we've seen anything, all of this, it's been in Japanese streams or Japanese trailers. But you know, it's good to see it coming over close. More More games and more better.

Mike Macdermid 27:15

Yeah, absolutely. And this one, this is a little bit different little bit more accessible. they reckon to although three was a two and three, which came up really quickly. We're both very well loved titles. So want to check out I think this could do quite well switches the perfect platform as well. I'll stir.

Anton Winters 27:33

It is indeed we do like say a little Don't we? Yeah, but it is it is immediate. We say it because it's true.

Mike Macdermid 27:37

We say it because it's true. Right, let's, let's move on then to this week's rumours. Well, before you do now, for goodness sake,

Al Struthers 27:44

I like to mess with you, Mike, just to make it back on that end of this podcast. That's why I

Mike Macdermid 27:47

didn't know.

Al Struthers 27:50

So we've mentioned before that the switch is being brought to the Chinese market. Oh, yeah. So the news this week is they are partnering with a company called Tencent. No, the rapper for anyone that's getting confused. You are massive. They are something like the biggest public games, company by revenue or they're huge. They're massive, right? And they do tonnes of stuff, which I was not aware of. But yeah, they're partnering with Nintendo to bring the switch to China. Because last year, the Chinese government said it's going to crack down hugely on video games. Yeah. don't quite know. Why don't I know that video games were cracked hugely. So I think it's waiting to be formally ratified by the government but sort of being given the nod and the green lights to go well, my switch has been in Beijing. How's it Yeah, she's been to China. So yeah, I'm not gonna say in the case I get in trouble.

Mike Macdermid 28:40

Well, it's been there it's been there I got I got my head against against that's okay. But that would be good. If they could bring it to China.

Al Struthers 28:48

Yeah, we couldn't use it and tender was their shares jumped 16%. And that use really good really good for them good for business. Everybody's happy. It's exciting

Anton Winters 28:54

because I think one is really exciting because the bigger the sweatshirts, the bear falls, more games we can. And as well as I'd be curious to see what other Tencent properties could make the jump to switch because I feel like if they had a horse in the race, they would be more interested in bringing games such as league League of Legends or many of the other companies that are the own any of their games to the switch. I'm really excited, especially for legal legends. That would be lovely.

Al Struthers 29:20

Yeah, because it said a partnership not a deal. So it's not the Nintendo sort of just paying them to distribute it. I suspect there is a two way thing going here. So yeah, I think you're right, we'll see a bit of their IP coming.

Mike Macdermid 29:28

Excellent. Well, that is one to look out for. in the not too distant future. I'm allowed to move on to rumours. No. Now you can do rumours. I mean, to be fair, some of them are kind of news where the rumours that might be news, but that's half the fun because I get to decide, so it's time for rumours. I said that with far too. I

Al Struthers 29:47

really didn't know why. Cuz I saw the first time first the line in your rumours.

Mike Macdermid 29:51

The first line of my rumours was 10 cent forms Nintendo cooperation department, which

Unknown Speaker 29:55

isn't really rumours, news.

Mike Macdermid 29:56

News, but like rumours is more about gossip rumours. It's about the chat. And that's the rumour is you know that it will open up the market in China. Like look quite

Al Struthers 30:07

angry right now.

Mike Macdermid 30:08

I do not look angry. angry. I'm absolutely right. Let's move on. Okay, so the Gameboy Advance game Harvest Moon, friends of mineral tone is being remade. So we're going to see this on the switch then on DVD.

Anton Winters 30:20

So a lot of people have been longing for the earlier at Camp Harvest Moon games, where they're a little bit more simple and just basic farming. And yeah, this one looks gorgeous. That reminds me of a link to links awakening, almost the remake. And so if you're wanting another star to sell game, and there might be some competition out there, but I do feel sorry for harvestman signal pioneer dis showrunner. They've been making games for years. At heart

Al Struthers 30:50

they were the first one back in the Game Boy colour.

