The Last of the Direct News Plus - Episode 8

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So we've got two new demos and an amazing FREE (If you have Nintendo online) game that we've been loving. We're chatting about Tetris 99, Yoshi's Crafted World and much more.   We've got rumours of new third party titles heading to the Switch in March, Spyro and Danganronpa trilogy leaks, cool new Labo VR rumours and of course we have the quiz!

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Thank you for downloading episode number eight of the Nintendo Switch UK podcast we are back with our full quarter but we were last week but we had a special in between I Mike I'm out and Todd and we are going to be talking about well do you know what there's so much to talk about because we've got the direct to talk about but we're not going to talk about that too much. If you missed the direct what we suggest you do is to head off to iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from and listen to the episode that we recorded on Wednesday nights myself and Anton did about the the direct and it's pretty much the reaction five minutes after it finished. I mean we literally were straight on their way. Yeah, like not even a single breath was taken literally pulls on the stream press record.


Enter first impressions and we go into every single detail and cover every little announcements or you can go in there and see even if there's a little game that not everybody's covering we've made sure to talk about every single title there yeah and you did because I listened to it all the way through on Thursday because I didn't get to see the direct as it happened I went back and watched the direct then listen to you guys and yeah good coverage well done and as well as that you can check us out on Twitter where ns UK podcast on Twitter lots of interaction this week thank you again to everybody who's been in touch with had lots of really nice comments from people actually so thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time to to message us we should will try and mention a couple of them before the end of tonight's podcast as well yeah she also say thank you to people who've been liking their stuff on Facebook because everything is on Twitter now goes on to Facebook to well done and Tom yes wizard ology. Absolutely. And ns UK pea coat UK as well. We have transcripts of all the episodes which is it's actually more of a kind of technical thing. It's more about trying to get us up the search engines a bit, but it's also useful if you missed anything and you will


A search for it, you'll find it all written out in is pretty good. It's good for a laugh was very good. I mean some of it gets a bit translation algorithms. It says 90% accurate. The other half is 10% is hugely amusing if you go to listen to it. That really is a and again, thank you to everyone on Twitter. We will try mention a couple of people that that have messaged us. So before we get into the big news this week, I thought we could start off by talking about the stuff we've been playing since Wednesday. And the reason I say since Wednesday is because obviously we had the direct and I think it's important to kind of mention a couple of the things that that were on the direct some of the demos that were released and one particular game that I know Anton and I are right already potentially potentially obsessed with. I am haven't played enough to be totally obsessed by I'm already knowing that I'm going to spend far too many hours playing the new Tetris 99 Anton Oh, I know like I find it funny if you go back and listen to a special


mean make for like even excited because we didn't understand what they meant by online discount or whatever we're like okay there's there's gonna be some deal there with all night Nintendo Switch online and even then when we're considering as I paid to are like oh that looks like a lot of fun quick piece Tetris but it's free. You can go and try and know. So even if it's not your kind of sale game, give it a go and just see if you like, Am I I've been playing it too much of it. It's like a little bit of time in my schedule. I'm just like, squeezing in there. It's like, Oh, it's only two three or go go have a glass of water. I'll just play Tish 99 is great. Have you give it a go yourself out? I have.


I have been playing it quite a lot. I mean, not probably not as an extent that you guys have been but I have played a few games and I was exceedingly proud of myself and I think on the third game in I made it to the top 10 Wow. And again last night to I haven't made it number one. I don't know looking at the guys who do get number one guys and gals. People who get to number one. I have a funny feeling. I'm never gonna get that position so


screenshot on Twitter. It was actually on our podcast feed, it must mean someone shared it. And it was somebody who had actually got to number one. And I was like, God made me one day. Okay? It's very addictive. You do have to have the online subscription, Nintendo's online subscription to be able to play it because it's an online game, but it's free to download and I'll tell you what, even if you're on the fence about it, download it have a goal. If you've ever played Tetris or any sort of puzzle game, it is a lot of fun and it's quick fire as well, which is quite nice because the gear kind of goes by really quickly and have you seen there's there's expansions for coming. Yes, there is don't know much about them. You Anton, have you seen much about the expansion expansion. But Kevin, just to lean on your point about being a quick paced game if you've played Tetris before, and they're like, Oh, just another Tetris because I know the port every single console it comes along generally give a goal the fact that it is like the 99 players and keeps it nice condensed game watch some Tetris games can just go on for hours. And that's just like nice pack and play and just lift


Friend sickness or having like five people getting up on you and like trying to kill you really add the spice of life Tetris. Yeah,


Battle Royale is fantastic. Very good. I mean, reminds me a lot of Pio Pio Tetris online, which is great. But the fact that you're up against 99 other people's a cool twist. And to me a little bit of time to figure out what was going on around my, my main screen, because there's a lot of stuff going on. But really, without giving too much away. Basically, you have to decide who you're going to aim it at. When you get a good run of try. Yeah, you need to do that because I figured it out yet. Yeah,


right. Right. And just put it on people attacking you. And that's why I say, Well, I should write some pro move on. Yeah, the other modes are coming. So there's somebody's been through and data and all the code and they've looked, there's three new modes are sitting in there. So one mode is team vs. Team. So instead of being one versus 99, it's it'll be guessing 49 verses 15 nice presents like fortnight, Tetris or that can be really, really cold and Tetris. Yeah, yeah.


