To Loot Or Not To Loot - Episode 20

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Anton, Mike and Al are discussing the new Sonic Racing Switch release, complete with one glaring omission...

Belgium have banned some Nintendo mobile games, we discuss why.  We've got Yu-Gi-Oh, Square Enix, THQ Nordic, Roller Champions, Darksiders II and much more.  Plus we turn the tables for the quiz and Anton becomes the host, meaning it's Mike against Al for the first time!

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Hello welcome to the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. It's Episode Number 20 we are we're now into the roaring 20s Alastair we're not in our teens grown up our pimples and spot some girl we are well, but that's what they told me. Anyway Anton How are you? I'm doing well you know just living life maybe putting a little bit of switch whenever I can.


I did notice this week I saw your name pop up once or twice whilst I was on the the old Nintendo Switch But that also means I was playing and Alice know you finally finished Red Dead Redemption finished Red Dead Redemption today. That means I can pick up my switch and actually start playing it properly good because there's lots of things we want to discuss. Now before we get started. Just a reminder, you can download our podcast from iTunes. You can listen to it on Spotify.


I think it's on Stitcher. And remember that we're on Twitter as well. So if you're on Twitter it's ns UK podcast on Twitter. We also have a website Allaster which is ns.


UK you can you can get in touch with us there by email which I think is just a podcast at podcast as UK p Joker UK now if you're on iTunes please do leave us a review those things really do help us out just to get people noticing us and yet if you have any friends that are Nintendo Switch players anywhere in the world, but they don't listen to the podcast. We would love it if you would share what we do on a weekly basis because we do it for free and we're going to try and try and think of a couple of ways to kind of get out there a bit more because I know that we have some loyal listeners who listen to us every week and I know that is growing but it would be nice to just just reach that a little further Wouldn't it it would be we'd love to get some friends or families get some anyways listen to us enemies is good the open disagree with everything we say that's fine I that that's not an issue. That's that's a good thing that started conversation on to Yeah, go on Twitter. And just


Like, send us your whole tix and, you know, it's actually quite good to be challenged because sometimes we are a little bit on the optimistic side we know. And you know,


it's good to be challenged. Well, speaking of being optimistic, let's start off with this week's fantastic news.


Now I say it's fantastic. I don't know yet, but we're going to work our way through it. And the first thing I wanted to talk about this week was team Sonic racing, the old. The reason I want to talk about this is because I know Anton, you've been quite excited about this. I haven't. There's a couple of things on the switch that we're going to discuss. But first of all, Anton, have you been enjoying it? I haven't had a chance to pick up Yeah, there's so many games coming out. I'm like Cosmo maker and then we've caught tons of stuff. So I haven't picked up yet. I'm on the fence because there are other titles on my I've got my eyes on So should I pick up make? Okay, I've played I played a bit of the campaign more than the whole emphasis on Team Sonic racing is on Co Op. So it's a corporate title essentially. Although you


can't play on your own. But the way it works is that you're working as a team with other people in the race rather than individual. When you're in the campaign world. I think it's different if you play online. But I've just been kind of working my way through it. What's cool about it is like a lot of the Sonic games that we've seen in the last sort of 1520 years. As you go through the campaign mode, there's different types of challenges. So it's not just race this and finish first racism, there's first there can be other stuff in there, like, I don't know, finish in the top three and don't do this and whatever. So it's quite cool in that sense. Gameplay wise, I need a little bit longer with it. What I will say is, it doesn't have at the moment the thrill of Mario Kart or the thrill that I was quite expecting from it. I'm kind of almost there with it. Come back to me in another couple of weeks when I got a chance to really get into it because it could just be that put so many hours into Mario Kart, I think maybe a couple hundred hours or whatever that I just haven't quite got to grips with it yet. So I'm enjoying it so far. I'm not liking my other


The other half Rachel she's she's not enjoying it as much as I thought she would switch it which is interesting. But let's watch this space now Anton there was one thing that they did differently on the switch version. A couple of people yes weird, sadly and I find it weird that they got so close to getting the full game on switch but they had to cut the intro video from the campaign just to have it fell on the switch cartridge and yeah, which is kind of bizarre considering that's like such a small thing to have to have cut.


And similarly if you don't move digitally, you lose that as well just keeping it consistent. And how do you guys feel about this? Because obviously we've had a few games where it's like you don't look digital content. However in this case, we're just like now we'll just cut off here and have an author and the cartridge. Yeah, well, this is what I don't understand. Why did they not just have the kind of from the cartridge but make it automatically download to switch and just sort of gets pulled in and played? You would never notice the difference? Why did they not just do that?


