The Ubisoft Strikes Back - Episode 5

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We have so much to talk about this week, including huge Assassin's Creed and Witcher 3 rumours.   We take a look at the recent Indie showcase, the big Metroid Prime 4 news and we discuss whether we are getting an announcement of a Switch successor. 

We've also finally got Anton's Celeste review, loads of weekly news and we'll see if Alastair can finally get his second quiz victory.

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Hello welcome to episode number five of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. Did I get that right you did I think it's number five. I Mike I'm I'll Anton and we are back for another chat of the latest news reviews What else have we got? We've got rumors we've got loads to get through this weekend I'm going to start off as well and I'm going to start off by talking about Twitter because we've had quite a few people getting in touch with us by Twitter which seems to be a as as easily as any really to be honest So first of all, I'm going to give them a shout out if that's all right with you guys yeah yeah. Shadow. Alright, so first of all, thank you very much to brown town lad, that's at Brown who is that Bevan because he's got his name on there. So that makes it easier who says that he's been listening to the podcast.


The left is a nice message to see that he's enjoying it so far. And also he's been encouraging me to spend more time in Breath of the Wild because it's a game that I haven't completed we put up our our completed lists which was big on Twitter this week and time we will did that. And my glaring omission was Breath of the Wild even though I've put in maybe 40 hours so far I haven't actually got anywhere near this, you know, scratching the surface you can put so much time in it. Like I think I'm saying at 120 and I'm said haven't even touched a DLC like I need a break and then once I go back, it's just going to consume my life. Well interestingly, Bevin said Don't rush Don't rush it savor it I will he said he reluctantly went into the final boss battles he felt he issued but he's almost tempted to go through again he's actually his games at the moment he's in a love hate relationship with Horror Nights which is determined by finish and he's finished oxen free which is on my list of games to finish I'm about an hour to into it's very, very good, but I just actually just sit down and do it.


Other mentions as well, we had we asked as well what people wanted us to talk about this week, and we'll get on to what people did want us to talk about. But thanks to everyone who did message us, and I was just trying to find somebody there that I know. Oh, I can't read it to paints. Yeah. Free. Yeah.


But it's two eyes so it's fine. We don't have to put anything insane so so thank you to to paints Yeah. prick. I think it's brands,


which says you're just saying. So you can say it do. That's all. Yeah, absolutely. And he wants us to talk about a couple of things as well, which will come on to and will mention those as we go. So let's get started with some of the things that we want to talk about as well, because there's been a lot going on and let's start off with one of the hot topics this week, which is Metroid Prime for


tell us about what's going on Anton? Yes. So essentially and director of Metroid Prime for came out and development update and you know it's all that to the year so everybody's clicking on it like oh, we're going to find out release dates. Are we going to get a trailer


Unfortunately they've had to scrap the whole progress of the game roughly estimates about three years worth of progress on that game just down the drain and we're very happy about the state of the game so far and which I think is very respectful and they've handed off all pro program well no progress they've just started scratch with retro Studios which they've made at the two previous Donkey Kong Country games and the first free Metroid Prime games so it's a really unprecedented move for one for them to come out and just be like yep it wasn't wasn't a good game so we started over and as well just to just wrapped shit like that and talk about it yeah I mean I'm flabbergasted I can't remember ever hearing of a company get this far through development spend well I can only my only imagine isn't I was trying to money on Yeah, years with the developers and development and then go not it's not good enough to go start again from my house. Yeah, fair play to them. I think from from my point of view, I think it's going to make the game the difference.


between being a game that people are really disappointed with an account of like forgetting about after a month or something that's pretty special then spend another three years on I mean from our point of view I'm not saying that's necessarily the best business point of view I'm just saying from the consumer element Do you remember the game Alan week on the Xbox 360 yeah spent a lot of time in development I was I was so excited about Alan wait but I remember that getting and years and years before and I'm not sure about a similar thing but I do remember there being issues before it finally was actually released so it's maybe one of those situations where they're just thought you know what we've got the time we've got the money Let's spend more time on this i think i think i would love more companies did that play there's a bit a little bit the back of my brain this thing was their decision because Metroid is such an important IPS and intended what was their decision or did somebody suggest politely to them that they might want to have everything


I think the other thing is, this was the first Metroid game not being developed by


