The Purr-fect episode - Episode 18

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This week, Anton, Al, Emily and Mike discuss all the latest Nintendo Switch news including a brand new kitty karting game which hits the eshop soon.

Plus, we discuss a very an unusual situation which has led to a brand new release being taken down from the eshop, Stardew Valley has an update and Rocket League is looking better than ever, or at least the icon is!

All this, plus loads more and of course our weekly quiz, this week with 3 contestants.

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Hello, and welcome to episode number 18 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcasts. And this week it's it's like we've got the whole family together apart from James, but we know that because James is here in spirit anyway, so first of all Hello, Alistair. Howdy. Hello, Anton. Hey, I'm back again. I'm so sorry.


We're delighted that you're back but also Hello, Emily. Hello.


Now we're all here which is great, which means we've got even more voices to add to the discussion of all the news and the rumors and the quiz now I'm not quite worked out how we're going to do the quiz yet. I think it's going to be a bit of a kind of free for all this week. Barney classic tells him he's gonna be a Barney. It's gonna be great. If we had Barney on the show, then that would definitely be a ratings winner as your more voices


girls do random acts as


being racist You, me?


Please don't do that again. That's quite terrifying. Anyway, if you want to follow us on Twitter, you can you can get us on ns UK podcast on Twitter. We've also got a lovely website made by our very own Anton Anton, what's the website address? It is at an issue and if you want to drop us a little we email you can get in contact with us at podcast at interview Many, many years and many, many layers. Yes, yes. And there's one that you forgot because there's the P at the end, isn't it? Yeah, us to pee Hennessy keeps falling apart. com


What is it coda UK? You can find Oh, yeah, just just google us. It's much easier. So we're going to chat about a lot today, but it's not been stopping the busiest of switch weeks. But there are things to talk about, and we're going to start off with talking about some of this week's news.


So starting off with this week's news, and this is an interesting development with that text based adventure game that we talked about previously, which is a little bit based on the kind of early 80s type text adventures, even the interface is very 80s. It's very retro, probably quite a niche market. But until there's been a bit of a problem, and it said, it's no longer available, this is such a unique situation. I can't have to read over things a couple of times. So the developer account went on to like a community board for a coding language called Ruby, which if you haven't heard about it, it's like this open source coding language where you can make games software and other stuff. And he was like, Yeah, I've just I just a lowly easter egg. I've a full coding environment and interpreter and my game. So just download the game and you can start coding for Nintendo Switch with no the switch, which obviously it's not great, but he was just casually sitting it's like as an Easter egg, which is crazy. And so just kind of break that down there.


ramifications of that as you having a backdoor that you can just download on the shop and then start running including your own Nintendo Switch games, which is crazy. And yeah, I mean handles taking it down. That's not going to go down well with Nintendo Emily. No, it wouldn't go down with with anybody little I mean, Nintendo especially. But I mean, like, That's why, I mean, I don't get why you would do that. Is it just like you trying to bring the system down or you like, Is it is it political?


Maybe, I guess, yeah. Maybe it was just, it was thought through which I suspect is exactly what it was. That Lynn brags about it, but isn't really bragging about it was putting I just get the impression that someone that did something really stupid or they think it's almost like someone who's so good at creating little easter eggs that they thought this would be a really clever idea that a lot of people would be able to kind of, you know, go and figure out but they'd have to be pretty good at it anyway, so to make it a bit easier, he'll tell us


Everyone's about it. But unfortunately, by doing so he's kind of just alerted everyone that no, you actually you can't do this. So the question is, are we going to get this back on the on the east East shop? Or is it just gone now? And from what I've heard, the developer is trying to work out something with Nintendo, but it's kind of a crazy situation, a bouquet of flowers and a box a joke.


That's all like a quote from him. And he's like, this has been the worst week of my life. Because it's like, could you imagine developing a game for years and he did seem to have noble intentions. I think the idea behind it was that he was like, it's a way for kids the cold I don't know how true that is. But he was like, and then it's like, all his work is just being flushed down the drain and they can't monetize it now. So hopefully, that gets sorted out plus here they're going to get a job again, ever going to be able to make a game that's going to get put onto a an online store. I think it's it's a bit like hackers. I think though what, you know how


If a hacker does really well and hack something big, often they'll get a job with the FBI. It can be a bit like that you know Nintendo could employ him


I don't think they would know


what I was just thinking there I'm like oh slowly needs again in this case something and sites.


Course never thought of it that way. What I wonder is if you've got the game, is it Does it still work? I mean, I presume it does. Do we download and save locally? I'm guessing that means there's no copies out there when people can now go good stuff. Get an update or something for it, maybe no. I think you get to keep it because I remember seeing some tweets and the homebrew community or people just being like, okay, there's like an interpreter and here you need to go get ASAP This is could potentially be like the grand bank colon two sweaters I know. Back in the 3ds or site game that you could use to hack your 3ds and then just skyrocket. Katie It was like 150 pound title just because it was like the key into the system. Wow.


Well, he should have done a limited run games very quickly before he released he could have sold those for hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Well, I'm not sure that he's going to do that again given that he said it's the worst week of his life and I suspect it probably was just an ill thought out piece of judgment. However, I gotta say


I could not agree more I feel sorry for him. But yeah, okay, let's, let's move on to this physical release, which I think is quite interesting is that played one of these titles and it's the opposite Collection. This is two titles called the day we found Earth and rockets of whispers, small indie company who are based from memory. I think they were based in Taiwan, actually. And we I've actually, we, Anton


and I actually spoke to them. Previously, not on the podcast, but in in a different environment. And that was when the day we found Earth was on the switch, which I played. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it's coming up on May the 28th have


Anyone has anyone played it apart from me? I haven't yet given it by really need to remember it was originally on iOS and health reviews were like really good then it came to switch and we're like all these little guys are getting up in the big console. They're bringing their game Oh, and now they've done a sequel and they're really booming so I'm really excited. I think this would be a nice way to jump in so definitely exciting. Have you played out I know I remember back in the days when you did your previous podcast the the dead Phoenix and which this Phoenix arose from suppose I did actually listened to your interview. I thought wow, that game sounds great. I want to go get it. I just never got around to doing it. Yeah, it's it's beautifully written. It's a really nice narrative throughout and I can't say too much about it without spoiling it but it's it's just if you like a slightly emotional adventure roller coaster with a bit of interaction where you get to name a lot of stars and things like that, then you'll enjoy it. It's a very much a relaxing type of title to play takes about. I would I would say


It was it's not long it's probably two to four hours or something like that depending how much time you put into what you're doing but yeah it's it's it's a really good title just to kind of spend an evening doing or spend a couple of nights when you don't want to get too serious with with one of the the big guns on the switch so well recommended from my point of view and I haven't played rocket of whispers which I think is this is kind of part part of a follow up to it so yeah, and we have a price for it. I Dan not not familiar with the brace yet. I'm slacking how much how much was it on on an iOS?