Mike Macdermid 30:54

And the switch one that so already was fairly badly received. It wasn't it wasn't well received at all, but it will be nice to see one of their classic style games coming to this.

Unknown Speaker 31:03

Yeah, we can all get behind that currently.

Mike Macdermid 31:04

Yeah, so this is friends of mineral toner. She's not one that I'm familiar with, because it is a Gameboy Advance game. So we are talking could be talking 1518 years old, really. But that's one to check out. For sure. Will you be getting it Anton?

Anton Winters 31:19

I think I suddenly GIFs start to say, I think I have like four friends on my friends list are playing it's called Molly player, I really need to jump on that soon. But

Mike Macdermid 31:28

I have started as well. And I've played about, let's see maybe a couple of hours of it. And I think the problem was started here is that you need to play more than that to get going. And then and then once you're into it becomes an addiction. So it's on my list

Anton Winters 31:45

to the red line to layer it. So your health, enjoying it and playing it but you aren't quite like ruining your life. No, I know. Well, the good point.

Mike Macdermid 31:53

I mean, it's an awful lot of so many games. Goodness me. Anyway, here's another one for your demon x magnet, which people are excited about and hoping that is? It is I don't know

Anton Winters 32:03

the actual game, but not yet. Not yet. It's coming.

Mike Macdermid 32:05

So so there's a lot of talk about how they've taken on board a lot of the stuff that was in the demo and they're going to really improve on the demo as well. So this is a demon x Mac and is orbital Limited Edition. And it's going to come with a statue a steel boots and more. I'm always into anything that comes with steel books and statues.

Al Struthers 32:23

Okay, I'm not I can't be bothered with but

Mike Macdermid 32:25

I'm not gonna buy this one because I wasn't a huge fan of the demo. It's not really my kind of

Al Struthers 32:30

wish it was fun. But yeah, you and I struggle with it. I think we covered this before. game to not work well. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 32:35

I think I struggle more than than you do. Just you did with the gameplay more than anything. I was just not it's just not my thing. Anton, will you? Yeah, the statute.

Anton Winters 32:43

For me my my rule of thumb is after the Xbox 360 years when we just had tonnes of massive jumbo size Collector's Edition as if it doesn't fit my shelf. It's too It's not by has to bank and probably too expensive just looking at the statue, but it does look like a lovely statue. Yeah, I just saw a question doing a collector's edition for first entries and flank franchisees. So you don't know quite. If you're going to love that game, let's say 150 pounds worth not saying this is how much that will cost but yeah, for a first game in a franchise, it seems like not very generous, a

Mike Macdermid 33:22

brave new mission. so brave move to have that in there. But I believe the phrase is it's a bold move. It's going to be bold, but bowler will do that bold, bold, bold thing

Al Struthers 33:32

with the kids. We know the lingo. You don't let you

Mike Macdermid 33:36

work for both of us. Right next up we've got Hyperloop ultimate it looks like it's going to be ported from the CDs to the switch. I don't know this game on what is hyperledger ultimate? Yeah,

Anton Winters 33:46

it's a cow. Imagine if you took asteroids and then kill fruit in a blender with like Sonic the Hedgehog it's kind of like Geometry Dash not geometry. Geometry war cell game it's like super quick, top down sugar sale thing with count polygon accountable almost like an asteroid sales graphics but with more colours. Yeah. It's an interesting one. I think it's going to be one it'll depend on the price need to be a really cheap game because it looks very simple and it's gameplay and especially when a geometry shoot em Geometry Wars does what does so well. And it's got some competition but a good price and if it's got good gameplay out serious about that.

Mike Macdermid 34:28

Yeah. And it looks like it's going to be coming out this month if they get that all sorted out in time. So if you were a fan of the 3ds version, you can go and pick that up very symbolic. So next up check retailer has leaked September's release date, which would be nice for the Witcher three on the switch September. We're getting in September. Alistair, do you think

Al Struthers 34:48

that would be very nice. We did just in time for well, plenty time for Christmas. But yeah,

Mike Macdermid 34:52

no time to finish the games we've got before then though. I'm Anton do we think we'll see as early as September,

Unknown Speaker 34:57

you know.

