Meet Your (Mario) Maker - Episode 19

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This week Al, Anton and Mike take a look at the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct from earlier in the week and discuss all of this week's news and rumours.

We cover release news for Devil May Cry, and we explore rumours about Sony and Microsoft teaming up to deliver game streaming... possibly on Switch? We also debate the merits of games utilising the overclocking function.

As always there's loads more and the weekly quiz!

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Hello and thank you for downloading Episode Number 19 of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast we are back after a week's break because Alistair and I were traveling all over the world well maybe all over the UK but not the world perhaps Hello Alistair. Hello Michael How are you? I'm I'm almost rested and I got back from London on Friday after a week of busy busy busy here, there and everywhere. And it's it's great because I got to switch. So let's take that with me and actually play it for once. Fantastic. I lovely. Come on to that in a moment. Hello, Anton. How are you? I'm good. And well, us have been just jet skiing across the world.


We should have taken jet skis. You're right. I mean, jet skiing would have been the ultimate way to travel that would be wet.


So before we get started, I'm going to mention just to quickly remind people that we are on Twitter, it's ns UK podcast on Twitter. We've got a website, Anton. Yep, and we've got all the information there you can find all the different platforms


Growing like Spotify, Stitcher, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


And you can send us a lovely email


at But there's a peak remember ns UK p Dakota UK standard podcast?


Yeah, we'll get there. We'll get there and I'll stir. We also are on iTunes so people can leave lovely reviews they can we would love it if you'd give us a review in iTunes. I don't know if you can leave reviews on Spotify, but you can do that and crack on with that too. That'd be lovely. Now coming up, we will have news rumors and the quiz. We are going to look at the directs that happened this week, the small direct on one particular game. We'll come to that in a moment before we do Anton What have you been playing this week on the switch? I've been jumping all over the place. For the 10th anniversary I jumped into Minecraft it's kind of it's so nice to have that game on the goal at just experiencing on switch has been lovely and it's just been eating up all my time. And just going back and playing some of the classic Sonic games said racing games and time for solid team racing.


On switch, just take the one on the Game Gear and that the old like experts respects the ones above everything. How about yourself? Alastair? My play through the demo of books by Oh yeah, I was reading I was gonna go and buy that game but I'm more excited about I bought super blood hockey. It is brilliant. I cannot recommend this game enough. It's so funny. And we're going to have a goal of that while we are preparing the audio for this podcast. So by next week, I'll tell you my thoughts, but it is one that I definitely definitely will buy. The only reason I haven't is it was such a backlog of games. So this week was traveling. I will I've been working my way through state of mind them right on the end point now. So I think I'll finish that tonight. Probably. I think I'm probably half an hour from the end and it's really really good. I love love the story in a bit slow and bits maybe not, doesn't control perfectly, but it's a great storyline. So if you like storylines 10 hours or so I would say and you get the whole game really good.


And I also got seats, seeds for all the thirds in the post which I'm going to




But I'm not there yet. And I think I'm going to revisit politics because I think there's some updates and I want to go and check that out. And well, if you do give me a shout, and I can jump on a complete together. Oh, yes. So you're not online. What is this future? Yes. The thing we play with other people in other rooms? Yes, absolutely. All right, well, talking of playing with other people in other rooms, it's something you can do. And one of the games that was talked about this week and a very special direct, and we're going to talk about that and many, many more things. But we're going to start with news. So first of all, I think we have to mention that we did have a Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, Anton Yeah, we had the Super Mario Maker to direct which you know, a little bit bummed that we're not getting a big direct and it just features Super Mario Maker too, but we'll take what we can get and in all fairness, it was a really fantastic direct. They came out and first of all, just came home went around and they're like, this is what Super Mario Maker as if you've never heard of it, what hasn't? And then the count went into the neck ray of all


This stuff they're adding also like a software expect and like new blocks and enemies and calc new design options like scrolling and stuff like that but generally so much great stuff and have us heard much about yourselves we've had a small look at it I mean I was obviously not in a place this week where normally I would be in front of a computer and I could watch I'd watch every direct even if I wasn't particularly interested in buying it like I am with Super Mario Maker to be honest not because I don't think I'd enjoy it it's just not on my list of so many other titles that I want to get first but having said that did we did just watch I just a couple of minutes of it we've had a look at it when was the whole direct because really today's we in our first chance, but from what I've read from what I've seen, it seems like people are really pleased about the way it's gone. Yeah, the internet seems happy doesn't it? Which a


lot of stuff that people weren't expecting like a story mode, which is fantastic for people who kind of like ourselves probably wouldn't be spending three hours on the builder Scott hundred costs


Made levels by Nintendo account also helps builders know how to make labels which is better for all of us going around playing them. Got Molly clear, which is fantastic. Yeah, positive and racing, which if you've ever seen Nintendo World Championships that kill racing and viral levels, it's like really addictive to watch it. And then just simple stuff like cat. Endless challenge modes, tons of different stuff and they've got like tons of new game modes and label modes. It's it looks really exciting. Yeah, like,