Looking forward to that there's another mode in there, which is one versus a CPU. Okay, so it's you versus 98 CPU characters. I'm presuming. And the last one was, I think was infinite mode. Which sounds like it might just be old fashioned Tetris yeah they're all sitting sneaking lurking in there waiting to be released okay well we'll keep an eye on that and certainly download it if you are online on Nintendo Switch then download it because it's free not gonna cost you anything apart from the minutes it takes to download that the other demo that you can play right now which came out after the direct this week was your she's crafted world is that the official title I keep calling the world it is that is the official world was really world the originals that why I'm calling to that yeah indeed yes when the world was on the 3ds and I'm pleased with quote like porch in your shoes Willie world as well. Okay. who's who's played this one then? Because I have anyone else. Yeah, I play hands on chance. Unfortunately. Okay. I'll start going and give us your thoughts. You know, it's cute is incredibly cute. It's exactly as you can picture it's Yoshi in the world made up.


cardboard whoo and it's adorable it's probably not ended us I'm going to get it was aimed a younger audience and actually I'm quite looking forward to introducing my son do it at some point is three and a half it's not quite there yet but it's perfect is it slow paced as enjoyable to get into it's very accessible for a younger audience and mean at the end of the the level that they give you you then get a video of what's coming and it does look like it gets certainly not frantic the more involved and look so you'll be quite good fun yeah i think i think i when you said last week that you wanted a game where you wanted to hurt to get a game that you might be able to introduce your son to this is the game that is this is that game and I know he's probably just a little bit we but it's so stunningly well done and it's so well crafted but it is really well crafted and it looks stunning. It plays really well I really enjoyed it. I actually as you see it's not aimed at us but it's the kind of game I can see playing and kind of not being too kind of stressed playing because I don't know but you I'm someone that gets quite stressed


out I can see this


Down chillin Oh good. Yeah you know what I'm gonna do a couple of levels of this and I really enjoyed the demo play the whole thing I did all the bits after the levels we are you get, I'll go find all the cows got the disease


that really really good so Anton get on that this week please. Yeah, definitely I've got downloaded, I just looking for the time because I really did enjoy a Woolly World, which kept leaning on your point in there. So really nice game, especially if you're wanting a nice multiplayer game to play with somebody who's not used to clap formers. It's like it's just a really good quote game in that sense because of leaf F, you f one player dies they just float around in a bubble or something don't really like the main first player can just try to long so you can help work together depending on the skill gap between both were so it's a really excellent and so the last one demon x Mecca Oh yeah, of course. Now I played this Thursday. Did you ever go on? Oh no, I've been so bad. I haven't had had the most time of just Tetris, 99 has been


I'd be like you and I think 99% of switch players. So I think for me this one, I think it looks good. It looks great on I played on my TV. You played a handheld? Yeah, literally about three minutes before we started just to get a feel for I think it looks it looks great. I think if you're into the kind of game that it is for me, I don't know. I I didn't connect with it. But there was an issue for me and that you're supposed to follow red dots. And I'm red green colorblind. So I didn't actually realize this and didn't pass the mission because I couldn't figure out why. what I was doing. I mean, I understood what I was supposed to do. I just couldn't find an end point. But that's the point you have to follow the red dots. So if I forget about that, because that's me being a bit kind of, you know, I'm focusing on that point. But I think it's quite well done. I think it's well put together. I need to see a bit more of it, play it play a bit more to it. It's not my kind of game. That's the problem is not the kind of game that I would normally pick up and play so I'm not going to write it off but it's not one that I think


Be excited about getting day one. Yeah, I think I'm probably with you to be honest. I give it a quick shot. I've looked at prayed the intro level demo we fly around you kill about 20 odd tanks doesn't like that in first impressions. That looks really nice. That sounds fine. I mean, I find is almost how to describe the game. It's it's not particularly original. It's quite formulaic from what I've seen, but it looks good. There's nothing wrong with it. I want to buy it. It's a bit twitchy and like you I also suffer be colorblind, but yeah, you're worse than I am. I didn't see the red dots


he told me he completed folder. I don't want that one. Anyway, that's another one to check out. Anton. When you when you're finally king of Tetris. 99 Yeah be interested to know what someone who isn't Cobain makes people want to know all right, let's move on to news this week and there's quite a lot to talk about we're not going to touch on the direct stuff too much but let's start off with is this this king zeal guy that you've been talking about Anton again these kings you and I haven't actually particular