Anton Winters 35:00

We would have maybe seen an announcement by No, but it's not impossible. How are you feeling about the Witcher three because it was something we kind of skimmed through because there's so much to chat about at the free time where you saw

Mike Macdermid 35:13

I think I think it's really exciting getting a game like the Witcher three on the switch because the Witcher three is reviewed so well it's such a big game. It's one that I bought on the ps4 and never played. My brother is a massive fan of it has played you know, played it I think plays two three times or something. So I was quite keen to give it a go never got around to it. But the fact that's on the switch and it's portable means I probably will. I think we're going to take a hit here. I think if we're going to take a hit on any game and all SkyDrive has been done really well. Is it is it panic button that reporting it.

Anton Winters 35:45

No, they're doing it and holds. It seems like

Mike Macdermid 35:47

that's what worries me

Al Struthers 35:48

see, I'm reserving judgement on it. I'm excited is coming. But I want to wait and see the reviews see before I actually don't invest in it.

Mike Macdermid 35:55

I just wish the panic button in because panic button have done such a good job, everything they've done with their ports. And I just think for me, it worries me they're doing it in house. And not that I think they're not capable. Because clearly if you can make a game like the Witcher three, you're capable of that. But it's just that panic button have proved it time and time again, they know what they're doing and look at war framework, or, you know, look at Sky room, for example, or doom. They're all fantastic ports, and really well done. And I think that's my concern. But well Fingers crossed. I mean, if it's September, it's not that long to wait until we find out what about you, Anton Well, yeah,

Anton Winters 36:33

I'm on the same one they are. They're really pushing it in terms of what kind of graphical downgrade I would be willing to accept. As a camp game, I would want to play on switch soul. And so I give them the benefit of the doubt there. But I do worry with that being in house and what their cyberpunk 2077 coming out. I fear that it's maybe not 100% in their priority at this moment. So think this is who knows, maybe by one or two days after release date if it's good, but definitely not preorder here

Mike Macdermid 37:04

yet. Oh, well we'll wait and see him and hopefully it's a real shame if it does come and it's not good enough

Al Struthers 37:11

from the scratch if it is was to combine steam is that

Mike Macdermid 37:14

yes, absolutely. Next up then Nintendo have a list of new job listings for Breath of the Wild to looks like they're listing for 3d computer graphics and a level designer for dungeons very specific. And if you're going to apply for those might apply it will get it

Al Struthers 37:29

we should all apply.

Mike Macdermid 37:31

It might take one look and go

Al Struthers 37:33

What experience Have you gotten Anton played?

Anton Winters 37:37

The thing that really got me from this review as at not review this news, as I'm kind of hoping we get some really good judge dungeons this time around. At the ones in brief the world were fun, but obviously they looked identical. Yeah, and they fell a little bit copy and paste. So I would be I'd love some good Don Johnson's this time around, I think it would be a fairly believable place to take the game. And that wouldn't be too extreme. But, you know, just let Nintendo hire a bajillion people and make us like, a full realistic Zelda that's the size of the universe.

Mike Macdermid 38:12

And a lot of people did complain about the dungeons and breath of the well being the one thing that they weren't so

Al Struthers 38:17

because it wasn't really dungeons really abundant.

Mike Macdermid 38:20

Yeah, it's funny because I don't think there was dungeons either. I always think when people see dungeons and like, what we're talking about a puzzle. Yeah. And some of them. You know, some of them are a little obscure as well, in terms of the way Google wanted. Yeah, I mean, anyway, maybe that's just me and you. Okay, next up Donkey Kong Country Returns, that's the one in the we were not getting on the switch, but it is going to be I don't know, and the NVIDIA Shield and 10 at 60 frames per second. See, this is where Nintendo need to go. We need to we need to get our pro and, and do this game and other games and 1080 and 60 frames per second shields.

