Nintendo Nindies March 2019 Special

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Anton, Emily & Mike take a look at the plethora of Indie game announcements at Nintendo's Spring 2019 Nindies presentation.

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Hello and welcome to our Nintendo Switch. UK podcast special Mindy direct edition. And we are very much looking forward to giving our first reactions to today's Monday direct because it happened earlier on at four o'clock, which was an old time we'll talk about that as well. And I'm joined on the podcast for this special edition by Anton Hello, Anton. Hello, as it's exciting to have enough knowledge special, so many games. It's gonna be tons of fun. And we've caught Hello, we got Emily, I'm back. I'm so excited. Thank you for having me. I have all these opinions already. Well, that's what we like. We like opinions. And I tell you there's going to be a few opinions floating around online right now.


After that, and then the direct we'll we'll get our impressions of it maybe a little bit later on and what we should do. I think the best way to do this is to go game by game and talk through the the, the director itself because there will be those that haven't watched it probably won't bar interested kind of, to know a little bit about the games. So this is the way we'll do it. So maybe this is the first time like last time actually, this could be the first time that some people do anything about this directly through us. So no pressure on us, but we'll do our best. We'll, we'll do our best at least. Okay, so it started with a bit of a bit of a bang. We're getting a cup head


Absolutely. I am so excited. I it caught me really, really caught me off guard. I think I feel like it was


for the rest of the direct I feel like it was potentially


starting to Hi, I've had such a good game and with the reception it got on Microsoft


I I'm surprised they put it first yeah and I won't lie It's like obviously it's a rumor we saw coming and so if care of that killed took a little bit of the blues, the excitement but that always happens but all my goal is it's it's kind of surreal to actually see it happening and for myself it was just


if it's Nolan switch I don't care even though I've had an Xbox so absolutely no it's like oh my god this game exists now and this is kind of crazy quotes that came in the same batch of rumors as the Xbox Xbox reversal a sports game streaming same guy leaked that and Copperhead so it kind of adds so much more credence to those rumors pasa conversation for another day but yeah definitely what do you think Mike why I was kind of surprised as well I didn't expect it to start quite so hard as it did on the on the Indies direct today was straight in there with cup head and great announcement. I mean, let's face it. It's now perfect home for the game and my opinion everybody on the switch if you haven't played cup head needs to experience


Say I think and I'll be one of those many people that will be. But yeah, I again, I just didn't really expect I think you've kind of forget Copperhead is one that will be in in in these direct and not standard direct I guess simply just because it's no such a big name synonymous with Microsoft. And we're getting it That's great. The thing I found kind of crazy as one the name dropped Microsoft in there what's your account really shows his account where the relationship is and this wasn't announced within of the event but in the press release they've came out and said that it's going to be so pouring Xbox life and it's going to be able to sign in your achievements will be sent and you'll see will be sent across as well. If you sign in with your ex microsoft. com. Once again, I hate to be on there because I'm just


for these rumors. But but there's so much credence there does. It's certainly one that we will be hearing a little bit as we go along and I will probably be talking about it a lot as well. But what a great start to the Indies direct this afternoon and it


started by the way, just before we move on, I just start four o'clock in the UK was the time that it was on. So a lot of people were at work or the right uni or the right school or whatever. So it was a kind of a weird time I couldn't really in my head. I'm trying to think America, I guess that would have made it a morning announcement in America, I think it was 10am and like Ellie and such, which again it's like for them it was like, and their morning like the little push to offer an hour and it would have been perfect for at least some of count the European audience to get home because like five six is like the usual time for the free and Apple I mean that Pokemon direct was at 2pm, which was also a really horrible time I saw you and I had to like watch it on the bus on a tiny phone I was really annoyed by that but


it's yeah see the thing is, is there so these are like prepared in advance like pre rendered vegetables you think they would have like eight optimal time that they were just release them consistently. It's like, yeah, some people people catch you hear some people so it's kind of crazy.


So random. Maybe they're just testing out the war. But well,


versus is that that's the third direct then of this year, if you have booked them on the Indies, and then the Nintendo Direct in February, that's three already we've had. And we did say that we thought we'd get more and I'll tell you, there's certainly living up to that having more directs and there's so much fun. I mean, you know, whether or not you like everything that's announced, or nothing that's announced. It's just a bit of a kind of fun thing to be building up to, isn't it? Even if it's for really I mean, it brings into the question with they're going to be doing more specific directs, rather than big like our long videos because the Pokemon direct was what how long was it that was only like 10 minutes? Yeah, super short. So I'm, I'm I'm interested to see. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on Animal Crossing, but they're going to do an animal crossing direct and forward thinking of put it into one. It's a big one. Well, that was the first game that got us to sapphic one was


New Leaf but I think that's conspiracy theories for another day I yeah for another day by think that you might be onto something Emily with that being a specific direct I just have a feeling that they might go there with that but as you said Anton that is for another day and moving some of the games yet for the next game that was on the list was a game called overland know you in the scheme you fight off scary creatures you rescue stranded survivors and scavenge for supplies in Overland a post apocalyptic turn based survival game looks pretty polished I quite like the art style it reminded me we have a few other games that are on the on the switch already but what were your thoughts on this one? Yeah likewise ourselves really drew me to it however gameplay lies I didn't see the kind of hook so it's definitely a game to keep my own because definitely just graphically gorgeous by I just don't know what I'm setting myself up to. Yeah, it's a fair point I am


I really liked the way that it's it's what do you call it? procedural gameplay so it's, it's made every map is different.


