Nintendo Direct February 2019 Special

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We couldn't wait until Sunday to chat about all the new Nintendo Direct announcements, so we decided to record a very special edition of the podcast, just moments after the Direct ended.

Find out about every single announcement, get Anton and Mike's thoughts on the Direct, what they liked and what was missing.  

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So hello and welcome to the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast February 2019, and tender direct special. I'm Mike. I'm Anton and unfortunately l was not with us this week he couldn't join us but nevertheless we've got tons of exciting stuff to talk about this week only my we've got loads to talk about and I will be back for our regular episode number eight on Sunday. But tonight it's all about Nintendo Direct and it's just finished I mean literally five minutes ago and Todd I know it's like literally I think the funny the second it was done it's like All right, we're on recording okay I know a brief exactly no time to breathe on top of got to talk about the direct so yeah,


without further ado, the way we're going to do this because I know there are a few people that have to


us to say that they're going to be listening to our take on it and not actually seeing the direct itself. So what we're gonna do is we're going to go through pretty much everything I think first of all, do a bit of a recap and at the end will give our thoughts on maybe the things that were missed out or the things that we really loved or were surprised by so let's start right at the start of the direct and what are we to open and direct Super Mario Maker to and it's coming out in June. It looks fantastic. Like I was just expecting them to help maybe do like a platoon to or they just fine tune and add a couple new stuff but it generally looks incredible and it just Cal has a Nintendo Switch excitement what the account I feel like the last one count didn't have it was just like, oh, super New Super Mario Bros. You have some bits and bobs it then but this just looks like it's got tons of charm and our account way. Well, I think the fact that there's got 3d in there as well and there's really sort of taken what the first one did and run with it and I think for the switch i mean is the perfect


The perfect home for it really yeah just like picking up like a random level and then just sitting there the 10 minute challenge on the go I think will be excellent or any equivalent mostly come up with our even just like fine tuning tinkering with the labels are working on it's gonna be fun especially for people who have never played that game cuz obviously not many people had the we you know exactly it's going to be a real almost like a debut hit in a lot of ways for many many people and certainly those have never played it will be interested in it from that presentation but also those that had the first one they're going to be right in there if they if they enjoyed that so that was a great i mean what a start but then it moved on and it just kept getting stronger and stronger Marvel Ultimate Alliance three the black order when it was coming to in summer this look really good yeah you know I've never tried any of the previous ultimate lines games but you know on the switch I'm like happy to give it a goal. Like we're always looking for more stuff to play and looks fairly pullers like graphically seems sound and then from a Santa is going to have some wacko sorry words


Tie them all together in the world come to explode in there. A lot of Captain Marvel Titans. They're plugging the new movie coming out with Nicholas. Why don't you do that? Exactly. But I mean, the other thing is, it's great because it's got those characters in there. And I think that's probably a plus. It looks quite,


it looks like it's well done. It also looks like it's quite heavy on the way from what we saw, it looks like it's quite heavy on the kind of Co Op and the working together element, which I think is something that we've spoken a lot about on the regular podcast, that that Co Op thing is something that has really come back in in gaming in the last sort of year or two and I think that that's something again, I'm interested to see where this goes but I've got quite high hopes for this. I think this is going to be all right. Yeah, I feel like even if it's like it doesn't like become like a breakout success. I feel like it's just gonna be like a game that really satisfies the core fan base that has like, I don't think this is going to come out and be like, oh, it destroyed the game franchise that we love it just like


really solid absolutely what will we looking at for that it's going to be summer 2019 so not long to wait now this is a game next up the you mentioned and told us about for the first time just on on last Sunday's episode Anton we didn't know it I know it now it looks great it's box by but it's not just box by this time yeah both zero joins the faith and a slice of a fight as more just like let's work together and get through this series of obstacles and it looks really good it's the longest game in the like history of the franchise and look it's got caught up now from Corp and I'm curious to see how the mechanics of having the box mechanic where essentially imagine like you have a sheet of paper and you fold out at can describe it and visual all your terms and yeah, so you just can't fold out to cross caps and claim up stuff and move along. So I'm kind of curious to see how having to box characters can interact and get for the labels but this is gonna be a great one because historically, books Boy games have been killed the budget


Nintendo title yet being forced part and entangled abuse looking like you're four or five pounds title so it's nice to just have a game that will become a long that we can just like pick up and just have it's like a Louise thank game you play when you're not wanting to kill think too much but yeah it looks gorgeous as well even if it's just lines April 26 is coming out and the coolest thing again is the thing that really interests me it looks like a real kind of pick up let's have a let's play a couple of stages of box by inbox girl it was that kind of thing is an app yet Callum reminds me of sniper clips almost like yeah it's one of those games it's like you got somebody who's never played a sweat she just hand them a joy corn and they just instantly know what they're doing and UCF just work on it I think price point will be reasonable for this as well because I think you said that the the previous title the box by that was previously was quite low priced yeah definitely like it was always kind of even for free this Aesop tales which were cheap right regularly It was your Oh you've got some leftover Credit on Your he shall become just pick up so yeah, I'm really excited and I think this


will be like I can't sleep her head and because it's just called also that first part Nintendo quality but you can go wrong with so that's box by inbox girl which looks really really fun April the 26 core included now next up for Super Smash Brothers ultimate and we are going to get an update yeah I would say the account they didn't look too too much oh


really yeah there were just I think it's like a lot of fine tuning stuff for the pro players I've had like oh we've this character was all piece we made them slightly less or P and we've added some new spirit so I think it's not really mass marketable stuff they've gone because I remember they did similar thing with splitting to 4.0 yeah he free where they're just like it's happening but Merkley until you absolutely are and they'll probably just add in the talker that point well yeah i mean that that certainly we we know that that's happening we will come on to related topic with the Joker later on, but not for now. We're just looking at this in order and yet