Remember I don't remember being Spain six. I was like oh no, once I'm done with this, I'll just pick that up. Yeah.


So I don't think it's too expensive. Maybe like the tampon region, but don't take my word for it. Like Yeah,


like fairly expensive for for an iOS game, but but for me on switch, probably not that much different. Yes. Good. I think they kill the good thing.


To disable it isn't a mobile mobile game. It's like It's like a proper narrative RPG like no RPG but you know what I mean like yeah it's a story driven adventure for sure and it's more than a mobile game it's a handheld I think handheld is perfect for it but I think the switch is the best place to play it however we have looked up the the price new exact pricing has actually been provided with there is a placeholder in some of the stores seeing around about 30 pounds which would be too high from my point of view. I think that's I think it was around the 20 pounds mark it would be a worthwhile addition to the collection. A physical anyway I think any more than that. It's not it doesn't have the hours in it to justify that but it is beautifully done. It's great that that developer is getting a physical release as well just shows you how much they've grown as well because even from when we spoke to them, it's it's it's obviously they've, they've come on a lot since then. So definitely worth checking out. If you're if you like


adventures, then then check out. I will. Good. My job here is done. So,


last week we spoke about the improved loading times on Breath of the Wild. There's also improved loading times with the New Super Mario Odyssey update as well. So we were trying to decide last week Emily, how this, why they how they managed to do this. And my thought was, we didn't know about Super Mario Odyssey at that point but Breath of the Wild my theory was that because it came out on both the Wii U and the switch hand actually on release being properly optimized for the switch release. Yeah, I heard about it. Yeah. And that was our thought. But that's not the case. Yes, they've done something quite interesting here. So essentially, if you're playing game, it's only with Nintendo exclusives right now. So I'm curious if it's something other developers have been doing or can do, but and when they're going into a loading sequencer essentially just putting up the core count of the core come at like the gigahertz on the proof.


sensor overclocking it so the switch will just count over a quote for a couple seconds load a lot quicker, like double is quick and main have your little quicker, which is really exciting. Close. I think the rumors are as if we do get a switch pool, the areas of improvement would be in the process of being at a faster rate not being not being new parts just being at a fast rate. Which count was well for the future or potentially having a quicker loading switch. If that does ever happen at least two people. Yeah, I think that sorry. I think that's good in in terms of the future potential of a new if we're going to get a switch pro or whatever, because we know that it's not going to be a drastically different console getting a pro we know that so that will make a lot of sense. And maybe this is like the early test run for Nintendo to sort of say, well, let's see what happens. What's your thoughts, Emily? I don't know. I've always been a bit a bit iffy about like, x.


New like, kind of


Upgrading upgrades yeah variations of the same same console, you know, like it. I PS I mean what was a ps4 was kind of the first one to do it but I mean for Nintendo the 3ds and it was like the XL or even the DSi, it was like DSI Excel, like cool. I don't know if people people actually buy them. I'd have to look at the statistics, but I yeah, I've never I've never really seen the potential for it. Like, I guess if it loads like a second faster, that's an improvement. But is it an improvement? enough to warrant a whole new console?


Probably not. I mean, we I know you're dead against iterations anyway. Yes. But I think back to the Mega Drive days and they brought a Mega Drive to and the Mega Drive to does nothing different than the Mega Drive. One doesn't do it just looks different and had a better design. Well, it did at the time actually going back. I think the one you could argue was nice.


Anyway, they did this thing with a Mega CD the Mega CD was only out for about a year and before it went bust you know i mean and they had two versions of that as well so


I think the closest thing I've come to an acceptable upgraded console was Batman 64 again, remember the Brighton expansion card basically Rambo g stuck in front of it which up to speed and power and was so much better no base one yeah, there's a little flap in the front of it on the top you opened it Are you stuck in a different Ram? There was a block around that's all it was he stuck it in front of the console was boosted. That was a great way of doing she didn't have to go buy a new console you spent 50 quid forever


consoles upgraded that was superb and it was simple and easy. It wasn't anything like PC upgrades. And this this idea that you can overclock the switch is really interesting, because the only hindrance to that really is heatsink how'd you get rid of the heat from it you can unlock speed fine it'll run no problem at all but afterwards going to burn or cheaters battery. So it obviously if they are up in clock speed


Battery life doing good. Oh yeah much faster. That's what the heater well




the new Apple


switches though they'll make you get the switch Pro. Yeah what's really cool kudos you have an advantage it was got better cooling better battery and it can run at a faster clock speed then I can see why people will maybe buy it but I suspect most people by the pro won't already want to switch I thought you can playstation pro very general flunk depletion, but approved. So I didn't Yeah, something but yeah, most people were buying the first similar argument pro instead? Well, what I think is interesting is that if it had been a console, if it were talking about a console and not a hybrid handheld console, then I think actually, you hit the nail on the head, what everyone would be happy with is something you can add on that makes it faster, makes it runs, you know, at a better speed and all the rest of it. The problem is you can't do that with a handheld because you can't be walking around with a double thickness size of the switches. It is big enough, you know, so that we can't really


