A New Hope For Wii Ports - Episode 4

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Episode 4 of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast with Anton, Mike & Al.  

This week we have so much news and gossip that we don't even get to Anton's full review of Celeste (don't worry, we'll get to it next week) 

We cover Mortal Combat 11, the best selling games of 2018, nintendo sales rates, nvidea's HD porting algorithm, and a bunch of other stuff. And of course round 4 of Mike's weekly quiz.

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Hello is Episode Four of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast. I'm Mike


I'm out and Tom Hello. Now you've had the formal greetings because I didn't think we've done that yet so I thought it was nice just to kind of go hey, this is me. And this is just in case a nice way of doing it. Yes, we're doing although I feel mine wasn't formal enough.


Hello, I am Mr. This is my national insurance number. They have all the information probably best we don't do that. I mean, you know, that could be Episode 17. If we get enough people listening live. We can check if people are listening by doing that.


Let's not do that. By the way before we get started, because we have got lots to talk about today. Just a reminder, we are on Twitter and please do tweet us and say hello to us interact. Tell us what your


About the podcast, what kind of things you'd like on the podcast? What you don't like about the podcast? Tell us how you get on with the quiz as well. Because at the moment, it's to one to Anton will be doing that a little bit later on in today's podcast as well. Yeah, I'm going to hopefully bring that back to the and instead of just telling us Why don't you go on iTunes and give us some reviews and tell everybody else how much you love the podcast. Yeah. Or if you don't like it, just, yeah,


just just don't download it next week and download something else. But please do leave a review if you are enjoying the show, because we are doing this because we love the switch and why the reason we're not monetizing this in any way. At the moment. You know, obviously, it's very early days. So anything like that really does help us out and we would love to get us in more people's ears. Oh, yeah. Yeah.


And if you've got any new stories, obviously, it's like tweet them out, and we can potentially talk about them on the next episode map. So it would be very fun. Also, we will be looking at talking to some developers in the future as well of different games coming out on the switch. And with that, I think it's the right time to move on and talk about this week's news.


So first of all in the news, Mortal Kombat 11. Tell us about this. Anton. What's happening? Yes. So there has been some confusion. But surprisingly, Mortal Kombat 11 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Which again, kind of a more mature title first party. And there's been some confusion because nobody seems seems to be able to agree on whether or not is releasing on the same day as the other games at the other ports. or different day. But we're getting which is exciting. Close. There are so hungry for those third party reports. Have any of us played any of the recent Mortal Kombat yourselves? I haven't played any of the recent Mortal Kombat safely. The classic Mortal Kombat. Of course, I think I played the classic Mortal Kombat. Yeah, the last one I wanted to I think two is was a big title was I was more Street Fighter and taken Yeah, I probably was more Street Fighter to be honest. But


no, I think this is great. Because what's really cool about this is the fact we're getting this at the same time whether that's


Delete or not as other games I think we need more of that. I think for example, what's the dragon builders not Dragon Boat Dragon Quest Dragon Quest. That's another example of a game that is coming out in the switch but we're being made to wait for it because they haven't optimized it yet or whatever and this goes back to that life cycle thing I think of games that know we're starting to see more games coming out at the same time or within the same window because they started their life cycle after the switch was actually a physical thing yeah and as well as that I think finally getting these third party games releasing on the same day will give us a better idea of the account switch as a landscape for first party titles so I know back in the we you era I think it was a that need for speed game most warnings when they released that he said Oh, the game sold really poorly on we you but they released it a year and a bit later so I'm kind of seeing signs that's like oh, will consign didn't sell that well, when we switch it's like yeah, but released it six months ago.


Or and everybody can play the violin. So I think getting the scalp titles and timewatch to get a better judgment of how the switches for third party. Yeah well everything I've seen suggested is committed in the same deal which I think is the 23rd of April and I haven't seen anything suggesting that the switch is going to be any later than the PlayStation or Xbox will be great I mean the problem going back to your point there and I think the problem is that a lot of people still have two main console so they might have a PlayStation four and Xbox One or whatever and also a switch so a lot of these games people have played or they've bought them already or they're getting them for a third of the price and they're going I'll go for the ps4 version the switch version for me if it's a day one and there isn't a huge amount of difference in the in the games I don't care about a little bit of graphical glitch Enos Well, no, I do care about glitch Enos but I don't care about I don't care if it's not quite as as smooth and 1080 and 60 frames per second all the time. That's not a huge concern.


