The Nintendo Direct Rumours Awakens - Episode 7

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Episode 7 of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast with Anton, Mike & Al. So are we getting a Nintendo Direct this week? We are discussing that rumour and what we might get from a Direct, if it's really happening! We've got two new NES online games, two new 3rd party developers and some news on Assassin's Creed 3. We're also talking about new cross platform developments, Nintendo's approach to gaming addiction, the amazing sales of one new Switch game and of course, we have the weekly quiz!

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Well, hello, welcome to episode number seven of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. I, Mike now am Anton and we're back with loads and loads of news and rumors, including one very, very big rumor that we're going to talk about in just a moment. You probably already know what we're talking about. I'm giddy with excitement in a moment. Oh, finally, in a moment, we'll get directly to the point.


But before that, let's talk briefly about Twitter because we've had lots lots of lovely messages from people and Twitter is one of the places that you can do just that and our Twitter handle that's a very easy thing to see. That's like CB radios and stuff. I thought that was a phrase as a note. I think so I believe so. Yeah, yeah. You're you're at is your handle I believe Yeah. Okay.


Ns. UK p on Twitter that is our or ns UK podcast so I got that wrong ns. UK podcast definitely that so if you want to tweet us then that's where you go you can follow us on Twitter as well hello to Michael who's handlers me a 15 anyway and he says just want to say love the podcast actually working my way through the earlier episodes it's weird hearing Merry Christmas and metroid prime for being guaranteed for 2019 low base so true Barnes


we didn't think for a very long time it was happening he also replied to one of our questions that we put out there which was what's your unpopular Nintendo Switch opinion which I thought was quite a good question. Thank you. Anton. Mario Roberts is the greatest game on the console. But actually I see on popular but lots of people have said the same thing is a very popular game. Yeah, great feedback doesn't everyone seems to really enjoy it. And it's quite affordable for like first part and entangle, so if you haven't, like considered it, think of it more of a micro game than a rabbit scheme.


It is really good. And that's one that a lot of people have said as well. One of the other polls that and top up was Battle of the upcoming switch racer. Which one are you more excited about is a team Sonic a crash team, I can give you the results. The final results that in second place with 36% of the votes was Crash Team Racing and team Sonic racing 64% of the votes. And I think that's fairly reflective because I'm kind of excited for both. But we have really if you if you had a PlayStation one then you played crusty rating. So it kind of figures. Yeah, I was kind of surprised to see what's really cool because obviously, science reputation isn't doing so hot these days. So but it's good to see you there. So excitement for this game. Because the class to like Sonic racing games have been fantastic. Well, the thing about it is that that's exactly it. I had both of them. I actually I love the second one. But actually, I think the first one I slightly preferred not that the second one wasn't better, it was better had more stuff, bigger, better stuff. There was a weird thing with the setup.


One we're racers would catch up with you no matter what you did when you got to a certain point. I don't know if you encounter that Anton yeah personally what the SEC oh I prefer the first one as well and I think for myself it was just like whenever you transformed into a boat or a plane I was just like I wish I was just a car much better I felt like there was a bit too much going on at times interestingly double Amr nine on Twitter also said that so I'm not getting the switch version I'm actually going to get to Sonic racing on the ps4, which is an interesting choice but I guess if it's a multiplayer and you're probably going to play it with people rather than you know, as a game that you're going to play on your switch on your own, then it doesn't really matter if you get the switch version or not. Because you know, yeah, unless the graphics are probably better than the PlayStation version. I'm obviously not on Twitter. I don't do any of that tweeting stuff. If I was only for Sonic crashing racing buffer complete rubbish reason What's the reason but I know some certain characters and replay crashing my life I just know who crashes that's it. And it's just so you know, Alastair is Twitter


