Finding Borderlands - Episode 12

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Anton, Mike and Al discuss the latest Borderlands 2/3 rumours, Fortnite cross-play, a brand new IP from the creators of Shovel Knight and new Sonic coming to Switch.

All this, plus we've got google related rumours, a welcome wish list feature and of course our weekly quiz.

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Hello and thank you very much for downloading Episode Number 12 of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast a very warm welcome to Episode 12 because it's freezing outside. So if we say warm welcome, then hopefully if you are cold that will hit you up somehow. I don't know how that works. But you never know. Just the suggestion of heat might work. Now, it's been a really interesting week. We've got an awful lot to talk about, as we always do at this point in the podcast. But before we do, first of all, I thank you to everybody that has been in touch and we are on Twitter and we're going to talk about that in a moment. But first of all, Anton, hello, hello. Great to be back on another podcast and we've got our back office again that back to the original free howdy it is it's like the original story.


Girls line up but were there any additions? I don't know Do we have any Spice Girls additions or was or five in the Spice Girls I think there's only five I don't want to know which one it was a switch our I'll leave that for people to save themselves which ones which so before yeah so before we move on talk about the news this week just a quick mention about Twitter and a quick mention about the online stuff because we've had more lovely reviews from people which is fantastic thank you very much indeed. And we're on Twitter as well Anton indeed yes we're on twitter at SU ke podcasts and we do a little we update on news I do apologize been slightly slower this week but everything should be back to normal nurse she is a couple news stories a day in calc try and keep us all up to date as well as that if you have anything you'd like us to chapel you can send it to us on the Twitter account and we'll try to get to and the great thing about that is if you don't do Twitter like me that also goes out on the Facebook feed so you can pick everything up there too but if you don't do Facebook and you don't do Twitter we also have good old fashioned email was just podcast at ns. UK be


coda UK and by the way if you want to visit our website it is en su Kp code at UK and it's very lovely what done by our very own Anton so thank you




okay then let's move on to news it's time to talk about this week stuff because there's quite a lot of it so we'll move fast and into the very first part of today's podcast which is fortnight know it's not something that we've talked a lot about on the podcast but it's a huge game and it's on an awful lot of different devices and consoles and this is interesting because we switched players were originally been paired with Xbox One and ps4 players but that's all going to change on on indeed Yes, so going from that you're not going to be paired with Android and iOS players. And the logic behind this is because the Nintendo Switch version runs at 30 frames per second and the idea there is that Xbox One and ps4 players were getting an unfair advantage.


However you can still play with your Xbox One and ps4 friends if you join them in a lobby and you'll just have a parent disadvantage to to the frame rate personally me I don't know how people who use feasible list I feel like the fact that switch colors have analog like know analog but like physical controls would put iOS and Android players a disadvantage it doesn't really make sense to me yeah no I completely agree gives you a huge advantage over trying to play with the touch screen. Yeah I mean I guess my other question is


is because I don't I've never played fortnight on the Android on an Android or an iOS device I'm guessing they don't get paired either with Xbox One and ps4 players know just the cells there's currently three different pills of players you have the account PC people which I think that's Mac and PC and they can cross play with xbox one and I believe they can go down to switch but count their main pillars a PC space and then there's a console space and then there's a mobile space and they'll switches can get in considered a mobile console.


Due to the frame rate rather than the control method, which I think really interesting,


um, well, I mean, I guess you could look at it that what they're really doing from a switch users point of view is you're going to be against other switch users. And then you might have some mobile players as well. So from that point of view, doesn't particularly bothered me personally, I've played a few times, and I quite enjoy it, although I'm pretty terrible at it. I'm not great at the buildings, I think we talked about it before, I'm not gonna go to the building and construction side, but I can do the shooting, I can do the shooting not very well.


But so. So from a switch users point of view, I don't think it makes a huge difference really, in fact, it's probably an improvement because if there is an unfair advantage because of the frame rate, then that will fix it. But I wouldn't want to be playing on an Android and be be sort of regularly playing and play against other mobile users and then have to play against the switch user because this is this eternal Battle of what the switches I guess. Yeah, so I mean, what are you saying, Mike, do you think switch users should only place which users know I think having the option to play


with as many cross platforms as possible is good


I guess this is the automatic thing that this is what they're defaulting it to I'm not sure maybe it should just default to the switch and then you can choose to opt into the mobile devices if you prefer to play that way or you choose to opt into the Xbox One and ps4 yeah i have to say i think that makes more sense to default to other switch users they're on the same hardware they've got the same limitations get the same benefits it seems to make sense and then you can opt out I noticed you have come across yeah basically the same thing but a grown up version of got that it's got less building and it was that right less building and essentially the same kind of idea and it came first yeah


and yeah, and on their users or Xbox One and PC gamers. The play in your little bubble Yes, your Microsoft bubble and that's a weird because if you're on a PC, you've got a lot more control than you do, supposedly on a console. Yeah, they seem quite happier. Well, the other game that I play quite regularly because I play a couple of games regularly on