Anton Winters 38:58

It's an older than switch. It's older, but it uses the same parts and uses the same CPU which was cost like essentially designed. What the NVIDIA Shield and the switch and

Mike Macdermid 39:11

what they don't say is that you've got to wear gloves to play it because I run so. I don't know I'm sure it runs very well. But it's you've seen a few things running on the NVIDIA Shield very, very well. And it just wonder how under process we're actually or how much less we're using on the switch than we could

Al Struthers 39:30

Yeah, I mean, maybe deliberately throttling the switch for a while and possibly

Anton Winters 39:33

Well, I can gather and regarding the performance of Islam, as the switch dolt runs at the same performance centres as the NVIDIA Shield and just as a tablet. However, the NVIDIA Shield has a much beefier battery and fan. And, theoretically, with an upgrade, we could have these games running. But even then it's running at 20 people, there's room to donate scale the game possibly to run it on switch.

Al Struthers 40:02

Yeah, I'll get an impression the switch is probably dedicated quite a lot of power to processing the controllers, because they're complicated controllers with a lot of information coming from them.

Mike Macdermid 40:12

Well, speaking of that, we have got some news of a possible next gen controller new standard. This is from Nintendo and Mia Mia motor developing a next gen controller. And what they said is our objective is to achieve an interface that surpasses the current controller, which would be pretty impressive. And we're what the player does is directly reflected on the screen and the user can clearly feel the result. This has not been achieved yet. We've tried all kinds of motion controllers, we know that. But none seemed to work for all people. So as the company that knows the most about controllers, we've been striving to create a controller that can be used with ease, and that will become the standard for the next generation. It's funny, isn't it? Because they have tried all sorts of controllers, and we kind of ended up going back to where we started with controllers and just really good ergonomic can't controllers.

Al Struthers 40:58

The joy corners, not a million miles away from the NES controller. No,

Unknown Speaker 41:03

they're pretty similar.

Mike Macdermid 41:04

Yeah, and in fact, a lot of people are using that they go it was that the eight bit ones that you got the controllers I've got one as well or the company or a bit door. It bit door that's the one yeah, and you know so so we're actually going back for certain games, which are more kind of eight bit and 16 bit style and using controllers that were around 25 years ago maybe slightly upgraded. So it is going to be interesting to see how do they get a controller that is significantly different? That feels like the new standard fare

Al Struthers 41:34

bring back then 64 which everybody except me hated I loved it. It was probably the most comfortable controller

Unknown Speaker 41:39

I've used I

Mike Macdermid 41:40

think overall controller since then is probably the most I think the pro Cruz the Pro is very comfortable. And for me anyway, until What's your favourite all time controlling? There's a question for you.

Anton Winters 41:52

Such a hard one because it depends on what kind of game I really love the Sega Saturn controller and the own life console from 2010 has like one of my favourite controllers ever and like five people on the console, which is a shame. I've got to Google the console let alone the controller and yeah, I do like the pro controller Hello feel like it count feels like a lump and the Xbox Elite controller. Oh, yeah, only 420 pounds. Yes a lot. If you have a PC and an Xbox is easy to justify, it's a little bit easier to justify the price there and it is so good. But yeah, overall, this the fire TV had a nice controller as well. But that's right, yeah, sirens near near to my heart.

Mike Macdermid 42:38

Well, there we are. Next up, Nintendo are investigating five G's. So again, it is that talk about are we going to get Nintendo to give us some sort of connexion on the goal of 5g connexion would probably be good enough, probably faster than half of our Wi Fi that we've used for doing some of this podcast and

Al Struthers 42:54

Skype. But that's probably true. Yeah, I can see why you'd want to do it because it is the one thing that obviously hobbles the switch. But getting data and the boat is known impossible as you've got Wi Fi somewhere and even then

Mike Macdermid 43:05

it can be a bit fiddly on the switcher phone. If you're in a hotel. It doesn't see because it's all internal user interface is quite difficult sometimes to spot the right password entries.

