Doing It In Stylus - Episode 17

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Anton, Al and Mike are back with this week's latest news, rumours and quiz in another episode of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast.  

Super Mario Maker 2 has a release date and it includes a stylus! We now know that no hardware will be announced at E3 but we are definitely getting a Switch Mini. Big news for fans of Yu-Gi-Oh and so much more in an action packed 55 minutes of up to date chat.

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Hello, and welcome to episode number 17 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast and we're delighted that Anton is back with us once again. Hello, Anton. Hello. It's great to be back. I miss us already and we haven't chatted about switch news and a whole week I'm going to listen I know you've you've had a whole week off and last week we had the wonderful James Wiley on the show and it was wonderful but obviously our podcast with Anton is not quite the same as we all know but we have Alistair as well which is wonderful. Hello Alastair. You do Howdy. And we are on Twitter. Just a little reminder that if you are on Twitter, then you can follow us as Nintendo it's at ns UK podcast on twitter i with a lovely message actually just yesterday from Paul who's


says excellent podcast thank you for your hard work each and every week I must listen for every Nintendo UK switch corner. Hashtag Nintendo Switch and Paul's absolutely right it is a must listen. And that's very nice of him as well but, but if you are listening for the first time that you can subscribe for free on the likes of iTunes, please leave us a review those reviews really, really help us just to get noticed by other people as well. So if you are subscribing you haven't left a nice five star review. We would love you even more if you did. Absolutely.


But we love the ones that give us reviews the most. Yeah, absolutely. You can also, if you want to email us if you don't use Twitter, you can get in touch by email. And that is podcast at ns.


uk. Fabulous. Well, before we start and we move on to news have we been playing anything this week? Anton. I've been out of the loop this week. I've been going back and playing some old Gameboy Advance games. Oh wow is completing the classic


A little bit of Mario World love of Tetris Lobo battle hourglass I believe that's a Gameboy one. No, just playing older self haven't had a chance to pick up the switch. How about yourself so just before we move on is that is that a micro you've gotten your game way micro it's, it's really handy because it's so small, you can literally take everywhere. It's the size of a controller, right? It's basically the size of a Gameboy cartridge. If you remember the size of bowls, they're absolutely tiny. It's fantastic. Some people think they're a bit too small but I think it's all selling point of it. So


it's one of the one of the retro consoles that I've wanted to pick up in the past and haven't what can you expect to pay at the moment if you wanted to pick one up? It depends on the colors. If you go for maybe one of the pink ones you can be maybe 45 but if you go for like maybe a silver blue, you're probably sitting around maybe 60 and however you can get flash cards for them for reasonable prices, maybe 30 pounds heavier.


collection all in one car, which is really handy so you can hear it can be your own one that we device in the buried life and that was actually really good for such a small device.


Well, there we are. What about you all? What have you been playing this week? I have been on Nintendo online now just doing random old games. I cannot tell you which ones I've just been offering. Okay, good fun. Very good. Excellent. I have been playing state of mind, which I am about halfway through a second movie now. And psychological thriller. It's great storyline by the way I'm really into the storyline. I want to know what's all going on. I won't spoil anything but it's futuristic sent in 2014. I believe, obviously, in a future where you know, we actually have a world and like the current world which is heading for disaster, but that's a whole other podcast, I'm sure there's no political will tell, you know, but you know, 2014 in, in their, their sort of vision of it, and it's a very, very interesting storyline. It would make a great movie as well and it kind of is a bit like a movie.


It's a bit interactive you know you do it is 3d you know you're walking about and the characters are really interest like polygon type cel shaded type looking not quite saturated that's not the right word. It's a little it's really unusual it's a very unusual look I think you're probably looking at the screenshots there are you the woman of nosing up somebody else? I should Oh, are you okay? Well anyway, when you have a chance state of mind check out interesting gets a solid kind of seven or eight or 10 generally, some people say it's a little slow, but if you like a storyline based game is one to check out. So I've been playing that and a little bit of Resident Evil with my other half resin Evil Revelations to I think we've been playing so we're chapter four of that perhaps. And there was something else I played as well this weekend. I forget what it is. I'm still also playing Red Dead Redemption tube and the PlayStation. I keep thinking on nearly the end, I'll be able to get rid of the PlayStation and buy more switch games. But again, goes on forever and ever and ever, never ending


being able to give


Box boy plus blocks girl go I've I've downloaded it and haven't played it yet but it's one I'll probably at some point this week have a Globalstar not played it yet I'm desperately wanting to play it and there's another game demo that we'll get into later on I'm gonna go download Yes Just remember to kick myself I forgot to go and buy Darkside detectors in the store in the shop The first one was an American get it completely forgot. Oh well the other the other game that you mentioned that we won't mention yeah but will soon that's the other one I had a golf yeah okay let's move on to news


so it's now official Super Mario Maker two is coming to the Nintendo Switch and we have a date so that's the official part because we kind of knew that it was coming after the direct but it's coming on the 28th of June anyone into this? Ah really I'm on the fence about it because I personally picked up the Wii U version. I fight was actually a really good game I picked up because the woman induction was really cheap in calc surprised


gotten involved with it, but at the same time, it's like, how much can we change? Obviously, you can add different items. But how much do you can you count change the core experience? Some? I'm very much on the fence. So depend on home. Hope you're mad at the time. Yeah, what's was the fundamental mechanics probably won't change much. But I know a couple of people who did buy the original one. And without fail, every single woman said, Oh, yeah, bought it, played it for half an hour. There were picked up again. Really? Yeah, it's one of the things that doesn't seem to have a lot of steam power people unless you're very much into that you enjoy creating levels and playing the machine them. For the vast majority people, myself probably included. It's just fun and interesting experience. I think you'll get a lot of people that will be the opposite and will be fanatical about it. And it will be a thing where they'll go online and find out what other people are doing and share what they're doing. I think that's great. I think it was something that you are really into. I think that is it's a great game for that you might find as well that the audience might potentially be younger and people who are more looking at going going into game design and thinking about