Line play polygons from time to time and the other one that play a lot of his Rocket League now I do play a lot of Rocket League and I used to play on ps4 and I only play on the switch and we cross platform with PlayStation four users. Is that right? PlayStation four I think it is. But it's one of the other consoles anyway. And the only real difference from Rocket League is the frame rate again, so it's a frame rate thing again, it's different in rocket leaks. I don't know how much the frame it really affects that kind of game. Yeah, I know very much at all. It is it isn't that big a difference if that big of an advantage to have it running smoothly at 6030 for a game like fortnight, I think it depends on the level of skill involved. If you're a gamer like me who are pretty terrible these things you're not gonna it's not gonna be blamed a difference but if you are a pro and you're doing this or at the pinnacle of gaming, that differences probably huge. Yeah, because I think definitely, I think with rock lead, it's kind of all right, because itself when you're in your car, just kind of sitting there and when you're


Moving it's more about percentage to the left. Pearson is to the right. And kind of if you don't do anything for a couple milliseconds your car so going to move forward. We're what we're aiming and stuff like that where you need that finite control in like a millisecond or I've just went over the target count would be like I can't factor there. But again, it's you know, we're going from having maybe a switch player playing on a 50 inch TV to playing an Xbox blurring a 50 inch TV to a switch player playing some doing on a 50 inch TV playing somebody on like forage iPhone and just seems like such a debate now and as well


we can maybe suggest to them then we can maybe suggest them that you know we could put a thing into Nintendo or thing into for night and say look guys come on, make it switch only and then the option to go either way. What do you think Andy? Do you agree with us? Yeah, but it would have to depend cuz I think the reason they were so keen on having


cross platform is so they can fill lobbies quickly with it being like such big lobbies count being able to connect you with as many people as quickly as possible and as well as as campaigns such a selling point for switch over I think just having an option to be like switch only because I know and even then there are some shirts and they have an option where it'll be like hey you're using this control scream only or I can remember I think there was a mobile game on we you were it was a multiplayer sure and you could choose to play people who were playing at Justin handheld and on TV. So that's like even a while and system having a device so I think it's once what one thing I want to mention as well. One good point that you kind of brought up there is I'm Rocket League it's actually a really different game playing a handheld to playing it on the TV. I actually I find personally the way I handle the car is different. I find it's it's the because a lot of it is reaction as you mentioned and and trying to measure and broccoli. If you've played it. You'll know how frustrating it can be. It is measuring


When you're going to launch to try and get to the ball and I find it different on both I actually find it easier and handheld


generally but they want to play on the big screen for a prolonged period and don't put handheld I can't play handheld anymore and then vice versa and I don't know I don't know if that's a psychological thing or if that is a something to do with the reaction being slightly different I


only ever tried it on the screen I've never tried and handle but I think I've probably got mastered I think I'm absolutely brilliant missing the ballpark




bothers definitely a receivable difference to me and as I say it could it could simply be that I'm a fool and there is no difference whatsoever but I perceived to be but yeah i'm not i'm not hundred percent sure about the best solution for this. Maybe we just need to get 60 frames per second running smoothly on the switch. And that would be lovely switch pro and Well, we'll see that's another that's another episode itself. Now another bit of news this week in the UK. This is one of my favorite bits.


news on the switch in a while because it's so useful in the UK you're not going to get an email which tells you anything that's on your wish list I'll tell you when it goes on sale so the good news about that is if you've got lots of games on your wish list which I did then you're likely to see an email I know that one of our listeners message on Twitter to say that they got their first one the other day and noticed it and and alerted them to again they wanted to buy and they did


it this is great and Tom What about you definitely it you know it makes so much sense that I came to originally just full It was a feature and it was just Nintendo or never putting games on sale because I never got an email through but it's gonna be so useful and I've already been hit up with a really good sale price which are really into future topic How about yourself out I'm very excited about this I've had so many emails from Steam or the years with prompted me to come by games and I guarantee you and when we spending more money in the shop now Well, I think for me I had sought when I went to my wish list.


Wish List was full on the switch I actually you can actually max oh yes I didn't know you could do that no I need to design until I filled it I think it's like 100 or something and it said you need to you need to go and delete some of your business and sure enough because I'd been adding to the wish list from day one so there was a bunch of stuff in there that was like I've got that now I don't need that or so I got rid of most things and started again because I thought I'll go with a fresh one and I've only got like 1520 games on there now but it's great and this week I picked up a couple of bargains in the in the shop I got


the escapist the first one because I've got the same one so the only brick a prison yes so this game is to have we play that please will have the physical version of to but the digital it's not digital for the first one unless you go a limited run games. I think they're doing a run of it. But I've gone for the first 499 on the sales


like I was never really 100% sure but the escape escape spot so far fiber I'm like that's really temps and even if I dislike it that's like yeah a good price for an icon even on