Paris me I wasn't too sure. But I'm just like, I've gotten like plan of hours of Mario Maker bought it really careful. It's like, Okay, leave. They put their time in here. They're not just like, pouring it. I sort of do feel we need to jump in here and give big props to Emily. So if anybody listened to our episode, two weeks ago, our last episode Yeah. Emily predicted story mode and Mario Maker to Yes. Well done, Emily. Good show. Yeah. And it's interesting, Anton because you played the last one so much that you're now


Because I know you were a bit on the fence, I don't want to spend all that time again in the game world that I've kind of been in or I know this has kind of pushed you towards actually I'm quite excited about it. Yeah, it kind of reminds me when they can show off a smash like a smash bros game and it just seems to have every single feature imaginable in the universe. It feels like we've just went ahead and took the game and just made it bigger and every single way you can imagine that count online you can like get items for your avatar by having people play your levels. They've got like an endless like infinitely generating mode where you can play just infinite levels and countless survival horde mode almost. And it just generally Yeah, just like so much fun and just terms of like the label making there's so much new stuff and to be honest, in all fairness that direct was actually handled well produced in like an entertainment week. account person who was making it was almost like a little bit sadistic, be like, yeah, you can like put like giant boulders and like parishes just go down and kill your friends. It will destroy friendships. Nevermind


Sorry one more of that please. And do we have a release dates? I believe so. I believe it's June roundabout they're like 14 fish so not long far away next month next month so don't have to wait long


excellent All right, well that's super mario maker pretty much taking care of we had mario maker to the direct this week and it's kind of in June. So if you are interested you don't have too long to wait now. Some big news for the Nintendo Switch in Japan and that is that the Nintendo Switch is already outselling the ps4 and xbox one this is huge news. Alistair it is it Superbus doing remarkably well. It's I think it's something like the switch in Japan is sold 5 million units which is about the same number that Sony sold on the PlayStation four in five years, which is done into and it just shows you that I know that Japan has a big thing for handheld anyway and also Dr. P Geez. Obviously that that obviously goes without saying so I think


The switch has kind of done what the Vita was doing. But it kind of takes over from that need to have both if that's your kind of genre, because there's lots of them in Japan more than we have here. And it's just, it's just done really well, but it doesn't surprise me. What about you, Anton? Yeah,


I found this kind of news really interesting. Because obviously one of the unique things about Japan and Nintendo switches they sell it just on its own without a dock if you want you to somehow do that. Yeah.


So I'm wondering if the the fact that is kind of more positioned as a handheld console. And once we get our health, most likely coming soon. Switch many handheld focus console. Yeah. Would that shift the caliphate sales over here? It's really interesting to see. Yeah, yeah. And,


and again, it's a good indication of the potential that we have seen in the switch since day one, which seems to continue to grow and it's another sign that they are doing things right. I'll be interested to see what the seals I don't know off the top of my head what the seals are like in


UK at the moment, I don't think they'll be quite as as huge as that. But I think that they're good. Now, if you look at the stats up Actually, I'll try and do that for next week because it would be really interesting number to know. I mean, Japan is it's a big game and culture over there anyway. Yeah, but it just goes to prove that you don't necessarily need the horsepower that Microsoft and the Sony Chase, this is the this is technically what the it's the the underdogs whereas the underdog and it's kicking the backside of rivals, and I think as well, you when you think about that big Xbox launch when they launched the Xbox One S or the x, which was the one that was the supercharged ultra everything what one box one x? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So that was, you know, when you think about the hype that they tried to create around that, and actually, not that many people really, really cared because no games run, they look great on older versions of these consoles, they're just not needed. There are certain and i think i think if you are of that ilk that you really want to have the best and most people probably still gaming PCs more than they'll go for consoles anyway. So I just don't think that was the right way to go.


However that's a whole different discussion but I do think this which is positioned itself well and huge news that it's selling the ps4 and Xbox One already which is great stuff and I could only imagine again better off that we're getting more and more games are so many big games coming along and with new PlayStation and Xbox coming along the switch is going to be the cheap underdog completely compared to those because right now also you can get an Xbox One asked for like 200 pounds which is careful under cost a sweater but yeah but when we're like within the next generation of switches sell around Kaspersky it's obviously can't came up during the mid of this generation I can only imagine things can more bear and that we get more games which is good for us. It is speaking of games we're getting another one in the summer you call this one Alastair? It's definitely cry yeah I did. I said it didn't matter what wherever the other game was there's a Dragon's Dogma their opinion on something they said this does well we'll bring Dave Mackay it was that I think was dragons. Yeah, Dragon Yeah. Which is great. By the way I've got that and it's really clear is because pointed right?


installment has only just come out and they're already announcing double MCI. It was inevitable they were always going to do it. Yeah, marketing. Well, it's it's actually the same port of the HD Collection, which is the trilogy that you get in the ps4. The downside being that it's just the one game, not the trilogy. So that's not so great. No current plans. Maybe this is more like the tester rather than dragons. Doc, maybe this is more like we'll test for this and see how this goes. JOHN, would you be cynical again, let Anton speak first and then you can be cynical RC I was going to be cynical as well. So we're on the same wavelength as me our star and this is cat con, we saw what they did with Resident Evil they're releasing them individually at 30 pounds even though it's like 15 pounds on ps4 and then will complain about switch tax but I think they're trying to soften the impact this time around.


