The New Menace - Episode 1

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Episode 1 of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast with Mike, Al and Anton. Your definitive guide to all things Nintendo Switch in the UK.

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Thank you for downloading the very first Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. This is episode one. And I think we've got loads and loads to talk about. So let's get to it.


So this is Episode One of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. And we're going to tell you all about us. But we're not going to do it right now. Because we've got so much to talk about. And not just that we've got a website, we've gone to the bother of making one. We've got Twitter, it's all going to be there. So there's no real point. So anyway, I'm Mike, this is our Howdy. I've got Anton. Hello, hello. And how is it? How's the day going? Well, you know, the thing is that when you start a new podcast, it's all the things to remember that you've got to do is not like the it's not just the stuff we're talking about. We could talk about the switch all day and night but it's remembering hit record, press the Record


button that's quite important. Remember not to be too lightly into a microphone. Don't eat crisps whilst recording your voice, your voice, that kind of stuff. You know, it's tricky. So we'll get there and if we make mistakes, but that's fine. We'll figure it out as we go along. So I think what we'll do is we'll get straight to it right now. And we'll talk about us a bit later on. So starting the very first thing we're going to do and the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast is news


and it's super mario galaxy. I'm quite excited with this because I've never actually got ready to play Super Mario Galaxy which was originally Anton you can correct me from wrong here but originally on the way right indeed. Yeah, we've had sort of Mary one and two on the weekend I think it was like or seven so came on like a year after that we came out and then it was like so beloved, called a sequel. Never do that with Mario games. Like we'd never got a Super Mario 642 or anything like that. Or sunshine too. So it's like just really solid Mario game well, with the the success of Odyssey and the thing about Odyssey was that a lot of people made comparisons to galaxy and


That's really the only thing that I know of it because I've never played it on the way other than maybe a very quick shot of it so I'm quite excited about the fact I know lots of people have been talking about this game for a long time coming out on the switch I mean let's face it we've we've had pretty much every other we you game almost so why not go back a generation well i'm going to be sacrilegious here I owned a Mario Galaxy I played a bit of Mario Galaxy I stopped playing Mario Galaxy I wasn't a big fan of it I know everybody loved it the internet and I'll probably hates me but I hate you've always


amazing we've come friends ya know Mario Galaxy. I I tried it and they're just couldn't get into bread. Love Odyssey honestly was amazing.


Is the system I mean, have you played Anton and see I have the weirdest experience with that. It's like I love VR. I played tons of your micro galaxy one game. It makes me sick. I really I played at once and mentally at the end the day after being like sleep deprived that made me a second I've just never gotten around to just like thinking of like


I remember being in a game, so I should probably give a proper goal once it does eventually come to switch. Well, I'm hoping that with the upscaling and the remastering and all that side of it. That those problems that were on a previous generation of a console hopefully will be ironed out. And I'll be a little bit more of a smooth experience


with it being a week game. I'm assuming it was a lot of motion controls. Yeah, there was like waggling to like, do like triple jumps, and like ridiculous stuff like that. But have any of us heard of the


tech raw tablet by any chance? Yeah, so obviously, that's based on the same hardware as Nintendo Switch. So apparently, and like when they were contracting it and making the the tables like Nintendo same in the contract to have video make the process or for the switch part of their contract is is because they're not allowed to release game consoles and China and right and video has a licensing for Nintendo games and China. So they've been releasing Nintendo games.


For that tablet runs on the same switch hardware as the same hardware as a switch and jam. I did see a couple years. So we've got like over there in China, they have on the same hardware switch mentally a different form factor. They have a HD version of galaxy. And it looks stunning.


If I missed this. Yeah, I mean, I've seen the, the images that you're talking about Anton and I saw a little bit about this. And it really it's, it's, it's exciting that there's a potential to not just we're not just talking about galaxy, but we're talking about bunch of other games because one of the problems with the the we for me was the motion control thing, for example. So there was the rumor last week about Skyward Sword coming to the switch. I don't know if you guys saw that. That was shot down inverted commas by Nintendo, who said we are not looking at porting Skyward Sword at this moment in time, which to me is like, yeah, you rumbled the rumble, that we're doing something here. Let's let's pretend that didn't happen. And that's exciting for me, because I wouldn't have played on that.