I would go with the switch day one and I think a lot of switch owners feel the same.


So hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Yeah, portability. Absolutely. Wednesday Wednesday, I mean, I feel very strongly about the the same way that I'm able to pick it up to get really Trump's graphics Andy, but I do wonder if that's a generational thing. I don't know. Because you and I grew up with consoles that didn't have such great graphics. I don't know what younger people feel about that. Yeah, I mean, I don't know for me graphics, you know,


at the end of the day, a game you to be philosophical about it, a game is only as good as the gameplay no matter how good it looks, you know, and I think that


that a lot of the lot of the titles that we're seeing now on the switch as well, to be honest, there's not a huge difference. I mean, it's, I've seen some comparison shots and some of them Yes, okay. There is there is a, you know, you can see there's a clarity issue or there's maybe not as much detail in the background or whatever, but I think generally Anton it's pretty much it's pretty much there yet, because even in the case of myself, it's like I'm I have like a fairly decent PC and for like, games like doom and stuff like that.


It's like, I can play them on like, decent sense. And I have played them, but it's like, maybe play like one or two hours of them. And then it's like, life comes in. And then I'm moving along and I don't pick them up. But sweat James. It's like, take Sonic Mania. I'm like, Well, my fifth play free of that, just because I can pick up and it's later in the game. And even stuff like my ps4. It's like, Oh, I have to turn on the TV switch the inputs and they have to go in there. And then there's 50 updates just like now. Now just I'll just wander around them breath the world and pick up berries. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, moving on to another bit of news that's just come in and last the last couple of days. Actually, we know that we're going to get pretty much every Final Fantasy title apart from the ones we're not getting. But we won't talk about those. But we are getting a lot of Final Fantasy in 2019 and Final Fantasy X x two weeks to remaster and what's that number x one one over 1212


just in case


I made it up by asking good so Xi


They're all going to be released physically in Europe as well, which is great news. One little note though,


Final Fantasy X two HD is going to be released physically but it's it's kind of it's going to be a download code in a box basically. But good news will call a hybrid physical copy you go Yes. And you phrase who just kind of fake a call.


I'm actually really excited for this because I I've always liked the idea of the final fantasy. Yeah, games. I've played a few them I find one to 10 I think is the one I got the furthest in. I nearly completed it and for whatever reason didn't and the fact I can go back and play this initially on this, which I'm really excited about it and I know you delve into the Final Fantasy years see the thing is with the Final Fantasy games this I've tried a couple of them and they've all been wildly different because every time we do a new one they're like Yep, for Final Fantasy 12 is gonna be nothing like Final Fantasy 11 or 10. So I've tried 13 and I've tried for one of them was to the top down and Morgan was


Like an action RPG, so I have no idea what would be signed myself up for. But I'm really intrigued to trial. And the Count ps1 games like Final Fantasy seven people seem to really love that game. And I feel like by not playing it, and just saying that and admitting that right now, there's many people that are getting very angry. So and I think switch is going to be a good old concerts. Give it a gold cause for we always come back to this, but RPG is on the goal. It's the definitive way. And that was how I played Final Fantasy for it was like, I could go in there, say a couple months surface level up a bunch and then move on. Yeah, so how about yourself, like, if you played any of the Final Fantasy games, my brother was a huge fan of all the Final Four. I think he played them all pretty much all the way through from the police station one year onwards, I don't think he played the very early ones, but certainly the ps1 onwards and I was always intrigued by it, but a lot of it comes down to that same element of time and how much investment you need to put into a game and and you know, for me, I think this


is the perfect way to do it. And I'm going to be very much like you want. And I'm going to I'm going to go for one of these. I don't know which one because they are different. I think that's one of the beauties of Final Fantasy is that you're supposed to be able to play any of them and not have to worry too much about the over overlying story arc because it's you know, you can play it within itself as well. So I'm going to I'm going to play one I don't know which one I'm kind of looking for recommendations to be honest, I'm intrigued by 10 because I know that I'll has some experience playing 10 so that's that's kind of that actually is 707 is open the switch but we have a friend Mike and I have a mutual friend who has played seven or think just for every platform has ever been released on multiple times really has this insane


many, many, many times. I'll say there's there's one there's one little bit this niggling me about this release. Do you know how much they're charging for the physical races of these these very old game I it's gonna be it's gonna be upwards of 40 pounds. Yeah, that's 4544. 99.