Like first one in the main series not being developed by Rachel studio so it's may be no point of view as they just don't know how to make a Metroid game. I remember them saying there were assembling a fresh team, which from the rumors seems to be the just rent and hiring staff from my dynamic call, which did that work on Smash Bros. So they'll have a good working relationship obviously going from a 2d game to feel first person shooter in 2018 big jump, especially for Nintendo staff Well, it's interesting and will definitely be watching as to what the final result is. The only downside for them is it does put in my opinion, slightly more pressure on the final product, which is now we're expecting it to be something really special which I'm sure it will be great you know, confidence I think the any, anybody that decides to do something so bold as to start again, after so long, it's going to be a good product, I'm sure of it. Yeah, I mean, I'm curious because you know, I'm not on the social media type stuff. What did the Twitter sphere say? Cuz I know you guys put that out there. What was the


referral like a total of like,


disappointment close at this like looking back at Metroid development I think the the tape between two and four years to make so we're we're looking at like 2022 at the soonest and if they're needing to at rate on a whole new engine two generations on from the last game that will probably take maybe a bit longer not but yeah just overall sense of sadness but a sense of respect because I think a lot of people as well as this it means people have a lot more confidence that sounds like hearing this news news knowing that Animal Crossing when that comes out and your shape they're not really put something out this complete garbage fingers cross if they're willing to scrap so much progress on this game.


Yeah, I don't think we will. I think it's going to be good. I'm hoping it isn't as long as 2022 just for the sake of the many many people that are already excited about it. But if it takes that long and it's the best game that they've ever seen in the series, then it's worth it. You know, and yeah, let's see. What's the space you know worst thing about this announcement is tell me


You go back to episode when we made our predictions, I think I said, I put my money on the big a new Metro.


Well, I said, I said, an announcement of a new Zelda by the end of the year, didn't I? You did. Yeah. Well, we'll see. Moving on to some other news then another world all what a game. That was when that came.


I did anybody. Did anybody have the pleasure playing this on the Mega Drive when it came out? And no, because I didn't know what I did. I bet you have. So it's not the easiest game in the world.


When it came out. It was honestly like something that we never seen before. And it was such an amazing visually amazing game tricky control wise, in hindsight, not actually the easiest or maybe the most responsive that you would imagine. But it was incredible when it came out. And we're all very excited. So so basically tell us what's happened there and on do Yes, so our friends seemed to be loving, important games for us and not just gamers in general.


games you know maybe they're just listening and yes let me run games are doing another port of another worlds and Nintendo Switch which is fantastic because they mainly focus on ps4 softball say it's a lot cheaper yeah you've got to love that switch goodness well it's it's another one for the physical collection if you're like me and you're like you're like you're like you're like getting physical then you're like you're like to get your hands on another world because actually it's a really nice art style anyway another world is still looks great today yeah I'm probably just be as as we're starting to get more and more of the switch. Let me run games. What kind of stuff would you if you had to like choose one game you want a physical copy of that there isn't already what would you go for an existing game on the switch? Yeah Oh


that is tricky. I'm trying to think has a lot of golf story was the one but there is there is a physical version of that


with a second to think you can pull in their personal money would be good.


It's not it's not on the switch at all It doesn't exist yet right you go I think it's on the Xbox One and it was the rear collection I'd love to get the replay yeah I want people copy that on the switch


great show great show before that's much more I want that release yeah I don't care what


until what would what's your one oh star do Valley I'm like craving to give that game a goal especially now that it's got the multiplayer DLC that just came out or smartphone update and yeah just I just want a physical and it's like such a pre our sales well which would be lovely on the show actually one of my ones that I was really excited about getting physicals Rocket League because I already had already in hundreds of hours in the police station for before I got my switch got my switch had already put in loads of hours and then they said oh we're going to release this physically and even though I had the game I still bought the physical version so I don't have to put the cartridge in because you know it's there but it makes you happy I got it. I've got Rocket League in my hand. That is such an exciting game I got for free on the PlayStation.