Do that. So it has to be a different version of the switch. And that's where the problem is. If they do and they are going to do it, let's face it, no matter what you say, Alister, surely will just don't do. Yeah, I think it's really interesting if us because I've been like really inspect in the morning scene recently, because I just there's so much going on there. And there's some sample chapel there in the episode. And the thing I've learned as when you're playing the console and handheld first he stopped the game. It's like there's not two different modes in the game, the only difference as as a switch is running a different court come like essentially. And with hacking, you can have the handheld switch, be able to play games and the field 10 ap with like higher frame rates, and the higher you put the frame rate and the more you're able to cool the switch. You can just go as high as a frame rate as you want or resolution depending on which aspects of the game are scalable. So basically, it's just a case of trying to not set it on fire. Definitely. Hacker that hacked and played Doom on a ridiculously high levels. Nice


The game ran and look. Yeah, yeah. So it's easily doable. I I'm slowly I'm not coming around to the fight. I don't want to Oh, but actually something just occurred to me while we've been talking. And I'm wondering if Nintendo might be looking at things like iPhones and mobile phones in general, I think we could bring an update here and call another switched 2017, switch 2020. But it still runs all the same games, it runs and same operating system effectively, but just incrementally faster. And they're not looking people to buy one cell and they're just trying to increase the market. And never after three or four years, building our minds a bit slower, buy a new one. That actually wouldn't be a bad model for them to adopt. I don't want to do it. But it wouldn't be a bad model. If the price is right for people that already own switch, that's going to be the issue is that you you you are going to have a lot of unhappy people if you're on switch one. And by three years down the road. We've got the third one. I think it works with iPad a Yeah, it does. It does. But I don't know it's just not something we've seen in gaming, it would be a risk but maybe you're right. I mean, maybe this is why you should be


You know, their new business strategy? If you're listening to new gaming? What do you think Emily? I think it's different. It's it's difficult, like you were saying with gaming Is that it? excuse the pun, it makes it an even playing field. You know, it was it was like, What? What happened was, was it fortnite? with AIDS, they changed who you match with. Like,


are we going to get to the point where it say we're on switch four? And you're like, yeah, we're gonna stop matching switch for people with switch one on one. Yeah, it just like you're cutting down your base of your audience. And I feel like Nintendo struggle enough as it is with that.


Yes, that's a very good point, actually, that there would be that type of compatibility issue that would arise the further down we went even with a pro actually because, you know, there are there have been consoles in the past where a game will only work. I think back to the


The 80s and think of spectrums, you know, if you had a one two week key, you couldn't you could play all the 48 K Games, but you wouldn't be able to run those on a 48 you know the one to eight So, I mean, it's ridiculous we're thinking in one to eight games


so yeah, so we get the point you know, and I think that's that's a very good issue to bring up but whatever happens, I suspect we're getting a pro and I suspect it'll be faster it'll cool faster, the battery will be probably slightly better and that's, it's probably a good thing, but


I love my switch. We don't need a new one. Right very, very briefly, because we're not going to it's not strictly switch news, but we also know that Anton


Anton's greatest love of his life is Sonic the Hedgehog.


Yeah, the maybe maybe overplayed that this movie. Have you seen the trailer? movie? Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Why Why are we talking about this and are you making me do this is switching


Families and Smash Bros.


Well, the good news if you are not a fan of the design of Sonic is that they are. They've been listening to what people have been saying basically because no one's going to show up to their movie if they don't do something. So should we explain what this is for anyone who's supposed to miss it? I need to explain. Okay, trailer came out for the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. And Sonic looks interesting. It looks fun. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so basically Sonic, like a man in a really bad suit. hulu's entirely CGI, you stretched and weird and didn't look anything like Sonic and the internet didn't like it. So they complained a lot. And weirdly, yeah, first everything ever. movie studios actually listened to the public and redesigning the schedule to look more like Sonic. I mean, it's lucky that everyone didn't like Sonic and not Jim Carrey because because there was a harder job redesigning Jim Carrey considering his filmed all the scenes by the looks of it. So


minute the end. I don't know if anybody caught it. At the very end of the trailer. There was like


They did some like static stuff. But then it swapped to him with like proper mustache robotic. So it was like so he actually looked more realistic more like more like he should, which was good. But my main my main thing is is that they've not changed the release date for this film so like they're making everybody work double time which I think is totally unfair and unrealistic for a standard to get their film released in what is it November that they're pushing it to still not too sure i don't i don't know if i ever raised it.


Well, I guess it depends how far down the route they are with it because they probably only need to change the model and then render the whole thing. So they probably want to start rendering most of accept what they put in the trailer. I'm going to guess I don't know how to do these things. Knowing how up other CGS together it's probably not as big a deal as it might seem. Either way the clue should have been whenever we complained about the poster at that point. They should have said Oh, hang on. Yeah. You know, I that was high, long ago.


Was that six months? Yeah the thing it just amazed me is it's like ever since then as you're saying it was like a unanimous hate oh yeah I'm like oh the entire production crew was there not one person knows I said like splits like yeah I'm off out of this second up their hand screaming Oh conspiracy theories popped in my head maybe they already changed it maybe they already knew they're gonna do this and this is all part of a publicity stunt because that would be cool that was big props to them and all they have to do is create one little clip movie clip knowing full well that it was not what they're going to do. I just loved all the memes about detective feature. And it was like the better version because like to take this picture looks great. Like it looks perfect and most of the Pokemon so what you will about Mr. Mine, like they all look pretty good. Like their models. Yeah, pretty nice.