Switch yeah you can't really go wrong with that price and then the other one that I picked up was reading justice which is something that our movie have a goal with you all it's old school beat him up in the style of Streets of Rage but done in a modern way but with a cool art style from a throwback and again we literally don't for that we're doing there right now because it gets great reusing the fact so forget the podcast is cool. All right. It's been a great night it's been a great show just before we do move on to other bits of news and what have you been playing this week as I check my sources I have not been playing too much I'm just like trying to get for the trail to sort and brief the whales and I'm doing awful however handle on this topic of the shop goodness and yeah there is currently I need an opinion from you guys so there's been recently a rumor and this is also news all comes together and that like it in Australia, there's been a link for a physical release of a game called Safe guidelines and now Yeah, currently let game retails for 35 pounds on the shop. Brand new


Hovering over the five year anniversary of the game is currently on sale for 25 pounds would use way and pick up a physical copy. Or would you just go and plunge and just get on the sale? Now,


for me, I would always wait for physical copy. If there's one coming. Just Yeah, that's my personal. I just I much prefer, I feel like I'm getting more from a money even if I pay slightly more probably still going to do that. Unless it's a huge difference in price. Yeah. needs to be sub 10 pounds. What? I'll do it digitally. I liked have something that can flog on


can we covered this before? Yeah, well, I think the city site let city skylines gets great reviews. And it's a game that I know on the switch, you get the whole all the kind of the DLC with it and the different versions of it this and I think there's a snow winter one. And indeed Yeah, and it looks great. It's a kind of game I could see myself getting lost in four hours. And I know it's really well reviewed. And again, that switch tax thing at the full price just a little bit much, but at that kind of price. It is tempting, thankfully, I've got a huge backlog of games.


I'm playing this week I've been playing sites parks fracture but hole and I'm getting there getting through that very slowly but I am getting there so for me I kind of hold off until it is it something that you would be tempted to go for our CSR really words when I've got the game on like PC and Xbox and I've been adding up the sweat version and obviously it's like physical release games are like we used to have a fiber switch tax I'm sitting there I'm like the physical version would be like 40 pounds over 25 pounds. It's like counted that awkward point do I wait doing a decision needs to be apps? Yeah, it is. It's tough. And even though you've got that backlog of games that doesn't necessarily stop me


working on more


money. Well, that's true. Well, I don't know not everyone would agree but I agree. So that's the main thing. Now we'll move on to some other news we're getting a sniper elite version today as a world war two first person shooter. Now this is getting remastered on this.


Which I don't know much about the game but I'm all down for any first person shooters and definitely World War Two setting and I used to really like the Medal of Honor games back in the PlayStation one and two there was a lot of kind of world war two sets and incomplete on PC years possibly so basically until What's the story behind so they probably it's kind of an interesting game to remember and Mortal Kombat and name when they started adding that software would like go do like a teleport into the characters when you're hiring them and stuff like that. And


when they're like touching base of the skull and all cracks we'll Sniper Elite is like if they took cold you eat then X ray bits of moral Kombat and combine that so you'll set like super far away you will show a bullet in your follow the bullet is it goes for the air and I'll go for somebody's head and you will see the X ray of going in and saying so it's quite fun. I feel like when the original games came out, it kind of flew under the radar because it was when every company was trying.


Come up with their like college a clone when we had home front and Battlefront and Battlefield, and all that was coming out at the same start time but nowadays it's kind of nice actually get a solid Sure. And then it's obviously stood the test of time for them to remaster I've never played number two personally, and I hope all your cells have any of us played this neighborly games. No, not at all. I'll know I've not played them either. But I'm really up for this. And there's a couple of things I think we're missing a bit of on the switch. One is first person shooters, I think we can always do with more of those, I think as well. open world games. I know we're getting seen through the third very soon. But I'd like to see a few more open world games too. So.


So that's not obviously we have plenty of RPG is but I'm talking more like your GTS and your seats rose and that kind of thing.


So I think this is one that I'll definitely check out. Particularly as I don't have I think I've got Doom but I don't have any other real kind of shooters at the moment on the switch. So that's one that all


Keep an eye on yeah apparently Sniper Elite five is on its way as well been over a year so okay so when will this will be the kind of thing that we talked about a lot where developers put something out as I can to stop gap before the big yeah a little teaser yeah that's you up to speed that's cool though I'm all good with that no Shovel Knight one of the most renowned indie titles on the switch now this is really interesting because we might be getting something completely new behind the creators of Shovel Knight definitely they've recently unveiled this image on there where it's like a gift and Catholics be they're working on kind of like a ninja guide and eat but sale game which with your club games camp style of polish that something I would be in line for right away and and as well as that their account showing off more of kind of cards and Shovel Knight short counselors play more Shovel Knight and one sec. Can cards comes out that's going to be the Shovel Knight treasure trove complete so you'll be able to buy that with like for like 18 pounds. I think it is an


get six games or holdovers many isn't there but definitely this new game is could be very interesting to see if only made one game which is kind of hard to believe yeah i mean it's it's I mean it's certainly a game that I have on my wish list is the one that waiting for it to go and say although is not particularly expensive I think it's like a 10 or something on the switch but it's really really well reviewed and to get something new is it's one of those IPS that I think is going to generate a lot of interest simply because of how good Shovel Knight is. Yeah I mean I've heard great things but I have never touched it because I get the feeling I get really annoyed and get too frustrated yes it is it not one of the games that gets quite quite difficult but yeah I've heard that yeah and I don't do them very well I get quite grumpy grumpy yeah


it does get pretty pretty hard as it does fundamentally has that any Estelle like oh my god I hate myself.