Heard too much about this league. Alice more familiar about this was the guy that notes that the direct would be happening on the 13th. And they also give them full list of everything that wasn't melts and all of his leaks were true, which are made with his previous prejudice penetrate at points of good things from him in the future. Yeah, so a couple of days ago, he really started dropped a bomb on another forum, which specifically seeing in March, there will be more third party titles announced and released for Nintendo Switch. So he was talking after the direct quote, who was saying it was a fantastic director, all these titles came out when there's more in store Nintendo didn't drop that I got from this direct was that we are going to get a lot of announcements in 2019. I think we're going to see probably four or five directs. I do think we'll get one every quarter. I think we're going to get intermittent kind of announcements and the third party thing we know that they've got stuff that's kind of ready to go. I think that is kind of that's been going on behind the scenes. So I think this seems like especially


Given who he is and given the stuff that he's got right before the question is though Anton if it was any third party game is the one that sticks out for you that you've really like oh dear personally I know we always go on but just anything Rockstar would make me happy at they've got it running on the hardware with the integrity and video taker shield So come on rocks or give us what we want to which What have we got running which game or they've got the GT trilogy running on the tetra tablets and they have another old one and this is kind of a pipe dream yet would love it the NVIDIA Shield which runs on the same processor and I go on about this every two episodes they've got a fully operational version of portal which would be the light for so what a brilliant portal two for me Actually I love love portal but the fact that this Co Op and portal to would lend itself to the switch What about you? Is there anything that you'd be quite You know, I've already been dumped at my eye on rock stars games because they're just so good for me. Yes, Rockstar Of course hundred percent behind you on that, but I wouldn't


Like the Mass Effect trilogy I would love the Mass Effect trilogy on the switch please say I've played through all of them except the last one and there are good but don't play them again yeah they're too big I still want them to big don't have enough time Assassin's Creed as great as well so I'm happy we've got three but maybe we could have the SEO trilogy as well for that


leaning on one of the biggest supporters it would be great to see more supply from the best I could you imagine like a fallout three on the goal it would be very nice and considering the got sky Roman world and saying the most most impossible thing to believe give us all the games that's what we're saying one game that we know we're definitely getting because we're in factory for is in development right now. The remaster of it's on the way very soon. We also know that room factory five is in development and new title for 2020 is what we're hearing know so we're not going to get it this year. Not a huge surprise the one time because when we were doing the direct special the other night we did see that might be a kind of one for one for the future. Yeah, the cat was killed more.


Just like hey here's our big fan CJ pinnacle of the local it's happening so please Kurt game just to get ready yeah and yeah 2020 and me are you familiar with this franchise oh no no I was listening to your guys you're doing special I thought that goodness I'm not the only person that's missing this is just not a name that rings any bells at all yeah I think it's one that they're obviously trying to push heavily the fact that they are coming coming in with a new title it's one that could be interesting I think if you're a fan of the likes of star do Valley and if you like the kind of life sim type elements of those games as well then this might be one to keep an hour maybe get for a go and see I mean if you know about it let us know right into the Uk yeah tell us on on Twitter if you are a huge fan knows why we should be playing yeah what are we missing but it does look interesting will definitely be keeping an eye on that one. As we get more developments elsewhere. We have new rumors that


We might be seeing some new Nintendo level VR kit yeah so at a recent data main and the


previous level games code has been discovered that splits the screen and to to like a shake tools count like if you've ever seen Oculus screen or PSP our screen yeah on a normal TV and what just like everybody to believe of level VR kit would be come a long way I remember when this which was Calvin veils people are like oh the joyful thing we could touch it to have your headset very easily and and the camp rumors can point towards as well. Similar to the account level racing we'll be compatible with the label kits and potentially some select first party titles. Interesting. I don't know. I'm not sure. I mean, it's not something that I'd be the love of thing I think is great. And I think it's really cool if it's something that you want to do with, you know, the family or whatever. It's quite a lot of money for carnivores. But it's very impressive, you know, it's very impressive and I think that if they can do more with it, then great. It's not something that I'm going to be rushing out to Bye bye.