Al Struthers 43:15

Yeah, I can see a switch coming with, with some sort of four or five details on it. Yeah,

Mike Macdermid 43:20

yeah. We'll move on then just to get through the last bits of news so we can move on to the quiz. Next up Tetris 99 has been rated by the Australian classification board, which is heading towards a power physical release where we talked about that Japan release where they're bundling it with the DLC and subscription for online. Do you think we'll get the same thing in the West and in Australia and in America?

Anton Winters 43:41

Yeah, I think it's entirely possible up until now, I was a bit sceptical but it's obviously textures night and get name. It's been a game that's been out in Australia for months now. So the fact that it's going through the rating board and has like the rating that they would put in the book suggests that we would be getting a show and release them with me a power region as well as us. And I think we're in luck at table by that free to play game physically for 23 pounds.

Mike Macdermid 44:09

Well, yeah, I know. But if they do bundle it, like they have done in Japan with the DLC and your subscription for a year, actually becomes really good value. And if you want to buy a subscription anyway, and you've got to play Tetris 99 you get physical copy of that you get the DLC and you get your online subscription for about five or more than you would if you bought the subscription. So I would do that because I like physical games master

Al Struthers 44:33

and I probably wouldn't because I mean I do at the moment I can play Tetris anything for free, inverted commas, and I don't know it was fine it is.

Anton Winters 44:42

Hi Melissa you're good at saving money and I'm

Al Struthers 44:44

not that it's just I just don't have a time so yeah, just know I probably won't bother

Anton Winters 44:50

for this because I have a feeling close it includes so much of the digital content aka the DLC and the online I have a feeling you're going to find these really cheap on the user market once or people have got Lum swans after like people redeem that they're essentially just call a free to play game, which they can then sale on ETFs for a couple pounds, so I'm hoping to pick up cheap one on the US market. Yeah, clever, clever thinking. I like it.

Mike Macdermid 45:17

Next up, we got Nintendo have been talking about the anti takeover measures in place to prevent a hostile takeover. I did see something about this. And it was like they were like, reenacting it or like saying this is what we'll do if there's a hostile takeover. Tell us more Anton

Anton Winters 45:34

Yeah, so R Us familiar like k have for instance, let's take for example, when Ubisoft was trying to get taken over by another company,

Mike Macdermid 45:42

not really no, I I'm not very good with the politics of video game companies generally unless I spot something but tell us a bit more.

Anton Winters 45:49

So yeah, in terms of them being a publicly traded company and so you can go off and buy the individual shares but if you own enough of the shares you have a seat and what the company does and or if you buy all of this year's you officially own the company 100% right. So for instance, a case it's trying to happen with a Ubisoft as Vivendi has been tried by up every single share that there it's and so obviously, that's not really what Nintendo wants, because they don't want somebody like, all of a sudden, like, let's say, Sony come along and be like, yeah, we're going to buy every single one of your shares and own your company without your consent. And so essentially what Nintendo says as the full about this possibility happening and has plans to prevent that happening, and usually when it reverts to prevent in a wholesale takeover, it's quite ridiculous stuff like Ubisoft deliberately tanked their own shareholder value to prevent a hostile takeover one, so it's a real end game stuff. It does

Al Struthers 46:51

make you wonder, though, why they made this announcement. I wonder if there's something else going on in the background that somebody is trying to take over under? There's putting this out there to the world alarms going? Yeah, we're not gonna let that happen. Or if it's something else entirely going on. I can't see why at the blue. There's something going Oh, yeah, by the way, we've got this policy to stop this happening. It's a it's a weird thing from

Mike Macdermid 47:11

a lot of talk at the moment with the Microsoft stuff and all that said that you just wonder maybe and then of course, the Google stuff as well and well maybe there's trying to boost the sheer volume, just show how robust they are. And I can't quite figure out why also Tencent if you think about they're talking about the 10 cent thing in China. I mean, China has a lot of money in China right now. And there is the potential perhaps that it's more of a safeguard to say to all companies off Yeah, don't try that because it's not happening maybe hmm interesting. Yes, very interesting. I mean, I hopefully is just something they thought will prophesy at some point it's not really anything directly but I think you're probably right there probably is a reason I don't think they generally announced things without a reason. All right, final bit on the rumours this week UK accessory publisher Big Ben have leaked switch many accessories consistent with previous leaks what off to talk about this forever

Al Struthers 48:01

tells we're getting switch officially just

Mike Macdermid 48:02

switch many just dial So when do you think is coming out then quick prediction Anton?

