Revenge of the Wii U Port - Episode 3

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This week we are talking making predictions for what 2019 holds in store for the Switch. We review Lost in Harmony and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe and some crazy rumours about someone wanting to buy Nintendo. And of course we have round 3 of Mike's Best Quiz Ever (or so he claims)

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Hello and thank you for downloading the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. We are all ready for episode three.


So hello. Hello. Hello, Anton. Mike. I'm Mike. That's Anton. No, no one can see us. But that's Anton. And that's Alistair. Hello, Mary. Mary. New Year. Happy Christmas. Merry New Year. Happy Christmas, everybody. And all the other holidays and Happy Hanukkah and whatever else. Do we have that over the last? I don't think so. I don't know. Happy non religious. Seasonal greeting. Happy to everyone. Happy just happy day. We are. We are back for our third episode of the Nintendo Switch podcast. And we've got a lot to talk about because it's the start of a new year Anton. And one of the things that we thought we would talk about today because there are a few things that are coming out that we're going to mention there's a couple of


reviews as well to talk about. But I thought to start with today. Let's have a think about our predictions for 2019.


Oh, so to Kelvin, let's start with the big one. Do you think we're finally going to see some new switch hardware this year? Close the last couple years? every couple months? We're like, yeah, we're getting a sweat check sale or switch pro the switch to the asset sale.


So do you suspect they'll do anything in that division? Yes, I do. I think there's going to be an announcement before the end of the summer,


but I hope not because I'm quite happy with the switch. I don't want them to change it. I want them to just put more and more time into making it as awesome as it is. I know there are a few shortfalls with the switch. I'm not saying it's the perfect system the best of all time and I'm ready for another switch at some point, but I'm not ready yet. Yeah, I'm with you. I like having console the sticks around for a few years. You get a nice big library of games you don't


singlet changing the hardware, it's actually something that's kind of annoyed me about PlayStation or Xbox is these iterative ones that come out every couple years. Just let me enjoy the hardware I've got. It's good. It works fine. Well here's the thing though. Anton, is it three years ago? Was it two years? We're coming up for the switch? Oh, we were like, I think it was March 2017, the switch came out. So it's been a bet now. So it's almost two years. So we are at the stage now where traditionally the start releasing a different version of the same thing. Even if you think back to the days of the Mega Drive, we've got the Mega Drive to which was slightly sleeker, looking to do a lot different, but it was slightly better looking. And certainly in Japan, I know that that's a common thing for them to release different versions. Well, it'd be interesting to see what the do Nintendo hasn't traditionally done that with any other home consoles. They've upgraded them. If you remember that Nintendo 64. The ram pack to expand the divorce. Yes, sort of an upgrade or something you plugged in. They have done it with a handheld. Yeah. So periodically the new Gameboy got a new addition to it. So it will be


Interesting see which route to take and if I remember correctly when they first launched the switch on the tour depart people would find the word already designed for expanding the memory in it or there were so definitely something to do with an expectation of a bigger memory version coming I think there was certainly with the cards there was capabilities for there to be more storage I think now I'm talking around Are you talking about I don't know Anton Do You Do you remember I do remember something but its way back in I'm not too sure I've never heard anything about this and and as well as that I think if we did get an iteration of the switch it's very interesting to think what direction you may or may go for something a little bit more simpler camp like a PSP 2000 words just a little bit later refined design and or they might go the program and just make it more powerful when the timing of this would be really interesting cuz at Camp we're starting to get our PlayStation five and Xbox to rumors coming in. And so it's not too hard to believe. Make em and handle night to move where the health make it. Saw the Nintendo Switch.


Completely like film, Red Dead Redemption or something like that, just to help keep it competitive, where it doesn't go until we use situation. Yeah, yeah, I get I get that. I think if they were to make an announcement and say, Look, we're working on the next upgrade version of the switch, whether that's a new standalone thing or an upgrade or whatever, but we're not going to release it for another 18 months, then it'd be kind of, OK. OK, I can deal with that. But for me, three years, I think three years of a console given it three years of a console is still quite, you know, still quite a short time but certainly three years for me is is the kind of time where I go all right, I can understand the decision less than that. And I'm like, Oh, you know what, I think if there are any other games company I tend to agree with you but it's Nintendo Nintendo do tend to just carve their own way that it's not like they don't pay attention what the competition do but they say you know what, we're gonna do our own thing and I have a sneaking suspicion that they probably won't least new hardware they put a lot of money into this, which I suspect is probably still costing them quite a bit to make it I'll be the cost will come down