Gaming as a future as a future career move because it is the kind of game where it could spark someone's interest and go, actually, this is something I want to learn more about. So, so I think it's a great, great that we're getting on the switch. It's not something that I'm going to be rushing out to buy. So we'll be interested to see if you did did you play the first one a lot on Yeah, I was surprised because I picked up when it came out. It was just when the Amiga craze kicked off and I think the limited edition included a medieval art book and it costs like 40 pounds which was pretty good for a brand new game. I was like sure I'll give the label clerical. It looks pretty intuitive. However, what I found was the thing that hooked me because I think I may be putting like 5060 hours into it. The thing that hooked me was having almost like a procedurally generated micro game where maybe you don't sit and play it for like a couple hours you maybe just like like before you go to bed you just pick up your your tablet and then like maybe play 15 minutes of the highest rated rated levels of the day you can just count see what dynamics people are trying to see the count for


procedurally generated levels Well, not for procedure, older humans making dumb but to me, who knows? Well, they're procedural generated in the way that you don't know what's coming and you can't kind of Judge because obviously, they're all new every time you play a new person's design, I suppose from that perspective, that might have an appeal for more people. And then I guess, in turn, it might persuade you to go and do your own, you know, so maybe someone will pick up just to play other people's levels, and then eventually will actually I think I could do this better. Yeah, I mean, you might be right, because there's, and the original I don't know if they're planning to it for this one, there's a movie called 10 Merial challenge or 100 micro challenge where you got like, say 10 likes and then they gave you like 10 levels, or they gave you I think, the hundred meter of challenges, the more popular one where you have 100 miles and then they give you like, a handful of really hard stages and you just try and burn your way for it. And then that's like enough to satisfy you for the day and then you pick up like maybe a couple days later and then give it another go. Hmm, interesting I there is a little bit of another


interest to the release date as well because although this is more of a rumor is something we've talked a lot about. So we're not going to talk to about a great length in a rumor section but the release date of Super Mario Maker two is also potentially coinciding with our recent Bloomberg suggestion that we're going to see it switch many by the end of June. And of course, this has been slated for the 28th of June for Super Mario Maker to and potentially device which at the end of the year, so could it be that we get the bundle the Super Mario Maker mini switch bundle?


I could see it possible I think if we're getting switched on they will definitely be coincides in the game. And I believe looking back the 3ds version of Super Mario Maker sold a lot better than the the Wii U version. And I'm thinking if maybe gamers there's maybe a time count and the majority of this audience for that game who can't use that as a pickup played for 15 minutes and put a gateway kill game


Having it on the more handheld focus system might be the best choice. Yeah,


absolutely. And that also might tie into what I was saying about it being potentially a younger audience that are really into it because again with the switch many that could really tie in well Also, the other of interesting news is that Super Mario Maker to will include a year's worth and Nintendo Switch online subscription. And pre orders will give you a freestyle as I mentioned, the stylist for Professor Layton. And then I remembered, notice Professor Layton was a stylist originally. So yeah, so that's that's interesting, because now I'm starting to wonder know that will come on to Professor Layton news in a minute. But the styles is interesting. Before we talk about that, though, they're just giving away this switch online subscription. I mean, it's a great way to grow their base of people playing online. It's me it's pretty much an extension of what they did to begin with. The first was the first four months or something of Nintendo Switch was free. It was a year. Free for a long time. Yeah, playing it by ear, I think. Yeah, thanks. So I don't think it was the official ninja


They'll switch one lane but yeah, they have it free for queued. Yeah, it was like a stripped down basic version they didn't have that your games to play. I think the one they made it a premium content platform. That's when they started giving it the switch online, but the actual gaming experience of online was free to begin with. Yeah. Just tying into the Professor Layton news we I think we got news that we're getting the first one but there's also news that latencies mystery journey capturing hell in the millionaires conspiracy, which I have no idea about because it's one of the many millions of Professor Layton mystery type games that came out later. It's been rated knows has been giving given an official rating as in classification, so he for everyone, essentially. But when that happens, it's usually a sign that it's it's coming to a console because it's actually been rated for the Nintendo Switch. And that the reason I mentioned it is just because of the stylist thing there because the stylists in the


DS was very much


crucial to games like Professor Layton. So I'm just wondering if we're getting a stylist for Mario Maker could we see that open up the possibility of seeing more ports from the DS because there's one that I would love that will work great and you can't play without a stylist but it'd be nice to have it as well for the little extra bits he got on the DS and that would be China Town wars I'd love to have China Town wars again. It's all everything else it isn't everything else issue bring it out. I mean, that's actually not a bad show. It gives an opportunity for them to bring in quite a class and begin to pull over to the switch. Yeah, and so and you could it's not just that I mean there are other games on the DS Anton the that use the stylist technology that maybe no yeah, we don't want that as a general thing, but if they're going to be doing stylist for this and it makes sense, then that'd be great. Another game that I've just thought about it will be perfect with a stylist is Football Manager, no Football Manager. I have a history of being addicted to and I love it being on the switch but one of the difficulties