As much as I love the way and I love the motion controls I would have played a game like Skyward Sword on it the whole way through because I would have found that too much whereas if it comes to console at the switch and you've got the option if we can map it to controller which I wouldn't think would be a massive deal I would play it yeah yeah i agree although actually moving on a little bit I wasn't as much as it was slightly on the excited about Mario Galaxy is nice but there was another announcement that I was far more excited about Nintendo registering trademarks in Japan I think you've all heard about Metroid other em heard about it I've never really been a big match rates player and this is my turn to be in the firing line


so I'll pass Australia and on and on Metroid your thoughts see only exact same as yourself make where the motion controls really turned me off of the week. So there was a lot of games on that console that I just like missed out on especially in the first half when they're really pushing motion controls and it makes them


sense I wouldn't even be surprised if maybe next year they're like, Hey, we're doing the Metroid trilogy. HD remaster and time format. Trade, praying for close yet. Those are beloved franchisees, like a beloved franchise. A lot of people these days are not too familiar of Metroid Prime. So it seems it seems like Well, actually, weirdly, as much as I'm saying that I am one of those people. I last played a Metroid game on the superintendent. I love that game. I skipped all the judges generations in between. and now I'm desperate to get back into that. That


was sort of going for the intellectual property, that IP the thing that's what the switches done really well, there was a whole it's it's not just giving people a new way to game it's actually brought back a lot of old franchises that maybe you'd forgotten about. There's a big nostalgia factor with a switch and we're playing games that were great games you know, 25 LOOK AT THE LOOK AT THE remasters. We've had even the stuff that's been another constantly crush band the way they've they've tackled Mario has been brilliant. There's a bunch of games at the moment on the switch and coming as well and 20


19 that have that kind of throwback factor, which I think is a real selling point. And that's probably what you're you're feeling with the metro thing. Yeah, I think there's a lot of people out there like me who used to game on the superintendent who gained on the 64 and then the PlayStation came out and the Xbox came out and Nintendo sort of got forgotten about it for a lot of gamers became a lot more niche yeah became a lot more targeted younger generations of kids type stuff and inverted commas grown ups when there is for kids will ignore it. But the switch coming along is suddenly turning things on his head grown up to pulling these things again having to an extent with a week but Grove center to play exercise games and test your brain games and all those kind of nonsense things that the amount of people that I've seen who are gamers in their 30s and 40s who and above who have said you know what, I haven't actually I haven't been a gamer for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years but the switch has got me playing again and whilst I'm not one of those people because I've I've gained through every generation of systems and and you know, I was


Play I was ps4 the whole way until the switch came along and but that's that's the impact that it's had and I think that's partly down to the portability of it the fact that you can do both we all know about that but also I think it's just that they've been quite clever with the marketing they've been quite clever with the way that they brought all IPS back maybe not as many as with like perhaps they still got plenty of time in her life cycle this console to bring them all back and make as much money as they possibly can will have all 200 of the EU games playing time they don't worry you know what I'm okay with the first 200 of the week games it's the it's the next 2000 shovel we're games I don't want to see on this page we don't eat those. Well that's like the funny thing is is we've had remasters off and I'm trying to think about game as as we motion sports game and yes there are bringing them back and the switch and it's so weird to see like the best of the shovel where games making a return on such as well as can't weird you know, I care to be honest, the more games the best thing there's always


You know you can always choose not to play them you know absolutely i heck with the with the Nintendo the NAS emulator is on there yeah you get with Nintendo was a covenant to like subscription or whatever they call me at least it's amazing I spent most of the afternoon couple weeks ago playing Dr. Mary I haven't played that for like 20 years it was amazing yeah it's it's the nostalgic and I hope that they do extend that there are talks about


the the and 64 but to be honest it looks more like that's going to be one of the the minis you know the I would I'd imagine even though again that was in the that's when they denied sky what Skyward Sword was I think they also didn't either the 64 many was happening Of course it's going to happen it's made money for the for the last two, but I hope the you know, we have lost the Virtual Console and I feel that the switches the perfect platform for the Virtual Console to go back and play these retro games.