That's what it's called. When you when you when you when you twit, someone, that's what you call it right? Yeah. Wasn't that right Anton? Yeah, of course. That's the official terminology. Yeah, cheaper and if it's if you really care, so


that's only really care. Thanks to Bevin who says on Twitter we were talking about Celeste because you talked about Celeste in a couple of episodes ago. And you said that it's one of those that you really need to experience. And Devin says Celeste only completed the first three chapters so far really impressed. Some interesting and quite dark themes and character exchanges. Seems like a study in personal progression and self belief. And you took the time to reply on time to see that it's such a good good glad to hear you're enjoying it and it gets better the further you get which that in itself is actually made me want to go and play it but I've been too busy playing Zelda because I'm loving it so good. I knew it was good. I played for years previously but it's still so I spent the weekend play Mario car again. I love that game is so good. I'm still knocking vehicles. It feels like I've been playing it forever. I still getting


stuff we've unlocked them all that I think that's half the problem and I want more Mario Kart but yeah i mean you can't really you can't really get enough of Mario Kart to unlock everything you still want to go back and have another race with friends or online What about you and what have you been playing this week? Yes So I haven't really been doing too much I've gave the New Super Mario Bros you to look ago and what just been fun but it's kind of a bit samey. I've played it before. And I think in retrospect, to just kind of seems like the bare minimum Mario game at Cal a lot of similar themes, but I'm actually looking for a brand new switch game to play because of Cal finished up slice. Know. So if you've got any suggestions of what games I should give a gander which and you think of copying overlooked? give me give me a lovely message on the Twitters and they'll take it from there. Yeah. What game should Anton play next? That's the question for Twitter ns. UK podcast on Twitter if you're on Facebook we've gotten a Nintendo Switch up podcast page there to We're also on email and the email address is it is podcast at ns.


uk. All right, let's


Get on to the all important news and rumors


which today we're putting together just because they kind of intertwined quite well and the first thing is Nintendo Direct we have a rumored one this weekend on I know a leaker Kingsdale he has a really good track record like he he in Philly out came out and link the world like the world's going to aim that new RPG that recently came out yeah and who would have saw that coming like it wasn't like sometimes you hear rumors like yeah they're going to make a new Mario when that happens a purpose like a profit but he has a really good track record and he's came out and you select the date that we're going to have its February 13 which seems really reasonable in my opinion. And last Wednesday it is yeah


we're gonna have to hope nobody talks about those rumors and told the podcasts on Sunday. Well, I know that's the thing I mean, there's there's a lot a lot of people speculating about this. And whilst we don't want to


Always go on a rumor. It does seem that there's quite a lot of reliable sources now saying the same thing which leads me to believe that this could be a thing. What kind of things are the saying that we're going to be hearing about? Yes. Correct. So the first big rumor is Pittman free which seems really reasonable for rumor considering there's another rumor of a new Pokemon game coming out soon so it'd be a good time to reuse that IP Super Mario Maker to which is interesting I wouldn't have suspected a sequel to that myself know how do you make a sequel that Yeah, I don't understand how that could even work I'm kind of curious to see if they would maybe like add another game to accelerate the thing with makers like they had my one free world use some kind of curious if they'll maybe add some new sales


have to wait and see and thankfully it doesn't look like will be waiting too long. No, box boy if he is remember that game. No, I don't tell us what is. What is it? Oh, it's Kendall 3ds platformer and you can't have like your body count folds out and then you can use your book.


To cross gaps as a really bizarre concept to look up, but generally look up a trailer, the 3ds trilogy is really good they're like real budget titles like five pounds a game their official entangle. So I'm curious and other rumors we fought to the Zelda which we were talking about this on previous part yeah we talked about that last week I think that could be quite a good fit especially as it does seem the you know the 3ds is is getting closer to end of his life cycle so we make a lot of sense which is going to be interesting to see if it ever borrowed anything from the newer Breath of the Wild and host reinvented the franchise so there's a lot of exciting stuff there Pokemon obviously I think we false we all know that calling bomb surprised to see them talking about swear like definitely then do that with light school squarely. And then finally the medical rumor of the year. But should we don't know whether or not we're getting Metroid Prime trilogy which I'm in full support. All I believe yourselves are like Mike and I both need to come by that and play through it 100% like I'm pretty sure we're not genuine Nintendo gamers. So we've done that I think.


It is it's one of those kind of classic titles that you need to go and play especially with the fact that we have no time before Metroid Prime for us coming because we know that that's not going to be an anytime anytime soon. I you know I love about direct that any Nintendo Direct there was there's always a curveball there's always one that nobody's really thought about and it comes out of nowhere and it hits you like an arrow between the eyes and evil St Paul's to job what just one more thing guys yeah yes that's that thing isn't it so


I'm looking forward to it if it does happen we don't know for sure it's a rumor it's not confirmed but everything seems to be pointing towards Wednesday the 13th of February which is just well it's just three days time. Yeah, keep an eye on your inbox on Tuesday. The invite will just going to be there. It's going to be there and I'm gonna be sitting in front of a computer on Wednesday night. It could make for an interesting podcast next week. It would give us an awful lot to do. In fact, it could even be an extended


all right let's move on and talk about something other stuff that is out there this week. Some of the things that people have been talking about.


