Lack There of Attack of the 3rd Parties - Episode 2

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35 minutes of Switch related goodness, including news, gossip, a quiz and a look at the success of the Switch in Japan. Plus, 3rd party support & rumours of a new game in the Stardew world!

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Thank you for downloading episode number two of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast loads to talk about. So let's get started.


So Hello, welcome to number two. Our second episode of Nintendo Switch UK podcast. I'm Mike, I'm here with Anton. Hello, Anton. Hello, I'm here you are here on Alister, you're here to Howdy, and thank you. First of all, to everyone who has downloaded listen to episode number one, everyone who has messaged us as well, because we've had a few messages on Twitter and you've had a couple of messages as well. An email. Yeah, we have had. We have some great comments. Thanks for the feedback. It's all been positive, by the way, and we've even made it to number 57 of the Swiss podcast charts. Very nice. I think we're number seven of the video gaming.


category in Switzerland for podcasts way that's. That's something to celebrate Merry Christmas. Yeah congratulations whoo cuz yeah you know the old saying get to number 57 on the Swiss charts and then it's Hollywood. So, you know, we're working our way up the charts. I mean, you know, it does question whether we're doing this in the right language for a star, because obviously, you know, we could do in French or German, perhaps might be more appropriate. Well, you might be able to, I have pretty much one language and a bit of a few words here and there. But anyway, thank you very much. One person Switzerland to listen to us. Hey, yeah, let's see if we can double it this week. Alright, so lots lots and lots to talk about. So let's get started with this week's news.


So anti and this is an interesting one. We were talking about this briefly before, but Nintendo Switch has surpassed the lifetime sales in Japan of the veto within two years. That is quite incredible. Really. Yeah, it's like a one half I'm just like, Oh, it's a switch selling along or it's just that bad.


But I think we found the perfect crossroads. And but yeah, it's incredible. Because the thing is at Japan was the best England region for the visa, because it was very popular because he had Monster Hunter running on it. And they had tons of G RPG and just generally portable councils to bear in Japan. So the fact that even in the best region has been sold is just remarkable. I think the the big thing for me has been in the last six months to a year, Nintendo's really seen just how much value there is in getting good g RPG on the switch. That for me, has been the change because that was one of the criticisms early on of the switch, actually, that there weren't many g RPG and it's kind of realize that if it's going to take that market that the veto held that they had to do that and it's obviously done that and more because, you know, the switches kind of doing well across the board in terms of sales bought that for me, I think it's where they've really kind of figured out what to do. Yeah, why don't you find quite interesting here.


They're they're using the switch as a comparison with the veto, which means the direct comparison on portable handheld console.


Does that mean that the 3ds is now officially a gunner? As far as I'm concerned? No, I think there's still developing software for the 3ds I still I'm still seeing some new games. And we see that the the directs they're still but maybe what they've done is they've they've changed the focus, maybe the 3ds is more aimed a younger audience and it's less about the GOP Geez. And the, the more serious


games and particularly in Japan, it seems like the switches found that kind of market at the V to help. I think also, if you think about it, we were talking about persona last week about how persona was only on the PlayStation four, not on the v2 the last persona, I should say and how we really missed the portability because persona is the perfect game to play on the go. So what the switch does is it allows you to do both seamlessly and I think that part of it as well as the fact that it is


As good as a visa is for playing gr projects on the go, it's like a bonus. It's like you can go home and play it on the big screen and you can take it with you. And I think they've just really nailed it as well as a thing to keep in mind this I feel like just looking at home switches being advertised in Japan it seems like Nintendo's taken a much different approach where over here they're kind of trying to reinstate the fact that as a home console plus handheld whereas in Japan causes just like main console sub never really sold the best I think they're really just trying to get in there and just promote it as a handheld cause that will be the way to get more sales cuz I've seen articles where apparently just a lot of resellers in Japan are not even including the doc with us swatches because they can sell on separately because they'll get more sales of just getting switches of the door as interesting I guess it's different markets and and it's sensible from Nintendo to market like that. I mean certainly over here coming up to Christmas is a big push is family gaming. I mean that is a big thing and I know the answer you