With the switches is touchscreen, but my fingers even though I've not you know, it's not like a giant hands or giant fingers. It's just it's just a grown up hand and they're big it's yeah and the switch it will be a big screen it's not that big that when you've got a screen full of information and you're trying to change someone's position on the field or whatever, it's quite difficult but with a stylus it would be potentially easier so I'm wondering how far this stylist could could be integrated into other games. Yeah, I'm quite curious because I am there's that count report Oh, this week on all report by statement of this week that the Pokemon sword and shield has been optimized for handhelds play so I'm wondering was this kind of all coincide with like super mario maker and Silas ease? I wonder if we're going to start seeing more handheld optimized games close knowing how the count handheld Nintendo console school that's where the Nintendo money is at. So there's definitely a lot of interesting things there. And,


and as well as that, and it still doesn't completely break the game because we've had some


like Captain towards where it was it could play on a TV with a little we point our but it's it's designed for a touchscreen so yeah really interesting but again this is one of the wonderful things with switch so many slant the switch is one of the features that I don't use enough is the touchscreen because it's the duality of the switch being able to use it on a big screen and then and then handheld but there are certain titles that if as long as you could still do the same with the controller on the big screen I don't mind the idea of being able to use a stylus handheld In fact I think it's a positive thing You look like you've got something to say I'll say I've got this feeling that you're about to say something no I started in research to see if there were any sales is already work with us which I suspect there probably should be I'm guessing the switches touchscreen will work the same way as an iPhone or something well, yeah. And you can use any sales with them. So I'm guessing you want to go and try it. I suspect any status probably currently works. Next thing you're playing fruit Bonjour. Try it on my is just gives you up. Well, I'll be interesting to see if they do


start implementing that know that they're talking about bringing out a stylist with Super Mario Maker and it would I wouldn't be hugely surprised to be honest if we see more of that and again that's the great thing about the switch with such a long life cycle potentially of the switch that I could see there being a whole phase where we start seeing re releases of DS games as some great DS games out there. I'm not even talking about the 3ds I'm talking about the original and there's some great stuff out there so you know let's see but hopefully the more the better I'm not as never one for saying no to a poor even if you know uniformly 10 people buy it because songs is a good port. Yeah, certainly. Bring them all Yeah, you're on the shovel where any stylist should work clothes having a look at the one they showed him a full is basically like one of those male cylinders was the lowly spreadsheet ball that they used to have for the iPhone when they first came out when everybody Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, we should have a stylist for the iPhone and people like, shouldn't really. Yes, looking online, they do. They do work. There are plenty styles there that do work. Well, it's not something that will


Going to need for many things, but I just have this feeling that it might be a nice addition for certain games and Super Mario Maker. Well, it looks like that's gonna happen for that game. Now good news if you're a Yankee fan legacy of the Jewish link evolution on the east shop, you can know play and I did read some people talking about the senior we're very happy that you can play the whole game in English now. That's interesting, because at the moment, it's just in the Japanese e shop. So we don't have a Western release yet. Yeah, this has been winding me up because I think we talked about this maybe a couple months ago and we're like, oh, it's coming out in a couple of weeks. And then that was an article that was translated wrong and an English version locked away on the Japanese he shop so course but so far.


It is it's frustrating. I mean, it's a bit like the physical version of of Ace Attorney which I had to buy as an import. It's completely in Japanese everywhere. But when I load up the games in English because it's Scott


mode so it defaults in English but then you can pick Japanese even though the whole thing's in Japanese but we don't have a physical release version of Ace Attorney albeit we can get it on the shop and this is one step further for you you go because we don't even have it on the shop Do you think we will get it on in the West? I believe the former game because it's kind of like half extended version I believe the former version was available in Europe Okay, so I'm Fingers crossed however at there there are no no any stranger of discount holding games aside and be like now this now we're not really seeing it in this region. Not just like Japan. What? How would you describe the game to a new like me who's never played it? I won't lie. I look at the Games No, cuz I grew up with the franchise. Yeah, I know the franchise like for a like four years old. So okay, but no, I'm just like I look at I'm like I told know how I could teach this to anyone. So So yeah. Basically, it's interesting because my brother who is


younger than me He's nearly 15 years younger than me one of my biggest memories as a kid when he was about seven he tried to teach me the rules of you and I think his own dough after about 10 seconds and he kept saying look you've got to pay attention you've got to put in his seven years old that's that was quite funny. And that was then so I dread to think what they are know that there's evolution and things in the titles


Scandinavian database product


I'll have a raspberry up oh please thanks not gonna play card games in its card be card based turn based. Is it a yes turn based game. Imagine just like extreme chess with like monsters and then spells and then there's like cards that affect all our cards as they're sending layers to something


nice. Okay. Oh, the rules are the same for like the past decades and they just add new cards basically. Oh, that's storylines because I believe you get to play the count animated series in this new game, which all nice nerds like me. I'm just


Like oh my god my childhood I can replay it button for me but really it I mean some of those those are actually really good because I have actually watched some of those just back end because I had a much younger brother so yeah that's a bit like being a dad have a son who will eventually teach you things that you would never have seen miles Fotolia I've learned so much by the ocean by watching often not really


just not not close game aware of that so that doesn't


that and Peppa Pig in you know pretty much everything got me started on that. All right let's move on then some fully distractible environments on the Nintendo Switch. This is to do with Red Faction gorilla Tell us a bit more about this. I don't you know more because you wrote this Anton. Yeah.


So Are any of us familiar at Red friend faction franchise from good couple decades back now? Yeah, yeah, I'm looking right. And yeah, so counts. The most successful game in the franchise Red Faction. Gorilla had a remaster maybe about a year ago on PlayStation four and Xbox One and we're getting the jump tuned in.