I just don't think it's an interest well bring on new hardware I've heard to rumors to quite strong rumors and on you can tell me if you heard these. The first one is that we're getting the pro so we're going to get the switch pro which is going to be slightly bigger screen it's going to be a little bit more powerful it's probably going to play things 60 frames per second and an HD more than 10 at hP hP hP sauce HD than we are currently. But that's the first rumor Anton Have you heard something similar and I've heard that rumor like floating around like as we've mentioned like least can pull reports have been going realm since like 2017. Yeah, but all about yourselves. They don't seem to just line up with fair. Nintendo's philosophy especially with whole count. The game library has matured on the switch especially leaning on Andy's it seems kind of counterproductive to make the switch more powerful and more expensive coincidentally. Well as much as I would love an interest interestingly the second one the the second rumor that I've heard is the one that


I think is more realistic and that is that they're going to release the handheld only version which is what I think you were talking about just a few minutes ago so that's the other big rumor that I've heard is that are going to release a handheld own version is not adoptable one it's maybe going to be a little bit smaller but certainly it's going to be just for handheld


I don't know isn't that half the beauty of the switch? How does it work whole point is which is you take the joy comes off and you play with it. Yeah, that would be the thing it would be all in one and it wouldn't be a joyful thing is taking it apart literally a display port I don't see that I don't know I can see that happening. I can see it being like the kid friendly version or something of the like they did with the two DS I guess with what what do you think? Anton? Yeah that's such an old one because we're at the point now where the two DSS are been slashed 3ds a service will don't know so and so bringing in money for them but less and less games are slowly going over there so Kelly maybe them doing a more


account fits in between the two DS and switch might be the way forward because at the end of the day yet neither of us would probably go and buy and a lot of gamers would sell queued up for the higher nicer sweat version it would bring more people to the ecosystem making more games so even if they it's counter counter productive system for a lot of users bring in more users to the platform would be fantastic well put it this way if it's going to be financially viable Nintendo are going to do it Let's face it they do like making money of course they their business their big business okay that's that's the hardware side of it. Then in terms of software What are we thinking are going to be the big announcement of 2019 are we going to get an announcement of a new Mario car and use elder a big third party title like I don't know GTA or you know there's there's one safe for you I guarantee we're going to get Metroid there's going to be a new Metroid yeah that's that's pretty much in the bank think that's done and I I want and put my money down. I'm going to say there's going to be new metro card


DLC but not necessarily you Mario Kart I don't think we're getting any more DLC I think we'll get a new Mario Kart announcement that I would I would much prefer a new America and tolerate and yeah personally I'm thinking will see as you say Metroid animal cross now be your two big ones I think we're going to get a poor of 3d worlds


some around freely will be okay with that yep and and if we're lucky


if we're going to get game to backwards compatibility eventually I'm thinking Metroid Prime trilogy collection yeah yeah any game any Game Cube


backwards compatibility would be good in my book today that'd be great that'd be a nicer step forward because we've not had gimmicky backwards compatible or yet there is a rumor that we're getting snares games as part of the online thing because obviously we've been ness only at the moment and I think you know, looking at moving from Nesta snares in terms of the online side of and I can imagine that's not too much of a you know, unrealistic jump.


But I think it would be nice to see that because we have lost the Virtual Console that's one of the things in the we use it that we are lacking


and as well as I don't know about yourself by find going back to sexing. But gaming is just so much more palatable than it but gaming so it's not really a game here in the soldier for it's a little bit harder to get into like a nays or Master System game. But yeah, I can jump into let's say I've never played at super simple Castlevania for until recently. But it's the arrow it came from. I feel like it's much more acceptable to jump into then let's say going back and playing Castlevania to which


half the time you don't even know what's going on. It's funny you made the point I was going to make that exact same point I feel a grew up with an S i was a next generation by far more fondness for the snares those games were a step forward as you say there are a lot more accessible there visually prettier. I don't think we've been designing games long enough that by the time the snares games came along the new year to make them more playable Yeah, the