What about what about you after two minutes I have mixed feelings about level I like the idea of it I can't justify the cost of cardboard and why didn't make it or something like plastic but I'm sitting here I've Lynch's picked up my switch my hand yeah wings right now that's quite heavy piece of kit to stick a bit of carpet on your head I mean if you know if anybody's ever done Google Cardboard you stick a smartphone in there that's comfortable you stick a PlayStation VR headset on this fairly comfortable it's okay but I switch is quite heavy but a kid to have hanging off the front of your face on some cardboard yeah I'm just thinking about the possibilities have been able to lie in bed on my back was the switch in front of my eyes I saw a guy there's a guy on on Twitter that I saw somebody showed me it's really funny he's basically found an old like a container from in the house that see through and he's put it over his head and put the switch lying on top of the container so that he can lie at night and look up to place which seems like the switch is going to break as soon as he moves but you know it's a cool idea.


We'll see, we'll see if this is going to become something is certainly a rumor. It's from data mine that suggests that and we'll be keeping an eye on that in 2019. Okay. kind of leaning on that. Sorry. Just to, you know,


with it potentially working with far start party tales. There's no any first person shooters on sweater or anything like that. So it'd be kind of curious to see what first part tails? Would the ports I know in Japan, they've currently called a VR arcade machine for my tarot cards. Are we going to get like a first person Zelda dealers Zelda first


Angel there, there is potential. I mean, the thing is that the VR thing


it's threatens to take over many times over the years. And you go back to the history of Nintendo, you got the Virtual Boy which was the first Asian or that it didn't, but let's not talk about that too much. If you don't know what we're talking about YouTube it you'll soon understand and as long as you like the color red, you'll be fine migraines and high Koreans. Yes, but we you know, we've seen recently with PlayStation VR as well and there's some great titles on there.


I think things like the Star Trek game really cool idea you know especially when you can Co Op it and you but we're not you know I just was absolutely desperate to get it and then never never got there I think I think Anton's hit on exactly what the launch titles going to be is going to be VR Mario Kart because it exists yeah I remember that the thing some point last year when they did set up a whole arcade full of virtual reality Mario Kart the game where it is out there and intend to have made it


a genius idea it said believe it so on and the thing is keep in mind how expensive it would be to render a full version American unbelievably run it like 4k close it needs to be really high rate resolution for the headsets yeah that would have been expensive develop and they've only got in one location in Japan in one location America so it would make sense support it and kind of what we're on there. I'm just going to throw a dream rumor. Imagine if they did a Virtual Boy collection for switch clothes.


There are some really good games on there like if you ever give up


The Virtual Boy solid tail so yeah weird one that yeah that you know that would be interesting and if there's ever going to be a console that it could work on if they get this working then the switch would be the one and you are right i mean i've read some interesting reviews of people who have either had virtual boys virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual boys that were the call today well yeah guys decided in my head it was called something else there but yeah I've had I've had people that I've seen people that have had the the actual console and said yeah terrible terrible piece of kit but really cool titles on there so that would be interesting you never know until on the like Christmas Christmas is coming once the thing is with that that will kill worker realms account limitations of the account doing a switch virtual reality system, because obviously the problem would be would be resolution Yeah,


but if you're just mimicking a 1990s console, be fine. I am jangle is quite this. Yeah, I think this could be really, really cool. I mean, it's probably one of the


things I'm most excited about since the last chance to switch which is weird because I never tried VR at all until about two months ago when I tried to PlayStation VR and it was it was really interesting I was very conscious fact I was worried not to trip over anything they did it yeah whereas if you're doing it this way where it's not motion tracking and then you're just sitting and you're looking that actually seems a lot more comfortable now we'll watch with interest it's something that I've always been interested in VR was never quite got there yet for me but we'll see we shall see speaking of retro though Alex kids coming to Sega ages on the Nintendo Switch to this is the series of retro games that you can buy as a one off purchase on the stores and Anton indeed yes just an individual flat don't payment or mobile you can play the games what ad so yeah, Alex kit another Master System tail. I know we're waiting for dream cast and Saturn but it's good to see the service isn't just like falling apart because quite often this happens with these


collections look kill schemes.


The kid was the one that was the king built in to a lot of Master System consoles. It was the one that you didn't even have to buy the cartridge for. It was the Master System built in excuse. Now remember that as a kid as an average kid I hadn't. Yeah. And it's interesting again, because Sega ages you know, the thing about that is quite like that. I like the idea. Apparently, the Sonic game on the sonic one in sight to I think might be unnecessarily certainly one is, but it's one of the best newer versions or new reports of Sonic one is the actual Sega ages one Yeah, because it's supported by the guy that meet em Sonic Mania. And he originally did this port like ground up port for iOS and they haven't done anything. So this is actually the first time we've had this ground up. We both port on a actual console


was one to keep an eye on as well, the Sega ages series and the other recommendation for me is the Sega Genesis or Sega Mega Drive collection.