Handle switch and and second of July so that'll be lots of fun. And the interesting thing to note because the game obviously was famous for having a fully distractible environment and what surprised we haven't had more of them and but interesting thing about this game as in the settings for it you can option to have either performance or quality not both. You have to choose one it's always a fine balance, isn't it? Well in Rocket League they have the same thing. Yeah, and I can't as much and only on the switch because of the frame rate I guess, are because of because of the quality of the graphics is is not quite as good is the ps4 for example. To be honest, I can't put quality mode on because it slows it down so much. They're just feels really for me anyway, I really noticed the difference. So I just play a normal performance mode which is depends on the game. There's someone like I forget which one is I played some of the game with do the same thing. So I agree with you on Rocket League. You want the performance? Yeah, if you're playing a less responsive game in court every time Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, just totally depends on the game. Well, it's certainly interesting. It's coming quite soon. It's the second of July. I believe that it's, it's coming. So that's one to check out and it's the actual game. So this has been confirmed by at HQ Nordic, they've confirmed the


masters have never gave it a go at Sam. You know, it's kind of weird just having destructive environments. It's something you're not entirely used to so completely changes the way you play. And yeah,


and certainly it's like a little bit easier to recommend as a 50 pound Xbox reset. It depends. pretty sexy title, but I'm sure for 30 pounds it might hold on. Yeah,


well, yeah, hopefully we will. We'll see when it is released in July. No. Next up in America and Japan. They are getting a Mario Kart tour closed beta on androids a slightly slight diversion from the search for a moment but this is interesting because it could potentially have a knock on effect here, but we're not getting it as far as I know. 20


Second Amai to the eighth of June we're not getting the beta no sad sad time because we're all iPhone users aren't we? If I'm not mistaken Yeah, I have a prehistoric iPhone but yes we are all iPhone users.


How are you feeling about Myra Carter? Because we don't really know anything about it or Hello work or


any I'm fascinated by it. I see quiet leaks like the eggs. I think it's a cool concept and I think you guys are both slightly less enthused about it than I am


as a giveaway by your


i don't know i think i'm just if I'm portable the woman I'm playing my switch. That's the truth of it. And I just I don't know if I can be bothered with something to take me away from that. See, I'm I take my switch from traveling a long distance I want to train or an airplane. I'll take the switch with me. But nine times out of time i'm open about I don't have a switch. But I do have four men actually quite late. Just sit for two minutes, play a quick Mario Kart race and then disappear off and actually I was thinking about this other day. We've been talking about


For a while, but potential numero current DLC, and actually I suspect that maybe a couple of tracks in this game, which may get launched as DLC.


Yeah, maybe but then I think for example, Mario Kart seven on the 3ds has so many tracks on there like other tracks that we didn't see on the Wii U version which was the switch version of there's so many tracks that they could do


they could just remaster it for the switch and they haven't done so I'm not even sure they will I I think we'll probably just on Mario cars a diversion. I think we'll get a new title before we get more DLC. I think they're done. Yeah, let's see. Let's see who's right good. Yeah, they're going to differ on that. What about you Anton? See,


I have no evidence basis on by think they're going to another microcar and account unlike the stale now where we've had just a Mario Kart but it's the new one. And it's just like count right tracks of late count removes the other one so you don't think about them like if you have we you version of Mario Kart, you don't play the E version.


think they're going to take this opportunity close, they've got Mario Kart eight Deluxe to do something completely different. They may even take like a smash bros move, because obviously we have Animal Crossing and sales and all that and the game. So I think Yeah, I'm on the path of thinking that they'll have a new one on this console.


Well, time will tell. But in the meantime, I'm afraid you won't be getting to play Mario Kart two on your mobile as a beta.


Certainly not an iPhone, but not an Android either, even though you will if you're in America in Japan from the 22nd of May to the eighth of June. So there we are. Now, we have something interesting to do with lab washes up a couple of bits of mobile news, which we're going to talk about first of all, we missed this last week on Tom But James has level and has the VR mobile VR. Yep.


Since then, we've had the release of love of VR, Zelda and Mario and


reviews have been mixed. So interesting to see what people say I haven't seen it or played it, but the reviews certainly have been mixed. But the first bit of news before we'll talk about this as a general thing is that sweat proof gaming was a great name is no selling a head strap, which I'm assuming is sweat proof for your level VR headset for 13 $99.


So probably about the same in pain. So that was one of the things that James said you had to hold up to your your head, which you said was both a good thing and a bad thing. Yeah, it was good. Because when you get motion sickness, you pull away. Yeah, I guess that's can be certainly more difficult to do. But yeah, one of the things is kind of not put me off about VR. Just about you gotta hold up well on just before we get our thoughts on level VR at the moment, game, explain has managed to get the VR version of Breath of the Wild to run on PS VR, which is interesting. So that gives them a higher resolution, and a clearer picture. Now we're not expecting level VR to be the Oculus Rift of Nintendo because it's just not going to happen on


50 pound budget or whatever it is, so we don't expect that but you you've been saying you said to me when he came in also, some people have kind of said, it's not very good. Yeah, I've read a couple of reviews. I haven't heard much about Mario. But on Zelda, the general says what I've read has been, it's taken what was a phenomenal game and made it a bit rubbish. Just imagine, I don't quite know, I haven't managed to get to the bottom of exactly why all these of us are seeing it, but it just seems to restrict the expedience and it's you lose what?


something tangible, you lose what made Zelda so breathtaking, and open and amazing, by suddenly becoming VR. And I don't get that, but that seems to be what I've heard. Have you heard some llorando interview? Yeah, it seems to be calve. The fact that your AR and VR, you can't read you can't lose your flexibility within the world clothes off say


you can only do so much when your account any floating camera and the world if you know what I mean. It's


Yeah, it just seems more limiting than anything which I find quite interesting.


Yeah, I think the description that came up most was it.