Original NAS was brutal. Yeah, very tough. I mean, I like both generations. I'm a fan of the eight bit year I'm still a fan of the spectrum you know I love I love homebrew games, I love all that stuff. But it is there's a certain type of game that doesn't work very well and eat bit and unfortunately most of the games are like get other there's a kind of genre that works really well. And once you come out and say to that 16 bit definitely is is a lot more palatable and I think it will be great to see that and and further you know, getting into the 32 bit and 64 bit and and i think that they will do that that's a prediction for me. I do you think that they will see more of that this year. I also think we're going to get one or two big ports. And one of the reasons for this is that we're starting to see some interesting ones. We've got vampire on the way I don't know if you spot that one before Christmas, but also just announce I think it was about a week ago at Dragon's Dogma which originally came out on the 360 and the ps3, it was rereleased for the PlayStation four and it's coming


Going out in the switch on an April doesn't need a big update that was one of the complaints in the PlayStation four is that you need a huge update when you when you first buy it doesn't need that it's got a small update but not a big one. And it's interesting because that's that's the kind of game that I can foresee more third party developers going All right. Well if they're doing that let's have a go.


Yeah I think mainly the count genre we're going to see a lot of the shirts we're going to see a lot more RPG game poor to cross because the switches seemingly became a really good console for them like even bigger games like styrofoam. So I know we've got a rumor that the watcher freeze coming or worse that's going to be finally breaking game. Well, that's it I had it on the PlayStation four and it sat sealed for the whole time I had it because the problem with every other console for me and certainly I think this is maybe a more of a thing and when you get into your 30s I think it is


a finding time and then if you've got half an hour to sit down half an hour isn't enough to spend


Time on a game like the Witcher three or Skype or whatever you need half an hour and then half an hour and your bed and a portable for exactly because we're sitting on a train or sitting on an airplane you go a couple of hours to kill is a perfect opportunity to get a bit of gimme in the switch let you do that it's wonderful on Thursday I've got a six hour round trip on the train three hours there three hours back I'm already planning in my head right what game Can I play I've never have the chance to play that's why it's so good well done yeah that's I completely agree I was like what the Holy season I was like okay I'm not going to be and the whole game room I'm not gonna have much so it's like okay well what warmer taken with me What's my project for the weekend exactly backup Did you just say you have a game room yeah dude I have envy


by the way it's it's incredible we have to because the way that we were we record at just for people. Listening Alistair and I are in one room and Anton's in another and we're over Skype which is which is quite a common thing in podcasts. And what's great


Is the Anton just moved out of the way there so we could see his game collection behind barges literally an entire wall of game yes


whereas we're sitting here what is effectively a closet it's a recording studio may


glorify closet closet


those are the biggest predictions for me software we're going to see more third party I think you're right i think RPG is the way it's going to go RPG you know I think we're going to see a lot of re releases we're going to see some new ones coming to the switch as well I would love




I was just thinking that it was like we moved on I was like Colton forgot to mention personally


I'm gonna make another prediction and it's a really really boring when we're talking about this on the last episode I reckon we're going to get some Telltale games coming back I think someone's going to buy a new release them in today well while I would love that to happen


do I see happening Yeah, I think there's a there's a market for it. I think the


They need to find somebody that can not just take them but can take them and expand on them and that's where the problem is because they need somebody that's going to say we're going to do another game of thrones series or we're going to go and revisit Back to the Future again and give it a new you know because that was i mean i don't know anyone that's a Back to the Future fan lingo that game and we've mentioned this but it's just an incredible experience it was like it was joy your joy we need that in the switch um so yeah telltale obviously are no more but is there going to be someone else on top I I think there might be yeah cuz like looking back like when teach q amp bus looking at like all the people buying those games people were buying garbage and like you still see them today just like reselling it get they have zero credibility is a game developers are like yeah maybe we can put a new version of whatever game at so there's so releasing like teach few games trying to like milk those properties so the telltale franchise as a whole like Telltale Games as a whole there's so much money to be had there. So I imagine some they'll be snapping them up quickly. Well, I hope so. Because I


thing that that is the perfect fit for the switch and actually the Batman games are very well received and all that there's one you can only download I think in one we can get physical because it was right at the point where things went badly for telltale so there are two on my list because I've only played half of the first one um any other predictions for 2019 and then guys is there anything else that we think the switch is going to do this year so yeah this is kind of where I was going to help lead the conversation as them in terms we've kept us a local ports and LA County just first part party but what's your big guests for first part in entangle this year personally me I think we're going to get a Pokemon game PacMan for and as a franchise are really passionate meal more himself really passionate about and I'm thinking rumors This was before the switch came out that Peckman force practically done and it's just been sitting there for ages and haven't heard anything all but how about yourself? What do you think first? Party wise I'm gonna go I'm gonna say someone's good