And it's like, however, is such a good game. And it's so faithful to the ns because quite often you play a lot of eight but indie games and you're like, Oh, they just didn't have really a budget here. However it's done with such grace and character and they can take what was nice about DNS and they leave behind anything you don't want and it's like really interesting to see the parts that they leave and some of the stuff they take so highly recommend that it's such a good price especially with treasure trove or you can buy the individual parts for like eight pounds each by wouldn't recommend that follow that's right you can get the full the full collection that's right yeah that's it's a very good package actually for the price on the switch so want to check out and it's one that is on my list of things to buy at some point and now before we move on to to rumors this week, I just want to mention as well i've i've had a look at some games that are coming out later in the year and I was trying to get a couple of games pre ordered physical because I want to preorder scenes for the third am and I also want to preorder Dragon's Dogma


Connect couldn't find either on Amazon although I could find Dragon's Dogma on And interestingly Dragon's Dogma which some people absolutely love,


and other people, and not so much, but still sort of appreciate it as a good game, the price on the on the price to download it on this, which is like 2426, 99


or something like that for download, which I think is pretty reasonable for a game that is a big game, and I know it's a port, and that's the price we argue should be every time anyway. Yeah, but to buy it physically, it's about the same as well, roughly, as far as I'm aware, but I haven't been able to find it in Europe. And I don't know whether it is coming or not. There's been a real conflict of information online. Nobody seems to really know we just know we're getting in the West, but that appears to be America. So maybe Nintendo forgot to add the tax maybe just forgot


who didn't click the tax that didn't hit the switch tax box when they were


When they're uploading that would dragons dog mountain is the one that's got you interested I'm not see I hear the tales of how hard it is now I'm just like go so many games I can't complete and they're not that hard so I think that one's gonna be one I'm going to unfortunately to pass on at so obviously you're you're getting it make How about yourself out you see yourself picking up the know for the same reason Shovel Knight I will probably not want to destroy my living room by throwing the controller across the room or break the switch or router TV and probably will pick it up past although I'd love to see it because it does look amazing. Well I'll be doing on both of your behalf because I'm pretty sure I'm worse at games in both of you and I am certainly more frustrated when I play a game than both of you. So I'll do enough for both of us I'll break enough switches and televisions for the


work but I'll be getting it so i'll i'll share it when I do and tell you what it's like right let's move on to rumors normally one for


this week. There's well there's loads actually but one of the


ones that I wanted to talk about that we've got on our list is this Borderlands rumor because we talked about this a while ago. And I think you said I'd like Borderlands two to come to the switch gears because I'm not plugged in and desperate to do so. On a switch. I absolutely would. Yeah, that'd be fantastic. So we got an announcement this week from gearbox or it wasn't so much engagement as a teaser. Yes. Slightly pixelated image on Twitter and me and D that was a there's kind of a weird but because theoretically at the location and the characters are Borderlands two characters. And However, there is a portrait lines free rumored to be in the pipeline. So I think there's two forces here is it's either going to be Borderlands two and kind of switch or they've just made Borderlands three and it looks identical to Borderlands two. And however, let's just keep our fingers crossed because it would be good. They've ported it to everything. And if they can get running on the PlayStation VR, I'm sure they can get it running on the switch and believes the vs even


HD console as well. So I expect good things from this and if they could get the borderline pre sequel in there would be excellent


yeah that'll be that'll be really good and on I noticed as well that panic button are doing more ports as well. We've got another great team of amazing geniuses that ported the likes of skier em and doom


and all the online one warfarin as well. They ported that panic button brilliant and it looks like they're doing the new there's a new Doom title coming out as well at some point and panic button are going to be responsible for that and it looks like this. There's talk that they'll be doing quite a few more Fingers crossed they will be on the switch because they're great at what they do and what we want to find out really what this announcement is because it was a teaser. They were very


minimalistic in the treat only did bit of the measurement time to do another game for Pax. PAX East has been a month so keep your fingers crossed. So that's a conference don't know and it's Is it is it