It flattened the experience, which is ironic is


actually I'm really disappointed because I thought the whole concept of that was amazing. And I was, as people who listen to podcasts will, I was very excited. Yeah. And now I just feel a bit let down. Well, well, it's early days for it. And, and lava VR isn't supposed to take over the experience of Breath of the Wild. So I guess if we go in with different expectations, you might feel differently. Maybe these people have been going in with the expectation of I'm, you know, going to play through the whole of Breath of the Wild in VR. And maybe that's not how you look at it. And


I'll reserve judgment until I've played it. I mean, I had an amazing experience with Oculus Rift, my first kind of proper VR experience. I'm genuinely, really into it, but we don't expect that from lava VR, so I'm not expecting anything. One of the things I'm kind of curious about, as I'm wondering if it's maybe the fact that is a first person game and VR goes by often


First Person games and VR, you're not actually that character, you're almost like a goat looking down at them or helping them fill the environment. So I'm wondering if that's the aspect is holding back people because they don't feel like they are linked anymore? Yeah, that's a good point, actually. And because that was there was a definite difference between the games where you are the character looking out from the characters eyes, or you're looking down like a Gods controlling the characters. So that's, that's a good point, actually. And I think you might be onto something certainly, I don't know. It hasn't been brilliantly received. But it is very early days. It's only been a couple of days since it's been available. So we'll see. And James, the experience of love of VR was very positive. So it leads me to believe that there will be other titles that might just be enough to go you know, I'm going to play this Yeah, be more genuinely optimized and designed for level VR. Neither of those games I presume, had that level you're in mind when they're being put together.


No, absolutely not. So I think we should we should wait and see wait and see how it does develop. Okay. huge news, by the way, this week and I know that you tweeted about this as well Anton because I saw some people kind of talking about it. But the Nintendo Switch is now officially outsold than the end 64 with the switch know sitting at 34.74 million consoles now when you think about the N 64 for a lot of people it's the console they played growing up it's it's the console that has is almost synonymous with Nintendo that in the snares probably.


But here we are, a Nintendo Switch has outsold and I'm not that surprised. No, there's a lot more people gaming these days. Well, yeah, I just even from the point of view of the Nintendo Switch being so versatile. I'm not surprised that it's found so many different audiences. Anton, what do you think? Yeah, I'm, I'm kind of like really happy because I feel like personally mentally the N 64.


point where I consider a successful Nintendo console The Game Cube count cruised by it wasn't quite a failure like the we that we use that we use so Calif getting into a big league now account makes me optimistic for the future because it sells so early like we don't have we don't have an animal crossing we don't have a mean lane Pokemon yet. We have so many big franchises on the way we technically don't even have a proper Mario Kart so so we don't have an excuse. We don't have an exclusive Zelda either. Yeah, know what I find really interesting to see, you know, I could probably go and find information but the NCC for our switches it all down 64 but I wonder if this what the sales figures would have been for the N 64 and the Gameboy at the same time because the switches, sort of a hybrid between the two of them. It's basically the portable console and the 3ds. It still exists but it's it's pretty much always for it so would have been the Gameboy Color perhaps at that point. I think you're right to my opinion.


A little bit about I think you're a little late and colorful. So be really interesting to see those two skills combined middle point the switch over takes them. Yeah, if it does, yeah, yeah. also kind of curious there a fan when the switch money comes out? If it does, well, it can go ahead and acquire its own audience that would have bought a 3ds? Or is it going to be people who would have maybe saved up for a switch but don't need I'm curious to see how much that kind of propels the sales moving forward. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, that is why they're doing it. There's no doubt about that. And as much as we might grumble a little bit about the fact that we're getting different versions of the switch actually makes good business sense. And will will, I would imagine, see quite a surge in and people moving over from the likes of 3ds where support has now kind of kind of stopped or is coming to a halt. So yeah, we shall see again, what that brings over the next little while with a switch many but huge news there that the switch is outselling or has outsold the N 64. Now which is great unless loads of people go in


By new and 64th I don't think they making them anymore right you might struggle to fight yeah one yeah all right that we finally know what persona five essays yes no


and the grown of the internet I've never seen the internet be so disappointing quite a while it's kind of sad to see so and if you have not heard about this persona five s account presumed switch version of persona as a warriors game, persona five this is like Hyrule Warriors.


This developing set called persona fi scrambled Phantom strikers and people are very disappointed and just to add a little bit of salt in the wound as available in switch even though Nope, don't switch has blades persona five unless they have played on previous consoles. Yeah. You know, I kind of had a bad feeling the closer we got and the less news we had heard about persona five


Coming to the switch. So it's not great, but I'm optimistic that this this title might actually be quite good because Hyrule Warriors is a decent title. I've heard people say that this is decent to and if you write off you're writing off a potentially decent game. So that's good. I think it's just a real shame that the hype was for persona five and it ended up being something that nobody asked for. So that's, that's where the problem is. The gate Listen, we might still get persona five. I actually think what we'll get is persona four I think we'll get persona four at some point this year. I didn't get an announcement. Yeah, I just have this feeling that they'll go You know what, let's let's give them the last one the golden version which is the with all the extra so why would they do that? Why not just give you five I don't see why they wouldn't do five why they would do for first I would make more sense one through five and then release the back catalogue of I guess it depends how they view the switch because if they for you, this one


Which, as a premium console, like a ps4 on an Xbox One, then they will do five if they don't, if they see those as the optimum way to play persona five, because they're the premium consoles, and I'm not talking that we don't think like that. But they might think like that. They might think but actually, there's a way to sell that last title to a whole new audience because that was a mobile title. Essentially, persona forum was great on the visa. So it will be a really easy port. Well, the only reason I tend to disagree is a fact that Joker's in Smash Brothers, smash bros, wherever you wanna call it, he wouldn't be there if they weren't already. If that deal wasn't already done. The game percent of five wasn't coming. Yeah, character wouldn't be there because this game isn't gonna be big enough for him to made an appearance in. Well, I hope you're right. And I hope I'm completely wrong, but I don't know. I'm just I'm not 100% convinced we're going to see anytime soon. See, the thing I find interesting about the account. Like your suggestion of premium, this is what I was thinking. I was like, no, maybe it doesn't