But it's just like, really creepy. Yeah,


Sonic does look creepy, and I think that


The smart money might be on the movie being the more successful of the two at this point but we'll we'll see they couldn't turn it all around in a few months and maybe they already had well by looking at trailer doesn't need to rewrite the script


okay anyway so starting by late we have a new 1.4 updates now it's got a new format called four corners and it's designed for a requested separate money option multiplayer that's kind of going over my head but I do have started the valley I started it I spent an hour on it and I know I'm going to love it and be addicted to it but I haven't gone back to it because I've just got so many games to play Who here is obsessed with star to Valley haven't given a go yeah I really want to like on the top of my to clear lesson like soon after I'm done with this game star two is gonna destroy my life but the more features I'm seeing getting it I'm like all right. This is great, isn't it? It's great. It's great that they're doing that because we see these all the time Mr. g Valley they're bringing in you know the brought the multiplayer and not


Long ago, they're talking about further updates. I think that's such a good sign. And they know that people are investing not just play through, they're investing a life within the game. It's one of those type of games that you do that. And I think it's great that they're continuing to add to it rather than just go, Hey, start to Valley tos coming up next year. We'll wait for that, you know, not fair play to them. I mean, they're doing this which is a, it's a nice move the general industry seems to be doing we get a lot more of these now going to stick on Nintendo on Nintendo. Yeah, it's lovely. Keep it up. That's true. Keep it up. I don't I don't really mind it, as long as they're free updates. That's only here. But that may be painful. And it's really great. Like I recently returned to Minecraft. I'm like, oh, wow, it's a whole new game. And I bought two folds in the name. And that's just a completely different game now. And it's incredible to kind of think of games as more returnable thing that you can return to it and to be a different game and different experience and new things to explore and experience which is really exciting for the industry. Yeah, wireframe.


was one of the other ones that did that really well. I think those the played war frame when it came out, had a fairly average at best experience. And now it's one of the most popular online experiences free online experiences out there and on the switches great as well. And so fair play to the developers that are doing that, because I think that's something that gamers probably deserve for all the amount of dedication that we give the games that we play. Now. This isn't a visual novel that's coming out in the switch, which is really got me interested because I am desperate at some point to play a visual novel and on the switch. And I was kind of hoping that Yangon romper would arrive at some point but I haven't seen it yet. But that is still on my wish list for the switch. However, this one looks really good. And it's got a bit of a twist, Anton. Yes. So there is a new visual novel I cannot remember the name and I can't read the screen. And so it's so it's called root root letter. Yes, root layer that so what's interesting


About as unlike a lot of our official novels, it has affiliate live action mode where it's like l sweatshirt, like the anime characters with like photos of real people. They sell us the same backdrops and kind of the same story and everything else is same, but just having the live action is kind of an interesting twist. Because I don't know about us, but sometimes you see some visual novels and you're just like, Is it going to be one of those anime and games and you're a little bit worried to give a goal. But yeah, this is this is interesting. It's making themselves siloed weeks. So I'm gonna trade is a static images, or is this actual video, there's video. There's actual actors in it because I've seen the trailer. I'm just picturing Command and Conquer things like red light, those really bad snow.


This one is well reviewed, and it's actually it's actually done well. From what I've seen so far. And it's one again, it's perfect. I'm surprised we don't have more visual novels on the switch already. Because


It's such a perfect place for we It's the new v tie in that sense. And I know we're getting them but there are a lot of missing like stains gate, but I'm glad we've got stay in ski. But it was like 50 pilots, huh? But yeah, it's really interesting you say that because I remember during the Vietnam era, there were so many unique games going to that console exclusively such as like, I should say, like, ends rat, you have to interact novels, you have to count like your dining room, pause you had your account, tons of RPG is just coming out every week. And now that's kind of slow down with the Wii account just no longer being relevant. And where are those games? I want to have like 12 hyper dimension, Nick Jr. is on the switch. And we have like fight or flight visual novels and like some indie games that nobody's heard of, like, I want more of a medley Well, I guess it depends. I wonder if their commercial successes though, because I suspect is a fairly niche audience. Actually, I think a lot of it is the Japanese audience and I think that there will be a lot of stuff that we're not getting at the moment. I think the biggest thing


Can we get more of those? I guess?


I mean, but yeah, I don't know, why not start with a library. The visual novels, put them in a library have like a rich selection of stuff like do Oh, yes. Which online


where you just have like, a selection? And yeah, I mean, you could make it part of this which online subscription. You can put it all over there. That's a great idea. I think we can title this episode out and Emily's a CV. Absolutely, you should both be getting jobs because what I love about that is I don't know if you saw the Genesis collection of the Mega Drive collection on the cartridge, it gives you in the room and you've got your games on the shelf, like you would have in the early night mid 90s as a Mega Drive player, or if you're Anton, or if you're on


a team. Yeah. And it was great, but it's such a great idea. And you could do that as a virtual thing. And you just go into the library Neil, I said you could do on a rental basis. I'm going to pay 799 a month and I get a visual novel on my


from somewhere, because even then it's like a lot of these visual novels, the studios that make them they don't do one visual novel and then just be like yeah, make an RPG next day they make like 50 of them so you could do like I think was it Capcom that did the beat them up collection recently where it was like nine build up games for like 20 pounds, they could do something like that and quite easily. Yeah, that's a great idea. So if you are listening, Nintendo, get in touch and we'll discuss a fee and we'll make sure that everybody has a cut, but particularly Emily and l who came up


Okay, next up we have another kart racer coming to the switch. You know what look right so it's called me out motors and I'm in to that because it's a cat and a car.


But anything with cats are probably be interested in.


Do we really need one we've got crash and we've got Sonic and we've got mark. I don't know. What do you think? Yeah, it was a weird one because


I saw and I was like, Oh, another kind of kart racer. This is going to be a joke like we had that Hello Kitty kart racers which was awful.


Like random off brand one and granny one as well. Yeah, there's been all of them and I was like, Okay, let's check out the trailer. And then I'm watching I was like, there's a law polish and here I'm like, there's so much competition and I won't buy it but there's so much Polish in it and if it came out maybe like a generation Eric would be like, totally behind it. But now I'm just like, wrong time to be releasing law competition. I mean, what's what's the price you saying? It's not it's really cheap as like 15 pounds digital. That's not true. Like I wouldn't mind that if it's like it. Kind of cheap. If it's if it doesn't look cheap, but it is cheap. I'll probably buy it. You know? And it is it is why I can't buy it. I turn it on start sneezing cuz I'm allergic to


those very true. I mean, it is only 14 $99.


I think that's the same


pounds Anton is it as well? I believe so around there. It's the same typically, it's deceptively, like really well done. So if you're like looking at it and you're thinking the same as me like, Oh, this will be like some crunchy rubbish. Give it a gander. Oh might might surprise you. I mean, I might even be racing games. I won't lie. Now. I'm like Mario Kart. I'll maybe touch a crash racing game. Because I had one on PS two, but then it was like, yet Sonic. All Stars transformed, or whatever they call it. That was what it was, wasn't it? Yeah, yeah. We got one. No. Yeah,


it was like decent. But after that, I'm like, kind of okay, so it looks good. And it's an indie title because indie racers are, I think more difficult to sell.


