Return of the Switch Mini Rumours - Episode 6

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Wow! We've really crammed in as much as we could in just over 40 minutes, this week.  We're talking Nintendo Switch Mini, Metroid Prime, a major secret  unannounced Switch release, update 7.0, Mario Tennis Aces, Final Fantasy and Animal Crossing.  

We also discuss the latest rumours and add our own predictions to the mix and of course we have the weekly quiz as Alastair attempts to finally win a point against his arch nemesis Anton.


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Hello, it's episode six of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. I'm Mike, I'm Al, Anton. And we are back once again with so much to talk about this week. It's like It's like this week. It's almost as if everybody's decided this is the week that we're going to give you as many rumors as we possibly can. And now we're going to have to try and decipher what it all means in about half an hour. I'm a bit concerned that we're going to get through all to be honest Yeah, we there's no way there's too much I'm totally confused and comfortable and I'm just covered in dripping in gossip and don't know what to do with it. Oh,


no direct fever. Everybody's like if they're not going to give us news will make her own news. Well with that and I think we should move on to talk


about some of these. But before we do just a quick reminder of our Twitter page, it's ns. UK podcast on Twitter. If you are they're going to have a look and say hello. We have a few people that have been in touch this week. Who will mention as we go through today. We've got email as well Elster which is info at an S. UK be no it's not. It's podcast as an S. UK, the UK from the podcast, definitely podcast don't do info and we've got the website we're on Facebook as well as Uk But if you're on Facebook and Su Kp as well as a Nintendo Switch. UK podcast.


So let's combine rumors, news and general switch goodness all into one and start talking about this week stuff because there's loads of it. And we're starting with this huge rumor which seems to be quite legitimate. I've got a feeling this is going to happen. And we did kind of touch on this and I think I said that this was likely and I think I said it wasn't likely we both said we didn't want it basically we don't want it but we think


is probably going to happen. It's the switch many Anton in Yeah, indeed. So I believe it was an analyst that's chemo and say is pretty much happening, which I think it's really interesting to hear people talk about because it's a lot of swept users been like that That sounds awful but I can't think it's it's not really for the sweat tears versus more for account the two DS user but like the two DS user of the previous account a more entry level system which would be interesting yeah I think you're right and I think this is the thing and we've got we've got to switch off our switch head for a second and think about the progression of Nintendo and where it's gone over the years with its handhelds. What is the best way for intended to move forward? Well, if it integrates the home console and the handheld which is done as a hybrid with the switch, but it's extending that another level forward and it said, you know, we're going to put all our focus into the switch because now we're going to move on handhelds in that direction as well. So solely handheld talking about not a hybrid but an actual hand


And actually I think this probably is good news for us switch owners because i think i think it's basically saying Nintendo are going to put all the focus into the switch and kind of naturally move away from the 3ds yeah the piece of rumor that really kind of cemented this as I think it was the same county and Nintendo revealed their statistics for our whole the console so they're their predictions for the next couple years and the one I found interesting is they're slowing down their predictions for 3ds sales and since the switches be known for the sales have stayed the same rate since they were at before it came out and this is the first year Nintendo's Lord their predictions yeah well they didn't drop off this year and there we blew where they thought they're going to be on 3ds Zealand yeah I think you're probably right they probably are thinking well maybe his nose down to kill it and refocus on the switch I have a sneaking suspicion when they released the Scott switch mini if they're smart they won't call us which might Sorenson the same games. The whole point of this which is you take off the joy cons and you play it and it


said it


the very fighters portable is a gimmick it's a major part of it but the joy cons being separate are also major part of the way you play a lot of the games well I want I'm happy I don't care what they call it but I see where you're coming from the only thing I would say is I would be a little upset if it's not 100% compatible games that's my one thing I want I want the switch mini or whatever they call it the toaster I want that to be the same games as the switch so that I don't have the confusion of going into are going online and going so it's going to shop it's not the 90s going going online and going oh which ones this for because that became a real confusion


in the past think about things like the Game Boy in the game by color and then the Game Boy Advance yeah I don't want that situation again I feel like that I feel like the switch kind of takes away from from that in a good way and I would like us to stick with that so for me if they call it whatever they like that's fine but please keep the games the same ticket gamely money