First of all there's take two and two k who have said that switch game sales are better than anticipated and promise more games and on this is interesting. What kind of games might we be seeing them? Yeah, I think personally me I can come back contenders also we're going to have our two key basketball and all that kind of stuff we have potentially if we're lucky port so some maybe some older grant adult games like the sun and Dre is free vice era


and maybe Billy would kill something I would potentially see. Because we had rumors of that last year, I believe. Yes, and I think the biggest contender and my eyes would be Borderlands consulting. report that to the VR some Oh yeah. So I think like that's ready for anything. So I think that's probably the most likely kind of it's myself for me. I think the ones I really want certainly Borderlands would be great bully. I would absolutely be on that in a flash and actually from from two k i would love them. I really want a good ice hockey game on the switch. I love ice hockey game.


This goes back to my love of he hockey.


NHL 9394. 95.


But the original the hockey was the one for me and I really want a good hockey game that's where I that's what I'd like to see hockey given great. Last time I played was blade to steals on the Nez Yeah.


Was there were so happy memories we yeah we need what what about you Elsa what kind of thing would you like to see I mean ki ta g over there I mean in an ideal world GTA and particularly Vice City because that was my favorite


music and that still stopped rather ask me I'm happy oh my god if they just gave us Borderlands two. That's like those games are so long, because we've got that and you've got pre sequel that would just be up so much time as they brought that over. Oh, I mean, Borderlands is a game that I have been told so many times. And I've had friends over the years that have played it and said it's just brilliant and I've never I've never had the time to go into it properly. And it's one of those games that as you said


Very long as big as got plenty of plenty to do so I would very much welcome that as well yeah I played the first 20 minutes of about two or three months ago I thought this is great friends yes automatic and gone by this and just haven't gotten into


it would be a good time for us I think the rumor mill skill white thing up and there's like real suggested like they're talking about and they're like investor meetings about a Borderlands free coming along so it would be a good time to put on some older games and get some anticipation winding up. Definitely. Sorry that you see that but our next news item just coming up is that makes it really bad time of reasons. Commit because there's too many new things coming here that I want to play. Well there. Is this true are we talking about the NAS online games we are talking where the Nez only thanks again, classic NES games and Tom we've got super mario to and Kirby adventures now we're now we're getting somewhere with these we are all these games are. These games are my childhood. They make me so happy right now.


Are you going to go back and go wow that's rose tinted spectacles right there or are you going to go back and go no these are still really playable knew I knew I still like these games because I only sold my nose like five years ago when it finally pretty much broke yeah I played both of them relatively recently and they were just as good as I remembered I would like to see some of the snares games coming soon I know that we think that's going to happen but super mario to Kirby adventures. Any interest there? Yeah, definitely. Like for me growing up in the Mega Drive and stuff like that. I never really experienced nice too much. So I think when I picked up the nays it would have been like 2013 2011.


And I find Kirby's Adventure specially answer my or two are very accessible games where people who didn't grow up in the name because that's the thing with a lot of these days. Our games like Zelda for instance, is hard for somebody who'd never count grew up with those count game mechanics but Kirby adventure really easy to pick up for some days. Never played it before. And it's like a lot of these games. It's like you have to play them a bunch until you can figure out holy warriors.


Before you actually finish them it's like a lot of you go for and you may play like 30 minutes and then get stuck and off or something and then you have to restart and try again another time but coverage venture you can be that on your first play for if you really want so anything else this time around. So the thing about the games now as well as that you can save states as well. So you can save it as you go. Which is something that we didn't have the luxury of. We'd have to just burn a hole in the TV to keep on all night you know, and I think that's one of the things that is great about doing it this way. Absolutely. Yeah, they were absolutely fantastic. Well the Super Mario to at the time though, is a little game I ever voluntarily choose to please the girl because the princess has the ability to float which just meet her the best character by far find it funny seems to save space. I saw like a like a five year old kids on the bus a couple days ago when he was just sitting there. I think he was playing like Super Mario Bros. Free news. Let's say jumping a platform named saving jumping a platform falling down


jumping a platform. See I know why do that why he was doing that. He watched me play Zelda.