Yeah, I did wonder why it's not a patch? Like, why is there not a day one patch? Okay, day one patch, you've got to download this and it adds in, you know, because then that's not an issue of character size then. So I don't really understand why that wasn't added. I mean, I guess it turns what the intro video was showing you. Because at the end of the day, is it important? Does it build up the story to single player campaign? Or is it literally just a flashy video? I think it's just a video kind of showcasing bits in that case, I'm probably not. Yeah, but for sake of continuity, I think this is where the the developers have to start taking the switch more seriously. And I think this is a problem that Sega maybe have been guilty of before. And I think it's something that you know, actually, you know, what, it's not a big deal. You're right, it doesn't change the game mechanic or anything, anything like that. But he just leaves the switch on us feeling a slight bit. You know,


under hard done by hard done by Yeah, a little bit short changes. I think. It's maybe important from that perspective, just even as a kind of show of like, you know what, you guys aren't missing out on a thing. We're going


As a patch is just that the cartridges are small. And that's the reason but I don't know I'm kind of I kind of feel he should have made the effort, Anton. Yeah, it's kind of a shame because it wouldn't be nice even if there was like, a form of workarounds at all. Even if it was like an optional thing like hey, do you want to stream it? Like Yeah, or even a habit as an optional download on the shop be like hey, you can't let me download so nobody can complain I understand why they would maybe wanting to have it as like one of those downloads you have done with the game because that Kevin singing chef to download like an 18 gigabyte game to your cartridge? not personally me but I see that I'm just like, I'm not good at both


cases. So I understand what their decision but it's a shame Yeah, it is a shame I think the game in itself I think I'll probably


start to really enjoy it. What's interesting is we've got crushed him racing coming out in a matter of weeks. And I'm I've pre order that as well. So I wonder which one is because I'm kind of done with Mario Kart at the moment because I need new courses. I've done everything I've played, every level of


played on mine so much. I'm just I'm kind of done with it. I find that the level I'm at online, it's now frustrating because people are very, very good that I'm playing again. So I think I think for me, it's,


it's gonna be interesting to see which one wins out because I am. I am kind of. I'm wondering if crashed in racing might take it. But we'll see. We'll see there is actually there's a wider discussion here. And I'm not suggesting a good into this today. I think it's too big of a topic for right now. But rather than blaming Sega, but getting on at Sega for cutting this bit, should we not be talking about why the cartridge is not bigger? Well, it's one of the possibilities that we know that there has been talk that we're getting double size, what we're getting, you know, we could easily do that kind of data that space costs nothing. Yeah, I think I think there is a bit of a shortfall with what we have now and what we possibly should have on the switch and maybe that's where the switch Pro comes in. Anton. Yeah, you know, I believe the cartridge size of this game is about 6.41 gigabytes, and I think it


In terms of like kind of pointing towards the Nintendo and being like why that doesn't sound like an unreasonable size for a game in 2019 That sounds very reasonable especially considering ps4 and xbox one game sizes so I yeah as you say I think even just happened like a 16 gigabyte cartridge available for game developers to print their games on to seems well reasonable from what from what I know of what I read and this might be wrong I think that Sega were given the option of having a bigger


card size but didn't want to pay the extra for the switch to have the capacity on the cartridges that might make sense and I'm pretty sure that's me I have to fact check that but I'm pretty sure that Sega were given the option but to go for the bigger cartridge size was going to cost them X amount more money and that's why they didn't do it because they felt that it was just a pointless intro video that didn't need to be on there then yeah, ask the question. Well, why have it at all you know if it's if it's pointless why why should this one


Miss out, you know, I have just looked it up by the way, there are different sizes of Nintendo card they got 32 gig right time to bring it to 64 gig one, but they haven't done it yet to delete it, but their capacity seems to be there. So it's really this is a Sega so yeah, back to blue Sega. All right, Sega.


Yeah, no, I think I think this game will do well. And I think that you know, the other Sonic racing games I played in the past are great, the transformed ones. So let me come back to it in a couple of weeks. It's certainly not about it's certainly not bad. It's it's well polished is it plays well, it's just a little. I don't know how I was slightly underwhelmed, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy it as a good one. Because it is even like the items it's quite hard at the moment to distinguish between what items do because I'm not used to them and they're kind of color coded which doesn't help colorblind among us like me, and


so, you know, there's things like that, but I'm sure I'm sure that I'll grow to love it. Just on that. Anton, you said that you've you've there's so much coming out at the moment. What does that mean? You've been playing this week Ah, that


You're going to throw me under the bus here I've mainly just since the 10th anniversary came around purely Minecraft going back replaying the game there's it's destroying my life is probably an addiction at this point. And so you know, not being the most authentic switch gamer but surely once I will forget will forgive you will


read that so I mean, I'm not really holding up my side of the bargain either. No, it's only you Mike, you're doing it for all of us. I'll tell you what I have been playing this week and this is another point discussion just coming on from that team Sonic racing beliefs and that is the release of Assassin's Creed three now the package also has the the other game that was on the PSP. Is it liberation liberation. So I'm pleased that Yeah, the first thing I thought was really great is that once you get it you can go into the shop and you can download about three gig of additional content which is great. So you got a whole other mission on there as well. It's a big it's a lot of content for the for the money even though it's an older game and yes


It's probably priced too high. Anyway, there is a lot in there.


So you're getting the full, Assassin's Creed three, you've got the extra downloadable content for another mission. You've also got Liberation's, which is a game in its own, which a lot of people have said is running much better than it wasn't the PSP, the frame rate is higher, which is great. What I will say about Assassin's Creed three,


I was a big fan of the first Assassin's Creed the second Assassin's Creed and haven't really played one since and I'm loving playing Assassin's Creed three, and a lot of people hate it. Without giving too much away in the game. You don't really get to play as your main character until about eight to 10 hours in You play as other people. But I'm really enjoying that. And I know a lot of people hate that. But for whatever reason, maybe just simply that type of game in a while. Now there are a couple of technical issues, I would say that they have to start Sorry, sorry, the audio because when a scene is loading, the audio is kind of crackling and popping and doing things that shouldn't. There are a couple of moments where things slow down slightly and there are a couple of


people repeating in the distance when they shouldn't be things like that. So


It's not perfect, and I think that it would be great if they released a patch and fix some of those things and Ubisoft because I don't think it's perfect and I think it's a bit lazy in that sense. But as a game it's fantastic and playing it handheld. It's great it's really really great.