Yeah, that makes you go cuz even then they deport them to the PSP a couple years ago and I'm


Remember when they did that and the ps4 and I'm Mr back land they were only like very punk ports or something I think this is an issue which packs coming in yeah I think we are it is something I would like to see addressed I don't mind paying slightly over for an older game I don't mind that so if Saints Row the third comes in at 30 patents fine I'll pay that because I'm going to get the benefit of the portable I'm going to play well I don't really like is 45 pounds you're paying a premium price for a game that yeah that's those are newly developed game go territory. That's where mean let's put it this way. They have spent years we can use games over and over again. They've more than made up the money that went into them initially and the cost support them this it just doesn't feel quite right. It probably is worth it. Don't get me wrong. The games are amazing games. They are probably worth 45 pounds but it does make me squirm a little bit thinking how much they're charging for I'm with you on that one game that will definitely be full full price when it's finally released. And a lot of excitement about this is a new trailer came out just the other day as


Well you can watch or UK watch depending on your pronunciation both of which probably terrible so this is number four in the series and it's supposed to be quite different on the switch to previous iterations. My my wife played the last one on the 3ds on a 3ds but on the 3ds and confusing at all well exactly there we go for weird iterations of consoles it but yeah absolutely loved it. spent lots of hours on it


I'm quite looking forward to this I like what I've seen in the trailer they're trying to I think you were saying on on the trying to get away from the kind of Pokemon type comparison is I'm online I was really impressed going into this trailer because I think I've got the first game and I've never tried them but I kind of knew when I was picking up it's like yeah this pokemon ask and styling and it's universe and the gameplay but and when I saw this I was just like saw the trailer go up for you. Okay, watch for else like oh, we're going to get a little bit more of like maybe the leg school sale


games but the mobile team they've they've clearly put in time trying to like evolve the franchise it looks closer. It's almost like a Dragon Quest monster How are in the massive scale battles and the unit like the tone, it looks really intriguing that they're killed taken time to innovate and especially in the franchise's had so many sequels back to back it's it's got me intrigued it's interesting how many of these games we've got on the weight like I don't mean this this game specifically but we have a lot of big titles like this potentially on the way so we've got I've used I've only seen tone or the trailer for tone no bail by yeah well it's a working title and it's all it's an RPG or based around one tone. I know. Yeah, the developer who's the developer again, this game three two people make Pokemon. That's right. Yes. So so this is really interesting because they're coming away from the Pokemon world and to go into doing something totally different without the shackles of having to keep it Pokemon then that can be quite interesting as well. So we've got that we've got this


there's a there's a Dragon Quest as well which which we know we're going to get some point this year you know there's there's quite a few and that's that's the tip of the iceberg really so have never played any of the the UK watch games before


what are they I mean is it you're saying it's a bit like Pokemon but it's not Pokemon


if either of you actually paid them a new your wife has but did you ever did into it or you're doing only the very start of the of the game and you started a little village and I think from what I remember you battle and you collect little characters is that right is that kind of a longer ah yeah I'm trying to think back I think it's like camp like you can see these characters and it's kind of like almost like a persona Kamal thing like they're attached don't see you don't see persona persona persona persona I think we don't know


whether I think this is part of a wider world has movies and all kinds of stuff tied to this franchise I think in Japan yeah yeah yeah oh they've got


Live Action TV show kind of like Pokemon that was the announcer TV show and the games and unison so I think


it's a real franchise push because I remember when they announced sales like they had toys announced they had the game announced they had the TV show amount. So it's a whole big ordeal. I shake it up. If I can just do a very quick or sideways steps. I know we have not gotten a script I'm just kind of winging it here going away. Do you guys see you know they're bringing up this the pick a desk and then what's called the Pokemon movie The detective detect. Yes. Have you seen the now think the next to me was already in development for Pokemon. Read a book on blue? Really? Yeah. Like TJ type stuff? combination. Same idea. I think in the same world as the date picker to I'm so excited about this. Yeah, I mean, it's it's not hugely surprising in the I think, you know, this is the way that well, how long we had movie tie ins with games years and years, but usually they've been terrible. Oh, God. Yeah, Super Mario Brothers Say no more Street Fighter. I mean, it was not Kylie Minogue the Mortal Kombat