To come along, Nintendo is going to come along and do a remastered Dr. Mario. All remaster. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I don't know. That's interesting. That's a bit of a curveball, but I can see it because it's still good. Have you played I played on the the Nez Virtual Console I was great yeah it's really good it's all good game my prediction is I'm with you I think Pittman for is a is a given I think that's going to happen I think that'll be the next direct that we get. I think that's going to be the final announcement and it's going to be soon after that that's my prediction. So it's quite it's quite a specific prediction but I think I'm going to stand by that will revisit that after the next direct whenever that is but my other prediction is I think we will have an announcement of the next Zelda game for 2020


here I can yes hundred percent it feels very soon as I know that gives the breath was yours what why you gotta remember what Breath of the Wild is that was also released simultaneously on on Will you Yeah. So for me, although that is about


Brilliant. Must have title on the switch. It's not a switch exclusive. Yeah, let me guess we're coming up for what? Three years? nearly two years. Just two years. So that was 2017 is


the year if we get Zelda Yeah. But I think you have thinking like a cyborg score, Cyborg sorts health just like second iteration on the switch console. I think we'll get a rerelease of potentially that I think that might be one that gets released If not, one of the other ones will be remastered and release maybe a couple of them. But I think we're going to get a brand new Zelda title. And I don't know whether that's I don't know where that's going to go. I just think it's going to be announced this year. It's my prediction and it will be next year will be released. I think I'm kind of a few. However, I'm not thinking it'll be a main series like follow up from breath while I think it's more so can be another 2d game. Sam. I think a new mouse saved a couple years back for he was saying that they both teams. They have the 2d team that worked on the handheld games in the mobile team then.


Mobile team also works on switch so I think it's gonna be a 2d Zelda will be the next one before we get our breath the whale full up potentially. I think that there's certainly going big on the mobile thing right now that leads us on to a rumor that for 2019 the Alistair was going to tell us about.


Yeah, I could safely say zero credibility. I do like the idea of it. There's a rumor kicking around that Nintendo might be bought by someone this year. Can you guys think Who Who do you think might be saying


that would be brilliant? I would be fantastic. So you know, not Sega apple. Really? Yeah, Apple. It's a pure speculation. But you think about it though. It kind of begins to make a bit of sense apples, a company that has a lot of money, their share prices fell through the floor today, so they kind of need to do something and Nintendo Well, they have made various claims in the past so don't open to


Almost anything their business at the end of the day the two companies have an interesting history they're both very eclectic they do their own thing they'll try things they kind of keep them they don't have a big middle finger to the industry but they just carve their own way they don't care what anyone else is doing and actually they might well fit together I my prediction on that is that I don't think the will


people to over by Apple but I what I think might happen is they might go into some joint ventures together


on a smaller scale I don't see it being as big as that personally because I think Nintendo are such a distinct brand themselves the I don't see that however it'll be interesting to see what does happen and Thomas what's your yeah personally me I'm kind of all for this it or I feel like in the long term plan just hardware doesn't quite make 100% Saints for an intangible as we're moving towards streaming and kind of export like there's talks about


riskless exports coming out next year. That's completely digital and seamless. And I think just to kind of concept, or maybe joy cons with iPhone, just the power of like the iOS platform, because even like stuff like the new iPad, oh, it's more powerful like an end high end Intel CPUs. So Apple has so much power in their hardware. And they've always struggled in the gaming space. So to have a big catalog first party games to come over to their hardware exclusively. And it will make a lot of sense for at least apple in that regard. Well, there's two other things I can kind of add to this and one of the Nintendo an apple have partner partner for, but an Apple has got Nintendo software and hardware. We've already got married around we've gotten Nintendo is pushing a few more games at the moment. I don't know how much interaction between the two companies so it's literally they just posted the store and where they go. I suspect knowing those two companies, there might be a bit more to it. But this is maybe where the rumors come from in the first place. But there was an offhand comment