So if you've not played the game, I would say you will really enjoy it for what it is if you've played the game before you're probably feeling a bit like oh you know cut this or cut that you know that's my impression. Well it gives me an option to click so I've not played it last one I played as Black Flag which was I really enjoyed and a lot of people didn't Yeah, but black flag was great there was a pirate one yeah, so I'm kind of tempted to give this one a shot and I was laughing in the background


I'm just saying here I'm unlike yourselves I wasn't a fan of anything past free. Free I was on the fence with and just couldn't get myself ready even though there was aspects I love like the calc Parker mechanics in the the boots are really good and kept the physics and just even graphically officially but Gameplay wise it can get into but I'm excited to hear. We're getting


Assassin's Creed games on switch and this elf calibre tale so the love of the dead like the teal trilogy or oh yeah and the first game it'll be fantastic yeah i think i wasn't a black flag fan I played it for two or three hours and kind of give up which isn't enough so you know I can't say I'm not a fan I just didn't get into quickly enough but I think with this one playing on the goal again is the key to this and this is what made it special so I can play it on the big screen and I have done but then I can put you know what I just have a goal handheld and it is is quite compelling and it's you know it's well voice acted and all the rest of it. It's Assassin's Creed title, so it's pretty good. So having on the switches great. I do think there are a few problems. The one other thing as well I've seen a few comparisons because obviously this is a game that was released on the way you so Assassin's Creed three was out on the Wii U. And I've seen some kind of comparisons and it is better than the Wii U version. There's no doubt about that. It's not far off the ps4 and Xbox version, the Xbox One that the biggest thing is the lighting is different so it's got a slightly different hue to it. Which is fine. The


bother me. It's running better from what I've read than the 360 version did and the ps3. So you're kind of somewhere between the PlayStation three and the PlayStation four at this point. Just fine for handheld right yeah, yeah. And you know you can play it on the big screen as well if you want to do it that way. So yeah, good


bit of patching Yeah, yeah mixed reviews it's getting but I love it so the ego if you haven't played it, go and check it out. And if you like the first or the second one, give it a chance even if you don't like the first 10 hours now. Next up, we've got some you guild legacy of the Julius link evolution news. We're at we're getting on the switch. I know that we're talking about a language patch. Originally, Anton what we were actually getting a physical release. Yeah, we're getting it physically. We're getting it digitally. It's coming slightly later in the month and a couple months away. At however close and for 999, which for a game watch on previous consoles costs 16 to 20 pounds is a little bit


But we're getting a physical it includes all the DLC. So that's kind of game you're interested in. And kudos to you and you'll be hearing it. Not too long. We're waiting a little bit for even that we bet for even though again, had an English patch in Japan, but you know what you can you do so this will probably be the last time we bring this up but


yeah, well it's good news if you're a Yankee fan and that is coming and it's not that long to wait really, it's August. Probably not going to spend the time learning learning the the mechanics of playing it, but you know, he's a very complicated game. Yeah, we're actually quite glad to come here because it means you can stop having to say the name. Why, what's wrong with me such a long name?


Well, one more time for good luck. It's coming out on the 20th of August 2019 to 3999 to just leave the physical version the works is up old legacy of the Julius link evolution. hungry. Oh, I'm so excited to play this up old legacy of the evolution I think it's going to be great. I've got like 9000 cards which is a record for you.


franchise so there should be plenty of content and it has all the DLC which they really did go wild on DLC in the previous console so looks great on pack excellent all right then so fun box media now these are these these the guys that do the jack box packs


don't think that is that not them don't quote me on that okay we'll check that fun box media have cancelled space Hulk on the switch due to a decision by the IP owners now I don't know much about space Hulk I love the sounds of


action adventure game. Space hope is one of those subsidiaries by adults like the works games like those little fingers that you paint and do stuff like that in that camp, whole lore. And it looks really graphically intensive which is the reason why I think a lot of people had their eye on it for switch tail over weirdly enough yet fun books media work site and really wanted to bring the switch and the count war, the workshop people behind it actually pulled out and it's kind of a


Really weird situation that regard


okay and what so what is so you pink stuff Did you see yeah that Joel toys or figures or what I've heard people prefer cold are just let you buy them yeah and you can paint know what just like more


I'm guessing yeah exactly same company yeah cool okay so not the company that I was not the company or thing go with did check that you were definitely wrong


the kind of name that we make that word books in the


reviews that's what threw me okay good news so we're getting a new game confirmed by th q Nordic it's battle world's Kronos Anton


yeah and D there's Calvin if you're not familiar with it I think came out in 2016 on ps4 and PC at such a top down RTS game has hexagonal count the same as your count more final count older RTS games, maybe your account 1990s early 2000s


Scelsa this will be completely up your alley I think so definitely give it a look as already Oh another platform so you can look up reviews it's going to cost quite a reasonable price for account by game at 27 pounds physically and digitally so it looks to me and all right title it's got mixed reviews so be cautious if you're not an RTS fan if you're a fan of older titles and especially in the RTS jona where they really used to do some shovel where garbage are we well it looks quite alright in all fairness coming out June the 11th if you're keen on that battle world's Kronos is the name if you want to go and have a look at the screenshots and see if it's something that might be up your straight No. bra. Am I right in saying this is like the budget version of smash? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Okay, it looks great as well. And I've seen some really good reviews of this and I think that if it's your kind of thing and you're not a smash fan, but you want to try something like this, it might be something you're keen on. Anyway, we've got some interesting news about


Bro hella and now has cross platform online multiplayer between the switch and the Xbox One. So if you've got friends that play it on the Xbox One you can you can play with them now.