And run and then I was like looking around because I was like you know I really want this game I'll see what price as on ps4 and then I realized they have on ps3 I'm like so it can clearly yes I can clearly run unless Jane hardware which just adds so much soul that I could buy like a ps3 for 30 pounds car boot sale and Klay for sold on it but we couldn't do on switch so that must be one of the the last titles for the PSC because I have these still making ps3 games surely not. I think it was like cross Jan a couple years after because persona five did get too late I will times so I find it to come up when the ps4 was just coming out and then it got pushed back but yeah, there is a ps3 version I know the persona right I the Royal the expanded version of persona five as incoming to ps3 But yeah, it's it's kind of a really sad time to cuz I know you were on the boat of looking to pick up do you see yourself waiting or if you've given up hope? No.


Cause and know, to be honest, there's so many titles that I'm okay with waiting. And I still think that we will see persona in persona form not not a warrior's title at some point, but it might just give me time to play through some of the other games first, so I'm okay with it now kind of come to terms with it. I had to have a sit down and a lie down and I think about life, but I'm of the opinion that we'll see what happens. Who knows, you know?


All right. But I'm us. This is quite cool. I saw these Actually, today someone was posting about the mind Nintendo Europe is now offering a printable alternative cover or covers for the switch versions of Final Fantasy X and X to 450 Platinum points or 10. intend to. I'm just sitting here going, why? Because people like to have something different. And if you can print out a different cover, it looks a bit cool. Someone comes to your house and they go I've got Final Fantasy 10 but I don't have that cover.


Why? I mean,


I get it, Anton. See ya. I was


Kind of like that but then I was like I wish they would just sell them like they weren't printable clothes you're going to go over and then you're going to go buy like a US game at cx and it's gonna be like look like a spectrum game with the colors I mean your home printers can be a rubbish and there's a good chance can be a border around deck as you know go to print it the full size I know why. Yeah, I agree I agree with you on that I think they should have just sold them and said hey go to 99 get online will deliver it and you can have you cover better than I do see I think it would have been really cool it made me think I was like well if they did this for like digital games so you can sell have like a physical copy over if you want there's a well there's a companies that do that isn't there on Etsy and places like that. It's just kind of angle of having official so I would


love to pay like three pounds and just have like a physical copy of like a Celeste or something like that. I feel the same. Totally make make make things okay. I agree me is wondering what is the barcode we'll be right?


No idea. No idea.


I never thought of that


you know I yeah, I'm I think your idea Anton is the best of a lot there. Let's have a company who just every digital game will offer you a case and a printed cover with a, you know all the details on there so we can have our collection on sure for everyone to see and take up more space in the house and all made of cardboard for environmentally friendly reasons. Yes, but we can keep them we're going to get rid of them. They'll be fine. All right, let's let's move on to some rumors.


Now, first of all, Nintendo's president Furukawa has come out and stated that he or that we wouldn't see any new Nintendo Switch hardware during this year's IE three, which really doesn't mean anything because all that saying is when he three comes around, we're not going to make that announcement. It could be two days before but we're not making a three you know, we don't know he's basically saying yeah, we won't be announcing any new hardware. She'll be busy playing Super Mario Maker to on your


Exactly So that's basically it. I mean II three What's the date for a three again I forget


seven six thrown the ball there Okay, so we're not that far away and we know we're getting a direct e three obviously we kind of knew that it's been officially confirmed now as well so that's good so we'll we'll see whether or not


any of these sort of rumors that have been ongoing for a while we're going to see more of I'm quite interested to see where they do go with the next director because there's been a lot of the stuffs now been confirmed Okay, we'll have dates for things and imagined but I'm interested to see what new announcements they've got for us. Yeah, it'd be fascinating to see what comes along obviously. No, well, we might the new hardware never to do next direct. I think we pretty much said they're not gonna see the switch in June.


July is just around the corner from there. So yeah, and I say I think the well known So anyway, whether or not it was certainly won't be at three but I think it will be around about then. Anyway, we'll probably hear about to switch many easily by the way, seventh through the ninth of June 7 of the ninth to the next


To the night, don't see, I don't see it. See?


Me? I think we're going to get right at the beginning of this next month, cause he got me one. I'm sorry. Do you think we'll get me one? Yeah. Cause I know am like there's so much information about even just micro maker, because I know there was rumors that would have called and there'd be new items and stuff like that, and we don't know anything. And that's only going to be a month way. So I think we're just gonna have a small drape that covers a lot of the kind of details about existing stuff we know and then we will have our big like, announcement thing during June. Yeah, I hope so. The more directs, the better. It's felt like ages since we had one last month in March. Okay, so more rumors then and in Nintendo's most recent investor meeting, the backup that these games are still coming out in 2019. So these are some of the titles that people have been worried about that might be delayed for the Animal Crossing. That's happening we don't know the official title yet. Same with Luigi mentioned three which I've kind of almost forgot was even coming back


excited when that happens. And then link awakening links awakening legend Zelda that's coming this year as well. So just a very quick confirmation that those three games are definitely coming this year one way or another. So maybe that's where your directs will go next month Anton maybe that's what they'll be talking Where's cross. I'll fire through some more of these rumors just because we've got a few more to get through. And if if you've got something that you want to share about it, then just jump in retro studio is has recently put out a sizable amount of job listings, which suggests that they're either ramping up development on Metroid Prime for or another project alongside it. My instinct is probably ramping up development on Metroid Prime for because we know that game is going to take a while


and it's likely they're going to have to have a sizable amount of people involved. So it wouldn't be the kind of more sent the one that makes more sense. I don't know. Maybe there's another thing happening but I think with a game that size, so much expect


I suspect a studio like that is probably a combination of both because I mean there is a lot of pressure on them to get Metroid for done and to do it quickly because it was obviously basically scrapped has a lot of pressure to get that out there but studio that's not gonna be working just one game so I suspect it probably recruiting for a couple of simply yeah maybe similarly I think mix of both because one they're going from making platformer to making a feel first person shooter and similarly if we've got approach a product from them that's either being cancelled or should be getting really skilled ASAP because they were working on something from 2013 to 20 1918.