Anton Winters 48:07

I think it's going to come out December. Okay in time for Christmas and time for Animal Crossing.

Al Struthers 48:14

Yeah, good show. Yeah, I'm sort of an agreement I was originally thinking is gonna be summer to get the summer market but we've missed that window now Seattle is and on Christmas

Mike Macdermid 48:22

that Christmas are if 20 Whoa, undeveloped. It is at the moment. It could be March 20 2024. Animal Crossing

Al Struthers 48:30

producing will be announced this month. Do you think

Mike Macdermid 48:33

are we gonna get another direction you think?

Al Struthers 48:35

I think we just woke up I think we're gonna get

Mike Macdermid 48:37

Yeah, I think we're going to get direct announced for August.

Anton Winters 48:40

interest. Yeah.

Mike Macdermid 48:43

What do you think?

Anton Winters 48:44

Yeah, I'm with you. August. I fought your way say July there was like No, August definitely. What do you guys think of the leaked images from Big Ben? I think it kind of gives us our clearest look of what the hardware could be like. I feel like sort of looks like a Wii U Mini.

Al Struthers 49:03

Doesn't look like a switch mini It looks like a Wii U Mini.

Mike Macdermid 49:06

Yeah, I mean, I had a quick look I'm just having a quick look again just to remind myself of the of the images I did have a look at them earlier in the week I think yeah, I mean, they're interesting i mean, i i don't know i mean, is it enough to make you think are really need to get a switch many if you're already playing a switch? Probably not. I don't think would you

Al Struthers 49:25

know No, actually but then we are we are not a target market. No, it's people new into it. It's probably for kids to encourage them to come and buy something but cheaper for parents don't spend the money on a fool

Anton Winters 49:36

CL I'm in an interesting position. I'm I'm looking at that and like that's what I would like the switch to be. For me, it's like I use the pro controller when it's on a TV. And then I like I disassemble the switch to put this tablet one pocket and enjoy cons and another one to try and take it around Moberly. I see nothing more than one is something I really want and like slim Basil's I've we'd be more than happy with a piece of hardware like this.

Al Struthers 50:03

I probably say 80% sampling my switches with joy cons off and I've got one joke on a sauna Scott the other joke on Really? Yeah, I play a lot with two player, multiple people with just the mini control. Well, it takes that element over.

Mike Macdermid 50:13

I mean, I guess as long as there's not a hit on the performance of the heart or on the you know, the actual processing or anything, Anton then down, you know, and I don't think there will be, then if there's no hit on it, then that might be a perfect solution for you. And why not have more options for people give them the option. So Anton complete you. If anything, you might actually give you a better battery. Because you're not having to communicate wirelessly with these controllers. You don't have to process the wireless information. And you might have less vibration need to worry about as well how to significantly better battery. I would be I'd be interested then. But the problem is I'm still interested to know what the price is going to be. So

Al Struthers 50:45

yeah, no, here's more interesting.

Mike Macdermid 50:46

Well, what sorry, Anton are you gonna say

Anton Winters 50:48

yeah, let's go reminds me there was a topic we missed last week, sadly. And it was a fact that and video people who make the switch processor up and built a new seven nine and version of the Integra x process x one processor. Uh huh. And which is quite exciting because an effort to implement on the switch hardware, it will be 100% compatible, overall, have better battery efficiency and potentially run it way bare, bare heap output and better efficiency. Theoretically, it would, with zero compatibility issues, give us better battery life and

Mike Macdermid 51:27

kill better formal thermals, which wouldn't we would have higher clock speeds. So there she's what they're kind of artificially trying to do in between loading scenes and Alexa Zelda to speed things up. And you could actually have that implemented throughout games, which potentially could give us 1080 or 60 frames per second, which would be more important.