Definitely and you know, we really just need to get more cross platform games that just really makes gaming so much better when you just don't have to be like, especially on the switch where sell smaller of the big free, at least in Europe as nice to just people to think I can play with x people. Yeah, great. Excellent. Well, that's going to be coming. It was no, it's no you can you can actually do that now. Yeah, indeed. Yes. Excellent. All right, then. We have some new Square Enix news. Now we always get some excitement whenever Square Enix say they're going to release something. Tell us about this one because it's a remake. Anton. Yes. So Are any of us familiar of the game franchise Star Ocean. I am familiar with it. I have watched the trailer for this and I've never played Star Ocean in the past. I love the cut scenes. By the way, it reminded me of the of like proper 80s cartoons. The the cut


scenes like real kind of like he man and that kind of stuff for that era. Yeah I started seeing them I remember being on the Super Nintendo notice I think I started from Superintendent end so the first game came out and super family calm back in 1996 and I'm not too sure if I presume if you're familiar with the superintendent version there may have been other versions released and and yeah, really or go remade for the PSP or seven and that one's simply called squared Star Ocean the first departure and very well regarded remember people really loving it on the PSP It was kind of a top down RPG goodness count so very 16 bed laughingly friend some like proper or trade music, some animated cut scenes and now we're getting a remake of that PSP version on Nintendo Switch at ps4 cool. So if you're up for like some cuz this was a golden age of Super Nintendo RPG, yeah, that was the Golden Age. So if you're looking for classic gr PG, I get this one. I could look


And they've done a couple of our Star Ocean games in their home yeah very good sorry good they're calling this one Star Ocean first departure are to think our distance remake because they've redone the graphics updated the artwork so it's not 16 bit anymore it's it's quite attractive. But I don't know if that means a slight different game or It literally means remake I think sure they remake Yeah, I think they've they've used our for some of the tales games also by Square Enix. So I think I think that's what's that continuity thing.


It's good that they're doing the the remake based on the PSP remake, so they can take what they did on the PSP 12 years ago and improve on that, given that this is another title that people will probably play handheld. That's probably a good thing as well. So that's great. And and actually this, I said this a couple of weeks ago, but there are quite a few titles on the PSP and the Nintendo DS of that era that would love them to go back and remake so maybe this all kickstart some interest in that year of gaming because there were some really good titles in both of those


consoles. So we will see


We will definitely especially from Square Enix they really support that console quite well. So if this sells well who knows what they will make we might have in the pipeline. Yeah, absolutely. Well let's hope so. Now finally in news we're going to talk a little bit about some seals that have basically got some results of some sales for for Nintendo and and the switch and it's quite interesting. I'll start Yeah, they've been doing well again currently. So Nintendo released some sales figures for America. And in April it was the highest selling console in April is all the PlayStation Xbox, which is nice. Yeah, but it's also the highest selling console of the year so far. It's outsold be sorry, PlayStation and Xbox. Well, it's great news. It is and again probably just adds more encouragement to developers to say hey, let's let's go and do some some work on the on this. I think that's exactly the result is going to have all the developers going to be looking at it. They're going to see actually know what this console looks is here to stay for a while. They if they're not already backing it as as backdrop, really push a few in


She's building up to work on this platform. Yeah. Good news for all of us. Yeah. Are we getting excited about in three, Anton?


Again there I think we're definitely needing to go into a deep type next week and kind of talk about our prediction prediction style. Yeah, it's so near Sonia. It is it's I'm very excited it's been a while since I've got excited about a direct No offense to Super Mario Maker just because it wasn't wasn't wasn't our cup of tea. Yeah. Although Having said that, say that and I've seen some of the


some of these kind of challenges that they put off of the eclipse of what will be like for the hundred levels and all that and actually, I'm like, so this is quite good marketing and it's turning it is it is a one line just I would highly recommend just given a goal. It's it may surprise you because I didn't think I'd like the aeration I just picked up because it had a good like bundle of the people in the art book and it was like good price and we knew was that tire time to be a Nintendo fan bottle. Give it a chance. Yeah. Hey, you may hate me.


I don't think so.


All right then let's move on to this week's rumors.


Okay, so first of all, we're going to talk about some news from th que subsidiary. How do I pronounce this catch media or cock media caught up? I'm not to show those guys anyway what's been happening Anton?