Compared to like, especially on Nintendo. Yeah, compared to your main big franchises them why no sort of sizes got all the DNA of a natural


cult classic you think these ones It was a physical release in 20 years time it's gonna be worth a fortune. Well it's only as you said Anton is only 1499 ish it's got different more three different moves 20 tracks which is pretty decent actually at 10 different characters are kitties 10 power ups and as you put here not bad graphics to be honest that that's not bad for the package for the price and I probably as much as like is the wrong timing only because I've got crushed him racing and the sonic one coming soon and the last Sonic ones were great and I've got high hopes for those


that's the only downside I might check it out. I'm going to I'm going to see what people say when they play it. I might not be the first to download it but I might see what Just give me a new Diddy Kong Racing and I'm happy did he come racing?


In the past see who this game is perfect for is somebody who like for instance, I put two Mario Kart because I wanted a car party game. Yeah, like I wanted to get


That could anybody could play. And I think if you're not wanting to spend like 50 pounds on a big fancy kart racer, this is your good like, I've called pack up and play game that we can bring out party. So yeah, I think that's health who's good for if you don't want to spend what's called a Mario Kart, get as much as you can get the budget version. Yeah. And it's, it's open a few days, I think it's the eighth of may it's being released. So if it is something that tickles your fancy, you might want to take a look. I've heard some people say that it's me all wonderful. No, go I was I was waiting for you to do something like that. You didn't disappoint. It could be catastrophic, though. Anyway. So we are going to move on to Rocket League, which is one of the games I've probably put 200 plus hours into and, and on the switch. I've probably spent half of that probably on it, which is nothing compared to the people who are in the top leagues because they probably do that in a week. Now not a huge announcement in terms of changes to the game.


Obviously, you do get new seasons and you get, you know, new updates on Rocket League fairly regularly. There's a new icon on the switch. And actually, it does look a lot better. Yeah, I was saying here I'm like white. Why can't we get new icons for like half of them I just wish I gave you like a choice of icons you could like have like, some customization because we all have that one icon on our switch. And we're just like, Oh, my God, that means for night every time like I barely play it, but because fortnite changes with the season. It's like it usually looks ugly most of the time. And the color scheme is all wrong. I just wish for tonight was consistent.


I think this is what you call a first world problem.


Really, who cares? Come


to care. I care I was there because why would I want to have folders if we want to have folders on there. I want folders. I would like us to be able to customize stuff and move stuff around. So it's not just the last game I played with, which is fine. Sometimes I don't mind that. But I would like to have the option of putting my most play games at the front


So that I know I'd like to see them all on the screen. When I come on and off to scroll sideways. I've got lots of little things that I'd like to change. I actually love the interface on the switch. But it's just a little. It's like an it's like an iPhone of gaming. It's there. And it's great. And it works. And it's easy. It just needs to be a little bit more customizable, eight to 10 years to get folders on the iPhone. Really just icon. Who cares. I know the touch screen to do it. Thank you. Yes. Big menu of all software and just move everything around with a touch screen. It's not that hard. Next simple. That's it. It's going on


sale. Yeah. And then last night, we had them on the Wii U. And we did many very little things. Right. And that had folders.


Exactly, exactly. All right. Then last little while couple of little bit. No, well last bit of news. I was going to say there's more but we're going to move on to rumors in a moment. But this is Hermes interactive. They've announced auto chef which is a puzzle game of a conveyor belts robot.


arms and cooking. Now I've played overcooked one and overcooked to finish both of them, love them and hated them and equal measure. And this sounds a bit like this might do the same thing. Yeah, ultimately, if I looked up on their own, it does look interesting that it's just had a quick release and not much news about it. Or you can see is that something to do with designing and optimizing massive kitchen for what is probably a digital restaurant, and you program your machines to spit food especially can it looks weird, but kinda cool twice. It's a real restaurant.


Every player makes a new restaurant, they just have to have more space. I mean, it will be interesting. I'm not sure that many people would come to my restaurant because it would just be full of a very, very angry chef and there's very angry staff. When I play these games. I usually lose the plot variable resource management games, that I want to be good at them, and I love them.


Emily, what is it something that you would think about playing I'm gonna sound really mean


But this game comes across a lot like a mobile game, then trade like I would probably never buy it. It sounds like a freemium game from my phone. And that you get like, I've not looked at the trailer or anything, but I it comes across as like, you just tap things and you upgrade things when you get more things to collect. I don't know it sounds of it.


Well, the thing that thing that makes it sound more interesting is that it's been developed by Team 17. And they've done some pretty cool games in the past, which I think might be better than it looks. Yeah, they are the warmest people, or they certainly took it on, I presume was the guy that started the company but I've never looked into it. But yeah, they've done some really cool stuff in the past.


Well, maybe they'll surprise me. Maybe I will need will need to look at the trailer. Definitely. I have a feeling Emily isn't going to be tweeting about auto chef on release day but it is coming out in q3 2019. So if you want your perfect automated kitchen,


That's when you're going to get the chance to automate it perfectly. Right let's move on to some rivers.


interesting one to start with so far as the streets which I know you were looking at the trailer a little earlier, Alistair. There's been code find within iOS and Android versions of the free to play for the street game by x box game studios and it references to the switch hinting towards a port. I was slight what in this just in the fact that as soon as I saw code find within the iOS and Android versions of the free to play for industry that worried me, but is this a good game Anton?