party you can't play Mario Party was a joy


I can't see how you can integrate that into hardware with Joe Collins which you can separate and be very very interesting to you what to do with it yeah I'm kind of curious cuz I'm one thing we do normal Nintendo they don't think that far ahead was there naming scheme so I'm wonder if it will be like a situation with the 3ds where they will have the Nintendo Switch family of councils these no no like have a Nintendo Gore, whatever they decide to call it as similar to the two DS and that fiasco. Well, it's gonna be interesting. And I think generally, it's a good thing for switch owners, even if we all think it's a bit daft because we want to switch but I get it if you don't want to switch. This could be the the perfect sister console for the switch. So let's wait and see. But yeah, I think it's generally positive if not a little weird. Now.


Moving on. Just a couple of things. Well, actually, it's not a couple of things. There's loads of things. I'm going to move on to one here because I'm intrigued about this game. I never bought it. I thought about it.


few times


Mario Tennis asis we've got boom boom added to Mario Tennis aces How many of you played Mario Tennessee basis so much to playlist I want to play it never got around to it but apparently the reviews were like surprisingly good and much better than that ultra smash or whatever that came on the we use or looks good we had the the one I remember was the Mario on the tennis one of those and 64 yes exactly what's on the cup I was shoes and he's for it I had that and it was great fun like my golf as well Nintendo very good at doing sports games are just good fun well everybody's golf was the one for many years that a lot of people played I think it was on the PSP the visa place I think there's another version came out as well and I feel like they could do that with Mario I don't know if we've got any rumors of Mario Golf but certainly Mario Tennis I think it could be another really fun multiplayer when we have a lot of fun playing Mario multipliers anyway. carts or rd or you name it there's more money when it's good. Yeah, so


So for me what's cool about this is that they're still adding more content, Yan as well as that as companies to see a game this is another example of Nintendo supporting their tails after launch which is fantastic and it's like free DLC which is that's exactly what we want


absolutely more free DLC the better please. Alright Metroid Prime for now we talked about this last week in a fair amount of detail so we won't go into the same detail we know it's been delayed but there's been a bit of an explanation as to what this delay is all about Anton indeed yes so apparently the reason was as cause of the maker of First Person sure really hard so at Nintendo strategy for making Metroid playing for as they spread out between mobile development studios all over the world, pretty much as they think that should use every single like continent basically. And just with each team trying to experiment just all the experiments were going off in different directions and people weren't lining up and the final vision wasn't coming together.


Which is careful understandable if you're you're not experienced what canal working on like large scale projects spread out like that so yeah just kind of a lack of unison and divisions at foursomes can't can't just have a cold mess or project that was careful apparently coming together. I met my prime trilogy that's finished we believe but is there a delay on that as well? Yes. So rumors were coming out from the same source that apparently they were planning to announce a Metroid Prime trilogy and at this new February director whenever so called happens, and what's that with Metroid Prime for being cancelled, they've canceled that M which I find quite an interesting choice because personally for me, I think if you have a finished Metroid Prime trilogy, this is exactly when you would be wanting to release it. But I think Nintendo's logic is to release it closer to Metroid, praying for and know boost the sales of laps. So where do you stand? Do you think we should save it to help promote the new game or do you think we should have a note to kind of serve the wind shall we say yeah, I think we


bridging the gap I think she put out now rather than waiting too long it gets people put it into play through it if nothing else but yeah I mean the problem with praying for is how long is the delay and that's how long is a piece of string basically so for me I think if they were to announce a date for trilogy that might be enough just to say you know what it's coming out we're going to release it in June that might be enough just to keep people going okay fine I can I can hold on a bit longer but yet I'm kind of with you guys I don't think they should wait until prime for is a note for release because you know can be waiting till 2023 yeah I mean I don't know about you guys but if you if you play whatever the IP is one game you'd rather wait quite a long time for the next one then have more coming together like buses you know we take Grand Theft Auto is for example their their years 510 years in development arena was don't do that with a metro game. Yeah, no, I agree. Obviously, with it being a trilogy it takes so it would take forever to play for them. So it would actually be good having like, even free years to try and just


work for them. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, Mike and I would need that long to play through them. Frankly, I at least I mean, I'm still playing Zelda just on that very briefly. There is a rumor there's one on an ounce switch title and intend or preparing less than they said that fans would be delighted to know and I mentioned Zelda there for two reasons. One I'm pulling through it like I said I would there was a suggestion from one of our Twitter friends who suggested that I should take my time with it I've been doing that and I'm loving it it's I'm actually enjoying the experience more now than in my first 30 hours of play through I'm I'm actually really enjoying the experience this time around I did the last time but even more so and my thought was would this be


a Zelda game but we were talking about this Alistair before and the reason I don't think it will be as much as I would like it to be is that I think when they announced that they're not going to announce a switch title as such, they might do