Which you get about 50 or two games and one small cartridge. And actually that's a really good value. So value package. So if you're looking at some retro Sega games, and that's another way to do it, but certainly keep an eye on that one team cherry has announced that the upcoming holiday night DLC This is cool. It's not just DLC it's going to be a full blown sequel. Yeah,


so the kind of story behind this is apparently they announced it in there was coming and all that stuff. But once they kind of were working on it, apparently. And you can see it just from like the concept art and count promotional materials that can fill up so much personality and account for his own style they decided to spin off make its full title which is completely understandable because only as it was was a mask game. So imagine doing any formal DLC would end up being a pure sales game anyway. Yeah, yeah,


I mean, this is great news. I mean holiday is brilliantly reviewed is not one I've played yet but I have on my list of the many games that I must play in the next theater. So I know you're this yeah, exactly the same.


I want to play it but I have never done you've played it so I don't have any and I haven't played it I'm kind of in the same boat where I might be various this isn't embarrassing moment for the podcast


has to get on there because it gets so well reviewed. I hear it's brutal. It gets really hard. And that's the one yeah. terrified me. So fingers cross. They don't just continue on with this because I've noticed this a few times, especially if any developers closer just so kind of like and transcend the single project or the one or two people working on it. Yeah, quite often. The difficulty curve just follows on from the last game so hopefully it's so made pretty accessible for new players. Yeah, but saying that we should probably be getting on playing the first one anyway, so it's not particularly well we'll definitely have to get on that. Come on. Shame on us. I know now this is something that was tweeted to us by somebody on Twitter I think I have to double check who was exactly I have a feeling it was Michael but I've maybe got that completely wrong not me there's a Brian was there to to paint


shipwreck okay to paint shipwreck thank you very much for that will that will take that still game reference? That's what it's wrong. I took me a while to get that anyway brand new Nintendo Switch doc which doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker now I've seen this I've had a look at this. I think it's a it's it was a Kickstarter to start with. Yeah. So the company's made other projects before but they're kind of going through the crowd funding method because it kind of gives you free promotion basically. Yeah, but yeah, it's like a dork has speakers on both and it's wireless so you can play it your switch and adult mode West account Bluetooth speakers and self powered so you don't need to worry about charging it while you're doing the wireless charging it but don't worry about it being plugged in all the time. Yeah, and yes, only $99 which is not bad considering the price of a regular adult. Yeah, I am quite interested but this is not something I'm going to rush out and buy something I will keep an eye on I'm guessing or the aiming at people that are traveling a lot is that what their their core audience here is because I'm trying to figure it all out.


Is it for people who are bedroom players that maybe I can't figure out why anybody would buy I may be missing something I must be missing something here but if you're in the dark mode then your screen is going to have a speaker at why would you do what what was the point I think the kind of idea as for somebody who would potentially could you can connect on to it like normal Bluetooth or via ox so I think the idea is if you have a TV you could use this and essentially use this as a sound bar for your TV right okay and be able to take your speakers with you on the goal when you're wanting to play so when you're out with a couple friends nice our speakers unusual so it's a kind of double up thing I think the thing is you have to weigh up at home whether the this is this this is going to be the key point is the quality that good that you go you know what, I'm going to play this through my bluetooth speakers rather than, you know, unless you're someone that's written about a lot and you're taking it with you a lot which I can understand more. Yeah, I just I don't see it, but I just ignore me.


I'm sitting on the fence a little bit about this I did think it looks really cool I was just trying to figure out when when and where I would use it I think the price point is pretty fair because it does sound like an impressive piece of kit but we will see how well it doesn't mean it's obviously done well enough if it's been funded you know yeah yeah i mean if it sounds good goal pardon my mom bought a Bluetooth speaker while ago is 150 quid It was a fairly bargain basement Do you want so if you get one for maintaining poems that doubles as your doc I just don't quite see why you'd want one that doubles as a dog when presumably you've got a docking you've got speaker and wireless Why


don't get it down to the market for adults is we're going to grow up this potential switch many comes true if it's like much money and you can connect it to a doc but doesn't come with one count the market for for part talk options maybe a little bit more of a more interesting have a place in that situation. Do you not think that they're missing such a big trick at the moment though, with customizable docs and making different ones and given us like ones that we want because you can if you go into Etsy for example, sing with joy cons you get some incredible


all handmade let people make them themselves. You send a way for them to really expensive because obviously it's somebody making them but our Nintendo missing a trick here should we have a whole bunch more versions of docs enjoy icons and things yeah with different designs and as you know what would be a great move as if they didn't upscaling doc


I was at your friend's house on the wall yesterday and they had an essay was a 65 or 70 inch TV was a massive HD or 4k TV and switch on there. And actually it looks brilliant. I think their TV was doing some upscaling as part of it. Okay. But if it was upscaled superintendents on hardware might even look better.