Yeah, I mean that when they did the the Resident Evil games and you looked at the total price of the three games and it was like 80 pounds or something and you think wow, I mean, you know, great games, but Come on, give us a break. New


Yeah I don't need to be cynical Anton said it for me I don't care.


Well good. It's good news anyway the Devil May Cry is coming to the switch we want more of those please good quality ports now we are getting an E three Nintendo Direct and we knew we were going to get that anyway but we now have a time and date so it's going to be the 11th of June at 5pm that is the date for your diary put it in your iPhones or whatever you other Android device you may have and more your paper calendar which is what I do. I just said that the same cool. I literally will go and write it.


So I have no intention of putting it my fault. Anyway. So I'll end with the June so all very exciting.


There's something about an f3 direct for whatever reason, and it's not the funny thing is no because then tend to do this so often. It's not like it was a few years ago. Where's the one moment that everybody waits for because the the spread? You know, we have these kind of events happening all the time. But there is still something a little bit special about any three. Yeah, I have to say I'm impressed.


creamed by this he three direct because we've had the one from Aereo maker that's fine we know not a nice new switch hard workers they said they're not going to actually switch hardware they said right there at the end of June. So I'm Tracy what is the names there's plenty of rumors kicking ended there and I think probably the most believable one is going to notice a couple of Zelda ports which is but I'm fascinated to see what else what they might put in the back. You know, the interesting for me, it's like since we've had such a big switch drove for a wee bit in terms of directs because we only had one in January I think it was I'm like generally really excited to see what we're going to get. And similarly I don't know what we're going to do we not do we not have one in March. Well there was the indeed one then indeed there's a direct and then they've done one on Pokemon and then one on Mary Meeker I think that's it so you're right i mean again, I personally think we're going to see something services and heart software release and maybe maybe finally the snake he shops that would be really good.


But I know we're clinging on Yeah, I think we're going to try and push the shop more and just countenance handle in line. I


I have a feeling we might get Netflix


or some sort of video streaming just given that, you know, we've got Hulu in America, we've got the I think the Disney one is coming, right? Yeah. I just have a feeling we've got the comics one the comic book one is what which is cool. I think what's quite interesting is that I predicted a me direct a Nintendo Direct in me and we haven't had that and we're not good. It was called what we did. Okay, close your phone. Technically, we're right. But we didn't get the proper one. And to be honest, No, that isn't happening. This is the next event because we're only three and a half weeks away from the 11th of June. So I think this is going to be one of those ones that we look back on and go Whoa, what what a direct. I really think they're going to pull out the back here and I think we're gonna see big announcements. I think Mario Kart I think Zelda I can see some real curveball.


That we're not even thinking about because think of all the Microsoft stuff that's been going on with with Nintendo over the last few months. What what prediction could that be? I mean, I can think of, you know, Xbox titles that we could see potentially coming to the switch cup has happened it's been brilliantly received runs great, different type of game. Yeah, who knows this hell sounds like this is obviously we're just mainly thinking from a first party what would be in a drink, but we've obviously caught so many other keynotes. Yeah, if so, it's been sporting the switch wonderfully. And obviously, it will be showing off new stuff similarly with Square Enix. So even if Nintendo just like trips, falls and like


coughs in their own face. I think we'll have something good today. Yeah,


I mean, I think you're right. And I don't think that will happen anyway, because let's face it, Nintendo do what the other consoles don't when it comes to directs. And they pretty much nail it most of the time. So yeah, very true. Yeah, even if not everyone's happy all the time. But you can't please all the people all the time. Unfortunately. Now. We do have a new Pokemon game and it's from


Wow I'm Jonathan rumble SP I know there's a lot of people out there who really love Pokemon rumble and it's kind of been a often neglected Pokemon sub series and it looks to be like a one finger tap your way for the game you can't explore islands I think it's like a top down kind of adventure game you'll probably have stats because that's where they'll make their micro transactions I don't know if the interest you use but it's not really something for me but we have gone the some of the other Pokemon mobile games on switch so at least we're getting a switch game maybe out of this.


Yeah, I think this is the perfect place for mobiles. The one touch thing is great. Not particularly bothered about having on the switch personally, because it's not something I play but I'm not even that bothered about the US potentially losing out if we don't get on the switch, but we probably will. I mean, Well, okay, so I played Pokemon quest. Yeah, on my phone. It was completely free. It was pretty much a one finger game. I should really enjoyed that. Yeah.


You paid for on the switch? I think, I think No, I don't think so. I think it was free was it? I'm pretty sure it was free. All right, well, I might play this one on the switch that because I'm sure I'd love to see the difference between a switch version of the game and the mobile version again because the new Pokemon quest was different. It visually looked slightly different. Well, people that played it seemed to run veterans which seemed to enjoy it. I don't think there's any I don't have an issue if they do something different to make it okay, this is the switch version fine. I think when it's a lazy port, and it's a mobile game,


and we don't want any of those on the switch because it's not a mobile gaming devices, a handheld device, so there is a difference there. But if it's a it's a good port with some additions to make it switch for the then fine. Yeah, I'll have a look at it. It was rubbish digit. If it's not a blip Yeah, yeah. Anton Will you be playing? I'll have to pass on this. You know, there's so many good games on the switch.