So I play breath


know, a shrine or a better save now. All right, I'll just go back to that save. Okay, I'll see you again. Okay, I'll save again. I've got another meter forward roll so bad at rest of the world. I love it though. It's great. All right, then. Tell us a bit about this. How do you pronounce this? These guys as Vox books yeah so these are the guys they make the kind of voice essentially built escape button the license out to have the different companies at sorts for games that aren't on Xbox and ps4 mainly. So they mainly work on PC so they do the voice support for pub Jean Lee League of Legends and World of Tanks so they have some good tales and they're finally working on switch and let's say it's a case of plugging in like what's your normal pair of 3.5 millimeter headphones into the switch and you have voice chat on like a other Nintendo games such as so tune where you have to use that awful Yes, I see this comment switch. Brilliant. That's really good. I noticed on Rocket League when I was on there the other night having a couple of games that they've now got full cross platform which we knew was happening that


Great that's really exciting it's much more about you know getting on there and being accessible to as many places as you can be


the only thing with the switch and I love everything else about this is great news I just wish the switch had allowed you in the first place to have bluetooth headphones because my bluetooth headphones they come with a luckily mind come with a cable that you can plug into them and then you plug it in and that's fine but it's a real shame that if I was to use Bluetooth headphones I have to go out and buy a little adapter which then has to hang off the bottom and even then it's not perfect is a real shame that the I guess is it a money thing or is it just that they'll release something that's Nintendo branded at some point and go here you go majors more to do with cramming the hardware and the software and the cost into the initial design at an X you probably next radio receiver I'm guessing you've already got Bluetooth receivers in there for the joy cons as a third one for headphones age stuff too complicated


person me I'm kind of of the stance I think just Nintendo not being the most confident and secure and technology


Like Take for instance the Nintendo app The reason they made it an app is because it was easier to build an app then to build it into the system so I think it's more so I case off they just want you to lock down the system to save themselves from any potential form of hacking really yeah quite quite possibly that would be exactly what it will be about and it may be the leads more interest is something we talked about many episodes ago now which was that collaboration or possibly joining with Apple at some point and doing something together that's you know you were telling us about that yeah I mean the rumor Mills gone quiet but it doesn't mean nothing's happening know who knows who knows all right let's move on then just one of the other rumors games that we talked about extensively a couple of weeks ago is Assassin's Creed three and I was very very excited about the potential of this coming to this switch it's been officially announced for the ps4 and Xbox One however no comment about a switch version yet yeah but no Colin doesn't even know game it just because if you're I think when we said at the time there knows who's going to be


Coming to the other two consoles, and it would probably come to switch afterwards. And Tom, what do you think? Yeah, I'm thinking there. I know. I'm like holding on clutching on for dear life. I'm hoping there at the direct that's when they're officially announce it. Because there's been a couple cases when there's been first party games I've been announced now then we don't hear anything about split charge. And then like a week later, we supplement and tangled. Right. So I'm holding a more than that cards firmly. My, towards my heart and Fingers crossed. Yeah, like is literally crossing this fingers right now. Yeah, I mean, I really want this and I think as well, I said about that curveball that you get at the direct and I think this could be one of those curve balls. I think you might be onto something. It would make sense of the word that the director is going to happen at some point soon to lean over thought you're going to go so you can say it makes sense of the loose Microsoft Word


big announcement at Nintendo Direct would like to introduce to this sweet office this is this is a clip art.


That's not gonna happen. We're safe enough.


So that's a possibility but no one knows when yet but it has been announced Assassin's Creed three for the ps4 and Xbox One Now I mentioned this earlier on because we're talking about two days Zelda but for a car was CEO has hinted that the end is near the end is nigh for the 3ds and time oh yeah it said it was a really interesting interviews and Japanese magazine and nothing to interest in the question it was folded Bibles basically like oh are you making a switch money and are just killing off the 3ds and then he was just essentially rambled on for like several paragraphs about the free the SS selling really good with kids and their mobile devices in every household but the switch is knowing that mobile households and then completely denied the switch rehearsal I think the takeaway from this rumor would be that we're going to be getting a switch money and and hopefully with that, we'll start to see mobile switches and one household and from there the 3ds Yeah, it's interesting after that came out.