That's been quite a big thing as well. The family gaming element. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you can play with every generation budgets. So anecdotal, had people around last night. I had a couple of friends. Around half of them hadn't played video games for the last 15 years. We picked up the switch. We spent four hours quite happily playing Mario Kart playing overcoat playing astral beers, which, by the way, if you asked her bears is great. It's amazing. never played before going to the store. It's about three or four pounds and it's the most fun you'll have. It's brilliant. And these people they hadn't played it for they hadn't played a console in such a long time was the first thing he picked up. They will love the fact you could pick it up, take it away. They've got kids, they're already saying we've got to come by one of these for when kids get older. Yeah, it's just it's incredibly accessible and marketing. That family angle really does have a big key advantage over here in the UK. It's It is interesting. I think with Christmas, you're seeing a lot of the console packs as well on and on that are being marketed at the moment. There's a lot of the Pokemon ones at the moment that are being advertised.


Heavily you've got this platoon and stuff you know there's a lot of sort of you know Let's aim this at families sell a few more units before Christmas which is I guess a sensible and I can see the sales over here continuing I think 2019 is a big year sales yeah I don't know if you guys have felt this but don't you can't feel like at the moment Nintendo's probably want the most well position like publishers of games and on the whole in terms of regional games, because like maybe during the ps3 era, Sony had tons of Japanese games like they had them Oh, I can't remember the names of some of them off the top my head but they were kind of Central for your tea RPG is what's the PlayStation free but ps4, it seems like they've kind of lost their way maybe just the fact that they became the number one console so we are focusing on West's co sponsorship with culture a and all that kind of stuff. focusing more on American releases and Western titles. And where's the switch? It seems like scan your badge nails obviously exclusively and yeah, I don't know. Is that something you guys feel enlightened West that they've canceled


Taking that top spot of your hundred percent of games 100%. And I think the other thing as well is that there's a big market, not just in Japan, for example for these games, I think in the UK, it's a growing market. You know, people are trying trying these games for the first time, a lot of people are, maybe maybe have never played a Jay RPG or no deciding, you know what, let's go and do it. And if you look at the switch the way they've released stuff, so they're releasing half of the Final Fantasy games going into 2019. And that's quite a clever move, because they're what they're really doing is saying, Hey, if you're a fan of the series, you're probably going to buy this because you love it. And you want to play on the goal if you're not a fan of the series, because you've never played it by one of these games you can play on the go, it's kind of clever, you know, yeah, they've also most position sells really well in another way. And that we're talking about, they're very family friendly. They're orienting themselves for getting in the kids but equally you can pick it up you can go play Doom, yeah, no, I mean, they have managed to positions us perfectly, both geographically and


across the spectrum there's they have done an amazing job of the more and it's not publicly teams are Bravo so far that's not historically Nintendo as well that's not what the historically Do you know that they're not known for their massive you know array of 18 certificate games or 15 certificate games so that was something we had to really address if they were going to be a leader in the marketplace and I think they've done that really well with the switch yes like the thing I really find fascinating about switches whole diverse audience of people that I'm seeing playing are should have some people are just playing at really casually and you might pick up my car and Pokemon and call it a day and that's them and then you've got people going on there and it's like they're going on nerves are pulling under tail some obscure and the game some visual novels and just these really like intense gamer and games where what it seems like the switch of like the three main health audiences game are the casual the hardcore and account soft core and which leads or something like different titles but


Know without that audience they don't really seem to have that like soft core, koji FIFA kind of annual pickup games every year, but they've really managed to hit these two polar opposites off the hardcore and the casual, which is really incredible for one device to do. Well, speaking of game releases, one of the collections of games that has just come out, which is quite interesting. If you are retro gamer or if you're a gamer of a certain age, I'd actually say someone probably slightly older than us generally, because the console itself originally would have been a big hitter in the 80s which was right about the time I started playing. I was little Yeah, I think I can't remember I started gaming I was probably my NAS was probably really when I started gaming I was at nine Christmas at names and I got my spectrum that's that's my pivotal moment. But before that, I did actually have a shot on a family's atari and if tally flashback classics is 150, Atari Games. You got to think that 150 games crammed on there. They're probably not all