This month, is it gaming conference end of this month? Yeah, I don't know exact date, but we're not far away from it. Antoine Borderlands, would you Yeah. I'm actually considering it because I'm portrait lens is a game like never got around the plane like I've went over to friends and they'd be like, oh gives us a goal that I've had fun doing it. And I think kind of, I've been personally craving a shirt for good. Well, cuz I've been loving the switch. And that's taken up a lot of indies and a lot of Nintendo game so it would be nice, actually try something a little bit different go for more series title. And I think the kind of combination of having a first person shooter which would be refreshing, combining that with a lower sure tons of quest would be really good for like, pick up and play gameplay, and obviously you're not going to be doing cool planetoid corn for a first person shooter but at the switch is always the home of course there's gonna be tons of fun Yeah, absolutely. Well that's another one to watch out for. Because we should hopefully know very, very sooner but Borderlands and whether it's two three or 23 or whatever we don't know yet but


20 to 31st of March though there we go he's he's managed to PAX the facts for us facts packs I don't know that's painful make terrible right there were rumors we've got rumors This is a really weird rumor you were talking about this just before we started recording the podcast today this is the Google Chrome support for the Nintendo Switch pro controller joy icons and joy icon charging grip cool but why yeah why don't why I can't think of a good reason until yes so theoretically there and then take them off Nintendo and Google is working on the game is called so and there's been leaked patterns of controllers and I fuse remember kind of when Assassin's Creed old stuff came out and they did the games Remington tend to switch and then Nintendo I'm getting my name is Mike stuff I'm used to talking to toggle anything that's not Nintendo and Google that this thing where you could stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey on and chrome justice.


And your web browser just go to our website preschool and it's right ankle and so the logic here is that Google or just making a surface where you can stream games to just to a web browser and and they're using third party controller so I don't know where the ones who make their money it will just probably be a service entirely and then I think just tying it into switch morsel with yeah eggs books also want to do game streaming and not be on that couch at similar time close that same apparently next week or can be hearing more about the Google console and I wonder if they're going to be interested in bringing games trimming to switch as well if that's something Microsoft saying up because I'm surely there they know how to make money and there's plenty of money on switch that Well yeah, that's it. I think probably I think we probably the would look at the switch as being one of the perfect places for it to go because


for the reasons we've talked about many times, but also because if they are seeing that


Microsoft are already looking at doing this and the switches viable. Potentially. I know there's a lot there's, there's a lot of these kind of online streaming type gaming services appearing at the moment. There's one on the


the fire stick amazon fire state, you can get the Sega collection on the fire stick. And it's all the Mega Drive classics. And it's actually quite a solid collection. And if you've got a controller it plays well, if you play with the TV remote, which you can do. Sonic is not very good for that way. But you can do it with a controller. And it's actually quite well reviewed as a good price. And it's something that is happening more and more. So if you can get in gaming on your fire stick, then there's no reason whatsoever why Google will do this. And maybe that explains this kind of hybrid thing where they're saying, Well, if we get controllers for this, we can then look at what they're doing. And it's more of integration. There is another option is just crossed my mind it might be less competent, less ambitious than them having their own console. I mean, effectively, the Nintendo Switch is a tablet it's all as yeah Google have lots of


Double. So there are a lot of them are basically running just a lot of it on Chrome, Chrome web apps. They could be thinking, hey, people that these controllers, we want to make our tablets a bit more of a medium produced play games on, let's just make it compatible with every controller we can find. Yeah, I think I think they'll go more down the route of a streaming type service that you sign up to you. And you get games that can be played on a tablet can be played on the switch. If you sign up to it. I forgot Xbox or whatever. I think that's I don't know, because you've got, you've got Microsoft, you're saying Yeah, will be our games on people's consoles. Can you really see Nintendo doing that? And then building a streaming service now? So the only reason I


would use a Nintendo controller know I think, I think Google will do that. And I think that they're just looking at compatibility, because the pro controller is a good control chrome on your switch further. Yeah. To play on the switch. You would need chrome your switch, but maybe it's just a chrome gaming. It's like an icon like a I don't know. We'll find out soon enough. I'm Tom What do you think? Yeah, personally, I'm kind of old.


The opinion where I think Google or getting into the game streaming game where LP a service camp like Google music or computer premium where you'll pay 10 or a month you'll have a whole library of games. I think that really interesting that the theme base getting in and working on projects dream and the factor of developing their own hardware, I feel like we wouldn't be developing their own hardware if it was just kind of a situation of adding extra control methods to Chrome. So I don't think anybody would buy a controller just for Chrome and probably Yeah, I know but if people already have on these controllers though Yeah, I think that's right. I think you're right i think that if people have the controllers which they do definitely are preparing everybody to be ready whatever they use at home whether it's a switch and Xbox or Playstation they're already they've already got half of what they need to use it I think that's exactly what it will be but we shall see and Time will tell and we'll look back on this and six months ago Haha, you fools her wrong you were how often