I mean we're going back but yeah i know but but the good thing about it no is that because of CGI being so much better than it was or whether you love what you've seen the trailer of Pokemon happy to or not or Sonic the Hedgehog if you've seen that


link to the trailer for pick it up earlier on today it's person I've seen it already


I like the idea of Pokemon Red and Blue particularly the some really cool I'm just do clean bones and internet artists. Yeah releasing Pokemon. I'm very excited for this. But yeah, we'll see. We'll see. It might be a massive disappointment. Yeah, yeah,


I think you know, it's going to be interesting to see what what does come of it and I think we'll watch this space when it comes to the movie side of it. The the you're the UK watch


the series. I don't think it's ever going to go much farther than than Japan. I don't think in terms of it being westernized. I don't see that button. I think in terms of a game it's a welcome addition. And I think a lot of people are gonna have a lot of fun with this.


game and I love the fact that they've done something a bit different and fair play to them for, for trying to be a bit creative with their title. I don't know about us I the thing I think fascinating about switches, we're finding a lot of games that would have just been handheld exclusive making the leap to console and it's kind of fascinating to see how these games are translating. See. Okay, watch when the first one came out. Do you say it will be getting a big triple A release on console? I wouldn't believe that. And same with Pokemon. Seeing a full scale Pokemon on the call. It's fascinating. It's kind of weird to see how their account adapt to non for larger screens. Yeah, they're they're merging the handhelds in their home consoles. It's going back to this same conversation about a couple of times Yeah, quick look, we haven't got release date for this yet. Some point 2019 which got the trailer dropped a couple days ago if that but normally stitcher will keep you up to date. Ah,


now we have the list of the most played switch games in Europe of 2018 Nintendo have revealed exactly


What are in the top 20 seats? It's 21 technically which seems an odd number to have as a list but here we are number one I wish you get what you get I'm going to I was I was about to get


number one What do you think it was already you know i know


it wasn't my protected would you sub seen this game up here at number one?


why I've never seen list? It's no I thought I was gonna guess The Legend of Zelda not the number one. I would have probably gone with Zelda or or Odyssey. Yeah, it's neither of those there. Two and Three will reveal. Yeah, go for number one fortnight. You know why we wouldn't realize that because we're not 60.


Hey, now listen, I actually think it to give fortnight it's do I've played. I played a bit of it. And it's really difficult layman. I think you have to have a special kind of coordination to build


stuff and fight people say it's too much like my brain just can't cope with both i got i really like Paladin like politicians is is one of my favorite go to quick shooter games on the switch is great it's free to play if you if you didn't buy the starter pack I did by the starter pack and I played it lots as well really enjoy it yeah me too Templeton's is brilliant I paid for the game too yeah and I'm going to go back and actually play a bit more because they actually keep updating stuff and bringing new stuff in war frame as well there's another free one that is just fantastic but fortnight interesting thing about that is that it's just really really difficult to do the building and the the fight and people often trying to be the last one standing it's it's great i think it's fantastic for for free game but not why would have expected number one yeah I want life personally for me I was really expecting Pokemon let's go to be up there I'm kind of curious and the listing leave class Pokemon let's go pick a true and easier separate tales. I'm kind of curious how I would have been what oh, they're the two separate release if you've got their age.


to nine, right? So just very quickly give you a couple of them. I mean, they're all highlights but you've got split tune to it. Number four, which I thought was quite interesting Mario Kart Deluxe at five then it's FIFA 19 at six which surprises me because most FIFA owners that I know that have a second console will play it on the police station for the Xbox One or whatever but that'll be boosted me I know a couple of guys who are kids that are right about a 10 mark where they have a PlayStation nice but they're mostly simply the switches they both play FIFA it'll be posted by that generation yeah fair enough and then we've got Minecraft then it's let's go peek at you and let's go eat nine so I think you're right i think if you combine those it will be a lot higher on the list then as anybody Chronicles to which is just made it into the top 10 which I've I've still to to not to not to finish I'm not going to see finished I've still to spend more than five hours on because it's I mean that is a lot of time but everything I read about it is is great. Then you would scare him then Rocket League then is Mario and rabbits which