The notes that we are now in development of rather than saying okay the next elder is called this and it's coming out soon so my thought is the wording doesn't fit for me yeah you had another thought well I'm I had assaulted I want to attract it but the thought was numeric card that was what I was thinking at the time maybe numerical is a fairly a beloved IP everybody loves Mario Kart they've not done the new on the switch yet so that might be but I have been giving a bit more thought and I'm going to suggest to maybe Harvest Moon


Try saying it's a bit similar Animal Crossing but they've not done horseman for a while. It could be that


person me. I'm lying on that Pittman for fans I know there's a PacMan for out there in the ether. Whenever it shows up. A mere mortals seems to be really keen on getting those games out. So that's kind of where my foots lie. I think in order of realistic what it's likely to be. I think pick one for us at the top is the most realistic one Mario Kart.


Below that, I think that's possible. And then we're talking Zelda I think you just hit the nail on the head that five year period of development or you know that's that's quite common in big titles, maybe not as much as five years, but certainly three to five years. The one thing I will say that does give me hope, and both Mario Kart and Zelda is that we don't have an exclusive Zelda or an exclusive Mario Kart title yet so I still stand by the prediction by the end of 2019 we will have an announcement about a new Zelda it may be for the future but I still think we'll get one at some point but


I think one thing that's going to be interested see us at two years old remember when the kill switch was coming together and they're like converge into two platforms there's all the rumors of old Nintendo's mobile teams have been working on 3ds games and game DS games for all these decades prior there no unified on switch I don't feel like we've seen any of those stale tales yet no Calif the account in Sydney nation from that was for instance with the sales team apparently the handheld cell the team on the call


Elder team are know working on switch to color so we haven't seen any team like games from a handheld team so it's completely possible we make just like a year see a 2d Zelda like Link Between Worlds or something well that's interesting because that would tie very much in with your switch many prediction and you were talking about different titles for you know it might be that the switch please everything but the switch many only plays one with the many logo Yeah. Corner possible that can be right, you know, and that that's me with that that would tie in.


Speaking of mobile, though, we have a couple of mobile announcements. We have Dr. Mario World and I am so excited to write this I think it was just last week I was saying I wanted Dr. Mary would come to the switch it's not coming to the switch it's coming to my phone but I'm happy with that yeah yeah yeah I hope so. And Tom Yeah, well, my count as a tail to port to mobile it makes completely like a lot of sense like I can see them doing it with all having to make any compromises which is really good. And I think the idea of like adult tomorrow


Switch now yeah we were all super for it Calif like looking back I'm like I see yeah it makes more sense the mobile game and who knows they may do what they've done left like Pokemon quest and make it like cross platform we make sense i mean if you're missing a few if you are really missing dr Mario is a title Pio Pio Tetris is one of my suggestions because it is really good it's a really good title and it's got a lot of content in there yeah me I love playing that we played a few weeks ago and it was the first time I tried to and you know I can see why you got service so it's really really good so that's that's my kind of my bridge the gap one the other it doesn't make up for the bad news on the mobile front of the same time though isn't it what the delay the delay in Mario Kart coming to my phone


until what do we know but Mario Kart to her because I don't know enough about it we really do know like I'm trying to think of holder even plan on doing it and all we know is we've got a table for and the delay is apparently due to call it the world and tablet prolong quality assurance periods and


which had to be honest, I think it's maybe to fit Dr. Mario roughly similar time and but yeah, we don't know anything. And I personally myself, I don't even know Hollywood pour it and


see what happens there. No I could be a whole new mobile game from scratch, which is what I think is going to be is what I think is going to be an auto running one that you have that you can play with one hand because I mean, let's face it if you're playing a mobile game, look at Super Mario Run for example. That is a that is the optimum way if you're if you have five minutes to kill standing, waiting for a bus a one handed you know, easy game to play is the way you want to go on mobile. Right? Yeah, but I don't think I've ever played Mario Run with one hand. I always do a two though. Yeah, yeah, I just the whole 100 mobile gaming thing. Yeah, they put a hold of stock in that when they first released it, but it just didn't ever feel like a 100 game to me. It's not the way play games on my phone. I want to do with two hands so wrong.