There was a very deliberate comment another day came from this in this present if we recover, who actually hinted our team said out loud that we aren't really fixated on our consoles at the moment we're offering the uniquely development tend to switch and it's software. And that's what we're basing how we deliver the Nintendo experience on. That being said, technology changes will continue to think flexibly about how we deliver that experience as time goes on, you then carries on to a very long monologue, but at the end of it, he just sees we're not necessarily wedded to consoles we might stop doing them. So by playing cards,


full circle, but intend to themselves that they don't necessarily want to always you're doing hardware, they're open to other things. And if if somebody comes along like Apple says, we'll do the hardware you do software maybe


interesting. I'll certainly be one to watch and 2019 and no doubt there'll be several more thousand rumors in the Twitter sphere and on the internet is sphere and everywhere else the sphere right speaking of 2019 then one of the games that just came out just the other day


Is hits a rerelease because we're used to those in the switch. But that's okay. Because we like those two. And it's one of the worst part titles ever have a Mario game but it's very enjoyable. It's New Super Mario Bros you Deluxe. I've been playing this. Has anyone else had to go played it on the way? You didn't see the point? Yes. Which


picked up I have both of them on the we're there Super Mario Bros you and the New Super Luigi you yeah but haven't played the new switch one so


yeah I mean to be honest if you played that one you've played the game I mean it's there's not a lot different to it it's it's very enjoyable it's not as it's not as brand new and amazing feeling as it was in 2011 or 2012 or whenever it came out originally but it's still a great game solid good fun to play are tricky and places a little bit slippery and places depending on which character you are a really good fun coach Co Op game so it's one to recommend if you've never played it. I say get it. If you have played it probably don't bother. There's only a couple of


Little things in there a couple of new characters the portable mode is great couch Co Op game perfect yeah you know it's a smart move and bathroom Nintendo it's another way of bringing this game to whole audience who completely missed it for you so yeah I don't blame him for doing in good shape yeah cuz that's what else that I want personally I remember when it came out on the way you just count fell a little bit JD like it was kind of like a waste the game back thanks I think we're came right off the back of the we want in the 3ds and the d s one like a couple years apart so personally I'm just happy that we're Nintendo's not wasting their effort on a filter the Mario right now and kept putting out towards potentially new IPS or yeah sequels and Calif older franchisees. So I think this is a win win situation and actually say having on the goal is fantastic. So remember, especially if the Luigi DLC some of those levels are just like a minute or two. So will that pick up and play gameplay right there. It seems designed for mobile well that's the difference on the Luigi game and that's where then the mobile thing as you said, comes in and at the end


With Luigi is that you've got to finish it in a very short time each level it means it means that you're actually pulling it a very different way. So it's quite a fun pick up and play game perfect for the switch positively. Interestingly, I've been playing a bit more of Odyssey as well recently just kind of the post finished game stuff which I hadn't gone back to still great fun still really good fun going around and collecting stuff and there's a great world and I kind of hope that they they revisit that are go further with it again and maybe is that is that something we're going to see or we're going to see more


more read releases and remasters like Mario Galaxy or what's what do you think the next move with Mario is going to be?


Oh, I'm me. I wouldn't be surprised all the policy itself seems to have enough of a brand in unique have a sale where I could totally see them go ahead and doing like almost like a galaxy to where they just reuse the same engine, a lot of similar gameplay tropes but really expanded close they could do a law with that formula and then


Imagine building that engine from the ground up is not cheap so imagine being able to double dip on something like that like why not yeah it was a fantastic formula It was a game that it worked really really well and is interested in tend to have kept putting out I'll call DLC for literally pushed up new characters wardrobes and things like that there's nothing major I think the charging for but the do keep dribbling a content for that game and I wouldn't be surprised if you see some extra actual playable contact record I think splitting to has a lot to you know, there's a lot of credit goes to split into in for having that kind of philosophy that, you know, if someone buys into the game, we're going to keep throwing stuff at it. I mean, they're still having their spot fests and they're still I mean, there's still giving you extra content and other just about coming to the end of it, I think. But but that's two years of a game where they're still doing and they did that was split soon as well. And I think that's a really encouraging sign that I think because there aren't that many of those type of games on the switch. It would be more


Nice to see intend to do more of that and doing that for the likes of Mario and Mario Kart as well because it's been forever since we had anything yeah gonna say that's one intended strengths their longevity of the sport games for us phenomenal think better than almost any other certainly manufacture but I think along with any developer that can think


yeah I'm curious like kept talking about split tune free I'm wondering they've like had a constant stream of split tune content going from one person to their late was barely a gap so I'm kind of curious if that's gonna be a franchise Nintendo's going to turn to close even split tune to whereas now to where it was when it first came out was completely different especially with the DLC leave that for that expansion to expansion so that would be an interesting surprise and bill if we ever saw one well I could be another prediction for 2018 I wouldn't that wouldn't be even be far fetched to think that there'll be a spoon three announcement right 2.5 or something. Well, if there is a split in three or split in 2.5. Can I make a request Yeah.