I see I've been looking into and it's been looking at a lot of reviews and people really do hate it. But at the end of the day, I feel like a lot of the reviews are looking at try and get afford the game of a mobile game. So I don't know what to expect and then but then the day, even if it's okay as a force a game turned into a mobile game, turning that into a console


Back again, as an as an doesn't sound like a good recipe in the slightest. Like you don't even steer your car you just you just need to make sure you accelerate and then slow down at the right moments it's like a one button game


I've played


the iPhone The graphics are exceptional performance amazing yeah I mean it captures are that Need for Speed gritty? I mean the game looks cool. But yeah, that's the gameplay mechanic then came out thank you very much. It does look cool. But no, it's it's the game you want on your phone when you want to pass the time and it should stay on your phone. It's a mobile game is not a handheld game is not a console game in my opinion. But will the surprises Emily, will they get will they turn this into Forza st switch? I hope not. I see. The worst part about this is how the switch and how Nintendo is being treated here. It's like being treated like a mobile


So I mean, it technically is because handheld but it's like


it's just not worth the have a real a real getting quotes for the game? I it seems a bit mean here. Yeah, I think on the brace eight being optimistic if they could take this ad and steering and have some actual you're driving a car, the game is stunning. You have the control scheme for now they could make this game better. But I don't know if they would actually put the time into improving it and that way because at the end of the the mobile versions would have been more of their money's at so I don't see this. I see this is like, I guess we can put on iOS and Android. and Sure why not switch? Yeah, not. Let's Let's improve this. But see, I'm optimistic we end up with another racing game that nobody wants, apparently.


Yeah, coming back to all the listeners. They like nobody wants to racing games and then everybody's like, give us a full game. I mean, they're kind of different, but in a lot


st they're just racing games LA.




my being a bit mean. I don't know no like no, no, I'm with you on that. I don't really look if it's a different game altogether but it's called for as a street switch then bring it on. But if it's for as a street as on it as in the mobile game, then don't bring on the switch, please. Yeah, I mean I'm a big fan of racing games. I love racing games. I got very excited when I first heard about it because actually for the street was a Windows 10 game that then got ported to mobile right but it is focused on breaking its base is drag racing is street racing. So you're not turning corners you are literally accelerating breaking out right? But it's very much it lends itself to a mobile platform and mobile game and I would rather get Forza or equivalent of on the switch then this kind of stuff big it's just it's not that can is not a proper if you want if you want to play good racing game on the switch right now. The one that I've played actually play a lot today and yesterday is horizon Chase.


Turbo which is got that has that old. It's probably more like a 1632 bit type vibe to it, but a beaut beautifully done really good fun to race. It's very arcadey cartoony, but it's got lots of modes. It feels like you're actually having to work to do well in it, but it's also super fast feeling as well as your phone except when you play Mike, because annoying deals wins. Yes, but that's a fluke of nature. That doesn't happen in any other games. I don't know about you practice. I don't, I don't. Horizon tastes terrible if you if you get a chance check though it's fairly cheap. It's it gets solid eight or nine out of 10 whenever it's reviewed, and it's a really, really good game. So for the moment, if you're really wanting to racing fix that isn't a car racer. That's what I would suggest. Yeah. Cool. All right. Then we're going to move on. We've got some interesting news about Sega, who on Atlas, which is what we're kind of mentioning this Verizon. They've got a huge


loss there just reported a 7.1 billion yen loss. Now I'm not a currency converter, but that sounds like a lot of yen Anton. Well, how much that was seven point something important 1 billion that's so that was 700,000. Yeah, that'll be 7 million or something around there. So So Alistair is going to do the math on that to quote an American version of the word maths. Now they believe that the loss is due to ps4 exclusivity because I watching Oh, how much? 14 and a half million Oh, wow. Not not.


Not pocket money. Not that's terrifying. Anyway, so one of the reasons that they think this is happened is because of the ps4 exclusives, so they're looking at or the discussion is they're going to look to do a more multi platform, approach and future. Yes, please. Yes, because they could do some really cool games. And even MTV, we don't like pay the exclusives at all. Like isn't like like we may attain for Xbox when like Microsoft, just give them a double


Time for they're just like going and putting on the biggest sound console thinking now covers our costs of pouring.


Yeah, well, we've got Yakuza you got Fist of the North Star Catherine, which I played on ps3 I think. And there's also persona that the game that will never die for solidify sweat again, we never talk about on this podcast ever. It's gonna be brought back and like, you know when people go back 20 years after consoles just dead in the water and the Create a game for it. And everyone goes crazy. Like I bought a Mega Drive game last month from a new developer. And it's in the original Mega Drive case called Tanglewood and it's really good actually. And I can play on my original mega someone's going to do that and make a new persona for the switch and 20 years time and that's what I'm going to get it when I'm like retired. I'm more interested in Yakuza. I've always wanted to play the game but I've never done it now. Mike Mike do on the switch. That sounds good. I like that in there or with that.


persona they're going to make the other four DLC characters for smash all new persona characters. So the next time they make a new persona game, it'll come on switch, and all the other characters will be for smash DLC and see I'm just waiting to see the world implored if we get a persona five, not on that police station and it just turns out to be like an Xbox four or something that they lose their minds. Like even when they do this with like, personifies crumbled people were just like, we're, we're done. We can't handle this.


Even though I think I suspect that'll be a half decent title actually. But it's




But it might be under a cloud to somewhat now we're going to fire through the last of the rumors so we can move on to the questions because we haven't got a huge amount of time left. So first of all, something we touched on last week, which was that you could play up your legacy of the Julius what we saying last week, he could play the English language version, but now there's been a development Anton Yes. So essentially say


It was it was only released in Japan, there was no words of a UK version, however, our Western version at all, not just the UK. And you could play an English which was kind of a glimmer of hope that would be finally getting it. And it's really exciting because we're not only just getting it we're also going to be getting a physical version. So you can just buy the Japanese version and be happy. You have to wait the whole time for that physical release. But, you know, we can't complain because I think the franchise hasn't had a physical release since that we are which will be great to just have a game on the shelf. Yeah, more boxes. Absolutely. More boxes, please. Sorry, Alistair. Now, the Nintendo Switch exclusive Travis Strikes Again, the creator of No More Heroes, which is the subtitle to it has stated that he plans to unveil what else he's been working on at what is this mobile con 2019 I don't even know what that is. I have no idea either. I think it's I think it's anime relief. I think that Counter Culture


We're building a new game. I don't know what he's doing or use or use a final sort of 51 because he's been he's done a lot but games I was really I was really excited for No More Heroes when I first saw the trailer and I think is probably a lot better than I give it credit for. In what I've seen it and I think if I played it, I'd really like it. But I've just I just I just lost enthusiasm for it. Yeah, I'm gonna say my watch the trailer thinking started off again. Yeah. And by the end of


it. Yeah, I'm not sure but fair play to suit a 51. And I'm hoping that whatever is next is something exciting, and particularly the fact that the last one was a switch exclusive. Yeah.