Yes sold


after we've had a leak from them before at the EB Canada, Satan a dark ciders definitive edition a emphasis on the death and defendant I saw that I wasn't sure it was a typo or if that was actually what what it was there clever, clever. Yes. So and falling madly couple months ago and on their own website, they've leaked on listing for dark ciders to


come to Nintendo Switch and the other account but consoles and so it's at that point, I think it's safe to say it's definitely coming at tissues been really good with support and the switch and even though we usually are really good at supporting social


It looks pretty much official. Have any of you tried any of the dark side or scams never played a moment of it? No, me neither. Actually, we feel we're both. we're failing here because I think a lot of people have give us give us a low down of Yeah. So it's kind of your adventure RPG sale game. It's, I hate to say this, but it's very Xbox free, sexy sale game, if you know what I mean. Yeah, account double a kind of tail. I think there's a lot of people that will love it. And I think it's, it's not for everyone. I wouldn't say yeah, but I'll give it a go. You can get from really cheap on the previous console. So if you have your own free stick, say maybe play like half an hour and see if you like yeah, it's like a title that I'm definitely aware of. And I've seen it loads and loads. It's just never been one that I've played. So that and great if it's coming. This is coming the switch than more good news. It's a quality title. It's well reviewed. So I'm happy with that. We've been seeing good news a lot today. We're going to bad news now. Because I said earlier that we're positive and we're happy to be part that's why I say here's wonderful news. We don't do negative apart from maybe political activism.


Some of the games that we've bought this week but I need to put my skeptic hat on back on, right, get that hat on because we're going to move on to some more rumors this week and one of a well known leaker called What is it Bobby Savile? How I'm not even going to try. I don't even care if that's how you pronounce it or not because it sounds great while be Sabal is a leak here. And he's exposed some new screenshots of a game a Ubisoft IP. Come on. Tell us about this one. Yeah, he just laid out the film news that the game title is ruler chest. This is one that looks a bit like Rocket League.


Kind of like imagine like a ruler like Jet Set Radio meets rocket reeks what's the candlelight some game with a mix of arms for some reason. He shared photos he shared camp price details and he shared a lovely video of like one of the account intro reels that you would have like if you're waiting for a game to star appears to be coming from Ubisoft and getting Sean off at a free cause he found a watermarks that say a free demo and it looks


really enticing graphically look stunning I pursue my clear focus yeah and and he's also got assets for camp control at like camp like almost sheets of paper saying the control layouts for Nintendo Switch so it seems to be guaranteed and considering Ubisoft were really bad having leaks not leak last year and with Mario rabbits Kingdom now it seems quite likely that this one is a legit leak and if it's not it's went to way too much effort forging emojis and screenshots and kill box are and if it's anything like


what was talking about if it's anything like Rocket League in terms of the multiplayer aspect and bring it on because we need more of those games we haven't really got that many min FIFA hasn't got its act together quite yet with the FIFA releases. They're all right by the way you can get FIFA 19 at the moment for about 18 pounds or something and I think on the store, it's about 90


but it's not quite the full things. We don't have the journey which is a big part of FIFA. So I have


haven't gone for that. But something like this I love Rocket League of Lords arrows into we need more games like this. So I'm completely up for that if it's if it is good, so we'll just have to wait and see if it's a if there's any three demo I suspect we'll probably find out a couple of weeks. There we are definitely. And it's quite exciting because Ubisoft been doing good with supporting switch more so yeah, fingers crossed, we get some like yet this game looks like fairly big. It would be nice to get a really kill. Or BEC maybe serious title. Yeah, brilliant. Now on the Japanese eat shop with English language support from this week, the 30th of May. This is interesting. You'll be able to download a free version of Dead or Alive extreme three scarlet, why do we get this free? And it's never been released here. And it's Phil English support right? I think they were worried about controversy close as a very, I guess. sexualized, dead or alive. I'm


alive fighting games and they are pretty, you know, yeah, they're there.


Nope, not the worst PC games in the world now but I mean, you know,


we put a good fun whenever we get a visual novel we get the edited version over here anyway like I think there's another one coming soon what we're getting a sort of slightly less controversial version from the Japanese one so you could have not done that if they were really worried about it. Yeah I think they were just scared to just have like 10 accusations of just being like Oh, you're over sexualized and women. But anyway if that is a game you really want it's free and Japan and you get the game and I believe the difference as is holy have made it free as you have to buy additional characters Okay, for I think there were 2010 which is about at a time to 2000 yen, which I think sold 10 or 20 pounds, okay. But you can get the free version. I don't know how much game plays really in there. But you know, if you're bored, it will get you to a beach this summer, you know,


to get to be the only way living where we do that we'll probably see a beach


sunshine data is very true combination of the two and having a day off all the same time as a lot of stuff to try and fit in when you live in Scotland. No. Just a couple of other things less switching, but still important. First of all, been seen a lot of this new Mario Kart beater week this week, actually, I gotta say, I was. I was I'm never playing I'll never play Mario Kart on them on mobile, but actually, it's quite good. I think you and I've had to change your position because I didn't want to bother with anymore. I like the idea of TV and then I sort of thought you know what it's going left and the acceleration I can really believe that that is what what mobile is good at and that it will Yeah, but it's actually designed as a 100 game which will intend to try to do with older Yeah, mobile games, but actually, I think we're doing better because I do and again, Anton


I'm scared for this game. I don't know if just, we've got three different Connor currencies. We've got loot boxes. Yeah, since the one handed game they are trying to gently there's it's just a money spinner. Yeah.


Presently, you might remember the article there was a quote from I think the old head of Nintendo after a while before the first Shema. And where he was talking about the fact that Michael Carter had known Mario Kart Super Mario Bros run on their performance. And where's Fire Emblem over performs? So I'm scared they're going to be taking their Fire Emblem approach and really going money here. And I trust them tangles so well, I'll give them a benefit of the doubt. Interestingly, I don't know. Did you guys see the news about Belgium pulling some mobile games for Nintendo this week? Know.