It certainly looks like good news if you are a smash owner looks like you're getting an update fairly soon by the looks of things so that's something to keep an eye on another game that is getting an update in fact is getting a free update today and it's getting optional paid downloadable content it's Captain told Treasure Tracker this is pretty cool because if you were one of the the people that bought it originally on the way you and having double dip for the switch is this enough to change your mind


I'm curious to see if it well because I think as well as that kind of alludes to a lot I am a cam different picture than we had of Nintendo with the port because if they were willing to do DLC for Captain told who knows maybe down the line we might see suffer Mariel car New Super Mario Bros you Deluxe and it's going to be exciting if their account no comfortable with doing DLC for these older titles. And as well as that does the could potentially make stuff that wasn't possible on the way you in terms of just the hardware wasn't powerful enough to have bigger labels or something like that.


Health it's gonna be exciting to see and revisit these games as well especially since it's been such a tanker it's an interesting one is a really interesting one because exactly that's exactly how I felt when I was watching it and when I was watching it going wow okay so we're getting an update for a game that was a port so that no means that that game is is not the same there's not the same game I mean it is but it's now got more and it's got you know that that really does open up possibilities and interesting as well that they're going to be selling that as a full bundle which is going to be available today as well so I guess tomorrow our time but at that again it's it's it's a tempting offer and it's great to see that they're willing to go back and visit these titles yeah definitely and then it's going to be as well as that as I'm just excited see what new they can do in like imagine even as a creative like the people behind it imagine like you finish a game from three years ago you revisit you're like oh I have so many more ideas. I'm no longer creatively drinks and all that was helpful to critiques with Captain towards and originally it was a bit repetitive. So again


I'm curious to see what they've done to these new levels to count make them stand out because I imagine being the careers of being aware of anything you know your own flaws like you're the first person to know especially if you've spent our design and I'm you'll be second those original levels to so you'll be wanting to account do something new as well well if you don't know i'm sure Twitter will tell you because that's the way that works these days also the other interesting update on Captain tours that they're making every level two player Co Op available as well which I think is a really really good addition I think to any of these kind of titles ports or ones where it's clearly one that the whole family complete make a co op make it couch Co Op great yeah and like Captain tools are really good contender for you don't even have a jump button and Captain toward it's literally just moving around the levels and like going up and platforms. Yeah, I know could confuse confuse the heck out of me when I tried the demo when I cover that. How do I jump? You can't. Alright, moving on their next game. interesting one. I like the look of this. It's very Castlevania to me.


It certainly looks like it's blood stained ritual of the night. Oh yeah. Have you heard the original story behind this game? No, I don't know much about it at all. Oh, it's really interesting. So it's essentially the original creator of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. And he went to indy gogo and he got this game funded like back in the way you are all like 2013 and he's done he can end the meantime he's done a Nintendo a shop that's an eight but the sale game but let's count as like the field project that has had like $9 million


was like invasive center so yeah, he has a really good pedigree I'm because like people love Symphony of the Night. I've never gave it a go myself but it's like one of the most well regarded Castlevania was well I certainly looks really good it looks like as well done looks like a challenge as well. And it's one it's going to be on my watch list for for seeing what people what people make of it. When that comes out. We're looking at summer release, so not too long to wait as well.


Well we're going to get it within the next six months or so. Moving on to the next one. This is huge news actually two bits of huge news but the first Dragon Quest news is Dragon Quest Builders to now the first one incredibly addictive game. My partner she played must have been I don't know 60 hours of Dragon Quest Builders at tues coming out on July the 12th yeah it's fascinating like at these boulders how games that sounds something we're not used to seeing sequels like also we've never done a Minecraft two or three two or anything like that so it's kind of interesting to see them can take this bowling formula and be like yep it's all new know because it's kind of very fundamental like elements and rocks and you're going in a cave in your camp crafting stuff. So it's kind of how much can they change the wheel on a couple years. I'm going to be curious to see what they do there. Yeah, interesting one to watch. And that brings us on to our other Dragon Quest us that we are going to be getting 11 s in the autumn. No, it didn't really tell us a whole lot more than we need.


We did get to see some footage I thought it looked it looked really good if the frame rates good then and smooth then I think we could be onto a winner a little bit of a wait because of course owners of other consoles might well have played this game already or be a slightly different version it looks like we're going to get a few extras yeah I'm scared I'm interesting crank why Sullivan cause obviously dragon question was like an MMO sorts Calif wasn't in the main series. But the last Dragon Quest was like a DS game. So it's kind of how much of the count the original licensee learn as like game creators are going to be able to carry forward into this almost like a breath of the wild s inspired game yeah it's gonna be interesting as well. It's been well reviewed certainly the the versions that are on the PlayStation four it's it's been well reviewed. So I've kind of hopeful I'm hopeful that this will be one of those that people go oh actually I need to go and get get my hands on that. I'm certainly interested in that. That's that's a if the reviews are good if it looks


Good. I'm probably going to go for that one.