I can't remember to read it. It might have been punched jump maybe there was a number they in Japan or maybe there's no I don't know the numbers. The restaurant in Japan The only sold 4900 units of the CDs, which is not a lot differently like leaving market. That's the Japanese markets always been the place where the handheld cell the best. So that's really dire. I'm just going to go I call this right at the beginning when we first started this podcast I called this You did say this will be interesting because in 10 years time the 3ds is going to sell more than that in one year. Because it will be a retro device.


Yes, many


Exactly. It will be the 3ds many which is very typical probably less we've evolved into tiny tiny people right on so that's one of the big discussions this week I tend to agree I think that the switch is kind of becoming you know the one thing that the focusing on the kind of said that what we talked about that last week as well as this extra news with the 3ds and his kind of comments on that it's interesting and sidestepping the rumors of a switch many


It's definitely happening isn't it? Yeah and it makes a lot of sense when you consider it from just getting multiple switches in the same household and who knows like before we've kind of talked ourselves like all the Docs or joy cons they could totally make a switch money that could be compatible for doc and you can just buy a pro controller that's not not all the question so maybe just like health switch concept Kevin needs to be looked at more broadly yeah terms of what it means to be a switch console well it's going to be an interesting journey over the next few months I think this is definitely a pivotal year anyway 2019 for the switch now also in the news this week we've got switch game time restrictions are this is about parental controls what's what's been going on here Yeah, I think was for a cow as well when he was I forget who is speaking do but he was saying he was highlighting how Nintendo or one of the only games manufacturers out there who built into their hardware parental controls actually actively let parents restrict the amount of time that kids can play their consoles for to an app on their smartphone.


That's pretty cool. I think it's great. I think what's interesting too about the switches that back in the, if you go back to the early days of gaming in the kind of mid to late 80s, a lot of games, there was a lot of games that were educational for things like the spectrum or the Commodore 64, or the micro or whatever. And interesting on the App Store. One of the games that I've noticed in different forms is the multiplication, division games. There's games basically to learn how to have to maths or tomorrow.


And I think that's great. There's, there's a few other games in there as well obviously got the likes of the cross. And you've got crossword stuff. You've got chess, and there's lots of different games where there's a kind of either an L other educational element, or there's an element of kind of blown into it. Yeah, and I think that's something I don't intend to have done this with brain training and things in the past, but I think it's quite nice that we've still got that side of Nintendo. So it's great that we've branched out into


you know, 18 certificate games and we're getting the likes of do


And all that. That's great. But they're still being your parents. So there are your customers and say, Look, this is a safe console. Is it? A family console is great. It's fantastic. I loved those kinds of games as a kid when I was a kid, and I got the chance to learn something in a video game. Yeah. Okay. was pretty rudimentary compared to the switch. I mean, you know, it was like, you know, seven colors or whatever, but back in the 1800s, but it is. It's,


it's interesting that we've still got that and it's great. I think this is great that you've still there still thinking like that, too. It's very Nintendo. Yeah, I mean, they're going to specifically a T we knows an issue with give me a dictionary there is becoming worse. Yeah, it's pretty much guaranteed. If you go back to when we were kids make the games you played. You pick them up. You played them for maybe an hour, two hours by that point. You're so angry you couldn't play anymore, but in play football manager in the end


I'm talking about the alien didn't play it on it goes over to you. I played on my spectrum. Yeah, well, that's sort of console. It's no different different kind of gaming. But anyway, yeah. So you pick up Mario, you fall down the hall, 2030 times you go


I've had enough to throw control and walk away now if you pick playing these games where you can literally playing forever they're really accessible I can understand why gaming addiction has become a problem you don't Nintendo for trying to you also need to play for two hours to get anywhere in a lot of games yeah yeah because it's like I think that crazy like even with games like Final Fantasy 13 I remember when that came over but it's like yeah you just have to get past the first hundred dollars until it gets good I'm like well


expected to do that no well they say that because it was initially Chronicles to for example now i i have played probably 10 hours and I really enjoyed what I played so far but it's an investment and I haven't got the time to invest in Zelda skier man's enough later just I just don't have the time but I always get told the same thing with Xena Blade When I see people going on and saying I've not really enjoyed it. I'm 25 hours in and it's not I'm just not. I'm not clicking with it. Always. Always. People come back and say, Oh yeah, but you can't have played it until you played at least 50 hours. That's a lot of time. A lot of time.


God I think.