The creme de la creme of Atari Games. But it's got your classic Atari games on there. It's got your space invaders and your Pong and all that stuff. And actually, if you're a bit of a retro gamer, and we talked about this last week with the Genesis collection or the Mega Drive collection in the UK, it's interesting because you getting what would have been a Virtual Console thing, but on on a one off cartridge and it's a good releases. It's maybe not the biggest release we're going to see this year. I hope it's not the biggest release we're going to see in 2019. But you know, it's another little extra and a bit of retro gaming. Yeah, it's really fascinating. Like, I must, I'm amazed for so getting these I love it. I i I'm amazed because I'm just sitting here looking at and you see how much they're charging for like the Neo Geo games. That's like five pounds per game. And like even Sega, especially with the Mega Drive collection, they could have easily sold those games for like free pump support. So the facts were again it just really shows the value you're getting these collection like the very punk Mega Drive collection on a cartridge so like a five pounds of that.


prices, probably just in the packaging your soul getting like 50 games on there. It's incredible. Yeah, that I think that is a really good value collection. Actually the Mega Drive equation. I don't know if you've seen the interface when you when you load up the game, when you give yourself the the options in the menu, what you're actually faced with is a 90s bedroom. And it's brilliant because you've got your CRT TV, you've got your mega dry, got your your games up on the shelf that you can pick from, you've got a desk in the car, you got your posters on the wall, all that kind of stuff is really, really cool. And they've really taken a lot of time and effort into doing that. And I agree with you. I mean to pick up these games as a one off, they could have easily done loaded into the Sega ages stuff. I guess you could have done that for all these games. But actually, we're getting a really good collection there for a good value. So there is if you're a retro gamer, there's a lot out there that you can already get your hands on training on a question out to you guys. If you were to like you had infinite power you owned all companies if you had to choose a game that you would want to get like.


console you want a collection for what would you on switch? What would you go for now? That's really difficult because the only consoles I've ever replayed generally we're Nintendo's and you can just get them all on their mind been like my favorite games of all time was intend to 64 hands down and I'm pretty sure some of those games at some point will appear in the switch but not until after the booster and then 64 Mini which is probably coming our way soon. I think that's coming soon and I'll definitely be buying the city for many but I think for me it's got to be the Dreamcast I would love my god i would love the Dreamcast collection on the switch I am so one thing Shenmu and I don't even really mind but the third one I just want the first and second Let's switch we've got the remasters on the Xbox. I think it's on PlayStation four as well as in it. I really want to own this switch


because they did the same collation the Dreamcast collection for the Xbox 360 so we have like HD remastered shiny versions of these games. And I'm just like, could you please put


limit it would be fantastic but you saw my answer so I'm going to say the center


oh nine he completely Sega collection that would be cool I mean the Saturn was very short lived but I tell you what there were some pretty decent games on there I always feel like the siren had the best of 2d games because I was like one of the last proper 2d consoles with the sex button controller and then really baller have much 3d stuff like what they had was even sell technically to the games like you had virtual fire and stuff like that


good show i mean i will be quite happy with it in both to be honest but perhaps where maybe wishing for a little bit too much


speaking of third party developers though interesting because there's been some interesting comments from the Nintendo American president Reggie fees me and I'm probably pronouncing that wrong and apart apologies Reggie. If I am not the you'll probably be listening but you never know. And the interesting comments were they a lot of the reason he says that we're not getting for


Third Party developed games that maybe we're already over already kind of on the way to being out is because of when the switch was released. And it was just the wrong time, basically. Yeah, pretty much. So that's that's the gist of us using these games if you take Red Dead, because I think Red Dead was possibly what I should trigger this conversation. The first place was these games have been in development for years and years and years and they were being developed before news of intend to switch actually existed for the console existed to anybody outside probably of Nintendo. And he's effectively hinting at the fact that we might start to see some more third party developer games coming through the pipeline including maybe some fairly major ones know we're going to get Red Dead obviously but things are in the pipeline from some of these bigger development houses could will become a switch albeit I suspect to be sorted pared down version Yeah, because it totally just makes sense that they would start pouring more games eventually cause these games call so much like look at battlefield five. There's a not a market like market of shooters on the switch so far and it's not selling well. I am


The cost of making the next battlefield as a lot less than, than putting that to switch and building an audience there,