But having said that, if they find new ways of doing it fine. Does the Mega Drive collection came out this week and actually if you want to


Play MAC address games it's a pretty good collection and it's quite a good price as well so there are ways to do it the more the better so that's super mario galaxy and Metroid but there's another release of a game which might look like it's a classic old style game but it's not it's a really beautifully made game and it's coming as a physical version through limited run games which I've I've had a couple of their products so far and they've been great at its Celeste yeah so Celeste it's amazingly it completely missed my radar first around it came out back in January of 2018 so it's been a year old nearly and yeah it's just been had massive success recently at the games Awards. That one too, I think one best indie game and a category Oh, I can't figure out what even supposed to be. But best impact game game for impact. Any idea what that might mean? I lost Yeah, that's like a really weird one. Like from the sounds of it. You will think it's like most influential game but this year it would probably have been fortnight or something.


Like that, so yeah, that's a weird one. Yeah. Sadly closely missed out on Game of the Year. And also best musical score because that's one of the things that people raved about this game was the same track to it is just phenomenal. So for those that don't know, Celeste was it's a bit style and it's a platformer, which I think we're designers themselves. I was released by a company called map mix games, Canadian developers and they described as a game about getting up a mountain. That's pretty much it sounds good to me. Yeah. So you play this little girl Madeleine who has an adventure traveling up a mountain to the very top it's an emotional roller coaster. And it the story of this game I'll be it simple is just so engaging. it drags you drags you and you can't help but empathize and sympathize with the character all the way through. And that's what has driven the game success. Everybody just loves it been on my list of to play games for the last year, pretty much since it came out on the switch. It's been one of those that I've had. I've had to try and get to know a mostly


Get to other other really, really good indie games like under tail, which I love. fantastic game and I managed to gambling Night Night in the Woods at the moment I'm about like three quarters of the way through the game really, really great indie games and Celeste is on that list of those kind of like regular eight or nine out of 10 type games. The physical run of it is going to be a star 2019 so you can be able to pick up from limited run


games. Yeah, January 1. Yeah, which is great. And they make they basically fill the gap between those games that you can't get


physical releases of and they do their own versions of it. I got Saturday morning RPG which is a cool little game and based on Saturday morning, tell us a little bit American and there's a few references I don't get but it was a limited run. I think it was limited run that did that one. And they're also releasing this month when jammers as a physical though Windjammer is is is an old game which is phenomenally good fun.


Real retro retro style, but there's the brain at Windjammer is too is that oh yeah Anton when generous to i don't think so i think I'm releasing the remaster if the first one what just yeah basically just a ROM dump but I'm not complaining. I'm just happy to play on the goal. Yeah, yeah, I think we've got the remaster and then number two is just coming out after that. So that's also going to be unlimited run games as well. So there are a couple of ones to look forward to physically if you haven't got them. So a question for you then can you buy them a shop or just go to their website? No, the way limited run works is that you order them from the limited run games website itself so they tend to sell it quite quickly and limited run the clues in the title they don't then go and do another bunch of of the same game. So once those 5000 copies are sold, or whatever it might be, that's it. They're done so your best ideas to get pre order and if it's something that's interesting for you Yeah, it's literally just like 5000 and it's like they've got come downs and everything and like people will just camp on the


Regular laptops and more of her and just like to buy them but it's really good limited run game they're like starting to like the used to be you'd like exclusively and the games but they're starting to get into like collaborating with bigger companies are doing digital games like they've collaborated with normally talk now to the jack and back sir collection yes so the names and that's like so it's like I'm really excited to see what they could do because there's like so many Nintendo games LASIK like Dr Luigi I would have loved to have gotten a physical version of that even if it was like a lemonade run version All right here's the question then for both of you talking about physical copies I 100% in the camp of if it's a if it's an opportunity to own it physically that's what I'll do I would rather have a physical copy to say this is the game that I oh and even if it's a download on the and you can do a limited run games Alistair physical or digital as a general rule I gonna say physical but as a very different reason for that I'm saying physical because I'm tight and if a physical one I can sell it on.