Like people, like in my Friendship Circle will make fun of me because I was like half a movie and it doesn't grab me. I'm like, I'm not watching the race. So the here like people expect me to play like the hours of the game. I'm like, I can't even watch like 45 minutes of a movie. If it doesn't grab me because I'll just move on to the next thing. Yeah, it is insane. It is. And I think this is this is great that they have acknowledged that and they've they've kept something in there, which gives parents some sort of control over over that because as much as we love gaming, and it is,


I think of a hugely positive thing overall. Of course, it's like anything, isn't it? You know, too much of it is not necessarily a good thing, right? tangle deep, then a new release at sense tangled up this is incredible. So the same amount on the switch in one week is it managed on Steam in six months? Alister, I mean that is just absolutely phenomenal it i mean i'm not played dangly before but it's come by I think its impact game works and they are they released the stat that literally in space of the first week it was appeared on the store it has I


sold the number of this old on Steam in six months it listed on there. Well done switch. Well done Nintendo and of course well done game does is it just because it's accessible or it's easier to play? What's the reason on why are people picking this? Oh, I find it quite interesting because then Do you remember how a couple weeks ago we were chatting about how all everybody doesn't like the Nintendo he shot because tons of indies get to the top and people aren't finding what they want? Yeah, or I don't know if you guys find this I always find like on the shop compared to like the Xbox marketplace and PlayStation Store I find I discover a lot of new games that I wouldn't usually discover. So I think it's kind of part of the ecosystem where as such an NDA centric ecosystem where you have the likes of Zelda sitting next to Celeste and said to him or it's just kind of case of just say ecosystem itself count pushing new titles up to the front well early be good or bad and letting you decide whether or not you like them because there's nothing that a rating system on the switch so it's literally just account for more


market. Here's our games look into site as you me. Yeah. And actually, there's another little nugget. When they made this announcement about the sales. They also dropped in that that first week of sales is enough to cover the cost of the port, because I have no idea how much normally costs to port games over. But that's actually quite quite interesting what my theory is that it must cost more for the switch than anything else, simply because of the pricing of games on this, which mean that for me, is still one of my bugbears on the switch. I don't actually mind playing paying a premium but I think we are still a little way off it being right i think it's still too expensive, but I think it is very interesting to see and one of the functions on the east East shop which I really like is the Discover bit now I kind of overlook it sometimes because I go straight to the charts or go to the new releases are upcoming or equal to the sale


is often the first port of call Yes, good boy. But the Discover but it's actually quite good because the refresh I think it's weekly and there's all often one game in there that you go, Oh, I remember somebody mentioning that.


And that will often alert me too. I might not buy it there, and then I'll maybe wait till it's in the sale.


But I'll definitely, you know, keep an eye on it, you know. Yeah. Usually Anton's mentioned it. That's very true. That's very true. And Anton on games. You're talking about games. Have you played under tail and I have a while ago on PC. I haven't played on sweatshirt and need to get hardcore around. not finished, unfortunately. Have you played west of loading? I have no, no, right. There you go. That's the game for you. Turn based RPG, west of loading cowboy sort of Western kind of style. incredibly funny all hand drawn like stick figures don't judge on what you see in the picture is because it is a solid nine out of 10 is one of the best indie titles on the switch. And I found out that they didn't know this. But I believe there's DLC for as well which I didn't know I don't know if it will be paid or what but I've completed it finished. It took me maybe 10 somewhere like eight to 10 hours, something like that.


That's my suggestion to you. West of low thing is one of the best games on this way. And it's always on sale, which is great. Yeah, it's always cheaper for favorite players.


I think it could even be on the currency. I don't think it is a shirt. I saw my friend James mentioned this the other day. And we've said this before, when you buy a title on the switch, and you will back into the store. It doesn't display the price. So if it's on sale, and you want to recommend it to someone, like we want to recommend it to Anton. I don't know how much it is because I own it. So it says purchased know, Nintendo, I want to know how much it is.


How much did I spend more than it is on sale. But then you just get angry. I get angry. Yes, I want to tell Anton. It's only a five rounds on or whatever. You know, I'm Google Calendar. Thanks for the recommendation. West of loading. That's the one for you on tone. And if you don't like it, I'll eat my hat. You're not wearing a hat?


How much time like prank Mike. No.


All right then.