So a lot of people play missed this. But last year Belgium passed a law which basically banned loot boxes. They're they're seen as a form of unregulated gambling, you pay actual cash, you don't know what you're getting. So they decided this was illegal. And this week, they've pulled Fire Emblem and they've also pulled off another game to a new animal cross. Yeah, Animal Crossing. If we're both of them from the


Yo stores are in Belgium. Right? So I suspect this will follow that as well. And I think there's quite a movement across the world Belgium was the first country to do this. Yeah. But I think it's quite a few countries are thinking about banning loot boxes in games. So a lot of these developers in general couldn't might have to rethink their strategy and how they make cash on these things. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, how do you guys feel about blue boxes as a general thing? For me personally, I'm I'm of an age now that it doesn't bother me because I just think Well, you know what, if you want to, if you want to participate then do it. But I think the reason there is a bigger question about when you have someone in the house that's maybe a little younger, that has access to this and maybe limited amount of money to use on that, you know, and they're spending their money on that. I think there is there are problems I've seen it in the past. You know,


the 360 and the PlayStation One and PC gaming and all sorts and I think mobile gaming is probably one of the biggest culprits but it does happen and I do think people do get carried away with with you know, we've got to be the best and FIFA is quite bad for


Because FIFA yeah you know you've got your ultimate team and you're trying to build that up and


I love I can understand it because it's addictive you know you you haven't quite got the team you want but if I just spend a bit more money and the next pack I open I might get somebody that's even better and I can kind of understand what where they're coming from. I do think it's it depends whether you think it's irresponsible or not to use that as a money making tool. I would say on the switch. It's right on the borderline. Yeah, I've got to say I don't like the whole idea of pay to win. I think pay to win shouldn't exist. pay for things like skins and I can stuff that make no difference your gameplay but if you want them you spend money on I have no objection to people doing that whatsoever. Peter when as uncomfortable loot boxes I've come to inclusion I find them even more uncomfortable because some people are going to win a lot of people to lose. And exactly as you just said the people are fully most likely spend the most money in this are the young who don't understand


They don't have the money to get themselves or the parents and big difficult is all sorts of stories with them. And I've seen that seen that over and over again. I think good examples of that are wireframe. I think wireframe does it well, because yeah, you can buy stuff, and it enhances it, but you don't need it. And I think that's great. And it's a free game. So that's fantastic. Yeah. So even if you spent 30 pounds, it's not the end of the world because that's the cost of a game. So that's good.


I think also, another good one is Paladin I think pounds is quite good, because you can play through the whole of Holden's, but if you want to unlock people, you can pay more money if you haven't done it the old fashioned way. So yeah, there are good examples of it and responsible.


I guess, since I don't want to do you know, like safety features on the switch? Do we have limitations? Can you set limitations on a switch so that if you've got a kid, for example, you can say Well, you know what, they can't spend more than 10 hours a month. I think you can be able to print laps. I think there's plenty of limitations in that saying that I think it's a kind of case of if they go to buy something that can ping the parents form of verification. I'm not 100


There's obviously something up not used. But it's definitely weird here because the thing I've been thinking about this a bunch this week, and it was what the news of the US UK game where there's, there's no micro transactions, but you have card packs. And obviously there are a lot more bounced when there where you just go in for the card you play with the game, you just buy them in packs, and then you open up and you don't know what your game. And it's just the fact that they're they're kind of closed. And similarly, even just with kids with Pokemon cards, it's kind of always been a thing that's kind of been manipulated for economic gain. But yeah, I'm Calvin the point of view of yourself house to work. It really depends on what they're selling. What What is there behind that people? Yeah, yeah, it's it's definitely a discussion that could you could have a podcast on its own just talking about it. And I think it is something that we should be aware of, and it's I think it's responsible to mention it and to talk about it. But it is interesting that a country is taking a hard line like Belgium and said, No, we're just not doing it and I could see that happening elsewhere. You know, but


fantasy happening here at some point potentially, potentially. Oh, well, interesting. We will probably talk about it again at some point depending on what gets released when a couple of other just very quickly before we move on to the quiz, which we're going to do something slightly different I'm very excited about this. It also slightly nervous. But before that, just a couple of other bits of news that aren't necessarily Nintendo related but fighting so the fire watch developers, these are the developers behind the game, or was that we're doing GPS now they've announced the play date console that I just the thing with the windy up thing on the side, indeed, yeah, this looks really cool. Yeah, and it gets a little bit more interesting beyond the hardware. So if you haven't heard of the playdate console, it's coming out in 2020. It's kind of a little bit bigger. It's maybe like the size of two credit cards stacked on top of each other. And it's quite fun. It's maybe a thickness of your phone. It has a D pad and two buttons and then on the side it's got a Wayne cranked and count like almost like a portable torch that you have to wind up




Really interesting in terms of it's called black and white display. And Kelly, please 16 Beth ash games. And what's really interesting about is the delivery method of the game. So you can almost subscribe to like a season. So you go in there and you buy a season like a season pass for game, you'll get. Let's roll week number 15 indie games made by Canvas sabarish. And the developers, they're all Kindle very experimental. And then that's count the distribution model for it. It's a very interesting also believe it's going to be retailing 450 pounds. Yeah, that was the only concern I had was I thought for an experimental console. And I understand why is that price point? I don't think it's that bad. But it's just, it is quite high, I think for something that's experimental, but it is something that I would be interested in. From the point of view of its in its innovative its its innovative. It's very interesting that they've done this and I think


fair play to them for trying something different. I haven't worried that it's going to be like an I know Yeah.


disappear off the face of the earth like there are no has.