Definitely answer. And as we always kind of mentioned on the podcast just RPG on the switch, it's just like a match made in heaven. So that's gonna be that's why you haven't raced in tender. That's why I haven't looked at it anywhere else is because I want to I want to wait for on the switch. So interesting one to watch. That's an autumn release. We don't really know when yet but it's at some point in autumn 2019. I next up this is interesting. I think this could potentially be the do this. Well, this could be a really good family fun, mini game type type of fair. It's Disney's How did you pronounce it? So Zoom zoom zoom zoom festival I don't know much about zoom Zoom's. I'm assuming the from something I don't know what. But maybe you can fill us in. Yeah, so as I'm aware, and from my


couple visits to the Disney shop, they're kind of like their account generic franchise like series of a characters and it's kind of like the character sale is


rooms in and then the overlay them with all our Disney property so you'll have one It looks like Iron Man or you have fun It looks like Mickey Mouse or Elsa from Frozen or something like that. And it's kind of like their own like Pope figure health we do it with all our characters and you've got like a uniform sale so bizarre that are count poor number I guess with such like a simplistic art. So really, you just need to design one of them. And then you're just kind of layering over the fabric on top of it, which creates this design. So it's like I would expect this game to have a lot of characters and just count on that count. mindset lease. Yeah, certainly. I mean, it's one of those it could go either way, could it let's be honest thing could be a real kind of, okay, they've cashed in here. It's not that great. Let's not bother our it could go the other way because you just don't know when it comes to a title that has such a heavy


Disney influence or heavy big name behind it. You just never quite know what to expect.


But certainly, I liked the look of what the shoulders and the minigames. There was a kind of air hockey type thing. There were a couple of kind of running type you know it looked very reminded me a lot of


what's the mini games that we used to get on the DS and the whole like why are aware and yeah kind of but bit more like cross with minions or something


yeah I'm kind of I'm having flashbacks to all the shovel were on the DS well that was my worry i'm not sure it's going to go one of two ways we don't know an awful lot about it let's hope it's not shovel where and let's hope it's it is as good as the promise it is right next up then star link I am a good I'm a big fan of Star link actually really great fun good Co Op game as well. startling bottle for Atlas we are getting a new update in well actually in April So just a couple of months away Anton yes as kind of curious because it from the looks hopeless. It looks like a Nintendo only DLC what shelf and mentally I think most people


That boss Starling cowboy under like the super sense that was like oh, it's called. It's called Fox. And it sort of golden entangle seal of approval on it's kind of as somebody who's yet to pick up, but I've been kind of curious can have seen those beautiful x wings and the packaging. Yeah, I think just focusing on that really has like a selling point. So again, it just, it's fascinating that we would only release a DLC for Nintendo because obviously I don't imagine that much more important, but I guess where the money is. Where's the money? Yeah, that's true. It's interesting. We will see again, that is April for the update. And next up two bits of announcements regarding Rune Factory first of all in factory for is going to be specially remastered for the switch.


Yeah, it's one factor is not a franchise I'm 100% familiar with is have you are you familiar with a Ptolemaic not usually I've seen bits and pieces of it before I've never played one. I was quite impressed.


What watching this what struck me is that I wasn't 100% sure of you know it felt a bit like a life some in some way so but but I kind of like that again the switches the perfect home for games like that and perhaps having never played it This might be one that might be of interest on the switch itself yeah it was count for main to me almost like Star do Valley in a weekend oh you're just like you're you've caught list like our main objective of running your farm or battling and going and quiz but you can like smooths up to your account fellow people in get married and have relationships and all that kind of yeah it seemed like it took that star Jubilee side of it even further it looked like there was more on the kind of the the life side of it as well as the you know the farming so stuff as well but it looks interesting I mean I'll give it that


and as well as that like loot gorgeous yeah release like four years it's kind of felt like all these anime sell games.


are just like a capo if you don't want like two big fancy graphics but know the level of detail like it's just like the thin lines it just looks so Chris but unless actually like on switch now like on the couch 3ds and the Wii and stuff we always have those Jackie's and even on the ps3 but on the switch that just looks crystal clean and it's there too many good games too many good game well they must be investing time in this because Rune Factory five is in development and everyone factory for is a remaster. Then it looks like five if not an exclusive to the switch. It's certainly one that is going to be on the switch when it is when it's finally finished. server in factory five and development room factory for special, remastered edition for the switch coming out later. 2019. We don't have a date. We just know it's at some point in the second half of 2019. Yeah, next up, then. Square Enix are back they've got another new title. This looks really interesting. Let me try and pronounce it on a narky.


Oh god that was completely erased from my mouth.


Or there must have not grabbed him. What was that one again? Mike? Well, it looks a bit like what you would expect from a square enix game. 3d elements we didn't get to see an awful lot It looks like


I do you know what, from what I saw the brief bit I saw because like you're trying to take notes at the same time I got this might be a sort of turn based RPG type thing maybe


don't know much about it from Square Enix its new


maybe maybe we can we can see if we can find out a little bit more information before Sunday on what exactly that is and what it entails. Because certainly interesting that Square Enix are doing something I've never heard of it. So I'm assuming it's it's a new one. It's completely new, which wouldn't surprise me overly given they work really their games work really well on the switch. Yeah, I'm funny. I would like to say obviously, it's like, completely erased from my memory. So I'm like, huh?


Only to have a weekend or but yeah well once and next week and next week next Sunday we'll go into more detail one say I've refresh my memory and like put the minutes ago There is so much and I'm like there's some like announcements I'm just like my main just like 100% on and then a got it well that's one that perhaps if it hasn't grabbed you we should wait and see before we make any sort of judgment and what it was or wasn't just yet so we'll we'll check that out we'll come back to you on that next up your she's crafted world this is cool. We're getting a demo today. Yeah, I won't lie I'm kind of more really curious because the thing is there are so many 2d platformer see stays it's kind of you kind of have to pick and choose a little pot so to have a demo for us so we can get to kind of give it a taste and see if it grabs may cause I know the last one it was like a news at moments I was Complex News easily easy but really fun cool up so it's gonna be great types of people. It gives us a game before you


And what do you play the last game. And I've watched videos extensively on the new one because I was very curious about it. And obviously the last one was fairly well received two looks, it looks beautiful. I mean, I will say that for a love, love the art style of it, I love the little things that you can do, like flipping it and all the rest of it. But actually, this demo might actually just help sell it to me because that was my biggest worry was if I go and spend you know full price on release for your she's crafted world Is it one that's going to sit there and I've never actually going to get round to because you're right. There are so many options when it comes to, you know, these types of games. And it's coming up March 29, but this demo being released today. That's that's quite big news. So I urge everybody that's listening. It's a demo going try. I think we're getting the first stage. I think that's what they said. You'll get you'll get the first stage of the game if you download the demo and it's getting released today. So by the time you hear this, it'll be on the store. Yeah, and if you've got the option if you have like a friend, a family relative as a really easy pick up and play.