And I love that I mean, it just gives me Pokemon Mystery Dungeon reminiscence


so I'm I'd actually be very excited for it with the way that every action you take has an impact especially with the dog saving so excited to save all the dogs well you won't have to wait too long although we aren't going to see on the switch so the autumn I think are the fall if you were watching them directly would have said the fall but it will translate that to autumn and later in the year so we're gonna have to wait a little bit but not too long and I would think by then we'll get some more information on it as well and I'll be something that we will come back to you on a on a future Nintendo Switch UK podcast the next game I was quite interested in this one indeed. Title wise central Yes, my or my friend My friend Pedro.


Pedro was the


it's a kind of a running gun shooter type games coming out in June something about bananas that's all I remember yeah and this is going to be a game that's gonna be really heavily depend on the controls costs and for people who have not seen the trailer yet it's kind of like a 2d platformer but you can almost do like Parker they destroyed the movement sales Bally inspired at home or it's like mulcher like bro for sale gameplay at the same time so again this I think controls where they're going to have to wait for reviews horrors caught my attention because as so much potential it would just be like wild mindless one and it's getting harder and harder to find mindless pick up and play fun I'm interested to see if it is going to be mindless though because I mean it it seems like they're putting a lot of emphasis on paper this self aware banana I'm I don't know if it's going to end up


inserting some more story at


limits to it. I kind of hope so. Cuz I love more story games I'm receiving you constant definitely into the story side of it. And I like even if it's a wacky kind of off the wall. This is ridiculous story. It just adds so much for me. Absolutely. Because otherwise, for me, it kind of feels like a free mobile game where you just have if it's like to controls I jump in. I shoot. I'm not like too invested in it. I think there's always room for both. Because of depends on the gameplay. If it's mindless enough, you can always skip cut scenes. So let's just hope for the best and have story and just main was nonsense. And who knows me, blend them together. And yes, Melis got a story about bananas. I guess the story can only be so deep. Well, it's got a cool title. And that's something we mentioned the other day on the podcast of it games with cool titles. My friend Pedro and it comes out in June on the Nintendo Switch. So that's exciting. Now another game that's coming out in the summer and I am really interested in this because I love games.


With a cool story and a cool backdrop and this is cool is basically it's called Neo cab and you basically play an Uber driver in the future where it's all going a bit dystopic.


Quite interesting I am interested to see if it's going to be text heavy whether it's very much like a telltale


I said this or this character is not going to like that kind of story. I it looks like they've got a lot of different elements in play there. They've got Yeah, it was like a mood switcher kind of thing that they had going on. Yeah, there's like your general rating system. I was kind of feeling like it was a combination of something like this is the police meets a visual novel. So you've got that element in there because there was a couple of screenshots where it looked really like you were managing, you know, roots and what you were doing and we were going to go is this I say Uber driver, it didn't call it Uber, but you essentially are an Uber driver in the future.


But then there were the visual novel base with the text and that side of it, which reminded me very much of like a Japanese visual novel, but futuristic, so I think it looks really interesting. Yeah, definitely close personally, me I'm like coming from it from the simulator. Say I'm just like in taxi simulator and like a cyberpunk dystopia. Yes, please add but again there's like so many elements of plays because I was getting like a mix of like obviously we've got Caliphate role playing, not role playing like choose your own adventure and chat system but also account papers please


please yeah yeah, absolutely. I think that's definitely want to keep my eyes on close again, another gorgeous looking game that was like one of the most like wow, I really like this. I will definitely one of my highlight visual highlights of the directory was that one and one that I sort of stopped what I was doing and I remember it, you know that we talked about that with indie title. Sometimes it's quite hard when you get bombarded with


10 or 15 indie titles, it's quite hard sometimes to remember every single one. And the reason is that a lot of the art styles crossover because we are talking about smaller developers and they have to think differently about how they create the visuals.


But this one really stood out. And it was certainly for me, one of the ones that I instantly thought, yeah, that's going to go on my watch list when we finally see it, right?


Absolutely. Yeah. And similarly gorgeous. Our sales the next game they showed off the Red Lantern which is account give firewall faves us play as adults. Layar, you've escaped your normal life, it seems very narratively. Yeah, absolutely. I was getting very serious fireworks vibes. It looks very similar in style in that kind of super cel shaded kind of atmosphere. I really like the introduction with voice acting. Yeah, I hope I hope that stays consistent.


Throughout the game and then it's very audio heavy


because it does seem like a solitary


kind of story narrative with the main character I don't know if they mentioned her name or anything but


it's like serious little emotional investment there cuz yeah do you see within like the first minute that dog getting attacked by the bear I was like no I would you do this to my dogs yeah I was very interested in this game I must admit I love the way it was introduced as well it was one of the best presentations of definitely


and it was a little longer than some of the other ones but you felt that it was justified him and sometimes I direct it can be games where you feel that they spend too long on it but I felt with this one it was the right amount of time and it does have that fire watch kind of vibe about it we are going to mention fire watch later on for a different reason. But we'll come to that later but is definitely one that I will be keen on investing time in and the Alaskan


setting and all that kind of I just looked incredible it looks really, really pretty definitely, definitely my only qualm


is the gyro controls. If they do one thing


with that, I really hope you can turn it off because to this they said you could do general controls in handheld mode. And I hate that like I want to be able to sit in bed and I don't want to have to move my switch whenever I want to look around. I just want to lie down similarly with that in terms of gameplay that was counseling it's got me a little bit miffed because they cannot they put a Phil story and this trailer of someday escape nice to go off to go skiing and parse once you call it dog sledding dogs and then they get attacked by a bear but the the only gameplay they talked about was the sledging however we already know they get attacked by a beer and then their fears


and then their live stream.