So there's a big project lying around somewhere that's probably getting released eventually. Right? Excellent. Well, that yeah, I mean, the more the better. Just very quickly on cell does well, couple of things to tell you about First of all, this is this is kind of more news better brings us kind of full circle but chatting about Zelda today because we've got a new version of Zelda.


Wrath of the wild actually on the switch. So when you put it in there, you'll get an update its version 1.6 point oh, this is cool because the loading times have been improved and the loading times and Zelda aren't something that I particularly bothered me because the the screens quite good as a bit of info in there their stuff you can kind of scroll through. But actually if it's if it's improved them greatly than then that's fantastic. And in some cases some people have reported huge improvements. Yeah. Yeah, crazy like twice as fast in some locations, which is kind of looking at I'm like how have you been able to make something twice as good? That sounds like some magic I don't understand. Well, my my theory is that the first version when it was released, obviously they were working on it for the Wii U as well. So maybe the wrist restraints because of the Wii U capabilities. And because they were bringing them at the same time. We didn't really know much about the switch at that point. It was a it was right back at the start. So it's now been optimized for switch. Yeah, that's what I think. I just wonder if it's just as simple as that they've optimized it and gone. Actually, this is


This runs a lot better. Could be I don't remember the holding hands being bad at all. I can vaguely remember the screen there. They're not the fastest, but they're not. And they're not the longest certainly. No, but it was a great game so we don't mind too much. And just interestingly as well and this is cool, I don't know if Anton you've seen this, but there's a moderator. His name's melon speed runs, and I assume he does speed runs of games. makes you think that Yeah, I have no idea and he also likes melons apparently he's recently developed a well done all rounded first person mode for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. That will be cool. That is pretty cool. And that's really what we wanted to Nintendo wasn't it? Yeah, it was. Anton Have you seen this? Yeah, I was just kind of thinking this when I soon as I saw this, I'm like, why couldn't Nintendo do this? This would have been perfect for both the wilds that you have had like a big update. It would feel like having the added VR support and first person that would bring the game back into relevancy they could possibly talk about right up, you know, yeah, always hold our fingers crossed him.


intend to give us what we want? Yeah, Nintendo give that man a job? Well, I wonder how many times you see these motors get offered roles because of their work, it surely must happen. It must be a great way of basically writing your own CV to


have a job. It's like a showcase. And this is my introduction. And then finally, we'd mentioned this actually, funnily enough earlier on. And it's to do with the 3ds. And I said, Oh, I'm pretty sure they're at the end of the 3ds cycle. And the spokesman has basically said that there's nothing new to announce regarding first party software for the Nintendo 3ds which, which will open the door in the future to retro people then deciding to create a title for the 3ds. So but unfortunately, if you are 3ds owner, it's unlikely you're going to see anything new.


I would suggest buying a switch mini


or a regular switch or a regular switch but certainly the switch many if that's your thing if you're just a mobile game and that brings us to the end of


The news and the rumors. I think it's time to play the quiz.


All right, then. So, Anton,


you're back to play the quiz again. How you feeling? I don't know. I could. I think it's all downhill from here. Oh, I think you're being quietly confident but don't want to appear like a bragging. Well, last week it was Alistair against James and so unfortunate from James's perspective and so lucky from our pastors perspective, because we were recording in a different location we had a major issue which actually was nothing to do with the location it was just to do with the way it was saved. It didn't save the final 10% of the podcast so we missed the quiz but it did finish to one it was a draw I got to


tell you for a fact it was to one to James.


To be fair, he pulled out a blender whatever the last game was, was was completely over. It was again, I can't remember what it was. Now wish we had a record on the same line.


Pepsi man. Yes.


And it was one of those where he literally got on the first one. And we were like, but just with the developer name, and we were like, are you? Are you serious? So,


so anyway, no pressure, Anton. But I would love to pit you against James and the time and see how that goes. Because I think you've only done that one. So we'll see how this goes. So first, I'll rematch Exactly. At the moment with yourselves. I think it's about eight, four to Anton or something I don't know or eight, five doesn't matter.


That points don't matter. So three games first game then this is a third person role playing video game developed by bio where interplay entertainment were originally set to publish the game, but there were financial difficulties. And it got taken over by info creams. And it was eventually released on windows in 2003. And then it was actually there was a Mac port in 2003 and August as well. Interesting. So


PC release. Yep hmm


dark side




no, no no coming to me. Alright, this game was set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting with the game mechanics based on Dungeons and Dragons third edition rules.


I wish I knew more but legends and dragons Yeah, no nothing. Okay, the you could have up to 64 players connected to a single server and the intent was to create a potentially infinite massive multiplayer game framework. The game was named after the original version of this, which I would take as well because it's essentially the same. It's the first graphical mm RPG wasn't Diablo was it? No.


No, it's not fancy savage is a good show.


So the original release of this includes the game engine, a game campaign that can be played as a single player or a multiplayer.


mode, and in the windows released the Aurora two sets, which could create custom content as well. There were three expansions shadows of under and tied in June 2003 hordes of the underdog in December 2003. And kingmaker in November 2004.