And it's so much fun quote. But at least what the last game and I'm aware of it being so much fun. Cool, but that was the way I would exclusively play it. Because you can, you can eat your favorite player and you can like spit. Lovely, lovely. It's just there's nothing more fun than going over to collect some yarn and then just being eaten a name like thrown into a pet. So much so many arguments, but it's, it's quite an easy game. It's very friendly and even got like, super easy mode where it's impossible to fail. It's brilliant, just adorable. Well, that's the kind of game that you want. If you if you're looking for something to maybe play at home with somebody else that you might live with. And it's that kind of experience, and


I will definitely be downloading that demo. It's pretty much as soon as we finished talking. Really. Next up. Are you a Fire Emblem fun? Oh, I never played a fire emblem. It's kind of weird. I never like for years. Can't remember. Fire Emblem being that health. Nice Gameboy Advance game that everybody loved. And then that niche DS game that like five people played no Fire Emblem soon.


To be the big thing and like obviously with smashes have brought up to rail to the forefront count with the big caveat on and handle characters so it's it's kind of crazy to see this AAA Fire Emblem game coming from Nintendo that's what struck me was just how long they spent on Fire Emblem three houses which is the new title coming out July the 26th we spent a long time at this I mean don't get me wrong it looks impressive if you like things with factions and you know different houses all fighting against each other at very tactical it looks like the kind of game that you could really get lost in and spend a lot of hours and I've not played the previous ones that is one that


for me personally the investment of time investment I probably not one that I'm going to be going to first but I will be keen to find out what people think of this and it certainly looked it looked very impressive they spent a lot of time on other Didn't they


yeah like the thing is I was looking at it was like a lot of candle the nice things like going over account the different hosts are in your account.


I'm like I did what you can go to them farm like show us the game player yeah it was like oh this is the account core you go to fight people and then you to quit sales more so you can go here to restore your health Yes Sure. Yeah that's a part of the game but that's not really the kind of heavy heading and then a lot of it was just anime cut scenes which Yeah, and nothing against enemy but it's like there's anime and then there's the video games but for account that's gameplay your I need to be sold on? Yeah, I sure there's people there like seeing the characters are like, oh my god is that person, but it is likely to give lip lip service to the Fire Emblem fans a little bit there I think. But having said that, it does look impressive. I would have liked to seen a bit more of the actual game but July the 26. So I've got a huge amount of time to wait and I'm sure we'll be getting more info between now and then as well. Right next up then. And by the way, we're about halfway through. That's how many games there were. And there was still a couple missing but we'll come to that later on because


Next up Tetris 99. This is available later today American time. So I would imagine by tomorrow it will be available in the UK special offer for online members. I didn't really know what that was or what it meant but Tetris 99 no brainer for me a love Tetris love boy and the boy Tetris game This looks pretty pretty good fun you had this I won't lie like when they announced this like my jaw hit the floor like Battle Royale Tetris who asked for this either them by one and I'm really so much of it because Tetris as like to on a handheld and nationals like consumes me. I will destroy my life. Like I'm going to be living on the street next,


but generally, that's really exciting. I'm kind of curious, I've never done online page for some kind of curious to see how that compares to facts. Thanks, Mark.


I'll tell you what I did play a play Tetris online did the Tetris and I thought I was good at Tetris until I played online. Oh, really? Yeah.


Wow, incredible. But yeah, I mean, look, this looks really good and it looks fast paced. It reminds me a bit of there was a Tetris game on I think it was the 360 a few years ago and I can't remember who it is but it reminds me of that very brightly colored, lots of fast paced stuff real kind of Arkady loop to it


at Sam the thing I'm like Kevin Coleman on that fast paced thing. Last thing I'm really keen about clothes off say it's like we've played Tetris for probably decades at this point and it say as a game it's like once you get the hang of it you can go for like 10 to half an hour quite easily and it's not really a game you can't point jump in at like level 10am so kind of having account set time limit on a Tetris game like maybe like say you last like five minutes and then like some people use on the other side of the world of completely destroyed yourself seem so having that count quick pace Tetris would be fun, especially being competitive you're going to have to be like pricing up on dropping them right down to the bottom and


Coming to kill, tighten up your reflexes? Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna have to get a lot of practice in if I'm going to have any hope online on Tetris 99. But the thing is, you can start practicing pretty much straight away. It's available later today, according to the direct so I would, I would give it till Thursday tomorrow, which is probably when you're listening to this special offer for online members we will see but Tetris 99 Next up this is interesting because I couldn't quite figure out if this is a co op online sort of


sort of you online kind of game where you fight against other people online or whether this is a co op okay there's a story line to this and I didn't really know what it was but it looks terrifying is called Dead by Daylight and its own autumn. Oh, you've never heard of it by like this from the sound of it. Well, no, tell me tell me. It's a really interesting game. It's kind of currently on pc ps3, not ps3, ps4 and Xbox One. And it's a count of I believe it's 45,


the fifth player


handle your Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. They can like teleport to different parts around the map. They're super over part but they're slow and sluggish. And they can make a lot of noise. It's basically your slasher film and then you have your free people at your for other players and they can't have to figure out like get the materials to leave the account set area like it may be a forest or something like that. So yeah, it's basically just your 1980s horror movie and I can get intense well it looks it looks really really intense. I'm not gonna lie and whether or not brave enough to play it. I'm not sure but Dead by Daylight comes at autumn 2019. Now. Next up, this is an instant download for me because I loved on detail. One of my favorite games probably of all time actually is delta room. I kind of knew this was happening I'd kind of forgotten about it. It's the first chapter we're getting it free and I think is the 28th possibly even February