The mark you all were okay more rumors then because there's just a couple more to get through. Of course we've got the quiz as well by the way just a little reminder we will be doing the quiz I know that some people really like the quiz because they shaped Anton and they shout out or they don't get the answers right quick enough so the shout at me for giving the wrong facts actually they don't do that because I do fact check I do double check anyway more rumors and the next one is to do with Hyper Light Drifter have no this is not so much a rumor because it's actually be confirmed know by the publisher behind Hyper Light Drifter so that means that if you're if you're a fan of Hyper Light Drifter which gets really good reviews by the way then physical release is coming on yeah so essentially account people are bombarding them because it's such a gorgeous game come to switch soon or if it's maybe I'm not too sure off the top my head and yeah, we're getting I think it's I all the switches on this door. They're working on it. I'm just holding out my fingers because yeah, I love them. Let me run.


games are built on the pricey side when you're importing from the states to the UK so fingers crossed we get a native just like you can go pick it up up at Amazon release but either way it's fantastic we love our fiscal games and it's going to be fun have any of us considered see much of the game at all it's another one on my list of games that I've seen and thought you know what that looks great but it's not at the top of my list so I haven't I haven't got into playing it and just completely missed my radar okay well it is one to have a look at any way for sure because it's some it gets really well reviewed from and people that say it seemed to enjoy it as people that play even seem to enjoy it super. I like it sounds nice seeing it is fun. It is it is cool. It's a nice sounding name and we're all for that on this podcast. Slowly


we have some VR news as well now this is something that a few people on the Twitter feed on our on our podcast twitter feed have been talking about because


we have this last


VR thing which some people some people have said is the worst thing I've ever seen and other people have said now this is really cool I think it's in between that I think is the best worst thing I've ever seen I don't you know it's kind of like kinda like it and I think why the heck not so this is to do with a game at starship commander tell us about this because I don't really know what's going on here yes so am the creator of starship commander he's camping creating VR games since like the early versions of like the prototype versions of the Oculus and very influential figure and McHale VR development community and killed his comments on the switch as that it's going to be a very big success which I could see it being the biggest level of success so far definitely and especially for children and close the thing he's not as what the product as the pupil or a distance of the lenses are closer than on our headsets so account the ladies are more designed for kids and previously for


Kids get your hands on VR especially it's like you need a 400 pound PlayStation, then you need 270 pounds headset. And then you have this massive record technology wearing your head down. So I could definitely seeing it be a gateway for like a really good way to scale get kids started on VR and 10 sort of count people that will be able to pour like an entire day and to play in VR games. So it could be really beneficial for the industry as a whole. Well, I like the idea of starship commander anyway, I think that's a great like, I don't know what started but I'm in I'm in I want to do it just briefly on this. We had a question from Nicola. A couple of weeks ago, she messaged the podcast to say I've got a young son who's starting to get into gaming, I think he's four. And the question was, what do I do because I don't know anything about the switch. Now we're not I'm not going to go into detail but this year because I think what we'll do is we'll cover this in an episode we'll do a five minute chat about what we would recommend if you're a parent that's maybe got young


Kids and you're thinking about how do I get started and the reason I wanted to bring up no was because Allah so you've got a young son as well and you slowly slowly Oh nobody told him but you know starting to get into gaming slowly and then he's still a bit young yet to really get to grips with it but he's starting to really kind of get interested yes has been sparked the sentence Teddy I want to play Mario Kart has been altered by me and and by by yourself so what we'll do is we'll come on to talk about about that as a more of a broad topic because I think it's quite an important topic because there's a lot around that and there's a lot of stuff to talk about. So we'll do that in a future episode but will remember if we can try and remember to talk about the VR stuff as well within that unbelievable stuff. Because that's really interesting. Yeah, somebody was not really talking about the poker stories or level Yeah, well, we'll keep that for them. But starship commander don't know what it is. But Anton, you have sold me Of course it's firstly Star Trek and then just whatever you can do in space and you just have to work




don't it's by the way, just very briefly on Star Trek, you do like starship commander type games and you are kind of Star Trek fan watch the Orville because it's just fantastic yeah I know we're not a TV podcast in any way but if you if you love the next generation watch the Orville don't think it was the most is the next generation with swimming it's the next next generation but just try and not think about the fact that it's Seth MacFarlane because you might be put off by that because you think of all the brilliant shows like American Dad and finally guy but you might think might not be serious. Just watch it is good. Just Why do it. It's great. All right. Then, let's move on to the quiz quiz. I'm just saying you're right. Well, it is TV


TV. I know not have this device. Actually. before you move on. before you move on. Sonic. Oh,


you prompted me Yes. Sonic Sonic rumors there prompted me to talk about this because we know how you just Sonic fun you are. And I completely forgot and was about to go into the quiz. Antonia you would have been very upset that


We had talked about this but come on and on


conference I believe it's s w SK x or second book big


music one and the beginning oranges do where they had the best name panel in the world they had a secret panel and its title was gonna go fast official Sonic the Hedgehog panel will love it love it yeah so


came out out and they've announced that they're working on the next Sunday game and the next mainline one film foresees five fingers cross is better than the last one and and we don't know anything about it but we can just keep our fingers crossed and as well so that's leave announced and released the first episode of Sonic Team Racing and TV show animated show which is actually quite excellent. And if you watch it, there's no voice acting. So it's not like super high pitch annoying, say just have slapstick. It's quite fun. And they've got one episode Elton Elton their account next episodes coming up soon.