I think even like there's such a missed opportunity because imagine like on the front of the doc. Do you remember the new 3ds had those clip on faceplate? Yeah, really easy to introduce. Because the thing is, it's just a plastic show, really,


and you I've seen some of the customizable ones where it's lit up and you've got like logos and things from different games and it's really going on


smashed one recently, which looked amazing, and it lit up like a light blue color. And it was, you know, I just think there's so much opportunity there. And I guess maybe it's not their priority at the moment. But it's something that I think would be people would love it right. We're going to move on to some more news. Thanks. We still got the quiz as well, which I always love doing. And I want to see who's who's going to win the point this week on Game Stop. Germany has listed the spiral trilogy for the switch. Come on, give us the spiral trilogy already. I know like see, like, especially in the direct once we got Assassin's Creed free. I'm like, oh, they're going to confirm all the ports that we've been hearing about forever, but no, just kind of ended there. I was very surprised it didn't. But I do think that this is again part of this. Hey, we're going to have lots of announcements throughout the year. I saw a lot of people morning on the Animal Crossing forums this week because there was no Animal Crossing announcement but you know what, we had an animal criss crossing an answer and we know it's coming. It's just about being patient and realizing that Nintendo this isn't Nintendo's direct for 2019.


This is the first one and I think we'll even be surprised at how frequently I really believe this is the year where they go all out so I think this could be one of those third party games in March that were mentioned I would be very


I wouldn't be very surprised if we see it soon so the spiral trilogy and please come on crush bandage there we want the spider one we're getting crushed in racing for goodness sake give us


know because they're good even produce even imagine like what are they added like crash and spiral to smash they would have been really good Sacra has came out and said to kill the next wave of characters common to smash are going to be hard part tales and I think Kellogg School of platforming mass close is a really good root cause the account got a clinic move set and kind of iconic looks yeah and followings as well which is more people to the game which is always a good thing. So we have another leak then and it's a potential Duncan romper trilogy. I would be really pleased about this because I was recommended this by


Our mutual friend cat Anton and it's a game that I did get there was on sale on the Vietor I believe at the time and I got the first one played a little bit of it and I needed to spend more time on it but I've just found with the switch I do spend more time on games anyway so yes, I would be looking at picking this up What about yourself on time yeah this is kind of the same obviously our good friend Kelly would mention dang romp every time they did their release because there's been like a couple like free plus or stuff like that but for me it was always the case of the via it's a nice console but it's not my first choice and I think it was on the ps4 but that's a handheld so to have yes which would be nice and from my recognition of the franchise I believe it's gambling game where it's not like he like here's the story of number one here's the story of number two here's the story of number of free account melts on it's just that this is a new dying and Ron Paul and then yes, the newer one. So I'm curious as they get kept on what I've seen with other collections like the Master Chief


collection where the Kindle male domain to kill one Uber game that combines all the contacts three. Yeah. Even named just having free of the games and one pack even if it's like 30 pounds that's like 10 pounds a day run this was another game In a similar vein to this, which is oh no actually on the switch I think it just came out as stains gate and it's it's a game that I've had on my list to play for a while. It's got a similar kind of feel to it. This The thing about the new one is it's it's done. It's fully animated all the way through, just like the animators, and it looks really, really great. The problem is, it's 59 $99


store or Gee, I'm just painful. It's a lot of money. I mean, I can justify that right now. But it's certainly one that I it's great that it's on the switch. And at some point, if we can get a physical or if we can get that at somewhere closer to half that price you might consider of it's it's just too much money for me at the moment. But good news. Again, the more the merrier, please. And another one that we know is going to be coming out and this will be hugely popular. It's actually going to be out this week as you Gil


Legacy of the Julius link evolution now this is coming out so that title again you do you must know you might have heard of yoga yeah but that was a month or a title it is a big long title but that's okay because you Gail has a massive following it's going to be hugely popular on the switch and I think again this is this is what we said the switch should be doing a year ago is is tapping into these markets that were usually reserved for the likes of the Rita before are even the 3ds to an extent and certainly the switches know doing what we thought it should do yeah cuz even though from my experience with to your franchise account console itself based on as like it was really popular in the GB and then it jumped straight to PSP and then all one or one game on the Wii and then that's pretty much the franchise get being on the main consoles kelp the pair carbon play a game of a card game just doesn't lend itself well to console so being able to take this previously console game because I believe also on the ps4 and Xbox One and take on the goal Yeah, excellent. by me. It wasn't