I even play some switches swift one time so I'm just like.




yeah it's great. You can drink a coffee on the other hand so kill perfect Starbucks game. Well you're like me you see where we're coffee mods on time would probably I think if we tallied up our coffees I think it would be a close one thing yeah but this will pause buttons for


all right let's have a look at some of the news and this week we have Well you know what, this is interesting because we've been waiting for wallpapers on the switch we be waiting for different themes on this way we wanted a nice store upgrade and we didn't get any of those but we did get switched 7.0 yeah the most boring update ever really the thing I don't understand with Nintendo is see they have these big numbers releases and then they're like yeah we added a couple new icons some of the icons are quite nice I mean they've got some of the Super Mario Brothers Deluxe


the yeah the they've got some of the icons from there like knob it's in there now and things and that's cool but yeah, really, really, let's just no bother wasting any more.


Talking about it was it was serious. I point this update I'm sure it pick some things in the background. Yeah, it's very important stuff. Yeah Really cool. I'll give us something fun stability. Harley stability has been improved. And that's a good thing. So, but that's a that's a point increment that's not this this after the point not before the point I gotta be honest when when when we heard it was switch 7.0 and I really thought okay we're gonna get we're gonna get themes I'm going to be able to put something really cool in the background now you have black or white


like it's completely amazing like you look at the Xbox yeah I'm not a final user interface every month and they're like 0.2 point one update their like adding tons of really big features and then the switch it's like they've got their big 7.6 point. Oh, and it's just laughing You just touched on something that I want to talk about because Microsoft allegedly want to bring x box live to the Nintendo Switch. Now I from what I know and I don't know very much about this. They're even talking about things like achievement points. Now. That is one thing.


Don't know what the integration would be like with this just this just be for your Xbox titles with this before? I don't know, how does it work? Does anybody know? Well, for what I've read the talking about, actually a proper clap cross platform gaming. So it's rolling out. I forgot, because it's not obviously SDK. It's not, it's whatever, they're the base of the quarter is rolling out across multiple platforms. So it's not just on the switch, they are trying to get the software onto mobile devices onto the switch on to literally, you name it, don't try and get on there to basically shoehorn Microsoft in front of as many people as possible, right, so I presume it probably won't like Nintendo games. But for third party games, you might still be able to play it on your switch play on your Xbox and for the cheapest appear in both or something. I was like, Well, I mean, achievements is the one thing right for me that I would love the switch to introduce achievements and on you and I've spoken about this in the past, and we've got quite similar thoughts that we think that's something that we should have. Yeah, I think came from what I've gathered, they're trying, what they've done is that they've made an SDK what they use in Minecraft.


And the ideas are making it first party. So holy SDK works from my knowledge is when you build a Minecraft you can either have it so it's just stuck on the console ecosystem. But if you use your Xbox Live account to sign in at the beginning of the game you can have your achievements and play cross platform with every


right it's currently with men in craft on all colors and Samsung and mobile and iOS and such. So I think the idea now is that's going to be technology that can license help. So for instance, let's take a rocket league. Yeah, they wanted to add cross platform with everyone and have a unified achievement system or something like that. Thanks. So Kelly, if they use this Microsoft SDK, you were just saying them with your ID, and then all sudden, everything synced across all of them. Okay, so for online games, potentially this could be a really good thing I mean Rocket League we have cross platform play but we're not all on the same system. So for example, when I came across from the PlayStation four I had some of the information my personal details


But I didn't take across the achievements and stuff that I've done previously, I was pretty much starting again. So I can see from that point of view why this could be good.


It's interesting. It's kind of a shoe. I just, I just kind of feel that when you hear Microsoft saying things like this, why of Nintendo not said, by the way? Well, that's it. I Nintendo still would need to approve it. There's no guarantee that this was a pure in there, like Microsoft said they want to do it in Microsoft games. They could have it in there, I'm assuming so like Minecraft, it could definitely do that that could be integrated without a problem.