I know




that's yeah unless you guys I'm I'm way too tight or Anton I know the answer to this one but tell us oh yeah I love collecting like prime example of this I have Sonic Mania I've completely that play that and then they really say Sonic Mania plus and I was like I'm gonna have to do


I had to hold off for that exists Oh and I was looking at it going I can't justify this I cannot justify buying this and I haven't yet but I know I will like I know I know that I'll if I don't get it in in the current run or if it if it sells out. I don't even know if it is although I'll find a way and I'll get it because it's it's it just has to be done.


I went to great pains of the day. As much as I will fight quite freely. quite happy trade gives away It's fine. Came to do Zelda The other day I saw myself


I sold Zelda To be fair, I sold it to get Red Dead. I think it's allowable. I mean, read that as an exceptional read. That is amazing. So I will say no Marxist Nintendo podcast and not


Red Dead podcast. But yeah, so I no longer own Zelda it's gone


on on the talking point of trading in for the people in the UK at everyone listening to this podcast and if you're one Super Smash Bros at the Cardinals called deal on game the retailer if you treat a bunch of slight switch games you can get for half price and some of them are pretty like be great switch games like one to switch get half price off smash rules that's a really good deal so


got rid of my copy of arms know could be missing that


but yeah so if you're looking to get smashed and we'll be talking more about that later in the podcast that's definitely a way to go if you haven't considered it yet. Well that is interesting you say that and I'll tell you why when we come back to talk about smash in a few minutes time before we do though if you are a fan of the Telltale Games and particularly the walking dead and you're really wanting episode three the final season and you thought well that's it we're probably never going to see that because telltale are gone.


Good news. Sky bone will be releasing episodes three of the walking dead on the 15th of January 2019.




No, I have no reaction to that. I've never played the Walking Dead games never watched The Walking Dead show. So I like to. I like the Telltale Games. I'm into that kind of adventure. Where Yes, okay. We know that your decisions in a telltale game don't necessarily actually do very much other than change. You know, which person is going to tell you off in that moment or whatever, you know, the game is much more linear than you might believe as you play through. However, there's something about the storytelling that really like I really loved the Batman. Yeah, all the Batman games are brilliant Batman and the Game of Thrones games. I love them. Yeah, I think they're fantastic. They're actually so my favorite game experiences recent decades, even going back 10 years to the Back to the Future ones at the time


of what a great nostalgia trip for anyone that was a backseat which is most people know exactly made me so happy.


I love those films they are. They're amazing advice. You have a game. Oh, I cannot see how much I learned again for a lawyer. Bring your voice. Yeah, it was great. Anyway, let's not say will give you you know, Back to the Future podcast name. But the good news is that if you are a fan of The Walking Dead Telltale Games, the final season is coming out on the 15th of January has been released by Skype. I know they're the guys behind the comics last year I sorry. Earlier this year, they teamed up with sky as in TV, Sky TV and made a gaming division of their company. I guess probably as a reaction to the fact that this game was pretty much finished the third season the the final season of The Walking Dead, and we pretty much finished in development by telltale, but they wanted to get out somehow. So it is coming out. I don't know much more about that. I don't know what that means for the game, whether it's just going to be the same experiences you would have had with a telltale game or not. But if you want to get that 15th of January, that's when it's coming out. It has really weird what's going on with the


telltale because I know all their games have been taken off steam nobody actually owns any of them which is kind of weird because usually like when th q amp bust they had an option and all the IPS went off everywhere but telltale went bust overnight so it's just all the IPS have just fallen out of the sky so it's gonna be really weird to see like in a year's time where those IPS are going to end up in this there's gonna be like a company like I think it was north of games that Bob majority of to HQ when they went bust and the forums that it's th q kind of company so I'm really curious who's going to be that company for the telltale IPS close and as well as that if we do get some data base up let's it will go for mothers are we going to get more franchise games and that sale I it's a real shame because there's so many great stories there and stories that people wanted to hear more of them in the game of thrones one I've got agree with you. I was I've been waiting for that next season of Game of Thrones. We only had the one then we knew there were two seasons. I think I only played one. I'm sure the second season came out. I just didn't get rented.


doing it.