Al Struthers 51:45

I wonder if that becomes the switch pro? Or if that just becomes a switch version? 1.2 or 1.1? It could just be a generational need an upgrade. It just didn't even mentioned it just quietly change ship.

Mike Macdermid 51:56

It's funny that no, I'm so invested in the switch that I never thought I would be one it would be I'm going to upgrade to wherever the best new option is. And now I am like I actually think because I'm so invested in I probably will upgrade to the pro when it comes out. And I would never say that about any constantly.

Al Struthers 52:10

Yeah, I've never want to do with this PlayStation. My old PlayStation four is fine.

Mike Macdermid 52:15

Before doesn't bother me. But with the switch, I probably would just just because I think I'm taking it places. I think that that really makes a difference. I certainly

Al Struthers 52:22

consider I still don't know if I would actually go and buy a pro No. Depends wider. It depends

Mike Macdermid 52:26

what's coming with it. But it's certainly interesting. And that is interesting news that we missed last week. So thanks for for reminding us, Anton. Yeah, and

Anton Winters 52:34

so it would be curious because the biggest obstacle for the switch many as the switch from battery life isn't great. And then they're going to be putting it in with a smaller battery. So they would have to do something to mix up.

Al Struthers 52:47

Yeah, before two years of battery technology incrementally increasing so it's true.

Mike Macdermid 52:50

Yeah, that's true. Right. Well watch that space once again. No, I think it's time for us to move on to this week's quiz. Are you going to be doing this again on top of your quiz host indeed.

Anton Winters 53:03

So glad you said that was not prepared otherwise just for know under the bus?

Mike Macdermid 53:10

Let's do it. No, none

Anton Winters 53:13

Yes, so if you're unfamiliar hold the quiz works I give the two contestants at Camp some hints bowl game and they have one guest pair hint and then it's a battle to the death to see who wins and to mix up this well will

Al Struthers 53:26

will will will those things are just going off we have to die

Anton Winters 53:29

yeah that's how it works that's that's how we like transition to like new horse that's why we've been preparing people

Al Struthers 53:37

to start sort of extra life hearts looking over our heads right now

Mike Macdermid 53:40

Emily and James just ready in the wings that jumping? Should we die?

Anton Winters 53:45

All right. Let's go for it. Let's do it. And to mix it up this week. We have an any special every game less it never had a

Al Struthers 53:55

memory terrible. So remember, let's just do

Anton Winters 53:57

this. Let's see. Okay, the first game an action platformer developed by Konami and published in 1986 Mega Man,

Al Struthers 54:08

that was Capcom.

Mike Macdermid 54:09

Oh yeah.

Al Struthers 54:11

Konami action platformer. Something like Streets of Rage. But that was

Anton Winters 54:19

battle tools. Where's Double Dragon? Sadly, no, no cigar at? You've wander a castle to fight Count Dracula? castle Castlevania? Boom. Oh,

Mike Macdermid 54:32

hi. As a tie. We said it the same. We're gonna have to have a tie on that one. I've never done that before. No. 1111

Anton Winters 54:39

All right, a second game. At this game was published in 1988. Sorry, 1993. So that's a couple years after the Super Nintendo. Bye. Hi, how laboratories. Nice look. At the game scenario, an evil night. An evil entity named nightmare corrupts the Fountain of Dreams, which provides restful sleep to the race to the end of dreamland. Oh, it's a Kirby Kirby. You've got Alster.

Mike Macdermid 55:24

Yeah, well done. I wish I could see it. But you're absolutely right. Thank you. All right. Well, I was as you could tell, I was a Sega boy when I was early 90s.

Al Struthers 55:35

It was just something rang a bell in the back of my head. I used to love the old Kirby game with an aspect. I don't remember the details, but there was just a hint.