doesn't surprise me because that game has been around for a while. And it gets great reviews as a lot of content. It's like not a late game by like Nintendo standards for like a micro game. Quite. Oh absolutely. Absolutely. One of the highest kind of indie,


indie well certainly one of the what I would classes indie. And you'll correct me if I'm wrong here but starting Valley is it number 15? Yeah, that's, that's interesting, but not surprising because number 18 is surprisingly number 18 is super smash brothers ultimate but I suspect it's just because it only came out of the year end because Nintendo or healing that is one of the greatest sales successes I know they sold 5 million of them December which is not a small number to be honest I'll just surely because of time Surely it's just the most yeah so interesting list. Um, what would you say is the most surprising games for yourself? What was the one title that count was like really that was this list a dragon Dragon Ball Z universe too because it comes in at 16 and whilst I think it's got a massive


fan base


there is it's not got the core audience of Zelda or Mario so that surprised me that that was quite so high up but I can kind of understand it as well because they've got quite a fanatical following for anything to do with Dragon Ball so you've got that one that surprises me the most is probably scarring on the community number 11 because it's got such a such a huge fanfare about it coming out and got such a massive base of people that love that game. But maybe they've all played it. And most people haven't.


I mean, I've bought it to play for the first time even though I've probably bought on every console previously. And I will play on the switch. But that's again going back to that ports belt. Yeah,


yeah, I can see I can see where you're coming from. But I think 11 from us about right now. I think. Yeah, I think the thing with Elder Scrolls has so many people bought it already and ping link 45 pounds for a game like chemo in 2010. It's kind of like what we're seeing recently with the port is quite a lot Taskbar personally for me.


The weirdest one Pokemon quest I never heard anyone say thing about that game it just pop shop one day yeah The reason I knew anything about it I played on my iPhone I know to be fair it was it was a good fun game my phone but I wouldn't want to play on my switch Pokemon quest is what did you play golf no no Pokemon quest do you get that on the iPhone it's a very good game but it's it's one of these ones is very very simple you pick your three Pokemon you go for wondering level you destroy some other book them on and you get XP level up and then the story but it's it's it's not complicated it's what it's interesting if you if you look at the list you've got quite a few free to plays and those he got palette ins and you've got Pokemon quest I think there's another one in there as well which I'm not seeing it the more fortnight Of course, obviously. And I think that that has a lot to do with it. I think the fact that people on the switch are some people are being quite particular about the types of games that they're buying, whereas these are free to play. So that's probably what's helped their standings but it's interesting to see I think


I think we're going to see a very different list this year, I think I think it's going to be an interesting year, I think would be a whole lot harder to predict as well, because we've got a lot of titles on the way. I wonder how many of those titles will still be on the list. I mean, that'd be really good point. Whether things like policy and Zelda are actually still in there or if it completely drop off it all right, this time next year will be millionaires now we want will be deciding whether or not that list is any, any of the same time. Alright, moving on. Then there's some news about the sales of hardware of switch hardware. What's this all about? Our sir? Oh, yeah. So Nintendo have released some sales numbers. And it's both good news and bad news. OK, so the bad news, inverted commas, the switch isn't doing as well as the week okay, still being like, Well, yeah, so this point on the


life cycle and it's sold 3.94 million more units and the switch but the we had the motion control thing and it was on you, your granny bought it and


everybody had a week so it's, it's a it's not exactly a direct comparison. So Nintendo came out saying, Oh, yes, it's doing very well but not as well as


And at the same time and and pretty much the same breath they said but the sales figures are fantastic under the best sales because we've had for any our software sales figures I should say for any console ever that we've released so I mentioned that probably sitting back and rubbing their hands of the Glee because they probably make more money of software the hardware releases hmm interesting because theoretically all the courses in the development and then printing it's just what nothing the F it's only like $10 per game where it's a console half if not a majority of that money like Justin hardware. Yeah, and then they're probably weren't making anything when they first launched this which are very, very small margin not a creep up over time as hardware costs come down. But the vast majority The money will be in software and I do find it interesting to what I would love to know they're not giving us a breakdown, at least not that I could find but I would love to know how much of that is made up from major titles bring in the big 4550 pounds per time and how much of its from the Indies on the store they are bringing for quite a time.