And Pokemon mobile game. I've never even completed half of the game so yeah, this one's gonna be hard pass idly by. I'm sure people will be out there. And they'll be


Having it destroy their life has it yeah absolutely well if you are a Pokemon fan and you like to play smash because that's let's face it where the game controllers come in for the switch priori have announced some new Pokemon designs for their wireless game controller for the switch which is great because any designs for me bring it on go for it if you want to buy them you don't have to and they're there. Yeah and in terms of the the power a controllers I picked up one a couple weeks weeks ago and they're fantastic can if you're wanting the game controller on switch are pretty good. They've got unlike a normal game controller they have two bumpers instead of one which is a weird thing about the switch. Yeah, totally wireless motion controls has like a bigger D pads and it's just wireless which is so lovely and 12 and 2019. Who would you believe? Any idea how it compares price wise to prove and as about 40 pounds, however you can find them a little bit cheaper. Like I think I found mines for 20 That's good. That's really look around


You know, as like a second pro controller, you can't really complain and especially for smash as somebody who's not crazy about Smash. It makes it makes sense. Yes What the layout the buttons and stuff like that and the triggers on there fantastic was it go? There analog and what digital clock right at the end?


Thanks Excellent. Well that's one to check out if you are a fan. I know one of the ones that isn't on our list but I want to mention is that we've got a new trailer for the new Sonic racing game and I'm very excited about this. I have this on pre order because as I've mentioned before, I love to the previous Sonic racing the the transformed titles. I'm very excited about this. So far. What I've seen from people talking about the gameplay, the few people that have had a chance to play it. They seem to be really liking it, it seems to be getting good reviews and the switch version seems to be running well as well. Yeah, cuz I remember with the last game of the match to get running on phia, which was incredible. Even McLain saw some additional data


They seem to have a good record for pouring. And as you see, people's feedback seems to be really promising. And it seems to really mix up the kart racing formula. So, Luke Sentra, are you interested, sir? Yeah, I'm good. I'm becoming more and more interested as the weeks go by and we talked about this more. I am slip games think this is something I need to have a look at. Well, we'll have a games night and we'll play it and then and then I'll buy it. Yeah, exactly. I think this is a good lesson where they went back after the initial play through the people had a chance to play back in November or whatever. And they said, You know what, they held their hands up and they said, this is not ready. We need more time and they put the release date back by about six months or something. And actually, I think this is a really good lesson and where people don't mind if you do that people would rather you did that the Russia game. Oh, and it's a mistake. It was made so many times on the 360 and the Xbox One and the PlayStation four in the in the past. And the switch, you know, let's face it still happens. But it's a really good lesson and just taking a bit more time. Yeah, and I think that's


Especially for Sega and the track record with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. I really hope the games is good, first of all, and then if it is good sales will count. Just hammering that. If you make a good game and you don't delay, if you delay it if need be, you know, it works out well. Yeah, they also have set innovation self slowing down. So isn't like hardware is out the every five years but that, you know, we're moving forward. Excited. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Okay. So we're going to get some new arcade archive, game on one game on the weights image fight, which you can play, this is cool, you'll be able to play this vertically. So it's a vertical shoot them up, scrolling shooting up, it's going to be on the switch this week. And now we mentioned this to you before also that you weren't aware that you can turn the switch around and you can play things like pinball games. Yeah, totally ignore that. So this is one of those and I don't know much about the game, but sounds cool. Yeah, you know,


it gets similarly with the holding them vertically. It would be great cuz I know the


Companies have to flip grip where you can like half the switch enough article possession I think of Raven and Pendleton a special one because it opens up so much possibility. Yeah, I've seen the grip stuff it looks really good and it just makes it more comfortable for playing so obviously you you are playing awkwardly if you turn it around but but no cool one to look out for it comes out on May the 23rd. So not long to wait at all. And we also have a Nintendo Switch game voters program now read something about this Anton. It looks reasonable just explain exactly what this is. Yes, we announced this at the end of the Super Mario Maker to the right and the example the gift issue would pay 84 pounds, you get two vultures and you can use them at any point during its 12 month period. You can use them individually or together at one time. So 84 pounds for two vouchers and you could go for example and buy Super Mario Maker to like I feel 50 pound game and then you could use the other one to go ahead and maybe by Breath of the Wild or Super Smash rules. As a slight kill program. There's another


First and first party games brother, oh, we are Tripoli, like, the pound for pound titles. Yeah. And obviously it's digital only. But for those digital users, it's a good deal. Definitely. It's basically here's 750 off each triple A title, from what you'd normally pay. And, you know,


go by, I think you'd have to really want the titles, or you'd have to see stuff coming out to go. I really want that like a new Zelda. You know, then maybe for me, it's not worth it because I would rather wait and get the physical anyway, for games that price but I think if you are a digital Only I know a lot of people are, then you know, it's reasonable. But are there enough triple A games at that price that you couldn't get physically cheaper? That's my question. Well, what I find interesting, there's two things I find interesting about this first one is if you are a digital only person, are you buying them when they're 5060 quid? Are you buying them one cheaper? And the other thing is why is Nintendo doing this