I thought there was only one but we'll fact check that. But either way that was a that was such an engaging experience if you're a game of thrones fan and you know if you've seen if you'd seen them, you knew where things were going, but it took in a new direction as well. And for that, not to be continued. It was really it was a whole whole storyline a whole family was be moving. It was beautifully written great fun to play to loot I couldn't stop playing it bring on more telltale style games that's what I see got a fabulous idea why don't we start a crowd funder go by or


we need to do this I think we need a lot of back in for that I gotta say I never know you never know yard sale


right then uh. Let's move on and talk about the probably the biggest release arguably on the switch so far everyone's going mad about it it's smash so and have any of us actually played smash yourself? So yes, I was.


I was a big fan on the of the old smash game. So I really liked what would the first one I would have played on it would have been gamekeeper and 64 and 6464 back a little bit. I think that was the very first iteration. Yeah, it was great fun.


And I really want to like the new one, but I bought it on the way on the way you about the last one, right. And I just didn't get into it. I tried. I really tried. And I don't know if I just had different expectations for it. I don't know if I just wasn't very good. And I'm just button mashing, to be honest. And it's one of those games where you you have to kind of learn a bit about your characters and what they do and don't do, but I just didn't quite connect with it. And I really want to connect with it. So Anton, your job is to tell us how we connect with it and tell us I good is ok. So for me, this is like my first match going in here. So I didn't know really what to expect. It was mainly because of that good deal. I was like, you know, I'll give it a chance.


Well it's basically just like video game drugs at it's called the new world of like campaign mode which is a first for like the Smash Bros franchise to buy right which is basically it's like collectible cards almost they've got one false and spirits and which essentially the story is at the beginning this is the first casino that when you built the game everybody spoilers dice


at minus carpet and you start with one character and you have to build up all the spirits and there's about 1000 of them from every single franchise that is somewhat related to Nintendo and what you have to do is those spirits will possess the cat possess a character and they'll be kind of similar to what they're like so for example Maple from Animal Crossing let's just like pork time was spikes on it you faint like Sonic that's code or purple and it's like almost like a mod almost but you do that and then you unlock the spirits and my job the spirit show can apply them to your


Self and you take on their traits and you can use them going forward so it's almost like a better strategy so you'll go in there one at and essentially to remember the character and breath while the the flying flying bird person Don't ask me his name just flying bird yeah let that guy so as Feinberg guys so for example His Spirit was Falcon slightly changed colors and the label had tons of wind in it and that was a challenge and you can use spirits account help you in that battle so it's basically like entire collectible which I think let's hopefully where this game is more like engaging is the fact that there's so much unlock those yes the thing is when you go we you you had everything from the beginning whereas in this one you have to use called thousand spirits collect you start off with a handful of characters like the ones that were just in the end six four version which I think it's like well 10 1016


somewhere in that ratio and then you have to like unlocked


Every single character so that's like an actual reason to play rather than do you have a bunch of friends coming over and meet up game to play a part eight so it's so much more engaged in there I like to say to that actually when I when I had to I think a Smash Brothers on receives a Game Cube might have been like you I could not get into it it was just everything was there he played a few times unless you had the right friends who wanted to play it and we're have a similar level it just you couldn't do anything with it but what you're saying there I thought if you got to play it and you can unlock stuff and there's a reason to keep playing music I like the sound of that yeah I got I got to say it for me as well that that changes a little bit of my perception of it just because I had the same experiences you are and I wanted to really love it because I really love the previous ones you know or the the early ones the first couple of releases of it and I really wanted to love it and I didn't love it. So I'll maybe I will maybe check it out with I think my brother has it. So I'm going to he's gonna come by and I'm gonna he's gonna he's gonna give me a life lesson and in Smash so that's something to look forward to do.