I think as well. What has been really interesting is I think if you'd asked this question a year ago, you might have had a different answer as to whether you could see this happening. But now with the releases of things like skier him and doom and we had the other world war two shooter forget the name of it. Now we've also got wireframe which is running brilliantly I think when you see these games playing so well on the switch, you start to say well actually the switch is pretty capable Okay, it's not a PlayStation four it's not an Xbox One but it's more capable than I think we probably would have given it credit for a year ago so I expect to see more third party games next year yeah and I don't you guys remember but when switch was first announced the Nintendo made a big player but the fact they had a lot of third party developers on board they were specifically interesting we have Do we have whatever it is, it's coming the




yeah yeah so they made a big play for us and I'm actually wondering did the notes that a bit too soon although they had a few at lunch there's has been fairly quiet on the third party developer front for a while and I don't know if they just managed to most poor do some really really quick ports to pull these games over like Doom to begin with so that's what are the ones that we're seeing next year so we know that we're getting central the third that's again quite a left of center announcement I mean it's great it's cool but it's a little bit off the beaten track of where we might have thought they were going with third party games and I'll I'll get it also get it because I'm in the game I'm actually in the game in the in the car one of my songs isn't it so I'm going to get it for that reason just because I haven't bought it yet amazingly. And the other one is la new are I get you know, so I love la new are but it wouldn't have been an instant one that we would go I really expect them to pour LA Noire and seems through the third you know, so it is interesting to see where they go next.


Yeah, I think one of the biggest, like telltale signs will be of where the switches going in terms of third party will be the next Elder Scrolls. That's going to be one of the major games of a generation. And this has been good for switch support, but as their bag title, there'll be running on the like, upgraded version of their engine. That's where all your money goes. The Elder Scrolls games are typically the kind of showcase of the like, next big leap off the engines take at Oblivion, that was like a showcase of what the fall free would be like, and everything like that. So that's one of their big tail and if they can bring that to switch I think that'll be a really great showcase of where at multi platform titles are going on switch. Yeah, that would be that will be very interesting to watch. All right, let's move on to one game which I know many people have sunk in hundreds of hours into I have it I played a little bit of it. I know I'm going to be hooked when I finally get into playing a lot of it because it's totally my kind of game but I just haven't got around to do to properly investing time in it. It starts you Valley


Anton Are you a fan? I've never. I've never played I am I am planning to pick off so the new multiplayer updates really caught my attention. How about yourself? Yeah, I have never played either. I'm in the same campus and although I know a lot of people who do love it and have been recommend their plate for donkey's I just have not found a time to do so well. I played a little bit of it. And it's so far so good. Really enjoyed the first sort of two, three hours of it. But I mean, that's barely scratching the surface of what starts the valleys about no interesting development this week is that it looks like the developers behind star Valley are working on a new game set in the same universe, which I think is quite big news because I know how many people are obsessed with Star Valley. So the idea of a brand new game set in the same universe what could it be I mean, it's certainly with the multiplayer update. I don't know if you saw some of the things you can do there but you can actually bring other people into your world you can actually propose to other people that have come into your world within stars you bye


Which I think is great it there's there's stuff that you can keep away from them so they don't see what you're you know they don't steal your stuff is really clever so be interesting to see what they do here I mean are they going to are they going to like extend out and make it more of a kind of life simulator thing outside of the farm or you know what's who knows I don't know any thoughts yeah I'm going to be curious to see how how similar as because there are games where they're like it's in the same universe and it's nothing like and you're like yeah this is just selling the same plan or so


and it's going to be curious how similar is because they could do something it's just maybe I say bowling button the same sale and I'm really curious don't know where to come with us actually I am intrigued because it's not often you get one of their field large titles that then come along say we can do another game in the same university quite often do the same games name but it's gonna be different kind of game so we take Command and Conquer example it's the same game rolled over and over again but it's always in different universes they had was the original plan and conquer and then there was red alert and those generals and the kept going from there.