Yeah, I think it's worth it being made open source or SDK, it would be a case on the developer of whether or not they trust Microsoft to be there gatekeeper to their online because I know Epic Games with the launch of the epic game store. If you pick your game on their store. Now you have permission to use their SDK for cross platform which they use for fortnight and so I think it's going to be a case where and the couple years coming we're going to end


What's these like almost like sub franchise wars where we have some people are using the Xbox ecosystem promoted clear some people are using the epic game system is going to be it's an interesting that we feel to market that's I never saw coming but it's opens up a lot of potential for multiplayer especially. Yeah, definitely. I mean it's certainly interesting. I can see happening with certain titles, definitely the online ones and certainly anything related in any way to Microsoft, you would think it's going to be there. But um, yeah, watch this space one. And that one, I think, right. I want to move on to something which I think


at least one of us will be excited about. Hands up. Who's excited for Animal Crossing?




No, not at all. I've never played one yet. It's funny because I'm with you never played one. But I'm excited because of the hype that I've read about because people are so excited about the idea of Animal Crossing. Come to the coming to the switch and we have some potential


Good news. There's been a leak. Anton indeed. Yes. So it looks like thanks to leak with game and game sports. We're potentially getting Animal Crossing on the 20th of April, not well, which is really soon. So I think the last question is whether or not this is a good source or whether or not there's any legitimacy here is just whether or not we believe that the cause is really soon that would be moved to have a direct February and then it comes out the month later, it was intended to track record


they do tend to notice things and then their their final though we know the Animal Crossing is coming from the last direct. So we had we had the big sort of double bluff announcement at the end of the last Nintendo Direct and I would think given that that was when was that was that November? October?


I think it was November I think it was November so. So we're a couple of months on No, I don't think they would have made it such a big


feature at that point had the not knowing that it was coming within six months now April would tie in with that


I think if it had been anything you know further down the line they might have said you know coming 2020 or something along those lines It was a big presentations a lot of hype about it I think this ties in I really think that this could be could be legitimate i think i think to sport is obviously one we've got two sources which are on different sites are like they don't have any correlation or not working together yeah it kind of knows in the same information but also the fat told looking at New Super Mario Bros you Deluxe I think that was unveiled in November, October and then I'll open this January and so not having a quick turnarounds know, impossible as well as that. I don't think we've got any games coming out there. And Calvin Nintendo has been very committed this generation to not having gaps in your release schedule so we can we make sense we need a big Nintendo release. We need a big first party Nintendo title that people are


Going to go. Right? That's it. This is my game I'm playing because we are. I think we are kind of in a bit of a drought at the moment for that. We've got some great titles hitting the switch. And I'm not. I'm not complaining about the library, because I think it's fantastic. But I do think we are lacking in a couple of those titles because we had smash, obviously, which has turned out to be the single best selling game of all time for the end of which is phenomenal, and a weird game to get that Chrome not what I would have ever guessed. I don't know. I think smash is so popular, though. I think that why I mean, it's I'm sure it's good game. But Mario Zelda. I mean, how is America? How is it going to be as fast as we can pick them to bulldoze it. I mean, if you if you're good at it, I don't mean it's not as you know, there's a there's a bit of a learning curve there for people like me and you because we will focus but but I get it. I think if you've come through that system, and you've grown up with smash, then I think that that's a lot to do with it. And there's a bit of a hype around it, no matter how what happens with a release people going to go out and buy on day one. So I do think there's a bit of a kind of hype, I think, since then. We haven't really heard whatever


Else is next we know animal crossings coming but we haven't got the date so we're not quite excited about that yet and I think we need that I think we need that kind of April release or that an answer that yeah actually it's coming soon amazing for smash though great results for them to get that kind of record and fastest selling game and Nintendo history yeah that was my wine achievement and he's just boggles my mind that just goes to show how many consoles are actually out there and that's even less than the sword of the week there's less with switches and they were weeds but the game has sold faster than any other game it's just wow amazing. I think the thing is awesome I will smash bros ultimate it's kind of fan of like it doesn't feel like there's gonna be another game out anytime soon. account feels like yep we've made the perfection of smash yeah even if you're not even a big fan account has the ethos and building muscle car


because America at that same fields it's like the best Mario Kart how to improve I've got two issues with Mario Kart on


Switch. And that sounds like almost like How dare you see you.