Pretty sure they may be done this already tell me to have colorblind mode there is that both you and I are co by which makes playing games at that very very difficult but no one time you and I sat down to try and play if you're like we want to play split screen and there was no split screen most better option split screen Co Op couch mod yeah we need that is that game was crying and I think a lot of that is probably down to the way it runs I think it's probably the frame rate was


really can do that if I had time to it


wasn't looking for make the engine more efficient doesn't work you can do it with other games put it that way I mean we can do other games I'm sure there would be a way it's I love couch Co Op and maybe I know that it's not as popular today as it was you know 20 years that's coming back but I think it's coming back i think i think people are liking being in the room with people again and I think coach what we've got huge TVs now can you imagine this Kids TV that size is like having three TVs each know why America 14 industry my


back in my day. So you


know a spot is true. It's like


like going to a friend's and like playing like Mario and like a 60 inch TV it's like a child like a 27 inch display which is more than playing playing multiplayer games. No Yeah exactly.


Well it's one to watch and I really do hope that we see more of that more catch Co Op please more games with Coach court there are a few now I gotta be honest there are there are more now than ever and it's great i mean i've got a backlog of games that I play in the house with my other half and it's it's great yeah I mean, after this recording we're going downstairs where there's a bunch of people waiting for us to go play Mario Party yeah those literally already or evening is Mario Party


right I'm just moving on to a game the Anton suggested in Episode Two that we should all try out now this was a game that was on sale amongst many other games on sale because I tell you what, this whole games on sale and constantly the moment on the shop and what what was the price I think it was was was 99 people's name. Name name. Wow. At last in harmony is the name of the game was it you that suggested


On yeah I suggested to him CEOs interesting I remember playing at once on mobile and I was like okay that's an interesting like it felt good on mobile and so on sweat for 9pm like that's worth the gamble and then I let us know so how did you find the gotta say I enjoyed it I enjoyed it but equally I hate it


such a good game It starts off slowly ease you into easily yeah this is fine and the difficulty route that really quickly within the first 30 seconds


and it's it gets friend so you're looking at the screen you've got a character rink towards the screen a bit crash band kitty you don't know is coming several Chevron total into jump and you're gonna yeah basically move left right from the screen so that but when you deal with that, that's fine. But then in comes the Guitar Hero press the right button to the right time bit. And that gets so fast. You can't even see what letter is. Let little figure out what is going to memorize. I played lots of consoles over the years ago. Remember, memorize where x and y and all that is is hard enough yeah for me.


until I've got agree I really really like this game I think it's well worth as much worth way more than 99 Pm for a picnic it's it's a lot of fun it's a it's a rhythm game but it's also got that Guitar Hero element in it as well


to just to a point it's kind of hard to explain to the plate but there's a cool story line that goes through I say cool it's cool it's quite dramatic and emotional but it's it's a it's nice that they've got this story arc that please through it you makes you kind of want to continue on and find out a little bit more. And the visuals are great. I love the visuals really love the art. It is just the scenes that it depends on your skating order screen or Yeah, they're lovely, lovely and apocalyptic. Yeah,


well worth the pickup for me. And Tom. good suggestion. And I'm glad I spent my 99 harder and pants on it. Yeah, shout out to the digital level Tetris and Facebook logos and all kinds of music to that but yeah,


I mean some of fuckin like yes, but I think


Those get really hard to em The game has like two games but you can also play at what the physical buttons and you can do it what the touchscreen did you just do physical buttons for it? Yeah I attempted to touch screen and I was like no


I actually I was using physical button for when it came to doing the whole tutorial but I end up stopping at the screen because I did find it easier. Yeah yeah that that's where I was. I was like half and half so it's like you'd be playing with the switch and your hands and then you would just flow it towards the ground and just tap like to try and get like some foods. It's the funniest know to understand what we're talking about this otherwise we just all sign up. Yeah, we urge you to go by the game is worth it. All right, let's move on. Then. It's time for our third quarter.