Indeed. So exactly like she has a gun as well. Is that going to get incorporated? Is that just going to be pure kind of cut scenes style narrative telling? So I'm wondering, what is the game after this latest destroys, and you're just like a survival game or something, maybe just like the ending and meet it's just a game leading up to the end thing like we don't do


well. It's one that I think we'll all be interested to find out. And I think it's quite nice that they have the movie haven't revealed that much really about plastic visuals. And it's given us something that we can get excited about with it. And that's an achievement for any indie title and smaller developer to get people excited and really wanted to know what it's all about. So that's one to definitely check out. It's coming out later this year. It's called the Red Lantern, dog sled race know the rest. That's not right. It's called the Red Lantern, and I wrote dog sled race day, and so try to remember what it was about at Timberline studios is the is a team behind it as well. Next up, we've got our game called dark woods.


No this is actually already on PC came out a couple years ago it's a horror title and in the game you scavenge and explore the rich ever changing free roam world by day and hunker down in your height and pray for the morning light not I'm reading that from the game but there wasn't one that instantly grabbed me as I'm going to go out and buy this day one I thought it looked gala good but I'm going to wait and see because I don't know much about it


that was one I'm like I'm going to need to see you know internal review by always play over this because fundamentally it looks really bare bones so Emma's have some really good mechanics kill me in and I wasn't the most impressed by the trailer and the fact that it is a finished game I would tend to expect them to have a solid trailer ready to go even if it looks like a trailer news for Steam release or a brand new one they've made today after handling game while for a while definitely wasn't ground for hate to be the cynical just boom I mean I'm a


Really big snob when it comes to menus in games that look clean that like scavenging like menu that they had in the trailer felt terrible. It like gave me Minecraft vibes. And that Minecraft menu gives me a serious amount of stress. That's why I don't play Minecraft. Like I hate it. So I think I'll probably just leave it not because it's a horror game because I I do quite enjoy horror games where you can get away without seeing the menu. That's the problem. exec or real horror of course, well, if you want to pick that up, or you want to check the code is already as we mentioned on PCs, you'll be able to get some reviews online, but it's actually coming out in May on the switch. So it's one that we'll we'll wait and see. We'll we'll sort of put it to one side and say, let's see how good it is there next. That was again that's actually coming up quite soon. Less than a month away. It's April the 18th and it was called Cortana zero. I love


To look at this I thought this was quite interesting to make a purchase at know as well by the way if you want to get it


This one was like this like I feel like this one won't get the most attention and the price by fingerless has a lot of potential like house getting some serious like hotline mammy mixed with nature, Gaden and that just sounds like a recipe for like fun. Absolutely. And I wonder how much David Flores close again as the account gameplay sale, they could do a really bare bones game here and just in terms of like, say account polish on it looks like there'll be more to it than they're showing. And I'm curious to see what else there is to the same in that they absolutely alluded to a larger narrative because they they gave here standard gameplay, have you run you slash kill people that does the rewind thing if you die, which I think is super interesting, but then it was at the end of the day you go to bed, but then you go see your therapist as well and then you get your daily injections.


And it was like oh what is this do I yes what happens here so I'm excited to see what they do with that yeah the thing I was really curious about is how they're having the character you have to go eat you have to get like a drink yeah have to manage your sleep that's curious to see like a ninja guide and game where you have to manage your vitals would be salute Lee really interesting games you typically have to manage your health war and stuff like that are quite extreme like you're like extremely serious, like you're lumbering along and you've broken your arm and your whole bling and stuff like that. Whereas this so very eccentric but you have that management aspect was coming out on April the 18th so you don't have to wait that long if you want to check out and you can as I mentioned you can pre purchase it know as well. So that's one to check out. I was quite impressed with that too. At next up this one rad Can I just say that soundtracks sounded epic. I love the music and rap. Absolutely. I agree. Beautiful Medley you wouldn't expect anything less.


Double thing because we work with jack black cleaner with our music. It was a proper throwback to 80s kind of slightly sci fi action. He movies, you know, the kind of things Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been in from the 80s had that vibe, but then in a futuristic kind of way as well. There was a stranger things which we'll talk about later. Stranger Things kind of vibe in terms of the music as well had a real Cross of music, very 80s influenced and very, very cool and in the game, it seems like there's a lot about mutations. I didn't really quite pick up exactly what was happening in it, but it looked great coming out this summer. What did you both think? I think it looks really good. I loved the the kind of whole aspects of it being a post apocalyptic and you're like trying to make the world green again, I kind of wished they'd stuck


more nostalgic kind of game play into the game if you've if you've got to


Go for a very at soundtrack a very 80s


or what seemed like character customization as well


I kind of wish they put it maybe in an arcade or like 2d platform setting make it more Mega Man style where it's you have to defeat an enemy you get your power up so then you can take that forward so I don't know if it's going to look right you know 3d kind of third person world


I won't lie I'm obtained of I want to be optimistic here because I love Double Fine there that like


Grim Fandango, we've caught cycle notes however I'm kind of feeling this is a little bit of a step backwards like and it doesn't seem to have this camp same day that a lot of their other franchisees have and


account thing that makes their games where the goodness


like the date filter universe and their characters and stuff and I'm not too sure where the


fit that. And but again, I'm being critical here because it is Double Fine and Tim Schafer. And so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. One, it's a game, I'm going to have to look out more, which is my statement of the night to every Well, I think that is what often we're left with, with a lot of the Indian Ocean is because a lot of the time, you know, these studios are working flat out on projects, like the games that we're seeing, and they don't have the luxury of being able to create, you know what looks like a finished article for events like this. They have to give us what they have and and show the best when names aren't finished. I think there has to be a bit of leeway with that. I think one of the things they have obviously finished is the soundtrack. And they went very heavy on that and they went very much listen to this, you're going to love this. They had a little kind of a couple of funny moments like the bit where he was doing some weird mutation things in the in the music stopped and I thought that was quite clever just to keep us interested in it. So I'm interested I'm I'm I'm cautiously


optimistic that this will be reviewed. Well, but we'll, we'll see. It's summer 2019. It's coming out