Just very quickly there's been an online updates as well and Anton tell us about this because Nintendo not happy with the surge in short term Nintendo Switch online planet people are buying it so essentially within of I think they had based or meeting recently and they've kind of came out and apparently Nintendo started to get a problem where people are just going in and buying a month of Nintendo online whereas what to a folder services the most popular plan is the most cost effective one which is the year or just it will keep on renewing until you pass out and your bank content is so yeah I think people are just not really happy with the service and their comment on hold or planning to add more investment to


add more value to the service which may cost them mean less profit but they're hoping that that will equal more people buying and read news for us frankly and I mean I don't know about you guys but my assumption there's snares online Yep. And further as well. I would say I think that there's no reason why we can't be getting


To the likes of you know it makes sense for the snares only because of just coming to the end of the run of the snares mini they've not only with the Game Cube yet so I can say why they want to keep that back but there's there's no reason not to get that back now there might be ways of doing the title here and there are some like a surprise title or something but yeah I think to be fair I think it's fairly good value the switch online service if you compare it to the other Xbox PlayStation and it's a no brainer it's fractured price or something and there are more and more titles know becoming available. You know you've got a lot of the free titles that you can play online the likes of politicians and things,


but as well as that you've got the spittoons the Mario Kart so the world I think to be honest, if that's all we're getting. And the ordinary game and snares game then that's that's pretty that's pretty awesome. It's a compelling offer. And I think it's winter I gave up my PlayStation subscription dunks you're still going to PlayStation four. I thought I don't really game on lane and the games that are giving away each month. We just weren't worth the hassle the minor costs you're paying for anyway, just thought. NET


Used to be I mean PlayStation used to be really good volume three was PlayStation three I still have my PlayStation so you don't have the the account I kept it for a while after the cycle because of all the games that you were given but I think the ps4 is this massive library ps4 sorry switch massive library literally older games but there's so many of them that it's just twice the cost alone and you still got the new titles this the the ones that matter car and the split tune to and things like that that are Nintendo games that are great online so I don't have a problem with it The problem is they spoiled is all with a free year before they start charging. Yeah I think I can see it clean so it just seems like the fact it's more so centered around the tier of it being an arbitrary people so the thing is the sorry charging for it, but they didn't do anything to make it better. I think it was count and that's the


thing people are upset with. Because obviously when like for instance when PlayStation went from free to paid the quality of the service call incrementally better and for instance again


You get on the other two platforms are a lot more high end but obviously you're paying half the price. So scam yeah depending on the situation to be first and $10 a camera the gates and day one saying here's a service at some point we'll start charging for it yeah yeah I mean I can't fault them for that I think no one's complaining is just slap possibly missing the point yeah exactly all right let's let's move on then because it's that time of the week where we find out if Alister can clawback a boy it's time for the quiz I'm just gonna leave now.


All right then. So this week is our seventh quiz. It's currently it seems like the scores don't five to to Anton does that seem right now for two to Anton because we've had six quizzes for two because we


didn't win last week. I didn't know I last week. I can't take that. Well, we'll give that will give the decision to Anton Anton Is it one or 424 to take


Alright so the way we play for those that are listening for the first time very very briefly there are three games I am the quiz master I will give you one guess for each clue for the game title each round and you have to tell me what the title of the game is. So I'll give you a clue if you guess once that you don't get to get to like give you the next clue and we go on until one of you gets it right so this week first game this game first appeared in arcades in 1999 and was then ported to the Dreamcast oh




actually no that's crazy taxi


you're absolutely right Alistair he's gone and done it


I run to the red bar that last week


well the I had on the Let me think


yeah I was over here so you will you would have played on the games you because the it was the third, the third best selling Dreamcast game in the US. That was my second.


Include the next one, later ported to the PlayStation two Game Cube and PC. So you would have played on the game at praise for its innovative innovative gameplay design can speak and you take on the role of a taxi driver.