But certainly we're getting chapter one free it's a one man operation pretty much the developer behind under deal and delta rune really excited about this Anton yeah I won't lie I was like yeah also we got undertake previous to this I'm surprised to see obviously what from being a one man team he's also working on chapter two and he's managed to find time to do a nintendo switch port which is incredible and oh it looks like I'll say health it's like Kindle 16 but little Paulie yeah like more detail bacillus like oh, I just. It's a stunning Undertaker. Undertaker is amazing. And this looks like he's just picking up where you left off. I love the way at the start of it. For those that didn't see it. It said this game for those that have finished under tail. And I just love that. I just thought that was such a nice little touches. He's always so quirky with everything that he does.


Yeah, and it's kind of I'm glad that he's not spoiling it because I think I got like


three fourths of the way through undertaken in a link for gold I accidentally killed somebody earlier on in the game and it's if you're not aware under to the game you can play hundred percent pacifist and I was like I didn't know that either when I did my first place so I didn't know no no no no I know that afterwards and you afterwards but when I played through I didn't play as a pacifist and it's it's very clever it's a great if you haven't played under to play under teal and then get delta rune chapter one for free. I would definitely recommend that on detail I think was on sale recently if it's not at the moment as well. But that's one to check out. All right, we're gonna have to fire. See some of these games because there's so many Damon x maquina. We got a bit of a an interesting presentation as we know it's coming 2019 but we're getting a demo.


Yeah, um this one's a weird one. I don't really know what I'm expecting from it account like obviously we've been talking about for a while. And it's like I expected by obviously we had the announcement and now we're counting.


In the game pleat stuff and that so like I don't really know what to expect so I'm kind of hoping the health allude to more about more of what to expect I'm not sure I'm not sure if they know what to expect because the first thing they said in the presentation was all let us know what you think and I kind of thought I wonder if they're just kind of before they commit to a release date or they just kind of doing this to sort of society what people like and don't make enough so that's great i like that welcome that I think that's a really good way of doing it but demos that later today so we can check that one out as well Will you be downloading you know I think I may obviously one it's like it'll be a nice talking point for the podcast by Calif just gained to see what is because I don't like health I like it when developers I did with this default path traveler and it's kind of nice where we're starting to get Damon was earlier in the development process where our feedback can actually do a value value because a lot of the problems with the auction


path project off the path, I believe it's called at the time really did do a lot of impact on the final game later basically completely different projects and I bet if you played optimal path traveler there would be value kind of playing this original game because it's so different. Yeah. And yeah,


it'll be interesting. How about yourself? See yourself downloading it? Yeah, I'll probably download it and have a have a look at it. I again, like you don't really know what to expect from it. But the fact that we are getting a taster of it. That is that is very much welcome. So that's another one that you can pretty much go and check out right after you listen to the podcast if you don't have Tetris, Nate, your name destroying your life. Well, there is time for let's face it. There's a lot of games. We've still got loads to go through. So I'm going to go into links one grid auto sport, we're getting all the DLC included. This is this is welcome. We don't have that many sort of proper, realistic racers, and this one is fairly well reviewed. Is this the one that was on the 360 a few years ago? Yeah, it was. It was like cool.


Last last game on the free sex and it's like I quite liked the grid games by member at the time was like the ps4 and that was out and they're charging full price for ourselves like


and but it fixed a lot of the problems of grid to a grid one was a really good game kind of a big feature list feature light grid to added a bunch of content but removes features and then this one can put them together count me to a more serious racer and account reminds me of the racing games of old because I feel like a lot of even stuff like Forza yet being a simulator is kind of Uber polish and anybody can pick up and before sayings for everyone. But this is kind of more like it's serious. And so be curious to see how it runs on switch. Because obviously simulation and mobile hardware it doesn't go well together well, and if they could get the online thing, right. It could be a real winner because it's providing something that there isn't much of in terms of, you know, simulator type racers on the switch if they can get the online thing right and there's an audience for it. If there's enough people playing it It could be a really welcome addition.


To the switch yeah so we'll keep an ethic if it does well it would be kind of curious to see of fat called master ports more soft costs I believe the data or new Micro Machines on ps4 a call years ago well that would be her face so good on switches the perfect destination anyway we'll be talking about that I'm sure in a future podcast Next up was how blade send you a sacrifice coming out in spring 2019 gotta be honest don't know much about this one at all Oh really? Oh this one's this was the surprise this was like the oh my god cuz this is an Xbox exclusive on a Nintendo console that's why I don't know much about it that's exactly but it looks incredible yeah as gorgeous as a really well done game and it says count very much essentially you're you're playing a character like count has mental illness and your account exploring is count for to parse like for comparison can imagine Calif Naughty Dog sale storytelling as well.


Really interesting I've never played it myself but as one I've been it's been like top of the wish list like I think originally countless stories really bizarre behind it because it started off as a PlayStation four exclusive and and then Microsoft bought the company then the port it to Xbox off say yeah in the port it to all colors which is a first person game so that was really bizarre to be playing a first person game and I'll click another porn it's a sweat so generally let's like one of like when it came out like it was kind of really high open everybody's list and it's an indie game at the end of day like I think that's kind of it has like Uncharted level graphics some hope so company man that's crazy but when you watch the trailers remember this was like made by in the studios really impressive well yeah that's you you've actually sold in any more than the directed and that's not I mean the direct it looks incredible but I think you've given it a bit of background now for people like me who didn't know what it was it looks really really impressive.