Don't get me wrong.


I played hundreds of hours of Mario Kart and I love it. Absolutely love it. My two issues are one. I feel like when we had so many courses over the years, like even on my across seven on the DS on the 3ds, there's loads of courses in there. Why would we not got more? Why? Why have we not had more DLC to give us another eight new courses people would buy. I mean, if you put that on, if that was 10 times in the store, I would say 75% of Mario Kart owners would buy that. So that's my first issue. We can answer that. That's an easy one. They're streaming for the next game. Yeah, to make you buy that so that's what


this is why I'm saying I don't think it is. So that's the first one. The second problem I have with it is I love the fact in Mario Kart that you can be last and then you can finish first in the last second there's an issue this is a slight problem.


online now because you've got a core of people who are just so good that you may you get to a certain point and the way it's weighted online is really awkward because you can build yourself up but then you get to a certain point where everyone you're playing against are so much better than you and it's really really hard to actually get anywhere near them so I think there's a there's an issue with the waiting on line of it of progression because you start beating everyone and then he can't be anyone want to be fair that any anytime I play with you and your wife because you're both Riddick while you're waiting particulars ridiculously good at that game yeah she's


she's someone that probably doesn't have that curve she just keeps up decimates ever been her passion again yeah so that was my two things would be more courses which I think that's why it's not definitive and the second thing would be I think there's a waiting issue with well when I see is different How do they improve it's done different courses is not necessarily well yeah because it's got all the characters so ever I mean that's that's the one thing that it's done and so on.


Think smash Yes, I agree with you. And I think that probably is it also didn't have all the characters because they've just released much to buy do yeah good point but




brought the prior planning but as people DLC the same unit so what did they do have is payable is it? Yeah, I think how it works if you put the game on day one or roughly day one, you get a code to redeem it and you can have it forever in once it's been released, you got the character, but if you didn't get the game day one, you can go off and buy it for money did you hear there was a bunk with Parana plan if you downloaded it on the digital version. If you have the digital version and you played on one particular arena it was crashing the whole system people were losing all their history


and it was it was a lot of people complaining about that early in the week there's a I don't know if there's been a patch but there's a big warning when I say don't do this don't play on that arena if you've got the digital only version I think that's what it was well double check that and tweet it anyway. But yeah, the


There was a big thing about that this week so yeah not not ideal really not ideal I want to them one other lesser great moment no I don't have many movies will give you fair good pretty good 99% of time right very quickly then because we are amazingly already half an hour in which is incredible and we've got the quiz to go but I want to just mention about ports because Nintendo have said that they have ports ready to go before they were announced so that when we have a situation where there's a big space and time a bit of a drone before anything else is the notes they can announce it and then go and here it is today which is kind of cool I don't have a problem with this but there's going to be a load of people that will because people have a problem with ports The problem is the price point yeah but if we forget about the price point for now I think that's great. The more ports the better definitely and especially the idea of keeping them for trolls cuz I don't know he was it's kind of annoying what say you said there he wait the whole years there's nothing and then September November.


Rules loans and you're like Ah, I can't afford anything. No. Yeah, you can't even afford to taint play anything. So count having like, Oh, I can pick up again in February. It's actually fantastic. Yeah, I mean, there's so many titles coming to this switch this year that I like, I don't know where I'm going to find time for it to play them all. And there's a lot of ports that I've never visited before that I will discuss this many times. So I think that it's a good thing that they're doing that and I don't have any problem with it. I just wish that lower the price by 10 pounds per release that will be yes. Very, very good idea. They get a lot more people buying them pretty sure they would. Just very quickly speaking about ports Final Fantasy X and X to HD remaster for switch. Now this is interesting because Is this the one that I had said you get a download code for one and a cartridge for the other. Is that right? Yeah, so that will be the case for the UK, Europe and the US However, in Asian regions, and they'll begin to courtroom Oh, come on.