The ps1, because I remember back in the day, my little brother who was about six at the time trying to teach me the rules of you do. And to this day, I don't think I've ever had a more confusing day of my life. I mean, he was sick. So he probably wasn't describing a very well, but, but he knew what he was doing. You know, I just have a clue, but another clue what he's talking about. But it'll, it'll probably work better. Because there's a lot more people have switches than ever had beaters. Yeah. And then again, it's that it's that the thing we also have the switch that you can play on the screen can play a handheld, the touchscreen or handheld could come and useful for this type of game as well, especially card based kind of games or games where you need to do things quickly. So yeah, and interesting one that so this week, February 21, under simplifying the game as well, going back to the old rules, which thank goodness for that because if there were more complicated than when I laid it, then that's going to be complicated for a loop just even without being like a game that's tied into a TV shoulder like every couple of years or like need to make more money. How can we were cool Yeah, absolutely well accessible, so we have to go the other one that we haven't.


mentioned on our kind of on our own list but is one that I just wanted to mention that I said to you guys beforehand is that Ace Attorney the trilogy is on the way as well really excited about this if you played the old Ace Attorney games on the DS or the 3ds objection then you'll know that very familiar sirens and style of gameplay if you haven't the basically tied it up a bit they've made it look a little bit sharper it's very very pretty looking now and the game itself is really engaging if you've ever played one you'll know what I'm talking about if you haven't and you like a bit of a mystery detective type thing trying to solve a crime or figure out who did what people lying to you that kind of thing dodgy witnesses all that is really, really good to go and have a look at it. I think. Yeah, I won't lie even like I've never played Phoenix, right? Yeah, yeah,


Phoenix right game. Ace, Ace Attorney attorney,


I think is the first one I think. Okay. Yeah, I think one of the games in the franchise however, I just saw the screenshots of my feet. I was like, Oh my god, that looks good.


Just just really clean it looks like you're watching an anime, but it's a game. What is. That's how it feels. I mean, you feel like you're playing. And there's a lot of storyline in there. But it's, there's options. And it's very, very easy to go wrong.


If when you play, y'all know what I mean? It's very easy to get the wrong person. Speaking of crime, she goes, see, seen that the the first Android emulator of switches appeared. No, no, yeah, I mean,


it was always going to happen. It was going to happen. And let's face it, the switches basis, it's bringing a tiger chip, it's busy and mobile device someone has now developed or a group of people know, developed an emulator for so I mean, obviously, we don't condone that. And to be honest, why would you do because you lose interest, which experience you're not going to icons. But technically speaking, if you're an Android device, and you want to go and


get a gray areas of law firms that way. Yeah. Then there is an emulator leave it at that would be an interesting device run Android on because obviously Android has a flip, like a really big emulator mark.


So once you've got Android on there you can pretty much get anything up to like I believe we've got Game Cube emulators for Android now so you've now got everything back from Game Cube which I think will probably get this the other way around I think probably what will happen is then tend to eventually will go right let's use that and let's get the Game Cube back library on there on the switch maybe not know but at some point that's going to happen i think but probably after the game keep money comes out I would think because there's been a great history of kale hackers forcing companies to innovate so if you remember during the layer half the PSP error codes piracy was so rampant every single game that came on the PSP in the camp last like five years had came in like prompt default and a collector session because they needed to spur on people to buy but yeah i mean it's it's goes back to the days of the late 80s when you could copy cassettes and people would copy their games rather than buy them and that's they had to find ways for that as well and the even back then they kind of tweaked that you know what people like that


collector's editions and there's some beautiful Collector's Edition is out there at the moment and one of the ones I want to get my hands on for the switches that easy it's been a really, really want to play that game. It's a bit like I know people will hate me for saying this is nothing like it but if you played the likes of Xena played Chronicles or


I guess to a lesser extent Breath of the Wild. It's got that kind of feel about it. But a bit more action basis an RPG but it's i think that i think the mechanics are the fighting mechanics are not turn based. their actual kind of, you know, just live on the fly. As far as I know, I haven't played it. But it looks great. It gets really well reviewed as a brilliant collector's edition that want to get but it's getting rarer and rarer by the day. All right, they will we move on to the to the quiz or


any questions? All right then. So for this week's quiz, we're currently at five to to Anton so he's without fear of him running away with it. Six years I know I know you're right now is this is episode number eight. So we're 500


Don't Don't give him a point.


It's a foregone conclusion.