Spring so not that long to wait as well so that's another one it's going to be an expensive here I'm talking to Natalie and it's like this is the first directly it's only going to get more intense like wait until we've called the big and June yeah Nintendo presentations can be insane bring it on nine x Mortal Kombat 11 we knew this was happening so it wasn't a surprise but it's coming on April the 23rd yeah so you know obviously it's like there's only so much new they can add tomorrow come but but it'll be fun nonetheless. And yeah it's kind of hard to get excited for the Olympic game and the franchise unless it's like belt redoing redefining the whole franchise but yeah I think it'll be fun


it'll be a game I think maybe like a 25 pound game It looks like yeah what it sounds mean but there's just so much competition at the moment yeah alright moving on. Then unrivaled to coming in March I was sorry I'm right unrivaled unraveled to even my own writing altar corrected on rival unraveled




Get the first the unraveled game that I've played briefly looks gorgeous this looks gorgeous quite excited about this one yeah I think this as well as that it's a really nice because it's a quarter game and which Corp and cooperative platforming which is fantastic I think we can't really curious thing here is is EA and as I'm aware of the only other EA game on switch as the two FIFA game so far yeah so it's kind of interesting to see them laying lifting their spirits especially when we've kind of got rumors floating around Apex legends and camp or a franchise comments switch so I'm here I'm thinking this might be a way of testing the water to kind of see what the switch markets like right now yeah Well it certainly looks interesting and again it is only a month away so you don't have to wait long for unravel to that is coming in March now next up it's the worst kept secret of the last three weeks or so we've talked about extensively we said on Sunday on the podcast that we think it will still


happen even though it wasn't an answer the switch is Assassin's Creed three we're getting it in May we're getting all the DLC and liberation standalone as well as me the 21st is coming out yeah it looks gorgeous it's going to be fun like obviously we've captured our faults I feel bad because it's like it's been so badly leads and then it got officially known so we better go and it's like this thing's been taken out but from what I can tell the Liberation's and HD accounts that seems to be the account exclusive to the sweat version which is nice because obviously we will probably end up paying more for it so it's nice to have that ah about content yeah but like I was watching it right with some of that hadn't been keeping on top of the news and they should be listening to the Nintendo Switch Yuki podcast clearly. Absolutely. And but they were like, Oh my god, are you are you seeing this? I'm like, Yeah, yeah,


I've seen this like a couple weeks ago. Yeah, I know. It's interesting. I mean, I'm really excited about it because I love Assassin's Creed. And this one is a weird one because a lot of people really


Really really don't like this particular installment in the in the in the series in the franchise but then a lot of other people say you know what it's it's my favorite so it's one that really divides opinion but the fact that we're getting on the switch the fact that we're getting all the DLC and we're getting a good package for it and it's coming out in me handheld Assassin's Creed when I want it to be handheld brilliant I cannot wait to go back into that world and I'll definitely be that's it that's a day one for me I think yeah and again that say another game Let's we see this I think we send us with every genre but an open world game I feel like that's gonna be really lovely on a handheld we had like we haven't had like there's breath the wild which account also leaned in the RPG elements but I think just having a standalone RP open world games can be really nice and it was well as that just hopefully if they still swell up soft might portly LR account Assassin's Creed games they've got like really made to the email collection they had on the ps4 now that would be lovely. That would be good definitely. Alright the next up we have final fun to see and


No instruments. And there are two of them. Firstly, March the 26th Final Fantasy seven. It's the one that many people see is the best. We had a tweet today, which will mention on Sunday saying that no, actually it's one of the other ones. But Final Fantasy seven March 26. Yeah,


Sam is finally happening. Like


the Square Enix. They have a problem of like, announcing things really early. So it's like, sometimes just like the old stuff and you're like, Yeah, but are you really going to make an HD remaster a Final Fantasy seven. But we finally got lemon. It's gonna be fun to see the East shop be spammed with all these new games. Yeah. Now the other one that was announced was now actually you're gonna have to clarify this for me, because this was what I looked down at the wrong time as another Final Fantasy, I think. I think it's 9am. Yes, please. We had nine and there's a chocolate balls adventure or something. I'm not the most familiar a Final Fantasy but okay. Yeah, looks like kill all the health.


Final Fantasies are just blowing on to the console for Final Fantasy nine. I think it's nine. That is the one that we're referring. Yes, it's going to be released today. So you're actually going to be able to delve into the final fantasy world even more literally after this podcast. Yeah,


I think they


all told they're releasing them in this order because I think their account knowing that for people who've never played a Final Fantasies are going to jump in at seven so I think they're kind of try and be cheeky and be like oh you really craving a fatal fancy well why don't you try the one that not everybody's going to be buying tree


scalp make more money and yeah, but yeah, I think Yeah, definitely. It's nine cuz I remember they were chatting about how they're doing 779 and then 10 so yeah and to after that Yeah, no, that's nine seems to be the one that's going to be available first, which of that lot which is which is cool and that's another one to eat up your valuable time over February and next up brand new game.


brand new coming on the 30th of August 2019 it's called astral chain


oh yeah this one I think this is well kind of similar to the


damn demon Mac now one not as kind of that one on like it looks cool but I don't know what to expect and obviously it's Platinum Games so they do a lot of good stuff and especially with Nintendo account getting vanquish babe. So if you've ever


get caught vanquished, combined with knuckles key artists where your counts tied together yeah it's gonna be curious yeah I'm kind of I'm sitting on the fence and this one I thought it looked gorgeous but at the same time there wasn't anything there for me personally they grabbed me and said yeah I really this is a day one but certainly I'm watching with intrigued as to see what what comes of it over the next few months haven't given a huge amount away just yet. Yeah, and this is going to be curious and the same solve cancer.