It's just you know it's the great I don't mind putting money into games where they're they're continually doing stuff to make it great and also it's a great game so you know happy with that so another world limited run that will be good for the collections if I had unlimited money I would definitely get in there quick because it is limited switch successor not being considered right now. That's the next item on our news agenda. Holly Lou. Yeah, happy because I don't want to switch successor yet. That's exactly what we were saying last week, isn't it? Yes. As if they were listening to this podcast and responding to it. I don't think they were interesting way to think about this as, as Nintendo always seem to they don't really consider at risk console's successors even if there really are like the Game Boy Color they just considered a variant of the Game Boy yeah and different games and software so I'm wondering hope Pacific are they going like what we get like a new 3ds cow situation where we have a switch that had some of the games or it's kind of curious to see how how strong they are.


about these claims, which is where it's interesting. I don't see the being any change in 2019. I don't think we're going to get an announcement anytime soon. About the next


the next six the successor to the switch. I don't see that happening at all 2020


probably not still. But I don't think I'll be long after that. I think I think you know, usually three years plus into the cycle of a system, you start to hear murmurings and what are we now two years in it, it's not going to be more much more than three years when we start hearing about the potential success of the switch. And until then we'll get loads of rumors to discuss and to talk about but the longer we don't get one the better from my point of view because as we said last week, you know, we really love where the switches right now unless it's something as innovative as the innovative as the switch but I add another level which I can in my head imagine what that is at the moment. I don't think we need it. I completely agree. I'm really happy by this news. It is


exactly what I was hoping they would see and to do. But Andy's point of they might bring it to some sort of a sort of thing is still niggling at me I saw a post today online somebody posted to say that what they really want is a switch that you can't play portly


so just a console and I was like but but it is that you just don't take


a pro controller and tell your joy clincher said


ps4 makes absolutely no sense. But anyway, I guess it takes different people to like, you know, everything and Nintendo have done a good job of appealing to most people. Now we're going to move on to the indie showcase. Because we had one this week, which caught me a little bit by surprise. I don't know maybe they had announced them. I didn't see it until pretty much on the day. Was that the case? Yeah, I think they don't sit like 12 hours before before before beforehand, as they quite often do these days with the direct Yeah, I think it was just some January feller as we're not getting


Right. And what did you guys think of games we call? Well, first of all, good simulator. Always a winner. Delighted, delighted with all the fact that you're getting all the different versions of it as well and all the ones over the years the full pack well I'm not delighted with is the price point that is a ridiculous price point or was it like 26 pounds or something? Oh, I have a price. Yeah. Yeah, the price is expensive. And, you know what, it when that when that's on sale for a tenner, I'll consider it if I'm feeling like Ico funds that because it's it's fun, but it is a gimmicky kind of game and it looks good. It does. Yeah, it looks really good. I don't switch. It looks really good. I think you know, from what I've seen so far, so glad we've got it a bit of a shame. It's a little bit too pricey. To be honest, my overall feeling from this one was, there was nothing that grabbed me and said, I really want to get that. The only other one that I thought was interesting because I loved the world. Dig was steamrolled quest, which is a turn based battle game. Sort of an


RPG in the steam mortal style and I believe the reason this happened is because they were tweeting about what kind of game would you like us to make next and this team World War universe and the most votes were for a turn based RPG so they thought okay we'll go and do that which I think is quite cool that's awesome and I think one of the big games which it doesn't like appear to be much as for injure so I know that games like sang quite high on the steam like rankings every couple weeks like you see it count getting reshot and so that game yet been like it's like a dungeon crawler right yeah so I think there's more meat to the bones of that one by don't know too much about it. So that might be one for researching later. I think this is the thing is a lot of games in there that I didn't know an awful lot about. And there wasn't a lot of, you know, a lot of the time with indies unless you've got a really unique graphic style. You've got that eight bit 16 bit kind of look for a lot of them. Sometimes it's more modern. But if they've always got that IndyCar look to Yeah, unless it's something really unique. And I think that's what


Why there's nothing that it's gone that I've gone. Wow, that looks you know something that I definitely will buy the one it's very hard for indies to differentiate themselves visually and it's very hard for indies really to stand out because there's so many of them get up to your triple A titles there's not the pools and Arabic so it's quite easy to make a name for yourself if you're one fishing billion fish because there seems like a billion indie games. Yes. Very, very difficult on the list the game ski lifts go wrong.


No, actually, I can actually get that looked like quite quite good fun for me. It reminded me a bit of


this. What's the game that was we talked about it last week, but you build trains with it instead.


What was the game that was a co op game that was in my list of the quiz last week? What was that again? oh two is a classic. You build trains, but not under your belt trains in the actual game. It's a simulation game now on the switch where they combined it with something else.