There was a sequel with the same title, but number two the and released in 2006.


The Old Republic it's not the Old Republic.


What else can I give you?


multiplayer. We mentioned that so I'll give you some more than that.


So depending on hardware and bandwidth, the server eventually can support up to 96 players on the same server server application so obviously expanded as the game went on, and it's something that was played for years and years. I know that I did have friends that played it.




craft it's not Starcraft is a good one as well. It's a


It doesn't have a global chat function aside, aside from the supported game spy players could join pick up games through the game's multiplayer interface or schedule my games in advance with friends.


Only Elder Scrolls Online or no are we are we giving up here? Hi. Yeah, I'm drawing a blank. All right, the answer was never winter nights. never even heard of that. Oh, wow. ringing a vague Bell by certainly never played it. Right. Well, it's a game that I'm just showing Alster the cover for Oh, god I remember that box. Yes, yeah, yeah, that totally brings up if you if you got a second Anton have a quick Google have never went two nights and you'll you'll remember it and for those listening that have never played it, you probably remember the art style of the local distinctive shelves. Okay, so still nail nail move and we want to give number two you're still in the game I'll draw.


This is a platform video game developed by Argonaut Games and published by Fox into




Astro Boy know the game is known for being one of the earliest examples of a 3d platform game. It was released in North America in September 1997 for the Sony PlayStation


old world no


croc it is Crocodile Dundee oh yes legend of the GoPros he well done is Crockett was I was gonna say was later released on the Sega Saturn in the same year which I didn't actually realize but there we are. And yeah croc was one of those games that actually wasn't that brilliant but yet everybody seemed to love it me included forgotten existed until you said the word rock and also in the box are popped into my head. Yes, yeah, yeah, it's it is one of those that I think everyone with a PlayStation owned at some point certainly really never owned it. But yeah, just remember be. Okay, this is so it's one nil to Anton final game and this is a first person action adventure platform video game developed by EA


dice and published by Electronic Arts and


notice to white I don't know what it is Mirror's Edge




I'm guessing the fact that it was EA dice was what gave it away I was like it's either battlefield or Maris Ah, and I was like, I feel like my critical formers Ah, yeah. Mirror's Edge. It's a really interesting title. I've you either played it. Yeah, I'll play a demo of I think, Anton


Yeah, I've played a bunch of highly recommend given the full game of Gold Coast the demo is like notoriously awful. It's a really cheap game though. So you should give it a go. At first a lot of game mechanics Aren't you early on and the tutorial that was basically the demo also never really had a good chance to get a goal but fun game and very short hover. And but you know what, personally me with how many games are it's nice to just can't play game that doesn't dilly dally quick, short. Yeah, to be


honest, short game doesn't really bother me if it's something that's going to be enjoyable. Rather, they were shorter the longer all these games that go on for days and weeks and years and months or whatever it is to read that to still going up. So five months later, yeah, I would like shorter games. Yeah, yeah. Well, just on the one that I'm playing the moment state of mind is about 10 hours all in I think at the moment, good length, which is reasonable, because I'm already I'm at the point where I'm like, I want to know what's happening. And I feel like if it was a 20 hour game, I'd start to get it for straight size Park. So at 20 hours, I was beginning to get alongside Yeah, it's brilliant, but it does get so again, no, I'm in all of Anton's game knowledge. Oh, I know.


It's his it's his developer and publisher knowledge that I was in all the always knows who who developed what I'm just amazed. I want any I feel quite proud.


Al one week we'll have a mammoth game will invite James and Emily on the broadcast. And we'll have like the Infinity War, the end game of the podcast. Well, maybe if we ever get to end of season one, because we're still


Season One technically, we'll have to decide at some point how we do that. But maybe at some point, we'll have a break for two weeks. And we'll have a final episode where everyone's on that will be fun. Yeah. Gaming Battle Royale. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Or we could invite someone one of our listeners on to to compete. That could be quite fun and just get them on for the end of it. Yeah, yeah.


I also feel like this is something we should probably chat about in a production meeting rather than in the middle of the podcast for a good day. Yeah.


Right on that point. That is about it for this week. Just a reminder, you can get us on twitter ns UK podcast on Twitter. If you're on iTunes, we're on there. We're on Facebook. We're on emails. Well, we are Yeah, we're on podcast at ns UK coda UK and the website is ns up code at UK as well. Anton it's been a pleasure. Enjoy your What are you playing on the micro right now? Oh, god I've been playing Tetris my world I played Doom, which on like, all you inch screen. It's really


ridiculous and I love it and playing Doom with a D pads. And


that's, that's been the main ones. Go no Awesome. Well, I'm going to go and play half an hour state of mind. And then obviously we didn't talk about meta tennis. Forget that. That's a good point. We've said goodbye. But you know what, before we go just real quickly, and I might put this in the blurb to say listen to the end.


Mario Tennis is currently free for seven days the demo there's a special online demo of it. And I had to go yesterday went through the whole tutorial really enjoyable, had a couple of games against the CPU and that was good.


You've had a go of it as well. That was really good fun playing with three or four people it was Yeah, yeah. It was a very, very accessible game. You didn't need to put a toll on your scoring points was great fun. Yeah. Anton. What about yourself? I haven't give it a go. Yeah. And I didn't even know I was on sale. So I need to get on that. No, it's it's it's a free demo for seven days.


So go and download it and you have a whole week to, to have a go. Well, I think maybe six days now but you're gonna check out but we'll go play and we're gonna report by next week. Yeah, absolutely. All right then. That's it for this week. We will be back for our next episode in a week's time. Until then, have a great week. Cheerio.