We are one one in previous rounds. Just a reminder or for anyone that's listening for the first time. The way we play is I have three games


and I'm going to describe the game line by line and the first of you to get the game right.


Winter point and of course it's the best of three. If you If you answer once, once after each line then you don't get another one too. I see another clue you see what I mean? If I remember correctly last time until swept me. He got every single one and the week before it was you swept Anton it was three both sides. It's all or nothing.


All right then. First game. Are you ready? Go for it. I'm ready. Originally released on the PlayStation two. Then later released on the Xbox 360. And we and re released on the police station for any guesses. Okami know


spider the dragon


sold over 1.5 million copies


blinded. next clue you play you play as the character Jimmy Hopkins.


Oh that doesn't ring a bell This is one of my favorite all time games absolutely love all know.


And I hope it will come into that published by Rockstar Games.


Oh boy. Yeah I always wanted in Bulworth Academy was the final one Yeah. Great. game would love to see that on the switch. See? I think if you froze up for us off because it's like rock star in the we was like no a common deal back in the day. Like that didn't happen often. And even today in and handle and Rockstar


as much as I hate it. They're not talking. Well, let's let's hope that changes soon. Because I could I could go with some GTA on on the switch. That will be a bit of a city on the switch. Oh, yeah, absolutely. We need that. So just to remind everyone as well. There is a slight switch link to all of these games. Whether it's just we'd love to see on the switch or there'll be a link in there. Obviously, that was the way that that was released on as well. Alright, second game, then it's one nil to Anton at the moment. This game was originally planned for the Game Cube but delayed and released on the week instead.


guessing it wasn't a sports


game q sports know pick pick them into. Nope. Alright. This game was eventually released in the game cube and was the final first party game released for the console


as elder Oh.


Oh. Like smiling. It wasn't Zelda Twilight Princess


and he said


I'm always there for my buddies. The final final clues were sold 8.5 million copies worldwide by 2015 and action adventure game and the 13th installment in this series 13th that was the 31 oh I guess they're counting all the the 1234 the all the very early


all the one


to 12


goodbye okay to to land on which think I think the answer is probably going to win this but we'll go for the third one anyway. Model chance to pull a point back here. I'll say this.


was an action adventure game for the Xbox 360


and I guess this doesn't really matter with diamond


conquers bad that know similar to the GTA Series


oh oh oh were you in it just just cause no it's not just cause I know Mike was cold I know what the next game set in the fictional city still water


st from yes Saints Row one yet because you're okay so the next clues were follow follow ups were called the third and get out of hell and I actually sang in the third as well I was I sing in the car and one of the songs which is actually coming out on the switch I'm going to claim to be one and a half more later they're all right it goes out and then you would give was could remember so we're gonna say final scores this weekend the quiz Anton to Alister one and a half point but wins but no I'm Tom does not win because I've got a carnival or yeah oh


There's a connection with all three games


for half a point. So I'll start giving you the chance to equal it. Or Anton wins. What is the connection between all three games? And I'm going to give you 20 seconds starting now


to do the Twilight Princess through 15 seconds.


10 seconds. Well, it all started the same letter. So it's not that


no, I


they've all got there are no there aren't consoles you


know. That's not right.


Okay, fine. Finding the connection this week was all games were released in 2006.


Wow. So there you go.


So the same year so there we are. So that means Anton wins this third quizzes to one to Anton know on quizzes. tip my hat to you, sir Yes, although not


Thank you It was a it was a brilliant victory hard faults and he picked Alistair at the post and that is about it for this week just a reminder Alistair Can you remind everyone if they haven't already How can they get in touch with us I well they can get in touch with me I will I don't do any of the social media because I'm too old for that nonsense so people get me in an email which is just info at SU Kp Dakota UK if you're on Twitter we've got the ns Yuki podcast on Twitter which I think is just en su. Kp is it Andy? Yes. So you get us on there. And we're on there as well. You'll see us interacting with so you can message us on twitter through our our switch podcast, Twitter handle. We're on Facebook. We've got a website. We use Google lot. Yeah, that's about it. It's been a pleasure. As always. We'll look forward to next weekend. Of course this we are well into the start of a new year. So who knows where it's going to go next. Hurry up an announcer direct Nintendo. Come on. Yeah, we wanted to read and we also want you to go and give a summary.


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any less than that. Oh, we don't see you in


our lesson. Thank you very much for listening. We will be back next week. That is it. Goodbye.