next on the list is an interesting concept. And I've seen quite a lot of pinball games recently. This is kind of interesting. It's called creature in the well, it's a pinball action arcade game. So it combines pinball with an action kind of element to it. And I kind of think this could work


yeah, this one's ours. And when I heard temple I was thinking more of that cool RPG that recently came out oh yeah so I saw that and I was like and then I got kind of a top down hack and slash which wasn't what I had in mind and our seems interesting but I'm kind of curious like a no of pinball aspects don't see seem to be the most deeply rooted into the gameplay so I'm not too sure how much of stands on its own legs. Yeah, I don't know if I would have really called a pinball action or


game like a I sorry,


I don't feel like it's very pinball like, it's like an adaptation of pinball because as soon as I heard that, I was like I'm shutting off, I am not going to enjoy it. It's like what? What kind of depth? Can you give a very kind of very restricted game like pinball. But this seems really in depth and I'm really excited to see what they do with it. Yeah, I think from what I got many certainly see the sea pinball inspired is what they say. And I I kind of think when you watch the mechanics of the way that you deflect what's coming at you


that is as much pinballs I can see in there but there's many games over the years that have had similar mechanics and you wouldn't have called them a pinball inspired exactly adventure but I think that certainly watching the the gameplay that we saw, I agree. I think I was more interested in this than I thought it was going to be not


I don't like pinball but we've seen pinball however many times however many console's we don't need another pinball game particularly and this wasn't a pinball games so it'll be interesting coming out in the summer it's called creature in the well as one to to watch. Again, we say that we've been saying that for for a few of the games but there are some big hitters on the way we're not there yet though. This next one is what I didn't know anything about previously. It's called blood roots.


I've completely forgotten this one. Does anyone else on the go? I have no idea how they were explaining it. But it was just kind of like you're a guy called Mr. Wolf have a wolf hat thing and you just kind of run around and hit people. Yeah, well, it was completely bonkers. It was weird. And I think what the do in the gate what they seem to have as their kind of means of the game is that you use your environment as weapons. So whatever is in the environment can become


Something that you use to achieve your goal whether that's to kill another


another being or whether that's to get through a certain stage so if there's a bottle nearby you can use the bottle to roll towards the enemy or if there is I don't know a tree branch or whatever that seemed to be what I got and basically you have to use your environment or you end up dead essentially in the game was one seem to be saying


it looks very fast paced it look very quick. I mean, I'm not i didn't i think is one of those games that maybe it's better to play them to watch. You see that with some indie titles again, where you watch it and go, I don't know about that. But then when you play equal, no, I get it. And maybe it's one of those absolutely I agree. I I'm worried that the kind of environmental interoperability is going to kind of wear off whether whether it just feels like a novel thing at first and maybe again, it'll have to be that will play it to see what happens but looking at face value.


Okay, cool, we can do that you can kind of do that, and a lot of other games. So I don't know if it's like a very new innovative thing. You know, we'll see what comes out in the summer. So if you want to take on the role as Mr. Wolf in blood roots, then watch this space. Now. Next. That was a game that reminded me is called pine and it reminded me of yonder the cloud Chronicles I don't know if either of you have played yonder, but in yonder,


you do a lot of crafting, it's on the switch, you do a lot of crafting, you got a lot of kind of similar things that you would do in Zelda, for example, scavenging and selling and crafting and all that kind of stuff, but there's actually no combat in yonder. So it's a really nice game if it's a recommendation, but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about pine, but in terms of the feel of it, it reminded me of that but there's certainly I think a fighting element in this somewhere. I think it's an open world third person action adventure. I thought this Luke coin not


Nice weather the weather the studio can pull off something that's going to capture people's imaginations with so much out there already I don't know


yeah I think we were both kind of very somewhat disappointed about this game I we were we were saying it was it was like a


knockoff Breath of the Wild was one of my take on it it was very it seemed very similar directly out especially when they're saying you've got


those five or six different very distinct areas on your map is very it's a Zelda thing to do you've got your scavenging you've got your kind of somewhat basic


Combat Systems I don't know if I'm going to do like look at it yeah I hate I feel like I'm being very negative and I hate being a negative West Indies cuz I know it's so hard and


But what's this game? I just felt


it feels like an awfully ambitious game. Especially for know, even for an NDA, even to kind of goal for massive open free the game. And just from like stuff with the graphics alone. I don't feel like they've got quite the polished pool office. I would love to be proven wrong. And, you know, there's plenty of great games that have ugly graphics,


very diplomatic way of saying it looks roughage.


Yeah, just some of these whole life and career.


But yeah,


I'm going to give it a little bit of time because yonder could have that criticism of being a poor, you know, poor version of Zelda Breath of the Wild.


But the difference in yonder that was that there was there was a charm to the art there was a kind of hook in that you didn't have combat which was the unique part of it that there wasn't a combat and the game so it wasn't a but living in


Dying It was about achieving goals and it was a very relaxing kind of feel some so they're going to have to have a hook. I think if they want to get people to play this there has to be something that they do that isn't being done in any other game of its type and we don't know what that is, you know at the end of the I wouldn't be surprised if just like in five months time we go in touch and just 20 people are playing it and it's just like the next big thing so it's called the danger knows almost like a rust sale game okay well if if the developers of the game pine are listening then when it comes out in August we will make sure that we eat our words if if it's it has good reception as we think it probably will dismiss it is not going to know so we'll see it's a little sorry if you're listening yeah so sorry. Well it's all about opinions and that's that's what it's you know, we're trying to be honest here as much as we can so prove us wrong multiplayer up next. And this looks quite fun. Super crate box.


That was this one I remember that free games back to back and it's been too long or all by the same developer as it's all part of this no it's not Is it the same arcade and the last the next one we're coming on to so there was three oh no, it is it is ultra bugs was that part of the same three yeah yeah oh ultra nuclear fuel and super great work right and bills by same developed part of this rage super great books on nuclear from our existing titles. I've actually played one of them. Okay.