Excellent. Well, I first of all Celtic forces. I think Sonic forces gets a little bit of a raw deal because actually domain Sonic forces I think, I think it was so hyped and it is such it's so much not in the style of the likes of Sonic Mania. And the classic Sonic games is very much you know, a 3d Sonic but I actually quite enjoyed it and I finished it and I bought it in finished it and it was a little little short but that kind of suit me anyway because sometimes games do drag on for a long time so I'm still doing Red Dead Redemption have been four months now are you out for a few more months yet? But no selling forces was all right. I didn't. It was not the best game I've ever played is not the most memorable but it was okay. And I've pre ordered Sonic Team Racing as well because Sonic Team Racing and the last one was fantastic and the last two Sonic racing games are great Anton yeah counter counter reflect back on foresees it's a weird one where much I feel like it was like the most mediocre game of 2017 like it wasn't broking it wasn't funny.


on a par there weren't any glaring froze but it just didn't do anything exciting in my eyes It just felt like yeah we trade of Sonic Generations but just five years layer and what I felt like wasn't really what I was hoping for. For like a successor and I mean franchise cover these days you can find it for as low as like 10 to 15 pounds and I think for that price as a good five to seven years old. And so if you see it for cheap, you know, it could be fun.


Yeah, it's exactly what Anton just said it's not groundbreaking it's not an incredible in any way it's just a fairly solid enough game that is worth 1015 pounds easily so in my opinion anyway but I know a lot of people will hate me saying that because a lot of people hate Sonic forces sorry will get your bodyguard it's fine. But I don't care. Right. Let's move on to the query. Well, actually kind of do one more thing Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.


So until you winning one nil at the start of the quiz today before we move on to that Alistair we do need jingle. Why? Because we need


Public Service Announcement. OK, so the jungle Did it have it as a religion? God. OK, cool, right? If anybody's been getting really annoyed and pulling their hair out while they've been trying to play star tropics on Nintendo Switch online, you're not alone. Okay. And so there's little bit of a glitch. Is this the next game? This isn't as game. So if you go into instance, which online games Steve, please start off with, you get to a certain point in the game where it asks you to put in a cold, very cold was in the original hard copy manual. Oh, and when it came out, I know we, you they included a digital copy of the manual so you can get the code it's not there. So yeah, if you're pulling your hair out, don't worry. It's not you look up on Google or someone you'll find the called public service announcement. Oh, that's a very good idea to check. Okay, that was a big thing in the kind of early 90s games on every sort of console and PC would have little manuals and in the mountains for those that are you're not old enough to remember that you would have codes that would help you skip levels or that helped me a certain point I for one of the early championship managers there was a


according to Luke up, it would give you a like a six, six. See? And he'd have to go into the manual. Look at number six. What's that word? Take that and what See, take that word in, of course the years later you play and you don't have those manuals, just integrators but you can buy stuff and past. Yes. So there we are very good. So very useful. So I'll show you that we can make it nil nil at the start the quiz


so it is this time hopefully I'm looking around in case anyone's interrupts me again. Time for the quiz.


Just one more. Okay, good. You can go


to the way we play the quiz three game titles. I'm going to give you a clue you can jump in and you can have a guest after each clue. But I can only give you one guess. Park lose. So every time you say guess you go wait for another clue before you give me another guess. three games and the scores at the moment between you two is I think about six. Three to Anton if memory serves me still five three, isn't it I think


said it was 531 week when you weren't here but I'd miss counted because that would have only been eight and we were on episode 10 at the time which meant so that there would have been one more did we not? Taiwan will call it five three you could be right I like cos A cos x and there's gonna win anyway it's fine right


okay this game released in 2011 was a sequel to a 1990 snares game and a 1996 and 64 game




was a Donkey Kong Country returned no matter Mario Kart that's completely wrong no no next clue all the games were launched titles for the respective consoles Oh pilot links well done on time. Wow, I live wings well done as Greek in turn will get one in the switch.


Possibly. We are getting a flight simulator game I saw just


notes the other day and I can't remember the name of it but it's got kind of similarities is not as Nintendo looking at only giving you those in the snares and had on NC State it was well it was it was a launch title on the snares the and 64 and of course the 3ds and in the game there were two modes of play one allows you to freely explore woohoo Island and the other was vision mission mode. The game was a notice that he 320 10 is a launch title for the 3ds it's an amateur flight simulation video game development monster games and polish my Nintendo so well done Anton is one or two yeah


sorry for that franchise because quite often the only time it gets brought up it's like yeah one is another game other than Mario to play but I remember having I think I picked up the 3d s one like a good after lunch and I had plenty fun with it and then scan machine account gets forget goal and it's just that launch title. And I'm getting this Yeah, it was it was a it was a decent title. There's no doubt about that. Okay, game number two. Originally released on the Dreamcast and PlayStation two. This game was published by Sega.