That happens an awful lot It's not often you get actually somebody coming along and saying we like what created we can do a complete different game in the same genre or not the same in the same universe and time together especially in a genre like that as well as i think i think that's the thing as well when you're talking about management simulation type games


It's not often that the then see what we're gonna we're gonna keep the universe but we're going to change the game and that's it's like flipping it almost it's like the flipping it from the norm so be interesting to see what they do definitely watch this space yeah I'm excited right then there are if you are somebody who like me goes on the E store regularly or the shop regularly and decides to just briars and then ends up being sucked into buying something because it's on offer bad news because there's a huge Christmas shop signal on right now actually, there are actually some really good bargains to be hot. One of them is crypt of the necromancer now I've never played it it's a kind of rhythm based dungeon crawler Have you had a look at the sounds on Am I have not yourself


of yourself I don't know I've never heard of I've been really really well reviewed so this is a nine out of 10 type game it's partly very very tricky as well but if you like your kind of old school kind of eat bit kind of dungeon crawler e type things is it technically dungeon crawler? You know, I don't know if that's actually technically what they call it. If it's tricky. I'm already I just have no patience as soon as a day three times a game down and walk away. I just I'm that guy. absolutely the same. Just like I was looking up reviews for holiday and people are like, Oh, it's a challenge in adventure. Yeah, I just like collect all the review. I'm like, that's not for me. I don't have time to learn. Well, good. Well, here's the thing about this one is very, very unique. It's very different because it's got this rhythm based element into added into it, which is kind of a really unusual mix. But anyway, it's down to 359 on the UK store at the moment, which is incredible. Because not only was 1799 so that's a really good one to look out for. But there are loads of bargains cat quest. How about playing cat quest? I don't know.


harking back to a previous podcast that you guys might have done, it's possible but the one big remember hearing on there being recommended doesn't work. I just downloaded the other push. Basically it starts the valley for cats. This cat is a cat tales or anyway, I just downloaded the other cat game just the other day, which I'm intending to play. Cat quest is one that that you might want to check out as well. It gets well reviewed and 50% off. I think it is on mobile as well. To be fair, but I think it's well done on the switch point. Your point or Tetris half price at the moment as well. I am a fan.


We all know your phone like you've played that game to death. I even I even played a game with it. And yeah, so it's like, came out and I was super intrigued by I'm like, I really want Tetris on one console because I currently fiber crave tips or some like how many get my DSL and like do that so like, buys like 30 pounds for same Tetris and like kinda there's a couple of other ones that you might want to check out. Mega 911 is actually right down to 1999 at the moment you've got Resident Evil Revelations one and two both.


discounted at two I'm in the middle of playing right now I play that with my wife and I am don't I am though it is 1199 from 20 pounds Street Fighter 30th anniversary you'll get that for just over 30 pounds in the shop and Monster Hunter generation ultimate which I tried the devil often was terrible at 3499 for that as well so there's a few games there but there's actually loads as well with a Luke I shall sit down and have a look this weekend and then by nothing and then by


so moving on. Then also talking about the shop little bit of gossip It is possible that the E shop could be getting a bit of a reefer but it might be replaced with a new style store. This is interesting on top. Yeah, um, I've been hearing murmurings for this like Farwell like a member on Nintendo support blog. They were like oh, we're going to need to a bunch of improvements to the shopping update after update came out, and we never saw anything but it looks like we're actually getting a whole new he shot.


Which will be really interesting


wonderful actually means I mean I actually don't have a problem with the shop I think it works quite well my only small tiny, little niggle is it's a little bit slow


and I don't think so yeah we maintain a connection home is pretty fast and everything else lightning but I always find that store works quite slowly switch that doesn't really bother me I haven't really noticed it particularly but what I do think is interesting is if you think about how colorful and bright and the music and everything of the way you and even the we beforehand it is a bit kind of like okay I'm shopping now I'm looking at games and that's nice but it doesn't have that kind of fun factor of the previous console so I wonder if they might kind of just make it a little bit more of an interesting you know making more part of the journey because we still love wallpapers for goodness sake I mean you know that's another thing on on the on the switches that you'd think by now we'd have a wallpaper section because I mean that's a that's an easy money maker right? tell you there's actually there's