As a side note on smashed by the way talking to the characters one of the characters that's been included as Joker from persona


that's led to rumors and another slightly slight drop a sidetrack as site tracking here but I think it's important because I'm very excited about this there are rumors that persona five might be coming to the switch Hugh and that game Why are you so sensitive persona five well because I haven't played it that's why and because I played persona for on the visa and I loved it it was a great experience and I really want to get back into that world and I want to do all over again I'd love to do on the switch I think isn't given if they're important character in smash you can guarantee within less than six months probably within a month personifies going up here because Nintendo don't tend to do things and with a long lead time they tend to announce it and then it's there I'd be happy if it was persona for To be honest if any of them like they could easily poor persona one because that's like a penis one game yeah but yeah like like yourself I'm like really excited for this could settle.


I can turn me off persona five as for me personas a game you play on a handheld like I played persona free and personal I think they had personal a tune the PSP and then moved up to persona for on the VR and it's like it's kind of one of those games you pick up and you play for half an hour to an hour and then place it down and then it's like part of your routine called the daily grind of all so having him on the switch is going to be fantastic. Yeah, really excited about that if that does happen, just back on to smash because obviously that's where this came from. Just to summarize, then Anton smash


your thoughts on it so far? Is there some must buy for the switch?


Oh, am I haven't unfortunately I haven't played quite enough of it to say so. But am I where am I as if you've played smash before


Have you played it a level of we you you could maybe pass on it if you played a lot of it on we you then.


definitely get it and if you've never played it as Florida spider so just before we move on because we're going to move on to our quiz section which is very exciting well it's exciting for me because I know what the quizzes you guys don't


there was a slight Lee odd incident caused by smash just to prove that this is not just popular in the world with Nintendo this game has far reaching far reaching consequences if it gets into the into the wrong people's hands because something weird happened on on


you know this story like when I saw the headline I was like okay so essentially what's happened you know how kids are can't really excited for things like the anticipation is building like they have to wait a month that's like a core of their life and pretty much and so you know when you're getting close to this new brand new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out for switch and say excitements real and you know when you might casually


on a whiteboard and a skill to it's time to say


match with the Smash bowl logo which is essentially just a cross uh huh and and then put a day and but unfortunately for the the students that went to said school and the teacher said they didn't recognize the Smash symbol and interpreted that as a cross here and it got report it to the skill which they didn't recognize that like the staff their skill and then you took that to the the sheriff's court and yeah they had to close down the entire school because they felt are going to get a mass shooting are no longer their skill that is what you call an epic fail I mean it really is but you know to play devil's advocate slightly you've kind of got to command the school for acting on it because I guess if you don't know what it is and you see this is time to smash and a logo maybe maybe once you're done would be consult one of the hundreds of students that would have known maybe one of them maybe if they just asked someone what is this know kudos high school they did the right thing but it's quite funny.


me honestly, right? Let's do this quiz


question. All right, then. So the quiz, it's time for the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast quiz. And you know this. I love quizzes. I love it. When I get to be the quiz master know what we'll do for the first week just to get you guys eased into it. I'm going to make it easy for you. The way we play. I have three games. They may not be necessarily Nintendo Switch games, but the games that are related in some way to Nintendo or the switch or they might have a tenuous link it might be that we just want to on the switch but their games and you guys are going to tell me the name of the game. Here's the thing though, I'm going to only tell you the I'm only going to give you a series of clues. Okay. So you're going to get five clues and the first person out of the two of you to tell me the name of the game gets the point. Okay. Does that all make sense? That makes sense? Yeah, you can do it in a world of pain. Now we're


well I tell you what, I've been very kind to you and I started off with


I think the easiest we will ever do. I might even get some quiz did it? Did it? Did it music underneath us. We'll see. We'll figure it out. Right. Okay. game number one. Then there's three games. So hopefully someone will win. Otherwise. I don't know how that didn't work. Right. So the first game development of this game began in late 2014. You are allowed one guest per round, by the way. Oh, geez. Late. 2014.