And yeah, I'll leave the floor open to us before I jumped


just on Super crate box. It actually gets quite well reviewed on Steam so it's I'm looking here and it's got 6000 reviews and it's got a nine out of 10


which wow seems generous considering what you've just said. He reminds me visually have a bit like a kind of it's like a muted muds rip off that's what it looked like. To me. It's like killing and cheap version but it's not cheap enough live and again


But I'm not sure I don't know I it looks okay to me multiplayer in it as well Nuclear Throne was the other one it's a rogue like type action thing and then ultra bugs I was so quick I didn't really pick up what that was all about to be honest but they're going to be adding more to the collection so is it seems like it might be like a collection thing that you buy into new get more games added and you can purchase them separate I don't really know I didn't quite get what they were talking about. Did either of you


know short answer? Absolutely. No. In terms of me I've played Nicholas Roland and I really didn't like and we're super gray box. craft it just like the trailer didn't impress me. So I've kind of wants to shoot off the board game. I'm like,


I hold my judgments. I yeah, I I feel bad that I didn't really pay attention to I think it was because they didn't give us enough time with it. Yeah, it was over really quickly. It was like all first game second game out. Dropbox kind of freaked me out.


Notice bit weird. So I don't know if I'm


just one more time hearing about it. explain it better, please. Maybe another trailer. Yeah, it seems to be like plant Plan B arcade. I didn't even really catch what he said. But it seemed to be part of this arcade pack these games that we're going to have more added later and not kind of appeals to me, the idea that the you can buy into something where new games are added in, you know, created and added to this kind of platform within the switch. I like the idea. That's a cool idea. But we didn't get enough of an explanation to really understand it. So


again, it's one that we can't recommend based on what we've seen today, but certainly one to watch. If you like that kind of a bit shady looking graphics.


We're being very mean today and I'm sure it'll be great. Now next up is a one verse speaking of shoddy looking graphic. No, I'm kidding. swim. swim. sanity is the name of the game is a 2d shooter.


Underwater interestingly the online matchmaking look quite sophisticated it looked like you taking the elements of like a really big online matchmaking title and added it to this two D game that just seems really odd to that but this could be kind of I have a feeling this is probably quite a lot of fun to play Can I think this has more potential in is lighting on because at first I saw him like oh flash


array and then brought the motor back sorry too familiar I'm like wow leads to a whole lot of effort into it so I'm like morbidly curious because I didn't see an exact number but it looked like a decent like it wasn't more than four players at least. And so I think there's room for madness because you get four players on my screen in a split screen game and it turns into hell so I couldn't live in like having 16 player and a top down site scrolling to the you can move up and down game for it was I


it seemed like a great game.


Just thought it looked so bad it was like a super cheap like kids cartoon game it was like What were those sea creature animations it was I found it really clingy which was kind of sad and I never liked calling games cringe weeks I'd like to just if it's goofy it's goofy and I'll enjoy it but swim Saturday or a promise I will stop being so


nice game the next game listen this is like the the Nintendo Switch UK podcast late night honest addition. This is


it's good though because you know this is this is the thing we are giving our instant reactions and I feel like if this is the kind of things that we're thinking there's lots of other people out there thinking the same thing and i think that you know all these games have an opportunity to prove us wrong every single title here


could be we could have a completely different view of this of each game in six months time to know because they might play brilliantly and


Terrible or they might look amazing but play terribly and I think we have to just kind of you know bear that in mind with indie titles that that it is a mixed bag and that's half of the brilliance of the switch is that we're talking about these titles because we have such a brilliant way to play them know so it's all really exciting and the next up is a game which I've played a version of in the past and then I'm not very good at but I think there'll be a lot of interest in this because it's actually available today as well as Blaster Master zero to yank saying I'm I've played the last one and it was it was pretty solid and this new one looks like it's really refined it and blast masters a game from the nays and then they've kept on a sequel just couple I think twice and 17 maybe and on the switch and believe as well reviews and that kind of this original sequel camp just did a new version of the last one where and what's this one looks like it's finally going in their account are enough some of those rough edges which


will be really excited to


Because I saw a lot of people critiquing the game and a lot of the critiques I count so we're just more so general any SL critiques. Like it's really hard and the graphics are but basic. And that's like that's just an escape. It is hard. There's no


way I was thrilled, like even the demo is able to get for the demo. And however I think this has a lot of potential and then hopefully make a little easier. Just like a like New Super Mario Bros. You You can die as many times as you want, and take as much damage as you want. Just for accessibility. Say, how about yourself make you've said you played the last one, haven't you? Yes. Well, I've played the the demo of the last one. I didn't play the full game because I think I'd have I'd have torn my hair. I play the full game because it is not an easy game. But I really liked the mechanics of actually like the way they played. I just it was tough. And it did remind me of those games of a bygone era. And sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes that's not and I wasn't in the freedom


mind to play through it but I certainly think that this is good value it's available now and we only know in dollars it's 999 I don't know what I'm assuming it's probably similar and parents maybe 799 or something like that maybe its name and I don't know but anyway I think it's good value and if you like the previous games then you're definitely going to invest time in this and if you didn't probably download the demo of the last one check out and if you like it invest in this because it's the newest absolutely hold my fingers crossed that they do a bundle of them close knit would be nice to them I feel like a lot of these indie games come out and then you forget about and then you get a sequin you're like oh wow this was badly did well yeah. x quite a lot of indie games or just campus shooting the dark which is nice name. However, once the game gets a sequence like Oh wow. They must have really had something good. How about yourself Emily, what did you think of it is a great I'd never heard of the first ones. So I think it's really exciting. I loved that it was instead of a