Because the only thing I can think it's not if you're going to be buying Nintendo triple A games you're probably going to buy them regardless so this presumably won't increase the number of sales again. Well always going to do is give them a big bump of cash up front and let's actually looking for cash to develop something well I think there's a combination in that there's one you getting people in that will buy not knowing what they're going to buy yet. So the cash up front of cash flow, yeah, it's cash flow. But then I think the second thing is it's encouraging people to buy digitally as well because if you've got someone who's tying between Okay, I'm going to be so Zelda doesn't really come down in price physically either. A lot of the titles don't come down physically, the triple A ones so it seems people you know what, it's going to be 42 pounds a game digitally, or you can buy the physical for 45 or 50. So it's a little incentive to see you know, cop come and check out the store and I think that's probably just a marketing thing to get people on the shop. I think if you look around that you can buy first party triple A games for probably still less than 40 pounds a game occasionally but the likes of Zelda and Mario Kart, they tend


To stay up pretty high still but they do occasionally have to compete more for certain 999 I'm not disagreeing because I will definitely buy it. Yeah, you know skin funds but yeah, yeah. But I think you know, it's just another way of kind of enticing people and it's a gentleman that comes out it's going to be 4999 physically it's going to be 1452 on the store or wherever but we'll give you for cheaper if you buy this now. So I think if you look forward and you've got a super mario maker and you've got another big triple A title you want to buy might be worthwhile it's not for me but it is an interesting proposition I'm fascinated to see how well does yeah see i think i think quite


interesting factor consider why apologize for not mentioning as these filters are exclusive to Nintendo online members. So their account gateway and some thinking with camp digital only customers which more and more so upcoming especially with it being a handheld people like tab older games on one system. Yeah. Which I can understand. And I think it's,


it's really interesting there so I think there could possibly just try and get people wrote 10


To the surface just by adding little benefits that maybe lose 20 pounds on like a couple Nintendo Switch sales but then also that might be enough to keep people locked in if they're buying like all the big AAA Nintendo games, which digitally at least never go on sale. But yeah, that's Yeah, that's a very good point. They they don't tend to although we have a seal at the moment and I think super blood hockey can get for about 10 years even less than that and well worth it. There's a couple of other titles came up. I got an email saying there are games on your list on the sale and I was like, I can't I can't. I just can't. I've got too many Anton, did you get that email? I see. It's weird. I don't. Yeah, I've got some of my wish list. I haven't gotten any of the emails that all stuff was in your wish list, which is say, just forcing you to check there and spend more money online you link the old fashioned way, the old fashioned way. Now a couple more bits of news for you then before we move on to rumors, enjoy the games and super power up have announced rally rockin racing for Nintendo Switch. You know what we don't have any racing games.


We've got every recent game going except for like a proper Forza or something from before and did he come? Did he come? I'm gonna keep hammering that and


burn a


great game. Anyway right a rally rockin racing I did see a quick bit of this earlier on and thought it looked all right Anton. Yeah Gameplay wise it kind of keeps me vape so Sega Rally however not too sure it just doesn't look too polished. Yeah, isn't it it doesn't look pushy yet. Or is it finished in and just as an activist? Yeah finish just graphically it looks a little bit mobile game edge over I'll give a sliver of the gameplay will shine for sure personally, very generous of you. Let's wait and see if it is rocking and rolling or rockin flop and rolling.


Microsoft and Sony are teaming up for games streaming. This is a weird Yeah, like pegs.


line, you know, I'm bald, we are time to be alive. Doesn't seem to make much sense. I mean, what, why? And there's count to count mindsets. I guess we could take about Microsoft and Sony teaming up. One, just Sony is hopelessly over there war in terms of streaming technology. Or they're scared of Google, which is kind of angle I'm taking. Cause if we lost one of those companies which


as possible because we there's only so many companies in the industry at one time like us label for free. Yeah. I would be devastating to lose one of those big companies. Yeah. Yeah. Well,


I don't know much about this other than I just think it's a really odd proposition. It is a bit of an odd proposition. I am not actually overly worried hulu's either the companies because I suspect what would happen is they would lose them in the hardware arena, but their own studios and still kick around like Sega Stiller and Sega done the console.


But they're actually better than they ever were when they did consoles. Yeah. Because they can focus on the games. Yeah, apart from Mega Drive. But yeah, let's say. Yeah, so it is a very interesting so they are so I don't really know much about this Anton,


they're teaming up to deliver what is a game streaming service rather than a


twitch type? Yes. So it became something like PlayStation now or Project X cloud. And all they've been very broad about so it's regarding the Microsoft


Services Center. And however is very vague. f8 would be a Sony service that would be powered by the same technology is Project X clouds, or if there would be collaborating and working together over hence from analysts could see that it would be very, very similar services that could have the same functionality. So very interesting. That then opens the door to Microsoft has already said they're trying to bring their streaming service to switch does that mean we might see


Police Station on switch. That could be very interesting, huh? Well, the careful analysis those men Channing get name correctly. Even Gibson dead suggests Microsoft are heavily pursuing it. And Sony could have their games on switch as well. So I'm considering that maybe just in terms of the technology and the framework, there's literally using the same technology and then just different logos on top maybe and but he also suggests that Nintendo themselves are looking into using Microsoft as your technology for game streaming.