That's that's what my master's Philly Marie that's four years ago.


That means we were pre switch means it could be


you don't have to guess I can move on. I'll move on to the second clue if you'd like.


Okay, second clue. finished second in the list of best games of 2017


Red Dead Redemption to


know read to only came out this year so there's no way it would have been in 20. Oh, so 2017.


second best game documentary, 17,


Zelda must be Zelda. Well, we're moving on to the next clue, because it's not Zelda me to appeal to the series core fans as opposed to previous installments of the series.


So it was more directed at the core fans of the CDs. That's a clue in there, because now you know, it's uh


huh. Oh, thanks series came over with games last year.


Last year is like forever ago. I can't remember what happened last week. Don't ask me. But last year. All right. I'm gonna move on to the next clue. And remember if you know the answer shout out there. By the way, they're all screaming at us answer. Everybody knows


everything. He became the best selling switch game selling 12.17 million copies. And it's not Mario and Zelda because Mary was she was married 2017 already made up Mario. What does he know that


your final clues on that road would have been the leader.


system ranks the players who find the most balloons and New York City.


Yeah, you need to dumb it down. Like we're not that smart question. I get a game number to them. So what do we want to give? Number two? This game was designed and programs by Alexa purchasing off




All right, let me give you the rest of them then. Anton since since I feel bad for you know,


there were huge rumors that a movie about this game was in development in 2017,


it came second in IGN 100 greatest video games of all time. It's sold more than 495 million copies made famous on the Game Boy, but has appeared on nearly every format. Finally, it's a title matching puzzle video game


that's gonna do right. final one, then come on. They did make a video game of Tetris, didn't he? Does. The game came out after a


couple years ago


by pixels. Yes,


yes. Yeah, it was the


But this movie was a proper development about the story of Tetris. This was like an actual dilute, far better, I think it would have been good. I'm not sure what the status of that is. I just know that we haven't heard anything in a year. Right. final game for for the moral victory part of this. Anton you need to get this one right because I'm not letting him Oh no.


So here we go. It was a first person shooter release on the 25th of August 1997. Buzz GoldenEye Oh come on.


Oh my I told you the first round was was the easiest of them to make it much harder to be fairly golden I was probably one of my favorite games of all time I love that game yeah me too. To be fair I'll give you the rest of the time just so that you can make some mental notes for next week not that will do the same one again it'll load for players split screen multiplayer it was based on a movie released two years previously it was released on the and finally features James Bond


we need to get buzzers we need genuine buzzers that we can.


What we'll do is we'll get your little will get your ring tones on your phone. And if you think you know what it is you can hold your phone up and do whatever your ringtone is. Just make sure you don't have the same one because that's


I think that's pretty much it. So that's the way the quizzes work. We're going to do that. We're going to do that quiz every week. And we'll make it a little bit more challenging. It was a brilliant quiz, Mike. Well done. I think it was best quiz i think i've ever heard anyone do good. I'm glad I don't think it can be beaten. that pretty much wraps up for the very first episode of the Nintendo Switch. UK podcast. We're going to keep them to around about half an hour to try and make it comfortable. You can get in touch with us a lot of different ways. We're on Twitter,


what's our Twitter tag on time? Oh,


that's a great question. Totally not looking for that off screen. And if you didn't know we had a Twitter account at ns UK podcast that is ns. uk Fantastic. And I'm on Twitter as our song writer I'll tell you why in another day when we've got a lot more time and Tony


You're on there as well yep I have the cringes username everyone Dave master x seven and if you're wondering my head that I made it when I was like five and never got around to change and that makes us feel really old and but you'll get everything at ns UK podcast on Twitter as well I'll you're not on Twitter because I'm a grumpy old man and I don't do social media to be honest I am that guy. So you can reach me on podcast an SDK And that's pretty much it. We will be back for our second episodes in a week's time well being well and we look forward to it immensely. Goodbye. Cheerio.