Character It was like a car you drive kind of thing so it looks like slightly different gameplay to something I would normally see in that kind of setting so it looked really great it seems super dynamic so I'm really excited to see what they do


going back to bundles though, just because I missed talking about it in cup head. I really hope we get cup hit DLC with the switch version too because I thought it was great when you were saying that you can get it if you've got Xbox Live account for cup here that you'll be able to get DLC that way Is that right? I believe that's how it works. That's with previous Xbox Live integrations aka Minecraft that DLC is linked to your Xbox account rather than the actual platform you buy it on and so I'm personally with them adding integration they probably have more features than just achievements in there so I pursued that's how it works. However I can guarantee 100% so bring it to the sweat Jenny, we please whatever we do, because the more the better now next up


Soon as I saw the date on this I thought all clever because there was a big announcement earlier on today and I was talking about it on my radio show strangers things the third series was announced are we kind of knew but we got a date today but we also got the trailer to the third series of the telly and lo and behold then these direct we have Stranger Things three the game and it's coming out on the same day as the series and I think this is going to be great it's got that kind of 16 bit kind of feel to it I played the strangest things mobile game I think it was the first one I'm not sure if there's a two as well but I think any we have played a mobile game which is similar more kind of a better than this one looking wise and I really liked it it was it was a good game for mobile game a free game and I think this looks great if you're a stranger things find like I am you probably going to buy it whether it's great or not. But what did you think? Yeah, I didn't


I think


It's really clever that they announced both the series on the game on the same day they're releasing on the same day as the show as well. Yeah. I don't know how you feel about that, where it's where, where I am interested to see where it sits in within the series because I'm a massive fan as well whether it's going to be


like a series three prequel or sequel or whether it's just going to be kind of non canonical timeline stuff.


Who knows I did didn't end up playing the mobile game I downloaded it but then I just like never opened it. I just want either didn't have the time will probably wasn't invested. But it's interesting to find that you found it enjoyable book. Yeah, I did. It's not it wasn't groundbreaking in terms of what it was doing. But it was it was quite well executed and you felt like you were playing something that had had a time and love put into it. It didn't feel like it was a kind of movie tie in or a TV show.


I often get so that was encouraging. And I think the fact that it's coming to the switch, they're going to have to make sure that that's a big part of it. They didn't, they weren't doing anything in the mobile game that was too big for the game either. They weren't trying to sort of, you know, shoehorn in Stranger Things references just to make it Stranger Things. They actually felt quite good. It was quite well reviewed on mobile as well. So I've got hopes that this will be okay. But we don't really know very much about it yet. But it's interesting because, you know, used to see movie or game tie ins or of TV shows as pretty much being terrible. I mean, not only that's pretty much the golden rule is film Titans or science for movies. You just don't buy them


but is that really breaks the rules nice to see that they're doing it because they're doing it in a place like 1632 bit style that it's going to be there's a lot more effort put into it.


specifically we're going to make this game just to make money. So definitely keep an eye on it. Yeah I'm just like seeing less I'm kind of it reminds me of the Scott Pilgrim game from like on their free sexy which was an indie game and developed a time to the franchise and I think it would be really innovate like not innovative but really interesting FA more studios got any developers to make and camp a tion products because one so hard for indie developers to get off the ground and the tail the like publishers were used to spending 10s of thousands and creating massive 3d games like Jordan the free sex era movie tie ins for like generally massive games that physical flown into the garbage so I think that money that studios were spending on that could be spent on creating


more kind of interesting and in depth


like yes, even like Could you imagine the Marvel just made like an eight bit Iron Man.


game or something simple like that great wouldn't call some of the most compared to when they were like I think they made free fully 3d Ironman games on the free sexy that nobody cared about whereas if they made an eight Iron Man I would call some fraction of one of those games true and I feel like given the self control over to a couple hours or a single career would make a much more passionately projects I saw they should they should start doing the the the other way around as well because I really enjoy especially if it's a narrative heavy game. turning that into a film. I know video game films can be pretty bad we've looked at Assassin's Creed two radio was okay. But still it's quite bad. But I would love a silent film cup head.


I think it's so dynamic because it's because there's no voice acting or there's a like a tiny bit but I think it'd be really great silent film to put in your small bits of dialogue. You could have your great soundtrack that you could basically live


From the game, you wouldn't even have to make it again. And then you could just plop it in your phone it would be perfect I would buy all the teachers for that film the whole cinema the whole exactly every showing ever. So the last game that we had a nice today Now this was the one that most people are talking about. Now speaking of innovative games and interesting ideas from developers, crypt of the net good dancer is a game that is very interesting because it's a rogue like game, but it's got rhythm in it. So you it's like a rhythm game. So you have to follow the rhythm, but it's real glycan. It's kinda like a dungeon, kind of a bit kind of style thing, or 16 bit kind of style. That's all that gray area these days. But the interesting announcement today and we kind of had an idea that this something like this might happen, but I had not a clue that it was going to be like this cadence of Hyrule


versus crazy because at first I was like oh, we can a new craft clear read on crypto the net.


Answer That's fantastic. I've always wanted to


go I've heard amazing reviews and then then


you'll never seen an ending game of this skill get an IP as big as Zelda for collaboration it's always been the other way around it's always been your shovel nights in Smash kind of deal where you bring your smaller I like your smaller indie a shop titles into other games. So I was very shocked but I think it looks great. I'm going to definitely pick it up


as well. So I'm curious to see what crypto the answer would be like question and handle budget like wholesale imagine it will be Breath of the Wild budget again as really insane. You've never played cards and you know every Zelda game ever just ever


so where's your science with crypto think we're done sir. No. That is infecting your your chat.


No, I think I think it looks really good.