Oh, for goodness sake,


with the computer with the computer telling you what to do in order to construct towards. Oh,




what I was trying to say was when ski lifts go wrong, reminding me a bit of the mechanics of Portal bridge constructor because you've got to build to your ski lift to try and avoid the physics game.


Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. You know what game if I could take any game from like steam? And all of those are from I touched on iOS is what I could put it on the switch will be Papers, Please, by the replay Papers, Please. No, no, no. It's based in 1984, Soviet Russia up in a dystopian Yeah, I remember seeing that I think I alluded to in fact that looks kind of fun whenever I'm done with it. You basically play a guards that has to decide whether to let somebody and it's a completely different reality. So it's nothing like well it is it is like but it's not really like you know, it's


It's a comment on modern society I guess and but it's really good and it's really engaging and quite simple it would make a perfect would have a perfect home in the switch. There was rumors of it but haven't seen it. Maybe I've got that wrong. Maybe it's out there, but I have not seen that. So papers please would be the one for me


too. I'm gonna go back to what you guys were asked me a little bit physical release. Oh, yeah. worms. I think there is. So is it physical? I think there's a limited run or there's another company make it I know it's in the store. Yeah. Oh, yeah, for sure. But I think one of the companies made a physical version that you could buy on not over it wasn't limited run. It was one of the other ones because there's there's two companies to physical you know, have a look and see if you can check that out. We'll move on, but I will I will Google it.


Alright, moving on. Then tell us a bit about this smash and platoon tournaments that are being held on top of that they're still being split in two tournaments by the way. Oh, I'm this one says.


What where I'm really interested yeah so at PAX East San the big gaming convention where you get to me up and chat and by sovereign waiting cues as many people love to do and we've got tournament's for both smash and


support him to world tournaments at so if user up for some competitive gaming and that's would be very exciting first let me I'm not really into a lot of Esports of games with have something like splitting count gang and yeah seen it's like a nice entry point and I'm thankful actually watching that because I do live good Bell splits into like Rocket League eSports I mean the commentaries fantastic it's so over the top is like watching you know the site watching the wrestling to get so excited it's brilliant i love it i am so the stereotypical all person on this podcast I don't do social media I don't understand eSports I'm just a grumpy old man when did this happen? eSports is just you must have watched games master back in the early 90s yeah but watching other people play game sucks I want to play game show I love that so


anyway it doesn't matter because you find it some good news a bit worms I


Oh my gosh you were right I'm so excited back in September physical a very limited run physical game of worms who was published by superior game yes super and I'm going to find this now super rare games or the other ones is limited run and they're super rare games I bought Saturday morning RPT which I think was limited run


but they they do this similar thing to limited run never heard of them personally need


now you know right let's move on to our final news item this week and this is the IP I tracking Alistair what's that this is basically Nintendo register the IP for I tracking is that what this is yeah they've they've registered repeating in the states so Nintendo and every other company in the world regularly register Peyton so they don't really mean anything. But the middle of January Payton was launched by Nintendo for an eye tracking software which hints at


a sort of 3d element to this which is the it is


Hopefully not the gosh


no it's a sensor sits on your TV or your switch whoever it is and the graphically put in with the patient show somebody wearing a pair of glasses with a.oh yeah isn't it that says open your eyes is under the trees and this camera was the cracks you and optimizes the 3d view of whatever's on the 2d screen to make it look as easy as possible so rather than you have like a 3d TV it's just taking normal 3d graphics but making them track user always enhanced the interesting thing is it's not new Nintendo launched the same payment back in 2014 really but I would have been pre switch to the mayor and the way you would mind on the the first one there may be still think you better for the switch who knows


but I'm wondering if that was maybe to do the new 3ds because that had some form of I tracking where it would faint units or if you move the free de de de Jamie scanning your face is it wasn't looking for specifically your eyes It wasn't tracking eyes it was just looking where is your face relative to screen and it will adjust accordingly. Okay, that would make


sense for the to be a switch version of that type of technology given that they were looking at for the 3ds I mean that would make sense because it could be expanded for use Docs or for travel well doesn't it doesn't make sense in 3ds because it's tracking one face Can you imagine playing Mario Party with four faces? What does it do? Or do you just wouldn't use it in for player I'm guessing or maybe they would maybe it's a very clever technology I don't know we can all sit there with glasses little dots interfaces well it's it is news will be interested to see if anything does come of it. Anton I'm having an idea here oh we'll under fury train to choose ever hear of the PlayStation 3d TV yes yeah I'm wondering if they could like Nintendo they love their quote games I wonder if they ever try attempting something where for free they just split the two layers and then have it so player one has their own screen player to has their own screen ah


handily idea that's it is it is there. They like to be right there.