Right? So first game tonight,


I'm going to go through the rules against we do every week. And if you're not, not, if you don't know by now, you'll figure this out very quickly. But we have three games. Okay. And they the guys have got to get them one guest per round. All right. Originally released in 1984 in Japan, North America and 85 didn't reach Europe until 1987. This game was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nez


gone whoa That was impressive. How did you do that? Oh pure guesswork


we're just swear it


was I know the first game that came out it came with an S quite most of those you born as a king bundled with it so initially it give you the other clues then initially received few reviews but was given mild critical praise. The game was released on the Virtual Console and we you in 2014. This is interesting. I didn't know this. Prior to the next version. There was another game with the same title released on the laser clay shooting.


system in 1976 one Earth is the laser clay shooting system, I haven't the foggiest nice now we have to look that up a use the net zapper in combination with a CRT TV to shoot docs that appear on screen but actually the way that word was genius we'll get into that another day. Incredible. I had a light gun for my spectrum Bridget yeah and one of the games I played in my spectrum was Bullseye it supple a


gun to shoot your last week for that she was going oh yes


oh yes there we are. So that's wonderful to Alistair who pressures


next game developed by next level games for the Game Cube released in Europe and North America and late 2005 and Japan and Australia in 2006


in Japan after Europe Does that ever happened they did this time


we're in factory


nice guest but no no I'm gonna play the game sequel was also the


By next level games and came out on the week the developers worked on the NHL CDs before developing this sports game. Brian Lara cricket


Mario Party tennis know


the game was praised for is multiplayer gameplay but criticized for the lack of gameplay modes and single player offerings.




this one stumped me


Alistair, and I'm going to get some like smoking marijuana. Sonic Olympics. Okay, next up, then I think someone's going to get the same. It's a five on five football game with no referees and you can legitimately shove others I have possession of the ball. Oh


no. I haven't got clued in to see striker striker, not the right answer. You can use Mario themed items such as bananas and red shells to


hinder the opposition and gain the advantage football because I think Maria soccer I'm going to give it to Alistair because it's Mario smash football in Europe Super Mario Strikers was the other title that it was given there was a follow up as well to it I love that game do you I guess neither of you ever never know I've never heard of it right okay Super Mario Strikers as you said striker and then you said Is it is it Mario football so I can't really not give it to I'm sorry Anton yeah that's all I remember that game is it just had really like really cool are like yes it was like carefully can vary killed Griffey almost sale but with Mario characters and it was just kind of different very different from Mario game that the artwork but yeah very very good game I'm googling it as we speak because I'm fascinated really well reviewed as well so and it's one that if you are a retro collector you want to go back and check out a title I suggest that one might be one to check out. Okay then next up for game number three. Alistair has one


This round by Campbell you're saying I feel like I might cry


kilo trophy for a role playing sports adventure game originally released in 2017 Oh golf story yes golf story well done Have either of you played golf story nope Never heard of


it haven't not yet but remember they did a really gorgeous say I think limited run games print for it yes they did and that's one of the clues actually but I completed golf story so but 16 to 20 hours ish if you haven't played it and you think you'll never play it because you don't like golf forget that because it's an absolutely brilliant game you will love Alistair it's one of the it's one of my favorite titles on the switch me I'm still Super Mario Strikers. I need to release this in the switch. I want to go and play it I don't even like football I don't know you'd like but that game looks really really good. Yeah. So anyway, the other one that you need to get on the switches golf story because it's absolutely brilliant and you don't need to like golf to play a factor.


Very much less about that and more about just trying to well you know what you need to play it because it's just so there is a rather than Merion golf golf great nothing like Mario Golf is not like a golf game. It's an RPG and fastening So originally in development as a we you title by a two man team but you too lengthy development team development moved over to the switch the next clue was limited run released a limited physical retail release


influenced by the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf nominated for Best Debut indie game in 2017 and one Best Original sports game and finally a role playing game that follows it down on his luck goal for attempting to reclaim his childhood love of golf passed down to him by his father after not playing the game for 20 years you will love golf story is really my recommendations and I forget to recommend it to people because it feels like so long ago since I played it because there's one of the first games I finished on the switch so golf stories my recommendation there so well done Anton but unfortunately it doesn't mean that this week it's 212 Alistair so he closed


Three my god I gotta get


I don't know. No, no.


All right well that's about it for this week. Just a very quick mention on Twitter as well. So thank you very much to everyone who has been in touch CF not Natale got in touch to see just want to see podcasters outstanding really engaging thank you so much for that was really nice feedback as well we've had a few other ones that actually should have got all these ready but Robin also said listening to some of your old podcast to catch up so thanks for that really would highly recommend or the recommended gains love the pod Keep up the good work is what they were saying. Thank you very much Robin. And we had a few other ones as well on you'll see them online on Twitter and on our iTunes review page as well you'll see there's two or three reviews up there so keep them coming because it really does help us thank you very much everyone keep keep them coming. Absolutely yes thank you and just a very quick reminder ns UK podcast on Twitter if you want to email us at podcast at ns. UK P.


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via Twitter. I don't know how that works. Don't do it. Tie something to pigeon until to come here. We recommend the word Scotland it will take her do not do that terrible, terrible idea. So with that, have a great week. We'll be back next week for another episode of the Nintendo Switch up podcast. Goodbye to our law.