Think fascinating because we're chatting a couple episodes ago about how in Japan they have such good at and they can stream Assassin's Creed and stuff when we can't do that either know the worst of both worlds here. Yeah, I just don't understand why they haven't given us carte just because of course you just sold cheap for them. Why? Why would you do as a digital download? It doesn't make sense. Maybe they're just preempting the way people are going to are going to buy it and consume it, I guess. maybe think about the internal memory in the switch. And look, we know everybody's got an SD card stock in it, but just the switch. It's better with cartridges it has no


there's no reason to buy download or games. Unlike the Xbox and PlayStation, you got huge building teams and stuff just to switch. You plug Cartesian we go


well, here's my conspiracy theory. I think they're just predicting that none of us will have enough time to actually play for two Final Fantasy


one of them's long enough that's very true and also accurate and yeah, pretty much every one of our cases Yeah, I'm going to go for one of them though. I was watching some footage of


I think it was x two and looks amazing I must admit having never played a Final Fantasy game through probably going to start start somewhere like that so it'll be it'll be interesting to see what happens with the with the release of and how successful it is we've got a couple of Twitter suggestions from people which will quickly rattle through before we do the quiz so and you want to mention a couple of these and then we can just very quickly comment on them because we might have so Lord lows and asked us if we could give her thoughts on the magical Nintendo game that will make everyone very happy and as we have done yeah pigment cross yeah I thought me be Mario car but when I shot my daughter's me and Harvest Moon Okay. All right. That's that covers Yep. And that Maven Foster and just wants us to play a little bit of tribute to the way we shop closing if possible. The music Oh, that music we


This yeah that is quite a sad moment i mean it's


it's a good memories and an incredibly a long time that we played the we always been around now was it 15 years or something yeah so a long time and it's it's really I think the quite like everybody is kind of making a meme about it because obviously that we that we shot music was iconic can escape from the soldier Cutlass point over it's kind of scary to see how just a digital platform can disappear just like overnight and the discount bought some really scary future for the digital digital future yeah that's just hard copy yeah it's funny because I would read somebody talking about this the other day on Twitter and there were saying you know this is why I still buy physicals because he but it is I do understand from you know having a server sitting there running something that nobody's using anymore you know there is a point that you get to reboot you know what there's no point in having this anymore


there's not enough people there to justify it so I get it but yeah that's why I'm


Still have physical cartridges and have that have them on the shelf but I just I think it's Bevin forest by the way as well I think just to get not that I don't think you'll be particularly offended because you know I know that the show but we'll get we'll get them as proper title and actually know what on the the we store music I when you first said the story oh yeah we saw music and then remember she got music really irritated me okay god it's gone sorry really yeah I don't hear that again it was do was just annoying oh


oh that sounds good to me the dissenting voice in here and it'll be me good song right and that's what that is all right then and very very quick no I think that's what pretty much covered so I think what we should do now is move on to the quiz how's weekly Beatty currently feeling about the quiz on Tony you're going to increase your lead to 510. It really depends. No, it's fine. I'm I'm in Mississippi up front. And if I were no be pleasantly surprised. All right. And let's do it's episode six quiz of the week. So many questions.


The way we play very quickly for those that are joining us for the first time is I have a video game from history. It has a link to the switch. Maybe that's a tenuous link. But there's some sort of link in there. And I'll explain afterwards. And you guys have to guess which game it is. You'll get one guest per clue. So I'll give you a clue. You can have a guess you don't get it. I'll give you another clue. And so on. Until one of you gets it. So the very first game two nights first clue this was a role playing video game published by Nintendo developed by Intelligent Systems unreleased on the end, 64 in Japan in 2000, and everywhere else in 2001. Hmm. Any guesses?


Okay. Enough time.


All right. We'll move on 64. All right. Let's move on. was released for the we Virtual Console in July 2007. And we use virtual console in 2015.


Any any advance Paper Mario? Yes.


Oh, I'm so excited


that the other clues were received critical acclaim. aggregate score of eight to 8% and 93% from metal. Chris it was rated the 63rd best game made Nintendo Nintendo powers top 200 games list in 2006 seven, the mushroom King kingdom, Bowser has imprisoned the seven star spirits lifted peaches castle into the sky and kidnapped and then finally it's the second Mario role playing game. But the first installment of this series a follow up was released on the Game Cube, then one of the Week One of the 3ds and one of the way you or different things have just gone cross eyed. There you go. I think also I fainted. The button you go on right. All right. Next game the head and my prediction tonight is that the third one is going to be a stalemate. I don't think any of you will get But anyway, second one


originally released on the Mega Drive in 1991, but six different versions were released in the 90s for various consoles Shadow of the Beast know