I don't know. I mean, certainly I think that there's a lot on the store.


There's a lot of bloat. Yeah, and to be honest, I've heard this argument before about quality over quantity. But actually, if there's something on there for everyone, it's not doing any harm. I think what they could do is look at ways to kind of filter things a little better. I think what I think you know, we will that's one thing I do want to see on the switch and we should have mentioned this last week I would love to see that this year there to be some upgrades in terms of the interface I would like to see some wallpapers for example, the fact we love black or white it's not a lot that shouldn't be too hard to ask the shop as well I'd like to see I think it works okay that you shot but I would like to see more I'd like to see a bit more customization and ways to kind of filter out what you do and don't one I know you can do that but it's not personalization would be quite useful. I'm not a big fan generally. But actually if it said hey, you play this game a lot here some other games you might enjoy because people pop this on a ball games. Yeah, that could work yeah. So


know like even on platforms like steam they have the Q What she's actually a really useful feature and let's say you finished your new game and you're like I have a void to fill and you can just go in there and click away and I'll have like curated collection which is a really useful feature that's quite nice potentially a good idea but we will see we will see if they do actually make any changes at one more item on the news agenda today and it's a very very happy birthday Happy birthday to


be Smash Brothers the franchise


Happy Birthday I'm not going to sing many years yeah


it doesn't really 20 years I came out in the end 64 I think ago when it first came out yeah i agree George at the time but just not played since I really want to my my little brother's friend had the Game Cube with I wasn't the end 64 that was the Pokemon one with pick a chew on it. What was it was blue blue


cheese head was that was an in 64 Game Cube.


Well, that's the first one I played on 64. So it'd be the very first two if you have anything still the golden age of Nintendo.


Well, I mean, that's up for debate, because maybe the switch will be seen as the golden age for Nintendo. And 10 years. It could you surprise you, but I'm going to clean painting my and 6420 years have you have you spent any more time on the new one? I


think of it like less than two hours into the program. You said it was a great game. It's such a good game in terms of like, there's so much content in there, but I just can't get my hands around the controls. Like why to get


closer source content.


I know how you feel I did the same with we version I bought it and I spent probably the same time as you want on, which is pathetic, because that doesn't give you any right to say that you can't play it because you've only spent two hours on it. And these games take a lot longer and then I ended up selling it which is awful, and I feel ashamed. But there we are. Let's move.


On let's talk about some rumors or we get burnt down the state for not loving Smash Bros in the heresy I know our listenership has just reduced any any. Any Smash Brothers fans that are listening have just decided that note also do we refer to smash brothers smash bros? Is there an official way and it's Smash Bros technically, isn't it? Yeah yeah I can't do that Smash Brothers. It's got to be Smash Brothers Mario Brothers job at the Mario Bros. Well, it's Sunday so we can give them their Sunday name brothers. Hmm. See what what do you use call Super Mario Bros, because I call Super Mario Bros. So it's like for Smash Bros. I'm like, Yeah, that makes sense. I saw my brothers all the way. Sure the cartoon was a Super Mario Brothers. That's just because we're old. Anton. Yeah.


Your new fangled abbreviations right, moving on to rumors. First of all, tell us about this. And this is interesting. This is we games on the NVIDIA Shield. Now you talk


something similar, but tell us more so and as Mike alluded to.


on a previous episode, we talked about how M and the agreement for Nintendo to use and video parts and the video and Nintendo Switch and then video has the right support and then handle games. To then video, tick or tablet and China close. Nintendo doesn't make console's in China and currently we've known about a few games I've had this treatment however information is came to light as sense and video are just really smart and they work in DPI with their new RTS, GPUs and etc. They've made an algorithm an AI which has been pouring the Nintendo games over to the videotape or a tablet but most importantly has been upscaling the games to HD making them white screen and just generally taken off just making a more pleasant experience and the results have been really surprising because I think they did it with Twilight Princess is a good example of it were had a wee wee you pork a game to port and all that and what they found is the poor OF THE WEEK game are