Great. I am glad that that kind of, I think they're taking their styles, very similar to


links awakening and kind of like Oracle of Ages and seasons, that very


era of Zelda and putting it into that kind of platform. So I think it looks great that definitely trying to tie it in. Well, it's in style with with the blinks awakening so well, because when you when we talk when you were on the podcast previously, Emily, you said you were quite honest about your thoughts on some of the 2d Zelda games, and you are quite kind of worried about what they were going to do. Oh, definitely. This This is such a curveball. I mean, this is just a completely different thing altogether. And I think, you know, isn't it good to see such a big IP being involved in something so different and so unusual and so Dering Dering, absolutely, I said I mean is this going to be our room it's like


Today's Delta Title I mean, it's technically is it technically a Zelda title? Or is it a criminal record out? So like sequel thing? Yeah, that was thinking because obviously we hold that account prologue to it. And then the tail off the couch. subtitle is capital the natural dancer featuring Legend of Zelda. So as in like high road warriors, like that wasn't my like warriors and Zelda. That was true sale. Yeah. And this warriors and But again, it's really fascinating to camp see this happen again, close. This was something new namely were chatting about before we came on the podcast. And that's account that Nintendo as a company, as so like camp moralize as being very protective of their IP but compared to any publisher, they seem the most open to low new creators come into our franchise especially during the sweat shower. We've had the Warriors games we've had rabbits come along and we're really in a crazy time when we could get anything and I just want


My Sonic vs. Mario


maybe maybe Commonwealth Games? No, I think you've got a really handy to Nintendo. They love to support their indie creators and I, I couldn't upload the more for it. I think it's really amazing. So I'm very excited. I hope they do more of this. Yeah, no, I think it's, it's fantastic. And it was a real moment to end on. They did so well to kind of lead us away from that. And then suddenly right at the moment, right at the end, when you think it's over here we are with the one that everyone's going to talk about the most. And we didn't get too much of it yet. But we're not have to wait too long. Because there we reckon spring is when we're going to get it. So not that long to go until we get cadence of viral so very exciting. There was one other thing that happened and we now have a sale on the switch. As of today, there's an indie sale which is great and terrible at the same time, because all it means is I'm going to see a bunch of games there that I know I want.


Yeah, afford to buy them right now we've got too many games. So I'm going to run through them. The games are on sale. Now at the moment, we don't have the UK pricing because obviously the director only happened recently. We're not, you know, we're doing this as quickly as we can to get this out there for people. But I'll give you the American pricing of each one. And what I want both of you to do, if that's all right, is to give me maybe two or three in there that you would suggest to people as to check out so so you have to listen, you can even just give me one. So let me read them. First of all, so we have blood stained Curse of the moon for $7 blossom tails. The Sleeping King for $10 Darkest Dungeon is 1749. We're talking dollars, obviously at the moment. Donuts county is 974 firewall just $16 flat heroes 669 Flink hook is 1049 Horizon cheese turbo $14 iconic class 15 insight is 14 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. is nine minutes is six moon lighter at 1617.


four nights in the woods 14 old man's journey at five, salt and sanctuaries 1259 thimble we'd Park is 10 unruly Heroes is 14 wonder song at sorry wonder song is 15 and a wizard of legend is 1119 was very specific and then your cruise Island Express is $10 so that's the list of games that we have at the moment that are on this sale which is fantastic as much as I don't want to spend all my money I probably will so maybe maybe two or three games of that list either catch your eye or you've played and you think yeah you would recommend I'm gonna have to pick my to prefer and Tom does because I am quite unfamiliar with most of them yeah I hate that I got fire watch when it wasn't on sale but it's such a good game honestly, if if there was maybe back to last time I was on I can change my answer. Again. physical release of fire watch, please. Everybody should buy that game. Keep Talking and Nobody downloads as well I think.


To okay good good choices I'm actually before you see yours aren't on


nothing no no I


was gonna say was fired off the list firewall is my must buy of the list I don't already own because I've wanted it from day one but I've just simply because of the list of games that said I'll wait until it's on sale so now I'll definitely buy it because it's absolutely the kind of game that I would place and I think it's absolutely stunning. It's it looks amazing is really well reviewed. The fact that you've just told me as well Emily that it is a great game it's a it's 100% I buy from for me and Tony, your turn before I so I'm I'm they have saved bloodstained is kind of a very as a Blaine Castlevania mash and no I wouldn't say a clone because it's by the original career and I feel like it really improves upon the Castlevania formula in so many ways and I think if you've never played a Castlevania even then it would be a brilliant place to start and it's so much it's got so much polish and and health that's where


Same with last semester account polish off some of the Russia rough edges and it's just tons of fun nonetheless and secondly dilute probably rice and chase I've not played turbo personally by played the original which was a game for Apple TV somehow and even with the Apple TV remote it was a really fantastic key and if no one's a little bit hard to play on an Apple TV


so I imagine with actual proper controls in this terrible version that was like going from free game to feel paid game the fact I was willing to pay for the mobile game would I would be willing to pay this amount of money for the mobile game I would highly recommend the turtle version and I only heard some fantastic stuff about it so i'll i'll give you I was there was there any other ones are where the note for you over to you what makes choice of the week well I'll give you the ones that I've played because there's there's four on the list and I can wreck I actually recommend them all for different reasons. But the first one is horizon she's terrible because I have that and it's a stunningly good game.


It's really really good fun one player single player multiplayer the law you know not online but if you're playing with someone you know with you then it's great Co Op


coach type thing but horizon she's terrible it's got that kind of element of I run and those classic games from the kind of Mega Drive snazzy era but it's really really Class A well done the courses are great and it's a really fun game so that's a definite for me that's a good price as well if we have something equivalent here Next on the list of games that I've played that we have on here is Night in the Woods Night in the Woods is one of the best storyline games that I've played on the switch. It's it's all about 20 year old while you're I think you're a cat as far as I remember. But basically a 20 year olds kind of trying to navigate the real world and the went to college and had a bit of a bad a rough time at college came back to live at home and they're navigating being back in their hometown.