Pass the original game takes place in California you face 14 opponents in a race


refrigerator no that was born in games neither those other versions include number two number three


no 3d 64 and jailbreak


to bring


you can't guess in this right now so you've had your guests pass all right the game His name is based on the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycle fall when skin comes into contact with the ground at high speed


Road Rash. Yes Roger well,


final clue was you try to knock opponents off their bike and win the race. Yeah, remember, I don't I don't think completed a scene if we were missing Road Rash. I love Road Rash apps. Absolutely.


obsessed with it and what I will do is get this eventually. But road redemption is out on the switch and it's based loosely on Road Rash similar premise gets pretty good reviews as well. So that's one to check out. By the way the link in the first one was just would we like to see a Paper Mario style game being released on the switch? that are maybe a classic remaster the and 64 version or something that was really all it was all right, final game, then this is the one I think we're going to struggle and there's some really great information about this. I wanted to include it so it's one one at the moment.


This game was originally released in Europe on December the first 2000 for the end 64. There was also later I came by color version released


Metal Gear and 64 in Game Boy Color. Mm hmm.


The game by color version was released a year later. Interestingly,


this is an idol source territory, the insects foresight is


Alright, I'll move on to the next one. It was developed by rare published by Nintendo. This is really interesting. The music composer was banned column Jamie columns brother who also did music for Star Fox and Super Smash Brothers around the same time.


It's not banjo Kazumi. No it's not.


Oh What was it? Bill? I mentioned last week one was you slit trucks are trying to destroy stuff some mistakes that wasn't. It's not that one boy was I called again


guys go right ahead. Truck sliders. You know this feature a feature so this game features famous animated characters received overall favorable reviews getting 71% overall for Metacritic, but picked up a nine out of 10 from game spot, an IGN


so famous animated characters


and rare developed it yet


published by Nintendo


famous composer.


Project dark know characters include Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pete refer their local characters Huey Lewis and Ludwig von Drake


I have no I didn't realize rear ever made the Disney came


really magical Tetris know, I guess, but not the right exactly they go her I came to Martin it's not releasing the 64. This racing game also included a Grand Prix mode as well as multiplayer racing and battle loads.


Only rare game I think it was did he come racing and I didn't have them. It's not I'll give you the last clear nobody's going to get this. I didn't think you would. In the game Mickey's dog, Pluto is captured by the army of weasels for his diamond color. Spoiler. Spoiler alert. It was later find it to be a fake diamond color in the game you take to the tracks as a Disney character to save Pluto. Does anyone know this game?


Oh, busy racing. You know what, even though


Technically he's nowhere near I feel a bit sorry for hours because he's done quite well this week so I'm going to give Alistair the point though him went to one well okay 1.321 and that means he's pulled one back the answer was Mickey's Speedway USAID Do either of you know this game I was a master at it might yeah we did it on hardest difficult he said


can I say you get a moment YouTube it because it's still looks really really good good reviews solid racer obviously in the ilk of Mario Kart Nintendo 64 which is interesting yeah big money involved because they've got big developer there they've got Disney they would licensing the composer so anyway Mickey Speedway USA I think like top tip so there you go anyway well done Allaster


you got the first ones regulations will give on goal difference


to shoot it so that's a four to now we are to Anton so so yeah going pretty well.


Well until it doesn't look particularly I've said to have lost that one. Now,


to be fair, didn't really lose it.


Alright, well, look, that's it for this week. Just a quick reminder, we're on Twitter. It's an SDK podcast. We're on Facebook, it's an STP. We're on email podcast at an SDK. p. Dakota, UK. Yeah, give us mentioned. If you're on iTunes, or if you're running the podcast, downloading sites, give us a five star review, please. And all helps because we are just doing this because we love the switch. There's nothing we're not. We're not monetizing anything.


Big geek so late talking about Nintendo guess so I think we covered everything. There's anything I've forgotten before we finish it, Anton think think we're all good. Yeah. But then if if we have missed anything, feel free to tweet us we do polls and we do news and all that on the Twitter. We do polls. They end up 5050 that's our problem. Yeah, every single one is like which game is the most definitive and it's Mario or Zelda. And it's 5050. Well, that answers that question then. Just music boy


different different. Brilliant. That's great. It's


for sure I said to do right that say Have a great week. We'll be back for the next episode in a week's time. Until then, goodbye.