What appears to be the selling point as the fact that the two characters are binds you together and I feel like F is kind of going for a gr PC health at moods the Caliph main flow of tarp Jesus and movement is really clunky so I'm kind of curious holder many have the main selling point being all your bank journal or capture when you've kind of got Jackie controls to begin with. Because even like knuckles kale takes a Sonic game sell combining the two characters if it wasn't on quite perfectly and it can be quite Genki a moment so well I'm gonna have to wait and see on that one. Yeah, astral chain 30th of August was what we think is the release date for that. And they also mentioned just in passing the being at a three still in development and to watch this space which is nothing that we didn't know already but obviously they're just reminding us that hey it's coming it's going to happen Don't worry we haven't forgotten about it. Yeah which is a it's kind of interesting I was expecting be on a free a lot sooner because I think it's kind of like we've talked about this country.


When the Metroid Prime trilogy rumors came out as count the habit of all as there's a new new remaster trilogies are going to be a new game to follow that up. So let's count to have that big gap as Caliph. Oh, is everything going? Okay? You haven't canceled this game have exactly what we're going to come on to our thoughts in just a moment. But we have one more game and I did not gonna, I'm not gonna sort of blow my own trumpet here. But I did call this a couple of times on the podcast, I said we'd have news of a new Zelda game. Well, I'm kind of half right, because it's a Zelda game. It's not a new one, but it looks completely different. It looks gorgeous. It's the Legend of Zelda links awakening the 1993 Gameboy classic game completely redone


like I won't lie. This was also we had the Kings the Oral Roberts a couple days ago and like on the last episode, so we have knew this would be something that could happen and that was expecting it and then like we saw the animated intro and I'm like, oh.


Okay, this is looking cool. And then the short of the game plan all cycle oh my god to graphically like artistically. And stylistically it looks absolutely stunning yeah yeah it looks great and it's such a contrast to Breath of the Wild as well but the fact that there are revisiting a game that is for many people that are going to be playing this is a game that came out before they were born and so this is a really really interesting take on it and know that we're kind of on to the last game we can start talking about thoughts and this is one of the thoughts that I had no 3ds announcements whatsoever and then we have this and that this is like this is like putting the nail in the coffin of 3ds for me this is like all this is a direct here's a game that would be perfect on the 3ds know it's the switch only. That's what do you know what I mean? Like when I saw this, I'm like, this is what I wish they did with Metroid Sammis returns, like this looks so good. And it would have been a perfect game for free Yes. Yeah. I'm so much more happy that


Sunday was completely Yeah, I've never like obviously a lot of people recently and I've been trying to do like a beautiful and top down RPG or 2d game by I've never seen this level of graphical fidelity and even like, it's not law. It's like, yeah, it's not for realistic having that level of just sorry, I'm just like, overwhelmed with the graph is, but even beyond that people loved a lynx awakening here. It's like one of the most underrated Zelda games. Well, it's going to be a chance for so many people to play it for the first time, so many people to revisit it. I think we're going to be seeing a lot about this on the forums on Twitter over the next few months. So that was the final game that was announced in the direct this evening and we'll just briefly touch on our thoughts. We've got maybe 10 minutes left to discuss that and what I would like to start with saying normally I'd say give us your thoughts on time, but I'm going to give you mine first because


Oh, you've got a stand school for sure. Well, try. First of all, I want to say that I think this was overall a really, really good Nintendo Direct. I think the quality, the level of games, the amount of surprises in there was good. We were missing a few. In my opinion, I think people will be disappointed with her. Nothing more about animal crossing.


I also think that people will be disappointed that when we had the Joker as the very first reveal on I think it was the Smash announcement that the Joker character was announcing that the fact that we didn't get anything about persona was a little bit disappointing from my point of view, because that's something that I know that I've mentioned a few times but I was expecting that outside of that.


I think the only other thing that was missing was there was certainly no mention of an of a switch many any any hardware changes, which is I think is fine, I'm fine with that. But it's certainly something that I think was missing potentially and the other thing that


That was missing was no talk about any changes to the actual the software that that what we on seven point on the on the switch at some point or 6.0 but but there's 7.7 point oh so there's there's no announcements of by the way we're getting a an eight point overhaul where we're going to have backgrounds and that kind of stuff and I think that was one that was missing for me those are the things that were missing for me but my overall feeling was every single game that we were showing had me interested to a point there are a couple linger too long but we got a huge amount of content so I'm pretty overall I'm happy with it and it says it's a solid seven and a half out of 10 for me yeah and I can apply in a similar point like the kale have. I was watching it with my partner no really disappointed with the Animal Crossing which I understand but and can you see people count this point it's like only the new Matrix trilogy. But overall I feel like there wasn't really


The dots in the mix now I feel like the value of it really depends on your taste but I feel like depending on how white your taste is everything and there's good like there's not a game that would say soap check to play bad maybe the Disney one I could see a lot of people just disregarding know to go either way that what is it it's it's one another


about overall I'm really impressed and I think the most fascinating thing was this is the fact that I am king King zeal or a leaker he was right about everything which is fantastic so I think as a leader he's somebody were you should we should all be keeping our eye on because he called it right down like the stuff you couldn't even even even think of like box by like well yeah that was the one that you mentioned on Sunday that we didn't you know neither Alister nor I have ever even played that game so that was something I read the blue for us yeah and like the last books by was good buy books by which the account premise of it was like the swan song to the box box.