Yeah, I think for us How do you feel about the price Do you see this as something that you would be interested in? I'm not sure who they're aiming at but this is why I can't get my head around it it's just a weird concept because I don't think is going to be appealing to most to mainstream gamers. It's gonna be I think it's gonna be really niche market and hundred 50 quid I can't see that many people but I think I've got higher hopes for it than that. I think it is specialist and I think if you are someone who loves your indie titles, and they love indie titles, it might be a different way to experience them and i think i think the fact that is so quirky it's going to be one of those the people that are really into Michael Beckwith fans having that but you're right, it's not an essential not like but the switches, you know, I understand why everyone, we all have the switch. Absolutely. And there's so many ways you can play really good indie titles. Why would you Why would you buy apparently Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy the company that makes us really


He's trying to buy it but year ago, well fire watch is a brilliant title that is on my list of games to play and it's the kind of title that will be very, very


excited to play but I haven't got around to it yet. So you know, I have I have high hopes for this, but I understand if it's a complete flop it wouldn't surprise me either. Yeah, I mean, it's gonna be it's gonna be a fun story to watch, develop, see where it goes? I mean, I like expectation is going to go nowhere. Yeah. This is a cool idea. I like the fact that they're doing something different. You're going to buy Anton.


And I was really on the fence about I will. I love the concept. And I think the subscription model is very neat. And one thing they have said it's going to be very limited quantities when they release it at farce. So I have a feeling this might be something if it's successful, they'll do like a mark two, and then that will maybe cost 60 pounds and you get a season. Yeah, I don't think this count. First model is the main model. I think there's a lot of room to grow here.


If it was like 80 pounds maybe I'd be interested last count coming from a collectors point of view where it's like 50 years who knows? That was my goal to take the perspective I thought you might take on it was that from a collectors point of view but you're right i think sub 100 pounds would have been a price point where I would have gone yeah probably go for that bad the money it is we'll see we'll see what titles it is going to have and what the subscription includes I just briefly mentioned it a minute ago Oh yeah. is being shut down completely which is kind of sad. Really? Yeah, it's dead. I was a backer I had a new year brief. I think I remember that. Yeah, I mean, I love the idea of that was very very cool. And then the reality is a bit funky is a bit buggy. The game store didn't get big enough as they want to do and he's gonna give up I'm sold on That's a shame. It's a shame It was lovely idea. It was fun being part of it. Yes.


It's weird because when the it came out, that was when indie games for really hard to get onto the online marketplaces. It was like wow, this games be made by two people.


That was like, really impressive in 2010 ish. But by like 2014 when we had the ps4 and the via an Xbox, we're all supporting indie games that all y'all was dead on arrival, which is a real shame but


life surprisingly for handled.


When was it that you actually bought his years ago? Oh man, it must been seven years ago was a long time ago. Yeah, I remember that a lot of hype around at the time. So was there was, Oh, well, sad times and more sad times potentially, if you've been looking forward to the sonic movie. Probably not sad times because it may fix everything. The Sonic movies been delayed. I think this is brilliant of them. Because they basically said, You know what, we want to get this right. We're going to wait a little longer. So we don't expect to see it this year. No, Anton. Really? Yeah, you know, I admire them for delaying it. As we've mentioned with salt team, Sonic racing. Vega doesn't always like to do that. But


let's let's hold our fingers crossed that the movie starts


look a little bit better. I still have my small conspiracy theory that this is all a say off the middle that they just need to set the expectations really low then just come back with something mediocre and we will love it. Who knows? Very clever and very what's the word was the skeptic skeptic skeptic


or backer. We're bouncing it out now. Alright, so now we're going to move on because we're going to do something slightly different this week. And it's time for the quiz.


Yes, so if you are not familiar with the quiz we do every week on the podcast is usually hosted by Mike but I have stolen the controls this week. And what we do is we listed off a couple of titles and we give off description and then whoever is competing in the quits that week, for the first time make an ulcer and they have to guess which game And can I just say that I signed and much more knowledgeable when I was asking the question. So I'm not sure I like this, but we'll give it a go. And we'll see that depends what


level I want to set aside because either we're both gonna look really dumb I know or one of us might just my smartphone My problem is I am terrible with publisher names I'm so bad dude. I'm the worst way well atrocious I think so for a memory on the plus side it means you've got a chance of winning so that's probably doesn't. So one thing I will say is from each time you give us a clue Anton we have one still the same we have one chance to sort of give you one answer and then you move on to the next quite close are indeed all right let's let's have a go. Let's do this good. Same show different hosts starting off with the hardest game first. All right over if I knew any two people in the universe that would know this game, it would be used to write her so let's do this.


The game was developed by Nigel Anderson and published by F software and 1983 for the sonic spectrum BBC Micro and dragon ferry to Dragon's Lair.


Nope, pass.


I'm trying to think back what gives you and how did the BBC This is a long, long time ago. Oh no.




I couldn't answer any more.


Sorry carry on. The game was subsequently ported to the Commodore 64 Acorn Electron MSN, Amstrad CPC and Atari eight but line of computer. You play as hen house Harry.




Space Invaders and


Chucky egg.