Much is adding another range it's a very confusing subject my arts account. Think about these three companies comparison. One Stop portable gaming shop, Nintendo will usually Yeah, that's the thing and this might not be bad news in the end for Nintendo depending on which path it does take but while we we shall see Microsoft and Sony teaming up for game streaming Who would have thought


Sega Nintendo and the night is good. Yeah, let's team up guys let's do it. Let's make an Olympic game with two of our mascot. Yes, that was usually not the 1993 Can you imagine? Michael Jordan would be very unhappy with his NBA goal bro beginning is delivering the gold fix the future exactly on the past no Celeste chapter nine DLC will be featuring brand new story elements. So if you're a Celeste fan, then this is good news. I've heard amazing things about Celeste. It's on my never ending list of games to play. And now there's more for me to play as well. Yep, these games are always getting bigger, but it's not a bad thing until you've played the last 70 Yeah, I love is one of the like, best game I played. What year was last year 20 2018.


Yeah, great.


But generally one of the best indie games I played last year and highly recommend it. And it's got a very gentle difficulty curve and you just get to the end of the game and you're just like, oh my goodness, I didn't even know this was possible. I just close. It starts off


easily and just so smoothly gets up to just incredibly insane mechanics. Very simple however, yeah, highly recommend that as well side of the story as count the thing, it just pushes you for it to count to self that is a lot harder than the kind of game I would usually play. And his recommend is this paid DLC. And I believe it's free DLC. I think they've got the chapter nine, you'll see what just count just more like an epilogue thing, right? And they've got the sea sites, which will be a harder version of the existing camp, right? Coming. So good for free. Excellent. And we like that word free. Now. Let's move on to some rumors. So there's been some Mortal Kombat 11 related news which relates to what we were talking about a couple of weeks ago about this overclocking technique that breath of the world wild used and Super Mario Odyssey use weather update, which basically meant that the loading times were much quicker in fact half in some cases and it was because the overall


The switch just for that brief moment while the gaming the loads were happening. And what tell us about this analysis of Mortal Kombat 11 has been happening. Yes. So essentially, it would appear that Nether realms of Mortal Kombat 11 have been using overclocking to kind of fill in the gap so the gameplay doesn't change or anything like that. So usually how most switch games count maintain consistent frame rates as they will just a resolution. But what Nether realms have been doing is using overclocking to help smooth the kingdom of decks and the gameplay so it doesn't just instantly go from HD to four AP, and just kind of balancing it out. Which This is kind of interesting to see more and more games using this overclocking like a little power boost. That is really, really interesting. And because I like my geeky hardware type stuff, I'm actually wondering what I was doing to switch a battery. Because as far as I'm aware, the switch does not have an easily swap out




know, when the battery's dead switch? Yeah, I mean somebody in a shop somewhere can probably open up and swap it but then you're going to be busted. So that is that is a bit of a worry if you drain the battery too fast and just knackers it. But it might be fine. I suspect probably is fine. And yeah, people do. It's got to be some control in there. I would think it's probably so small, they might attain to doing it that it wouldn't have a big effect on it. But


you're right. It's a good point. There is I think, also, this raises the pro questions as well. Doesn't it be all that we start thinking again, about the pro and about? Well, if they can do that? No, you know, we talked about this, and we won't talk about again, but it does kind of relate to the pro and sort of see, right, this is where they're going to go, isn't it they're going to make it so that we don't have to overclock so much because it's going to be more powerful, the batch is going to be better, all that kind of stuff. So it does all lead towards an announcement in six months time or whatever, or maybe even three but they said that wasn't gonna happen. So I said not in June doesn't mean it'll be in July. If you do


Yeah yeah everyone knows in June but oh yeah


yeah see I'm kind of I'm Carolyn with a kind of a cynical point of view here but as your calculations now start with when you do overclocking it does more battery performance and I'm kind of worried that more and more games are going to take use of this and eventually will be just a case of apple. If you want to switch one you get two hours of battery life. Planned obsolescence and yeah, get the new one basically just going to be out. Hey, have you stole my city cat? No, give it back. For goodness sake. I'm the only one with the glass half full today. Alright, then. Next up, then we've got possible news about discards coming to Twitter, which would be really cool because it would offer somewhere for people to have like hangout spaces and to do stuff and I guess stream stuff and all sorts is this is this going to happen on time? Yes. So there was essentially that for like, I think it was like for Mother's Day these like on the desk where they shared a full of like, some like female Nintendo characters and we're like, yeah, mothers Yeah.