They may be putting the game two one anyway that doesn't really matter the poor of the game has had bear graphics, then the poor the dead to the we you which was done by hand, which is remarkable because this means theoretically when the time comes for week games to come to switch and if that does come, of course we could have them coming at a really rapid rate if they're able to just have an algorithm of spitting them out at speeds Wow, robots are taking over the world. Is that what we're saying? Basically,


it's interesting, because as you said, it could open the doors of the floodgates of more ports, which I don't actually mind potentially if they're done really well. Which To be fair, I don't think I think any of the ports that I've played have been done badly other than Lego City underground, which which I love the game and I love them to switch generally it was better but there was some bugs that as the game went on, I mean, we both completed it at different times and the




stop losing my hair. Every time I play a level. That's what happened. You went bald and over. It's a really good quality first party games like Zelda


and they're coming across in HD. And they're coming thick and fast. I'd love that. Yeah. Because it gives you choice. And the price point is the sticking point. You know, that's, that's where it has to be realistic, you know? Yeah. But, but yeah,


bring bring these classic games to a whole new generation of gamers. And mentally though no one contains a look at the Nintendo Entertainment System. Those are literally just drag and drop Rome's on there and they're just like slipping them I was like, yeah, you can have one you can have one role model and it's just like you're literally doing nothing to port on the mentally the special editions you know they put some time into them. Yeah, but just a role games. I'm like, you've done nothing to this. You're just repeating these old eight but games though. Yeah, so we had Zelda to just this week as well. And


the other one Oh, who's you already have a glass master.


Last master which we've got a different version of already on the store anyway and yeah I mean the cool games the great games well they're also have a generation and come on snares games shouldn't be too much to ask, right? I would have expected like before the Nintendo Switch came out and all that and Burt's like, yep, we're putting out the surface that gives you the Nintendo back catalogue. I would have expected up to like in 64, or maybe the GPA like that doesn't sound too hard to ask for. Especially since we had that on the week. Exactly. Exactly. So I mean, you know, surely let's, let's get with the times please. Right. We're gonna move on. We're actually going to move on to the quiz because I've just looked at our time and I know what we're going to talk about Celeste because you've been playing it but I'm going to give you another weekend on to finish Celeste. There's no worries and I know you've been playing because I log on it like one o'clock in the morning. Go. That's an old term. I log on to my switch 1am and see the Anton is is playing less so I think that's so funny. No matter what day I can log on it.


Like maybe anywhere from 12 to one and it's like Mike will be there. I'm like this


like late night gaming solidarity


envy people who don't have children that wake up at half past six in the morning. Oh, I know. Well, that's it. You know, we get that lie into at least half seven. So that does make a difference. Alright, are you ready for the quiz


question? Oh, I'm sure let's do it. raining. raining template. See if this. This will go downhill now. Yeah, I'm quitting my boots. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do well. Mike. I'm not gonna do I'm going to this with a bad mindset. Well, let's find out. First of all, just to recap of the scores. It's currently Anton to, Alister one. The way we play the quiz for those that are listening for the first time is I have three popular games in video game history. I will give you a description of each game line by line. I'm going to give you one clue. And then each time I give you a clue. You have an option to have a guess or to not have a guest one guess each time and whoever gets it first wins the point. It's the best of three. So we're going to start with our first game. This game was developed and probably


by Valve Corporation




what was the switch link well the switch the switch link is unfortunately not that I've just find out the portal is coming soon but it's that I would love portal to to come to this wage that is my link because there were some rumors for a while we do have portal the portal construction one well yeah bridge contractor which I think is quite good but it's not portal two and I would love portal to because it's a great coach Co Op game I was just my brain has gone completely blank what was the other game that it did everybody so I will go through the next clues and you'll get to that so developers and shooter developed in published by Valve Corporation puzzle platform video game I claimed is one of the most original games in 2007. Despite criticism of a short duration limited story. A sequel was released in 2011 and had Co Op multiplayer mode this is the bit that you're thinking about was released in a bundle package called


The Orange Box on the Xbox 360 and ps3 and when the half life Thank you Gosh, going back to that portal and can tie that into another topic. Yeah. Then half Valve has poured all of the accounts there. Big first party like half life portal and all that to the NVIDIA Shield tablet. Which is really interesting because they don't port teams often and especially in recent times. So


all those games that run on Nintendo's hardware and I'm just please give it to a


good would that be the orange on the goal? That would be amazing. I love the orange box. Anyway. So the final clues in that word, the player character jail is challenged and taunted by an AI named gloss which is genetic life form and disk operating system. So there we are. So is one nil.