Mike Macdermid 55:42

I only knew it because of playing it recently. I mean, I know. I played on the switch. I never played on the NES. So anyway,

Al Struthers 55:48

all right. Okay, last one. And

Anton Winters 55:50

yeah, and I've got a bonus one to count. Even at the score if need be. But anyway,

Mike Macdermid 55:54

excellent. Love it.

Anton Winters 55:56

Yeah, a more Kairos racing game. Front game developer Moto G excite bike indeed excite bake. Ah,

Mike Macdermid 56:05

see I'm not Nintendo. I'm not either. I'm no no 3121 no, it's three one

Al Struthers 56:14

yeah, so does that mean we bring in Anton three zero so yeah, but

Mike Macdermid 56:18

let's do anyway.

Anton Winters 56:19

Yeah, alright a Sunday himself in the food because if you wouldn't ever gets this one game wins. All right, it seems unfair, but carry on. an overhead military action. Venture self game, originally released in 1987 by Konami

Al Struthers 56:40

Oh desert strike. Yes, that is the game I don't mean to say that is the game isn't That's right. This isn't is too early

Mike Macdermid 56:47

desert strike was later desert strike and jungle strike. Were early 90s.

Al Struthers 56:50

I thought I played them on the Nez I swore to put them okay, so it was overhead I can't think of a single Oh,

Mike Macdermid 57:02

of course is the bonus one. Yeah. Wait.

Unknown Speaker 57:05

Yeah. All right. Okay.

Anton Winters 57:08

And there's no other clues or do you keep leaving clues I can keep on going

Al Struthers 57:11

keep going so you can come up with me

Anton Winters 57:13

do it right away player controls and military operative named Solid Snake whose objective is Oh, dear.

Unknown Speaker 57:24

There we go. I've

Mike Macdermid 57:24

done this two weeks in a row or a show myself. I totally forgot that I couldn't guess it after. And then in the bonus one anyway, wouldn't matter because you want you want and you won morally as well for winning even though I've won that you've still got the model?

Anton Winters 57:38

Double one.

Al Struthers 57:40

And in my head does no my third winner No, even though it wasn't here for the first one.

Mike Macdermid 57:43

You don't win that one. But next week is going to be a Sega Mega Drive special. It'll be a comeback special. Yeah.

Well play that was very impressive. Good

Al Struthers 57:53

quiz. I don't think it

Mike Macdermid 57:54

nowhere. Yeah. Good. Good questions, good games as well. And old ones that I'm more familiar with now than I ever was back then. Because I just couldn't see my Sega back in those days when I was a kid.

Al Struthers 58:04

Sorry. You've learned a few ways.

Mike Macdermid 58:06

Hey, listen, there's a great era right here for gaming. And whichever way you went and look, we've got Sonic though. So

Al Struthers 58:12

we don't know. They're all friends a little bit, fellas. It's

Mike Macdermid 58:14

all good. are all doing the Olympics together. Right then? That is it for this week. We will be back in another week's time for another podcast. In the meantime, we are on twit Hall. Are we? Yes. We don't know you don't know who you

Anton Winters 58:25

are. What's the Twitter l Anton ns UK podcasts over there. You can send us all your heartaches. And let us know if you find our secret little easter egg. And if you're feeling a little bit crazy, and you want to give my Super Mario Bros to label you can send me over your hate. And the course ID is 272-768-0541 lg shameless nice.

Mike Macdermid 58:53

Excellent. We should we should maybe she maybe share our friends codes at some point on the old Twitter. I might do that. Why not? Yeah, yeah. Why not? Yeah, just nobody be too crazy and it'll be fine.

Unknown Speaker 59:05

Let's ask it. A lot of

Mike Macdermid 59:07

people are adding me there. So there's that there's also the websites en su ke p.co.uk we've also got an email yeah podcast at ns UK P. Dakota. uk. Yep. And you'll get us downloaded for free on the likes of iTunes, apple, podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and others as well and almost a stranger things you can get us on ham radio. You can Yes. breaker breaker. What's your handle

Unknown Speaker 59:34

over anyway, goodbye.