Well let's hope that that's what they're doing because that sounds cool


all right let's move on to some rumors then and we are starting with a big one because this really just kind of grew arms and legs today actually Assassin's Creed three know it's quite hard to keep up to date with the Assassin's Creed timeline but this is one I believe this is the version of it which comes with all the kind of DLC and stuff that was released later on for the PlayStation four but I think Assassin's Creed three was originally Xbox 360 ps3 and this is the kind of the remastered kind of art is that right yeah then Assassin's Creed three was the last version of the game at last main version of the game on last generation so chemo ps3 free sexy and we you yes Civil War One was it yes needs and


includes Assassin's Creed liberation. Watch as our PSV again redone in HD. What they ported that digitally to the PS for an Xbox.


Sexy x plus one so that's where the Liberation's comes in gone yeah and the thing that's most interesting about this game and really I think the thing that cements it as realistic rumor as they've currently poor eight Assassin's Creed one and two and the two spin offs and from the 360 and ps3 era to the current generation of Xbox One and ps4 and I think this potato seems really possible just for that reason. Also, we you title Ubisoft Scott great ties with Nintendo the now so I think there's ones that are really possible. Rimmer. Yeah, I think there's artwork as well I think that was the other thing today was really swung it was the I think it's a check website and this happens a lot with some of the check gaming sites where they have for whatever reason they'll list something that's wrong. So a lot of people were kind of speculating about whether this was the right listing or whether this was a made up one but then when they publish the artwork as well. People have kind of gone Hang on a minute this could make


sense yeah and one lie I think this like it's at first sight when I heard this rumor I was like that's a bit odd why why would they do that like it's not what the main games in a franchise but the fact that it's the only one of the franchise that hasn't been put on to their to other main console so really as you say gal gift the arms and legs and the fact it was on the way you I think as well you know and the fact that Liberation's was a veto game it all kind of seems to to make sense I think and also the other interesting of Assassin's Creed is that if you're in Japan right now you can play the new Assassin's Creed on your switch because they have the infrastructure there to stream brand new games on the switch so they can stream the brand new Assassin's Creed with their infrastructure there any problem as long as you're at home you've got a conditional


we can do that here can do that in America. We don't have the option I'm not hundred percent sold on whether I'd want to switch to go down there any way because it takes the portability issue out if you want to go anywhere. Yeah, it's a cool feature though.


But that's the only we were getting Assassin's Creed right now so I would love this to be true yeah absolutely welcome this is actually give me a chance to finally play it because the last Assassin's Creed I played was black flag which I absolutely love that game was weirdly divisive most of you I know didn't like it whereas it's the only one I've really enjoyed because it got to be a pirate and seal arrangements cool you get to go on a boat in this one I'm gonna go on a boat yeah the assessor to that concept like this was their test one it's only a small portion of the game and it's getting off just to move locations but apparently it was the testing ground because he didn't know how well it


turns out not very well but hey


this is devices we said


let's hope that's true that's a big rumor to the other rumor that a couple of people had mentioned on Twitter and and someone asked us about this as well or maybe just double check who that was where you talk about this Anton


like we're getting the Witcher free on switch rumor at CD project right and I think this one


would be pretty cool is a fairly well optimized game so it's not to impossible belief but as really graphically intense of yet being optimized and also they've got the CD CD product right also have cyberpunk 24 seven coming out this year so whether or not the muscle another second release this year it's a little bit hard to say and month I have a feeling that would be that the company has been doing all the ports and now just with the kind of art sale and the graphical attentiveness it seems in their region what's the company does all that switch ports so now


it's Oh for goodness sake of


the call valve or something they do anyway they're the people that put put them war the war frame and doing it seems similar level that's the one to the other projects and but yeah I'm really excited about this rumor if any of us have any like history with the watcher franchise


I bought it. I actually bought it on the PlayStation four. And I had it sitting for I think two years. I mean some blade and I'd love to play. I love the concept like it just never got around to. So I would


definitely be an early buyer of if it came to the switch. Yeah, it's been on my to playlist rages. I've never actually owned it. I have had several friends who have offered to lend it to me and my stock responses or has been yet one. I'm just finished this game in certain game here, and I've never quite oriented but what intrigues me but this is I'm really thinking The Witcher is a huge game, isn't it? And Dave huge. Yeah,


as far as I know, it's huge. Yeah, to mine. Yeah,


to my knowledge, the cart for this, which isn't that big. But when I looked up a ninja, I think it's just in the car or 32 gig. I don't know if that's right. It doesn't seem right. Sounds too small, but I'm fascinated. See how to squeeze such a big deal.