Correct? Yes.


You deserve a high five for that. Thank you. Yes. Oh, that's impressive. I'm glad you remember the


title is a little bit worried about Chucky.


To be honest, a good very vague recollection. I remember. I remember it being a big title at the time or not that Yeah, I was I was one or something. But when I played it on the spectrum, and it was one that had a big cult following, and a lot of people have kind of asked for it back as well. So there I didn't know that was when he said the character.


Name and I remember the character that you don't play as Chucky egg that's all I remember


yeah you're like having a price kill me so I cannot let we kill yellow cages you like cook claim yellow like like pink and ladders as I can very yeah we eat but he said so cool it's a cool it's a really cool title at the time well done. debut Mike I'm


tired I


retire on top yeah absolutely


alrighty so the second title dude almost said the tail on I'm not a professional


so the game is racing arcade game developed by Sega into a 1993 fracture racing




sugar alley




It was one of the highest grossing arcade games


Old Time Daytona USA correct yes. Oh nice one again well done. You were just thinking about to the local games arcade didn't know what we used to play or do you know really annoying after I said my first guest I thought no, I think I know what this is and I couldn't say until he started asking the second question which is so frustrating so I wasn't even listening I just wanted to shout it


just the theme of that game Let's go away song I just had it like playing on loop all week and I've just been like craving to go down to a bowling alley or something and play Oh, yeah, it's a proper arcade classic. is still in any arcade course somewhere in the world.


They've got one a fairly near me and it's it's a go to for me because I just love the musical that they've got the data sequel. 2017 Justin the arcade. So Zika if you're listening gimbals a home console port of believe it's Daytona championship.


It looks gorgeous. It's got 4k graphics, but it's only an arcade set in the arcade.


Oh, well that's cool. All right, so yeah, yeah, nice one. So what we do the last one is another game. Let's do it and deeds at there's one more


released in 2010 for Xbox Live Arcade. It's an independent video game created by Ed McCullough mech melon Peggle


sadly No. Plants vs Zombies I love that title it's a good by the way just blame just on a little curveball there cuz you mentioned that can we please have Plants Vs on some zombies on the switch because that multiplayer I mean the you're talking about a garden


garden warfare like the mobile game


the mobile game is great, but can we have Garden Warfare please because we perfect anyway. Sorry. up No, no need to apologize so the game was a sequel to a 2008 flash game.


thought something that was a sequel but I prayed and it's all what is it called?


I don't know. It's called wars I know it's not explosion man two or something. Sadly No. The game was firstly released on April three sexy but layer saw releases on PC PC


Mac OS X ps4 PlayStation be a year and Nintendo Switch oh and January 2018 has been released on the switch.


Indeed as a sequel.




Games know just as not up to par. Xbox


it was an Xbox Live title Did you say indeed?


Number two


I know there's gonna be people shouting at us listening right now going I know this my head to shut down we were saying why don't you know this? I just can't think what it would be. No, I'm gonna pass. Okay, sorry. Sorry Anton carry on. All right. It was


featured in the documentary The end the game the movie and has a sequel coming out in 2019


and the title number two


oh this is not good okay I guess true to burn train train train that's still know that no it's it's something bigger this this done really well. I think I think I probably played this


whatever is


bum bum bum bum bum sorry carry on Anton give us another clue.


You play as a red cube shaped capture as he has sent temps to save his girlfriend and discard from the intact this Dr. fetus. Can you play 300 hazards life platforming levels cube impossible game to


close but no cigar


Oh, what is this


I clearly don't know what to say so I'm not gonna buy


another clue


I know I've played this but


yeah, it does it's not ringing any bells and metal right cube


okay one last glue and then we'll go back to


the bleeding character has appeared on other games such as bit trip bit trip the boy me Super Meat my


goodness me well well done well must be the slowest five minutes of pod I want to stop listening part of the game it was yeah sorry about that of course yes yeah that was gonna be the easy one night Come on Chucky egg no problem give me boy


it was massive long pauses and edit now let's just keep it


keep the tension in here. We're going to share that with everyone yeah I pulled


abilities already? Yeah, well, listen, that's about it. Thank you, Anton. That was good. You're a good host. That was very good. Thank you very much indeed. I just need to brush up on my knowledge. Yeah, well, that was great. Give me more of those obscurities games. I might have a chance. Yeah, they were good. That's about it for this week. Just to remind us also where you can find the Nintendo Switch UK podcasters is the first time you stumbled across us. Well, you can find as many places we are on iTunes, we're on Spotify. We're on Stitcher, we're on our website, you can go on there and download or listen to it. You can email us we have an email to podcast at ns Uk UK and Anton has built us a lovely website. Yes. Which is www.ns up token. Anton


are you off to play Minecraft? Most likely just destroy my life. You know, what else is there to play? I think of I'm like in between jobs right now. So I've just put like 50 hours into it which is not healthy. But you know what? It's, it's you play whatever you like. We will not judge because it is it is a great game that's been enjoyed many, many people. So that's absolutely fine. You're fine. Don't worry.


judging myself, nobody else needs to do I judge myself enough to me and say, Are you We won't judge you. But listen, that's it for this week. We'll be back again next week, we're getting closer and closer to three, which is very exciting as Episode Number 20, plus a couple of shows in there as well. So if you have those old ones, you still can do that as well. We'll be back next week. So until then, have a great weekend. Goodbye. Cheerio.