And as well as that, I know, with this game, it was kind of a lower point in his career. We're not seeing that in a bad way. It's just these went from Camp Tripoli ish, double a developer to being more of an end developer. So I'm excited to see what he can do and know that he has more of a budget.


And he doesn't have to put as many compromise on especially because that's why and Travis strikes back turned into like a mini game compilation his cause he didn't have the funds to do a new and what's it called? No More Heroes game.


I want to know what why release it or like why announced it at a I assume an anime convention? What is this going to relate to content? Or is it just maybe like a farce? It's just surprise it was the only event that would take me.


Yeah, well, you will at least be aware of that long to find out because the convention is on the 25th of May. So anyone that's listening is also going to mumble con. He can maybe explain a bit more about what it is. That will be great. Now we're going to move on a couple of more rumors for you just very, very quickly. Windows XP, someone's got it running on the switch, Anton.


Yeah, the hacking scene strikes back so you can finally pay your 3d pinball Excel notepad calculator you can do




Generally, I love Excel so geeky excellent made me finally get the word paperclip yay which


is on this weekend no Adam to smash it's like an evolution


clip and everyone saw a Microsoft


character is going to be like Minecraft Steve it's paperclip


timeline we're going for so yes that XP on switches great to see camp they have more than coming eco camp grow and if they can get XP running on it it really bodes well for once we start getting emulators running on switch that probably be able to run like PSP and stuff I imagine most it running up feel PC is not that easy. So


bodes well for the emulator. Yeah, excellent. Or I'm gonna, I'm gonna run. I'm going to do notes all these together and if you get anything that you want to add to them, they are in the middle because one of us okay, well, I'll see them all first, and then you can jump in with what you want to get everyone give everyone a chance to speak. So


Donkey Kong Junior excite bike


is a Donkey Kong Jr vs vs excite bike Anton Piazza it's fair seasick site bike separate game okay and clue clue is that they'll Dreamcast game quickly lon no sad sadly no I know that was choo choo has outplayed tons of money for choo choo rocket on sushi rocket yeah okay so quickly land is last game so they're all nice games because they're joining the Nintendo online so that's the first bit of news we're getting more at NES games new live stream on the official Sonic YouTube account showcases a fully voice story mode and team Sonic racing. Yes, bring that on. Thank you very much in some emails as well as the third bit of news,


which have been sent to some Nintendo users the title of the emails are what to expect in me. And there's a reference to cadence of high rule, which suggests that it's coming soon, but are we seeing it in me? That's the question. You are Bruce. I got that email and it said it's in me. Did it? Yeah. So is there coming this month for me?




Alright anything else you want to add Alistair before we move excited bike whoop, excited by excite bike I remember forgiveness and that was that was a lot of fun it was but the only thing we've enjoyed creating game we're going to create a track and jump a big ranch right? Yeah, of course. Anton.


Yeah, I just find that funny is with this. This like batch of Nintendo online games, they didn't do a video announcing it, unlike they've done with all of the other ones. So I'm wondering, are they just psycho just everybody disliking the video because they don't call it Super Nintendo and then 64 and there yet? Are they just like board of the games as well? I just found that quite funny. I see. It's both because I'm one of the 64 people.


It's a bit of both. So I'm starting over team Sonic racing sounds really good. I might not pick it up. But I always like story mode in a game like a racing game sounds really interesting because that's the thing is like with Mario Kart, like outside of just driving around in tracks and circles by yourself. If you don't have friends to play with the


is not really a motivation to play them. So how are you more to just count four sheets play a little bit more and get some more bangle? Like I never thought I'd be slightly my hand in Mario power tennis had a story mode. Would you like me it was kind of a story mode, but it was really interesting. And then what


aces has done as well? Yeah, yeah, I think it's a really good idea. And I think that you have to do something if you're going to compete with Mario Kart, you have to add something else. And I think that's why when we first saw those original trailers, remember when we first saw the first trailer for Sonic racing, the new site racing game, and we weren't that impressed, which, after the success of the last year was a bit disappointing, and they've gone back and they spent more time on it. And that's why we're having to wait till the summer. So I think this is a really positive step. So we'll see. But, you know, certainly good news, I think, yeah, certainly piqued my interest because I wasn't really planning on buying before, but now I might do because that's that's an intriguing idea. Yeah, absolutely. All right, then I think we have just about enough time to do this week's quiz.


So now we're going to do how we're going to do this we've got we've got three people where this has never happened before with a quiz I don't think we've done it with three of us have we know fake so no power Royale here we go move along the pics legends I'm going to I'm going to change this slightly this week also has a slight advantage in that he's in the room beside me not that he can see anything that I'm writing it just means that if he shouts out he gets a slightly quicker than me then both of you so what I'll what I'll do it was standing over there so far enough away. That would be great. Yeah. Now what we'll do is we'll we will open it to everyone but if I also gives an answer I want to see whether he's right or wrong until you've had a chance as well. But if he is right, then you're way overthinking this, Alex there's no beginning of the first answer. That's very good point. Let's move on that first clue for escape 2000 into action adventure game developed by illusion soft works and published by gathering of developers spider the


Dragon. I don't know.




let's go see a Dark Souls but that's not even remotely right. My final answer is Dark Souls. Okay? It's not Dark Souls, Emily any my knowledge pre 2005 is like Sheltie, so I'm not even gonna try. Okay, well we'll move on to the next clue released on Windows, later ported to the ps3 and Xbox in 2004 in North America and Europe. The sequel was released in 2010 by two k check and a third game was released by hangar 13. It came out in October 2016.


Destroy All Humans just pulling out games now. It's not.