And then something else like come on you're using a Nintendo thing as this discord comment switch and discord statement as they would love to bring it. home early will meet Nintendo's blessing first. Right, Anton just before you go any further for those that don't know what discord is, because I know only because we've used it previously. But I say I know I knew I was doing but just give us a quick explanation. I yeah,


certainly. So if you're not familiar discord this half like imagine Skype, but designed for gamers at super low latency. You can have different channels, you can join community so we'll have like different topics and conversation chains for different stuff. And you can chat like I think up to like hundreds of people in a single audio call, which, obviously you want to do that but as in terms, it's just basically like switch. I believe you can even get on consoles like Xbox One. I think you get


the ps4. I think it's on pretty much everything in game on generally speaking. Yeah, yeah.


With the exception of so yes, for now. Yeah.


So it's like the ultimate


Met cross platform cross game chat which the idea of having on switch which is fixed so many problems online switch gaming. Yeah. And it's it's such a good fit for the switch as well, because we do need something like that. And this the layout of the switch in the way that we we play it, it just makes complete sense to have it on there. So that will be good.


This isn't like a really dumb question. can switch multitask? Because you need multitasking to run. Well, you can you could you have to close what you're in to open another. Yeah, exactly. How does that work? Well, maybe that'll work. Maybe that's an announcement. Maybe that's any three maybe is will be fascinating thing. Yeah,


I think it's in terms of multitasking on switch. You can have his two apps open at once. If one of them is like one of the circle apps if you know what I mean. So you could have the shock and the game open. Even though Yes, you can. You can Yeah, you're right. Yeah. So I think they would maybe need to have an option to have different tiers of apps. Maybe if they


wanted to have discord running in the background is it's not really anything we've seen before. If it's possible to even have like a low power app, it would completely change up the switch ecosystem and how the software works completely. Yeah, yeah, well we will see and it is possible and it looks like they'd like it to happen so let's see if they do get Nintendo's blessing now God Eater three is getting a demo on the switch which is good I know that you said here Anton that you really wish that there were more games with them was I think there's a lot of demos like the problem is we don't have a lot of kind of big triple A or even like big title demos. I think there's not enough of those Yeah, and it's not easy to find them you gotta find the game and then find the dead Well, I know you can must buy demo now. Okay, you can just search demos I'm actually normally Yeah, just ignore it, but it's still not as easy as you know, it should be but yeah, Anton. You want more demos? Yeah, you know,


I just like think back to my childhood and just having demo discs and that was like the motivation to buy so many game Can I can I can I say something makes me sound really old. Go for it.


What one of my one of my favorite ones first of all used to get demo cassettes for the spectrum and every magazine and what they used to do was have them behind the counter when you went to get your magazine in case anyone nicked them so that was the first thing to demo cassettes but also remember when the when the mega drivers out there were demo VHS


were you want it wasn't you couldn't play anything but it had like a feature of the games that were being featured in the magazine and you could watch certain things with the regular It was a video and it was only about a five minute videos I have little tiny about taping it but that was what it was is to watch those and repeat so I do not remember them at all I don't meet the muscle existed Nintendo World because I was obviously the system I was in but I don't remember that being a thing oh yes I remember dad was that was what floppy disk on PC and then CDs or wherever and the first PlayStation Federation was the kind of the a bit 80s generation of Amstrad and spectrum they were the cassettes are still got a lot of them the the gold pack and all the rest of it you get like do you get a 12 games and you always get four


game as well which was amazing. Bring by the past two passes awesome. Oh, the house was great. We


want to go back to the future in about five minutes. Even if slightly later I remember during like the caf ps1 and nx books are as you would get some demo desk and you'd have games before they're released like yay, we're done the first level you can play that and some things will be different like remember Final Fantasy seven was like that. Yeah, like kills borderline a different experience. And even today, you'll see people like sculpting a demo because they had different versions of game yeah, I think as artists he was another demo big demo back in the Yeah, it was a lot of people had that one. Yeah. Why he told us he became such a smash it Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Well, that's, that's interesting. Anyway, Diablo Diablo is on the switch. And this is the next bit of news. So Blizzard Entertainment. President Alan Brock has been talking about the fact that it's on the switch and he's really happy about it. And he's basically said that Nintendo has been a great partner which seems to be the thing that most people have said when the deal with them, but we're going to get more stuff from them.


You know, fingers crossed. I'm super happy. You know, it's making me hopeful that we will have Yeah, that was this was a nice it's super happy. Yeah, like that's professional business speak for we're going to pour all of our money and bring all of your favorite games. This was super nintendo happy. I love it. I mean, that is that is cool. So what other stuff do they do then? I'm trying to think they've got obviously their big MMOs which I don't think we would see any of World of Warcraft or Starcraft or anything like that. However, we do have obviously the big contender, Overwatch. It's that one everybody's looking for for Yeah, yeah. And people would love that. In the meantime, it's the same it's not the same but it's it's great. Yeah,


I'm sure I'm struggling to remember a lot of they're known as cow,


cow, Diablo, and more MMO Safa to do a lot of stuff. Yeah, the old Activision as well. Okay, there's a lot of stuff under there. Cool. Well, that's one to check out and then


I think


Yeah, so you were talking about the game streaming service. That was the only other bit of news at rumors that we had there. So I think that pretty much sort of wraps up most of the room. It's not been the busiest couple of weeks, but we have had of course that direct as well. But was there anything else you wanted to mention before we move on to the quiz? No, I'm all good. I'm looking forward to being beaten by Anton. Anton


who will need to mix this up one week


after you have a chance to do so. Anton,


anything else you want to add before we move on to the quiz? No, obviously I think the only other big piece of Nintendo mood news this week is we had detective Peter to come out I don't know if any of us have seen it. And if you've seen it out there on the internet at let us know and terrible you father. Curious I'm yeah, I've not seen it actually I I'm kind of sad. I do want to really? I really want to watch that film. I mean, it wasn't cinema today. I was watching popcorn movie was you do not my first choice movie I have to say but I would rather watch protected.