Okay, I can do this


game number two. This game was developed and published by digital extreme or Digital Extremes.


I shall move on originally released on windows in 2013.


later ported to ps4 Xbox One and the switch


still drawing I'm like oh


don't get it again




specifically fine games from the snazzy


the answers. Okay final closing this one free to play third person shooter I think that would have helped a lot many of the games missions use procedurally generated levels but newer updates have included large open world area similar to other massive multiplayer online games 38 million players in 2018 That's incredible. Wow, that is great. And there's a lot of content and more free and I've played a fair bit of it really, really like it I will get back into it as well. But one of the best I can't really get much better value but one of the best value games on the switch not just because of the price point because of the content there's so much content in there and if you like it, you will love how much there is to do and as well as that it looks


Gorgeous for switch off like it doesn't look like some free to play games. It's like oh they've kept giving like a more like to do art sale or made a cutesy or something No It looks like a field triple A game. And just very briefly on amazing looking games one of the games I've been playing a lot of we will talk about this next week is startling. And I played a lot of court Starling looks incredible is so so good on really want to play at some point or going round here and we're going to play I want to do and we'll leave that for next week because I will mention it remind me that I'm going to talk about Starling a little bit because it was really good.


final game then. Come on Alister.


This is a 2d side scrolling platform game developed and published by Yacht Club games.


Can we just start meeting his mic


continue continue on just get Oh my goodness. Well done. You know what the thing


I have to stop doing I have to stop putting the publishers name in the first line but I know it's just stuff I don't


follow it follow the successful Kickstarter campaign was released on Windows 3ds and we you then later Porter to ps4, Xbox One ps3 Vito amazon fire tv and switch


the treasure trove version includes two other campaigns plague of shadows on spectrum torment I have to Shovel Knight is on my list of must play games haven't done it yet but have you played on one yeah I picked up in the way you then later on switch yeah it's a good game but surprisingly tricky kill ya


sale but the treasure trove really good value for money like you're getting like the deal scenes there Phil games yeah I'm thankful Domus DLC is just thankful almost feel games and they're really good Sunday Sunday 20 quid isn't it for the yeah 18 pounds I believe for a treasure trove. And that's for games. I think you're getting enough books at what I paid a racially


Like 25 for the normal Shovel Knight so it's a great value. Yeah, well well worth checking out if you haven't if you're looking for something to play on the switch for a good value as well. So that's pretty much it. So that's 312. Anton know on the quiz Well done, man he rightfully deserves over the last week. I did feed them to the answers. You did not better in this like, well this week it was no there was no conversation about it. Yeah, well,


that's just a reminder one more time please leave a review on iTunes. Please check us out on Twitter. It's an educator podcast on Twitter.


Yes sir. Ns yeah ASAP. Yeah,


that's good. Check us out on Twitter. If you look up you'll find us and we're on their Anton and myself are both on there. I will try and tweak it a little bit more as well for see any of other stuff happening this week. You can get in touch with email email address. I'll stir his podcast at ns. uk be.co.uk. And we're on Facebook as well. Yeah, Facebook to get us on there. We've got a nice we page on Facebook and Twitter.


website as well which you know linked to from any of these places to go and check them all out yeah it's awesome worst case scenario just anish anish you keep p podcast.co.uk that is the worst everything on there


if we feel that I'm like I can make this for you can do it


live to the podcast


and with that that is about it for this week we will will will speak to you next week with more switch goodness in the meantime keep switching happy switching Have a lovely week he's laughing like as awful as a Cheerio


Oh before we go flying panties it's been this way


oh man you're gonna bring it up it's been a nice for the switch don't worry it's not as CD as excited but if you are googling To find out more about it please please please when you type in flying panties into Google


partners or tea party


You're a safe search on because even without you can trail into the dark sides of the internet Nintendo Switch and that sir I think we need a little bit more explanation there's a game coming out it is the characters will appear to be flying around these a fight each other yes there's this natural games yet be very careful there's not much more to it than that it's not there's not some weird undertone ladies literally just a pair of pants flying around yeah it's funny go watch the trailer yeah all right yep we will I was going sorry conversation but we can save it for next week Let's save it for next week


that's it we will be back next week goodbye