Developed by United game artists


no idea I'm crazy taxi


know it has two remasters one on Xbox Live Arcade and one for PlayStation VR in 2016


Oh race well Todd Todd Todd Todd I'm very impressed by the way knowledge I can't even sort of you know give Alistair any credit for that because that was


a franchise he did a spiritual successor cultured have eaten and it's like a really oh yes game if you ever get chance to try and let it very artsy Kendall very health at the dawn of health altruistic game design so definitely worth a goal is kind of like a music reframe game you've never heard of it. It's on the switch isn't it? I'm not too sure the last I heard was the VR version.


No child of Eden is the one I'm talking about.


Know I think that that's just ps3 and Xbox 360 as far as I'm aware hold on sweatshirts needed will appear there. Okay well maybe maybe it was something with similar title but anyway know the game was notable for electronic music soundtrack It was a musical real shooter and it was originally released on November the 22nd 2000.


Everyone know third game I will still call me back yes now this is actually I'll give you the first clue in that I love this game


this game but that are sort of it doesn't there's


there's a copy of it through there in the spirit of right, released in 2009 on PlayStation three Xbox 360. This game was developed by pandemic Studios and published by EA


pandemic and


that's ringing a bell. I can't think what it is.


pandemic can't remember. What do you do?


All right. This is a single player action adventure.


Dragon Age it's not Dragon Age set in 1940 the protagonist Shawn Devlin is a hard drinking Irish race car mechanic a regular amongst the racing group of Paris in the game you explore Nazi occupied Paris some of the French countryside and parts of Germany I don't know what it is but I want to go Blair right now it's so good


I mean it's you know it is great


no I was gonna say battlefield grease monkey What were you gonna say on battlefield bad company but that said they


completely off it's not that all right areas in the game heavily controlled by Nazis are represented in black and white


and the fight the final clip the developers pandemic studios were liquidated after the games completion it receives favorable reviews the game not still not ugly buddy. Any guesses a French grease monkey user.


I said a friend What did you get that it does a mechanic I said oh yeah he was a heartbreaking Irish race cars Irish were like your friends from because he's in the French countryside there was in Paris in Nazi occupied passed in 1940 so I still want to play the game is called the saboteur and it's not to be confused with the old saboteur game which was on the spectrum which you can get on the switch actually by the way there's really original sub turkey yes that and in fact it is this the original spectrum version that you can get on the switch it was on sale last week for very little money but anyway that you bought it No I didn't. I tempted by I have on other things. So I thought there's no boy but the saboteur you should check it out. It's a it's a cool game, it's the graphics are pretty good. I would say it's like an earlier generation ps3 end of the PS to cycle type graphics but really well done and the game is self driving in the car is


Great fun. It's got GTA kind of feel to it. But set in 1940 in Paris. I'm taking the side of that. That's, that's cool. I'll show you some, some gameplay footage afterwards and go check it out. If you don't think suppose it's 10 years old night when you think about it to those nine. So


when you say say the name, I'm like, I remember that game. So often from just saying in the bargain section. All the games. Yes, no. Yes. And kind of hearing that was actually All right. I'll pick up because even today, I could probably find a perfect up just knowing like, how often I've seen it. And Mark and sessions decided to play it. Yeah, well, easy, easily pick out for that kind of money. Because even then, people were it was always the game that you saw on sale somewhere for a fiver and that was in 2010, you know, so. So did I miss it's linked to the switch. There are zero interest I want to switch the link is I want to switch There we are. And that I'm allowed to do that because I'm the quiz master and what I say goes new customer service for me. I'm afraid that's about it from us this week. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with us


And by the way, thank you so much for all the lovely reviews. We've had an iTunes, if you can spare a moment to give us a nice five star if we deserve it. That will be fantastic. It really does help us. We do this podcast for free. We do because we really enjoy the play Nintendo Switch. We love talking about it. We know people are listening. Which is even better. Because Yeah. won't get five star reviews. It makes it it makes us smile to the point where Mike he literally takes a screengrab sends render a little chat Yes. Oh, that's lovely. Yes, it is. You will be you will be screen grabs. And I might even post on Twitter, which I often do as well. So if you want to get us on Twitter, Anton, where do people go? Yes. What's able to educate podcast? You can chat to us there a news you can sometimes do polls and questions and tons of fun stuff and you can complain or tell us about anything you would like us to talk about. And I'm always on there. So I'm surely to get back to you. At some point, fingers crossed. And you also get the same stuff on Facebook if you go to the ns UK p Facebook page.


So just look up an SUV or is UK podcast on Facebook? Yeah And if you don't do twittering or any of those other things then email us at podcast at SU ke Pete Dockery again which is also our website and that is it for episode number 12. And as always, it's been a lot of fun. Have a fantastic week we will be back in a week's time for the 13th episode. Whoo. Spooky. Will it be unlucky? Who knows? There's always a monkey Mike. That's quite possible. Actually. We'll see you later. Goodbye.