Well, you know, it'll get there eventually but three years


Yeah, fingers crossed. Okay, right. Let's move on to the quiz. No, game number one.


We'll just get into the quiz then you guys ready? Go for it. Alright, this first game tonight is a first person exploration video game development published by the Fulbright company. It was released for Microsoft Windows OS X and Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux next. Well I read I read that as in Linus as in the character from


Linux computers in August 2013, followed by console releases for the ps4 and Xbox One and 2016 the switch in September 18th and iOS and December 2018.


payday two No, no. Okay set in the year 1995. This game puts the player in the role of a young woman returning from overseas to her rural Oregon family home to find a family currently


Absent and the host empty leaving her to piece together recent events


I was going to get us in a second I don't know what it's gonna look in his face to say is


going pain is gone home well done Anton very good I was actually a January cut an inkling he might have been but no idea and he was I couldn't


remember yeah yeah I played the demo of it I played it on ps4 cuz I think it was a free it was it was on the PS Plus Yes. And that's where I played it and yeah, it was cool. And it's on the switch as well. So there we go. So one nil to Anton well done I'm assuming you played it knowing that description and no just just living on the internet and seeing it in the starter so we do with a lightning storm at Lake lighthouse. Was that different game now? I think that's a different game now. Okay. Oh, is that bio shot? No, no, it was a game like going home and it wasn't PS Plus, and I remember playing in my head that was


Gone Home but maybe not there's another game I think I know what you're talking about abandoned yeah yeah. Oh I can't remember watch No it wasn't move on to my window no rapid fire watches on my listing to play by the way it looks fantastic no game number two this is a platform adventure video game developed by developer Media Molecule what Brittany for the PlayStation Vita It was announced in 2012 and released in 2013 in Australia and then eventually in Europe in 2013 December any thoughts platform adventure game for the veto


I know it knows what it is. Yeah, I'll I'll sam i know Just do it. Just


a tear is it terrible a state away well done. Oh, I played that.


Play that it's really cheap. If you've caught me off, and I wouldn't recommend ps4 one compromises the game of that much pot if you've caught up Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah, there it was. It was a good game. I enjoyed that. I think Rachel my


My other half she's played the whole way through to me and thoroughly enjoyed it. Okay, final game then. This is where I think you're in a shame, Alistair. Well, I've already lost okay cracker. Okay, this is a game in a very famous series, but it was set somewhere that none of the other games were in 1969 1969


game was set in 1969


and thoughts


bio shocking.


The game game was awarded the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award in the sound category in 1999.


Oh, sounds a little bit old. Yeah.


It wasn't no, that's not a bit too early. 1969 No, I don't know. All right, it came my own MS DOS, Microsoft Windows.


PlayStation eventually came out in the ps1 to action adventure single player and the game or the game. The title of this comes from. This was about the I think this was the third in the series at the time. But it wasn't number three that came out of it three or three years later on the ps3.


We're currently on five,


five. Yeah,


I think okay, I'm just gonna go Grand Theft Auto. I have no I'm gonna give you the point is Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto London 1969 I think was he made a game called grand


London 1969 I had this on my PC at the time. And it's very much like the first two. Yeah, I mean, they were great. All the really old school top down one. Yeah, but it is based in London in 1969. Well, I never got a point. I feel games be meaning to play that one. Yeah, it's it's uh, I played it in 1999. So don't remember


But other than I really liked it at the time and it was great and it's very early GTA it's basically like the same game but with a different spin on it and a different story so at the time were you partying like it was 1989 literally literally was marching like midnight tonight tonight which involves not really partying at all but there we are now we were number go I'm gonna go down there we're gonna we were well behaved wrong. I was I was four and a half at that point, right anyway. So So there we are. So that is it for this week. We'll be back next week before we do remember you can get us on twitter ns UK podcast on Twitter, you've got the website Elser ns UK p code at UK and you can also get us on other places like iTunes and stuff. Yeah, we're on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and we've got you can listen to us on your Alexa's, we're, we're all over the place. We've got an RSS feed if you head to the website, you can find out all the different places we're at and we also have all the episodes on there. If you just want to have zero line. She has an option as well. Yes


You're stuck in a well send Lassie she knows where we are. Yes last a good fight or the little hobo Remember that? I think he knows who we are. We do we tell them the address keep on call and meet let's not sing the theme tune to the little hole By the way, so let's do it. I love that song. Down the road is where I'll always be. Okay, you know, every step I take. Anyway, that's enough. But do go listen to the theme tune to the littlest hobo is one of the best. It's lovely. Anyway, have a great week. We'll see you next week. Goodbye. Cheerio. Arvada