Nope. Okay, next clue. I think this might give you a better clue. The game traces the rise and fall of Tommy Angelo, a fictional character from the 1930s


gangsters mafia free


or just mafia it's mafia well done a when you said three I was like I was gonna let it run a little but you didn't say mafia after that so well done Anton. My next year next clues were gameplay consists of driving chases, races, and the third person on third person on fruit navigating and shooting. In the first mafia title there were 51 classic American cars around the city that could be driven plus 19 bonus cars on lockable after the main mode they know anything is actually played mafia three I played mafia two mafia two was one of my favorite games and I bought mafia three and I enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as I enjoyed mafia two I just fell in love with mafia two as a game and I think it was the story element of it. I just love the story arc and it was really well done for us. It's times when it controls bit clunky I don't know what it was it didn't sit right with me for some reason. Yeah, yeah, I agree. I didn't. I wasn't feeling the controls anyway, that I could be said for most games I play next up this


is an asymmetrical cooperative first person shooter game developed by Valve south and published by Valve Corporation


a symmetrical first person shooter left for dead slept for days don't


believe you can keep up to date with what they're doing this season even the quiz anymore it's it's it's testing Anton snow yeah sure how good is Anton?


Actually on that point we are we are going to try something different on the quiz fairly soon because there is a point where there are gonna be no games that anyone knows because they'll be so random.


But anyway, we got one more game to go so this is either Emily or Allosaurus. chance to pull one back. In fact, Anton you set out for a moment, dear goodbye stage


and then retire the


dome will come to you for the answer. Here we go.


This is a pointing click adventure video game originally released on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation and in 1997 it was a sequel to another game and I will take the name of the game if you get it as a Day of the Tentacle No.


Not common San Diego. I love that game but it's not that one. I it was remastered and re released on Windows OS X and iOS as a remastered edition of 20. island to in 2010. No, hold there for a second Let me have a chance to answer.


No. The first game of the series is the first game in the series. This is the second one that doesn't follow the Knights Templar storyline.


Oh, oh.


Let's just begin to ring a bell. Because I know my phone called. The player assumes the role of George Stuhlbarg, a young American who's an eyewitness to the kidnapping of his girlfriend Nicole cola.


Now you've lost me again. Oh, I guess game. Okay, there is a the fifth installment is on the switch and I have the physical version of it you're not allowed to go and look don't do it sounds like


it was a commercial success selling three quarters of a million copies by August 2000. And somebody ringing give us the answer. Okay, I'll give you a double do a silence like Okay, first word.


First word, okay, let's play articulate first word. It's if something isn't working, it's broken. Broken Age Broken Sword broken.


Broken Sword. The next clue was going to be Game of Thrones. One of the many weapons today did it broken Sorry, my phone and that was I was thinking I just remember the name and then you said the name Nicole Webber's go


anyway, so they were so broken sorry to was the answer but well done. Broken star five.


On the switch, by the way, which is pretty well, it was a kind of much more recent release but still based on the original because after to the went for a very different art style that got away from that kind of original point and click style. But the fifth one brings it back to that and wanting to I must have completed or I don't know how many times I played that game, but I loved it. Great story of the time, but any periodicity How annoying was that Anton? Because you must have known the answer. I didn't know I was completely in the loop for whatever reasons we cannot make traps that I was like, Oh, no, your girlfriend getting stolen or something that fits into Night Trap.


Yeah, that's very modest of you, Anton. None of us believe you're very modest indeed.


All right. Well, that's, that's about it for this week. It's it's another week of switch news, rumors and the quiz but we are back again in a week's time with more news and maybe just maybe we'll have more update on a direct because I'm kind of thinking we're going to hear something soon. Anything


thoughts on that briefly before we go Oh, yeah.


Like every day I wake up I'm just like, I'm like expecting there to be a direct announcement. It just feels awkward. You know, it's like, when am I going to hear about Animal Crossing? I hate to be I'm such like a very strict policy contender fan but it's like come on give me give me give me content for me it's just like we've got super mario maker two coming out in a month time and we know nothing about it. It needs to have to know the story mode Super Mario Maker to that's that's my prediction. Oh yeah, I don't know how it would work. That's my prediction is plumbing degree wasn't paying the bills and became a builder.


More obby story mode and in mario maker to is a whole podcast in itself to discuss what that could be. But you I think, you know, you might well be onto something you might well be that stuff. That's next week. We'll have a special episode of just time. Our speculation


Alright, well that's about it for this week. It's been a pleasure and you can get us on twitter remember it's ns UK podcast on Twitter. Remember if you subscribe to us on iTunes, please leave us a review it really does help. And if you can give us a five star that would be that would be lovely. You can also get us on Stitcher and Spotify and some other places to Alistair people can contact us on email. Yeah, podcast at ns UK p coda UK. I think we also probably accept telegrams. You could probably use a Morse code send us a message. Yeah. Anything signals to gently only only on a Wednesday we upgraded the hardware and you know, get smoke signals doing Oh, good. That's good. Anton. We've got the website as well. Yes. And ns Uk We've got all the episodes on there. We have links to all the platforms, you can listen to us. So if you want to listen to us when you're awake, so say, or whatever. There's kind of a little bit of information on how to do that. There's all the different stuff up in there. Can I listen to the podcast on the game calm? Hey, there. Oh, yeah, the old games calm


So from 1985 I'm sure there's a way Okay, we need to have a retro podcast special with Anton one week to discuss what an Earth is talking about and what Emily's talking about old consoles. Yeah. Like whenever I have anybody over to my office I just like pull out like an old games console like have you heard of an Atari Lynx? Oh, amazing. Just I got such a bad habit. I'm just like, I just looked at my collection of stuff. I'm just like, Oh, this is cool. Have you heard of this and then just I just go and storytime the file that you own an Atari Lynx has got me wanting to come around to your office already. So if you can get down like you're welcome to stay. brilliant man with no podcast. I will have another podcast all about that. Until then I'm going to go in and find out what else what else Anton owns in his collection. Alistair and I are probably play some switch. Emily. It's been an absolute pleasure having you on the podcast this week. As always. And with that Goodbye, cheerio to Lou