One thing that I think PlayStation does well and I've never played next xbox one they probably do too but the when you look into game you ultimately get a little video showing you what the game is about how we get on the switch it doesn't also play them on the switch vertical scroll through screenshots and then find the video on it please It's a small thing I play though yeah I hate it I hate it I much rather go through to the end press play


even slower than


when you well know it to be I'm going to I'm going to take backward server in the store it's not that it's slow it's slow to load initially okay don't go to games is fine like stuff but just navigating it's just a bit slow I get it yeah yeah because that's quite a simple app like comparing that to like somebody out shopping your iPhone like the Facebook app or the App Store Amazon those are like lightning quick but the switch as included in that same level and looking all for when I saw that I was like oh what what kind of thing would be doing and I had a we look at what everybody was saying about in their thoughts and and people seem really intrigued like excited for it. And from what I can gather the


complaints are what the shop as a lot of


nd stuff that people don't really seem interested in is getting to the top. Whereas a lot of really good games are just seemingly sinking to the bottom. So I think we're probably going to end up with is something a lot more curated. And a lot of people are not a fan of if you want to look at all games for instance shop to go down and like pass all the games they press right when I'm putting all your primers and a lot of just search and cure querying counts off and so it seems to be a problem of people not discovering as much of games as they want like I don't know about yourself so it's like I go in there maybe bros for what's on sale abroad through some of the recent releases and I'm like I'm saying on that release, release these pages you can find a lot of shovel Where's coming right at you. And that's not really the first thing you should be seeing when you're wanting to sell consumers games. I think you've probably got a point I mean, I tend to go current offers what's coming soon.


Then I'll maybe a look at the the pics one I think there's one day where it gives you some suggestions which is quite interesting but it's not it doesn't seem to just update maybe once every few weeks or something it's not that regularly updated so yeah I think I'm with you I think it probably could do with a revamp I'm kind of used to it. It's a bit like when they change an app. It's a bit like when they change Facebook or Twitter or any of these things. I probably hate it to start with. Give it two weeks and I'll never want to go back. Yeah, you forget what it was like before. Right, then let's move on. We'll go one more little short bit of gossip before we move on to the quiz. And that is crushing racing for the switch, which I was very excited to hear. Unfortunately, it looks like we've got a possible delay, I believe.


So that's also great. This is this is what happened with Sonic racing as well. We were supposed to have Sonic racing next month. But now it's been pushed back to I think it's the summer which is fine. But I wouldn't be so bothered if we could get some new Mario car or something. You know what one of them was just update


Yeah I think we're overdue some Mario Kart DLC we need it it's a great game as a flagship game give us some deals I put in like probably two 300 hours on the way you and on the switch now on Mario Kart and it's really about time that you know we had something new so


you know what crushing racing great looking forward to yeah it'll be fantastic will be spectacular Sonic racing great if they do a good job and it was a bit unfinished when they released some early versions of it but I think they'll do a good job of that in the end


so those are great but it looks like we might have to wait another six months he has a real shame because for a lot of us who had the we you we've played Mario Kart eight to death so as when you take that in consideration like it might seem like if you've just this is your message out in the EU it's like oh my car came out quite recently but for a lot of people we've kind of burnt for your time and and Mario Kart eight so a new kart racer would be fantastic well bring it on I don't think all fruit racing or whatever it is quite cuts it for me. Although I don't.


is terrible. It's just not quite, you know, it's, it's not quite my Oh, we've we've got Hello. Okay cruisers as well, that's right,


so many questions. All right, let's move on to the quiz. Now. We played for the first time last week and the score just because I'm actually going to keep score. No, sorry. Anton is currently, Alister one and Tom zero. Now we're going to stick with me hosting it for a while, we might switch that around eventually. But for now, I am. I am the quiz host. And the way we play is I have three popular games in history with a link to the switch, whether it's a really clear link or whether it's a tenuous link you'll find out at the end now I'll give you a series of facts or clues about the game and if every fact you can give me a guess if you want to or remove on the first person to give me the correct game title wins the round and there are three rounds so it's the best of three each week and you're one nil down from last week it was a three nil resounding win for Alister I'm afraid on


So, you know, step it up. Don't worry. It will not be repeated this week.




are you ready?


I'm ready. Yeah, let's go for it. All right, then. First game this week and the first clue.


This game was originally released for the Mega Drive in 1992.


See discovered already selected


next clue you travel through time to combat hostile extraterrestrials


still stumped


any advances like Elaine storm. Really a star. It's not that no, it's set in the ocean and on an alien spacecraft.