And it was crazy. It was really, really great,


awesome game. It's one that's been ported, I think on I think the 360 there was a version of it,


if I remember correctly, you could get it and I think it was in one of these kind of compilation there was a better version Okay, okay. It wasn't crazy taxi. But remember the Simpsons game there was basically just crazy. Tash Simpsons hit and run a long road rage and then hit and run bit hit and run is one of the best games that didn't get the praise it deserves Simpsons because we've had so many bad Simpsons games that is a fantastic game yeah definitely that's one that I would like them to see to see redone. bring that back in the switch. Oh no. Absolutely. I mean as a genuinely good game if you've if you've never played it, and you fancy going back in time 1520 years then the city


Since hit and run is one to check out and on Have you played that one oh yeah absolutely it's so good I find it funny elves curious I'm like everybody loves this game everybody I chat just like that was such a good game so how do we look around no idea who owns that I don't even think that people who do on it and all that the on it it's like the ease of all the companies marriage and breaking up half splitting it is just went for like corporate mayhem so don't even know where that came belong so we don't even know who to pester for remain master that game saw this is such a great title by the way as well I should mention for those that haven't heard before we try and have a link to the switch and each game and that one is simply that it should be on the switch because it was on the


the Game Cube at one point and there's no reason why we can't have a part of it at some point please thank you intend to that would be great right game number two one or two Alistair that before and I did that one yeah created by epic and published by x Xbox Game Studios


here's for


He's done it one back again, Charlie, where it seemed a little girl. But yeah, that's exactly why I'll give you the rest. Released on the seventh of November 2006 for the Xbox 360. That's the first installment to follow ups. Following the same main character than a prequel released in 2013, the last game was released number four, and 2016 became one of the best selling franchises on the Xbox 360. Well known for its emphasis on cover based combat and a famous multiplayer I've spent many many hours with friends that was my favorite horror game but my favorite actual get friends together everyone jump online and play some gears are great memories and kind of went downhill for me after the second one. But I thought we played the first and second I don't think ever did anymore. I bought this thing about the third and never really kind of got into I think I'm sure it's a great game. In fact, probably better but it was just the timing and experience. Alright, so the third round or we're going to get further than the first question.


So you should give a few more. All right, let's do this then. No, no, you've got to


You know the title that. So that's how the game works. So this is the decider is one one.


The first title in this series was released on the Xbox 360 and ps3 in America in 2007. And the PS two version was released a couple of months later, the UK had to wait until 2008 for the lot,


huh? Pass Pass was also released on the Nintendo Wii in 2008. Oh, really? No


free past.


Okay, I think someone's gonna get it soon. It had six sequels, including a Lego version.


Rockland. Ah. is gone and done it


to ones I should call that we played so much of that game we played. We played it one night, so so much that I fell asleep.


at four o'clock in the morning, so


the next clues you would have gotten the next one. You had 2000 downloadable songs that you could choose to download other versions included to the Beatles, Lego Green Day three and four. I am genuine living myself for not getting that one. I knew you would. Music video game developed by harmonics, published by MTV games and distributed by EA. That's a game I would love to see the switch do I think that would be great multiplayer. I I really missed all those games. People used to make so much for the plastic guitars and it was great fun. I don't care if you look like worldly people. I made it worse was the I was genuinely good at the guitar and I on it. And I play guitar so it's not least I can say that's like, you know, but I was nowhere near my brother who would be he would be like a YouTube sensation. He was that good. He was wanting to do sort of the through the fire and flames


difficulty. Yeah, thank you. Alice. Alice. So Anton Did you ever get into the rock band falling Yeah, I think I I was more Guitar Hero Kids. Yeah, yeah. Bye.


Yeah I played rock band one I was the drummer and then just kind of fold because hard here or games up until guitar here live which is a really underrated game was just go server shutdown some just got Hong Kong plastic lying around


the sadness but apparently wrote pen VRS really good and really and to give away the data is like Nate the guitar to like an Oculus controller and the box well the Nautilus so it's kind of tempted because I don't think the guitars goal for too much these days anyway it's one of those you could probably pick up really cheap and still have a great time on you yeah absolutely friends right attempts to go and do that now yeah I'm just wondering if we should maybe the other into our list of retro games nights along with yes this is the part another PlayStation PlayStation too much too by the way that's another one you need to check out one of the best multipliers ever ever ever I concur on the switch needs it right that's about all we've got time for for episode number seven so much to talk about again and I have a feeling I'm going to throw out there I think episode eight we're going to have


Even more to talk about I just think we're going to have a direct this week I'm just gonna have to speak a little faster and that seems like we may extend the episode


might be part one part two who knows played a double speed which is have to do it really fast that's it and if you want to get in touch Anton we're on Twitter yes and it's UK p podcast one peeler


I'm confusing it is yeah we should have we should have thought that our podcast at Venice


UK and Su Kp on Facebook. That's it for this week. Have a lovely week and we will see you next week. Goodbye. Sure. Oh.