One of the car well it's panic button that's the company that


we've already done it yeah your clothes your clothes no I wasn't involved I don't know where evolve came from that I know it wasn't valid but I thought it was maybe valve something but it's panic button anyway so panic button did pretty much managed to perform miracles with skier him and doom and Wolfenstein they've done an amazing and war frame particularly war frame or be it that's gone online element a big online element to it so I think that this could I think this could be really interesting I think they do it it'll be incredible I think Witcher three handheld portable take it with you play a bit more upgrade we can we can finally both actually play the game. Yeah, I should do discover and thanks to an incredibly reliable internet source want name it.


64 gig cartridges were plans be introduced to the second half of a team but we're delivering tender so that might answer 64 gigabyte.


Blu Ray was still pretty small yeah


so I think we would be okay not a single layer I thought who were bigger than that I think I've done doing something corny getting far too technical for me now guys have lost I'm lost I'm sure internal correct me my final rumor for this week this is another really exciting one another game that I've never played but would play Had it been on the switch and that's Kingdom Hearts yeah it's coming to well it's probably coming to this which we it's coming later in the year I think it's September on the Xbox One and Playstation four and the developers have said it's not going to switch at launch but will probably put on the switch or words to that effect I'm paraphrasing but yeah we'll probably get on the switch we'll just have to wait a little bit longer than everybody else for it hopefully it's worth it I started playing the first one years and years and years ago donkeys ago I got sent a review copy of the very first Kingdom Hearts didn't have a clue as doing didn't really get it. They don't come with manuals and speaking


Get boxes and manuals, that good stuff and that yeah but they've progressed so far and the last however many years 20 years 15 years ago making this a long time and now they look cool not just visually but like really good games on TV or play them and I have not no I own them I've had both of them sitting on the shelf and I'm just being unit get round to classic count on


too many games. Not enough time. It's all right. Yeah I can't see anything I can't even call me


I will lie though. It's like I find the factor so much Laura with this franchise a little bit daunting to search like 10 different games. Like I think the faith and they've gotten ridiculous tales like some of them are like I think they've got 2.8 epic prologue or something and then 0.2 brief by sweet fragment each passage and I don't even know where to begin. Well, I think I'm hoping that if they bring it to the switch that


they think about that because there is going to be a lot of people there's the potential to introduce


is a whole new audience which would connect with it given the content given the type of people today the characters that are involved you know it really could open it up to a lot of new people playing it for the first time so hopefully they think about that when it comes to the PSP is the first time it's been on any of this generation console yeah they they pretty sure it will be starting fresh or at least making it very open to a whole new gamers yeah absolutely yeah and Tom we're going to quickly talk about Celeste now we're not going to talk in huge detail because we are moving on with time but we're going to do a review of Celeste because you've been playing a lot yeah so at recommendation of the day or the week or when how often your your bench in these episodes at Celeste as a 2d platformer, and very eight but sale very static has lovely music and for platform has a very nuanced story about depression and anxiety and it's visually portrayed in the gameplay at the


Characters are lovely at the reason I ended up playing it was surprisingly true to the fact I found out and at one award for having the most bounce difficulty of the year which is a bizarre war to achieve father good one nonetheless. And so it starts off very easy and by the end of it, you end up being able to do stuff you never felt was even possible and the game is called a good bit of meat on is born as a feature called be sites on every level you can find a tip and there's about seven levels tool there decently long and you find the taping that own locker harder version of the level and and count the levels are kind of set up like almost single screen slightly bigger in a single screen and and you go through and I'll be on the harder site but the thing is, it's just like a single screen so you can you respond instantaneously, you have unlimited life. So you have trail fruit account, get it down and isn't impossibly hard. I bet the first one the first sale like the first round of labels like before I went


On to do the harder besides of all the labels and about 10 hours but yes really recommend it and you've also talked about limited run games we've got a limited run games one I think the cutoff point for Arjun one is February 1 and so I will see the Golden One the premium version that's one of the ways to go great alright well you've sold it to me I might even try and be quick and get in on that run if I can but I mean I might I might be cutting a bit fine now but certainly no Celeste hits great reviews you've just given another thumbs up from my point of view and I think with that let's move on to the quiz


questions all right then so here we go then it's quiz number four newest knots quiz number five currently it's Anton three Alistair one man this is embarrassing


but but but the first week I came back side and the second week I think I gave us a lot of help you did traveling for anything here.