Ecco the Dolphin. Oh, I'm torn. Well done. It is called the dolphin. I will give you the next two clues which will give you the switch link. Does anyone know the switch? link to this no bomb and treat the Mega Drive collection.


Yes it is. Oh that was a good why. Oh hello sleep deprived so you could go and buy and plate now so it was included in the recent Mega Drive or Genesis collection on the switch and finally you play as a bottlenose dolphin


next game then one note to Anton well done and on the comeback is on this game was first released on the end 64 in 2001


Paper Mario


Wave Race both games I'd love to see on the switch but no finale I think this might this might be the one published by rare have been bungee because you know Congress bad Yes. Oh,


I'll give you a few more of the clues. But this means that you will have one this week, which is great. You know, just playing for for some sort of those. I could try and redeem myself a little bit. Yeah, yeah. In any way, shape, or form. So you would have got a platformer You play as a greedy heavy drinking.


red squirrel


was included as part of the Rare Replay on Xbox One and the switch connection well there wasn't really one other than I think it would fit perfectly on the switch those Nintendo's 10 years but it's there it's there all right finally then third game for a little bit of a comeback Alastair but not enough to get you anything this week I'm afraid deep breath this game was first developed for the we you and released on the 18th of March 2013


developed for the we you




know developed by TT fusion It has also seen a switch release


is it guys to do the LEGO games or am I making that up


oh Lego City Undercover


set you up and you


know that was developed it was


Develop for the way you originally yeah and then of course we had a switch release and yeah cuz originally it wasn't on any other console It was the most exclusive exclusive yeah good game as well if you haven't played it and you get a chance to pick up for cheap it's amazing I bought it from a meat played a lot and that may be a major motivator


crash a lot maybe yeah so so one of the big things with the switch version on fortunately is there's a lot of little bugs in it which is a little frustrating actually the we you game probably plays slightly better but it doesn't have the court mode the switch game has so there are a couple of issues with it generally does play well it's just it just seems to the further and you get the worse it has one major major major bug that really got my goat you get to the very end of the game let me look at the very end of the game and as soon as you did the final bit of the game obviously was because it on any spoilers, but as soon as you complete the game, it crashes every single time and get that one well. I did and it drove me nuts my best the moral victory


It I knew I wanted just to give doesn't remember my biggest problem with it wasn't that it my biggest problem with it was that it every time I get but I know we're into the game my characters would lose their hair and I couldn't do anything to get back so just walking around with both Lego characters so that was my the final clues but we would have been you play an undercover cop called Chase McCain and then finally the game takes place in Lego city


so that would have probably given away says that three nights out on then. Yeah the comeback where one one overall score so


I'm really really wow well I won't be next week because next week of course we are just about to celebrate Christmas the week after that we're just about to celebrate the fact that we're saying goodbye 2018. So what we are going to do is we're going to return in a couple of weeks time for 2019 and this is really been the kind of the first couple of episodes and that's when we start


pretty much for real. I guess 2019 is going to be the year of the podcast. Yeah you could call these little test episodes and actually you know what this is a real


Good time to bring up things like reviews on iTunes stores because when new podcasts like ours appear on the scene one of the best ways for us to get up the rankings get a better visibility is for anyone listening to leave positive reviews nudge nudge wink wink that incredibly helpful you can just log on to the store and give us a review. Yeah, we're doing we're not doing this for any other reason than that we love Nintendo Switch and we want to try and and talk about it and get other people talking about it. So this is this is the reason we're doing it if you have a chance to check us out on Twitter as well. We're on there. We're on Facebook as well. And Nintendo Switch up podcast or ns UK podcast and you can also get in touch with an email as well I believe. Yeah, we are email is podcast at an SDK So give us a wee bit of a support and a nice little five star review would be lovely. And then a similar vein if you have any feedback and you have anything you'd like us to do any opinions on the segments we're doing and definitely get in contact and we can we have a little bit periods where we can kill free, corrupt and fine tune things for the new year. Right well


Listen On that note, have a fantastic Christmas. Have a great new year when it comes and I hope you get lots and lots of nice switch games for Christmas. Yes so much love to everybody out there made a Christmas goodbye.