Because the idea was there like yeah what's the Count 3ds rolling down this will be the last bullet point and then they they've completely reinvented the wheel and but overall I'm just really happy with the announcements like as well as that I feel like what we go like I was satisfied before I saw like I saw just enough of make mario maker be like that this is on track like there wasn't any announcements where they just like shoulda JPG like over working on a new book anymore like yeah like sure off all the games Farley


but likewise I'm kind of disappointed that there's no any Nintendo Switch news like I would have ideally the one piece of an element I really wanted was something regarding Nintendo Entertainment System at all. Yeah, what well, it was interesting because we had a lot of leaks and rumors about the fact that they've taken off the


the, from the the data mining they discovered that it stopped using the term was it the snare snares are super nintendo. They've done something


Which basically alerted people to what's going to happen on the director we're going to get some snares news


at the one kind of all the table this direct and I count question and handles logic on this as their absence of a smash on bill


and like just a character and feel because obviously there's going to be what the DLC packs we're going to have more Smash Bros characters then we have the right so I'm kind of just for some easy fan service to keep everybody happy yeah and just talking points I'm surprised they count left they didn't include a car turn as well as that account keeping the campaign cycle current for smashing health helping people not forget all the almost yeah and but maybe they're just not wanting to overshadow the other announcement switches compete possibility Well, yeah, you're right. I mean it's one that I thought would have been a no brainer that they would have given us a character announcement for smash but I think the fact is that we do


We had so much smash in the last direct so I don't think are the one before that? I think it was. I don't know if maybe that was just maybe not their focus. I mean there's certainly crammed a lot of games and there's no day over that and on but tell you what to finish with them give us your top three it doesn't have to be in the right order but just what will your top three moments what's your three moments of the direct or Capricorn an order I probably see a number free I'm breaking the first row you gave me that's fine it hell blades and I'm really excited. However, I know just knowing porting of these games is going to be like a 40 pound game mentally on like Xbox One. There's only like 25 pounds so they may be very generous with their pricing and it's such a graphically good game. I may want to try on something else but I'm really happy to see it come to switch and to have Nintendo have their really good relationship forming. Yeah. And number two Tetris 99 cause Tetris.


It's just so good on hand handheld and I'm excited to see them mixing up hello yeah and then oh my god I'm freaking Super Mario Maker


challenge which one is it is it super mario maker or is it The Legend of Zelda links awakening that's my guess oh I'm gonna yeah I think I'm funny if I hadn't forgotten about it I would have could ends and Super Mario Maker number two however I'm going to have to go ahead and just get top spot to breath the new Zelda and brands the wild was my first one and Canada have seen them to such a wildly and just awesome looking noon the Zelda game yeah and a sale that I haven't played before it's like really exciting so I think that will be like day one purchases link links awakening is the number one for you then yeah How about yourself Mike all right well I'll go I'll do the same as you then because fair's fair will do the top three but I'm going to give a special mentioned to delta room which would have been in my top three if it wasn't just chapter one and that


No criticism whatsoever it's a one one person operation we're getting chapter one free I will buy the full game when it comes no doubt about that had they said the full game is now available in you know a month's time that would have been in my top three so delta room special mention to delta delta in its third place I'm going to go this is an order of my excitement. I would say more than anything so this might be a little bit different, but I would go number three Dragon Quest 11 s just because I'm really I'm really interested in Dragon Quest. I love what I've seen of the ps4 Dragon Quest 11 and I've held off buying it on any other console because I want to on the switch and I think it's a great fit. Number two for me is Assassin's Creed three and that is again because of my enjoyment of the early Assassin's Creed games. So that's my number two. Again, that's not necessarily saying it's the second best game in the list is not necessarily but


It's in my number two spot. And number one, I'm going to go with you. And see the Legend of Zelda links awakening remaster of the 1993 Gameboy classic for 2019 on the switch because it looks absolutely gorgeous yeah and kind of the thing is with doing a poor of this older Zelda game link to Link to the Past for instance I feel like with a cell a fairly accessible games populate people who never grew grew up with a device that didn't have a bad only on it going back to the original game by game can be quite intimidating like even myself like every time I revisit like even a Gameboy Advance like the North SSP version on like How the hell did we live the screens like just waiting for traffic lights to go past the backward cars just late right oh yeah and so I think not even beyond just all we've got a new version of scheme but bacon this game so much more accessible is fantastic yeah and sorry I'm just gushing about I'm no really it looks really i think that that thought is going to be shared among


The the forums on Twitter and pretty much everywhere else. Well I think that pretty much wraps up the direct. We've done it in under an hour, which is actually no mean feat considering the just mentioned the games and it was nearly 14 minutes long. So we've talked about them. We've kept it under an hour. What I will say is we want to hear your thoughts and opinions. So tweet us. We've had a great week on Twitter. We'll talk more about that on Sunday. But do tweet us and tell us what you think your favorite games What do you think of Anton a nice thoughts? You know, do you agree? Do you disagree? You can message us on twitter it's ns UK podcast on Twitter's ns. UK podcast and you can send us a message and I think that pretty much wraps up on on any final thoughts Yeah, and as well as if you want more information of so he called the ns Uk website and you can contact us via email at podcast at ns. uk Yeah, nothing else. But you do know that


he'll be back. Yes, he'll be back on Sunday.


But I must say, as well as you Kp Dakota UK, Anton's work it looks absolutely gorgeous. He's done an amazing job here. We're even getting transcripts of our podcasts which is next level. So he's done some really, really good work. And remember, we do all this because we love the switch we don't do for any other reason. We hope you enjoy what you hear, and we'll keep producing them. As long as people want to hear them will be back on Sunday. that pretty much wraps up the Nintendo Direct. It's very late now. We're nearly at midnight and we're going to go and try and get this online as soon as we can. So until Sunday, we hope you enjoyed the direct hope you've enjoyed listening to the podcast. We'll see you later.