Two years after they would have left in the first place in their friends have moved on and they haven't. It's a really, really strong kind of narrative in there and it's just it's one of those games that really sticks with you as well. So if you want a proper kind of game that is going to stay in your mind for a long time Night in the Woods is brilliant. Well, we've had this trade now I'm gonna have to get Night in the Woods and you watch that we can and we can review back and forth we thought Oh, good game, though. I know I know the other one I would recommend in there. If you're a fan of point and click games then. thimble we'd Park is hilarious, very, very well done. It's the people that did escape from Monkey Island. I think


one of those early titles that was I think it was escaped from Monkey Island, but certainly one of those very similar humor and it's it's a little bit old school in that sense. So


you can be a little frustrating because it's quite tough at times. There's actually an audience


was actually a guide within the game because there's a telephone and a full directory of phone numbers that you can pull in the game and one of the numbers is for a tip so it'll give you if you send it will say are you struggling with this and then you press one are you struggling with this press two and it will actually do it that way so you don't even need to get an online guide if you're you know who a page that's really cool really cool and you can dial run random numbers and get people to answer that you know in Spanish or whatever it's it's it's a lot of fun it's a very clever game so that's one again a lot of love going into that game for sure I think it was a Kickstarter campaign that they got it going as well so did I say for so I said horizon chase turbo Night in the Woods thimble we'd Park


and I think it's maybe three I think that's the only three on there that because yeah I was gonna say fire watch that's what it was which is the one that's I haven't played yet but I'm going to so the those would be my suggestions. Well, we've all caught games to be playing Yeah, exactly. And fight flee their own sales.


How can I know very convenient now if you could just give us a little bit of time before you give us all these brilliant new titles that you've just introduced to us at the end is that will be great because I need to you know find time to do this but but that's pretty much it and it was a really really interesting but just just as a final wrap up just final word of Final thoughts about the Indies direct today as a whole How did you feel about it overall Emily


that's definitely a it was a solid like seven eight out of 10 dipped in the middle but really picked up to the end had a great start with cup head obviously cuz I love it but yeah so it was a really great overall Mindy yeah I couldn't agree more because let's be real when would you have ever fall we would have an NDA event with a Microsoft exclusive and Zelda game and it in one I know haven't complained and mentally Jeff nearly in the middle and hover I came away for a couple games I light account had same impression was the last name decent thing but it's


Scale roll the dice and a foreign and handles part they can just say we don't think you're in these good enough for a vein. So I guess you like to show some of the


can of course I've got a very similar opinion to to both of you on this. In fact, I probably even push it to an eight to an eight and a half. And from my perspective just because I just think it's so wonderful that we get these directs and that we get this opportunity to see so many amazing developers and include everybody on that list because it does take so much work and so much passion to to make a game that is so good that it gets onto the Nintendo Switch and I'll keep it or not okay there are there are one or two that


But no, it's great. And and you know, the fact that the this has now become a thing that we're seeing regularly and we're getting to have these games showcased and the switches the perfect platform it's just all sit so well. And I love indie titles as a general rule. Anyway, I just love the


Love the passion that's putting them you know i think it's it's the real passion project so


it was like CSM I'm so happy we have these men these events cause yeah I love I think some of these games look interesting they can slow down a normal directs and if it's not slowing down the normal direct especially with like if you look watch a price PlayStation or Xbox conference so you get to the end day and everybody in the chat with everybody goes oh my god story and then they are people really bash a game process not the new tube or something like that even if it's a really good games will count I feel like given them the space of shame absolutely even PlayStation some ourselves so they'll force and these into like a one minute montage and then you don't even see what's in there and you're having like you only realize half the stuff that's in the morning and be able to after the montage so thanks for giving them the separate space to shame. I think it's really beneficial for the industry. Yeah and especially they are with it being a separate event. They don't have to play goals.


And be like yours is good and yours is bad trip they can let them all signed up on this podium and let the Cal the player to save what they think is good and what's more if I play I hope they do it a bit more frequently as well because I mean historically especially in kind of three years we use here at they put the like new job titles within the big directs and I really hope that they stopped doing that and just put it all into more frequent indies and secondly secondly I hope we get rid of that I'm they Mondays Yuki versions, darling five minute ones I feel like it's really confusing the branding and what you're expecting because you have one day you get an N dS and it's five minutes and it's just like really details and then you have a 30 minute one that has compared side so hopefully the tidy up that brands at density but overall just fantastic. So keep up your soft Nintendo. Yeah, well ops absolutely more of those plays. And in the meantime, don't forget


You can subscribe to us on iTunes. We're also on Twitter. It's ns. UK podcast on Twitter. So you can tell us what you thought. If you agreed with everything that we've said, If you disagree with stuff, tell us about it. And if you can leave us a review, please do because we do this because we love the Nintendo Switch and we enjoy doing it. We don't do it for any other reason. We don't make any money out of this. But we would like your reviews. And we would like your five stars if you would feel so kindness to do that. And so please do get in touch. And if you do, leave us a review. Please know that will probably be like sharing fall in our personal group chat and just crying like your officer for first. Well, we always do we will generally just be like, gushing about the praise shortly showing all my friends and say, Look, we got five stars


Well, yeah, no, definitely be doing that. And that's that's pretty much it for our Monday's direct Special Edition. We are back on Sunday with another podcast episode or certainly early in the week for the time we get that uploaded and it's


been fantastic to have you back on Emily and once again, so thank you very much for your service for having me. Yes. I hope it becomes more ridiculous. I'm sure it will. And we will be back again on Sunday for another podcast edition. But until then, thank you very much for listening and goodbye.