Very, very briefly, the way we play, I have three games from the gaming volt of history, they have a connection to the switch, whether that's very, very tenuous or not. And you have to guess which game I'm talking about. I'll give you a clue. And then the first person of the two of you to tell me the name wins. That point is the best of three. You get one guest for each clue that I give you. Okay, well, let's get started. If you're both ready. I will start with game number one. Ready do it. This game was originally released in 1987, developed by tech nos Japan and distributed by title in the UK and US was it was called punch


Nope, nope. And on any advanced not too. Sure. All right. Let's move on. Then. Originally an arcade game, but home versions were already Oh, also released for the NAS the Master System, the Atari the Amiga, the Amstrad the spectrum the see 64, the Game Boy in the Mega Drive in the Atari Lynx.


I'm just gonna go through every title game I think of technical World Wrestling Nope.




taken just frozen oh boy we're going to give you this next one I think might might give somebody the point you play as Billy and our twin brother Jimmy Lee


I also say this was one of my favorite spectrum games no idea I'll be so like Streets of Rage which probably isn't even technical but who cares all right we're gonna move on spawned a 1988 sequel and a 19 93rd game several other versions and the neon version was released in 2012 there is a fourth installment on the switch


which can I hasten to add is not very good no I have a blank games have for fair wrong for Well, I'll give you one free play one free go. Or you can ask me a question about the game each. So Anton what what's your question about the game oh


what's your horizon okay, right guys? You both


jump in as soon as you know genre is a Streets of Rage like beat them up


and Todd you got there in the end it off there was a battle those verses Double Dragon was there yeah that game that game was awful but Double Dragon was my favorite game back in the eight bit generation absolutely loved it. And I remember playing the arcades regularly really good but the new version there's I think there's a rerelease of the original one now on the switch with double dragon for which is in the original style. It's not terrible. It's just not very good. In my opinion. That's my opinion. All right. Next game then. This game was originally released in 1991 on the Sega Mega Drive.




so Sonic to it centers on to aliens who have crashed landed on earth




store I wish I had a Mega Drive there aliens that wrap


all he's got it again


until I've heard the name toe jam in our


most recent one is available on the switch the switch it just came I think it is it just like this last week or so I think arts on the way out very soon as they've done a new toy job Dark Hole German URL in funky Tron or whatever it was was the original title and it was developed the new one was developed for funding from Kickstarter so it was a Kickstarter which is pretty cool off the ground so it's really really quite interesting all right then final game come on after this game was originally released in the end 64 Oh right my charger into eight Wave Race


It was originally conceived as a as an adventure game named dream for the snares


cream oh


no budget because we can we




It is I kind of I don't know if I get the point I only heard you say banjo there on Tom did it cut off or did you say by having technical difficulties


I'm going to give me half a point so we'll make it it still doesn't at least that way don't come yeah but at least it was zero point final claims for there were sold know nearly 2 million copies in the US was remaster for the Xbox 360 is part of the Rare Replay compilation sequel released in 2000 we'd love that to be on them the would love that to be on the switch. I just want all rare games on the switch as you know of all the rear games I know I love God my always responds but you know blast core last last call was amazing. The replay that feed up in yet I thought you were going to see is right up there but no blessed core up slating various peoples are in destroying everything in the way of a nuclear myself. I prefer opinion. I learned that


All right then. So I think that pretty much wraps up. We've got loads more we could talk about and we could probably talk all night because it is a busy week, but we're going to leave it there in the meantime.


Please remember we are on Twitter it's Nintendo Switch UK podcast on Twitter I think. Ns. UK P is that right? Yes and Su Kp okay so you can get us on Twitter. You can also get us on email as well as the email address that is podcast at su which is also the website incidentally that's en su Kp Dakota UK. We will be back next week. We hope you've enjoyed today. Today's episode we will be back to chat more switch more reviews and to listen to Anton when another round of the quiz next week. Goodbye.